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cara membuat menu bar horizontal pada blog
Hai teman-teman Hari ini saya akan membagikan cara membuat tampilan menu bar horizontal di blog.. :) 1. Silahkan masuk ke akun blogger teman-teman 2. Nah pada tampilan halaman terdapat gambar ikon halaman lalu klik tanda panah lalu klik "lamam" 3. Silahkan teman-teman tambahkan halaman yang akan di tampilkan pada menu horizontal misalkan "kontak", "pemula" dan "daftar isi" 4. jika sudah ditambahkan silahkan klik publikasikan pada setiap halaman 5. Selanjutnya silahkan teman-teman masuk ke menu "tata letak" pada menu blog teman-teman 6. Tekan tambahkan gadget pada kolom di bawah header. Lalu tambahkan gadget laman. 7. Centang daftar laman yang sudah dibuat, Jangan lupa tekan simpan 8. Klik "Simpan setelan" dan lihat hasil blog anda ^_^ 9 nah untuk mengisi menu horizontal silahkan tambahkan daftar laman pada label di setiap postingan anda :) Mudahkan selamat mencoba kunjungi blog saya di http://lauragreenkomputer.blogspot.com Terimakasih sudah mampir ya :)
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Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah Caught Dating Again
One of Korea's hottest celebrity couple years, Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah was caught on camera meeting each other. In contrast to the couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy were never to be seen together since confirmed a date, a different pair of 5 years Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah was recently found to date. This is evident through the photos that circulated recently. In the first photo can be seen that the actors 'Twenty' is using a navy blue jacket and jeans, walking with two men.   While the second photo, seen men and women who is none other than Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah who met on a downhill road, holding hands, showing their affection in public for the first time. Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin who have had success with his latest film 'Twenty' will return to the screen through the drama 'Indiscreetly Fondly', paired with Suzy Miss A. Meanwhile, Shin Min Ah will also be re-starring drama titled 'Oh My God' together actor So Ji Sub. Couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah horrendous Korea became a couple after the public for the first time caught a date and confirmed in late July of the year
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[Trending] After Shot At first, EXO Xiumin a Trending Topic in Korea
After giving his first throw against the LG Twins vs KIA Tigers this afternoon, the name Xiumin immediately became trending topics in a variety of popular news portal sites popular in Korea. Unlike most other Korean idol, one member of the EXO is quite interesting spotlight many spectators and of course the fans and media who are ready to take pictures of the idol in action as a pitcher on the mound. The spotlight instantly exploded after successfully idol throws straight, which is very rarely achieved by idols and singers who participate in the first throw. A few minutes after finishing the first throw, Xiumin immediately became the subject of conversation a lot of media and netizens on various large sites in South Korea, such as Daum, Naver, and became headline news in the site Nate, proving the popularity of EXO outstanding
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Park Shin Hye confirmed Main Movie Together DO EXO and Jo Jung Suk
The beautiful actress Park Shin Hye has been confirmed to be starring in the same movie with DO EXO and Jo Jung Suk. Some time ago there was news that says that Park Shin Hye get an offer to star in a film titled 'Hyung'. New today the September 19 Park Shin Hye's role in the film has been confirmed. Representatives of the film's producers also revealed that the director has gathered together Park Shin Hye, DO and Jo Jung Suk to talk about their role. In this film, DO and Jo Jung Suk acts as brother and sister. Both have been separated for 15 years, but had to return to live with. Park Shin Hye will play a female character who is close to DO He even considers DO as his own sister, but her character is often a fight with Jo Jung Suk. Film 'Hyung' own new plan will begin filming in October. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Lee Seung Gi and Yoona Cute Couple
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Lee Seung Gi and Yoona best couple on 2015
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Shin won ho profile
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They are K-Pop Group Names Best and Worst According Korea Netizen
It began when a Korean media discusses the importance of the name of K-Pop idol group in the music industry. They found more easily remember the name of the group, the better the name. This makes many Korean netizens express their opinion, about the name of the idol of the most good and bad.   According to netizens on the site Naver, the names of the idols of the worst and most well is, "I think f (x) and 2NE1 is a group of the most creative name," "Bangtan Sonyeondan is the dumbest name ever in history," "Girlfriend, I'm really surprised to hear the name of the group, the author must have people who are very lazy thinking," "I used to feel SNSD, CSJH, TVXQ and Super Junior is even strange name. But over time we will be familiar with the name. So I think it's not a problem," "When I hear the name SHINee, I guess that is the best name for the idol," "SHINHWA and Big Bang is a group that live with their name," said another netizen. If according to your own, the name of the idol group the most good and bad who?
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[News] SNSD claimed Want to Present on 'Infinity Challenge' and 'SMTM'
Eight beautiful girl, SNSD was invited as a guest in the radio program 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope'. On 3 September the radio broadcast, SNSD discuss everything from their comeback with full 5th album 'Lion Heart' and their solo activities. Comeback with hits 'Lion Heart', SNSD previously had called failed once can not achieve all-kill on music charts for the songs of 'Infinity Challenge' and 'Show Me The Money 4' which captured the top spot. Kim Shin Young discuss it directly bersmaa SNSD members. Members revealed, "It was amazing. That's why we try to be present at the 'Infinity Challenge' and 'Show Me The Money 4'," and jokingly said, "Half of us will go to the 'Infinity Challenge' and the other half will go to 'Show Me The Money'. We will sing "Lion Heart." Despite failing in the music charts, SNSD prove another success they earn in the entire music program by winning the trophy of 6 music programs in South Korea with the song 'Lion Heart'.
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Naeun A Pink Similar Have sister Krystal f (x)?
A sister of personnel Pink, Naeun, has recently attracted attention because it is considered similar to Krystal f (x). Through the official Facebook account A Pink, Naeun uploaded a picture of herself when she was with her sister.   In the photo, the two were seen was in the cafe, while drinking coffee and enjoying pizza. With casual style, the two sat side by side and showing pose for the camera. Have a face that is not less beautiful than Naeun, the brother immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Moreover many consider his face similar to one of the personnel f (x), which is Krystal. As expressed by netizens on the site Naver, "Well, looks similar to her sister Krystal," "Both are very beautiful," "I think his brother is Krystal, when I first saw this photo," "Both of them showed a different aura. His sister looks cute, while her sister has a cold beauty," "I think his sister is more beautiful than Naeun," said another netizen. Do you also agree with netizens? Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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SISTAR Hyorin dress and Chorong Apink Reaping Controversy
Clothing worn SISTAR Hyorin and Chorong Apink on '2015 Hallyu Dream Festival' controversy. Festival 'Hallyu Dream' in 2015 which was held in Gyeongju Stadium on 20 September and was attended by various idol groups ranging from senior idol group to a new rookie group a few months of their debut. Such big events in general, idol group will first be greeted by many media while wiggle on the red carpet. But on the red carpet '2015 Hallyu Dream Festival' yesterday afternoon all the attention is highlighted on the clothing worn by two members of the idol group Hyorin and Chorong. How not, a member of girl group SISTAR and this Apink fashion show that slightly more conspicuous than clothing worn other idol group members. From the photo above, look Hyorin wearing a sexy dress that showed off her upper body with enough bold and so are at the bottom of a fairly minimal. Besides Hyorin, Chorong Apink also be the center of attention because he wore clothes showing off her sexy body back, but closed at the front. The same clothing has also been used by SISTAR Dasom on '2015 Dream Concert' which was held on May 23, 2015 last.   Netizens who saw both personnel fashion girl this group gives mixed response. Start of said dress looks strange, to comment on makeup and body of SISTAR Hyorin are considered ugly. However, some netizens also assume, "Hyorin look fat here but I personally love how he looks healthy." Similarly happened to Chorong, various responses from the netizens also coloring some comments like, "So, who took half the clothing?" "It makes me want to protect her with my jacket," "I think she looks pretty in the photo next image then looked back .. to to to to wow," and others. What do you think the dress worn by Hyorin and Chorong? Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Cosplay G-Dragon, Nam Taehyun WINNER Create Amaze Fans
WINNER give a surprise to their fans in Japan to appear in the style of YG artists such as G-Dragon, Park Bom, Taeyang and Daesung and others during a concert at Biwako Hall in Shiga on 6 September. But there are interesting for fans of the appearance Nam Taehyun while imitating the style of G-Dragon with seaweed hair of the famous at the time of MV 'Fantastic Baby'. As you know, hair G-Dragon in MV 'Fantastic Baby' became one of the hair is certainly very memorable for fans, so when Nam Taehyun use 'of seaweed hair' on stage, fans immediately see aura G-Dragon. Nam Taehyun appearance that mimics the style of G-Dragon in their group concert is enough to get a positive response from the fans who commented, "They really match" "So this is awesome T-Dragon kekekeke kekeke" "His good looks Nam Taehyun hard to explain, she was not super handsome and he does not have the charm of common keke but I just feel that even from its name, a different nuance .. like the male version of Krystal" "I think I could have died in recent years because he," and others.   Besides Nam Taehyun, several performances of the other members such as Jinwoo that mimicked Park Bom, which mimicked Seunghoon Seungyoon Taeyang and Daesung that looks similar to the hair covering the eyes also earned high praise from the fans
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SNSD Jessica and Ever Caught on Camera Medium Disagree?
The fans have recently found evidence when Jessica and SNSD members were at odds. Evidence is seen when Jessica SNSD performed together in concert 'KCON 2014' last year. The concert was held on August 14, 2014, just months before officially resigned from SNSD's Jessica. That caught the attention of fans, is recording video during SNSD's Jessica together backstage. In a video showing the moment of SNSD and CNBLUE, Jessica looks different than usual.   When all members of SNSD out, Jessica appeared most recently in the company of the staff. This is what makes the fans assume that SNSD's Jessica and at that time already had a disagreement. Other evidence visible when Jessica appeared on stage together with SNSD. The fans claimed Jessica look like he was fighting back tears during the performance. It further strengthens evidence suggesting he was having a dispute with other members. See the video below! What do you think about this fan speculation? Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Shown Section and Adult in Shooting, IU praised Netizen
IU getting praise from netizens after showing sexy pose and adults in the latest shooting. CeCi magazine recently released the results of their joint photo shoot solo singer IU. The photos were taken when they were in Hong Kong. In this photo, IU looks look sexy and more mature. One of the pictures shows the smooth legs of IU while posing at the hotel. IU also showed a more mature pose during a photo shoot on the streets of Hong Kong, using rabbit headband over his head. Seeing these photos, netizens to praise her by commenting,  "This is the second shooting together CeCi and the results are really good. I'm not looking forward to her new album," "Well he had very good legs," "IU is love. Quick release your new song," "It looks beautiful no matter what he did. The passion for your new song!" and many other comments. Besides today IU also celebrate the anniversary of his debut 7th year. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Be a Model Magazine Cover 'ELLE Korea' s youngest, Suzy reap Much Praise
Suzy recently shocked fans after being chosen as a model for the cover of the magazine 'ELLE Korea'. Miss A's Suzy has established her career in modeling to become a model for the cover of ELLE Korea, as well as make it a model among the youngest model ever face plastered on the front of the magazine, considering its age still in 20 years.   The photo shoot for the magazine 'ELLE Korea' October issue was taken in an old house in Rome, Italy. According to the staff who worked with him on a shoot, Suzy looks plain and joke and show charisma like ramaja youth in general. "Suzy really beautiful," said a netizen on upvote to more than 3500 people. "Suzy Aigoo very charming. Goddess of Autumn," "Suzy the best. This is the prettiest I've ever seen in a magazine cover celebrity !!! daebak," and "Suzy amazing to shoot. They catch her eye so good," which upvote reach more than 2000 people, proving its success as a magazine cover model. As you know, Suzy became a member of the girl group the most active solo career, both in the world of acting and modeling. See Suzy action during a photo shoot for the magazine ELLE below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWk1WljZX0 Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Yoon eun hye 2015
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be a  Cameo 'My First Time', SNSD Yoona let Unpaid
SNSD Yoona who had previously been revealed to be acting in the drama 'My First Time' turned out to be willing to not get paid. The latest drama starring SHINee Minho and some other famous actors and actresses have previously been confirmed and showed pictures of SNSD Yoona on location together with Minho, the crew and the other cast members.   It was reported that not only Yoona, even some actors and actresses such as Lee Seung Yeon, Hong Suk Chun, Yang Hee Kyung, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyun Min, and Ahn Nae Sang. contributing as a cameo in this drama are not willing to pay. Staff 'My First Time' revealed, "None of the actors and actresses who take part in acting as a surprise cameo take charge. They showed their best loyalty by taking part as a gift." They added, "The actor who appeared as a cameo has superior acting skills, and they left a strong impression despite a brief appearance. We ask so much interest in the first episode." 'My First Time' will air its first episode through the channel OnStyle on October 7 at 11 pm Korean time! Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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EXO Chanyeol Will Play in Film 'So I Married My Anti-fan'
EXO Chanyeol rumored to be starring in the latest film, titled 'So I Married My Anti-fan'. After its debut on the big screen through the Korean movie titled 'Salut D'Amour', this time Chanyeol will star in another film, which is the result of production of Korea and China.   As expressed by the Korean media reports on this day Sept. 30, Chanyeol will be starring in the movie "So I Married My Anti-fan '. In this film, he will be acting with the popular actress from China. 'So I Married My Anti-fan' is a film adaptation of the novel and the popular Korean comic of the same name. The story of a famous celebrities named Hoo Joon, who should star in a reality show with an anti-fans. An anti-fan named Geun Young, who works as a reporter. In the variety show, the interaction of the two will be covered for 24 hours. Reportedly filming 'So I Married My Anti-fan' will begin in October. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Cara mendaftarkan blog ke google adsense
Video ini berisi tentang bagaimana mendaftarkan adsense ke blog langsung, dengan mudah, cepat dan simpel.
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EXO Baekhyun Feel Better After Disconnect From SNSD Taeyeon?
Correct Baekhyun EXO feel better after she broke up with her boyfriend, SNSD Taeyeon? After dropping was announced some time ago, today Baekhyun and Taeyeon still so warm conversation. Previous Taeyeon start uploading the latest photos through Instagram account, only a day after their relationship broke declared. A turn Baekhyun who upload a recent photo via personal Instagram account.   On this day Baekhyun upload a photo beach scene through his Instagram account, while include the hashtag #fiji. But what caught the attention of the fans is a comment he wrote on the photo. The EXO members wrote, "This is a photo that makes me feel better. They let use this photo as your wallpaper. The photo was taken with a very baguskan? Hehehe," he wrote. This of course attracted the attention of the fans, and many consider that the statement has any connection with the breaking news. Fans then give comments like, "Are now you feel better oppa?", "It seems oppa in good shape after all that. Good for you," and "I hope you're happy, have fun in Fijji," comments another , What do you think about the statement Baekhyun? Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Intimate Stage, Fan Suspicious DO EXO and Irene Red Velvet Dating
DO EXO and Irene Red Velvet has recently attracted the attention of the fans because they are both suspected in a relationship. It began when the fans find intimate photos DO and Irene while performing on stage. At that time the two appeared together in SMTOWN concert, and DO seen holding hands Irene. Both seemed so close to each other, so this led to suspicion among fans.   Quoted from Pann forum, a fan wrote: "Are they dating?" DO tenderly as he showed photos and Irene on stage. He suspected the two were dating because they seemed to intimate in the photo. Besides a lot of support from fans, there is also a counter that shows the response to it. As the word fans, "DO only help Irene because he almost fell over," "Who would believe such a rumor? DO only shows the attitude of his manners," said another. But there are also commented, "DO and Sojin still dating, but they were very busy so rarely met. DO, Sojin and Irene are in a relationship of love triangle. But Irene and DO currently only has a relationship 'some'," he wrote. What do you think about this? If the two are in a relationship such as the approximate fan? Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Chanyeol EXO and SNSD Tiffany Pose Together Rapper 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'
Two idol SM Entertainment shows they pose together rappers 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'. Have previously reported that SNSD Tiffany Chanyeol EXO and present in the final stage 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'. Recently revealed photos of both when he was backstage with the participants. As seen in the photo, Tiffany was seen posing with rapper Truedy. Both show a cute pose of each camera.   While Chanyeol posing with collaboration partner, Heize with producer DM. All three look familiar in selca photos uploaded on Instagram account of the producer. In addition to the two idol SM Entertainment, the various musicians who attended the final stage 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' is Gummy, Ilhoon BtoB, Hanhae Phantom, Basick SMTM4, Lee Suhyun Akdong last Musician and Jo Hyun Ah Urban Zakapa. Their performance will be revealed in the episode 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' which will be aired on 13 November. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Netizen Laughing Tao Give Support To Work Fashion Yoon Eun Hye
Netizens laugh Tao Give Support To Work Fashion Yoon Eun Hye Tao get a variety of responses from Korean netizens after providing support to Yoon Eun Hye. As fans know, Yoon Eun Hye is one of the participants in fashion in Chinese television program entitled 'Goddess of Fashion'.   One former member of EXO, Tao is one of the judges in the program. He then provided support for the work of Yoon Eun Hye fashion, with the highest number of donations. Responding to this, they get a response assortment of Korean netizens. That's because before Yoon Eun Hye has been involved cases of plagiarism, while Tao get a bad image after suing SM Entertainment. Quoted from the site Naver, Korea netizen comment such as, "They are two of the most hated, hahaha," "Birds in sheep's clothing being together," "Tao involve itself in this scandal, why this is so funny, hahaha," "It looks like Yoon Eun Hye is no longer concerned with her career in Korea, hahaha," "What sort of this combination, hahaha," and many other similar comments. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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The sound sweetly Xiumin EXO in OST 'Falling For Challenge'
After making fans can not wait, Xiumin EXO finally released the first OST. As promised earlier, EXO personnel released OST titled 'You Are The One' in the early hours of October 30.   This is a web drama OST for 'Falling For Challenge' in which he stars alongside actress Kim So Eun. In addition, it also became the first ever OST sung by him during his debut with EXO. In this OST, Xiumin presents a melodious voice, via the upbeat tempo pop song. The song was immediately welcomed by the fans, after being released through MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, and other music provider's site. Curious as to what the song sung by Xiumin? Listen to the song below Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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'Victims' Seo Ji Soo lovelyz Confess, Lesbian Rumors For real?
One of the Korean media, The Fact reveal the truth behind rurmor previously stopped Seo Ji Soo to make his debut with the group, lovelyz. Recently, The Fact has interviewed a woman who claimed that she was once the girlfriend of Seo Ji Soo. Not only with the mere acknowledgment, the woman also carries a wide range of evidence in the form of a short conversation messages and file footage that proves his relationship with a member of the girl group lovelyz. In addition, he also gave details about why the lawsuit was dropped and the threats he received from Woollim because they told the public something different from what actually happens in court. Suddenly article The Fact that contains recognition of Seo Ji Soo boyfriend was increasingly making netizens confused about what was happening. Because the agency a few months ago announced that capturing and actioning spreaders of rumors which are considered false, so Seo Ji Soo who suffer from mental distress after being bombarded by rumors like pembullyan and gay it back will make a comeback along with members of other lovelyz.   "So what really happened, they were not just rumors ㅡ ㅡ? Fans have been making a fuss saying it was not true so what truth? If this article is true, why the agency is so adamant to keep himself out of the group?" "So he was fined by no formality and ask for a formal hearing, but the agency lowered the lawsuit and then play the media about the case that was resolved with a fine ......" "The agency should be responsible for the children towards the right path as they achieve their dreams but they are clearly only see themselves as a dairy cow ... and this idol on TV with their fake laughter and tears, making a joke of the viewers ... ugh, raise your children properly. " "So he fined not to spread false rumors but for defamation ... which means this rumor is true. And they think they shamelessly can get away with a debut for him?" "So the rumors were not totally false."
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Lee Seung Gi Selca Together Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun withdrawal Fangirl
Together Selca Lee Seung Gi Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun withdrawal Fangirl Although never starred in dramas and films together, Lee Seung Gi further demonstrate its fangirl side than the familiarity of two Chinese Hallyu star Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. On one episode variety show 'Journey to the West', Lee Seung Gi who became a permanent member of the program is given the mission to take selca on the ad starring Korean celebrities.   When running the mission, Lee Seung Gi did not hesitate to take selcas and smiles with billboard starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun, showing two sides fangirlnya against the Hallyu star. Lee Seung Gi also prove the humor at the same manners while taking selca by saying, "It's good to see you," the billboard, leaving the impression amusing for the audience. Since the show is filmed in China, the mission taking this selcas help show how much influence Hallyu has spread abroad, especially in China. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Funnies enough Eun Seo and Seo June Crackers Eating Contest in 'Superman Returns'
Eun Seo and Seo June show their cuteness while playing in the elementary school where his father was a small moment. In the latest episode of 'Superman Returns' to be aired this evening, October 18, 2015, Lee Hwi Jae brought her two children and Seo Eun So in June to visit his primary school 'Yale Elementary School'.   For the first visit since 30 years ago, Lee Hwi Jae preparing a special game to be played by Seo Eun Seo Jun held other children. Game prepared by Lee Hwi Jae race game is to eat snacks hanging on a rope at a certain height, which in Indonesia are usually called cracker eating contest. When viewing the cake depends on a rope over his head, Seo Eun does not follow the rules of the game and the funny thing is grabbing all the cake with his hands. On the other hand, Seo June instead have fun with the game because he could not stop laughing when trying to take out crackers. In the end he managed to pick up and forced to enter a number of crackers in his mouth, so that he was nicknamed 'Hamster June' because of his cheeks swollen because of the cake. Forward cuteness Eun Seo and Seo June at the latest episode of 'Superman Returns' which will be aired at 4:50 pm KST today October 18, 2015. Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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Celebrate Birthday, Amber f (x) releases MV Solo 'Beautiful'
Amber f (x) to give a surprise to the fans by releasing solo music video 'Beautiful'. Solo music video was released through SM Entertainment's official YouTube channel, right on Amber's birthday on September 18.   'Beautiful' is itself a song by Amber contained in his solo albums. The album he released in the early 2015's. In the music video, Amber simple scenes in a dark room. Besides, he also performed the song 'Beautiful' with a melodious voice and emotional rap. While today Amber themselves busy with preparations comeback f (x). Previous SM Entertainment has confirmed that the girl group they will be back in October for the first time with four members. Amber Happy birthday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgCGgq4OCjg Follow us on @veranita006622 like my fanspage : www.facebook.com/veranita.online (Korean Lovers)
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