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Campus Ghost Walk/ Folk Talk
In case you’d like to skip to a particular building or chapter, here’s a guide. Prologue 0-2:38 Brewster 2:38-5:40 Christenbury 5:40-7:14 Messick and McGinnis 7:14-12:54 Cotten 12:54-18:20 Gory Dormitory Story 18:20–22:22 Cupola 22:22-24:03 Joyner Library 24:03-25:55 Mysterious Encounter 25:55-27:57 Epilogue 27:57-end
Views: 798 Randall Martoccia
They Shoot Zombies, Don't They?
Actor Jack Chambers, winner of two ZTV Best Kiss Awards, quarrels with his director.
Views: 405 Randall Martoccia
Big Bang Tango
Mike Hamer and Kellie Haven sing Mike's "Big Bang Tango."
Views: 333 Randall Martoccia
Reunion video
Views: 12 Randall Martoccia
The Joy That Kills
Here is my adaptation of Kate Chopin's "Story of an Hour."
Views: 465 Randall Martoccia
Pub of the Living Dead
While zombies attack, Barney prefers to pontificate.
Views: 431 Randall Martoccia
The Story of Gip.AVI
A student film made back in 1991 or 92. The years have not been easy on the movie, nor on the main actor. The film was shot on 16 mm and edited on an old fashion video editing crap machine. The music is stolen--no better word for it--from Vertigo and Shining and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The story is a not very creative analysis of the creative process.
Views: 142 Randall Martoccia
Enfant Terrible
A day in the life of Mira and her Dad
Views: 197 Randall Martoccia
Lily in the Sky
Montage of Lily, who--when not peeing where she's not supposed to--performs acts of aerial wonder. The peeing montage, to the tune of Handel's "Water Music," is forthcoming.
Views: 447 Randall Martoccia
3rd Base on the Second Date
The Kings play the Local 506. Let me know ([email protected]) if you'd like a copy of the entire show.
Views: 187 Randall Martoccia
January 30, 2016
Views: 16 Randall Martoccia
Happy Birthday, Mira!
Music by Mike Hamer
Views: 52 Randall Martoccia
The Lonely Pepperoni Song
Music, vocals, and hammer dulcimer by Mike Hamer Lyric and video production by Randall Martoccia Starring Ashleigh Taylor and Catherine Anderson No help from Industrial Light and Magic
Views: 294 Randall Martoccia
101 0386
Views: 69 Randall Martoccia
Enfant Terrible: The Version You Haven't Seen
Jump to 5:34 for baby demon face.
Views: 130 Randall Martoccia
Martoccia Clip 3.AVI
The third clip in the series.
Views: 61 Randall Martoccia
Martoccia Clip 1.AVI
Martoccia home movies.
Views: 60 Randall Martoccia
Kings of Karaoke, "Kings' Rap"
Kings of Karaoke performing at Amy B's 40th. Let me know (e-mail: [email protected]) if you'd like a copy of the entire show.
Views: 118 Randall Martoccia
Melting Skull, MOV.AVI
When zombie skull meets boiling acid--really, sugar skull, water, and dry ice. Jump to 3:52 mark for maximum putrefaction.
Views: 117 Randall Martoccia
Mira Crawling
Another incremental step on Mira's way to world domination
Views: 58 Randall Martoccia
Backyard bash
Harmonica solo
Views: 110 Randall Martoccia
Mira at KidsFest
Views: 27 Randall Martoccia
Mira Walks
Okay, so I didn't have the best camera set-up. You can see the important details: upright torso, confident strides, and a smile at the end.
Views: 38 Randall Martoccia
Anna Froula
Views: 41 Randall Martoccia
Martoccia Clip 4.AVI
The final clip.
Views: 42 Randall Martoccia
MJ Tribute
Views: 77 Randall Martoccia
Belk demolition
Views: 70 Randall Martoccia
Mira with the Smash Cake
Mira, like her father, doesn't understand the concept of the smash cake.
Views: 59 Randall Martoccia
"Revenge": A Promotional Video for the NCLR
The Editor demands to see the back issues of the NCLR. The Editorial Assistant is all too eager to oblige.
Views: 54 Randall Martoccia

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