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Memorial for the HiHo's
Well I guess this is the end of the HiHo's. I'm really surprised at how things turned out between Hannah and Kim.
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Sophia's Secret Crush
Today we talked with Sophia about Billy the Kidd, and how he's loooooves her. Love Cara
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Drunk Cobb hits on Cara
Today Charlie Cobb showed up at our doorstep. I think he's in a downward spiral. Love Cara
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Sophia and the Idol Final Two
I am so sad that Idol is down to the final two, but I think I know who is going to win... Shalom, Sophia
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There will be No Show for Ira the NoHo
I put a stop to Ira's ego thinking that we're going to do a separate show once we move in together. I love vlogging but I think at this point in my more... life it's time to turn off the camera and move on. This will be Ira's last vlog. Shalom and L'shanah tovah! (Happy New Year to all!) Sophia
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Cara, Blue & Sophia's Bikini Photo Shoot
For St. Patricks Day weekend we have a special treat for you all - BIKINI PHOTO SHOOT!! Shalom, Sophia
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NoHoGirls Exercise Tag
Charlie Cobb tagged us with his push-up contest but now it's our turn. You're it, Strilltalk and RitchieG415
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Kirby gets Wet for the NoHoGirls
Today we went swimming and talked about how everything is changing. I still can't believe more... it. Love Cara
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Cara's Bigfoot Dream
I woke up this morning to the craziest dream! I dreamt that a Bigfoot was in front of my window and he was trying to talk to me (in a Marlone Brando accent). Then the next thing I know he's chacing me! I even made a drawing of it, check it out on my video it gets even weirder. Love Cara
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Who's Crazier, NoHo or HiHo
For some reason Hannah thinks/thought that HiHo is better than us!! I can't believe her! love, Cara
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Sophia picks up a Guy
Today Sophia picked up Ira from the WeHoHouse. Too bad. (heart) Blue
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Swinger Ira Surprises Sophia
Ira brought me to the park for another one of his big announcements, but I wasn't expecting him to more... tell me that he was pledging a frat!?! Shalom, Sophia
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Sophia's Sister Busts In
Sophia's sister Dana arrived today. L, Cara
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I Think I Know who has the Sex Tape
Hey it's Cara, and I'm here responding to Leah sort of accusing me of knowing where the tape is. more... Well I don't know where it is, but I think I know who does. Love Cara
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My Yoga and Gossip Session Part 2
Hey guys its Cara and I'm doing yoga again, this time in a park surrounded by dogs. I'm sorta setting the record straight about Mikaela who also lives with Leah and Brady.
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Blue & Brady: Drinking Buddies
I still don't know why Brady had to make that video of me, but at least she knows how to have a good time (heart), Blue
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Blue's Tongue Ring
This is my roommate Blue. Isn't she cute! She doesnt know that I'm putting this up, but she will soon. I hope she's not mad because I need her share of the rent.
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NoHoGirls meet TheHill88 and CushTV
Guess who brokedown in NoHo? The famous vloggers TheHill88 and Cush TV! What a wonderful surprise it was for us to meet Caitlin and Cush. Love, Cara
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NoHo Memories
Before Sophia and Blue left we made a special vlog and each of us chose our special moments of our time here on LiveVideo. Love, Cara
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Indecent Proposal
I just got back from my date with the guy I met at the coffee shop. He seemed to be one of the most wonderful boys I'd met in a loooong time. But now I don't know. He asked me something that really took me off gaurd! I don't know what to do now, I really like him. What do you think? love Blue
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NRA meets in NoHo
We wanted to have a special meeting of the N.R.A. today to talk about the situation with Hannah more... potentially moving in the house... Shalom, Sophia
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Dirty Stories through the CarWash
Hey its Cara and we all feel a little dirty right now. We told sexy stories while going thru the carwash. Looks like we should maybe go thru again. Love Cara
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Blue Wet the Bed?
I woke up this morning to find the most horrible thing ever... a big wet spot where Blue was sleeping. This is not good. L, Cara
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Hannah doesn't Believe in Bigfoot
Today I told the girls about the psychic Bigfoot that I met yesterday. But Hannah was acting like more... she's better than us. Love Cara
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Hannah Needs Some Alone Time
I went into my car today because I needed some alone time. It just gets a little crazy in the NoHoHouse sometimes. HH
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Cara Dresses & Addresses Shane
So I have to work on St. Patrick's Day but I wanted to catch up everybody about the whole Shane situation. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! L, Cara.
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Downstairs Guys: Up in Smoke
The Downstairsguys and Upstairsgirls apartments have burned down. Now what? We'll find out soon.
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Re: Parody of NoHoGirls "Indecent Proposal"
I CAN'T BELIEVE MY SISTER WOULD DO THIS TO ME! She goes away to study abroad, never calls, or writes and then all of a sudden I see this! I don't have you around to get advice from anymore and this is what I get!? Stay in touch I miss you! -Blue
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I'm sorry,Sophia
It's amazing to see Ira in such a tender moment. He certainly acts differently when he's around the rest of us. Love, Cara
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I Decided to do it
Daniella here, and I just wanted to say that I decided to do the sex tips show. I'm excited about it. Let me know what you think. -D
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Talking 'Bout Boys
Why don't guys take the hint and give us girls some space when we need it? Gary (Satchmo) won't stop calling me and it's getting a bit more... claustrophobic for me. HannaH
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Getting Cara to Have Sex in the Shower
I finally approached Cara to get her to loosen up and just have sex with a guy and she actually was more... open to the idea. I think that the old Cara may be coming back soon. You should really visit: youtube.com/upstairsgirls for more sexy fun girls Shalom, Sophia This is from Iron Sink Media, the creators of the Downstairs Guys http://www.youtube.com/downstairsguys Visit downstairsguys at youtube.com/downstairsguys
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Blue Comes Home Wasted
It's Cara and this is Blue drunk. Now everyone can see what she looks like when she comes home more... drunk. Love Cara
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Blue's birthday isn't until tommorow and Cara went out and got Blue a Nintendo Wii for her more... birthday, when she was only supposed to spend $40 on a gift. Ugh. Shalom, Sophia
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How Sophia gets her Kicks in NoHo
Well our new roomie has yet to really make a vlog yet, so we're trying to break her in. love, Cara
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Getting Dressed for Halloween
While getting dressed I got a visit from Daniella who had some not-so-cool-news to tell me about tonight. Amd then she had some more not-so-cool-news. ;) Love Cara
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North Hollywood Girls Rule
Hey guys it's me Cara Brimley from NoHo. Me and my roomates just started blogging. Check out my MySpace profile, http://www.myspace.com/carabrimley
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Blue gets a Puppy
Hey it's Cara, and the NoHoGirls just got a 4th rommie...a dog! Blue named her Tad Hamilton after one of her favorite movies...Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Love Cara
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I'm a Cocktail Waitress at a Strip Club
Hi guys, Blue here, it's not easy finding work sometimes so I've started working as a Cocktail waitress at a strip club of all places! But it's not as bad as I thought, it's actually pretty exciting, lol.
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Leah & Brady Come For the Sex Tape
It's Cara here, and this is a tough video for me to watch. I feel really bad about this, but what could I do. Let me know what you think. Love Cara
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Cara Crawls Into Bed With Hannah
Cara woke me up today to try to explain what is going on in her head. She seems really troubled by this pending doom. HannaH
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Drawing to a Conclusion
With the NoHoGirls ending I've decided to refocus on my art. What do you think? Love, Cara
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Blue's Skydiving Adventure!
Hey its Cara, today I got this video from Blue and just now figured out how to put it up. I know she's hoping you guys love it. Let her know! Love Cara
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Mindmelding with Cara
Blue woke me up today by trying to Mind Meld with me. I could've used the extra sleep though. Love Cara
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Sorry John, Blue is No Ho
So John offered me a pretty large amount of money to perform...lets just say some 'services'. I don't know what it is but, I'm not that kind of Ho. I think maybe I need to take a new direction with myself, I wonder what I could do? (heart), Blue
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Doctor Ira Prescribes Some TLC For Sophia
Sophia is stuck in bed and I'm trying to help her get better but "doctor" Ira keeps getting in the way. (heart) Blue
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Cara Dishes About Her Sex Life
Hey its Cara and I'm still 0-2006 for the time being. But I'm gonna really try to do it before the end of the year. Love Cara
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Stripping on the way to the Pool
Blue and I went off to the NoHo Pool today and discussed what she wants for her birthday. Sophia
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Blue Loses the dog
Our newest NoHoGirl has gone missing! Please help us find her! love, Cara
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Spying on Cara in Bed with Shane
I told Ira to put the camera down but he had to see what Cara and Shane were talking about in the bedroom. -Sophia
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