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How to make lace flower pots
You will need: Clay Rolling pin Wax paper Lace Plate and cup Resene testpots in Resene Half Pale Rose and Resene Gold Resene testpot brush Step one. Take a small fistful of clay and flatten/smooth it out onto the wax paper, using the rolling pin. Step two. Place the lace on top and roll the pattern onto the clay. Remove the lace. Step three. Place the plate on top of the clay and use it to cut out a circle shape. Step four. Mould the clay around the cup, which will create organic waves as you do this. Step five. Bake as per instructions. Step six. Once set, paint the pots in Resene Half Pale Rose. Leave to dry. Step seven. Dry brush with Resene Gold to bring out the texture of the lace. Step eight. Fill with plants and enjoy your new pots.
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Create with paint: concrete bedside table
Concrete is one of the biggest interior trends right now. Impress your friends by making your very own concrete-topped bedside table. Click here for the DIY instructions - http://www.habitatbyresene.co.nz/concrete-bedside-table
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How to create a glow in the dark galaxy wall
You will need: Resene testpots in Resene Alabaster and Resene Blue Lagoon, Resene FX Nightlight, cardboard, masking tape and three paint brushes. 1. Use a round plate or something similar to draw a circle in the middle of the cardboard. 2. Cut the cardboard in half and cut along the circle of each half. Tape together to create the circle cut out in the middle. This will be your moon template. 3. Tape the cardboard to the wall, and roughly paint with Resene Blue Lagoon. Leave to dry. 4. Repeat with Resene Alabaster. For the Resene FX Nightlight shines brightly in the dark, it needs to have a white background behind it. Leave to dry. 5. Touch up with Resene Blue Lagoon to create the craters. Leave to dry. We painted two more moons, using Resene Sunshade and Resene Juniper. 6. Apply the Resene FX Nightlight. For the best result, apply three coats, leaving 45 minutes-1 hour between coats. 7. Leave it to 'charge' in UV light during the day, and enjoy your new galaxy wall at night when the lights go off. See more great DIY ideas at www.habitatbyresene.com/tips
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How to make giant flowers
Add vintage flair to weddings, baby showers or other big celebrations with these handmade oversized flowers – made using wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. We used designs TP1011 and GP5945 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, available from Resene ColorShops
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How to create and paint your own DIY magazine rack
With just a few tools and Resene testpots, create this chic DIY magazine rack. DIY instructions here: www.habitatbyresene.co.nz/news/make-magazine-rack/
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How to dress up your drawers
Bring a whole new dimension to old drawers with a lick of Resene paint and wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection (we used design 366011), available from Resene ColorShops.
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How to make a wallpaper patchwork wall
If you’ve ever opened up a wallpaper book at Resene, fallen in love with the patterns but just can’t decide which one to use… here’s the solution. See how stylist Claudia Kozub takes a collection of gorgeous black and white toned papers and creates a personalised patchwork wall.
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How to create your own DIY marble candlesticks with paint
Did you know that you can create a beautiful marble effect on everyday objects, using Resene paint? We show you how.
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Paint your own room setting: a study in colour
How far can you go with paint? A very long way, and in many creative directions as stylist LeeAnn Yare proved when she created this gorgeous study for habitat. Playing up the trend for saturated summery pastels, she created a restful space of muted pinks and greens that would be conducive to both creativity and work output.
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How to create your own DIY aged rustic stool
Learn how to take a simple step stool and give it a beautiful distressed finish, using Resene paint.
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Paint it right: black and white
Monochromatic colour schemes have always been popular and suit anything from traditional to Scandinavian looks. Stylist Gem Adams gives us the lowdown on integrating a black and white colour scheme in your own home.
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How to create a patchwork wall
Why just use one wallpaper when you can use a variety? Create this stylish patchwork feature wall using wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. For this living room, we used vintage inspired wallpaper and dressed it up with contemporary furniture to give it a modern look. Prep: Choose a selection of wallpapers from your Resene ColorShop. We used designs (top row) EB2101, WT4544, WT4503, WT4559; (second row) WT4559, WT4603, WT4503, WT4518 hung sideways; (third row) WT4518 (hung sideways), WT4503, WT4613, EB2101; (bottom row) AB2155, WT4544, WT4613.
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How to create and paint a kid's day tent
Give the kids a fun place to retreat to. We made a simple tent out of battens, dowel and a piece of fabric covered in stars, painted in Resene Smiles. And we took leftover fabric and created cloud shaped bunting to secure the frame. The kids will love it! Full instructions: www.habitatbyresene.com/habitat-tv/create-with-paint/kids-day-tent/
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How to paint a room setting: eco-zen bathroom
Follow stylist Claudia Kozub's tips, and create a fresh scheme in your bathroom that's simple and relaxing.
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Create with paint: herringbone patterned placemat
Geometric patterns are hot right now, and so easy to achieve – paint them onto walls, floors… and placemats. In this episode of Create with Paint, stylish Claudia Kozub shows us how to create a striking set of placemats using a herringbone pattern and a collection of citrus coloured Resene paints.
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Create with paint: lace-painted vase
Give a plain glass votive or vase a new look with a simple lacy stencil effect.
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How to create your own hanging shelf
A stylish display, this hanging shelf is a romantic and beautiful alternative to a night stand… perfect for books, perfumes and other pretty accessories worth showing off. All the instructions here: http://bit.ly/2eSkdEO
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How to make a statement earring stand
Big flashy earrings are all the fashion, but where do they go when you’re not wearing them? This earring stand is the perfect place to keep earrings nicely organised and on hand for those days you want to make a statement. You will need • Plywood piece and sides to fit • Drill • Resene testpot brushes • Resene Colorwood Whitewash • Resene testpots in Resene Paradise and Resene Coral Tree • Resene Paint Effects medium Step one. Take the plywood piece and mark out where you’d like to place your earrings. Drill the holes. Step two. Apply two layers of Resene Colorwood Whitewash to the plywood piece and sides. Step three. Using Resene Paint Effects medium, mix with the Resene testpot colours to create a wash effect over the plywood piece. Leave to dry. Step four. Glue the sides with liquid nails and leave to dry. Step five. Place your earrings. As your earring collection grows, add more drill holes.
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Create with paint: multi-coloured mat
Make a duckboard mat for your front door or bathroom by painting timber slats in whatever colours suit your scheme, then roping them together.
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How to make a twig bowl
You will need: A packet of modelling clay (from art supply stores) Resene testpots of Resene Cararra and Resene Gold Dust Resene testpot brush A plastic bowl Baking paper Knife and scissors Step 1: Using the modelling clay, as per the packet instructions, roll several long ‘twigs’. Step 2: Place the plastic bowl upside down on some baking paper, then drape the ‘twigs’ over the bowl in a random star-like pattern. Step 3: Trim any long or unsightly ends. Leave the ‘twigs’ to dry. Step 4: Once it’s dry, turn the bowl right side up and paint all over with Resene Cararra. Leave to dry. Step 5: Paint the ends of the ‘twigs’ in Resene Gold Dust from the Resene Metallics and Special Effects range. Fill with chocolate eggs, and get ready for Easter. NB: After Easter, use the twig bowl for as a holder for normal eggs, or as a holder for bits and pieces like keys etc. Styling and photography by Nikki Astwood
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How to create your own rustic potting shed style
Create this country-style potting shed setting using dreamy grey blue tones, accented with some lively greens. Stylist LeeAnn Yare walks us through the steps.
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How to get an antique effect
Bring old world charm to your home with this paint effect, painted on top of anaglypta wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection (design RD335), available from Resene ColorShops.
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How to create your own abstract art
You will need: double sided glass frame, Resene testpots in Resene Black and Resene Double Merino, and two paint brushes. 1. Think of an abstract art idea, and draw it up on a piece of paper. 2. Carefully take the glass out of the frame. 3. Using your inspiration, replicate it on the glass. Use Resene Black to paint on the first piece of glass, and leave to dry. 4. If you're feeling confident, freehand copy the same image you painted onto the second piece of glass, using Resene Merino. 5. Alternatively, you can layer the second piece of glass onto the painted glass, and trace over that with Resene Merino. 6. Leave to dry, and then carefully layer the pieces of glass. We put the black in the back, but it's really up to your preference. 7. Carefully place into the frame, and enjoy your unique piece of art.
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How to make a flower wall
Summer is a popular time to celebrate baby showers, bridal hen's parties and other special occasions. This flower wall is a perfect accessory for such occasions, and makes a great backdrop for photographs. Leigh Stockton shows how to create your own. You will need: Resene testpots in Resene Lola, Resene Galliano and Resene Suzie Q Testpot brushes Coffee filters (available at most supermarkets) Garden wire and tape String to hang the flowers Take the coffee filters and paint them inside and out using the Resene testpots. Cut the tops off each filter in a wavy pattern to resemble petals. Wrap the petals around the wire (one piece of wire per filter), tightly at the bottom of the petal. Secure the bottom of the petals onto the wire with garden tape. Hang onto string and arrange to create your flower wall. Have fun with different colourways to suit the theme of your celebration.
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Create with paint: diamond patterned flooring
Stylist LeeAnn Yare show us how to create this striking geometric flooring pattern with a couple of Resene colours and some masking tape.
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How to make a coloured key holder
Always losing your keys? Get organised with this DIY key holder, designed to be useful while looking stylish. You will need: Timber offcut Pencil and ruler Table saw Resene testpots in Resene St Kilda, Resene Ming, Resene Green Mist, Resene Kalgoorlie and Resene Crail Resene testpot brushes Sawtooth hooks and hammer Leather string Large beads, painted Step one. Take the timber offcut and mark five sections. Step two. Saw the lines two thirds of the way through. Step three. Sand the offcut and paint the individual blocks of colour with the Resene testpot colours above (use masking tape if you need to). Leave to dry. Step four. Paint the reverse in Resene St Kilda. Leave to dry. Step five. Hammer the hooks and hang up the key holder. Step six. Paint beads in the same colours that as the key holder. Step seven. Cut pieces of leather and string your keys and painted beads onto either ends. They’re now ready to hang in your key holder.
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How to create wallpaper butterflies
Give your walls a lift with these beautiful paper butterflies. They’re made out of wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection (design 606874) and create an eye-catching art piece.
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Trending interiors – Resene Duck Egg Blue
Duck egg blue – this timeless colour is a darling of the interior design world, and there's good reason. It's a colour that has huge appeal and suits many interior styles, from bringing a vintage charm to kitchens to injecting Scandinavian appeal to the home. Here's how we're using Resene Duck Egg Blue.
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Create with paint: leaf artworks
For a unique and easy artwork, simply wander around the garden, and cut a few interesting shaped leaves and use as stencils.
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Room setting: tropical escape
Been watching Indian Summers on TV lately? Love the colonial look with all those airy rooms, plantation shutters, delicious textures and shady greens? Stylist Gem Adams used a palette of dusky, almost masculine, greyed greens from Resene to create this inspiring setting. All you need now is a gin sling and a W. Somerset Maugham novel and you’re all set to enjoy your little slice of the tropics.
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How to create your own DIY kid's wall flag
Delight the kids with this fun DIY wall flag, made using Resene testpots.
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How to paint a room setting: skater boy's bedroom
A quirky zig-zag wall, a metallic paint and wallpaper locker-like shelf, a bean bag and wall art made from old skateboards – what more could a teen want? See how stylist LeeAnn Yare creates this room.
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Create with paint: metallic bookshelf
See how stylist LeeAnn Yare gave this plain locker-style shelving unit a whole new look with some wallpaper and paint from the Resene Metallic and Special Effects range.
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How to decorate linen 3 ways
You will need: Resene testpots in Resene Kaitoke Green, Resene Spring Rain and Resene Snow Drift, table linen, fine brush, forks, cardboard straws, apples and roller tray. Palm trees 1. Using Resene Kaitoke Green and the fine brush, paint stems for the trees on the linen. 2. Dip a quarter of the fork into Resene Kaitoke Green, and drag onto the linen, creating the fronds. Dotty linen 1. Dip the straw into Resene Snow Drift, and create random dots on the linen. 2. If the tip of the straw starts to get gluggy, just blow into the straw onto a sheet of paper or dropcloth to get rid of excess paint. Apple print 1. Cut off three sides of the apple, to create a stamp at the bottom plus handles for you to use when stamping. 2. Pour Resene Spring Rain into the roller tray, and lightly dip the apple into the paint. Wipe off excess on the tray and spare piece of cloth or paper. 3. To create the pattern, press the apple onto the linen and lift. See more great DIY ideas at www.habitatbyresene.com/tips
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How to make striped vases with paint
Create these striped vases with just a few Resene testpots and some masking tape.
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Create with paint: upcycle old jars and tins
See how to upcycle your old jars and tins to use as pen pots and planters. Stylist LeeAnn Yare gives the jars a simple and easy tide-line effect on the jars and decorates the tins in paint and washi tape.
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How to create and paint your own desk tidy
A modern take on a desk tidy, this project is not only easy to paint with Resene testpots but easy to make, too. Full instructions: www.habitatbyresene.com/habitat-tv/create-with-paint/desk-tidy/
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Room setting: japanese jewel
Bedrooms are one place you can be a bit over the top with your colour choices. See how stylist Claudia Kozub used an array of bright jewel tones – from regal amethyst to rich turquoise – to create a sumptuous but achievable bedroom setting.
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How to create your own DIY rainbow fan with paint
Turn a plain house fan into a colourful delight using Resene testpots.
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How to create a keepsake photo tray
Paint an old tray to use as an unusual photo or art frame. You will need: Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat Resene testpots in Resene Black White, Resene Romantic, Resene Midnight Express and Resene Half Hammerhead An old tray Low tack masking tape Ruler Testpot brush Washi tape to attach the photo or art Step 1 Coat the tray with Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat. Step 2 Apply masking tape on a diagonal through the tray, and paint one side in Resene Black White. Step 3 Paint the other side in Resene Midnight Express. Leave to almost dry then remove the masking tape. Top tip: don’t let the paint fully dry or the tape may lift the paint. Step 4 Measure and mask the tray as shown. Step 5 Paint one of the triangles in Resene Romantic, and the other in Resene Half Hammerhead. Remove the masking tape. Attach your photo or artwork to the tray with washi tape and lean against the wall on top of your dresser or mantelpiece. Styled and photographed by Nikki Astwood
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Bedroom setting: man cave
Got a hunter-collector in the house who needs a special place to, well, just be? Stylist Claudia Kozub upcycles some crates, gathers some vintage sporting gear, adds a throne (leather chair) and creates a man cave.
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How to create your own DIY hanging plant holder
Display your treasured indoor plants with this beautiful DIY plant holder, made using Resene testpots.
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Create with paint: ombre wall
In this Create with Paint episode, Resene colour consultant Nikki Morris shows you how to create a tonal colour scheme using the various colour collections and tools available at Resene. And we look at an example of how you can use a tonal scheme in for a very on-trend concept – an ombre wall.
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How to make your own loft-style dresser
If you’re looking for more ways to organise your bedroom, this loft-style dresser is the way to go. Pile with perfumes, ornaments, plants, and other paraphernalia that we tend to collect for ourselves. It’s also a nice way to go wild with colour – just paint the shelves a different colour when you feel like a change. Full written instructions here: www.habitatbyresene.com/habitat-tv/create-with-paint/loft-style-dresser/
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