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Miss Michaela's Alternative Beauty Salon, with Chelsea (The Pillory System Gunge)
Watch the video in Full right now plus loads more like it at: https://MessyWorld.net • Welcome to Miss Michaela's 'Alternative Beauty Salon', equipped with the very latest makeover technology. Chelsea is here for a luxury alt makeover session. She has been warned, she may get a little bit of product on her during the makeover process!
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The Girls Get Revenge on Lisa with the Gunge Tank, Pies & the Human Carwash
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
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MessyWorld BTS: Lisa at Controls of The Human Carwash
Behind the scene's as Lisa puts Louise through The Human Carwash at Messyworld. More at https://messyworld.net
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Autumn/Fall Line Up on MessyWorld.net (2018)
Selected highlights from MessyWorld’s upcoming Autumn/Fall line-up this year, beginning September 3rd… We hope you see something you like. More trailers at https://messyworld.net/stream
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Meet the Messyworld Gunge, Slime & Pie Devices...
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
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Messyworld Trailer: The Messy Raffle with Rachel
Watch in Full • https://MessyWorld.net Description: Contestant Rachel has to pick out a slime substance at the beginning of each question if she gets that answer wrong she gets the substance poured over her. In the hat is everything from Natrosol & VIVI-slime to Instant Mud & Bentonite Clay. Plus, there is a surprise bonus at the end...
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PhoneTrap 2.0 - The Interactive Phone-in Gunge Game with Lisa (Teaser)
*Contains Some Strong Language. PhoneTrap begins, September 24th 2018 monthly on https://messyworld.net
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Messyworld Trailer - The Human Carwash Gunge - Tamsin Slimed in Black Dress
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net So, it all began back in January this year & it's been one hell of a messy ride, quite literally. And now, this concludes The Human Carwash for 2015 as Messyworld favorite, Tamsin Coren, gets herself in to her pretty black dress for a second attempt to destroy it following her vote this time last year (which was 2014's biggest download on Messyworld). This time, we have added everything to the carwash to give her the ultimate messy ride! Enjoy the pictures and trailer, and of course... get ready for more from the Human Carwash in 2016 and a somewhat darker winter on Messyworld to begin in January. www.messyworld.net
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Messyworld 'Gunge' Trailer: Chloe's Christmas Gift
Get the Full Video plus 100's More at https://MessyWorld.net
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Estate Agent Rachel Gets Gunged at Messyworld
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Estate Agent Rachel visits Messyworld's studios to give a valuation. After viewing the studio facilities, Rachel gives a lower than expected estimate, based on there being, 'a slimey substance in some of the corners of the studios'. Michaela shows Rachel exactly why there is a slimey substance around by gunging her and makes Rachel revise her estimate. Estate Agent Rachel is sent off covered in gunge! I wonder what her office workers will say? www.messyworld.net
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Maid Lucy's 'Deep Clean' ... The Build Up!
The build up to Lucy's Trip through The Human Carwash... https://messyworld.net
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Messyworld Human Carwash: Ashleigh in Swimwear Gunged Preview Trailer
Out Now: https://MessyWorld.net - Ashleigh takes her first ever trip through The Messyworld Human Carwash. The perfect way to cool off on a hot summer's afternoon. Beaches & pools are dull, The Messyworld Human Carwash is much better!
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Tamsin's Messy Takeover: The Finale!
Tamsin goes in the Foam-Filling SupaGunga at MessyWorld!!!... Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 33446 Messyworld
Big 10: Messyworld's Birthday Gunging & Ultimate Slime Montage
Low-Quality Version: The Entire 40 Minute Video in Full HD... + '100 Minutes of MessyWorld' archives and BTS chat with Lisa & Louise (with an end surprise)... All Out Now at https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 34030 Messyworld
The Estate Agent - Autumn Teaser...
Out Now: https://MessyWorld.net - After estate agent Rachel gets gunged whilst viewing Messyworld's studios, she develops a cunning plan to get her staff more motivated. Begins September 12th on Messyworld.net
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Messyworld Trailer: Secretary Janey 'Carwashed'
Watch the Full Video Now on https://messyworld.net
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Messyworld: Party in The Human Carwash
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Messyworld have agreed to let the staff have an office christmas party. But it all gets a little bit messy when 4 of the girls sneak off to find the human carwash. 4 drunk girls and a carwash don't mix well. The girls dare each other to go in as mayhem commences.
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BTS: Filming of Messyworld's new series, Apartment 19
Apartment 19 begins, October 28th, on https://Messyworld.net with 'Trick or Treat'
Views: 10596 Messyworld
Xmas Special: The Human Carwash Gunge Tank Mark II as tested by Michaela in PVC
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Michaela is here to provide a sneak preview of the brand new and very expensive Human Carwash extension. It's bigger, it's messier and it's even more unforgiving. The Human Carwash Mark 2.0 is here and in festive mode, Michaela is ready to test it.
Views: 20355 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Janey Gunged for Boyfriend's Birthday
Watch in Full • https://messyworld.net - As a special birthday surprise for her boyfriend, Janey does her hair and makeup and gets gunged in the gunge tank at Messyworld's studios.
Views: 17425 Messyworld
Trailer: Lisa & Louise Gunged in 'The Hangover Cure'
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Following the Messyworld office christmas party, Lisa & Louise wake up with a hangover and faded memories of a very drunken and messy night in the carwash. Tamara & Cassie are nowhere to be seen, but boss Michaela has seen what's happened. Lisa & Louise, now freshly dressed, are awoken with a pie each by boss Michaela and taken for... 'The Perfect Hangover Cure...' cue The Human Carwash...
Views: 29462 Messyworld
Girl Gets Total Pie Sploshing then Gunged in Carwash!
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 36460 Messyworld
Estate Agent Hollie Slimed in The Gunge Tank
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Estate Agent Hollie is sent to Messyworld's studio on an official viewing by her boss Rachel (who was previous gunged at Messyworld), in a unique way of encouraging her to reach her sales targets. During the viewing of the property, led by Messyworld's Miss Michaela, they come across the gunge tank, sitting ready and waiting, filled with a shocking 100 Litres of pink gunge & 100L of mucky green slime. 'Take a seat and give this a valuation' asks Michaela... cue a massive messy gunging and a totally ruined business suit.
Views: 14805 Messyworld
Meet The Dragonesses!
WARNING: Contains Strong Language & references to adult content. Raising Messyworld's Profile in awareness of Mental Health Charity, Mind! As you may have heard, Lisa & Louise are to become the new lead presenters of Messyworld.net next year. In order to raise Messyworld’s profile and really get the name out there, we tasked Lisa with the job of finding a way of promoting Messyworld so it becomes the first name everybody thinks of when wanting 'messy' content. Cue our pitcher Caitlyn, 4 Dragonesses and a not-so-genius idea! This video has been produced in aid of mental health charity, Mind! So, please also take the time to check out some of their vital work. Good luck Lisa, it's over to you....
Views: 20316 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Secretary Gunging - Human Carwash Gunge Trip
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 18604 Messyworld
Girl Stuck in Tub of Glue - A Life Of Slime: Episode 3
A Life Of Slime, Episode 03: Sticky Situations... https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 385706 Messyworld
'SupaGunga' Foam Filling Gunge Tank from Messyworld
Michaela tries out the new Foam-Filling Ultra Messy Gunge Tank for https://.messyworld.net
Views: 35926 Messyworld
Messyworld Meets 'Life Of Slime' Star, Lisa Cole (Interview)
Messyworld chats to Lisa about her casting in A Life Of Slime, being gunged for the very first time and her new series, Lisa's Cookery Corner. More Videos at https://MessyWorld.net/xtra
Views: 36337 Messyworld
Messyworld's Human Carwash Gunge Tank In Action
"Going through the Messyworld.net Human Carwash is scary, noisy and somehow manages to get you wetter and messier than anything else I've ever experienced. Even after going though it 3 times my heart races as I get closer to those soggy spinning brushes and see the sprayers, foam and gunge tanks waiting for me." .... 'The gunging device that makes the toughest of models tremble. This is the most messy gunge tank ever. With a cart on tracks, there is no getting away from the oncoming gunge. Gooey carwash brushes, soaking jets, foam sprayers and multiple gungings along the way. Strap in and enjoy the ride.' More @ Messyworld.net
Views: 34624 Messyworld
The Human Carwash... 'Head Mistress' - Full Gunge Scene!
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Twitter uses voted for Miss Michaela to be gunged in The Human Carwash.... Many, many more video like this are live now at https://messyworld.net
Views: 31781 Messyworld
The Rubix Cube 'Gunge-Timer' Challenge
Watch In Full • https://messyworld.net
Views: 17555 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Secretary Training
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 26067 Messyworld
Gunge Tank Test Video: Michaela in The 'SupaGunga' with Foam & Gunge
https://MessyWorld.net This is just a test video from late last year, not an update, hence no sound and no proper lighting. Messyworld's converted 'SupaGunga' Gunge Tank fills with coloured foam at 3 speeds depending on setting, this is the medium setting. Then the gunge can be released whenever the person in charge wants it to fall on their victim & can be set to slowly ooze or trickle whilst the foam is filling. In this video we test Pink Foam with a transparent blue & thick brown slime. The foam is extremely wet and gooey and actually feels similar to the gunge so it is quite an intense experience. Let us know your reactions... More gunge tank videos at www.messyworld.net in 'The Gunge Tank' category!
Views: 24037 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Crystal cools off in Gunge in her summer bikini
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 23171 Messyworld
A Life Of Slime: Episode 1 -  The Arrest - Lisa Gunged for Vandalizing the Messyworld Gunge Tank
https://MessyWorld.net A Life Of Slime 01: The Arrest - Lisa is caught vandalizing Messyworld's Gunge Tank in protest at having her name put forward to be gunged, so is arrested & gunged by WMPC Michaela. She is handcuffed, blasted with slime and gunged twice in a cruel & humiliating method of deterring her from attempting anything similar in the future. To see the video in full, go to: https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 15867 Messyworld
Trailer: Apartment 19 - 'Trick or Treat'
Watch In Full • https://MessyWorld.net Welcome to Apartment 19, where Messyworld hosts, Lisa & Louise reside. Dare anyone ring the doorbell, the 2 girls are always ready and unafraid to use their prized possession, a Messyworld gunge tank of their own... Today, 'Trick or treater', Kim rings the doorbell to discover Lisa & Louise are not fans of halloween.
Views: 6927 Messyworld
Human Carwash: Ashleigh's First Ever Gunging at Messyworld
Out Now: https://MessyWorld.net This is the preview of Ashleigh's first ever trip inside The Messyworld Human Carwash...
Views: 48182 Messyworld
Motivational Gunge Therapy as Estate Agent is Slimed, Pied & Gunged
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Estate Agent Rachel has noticed that her own sales figures are low. Her job is at risk and she needs to do something fast. But how does she discipline herself? A phone call to Messyworld should help. She calls Miss Michaela who agrees to give her some 'Motivational Therapy'. A bloody good Gunging whilst tied to her cross. This one is going to be very intense for Rachel. Another ruined business suit!
Views: 62497 Messyworld
Gunge Vote Result - Tamsin Gunged!!!!
Tamsin was voted into the gunge tank & was gunged by her pleased rival Jessica. During the gunging, Tamsin pulled Jessica into the gunge tank and restrained her, holding her under the streaming jet of gunge. So, in the end, both girls got very messy!
Views: 72615 Messyworld
Messyworld Human Carwash: Kim Gunged in Leather
The Human Carwash... Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 11372 Messyworld
Human Carwash: Maid Lucy's Deep Clean.... Gunge & Slime in PVC Dress
The Human Carwash: Maid Lucy's Deep Clean Trailer from https://messyworld.net
Views: 53560 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Olivia Hartley-Cohen Gets Gunged in the Human Carwash
The Human Carwash... Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 10799 Messyworld
Lisa vs Louise Round 2 - The Quiz
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Louise wants a rematch. So, it's Lisa & Louise quiz round 2.0, but, Lisa makes a comment to host Michaela and things get a little biased..
Views: 5095 Messyworld
Messyworld Gunge Tank Trailer - Tamsin's Messy Takeover with Jessica
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Join Tamsin as she hosts a general knowledge quiz with friend and fellow model, Jessica Sopel (The Christmas Vote of 2014). With the imposing 'SupaGunga' gunge tank standing between them bursting with slime, Jessica knows it is waiting patiently for her to fail and she is reminded throughout of what her fate may be if she doesn't succeed.
Views: 26006 Messyworld
Human Carwash: Girl Gunged in Business Suit
Out Now - https://messyworld.net
Views: 28499 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Girl covered in Custard Pies with Hands & Feet Tied
Out Now on https://www.messyworld.net More Trailers at https://messyworld.net/stream
Views: 42869 Messyworld
Human Carwash Gunge Vote - Honey B vs Lucy Adams
The Gunge Vote: Human Carwash Special... Get voting at https://messyworld.net
Views: 12400 Messyworld
Gunged Girl Quiz in Messyworld 'Egg Timer' Gunge Tank
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net The Gunge Timer with Freya: Freya takes part in a music based quiz, but there's a catch. Not only will she get gunged if she get's more than 5 questions incorrect, but she's also against the clock, and the timer is trickling gunge falling on her head. So, the longer she takes to answer each question, the more wet & messy she gets...
Views: 27234 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer   The Big Quiz   Round 2
https://MessyWorld.net Messyworld Trailer for The Human Carwash: The Big Quiz - Round 2! After loosing out on tickets to see one of her favorite pop bands, Lyndsey is given a second chance to try and win tickets but once again risks being covered in gunge for every answer she gets incorrect. If 5 questions are answered incorrectly then she will once again face the 'Destroyer' stage of the carwash machine. To find out how she gets on visit: https://MessyWorld.net
Views: 16397 Messyworld
Messyworld Trailer: Lisa's Cookery Corner - Episode 1
Out Now - https://MessyWorld.net Welcome to a brand new cookery show, fronted by Lisa Cole, much to the annoyance of her co-presenters, Sarah & Caitlyn, who clearly do not like her. During the first episode they show their grievances towards Lisa by humiliating her live on camera for everyone to see. They trash her in all of the sticky pies and delicious desserts laid out in front of them. Lisa tries to remain professional throughout but struggles to maintain her composure as they continue to smother her in everything available at their disposal. Get the full video now at http://www.messyworld.net
Views: 39730 Messyworld

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