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How to Introduce Cats
How to introduce a new cat to a household with existing cats, a service learning project produced by Heather Myers for Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter http://www.faaspets.org/
Views: 2937 Heather Myers
LiveBinder Pros and Cons
Live Binders Pros and Cons
Views: 141 Heather Myers
Using Purdue Owl's APA 6 Reference
made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com An overview of the Purdue Owl APA 6 reference
Views: 769 Heather Myers
Setting up APA 6 in Microsoft Word
How to set up citations and reference pages using Microsoft Word. http://www.screenr.com/BLpH
Views: 428 Heather Myers
Ramses' Cub
Ramses the Lion's first cub at Capron Park Zoo - male cub. Jan. 2009
Views: 370 Heather Myers
They Threw Her Down a Mountain
Introduction to cultural analysis and the importance of cultural relativism and avoiding ethnocentrism.
Views: 28 Heather Myers
Sp. 2016_Week 1 Wrap up
Spring 2016 week 1 wrap up.
Views: 11 Heather Myers
LiveBinders an Introduction
An introduction to LiveBinders for Purdue University, EDCI 568 - Educational Applications of the Internet, Using Digital Tools to Support 21st Century Learning
Views: 114 Heather Myers
Digital Storytelling_Folklore Archive
This digital storytelling project was created for EDCI-566 Educational Application of Multimedia at Purdue University. The video is an example of a digital folklore archive of a personal narrative, a form of verbal lore, and can be further classified as a survival story.
Views: 46 Heather Myers
Week 3 Intro Week 2 Wrap up_spr 2016
Week 3 to do list and week 2 wrap up.
Views: 12 Heather Myers
Zombie Intro.wmv
Zombie Introduction for class
Views: 16 Heather Myers

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