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20 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever! (Part 2)
World’s most perfectly timed photos ever (Part 2)! These amazing unbelievable pictures capture people in just the right moment creating images of funny optical illusions Today we look at 20 perfectly timed photos! You won’t believe the number 1 was captured on camera! baby vomit oh yes yes This is a nice carpet, for me to puke on! bubble Photographer Richard Heeks captures a bubble mid burst Bird cherry I know what this bird is saying: Cherry Pie! Drain Looks like an eye right? Let’s zoom in and look a little closer. statue hammer I’ve been waiting for this moment. Shit on me will you? baseball nose Who was your plastic surgeon? Spalding. dream of chicken yo man couldn’t you have dreamed some fries with that? fountain dress Bitch go home with that white tank top you know you can’t compete with this guys dress. He’s wearing a lovely Fountain Wang . olympic glasses NBC with the visual assist. Just in case you couldn’t see how many gold medals the U.S. has mustache tattoo I wonder if he had this moment in mind when he was getting that tattoo squirrel Meet crasher squirrel who famously photobombed this couple in Lake Minnewanka, Alberta Canada. not be confused with Lake Minnetonka from Purple Rain beer spill Let’s check the douchebag cam smiling birds The universe sending us a message thru flying birds Headless gymnast Hey look it’s The perfect woman. I keed. I keed Matrix pinata Do you want to know what it is? It’s the matrix pinata. Make sure to choose the red candy young neo dog frisbee that’s ok bro, I am so taking a crap in the house after this game coke bj Now I know where the expression a coke and a smile comes from Diarreah baby The joys of parenting. That’s not pee by the way. blonde baseball She’s blonde, will there be any difference? And now for the number 1 most perfectly timed photo. For more videos like this subscribe here. Julio Aparicio This is bullfighter Julio Aparicio getting gored by a bull through his neck and out his mouth on May 21, 2010. 10 weeks after this photo, he was back bullfighting. Which perfectly timed photo was most interesting to you?
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12 Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
Amazing animals you won’t believe exist! These unbelievable creatures are some the strangest and most incredibly unusual that you will ever see Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keepinitkarl/
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21 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster
Photos taken one second before disaster! These sometimes funny other times horrible unbelievable pictures capture crashes moments before disaster. Today we look at 21 photos taken just moments before disaster. These start out funny but the last ones will take your breath away. Hair fire You look HOT girl, did you do something different with your hair? Sunbathing That moment sunbathing turns to waterbathing Cake drop Everytime I carry a cake I feel like this could happen at any moment. Mud Splash You girls look like you didn’t catch enough waves. Something tells me he’s not going to offer them a ride. Drink spill They all have their mouths open like they’re waiting for a drink. Lucky for them their friend is happy to oblige. Concert I’m guessing that whoever threw this was thinking I’d like to see a wet t-shirt contest Wedding I’m not even sure this couple will notice.. look at them.. they look half in the bag already. Bicycle I’m pretty sure with that helmet this guy is thinking: screw the bike I can fly A true innovator trying to make a case for a quadathalon with flying Triathalon’s now with flying. Groin baseball I’m going to go ahead and say this one is AT the moment of disaster not before. ATV wheelie That kid driving looks angry, like he’s trying to pay his brother back for something. Don’t worry, grandma will catch you! ATV Uh oh no grandma to catch you. I do not want to be the palm of her hand. Motorcycle splash This is photo is the result of the tidal bore from the Qiantang (chen-tawng) River crashing over the barrier. A tidal bore is when the incoming tide from the ocean actually travels upstream against the flow of a river. The tidal bore from this river is the largest in the world. Wedding At the Docks This looks like a scene straight out of bridesmaids. Bro It’s not a good sign when your new bride and her friends sink docks. Horse Fall This is that new horse and man break dance duo we’ve been hearing so much about. Bear hunters Looks like These hunters just got a bear. You might not see it right away but they’re also about to get some karma. Baseball approaching No these people are not smelling a really bad fart, there’s actually a baseball about to hit the brunette girl in the white shirt in the front row. Captain Brian Bews In 2010, during a practice run for an air show Canadian pilot Captain Brian Bews lost control of his plane and had to hit the eject button. Luckily Captain Bews survived. His plane did not. Xenia Ignatyeva I came across this photo of Xenia (zenneea) Ignatyeva (ig-na-teeva) who reportedly died at age 17 trying to take a selfie from a train bridge. She slipped and fell grabbing onto electric wires which electrocuted her. This photo is often shown with that story, however I think this is actually an earlier photo as she had a habit of trying to get extreme photos. Warning these last 3 photos are disturbing Leopard This is a male leopard about to attack a forest guard in Siliguri (shhh-lee-guhrree) India. The leopard did attack the guard who survived, the eventually tranquilized leopard however did not survive. 9/11 United Airlines Flight 175 moments before the plane struck the south tower of the world trade center in new york city on 9/11 2001 at 9:03 a.m. This was the 2nd of two planes that struck the towers. 60 people were on the plane not including the 5 hijackers And now for the number 1 photo just moments before disaster. Again this last image is disturbing. For more videos like this subscribe here. Sknyliv air show disaster This unbelieveable photo is from an air show by the Ukrainian air force at an airfield near Lviv (lah-view), Ukraine, and is the worst air show disaster in history. 77 people died and over 500 were injured. The plane was an Su-27 and amazingly the two pilots survived. Both pilots were sentenced to prison and the head of the air force was dismissed as a result of this tragedy. Which photo was the most interesting to you?
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15 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever!
World’s most perfectly timed photos ever! These amazing unbelievable pictures capture people in just the right moment creating images of funny optical illusions Today we look at 15 perfectly timed photos! From missing heads to kings of beer to peeing in public you’re gonna love these photos. Fire breathing dog Woah fire breathing dog! Is that Labrador dragon mix? The other dog is like man stop showing off. Of course this is just a well placed fire pit flame Bat face You’ve heard of batman? Well this is bat face. Damn he’s taking that bat like a man. Looks at his eyes there not even flinching.. Everyone around him is like Armageddon just happened, and he’s like to whoever threw it I’m going to take this bat and kick your ass Miss popular This one took me a second to figure out. So the guy and the blonde girl are holding the brunette girl in the black dress sideways… and she and the blonde girl are somehow both wearing the same miss popular 2012 sash…. wait ..what.. look closer it’s actually the the guy and the brunette holding the blonde girl and her skirt just happens to match the brunette girls shirt. Hockey head Did this guy just literally knock his block off? It looks like someone photoshopped out the other guy’s head.. Nope. Actually the guy in the red shirt’s head his just bent really far forward.. you can see a tiny bit of his hair here and this photo was taken just as his helmet was being knocked off. King bud Guess We finally know who the kind of Budweiser is. Did someone say king? yeahh Prince William Looks like the royal duchess wasted no time in servicing Prince William after tying the knot. Apparently William is a fan of old school because it looks like he shouted “ear muffs” to the little girl.. probably should have told her to close her eyes also. Kate Middleton Wow the royal family! I had no idea they were such exhibitionists! Kate Middleton looks VERY excited to make the acquaintance of this guard who seems to have an unusual way of greeting duchess. Of course if you look close you see that it’s actually Kate’s hand that is touching herself. Prince Charles Oh come on this is getting silly! Prince Charles?? May I just say you have very fine breasts and that I would like to you use my authoritay to touch them.. She looks pretty excited about the proposition. I had no idea this is how the royal family rolled.. I would definitely hang out with these cats. Yawn Guess this guy is getting bored with all these royal military photos. Bug windshield AHHH it’s a huge bug destroying the city! the apocalypse is here! Actually it’s just a big grasshopper on the windshield of this car. It still looks pretty damn big to me. Starbucks I’ll take a double venti hazelnut soy latte foam, whipped cream and 3 pumps of suck please. LOL this is great photo. Reminds me of those mad magazine fold-ins. Whoever designed the print for this starbucks van probably should have taken a moment to open the door. I can see competitors going around opening the doors to their vans.. wait does starbucks have any competitors? Football Butt Should not have ordered the extra spicy chilli dog last night! Soccer ass I don’t even know how to explain this photo. It looks like mid-game the one player decided to check the other players prostate. Even knowing that this was taken probably in the middle of a fall this photo doesn’t make sense… like why at any point in your fall would you be in this position? I mean, Is he looking for an ice skater? Ice skater There she is! And for my next move I will shit a woman’s head! Even realizing that she’s just bent over backward that’s pretty risky position. Just better hope he didn’t eat at the same place that football player did. and now for the number 1 perfectly timed photo. for more videos like this subscribe here. Pee Ok Beyond the public urination, I know they say kids are curious, but this is whole new level. He’s standing so casually too.I mean did her arm just get stung by a jellyfish? or is this after an R Kelly concert? I will say it looks like he’s getting his eight glasses of water a day that’s a mighty clear stream. Which photo was your favorite?
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11 Cats You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
Unusual cats you won’t believe exist! These amazing and unbelievable cats are some of the strangest and weirdest felines ever in the world
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25 Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas
Scariest Halloween makeup ideas ever! These creepy make up looks for girls are some of the most horrifying dolls, zombies, ghosts, clowns, and zipper faces. Today we look at 25 of the creepiest makeup jobs ever Sad clown A sad clown. I feel like wide mouth makeup has been popular ever since Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight batman movie Victorian Looks very Victorian. I guess this is supposed to be a cracked porcelain doll White face This one’s pretty cool. Looks like an evil witch from a Disney movie Edward Scissor Reminds me of Edward scissor hands Cracked doll face This is the cracked porcelain doll face look. She sort of looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt Eye face Jealousy I guess? She is a Green-eyed monster Asian half face That eye is creepy. Also this girl doesn’t appear to have any eyelids Double eyes You’re not on trippin balls (well maybe you are) but this is just trippy makeup Two face This is two-face from the Animated series version of Batman Eye mask This is cool contrast between what almost looks like a blindfold and yet completely covered with eyes. Crystal face This looks like some disease where your face turns into crystals Eye Mouth Is it an eye or is it a mouth? I’ve got a question, can you see where I’m coming from? Neck mouths A gang of neck mouths No mouth It looks like her mouth was surgically sewn shut doll Another doll face. Those eyes are creepy Screamin demon Yeah that’s pretty psycho .. Actually her eyes are the scariest part of this and there’s no makeup on them. Ventriloquist doll Her face is made to look like a ventriloquist doll. I can’t get over the beautiful green of her eyes. black eyes Those black bug eyes are scary Cookie Monster She looks like a creepy cookie monster zipper face Zipper face. I’ve seen a couple versions of this I think it’s one of the more clever makeup ideas. Masquerade Phantom of the face, you’ve reached the point, of no return. Wood face Woah that’s pretty weird looking. Her face looks like wood. The face also has those saw-like big cheekbones Cheek Blow This is what happens when an Emo girl tries to smile.. Now you know. clown How’d you like her to do your birthday party? And now for the number 1 creepiest makeup. For more videos like this subscribe here. Black cracks Yes she's terrifying Which was your favorite makeup?
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25 Perfectly Timed Photos! (#3)
Most perfectly timed pictures ever! This compilation of amazing photos taken at just the right moment are the most well-timed images. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keepinitkarl/
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23 Parents You Won't Believe Actually Exist! (Part 2)
Worst parents ever! These photos of kids and parents are some of the world’s best examples of bad parenting that you won’t believe actually exist Today we look at 23 parents you won’t believe exist! These crazy photos of kids and their parents will make you smh even if you don’t normally SMH! Bike just a casual ride on my bicycle in the street in the rain with my child on my shoulders Ice cream One look at the mom and all your question about this will be answered. Bidet I’m imaging the conversation in 10 years: Remember that fountain you used to drink out of as a kid… yeah we never had a fountain. it was a bidet Stroller Honey could you hold this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this Car Window A seat belt might be too much to ask here. Let’s just start with having your child ride *inside* the car. Beer Teething? Forget a little bit of brandy in the bottle.. just chug this beer Trunk Is this a kidnapping or a family outing? Madonna I’m guessing papa didn’t preach in this situation Trailer Timmy, wanna go for a ride!? Ok hop in back! Cigarette Can’t start em too young. Somewhere a tobacco exec is smiling. Dancer Hold on daddy just needs to get a really close shot so I can show you what I really don’t want you to do when you grow up. Peaches OMG hold on my baby just fell out of his stroller! No yeah he’s still on the ground it’s hard to pick him up with my phone and bags. Actually the mom in this picture was Peaches Geldof who died in 2014 of a heroin overdose. Feeding What is going on here? Is this super woman on her day off? I want to ride a bike and breastfeed.. I mean is the kid that hungry? Bong No I don’t have any toys. Play with this bong and flat iron. Bag Listen son no I don’t have a helmet for you but put this plastic bag on, don’t breathe too much and I’m thinking you should be good. Train What does that red light mean anyway? Steve Crikey! Yes this was the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin holding his baby while feeding a huge crocodile Bridge Here son have a closer view. Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t visit the grand canyon. Baseball When choosing between a baseball and his son, this guy chooses the baseball. Bound This is an image Andre Curry posted of his daughter on Facebook thinking it’d be funny. A judge thought otherwise and found him guilty of two felony battery charges. He spent 39 days in jail and lost his job. Luckily for Andre the judge later reduced the conviction to misdemeanors. Cobra Okay so someone photoshopped a baby with a cobra big deal. Au contraire gentle Youtuber this is not Photoshop. I am surprised at how fearless this baby is. Gun Luis Martin Perez Rocha is pictured here holding a gun to a baby’s head. He posted the pictures on Facebook. After the image went viral he later apologized saying that the gun was just an authentic looking toy. And for our number 1 parent you won’t believe exist. For more videos like this subscribe here. Lion There’s a mf lion in her bed. Now all she needs is a witch and a wardrobe So here’s a question, who is the girl in this last photo? Congrats to user Lasse Oppegaard for correctly answering the question from my last video about who the woman in this photo is and what’s the newest flavor of cheerios. The answer: Pro golfer Cristie Kerr and Cheerios Ancient Grains.
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21 Parents You Won't Believe Actually Exist!
Worst parents ever! These photos of kids and parents are some of the world’s top examples of bad parenting that you won’t believe actually exist Today we look at 21 parents you won’t believe exist! These crazy photos of kids and their parents will surprise you So here’s a question, where in Norway was this number 1 picture taken? I want to give a big shout out to Vladi Sabina for correctly answering the question from my last video. The question was “what film with Natalie Portman and Michael J. Fox was partially shot in Argentina?” and the answer is “Mars Attacks!”
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21 Cats You Won’t Believe Actually Exist! (#2)
Unusual cats you won’t believe actually exist! These top amazing and bizarre cats are some of the strangest and and most unbelievable kitties ever in the world
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21 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand (Part 3)
Photos you really have to look at to understand (Part 3)! You’ll need to look at these amazing optical illusion pictures twice to understand what is really happening. Today we look at 21 photos you really have to look at to understand. These amazing pictures will cause you to do a double take. Little Person She is not a little person. She’s just squatting down and her dress is covering her knees. Chicken Look at this building and think... “chicken” Wedding She does not have her legs over his shoulders… but she will later am I right? Naked The kid on the right is not naked. It’s actually just his friends leg Bunny This is not a bunny with a green head floating in the water. It’s a Common Goldeneye duck leaning back Big hand graduation Who could have foreseen that little Timmy would become the world’s greatest pimp. Of course it’s not his hand but rather his dads. Redhead She does not have a hairy chest. The body you see belongs to the guy she’s lying on. Fried Dogs This is not fried chicken. It’s just a bunch of cute little dogs. Leg wrap The blonde girl wearing shorts has got some hairy legs. Wait actually the guy is wearing the shorts. The girls is wearing the jeans and is wrapped around him like a monkey Obama President Obama is not about to eat it. It looks like the mat he’s standing on his hovering because of the shadow which is actually from the podium. Motorcycle When he said his girlfriend had legs that go on for miles he wasn’t kidding. Portrait This portrait is actually made of a bunch of stuff in a room. Mostly pants and shirts lying on the floor. The forehead is hanging shirts. Here’s a close up. This by artist Bernard Pras who has created many of these object installation pieces. Split This is actually just one photo, it’s not two different photos put together. The lines in the background and the chair and where the two girls meet seem to line up perfectly giving the illusion that it’s two different photos. Giant Is India a mecca for bearded hippie yoga magician giants? No this guy just happens to be standing on a ledge that’s a lot closer to the camera then the guys in the background. Girls The girls on the right look as if they have some sort of weird two-headed body. I originally thought the two arms here belonged to the same person. But actually the shoulder and arm you see at the very far right of the picture belongs to the blonde girl. The girl with the light brown hair’s arm is hidden behind the blonde girls’ arm. Floating She’s not hovering and this is not photoshop.. can you tell what’s happening? Shes sitting on a chair and two of the legs of the chair are blocked by the chair in front and the other two are off camera. You can see a little bit of the leg of the chair here. Parrot It’s an exotic parrot sitting on a branch. It does look a little funny though. And the reason for that is It’s actually a person with body paint. Shirts These shirts are alive! Can you see the face in the t-shirts? Go ahead I’ll give you a second Foot How many feet does this soldier have? Just the normal two and there is no one else in this photo. Can you tell what’s happening? look closely… his right boot is empty. Lake The rock is not floating in the sky. So what’s going on here then? what’s your guess? The rock is sitting in a lake with a reflection of the sky. and now for the number 1 photo you really have to look at to understand. For more videos like this subscribe here. Squirrel This is not a giant squirrel on his lawn. And it’s not photoshop. can you explain what’s going on in this last picture? Leave your answer in the comments below Congrats to user Edward McCartney for correctly answering the question in my last video about where this photo of Obama was taken and who he beat at pool that day. The answer: the photo was taken in Denver Colorado and Obama beat Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Several other users gave answers: I am #1 youtuber in all of Ukraine, if you are knowing what is good for you, you will subscribe, we have ways of making you subscribe, we will keep making videos until you LOL For part 2 of photos you really have to look at to understand, click here
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33 Funniest Selfies Ever!
Craziest selfies ever! These top selfies from the selfie olympics are some of the world’s funniest and most extreme photos you will ever see. Today we look at the 33 best selfies from the Selfie Olympics! This is what happens when selfies turn competitive. These are some of the most creative selfies you will ever see! Levitating David Blaine style levitating selfie Lawnmower Taking a selfie with my lawn mower why not Father time Mother time. The foot in the sink gives it that special touch Bed I wear my sunglasses at night year I take selfies in my sleep Window He’s climbin in yo windows, snatchin your people up tryin to take selfies. Is it just me or does he look a tiny bit like ice cube? Big Phone Your phone’s only a got a 6-inch screen? Sink head Just chilling with my head in the sink Nap Catching a few Z’s on top of the bathroom door Fishtank Taking the selfie game from land to water Brushing teeth Taking a selfie with your foot while doing a split and brushing your teeth takes talent. Moobs It’s not a good sign when you can use your moobs to take a selfie Footlocker Footlocker in my bathroom selfie BBQ BBQ this weekend in my bathroom, after party in my pants Fishing Hmm a dollar bill is not what I was expecting him to catch Lemons When life gives you lemons, use them to cover your nipples and take a naked selfie in the bathroom while sitting on a gumball machine with your dog Apple Demonstrating why apple is the largest company in the world. Gameboy This is how we took selfies back in the 90’s. This is not even photoshop, the gameboy printer and camera are real things. Old School Gameboy’s not old school this is old school. Grandpa showing how they took selfies back in the day Sean Huang This kid just put as much random stuff as he could.. TV, ironing board, toaster, Christmas tree, while riding a bike, playing guitar, and shooting a gun naked in his shower. School ID This one’s pretty clever she turned her School ID into a selfie Split Showing that Her selfie game is more flexible than yours Toilet head You think dropping your phone in the toilet is bad... Safari Meanwhile deep in the jungle of California Teppanyaki Iron chefing in the bathroom. Today’s secret ingredient is… poop! Pony Lotion, tissues, a pony, I see what’s going on here. Jesus This guy bears an uncanny resemblance to that Jesus painting Gardening Just doing a little gardening Kayak This dude brought a kayak into the bathroom. He’s looking up perhaps praying to god his parents don’t come home right now. Funeral A selfie funeral. RIP Prosthetic Arm Prosthetic arm selfie Chemo It appears she may be on chemo which makes this pretty hardcore PBJ A new twist on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanuts are not the only nut in this photo And now for the gold medal in the Selfie Olympics. For more videos like this subscribe here. ET Elliot. Steven Spielberg would be proud Which selfie do *you* think won the games? #SelfieOlympics
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21 Worst Toys Ever!
World's most shocking children's toys. See worst kid toys ever made in the history of our world. What were these people thinking and how many toy manufacturer employees were fired over these?
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8 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries!
Incredible archaeological discoveries! These are some of the most intense ancient archaeological discoveries ever in human history. Today we look at 8 incredible archaeological discoveries. See what unexpected things scientists have found underground. In a dry prehistoric lake bed located near the shore of Lake Vättern in Motala, Sweden lies the Tomb of Sunken Skulls. Discovered in 2009 while excavating in preparation for a new railway to be built, a collection of skulls from 11 individuals were found. Two of these were mounted on stakes. The skulls are 8000 years old. Scientists speculate that the skulls may have been displayed in a kind of burial ritual or alternatively may have been the skulls of enemies that had been killed. Amazingly archaeologists were able to tell that fish was a big part of their diet by analyzing their bone composition. Just think in another 8000 years somebody will be saying wow they ate a lot of big macs. The Grauballe Man, so named because he was found near the village of Grauballe in Denmark, is what’s called a bog body. Bog bodies are human bodies that have been preserved in a peat bog and Peat is dead plant material. Discovered in 1952 the Grauballe Man is one of the most well preserved bog bodies ever with his skin and even his hair and fingernails still intact. Through Radiocarbon dating we know he is over 2000 years old and lived around 300 B.C. Researches believe he may have been the victim of a human sacrifice as his throat looks like it was slit This is the Terracotta Army The army was discovered in 1974 east of the city Xian (shee-ann) China and consists of more than 8000 life-sized Terracotta soldiers. In case you’re wondering what Terracotta is, it’s clay-based and is used for stuff like those brownish orange plant pots. The soldiers were created to protect the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang (Chin shee whuang), in the afterlife. In the 1920s two human skull cups were found and then another in 1987 in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar UK which interestingly is the village that Cheddar cheese is named after, which may permanently change your view of cheddar bowls. The skulls are 14,700 years old. Researchers believe they are skull cups based on what they describe as careful percussional banging with stones all around the edges of the skull. The practice of creating Skull cups is a worldwide phenomenon with accounts of skulls cups used in China, Japan, India, and by Vikings. Is this a new backscratcher from Bed Bath & Beyond finally living up to the last part of their name? In 1986 a team exploring caves at Mount Owen, New Zealand found a mysterious claw while excavating. The claw belonged to a 3000 year old Upland Moa which was a flightless bird. There were 9 known species of Moa birds and unfortunately all Moa’s are now extinct. The upland moa was the last of the Moa to become extinct in the 1500’s from hunting by humans. When humans first came in contact with the moa’s around 1250 the moa population was 58,000, it only took humans 250 years to wipe out a species. Humans can be such dicks sometimes. Is this an alien skull? Perhaps, but scientists believe this skull found in Mexico is a human skull that is the result of a process called artificial cranial deformation. It’s usually done when a child is an infant and the skull is softest and they bind the skull with either wood or cloth for about 6 months. Why they do this, no one really knows, but it is thought that it was a means of signifying status. Even more surprising is the fact that the practice still continues to this day in some places such as Vanuatu which is an island near fiji. However some researchers believed that the elongated skulls actually belong to a race of humans which no longer exists. This is a Chachapoya Mummy. The Chachapoyas were known as the Warriors of the Clouds and lived in what is now Peru. It looks like this person died a truly horrifying death as if screaming and covering their face. However the hands are actually tied to the face and archaeologist suspect that the putting the hands in this configuration was just the easiest way to make the mummy compact and easy to transport. The open mouth is a common phenomenon where unless the jaw is restrained the mouth will slowly open as the body decomposes. Researchers believe that the Chachapoya did not just leave their dead but instead cared for them and possibly re-wrapped them and put them on display. Meet La Doncella (don-saya), which translates to “The Maiden”, who is one of the Children of Llullaillaco (you-ya-yaco). The Children of Llullaillaco are three of the best preserved Inca mummies ever found. They were found by Dr Johan Rienhard and his team in 1999 at the peak of Mount Llullaillaco which is 22,100 feet (6,700 meters) high and located on the border of Chile and Argentina.
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27 Funniest Tattoos Ever!
Top Funniest Tattoos Ever! This is the most hilarious crazy collection of the best and world’s worst tattoos Today we look at 27 of the funniest tattoos ever! These crazy tattoos will put a smile on your face Hair Forget rogaine or hair transplants, just get this tattoo. people will get the idea. 6pack This guy showing off his hard earned 6-pack crafted after years of hittin the buffet Rick Astley Every time this guy says hey want to see my tattoo he gets to Rick roll whoever’s looking. Gardener Gardening ain’t easy but it’s necessary Piggy This person having some fun with their missing toe. Dress It’s not that this tattoo itself is funny but it’s just funny that someone got this. Daniel Howland of Texas decided to get “The Dress” tattooed permanently on his leg. This tattoo seems to be challenging people who saw the dress as white and gold. Hug I didn’t choose the hug life, the huge life chose me. An interesting side fact is that Tupac said thug life is not about being a criminal but about being the underdog and succeeding. Having nothing and still walking tall. Dinok This t-rex got big ol slab of ham nipple Simpsons This is a great self referencing tattoo. It’s the Comic Book Guy from the simpsons, famous for saying worst blank ever, letting us know that this tattoo of himself is the worst tattoo ever. Baby Although it looks like a small hand stroking one out it’s actually supposed to be a cute tattoo of a baby holding the mom’s finger. IV Nurse I think we’re losing him. Dammit get this man some jager redbull! I’ve never had jager redbull, now I’m curious. Handlebars Handle bar tramp stamp. uhh.. that’s such a turn off, why would you even put something like that on your body. Grover You have to have read the childrens’ book “The Monster at the End of This Book starring lovable furry old grover” to appreciate this one. Nut Just a squirrel trying to get a nut. In this case it’s Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel from ice age. Metastamp Little do people know she’s getting all Douglas Hoftstader on our a**es. People give this one a lot of hate for being stupid but I think this girl has a great sense of humour Bald Instead of hiding it this guy embracing his baldness with a little fun. Scissors Just two pairs of scissors. There is no alternative meaning behind these scissors. Perhaps this person is into arts and crafts, cutting carpets and such. McDonalds I guess she wants guys to say I’m lovin it while they’re having . I like my women like I like my McDonalds, cheap, hot, and with a feeling of self loathing afterward. Maury Maury Povich telling us “You ARE the father” but then it’s crossed out so maybe he’s telling us he’s not the father. This tattoo has us on an emotional rollercoaster Tramp Gotta love this one. It’s so meta. A Lady and the tramp stamp tramp stamp. Classy I think this one’s hilarious. It says it all. Spaghetti This a tattoo of the Flying Spaghetti Monster which is from the Pastafarianism religion. Bobby Henderson created the Church of the flying spaghetti monster to satirize the teaching of creationism in Kansas public schools. Camel Get it? Mr T I pity the fool that doesn’t get this tattoo! First name Mister, middle name period, last name T. I’m a little teapot short and stout Crumb Omg I’m gonna crumb! Ooh baby I like it doughy, yeah baby I like doughy, shimmy shimmy ya Jesus Jesus riding a dinosaur. If this was a movie it could be the greatest movie ever And now for the number 1 funniest tattoo ever. For more videos like this subscribe here: Michael This guy got a tattoo of Michael Jackson with the double entendre caption “He touched so many…” Now I was a fan of Michael and I have no idea if he ever did anything inappropriate or not, but it’s just funny that someone got this as a tattoo. So here’s a question: Do you think Michael Jackson was inappropriate with children or was he innocent? Thanks so much for watching! Check out my earlier tattoo video here
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25 Weirdest Pictures Ever!
Weirdest pictures ever! These funny photos are some of the strangest pics of the best WTF moments ever taken on the internet Today we look at 25 of the weirdest pictures ever! These photos will make you say what the f*ck. Luge Hey look we don’t have an ice luge, but how about my flip flop? Soap Sometimes you get hungry in the shower. Chalkboard These kids are gonna have the best old people stories when they grow up.. When I was your age I swam to school bitch Cameras Nothing like a hard day of work staring at the bathroom cam Pizza At least they’re not drinking diet coke in denial Scooter Something tells me this homemade station wagon is on the way to Walmart Tongue Wait does the legend include tongues too? Darth You know Darth Vader playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle.. the usual stuff Bread What bread is good for ever since the whole anti-carb movement started. Sheep That sheep counting dream starting to get weird Pickles Bread, cucumbers, bras. I think we all know what’s going on here… no. no we don’t. Little Person Just a guy riding his reverse trike Kiss French kissing is so passe. These guys have figured out how to kiss with morning breath Gary Let’s just hope he can’t see the future of haircuts Ham Taking the comments she got that she was such a ham way too literally Fishbowl Dude when I said lets fish bowl the car this is not what I had in mind. Spray Cooling off because she just saw the newest Keepin it Karl video Octopus Hopefully this is not an octopus orgasm Puddle There is no beach in Soviet Russia Yoga Quick! don’t think about sex! It doesn’t look so weird until you look in the mirror Dentist Old school dentistry Cow The logical evolution after grass-fed organic Bong Top o the marnin to ya… Shite’s about to real Milk I’m pretty sure if you look up WTF in the dictionary this photo will be there And now for the number 1 WTF picture. For more videos like this subscriber here. Obama Mr. President meet Mr. Horsehead Here’s a question for you: Where did this take place? And who did Obama beat at pool that day? I want to give a shout out to user Connorwhatthehell for correctly answer the question from my last video about who the girl in this photo was. The answer: A young Melanie Griffith who unbelievably lived with a lion. Several people chimed in with answers for this one
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11 Men You Won't Believe Actually Exist!
Men you won’t believe exist! These unbelievable photos will make you question your belief in what's actually real vs fake. World's most hard to believe people ever! This is Tom Staniford who has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called MDP syndrome (only affecting 8 people in the world). His condition causes him to be unable to store fat underneath his skin. In contrast to what you might think, he has high levels of fat in his blood which caused him to develop Type II diabetes. Tom is an avid Cyclist and is a British National Paracycling champion. At 453 body piercing, Rolf Buccholz has the world record for the most number of piercings. Before you say you’ve seen people with more piercings, you should know that 278 of them are in his genitals. Interestingly the only other rolf I know is the dog from the muppets. Mr boo choltz did not start piercing until he was age 41. He says his palm tattoos were some of the most painful. He was actually denied entry into Dubai because based on his appearance he was suspected of black magic. This is Jeremey meeks aka Hot Felon. This guy is almost as hot as me. Jeremy Meeks was arrested on Felony weapons charges and when the police posted his mug shot he became an internet sensation. He will be sentenced on January 22, 2015 Patrick Deuel was once one of the heaviest men in the world. Weighing 1072 lbs (486kg) he was know as the half ton man. After a gastric bypass surgery he lost 570lbs (260 kg). What I never understand about these cases is how the people are getting food. Who is the person that is providing them with like 20 big macs? It turns out he is married and his wife did the shopping. This is Arlindo de Souza who injected his arms with synthol. Synthol, or site enhancing oil, is a mixture of oil and alcohol that can be injected into muscles to give them a greatly inflated appearance. Sort of like stuffing a sock down your shorts. Synthol does not translate into any increased strength. Also unlike real muscle, synthol muscles can droop excessively. While we’re on the subject of muscles here's another image. Now some websites suggest that this is another case of synthol and/or anabolic steroids but I don’t buy it this image looks photoshopped to me. Furthermore many suspect that Moustafa Ismail, who holds the Guiness book of world records for the biggest arms may have used synthol. Do you think he has? This is Amoo Hadij an 80-year old Iranian man who claims he hasn’t bathed in 60 years. He fears that cleaning himself will make him sick. To be honest besides the dirt he looks pretty good for 80, maybe he’s been in like a 60 year mud bath. In addition he says he smokes animal poop… clearly Amoo doesn’t give a shit...he smokes it. You maybe looking at this photo and thinking well that’s a tiny cell phone. Nope it’s actually a normal sized cell phone and this guy just has a really big hands. This was (Leonid Stadnyk) who was reported to be the tallest main at 8’5” or 2.57M making him taller than Bao Xishun of china who stands at 7’ft 9 (2.36M). however he refused to be measured by the Guiness book of world records. By the way The tallest man to ever live was Robert Wadlow who was officially recorded at 8ft 11in (2.72M) On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Chandra Bahadur Dangi (dangee). who is the shortest man to ever life. He is 1ft 9 ½ inches or 54.6 cm tall and is currently 75 years old. His condition is called Primordial dwarfism. This is Yu Zhenhuan (jen juan) who is listed as the hairyest man in the world. He does looks quite hairy although I seem to remember some mexican children who had hairer faces. As you might imagine dating is difficult. He did have a girlfriend for over two years but apparently her family objected to them getting married. This is Paul Karason aka papa smurf. The reason his skin was blue is that consumed an excessive amount of colloidal silver in order to treat dermatitis on his face. He admitted that the silver didn’t actually solve his dermatitis condition. But he said it helped with his acid reflux and arthritis. The bluish tint of his skin is a condition called Argyria (r-geeria). He died at age 62 of a heart attack but his death is not believed to be related to his silver consumption. Apparently Silver has antibacterial properties and before the introduction of Penicillin used to be used to fight infections. Kaleem is not a man yet but his pictures are some of the most unbelievable. At 8 years old, His hands have grown enormously measuring 13 inches from palm to his middle finger tip. He has difficulty dressing and feeding himself. As you might imagine he has had to deal with bullying in schools and he does not attend school because the teachers have told his family that the other children are scared of his hands. Unfortunately because his family earns only $23 month, it is difficult for him to even get a diagnosis.
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50 Funniest Pictures Ever!
Funniest pictures ever! Try not to laugh as you watch this photo compilation of the world’s most hilarious, lol images Today we look at 50 of the funniest pictures ever! These hilarious photos will erase a bad day and put a smile on your face! Boneless Truth in advertising. Next time you’re at a breakfast place ask for scrambled boneless chickens Floaties If you can’t swim I don’t know how you’d feel safe with plastic soda bottles as your life vest Boombox This dude keepin it old school. Ipods are for sissies. I wonder if he’s a retired dancer from breakin. Toenail Cake Here’s a new birthday game instead of pin the tail on the donkey. Not quite as fun as find the pube but still a good time. Mirror What you wanted the mirror to tell you in the first place. You look fine. Target The thing about baskets is you have to carry them. And who wants to do that? If you take the basket and the basket holder then you can just drag it around like this innovative lady. On shoulders Her: OMG wooh party! this is so much fun Him: God help me. Look at the veins in his forehead. Legless This panhandler has a good sense of humour Hand job I wonder if they’ll have more male clientele than the usual nail spa Royal guard All for one and one for… you what f__k that dude. Actually apparently they are taught that if they faint they are to do it at full attention face first, so this looks like a “proper” faint Stubborn Possibly the best graffiti ever. Stripper Yeah baby strip that paint. we’ll need some varnish before I make it rain Shrugs Instead of random acts of kindness it’s random acts of not giving a crap. Maybe THIS would work in Saudi Arabia where two men were arrested for offering free hugs in a public place. Hotdog You know what, thank you ikea for letting us know that this is not the actual size of the 50 cent hotdog (picture of 50-cent no it is it is! actual size actual size) Pansy This is a real middle school in Poteau (pohdoh), Oklahoma. Something tells me they don’t have a football team. The school was named after a teacher named Pansy Ingle who married Frank Kidd making her name Pansy Kidd. Silf When you can’t find a milf. When milf’s just don’t do it for you anymore. When milf’s just don’t cut it anymore When mother’s just don’t do it for you anymore. I’ll let you figure out what it stands for. Ramen Wasted and broke probably the most honest product labeling ever Dicks Umm if that’s the case, remind me to never ever ever go to Kohl’s Kiss She loves him but damn this soda is good. Actually it turns out she’s just sipping on an energy drink to keep her going during a world record attempt for the longest kiss. The world record kiss was achieved by a couple from Thailand and lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds which is almost 2 ½ days and ended on valentine’s day. Brock Broc Obama. Yes we can! but we don’t cause we’d rather eat a cheeseburger, and now we’re fat. (thanks obama!) Plug You’ll never look at a plug plugged into an outlet the same way again. Topping I’m guessing this is the pizza that rapper Xzibit orders. Yo dawg I’ll take some pizza on my pizza. Middle finger Alan Markovitz, a Detroit strip club operator, moved into the house next to his ex-wife’s home and then put up this statue. The statue has lights on it so it can be seen 24/7. Knitting This dude loves to knit. Grandma has this guy’s poster on her wall instead of michael jordan. Twins How twins are made Caterpillar Look at this photo of a boiler, remind you of anything? The boiler kind of looks like a grandmother caterpillar wearing glasses and applying lipstick. Give it a second you’ll see it. Printer Bob Marley. Best printer name ever. We’re jammin right straight from yah.. Holy Magenta Cyan! Storm Trooper The only thing this trooper has been storming is the buffet. Look at the judgemental look on Darth Vader. Rental Hmm $19/hour.. I don’t think they realized the message they were sending when they had her ride in the back of the truck.. or maybe they did maybe they did.
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World's Cutest Dogs
Meet 17 of the Cutest Dogs in the World. These adorable puppies are from all over the world and while they pose no threat to you physically, they could threaten your wallet.
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15 Unbelievable Real Photos!
These amazing photos are all REAL! 15 unbelievable images that you won't believe aren't photoshopped!
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25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!
Craziest selfies ever! These are some of the most epic extreme selfies of daredevils involving sharks, skyscrapers, trains, and more. Today we look at the 25 most dangerous selfies ever! From Sharks to Skyscrapers to Volcanoes you won’t believe what people will do to snap a pic. This selfie was taken by Kirill Oreshkin known as the Russian Spiderman on top of the Moscow State University tower. Besides the danger of taking a selfie while driving with your kid in the car, it also looks like her kid’s car seat may not be buckled. Worst of all she’s teaching her daughter to duck face. I learned it from watching you mom! Mt Everest is the world’s highest mountain at 29,029 ft (8,848 m). Over 200 people have died attempting to climb it. This is Dean Carriere (carry-air) at the summit. This photo was snapped by a blogger named Justine at a cheese factory in Australia. Why are there camels at a cheese factory? I don’t want to know, but they seem pretty pissed about the situation. Aww this guy looks sad.. I’m not sure if he’s trying to be tough or this is a cry for help.. don’t pull that trigger! A storm chaser coming face to face with a dust tornado. Although it looks like this guy is a few shrimps short of a barbie it’s actually not a real selfie. This was part of a marketing campaign for the 2014 film “Into The Storm” and the video that goes with it has over 6M views now. This guy looks amazingly calm for being in a cabin filling with smoke prior to going down in a ball of flames. Luckily for him and everyone on the plane this actually the phenomenon of the cold a/c air condensing the moisture present in the cabin air. There is an elaborate story about this being a newlywed on his honeymoon getting attacked by a shark in Miami. The picture is actually a fake. It’s a photoshop of the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz in his swimming pool mixed with this photo of a shark This is Ferdinand Puentes taking a selfie off the Hawaiian island of Molokai. You may notice a plane in the background. Ferdinand along with 8 other people was on board the Makani Kai Air Cessna on December 11, 2013 when the Engine failed and the plane crashed. Interestingly only one person died. Who was that person? who was the Hawaii state health director who released President Obama’s birth certificate. And she did not die from the plane crash but from a cardiac arrhythmia while floating in the water. This is Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide taking a selfie He seems to be saying: I’m in space bitches! Anyone want a pair of cubic zirconia earrings in 3..2...1 Of course we all know we can outrun a train from this distance, the question you have to ask yourself is: have you ever tripped? This is Lee Thompson who convinced the Brazilian government to allow him to climb the 124 .ft (38m) tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Hey booboo let’s get us a picnic basket. Apparently there is a bear selfie craze going on where people like to take selfies with bears in the background. For more stupid shit people do keep watching. This is George Kourounis, host of Angry Planet, talking a selfie with boiling lava in Marum Crater at the summit of Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu Cliff jump selfie! It kind of looks like her swimsuit is going to rip right off when she hits the water.. It also kind of looks like she’s heading for a belly flop So, am I your man Mr. Dumass!? The name is Dumass. This is Mark Dumas talking a selfie with his 800 lb polar bear Agee whom he trains with his wife. This picture might not look that impressive. That is until you look in the corner and see how far away the ramp is. I take selfies with lions, WHAT. This is Kevin Richardson aka the Lion Ranger who is a professional bad ass who hangs out with lions. Here’s a guy talking a selfie with a great white dangerously close to his head. It looks like an amazing shot but also pretty suspicious. A little digging and I found out that this was, sadly for our youtube voyeurism, a fake. Here’s the original. This is Alexander Remnev and his friend on top of the Princess Tower which is the world’s tallest residential building at 1,358 ft (414 m) And is the second highest skyscraper in all of Dubai I couldn’t find anything on this one being fake so perhaps it’s real, This a young Canadian man named Jared Frank attempting to take a selfie video in front of a train during his trip to Peru. James Kingston, professional adventurer and daredevil, hangs one armed from crane giving us a shot of his balls, which are so big they require sneakers. This is a young man named Christian taking a selfie at the Great Bull Run at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas No this is not a Tibetan monk performing self immolation. This kid lit himself on fire for the art of the selfie.
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23 Most Dangerous Pictures Ever!
Craziest photos ever! These are some of the most epic extreme photos of daredevils involving sharks, skyscrapers, planes, and more. Today we look at 23 of the most dangerous photos ever! Your palms will sweat and your butt will clench. Mountain biker Hans Rey popping a wheelie along the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. There is 600 ft (183 M) drop to his left. This is what Saudi Arabians like to do for fun. It’s called skiing or sidewalk skiing and it involves driving a car on two wheels. To ski, a ramp can be used to start or for vehicles with higher centers of gravities, like SUV’s, it can be done without a ramp A bear chases a ranger in the Ukraine after unsuccessfully attempting to tranquilize the bear with a gun. Reportedly the bear said: “what is this 80 proof tranquilizer?” “in soviet russia, my friend, one shot vill not do” Windshield Near Sydney Australia the timber load from a truck became loose and impaled this ladies car. Luckily she had no serious injuries as a result of this. Looking at the picture I’m not sure how Austrian Skydive legend Paul Steiner grabbing the vertical stabilizer of a glider plane after having switched planes mid-air This guy doing his best Jesus impression as he gets chased by a bull into water Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa is considered to the be the largest waterfall in the world. From August to January, when the level of water is low enough, there is an area of the falls called Devil’s pool where you can get in right up to the edge of the waterfall just before the 354ft (108 m) drop. This guide apparently feels comfortable enough to stand right at the edge. This is Rick Rojatt known as the Human Fly. He was the inspiration for the Human Fly Marvel comic book character. Here he’s strapped to a post attached to a DC-8 plane traveling 250 mph (402 kmph). He encountered some rain and the Human Fly said afterward that the rain drops felt like bullets. A Sky Dancer aerialist skips rope in Chicago in 1955. Ruan Liangming has the world record for spending the most time covered by bees. He spent 53 minutes and 34 seconds covered by approximately 100,000 bees with no protection for his face and apparently was not stung. The bees are drawn to him because they attach the queen bee somewhere on his body. He stays perfectly still until it’s time to remove them at which point he shakes them off. Calling him beeyaaotch is not actually an insult This is Troy Hartman parachuting with a burning parachute. He jumped out of the plane and shot the parachute himself with a flare gun setting it on a fire, because, why not?. In case you’re wondering he did have another parachute and he lived. This is Tom Ryaboi playing spiderman on a ledge on the side of building in Hong Kong Vitalaiy Raskalov leaning back on the top of Stalin's skyscraper in Moscow At the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand, Theerapone Manolai puts his head in a crocodile’s mouth. I’m thinking any accidents are covered by zoo’s slogan: That’s not blood, it’s Sriracha This is climber Stefan Glowacz free solo climbing at Mount Arapiles, Australia. Free solo climbing means he doesn’t use any ropes or safety devices. just chalk.. and balls. chalk and balls. In 1999 Robbie Knievel jumped a portion of the Grand Canyon. This was a jump his father Evil Knievel had always wanted to do but could not get government clearance. Although Robbie successfully made it across the canyon, he did break his leg in a crash landing. The Dorobo people of Kenya Africa can be seen here approaching a pack of 15 lions eating a wildebeest. The three men approach the lions confidently with only bows and arrows and are able to intimidate the lions into running away so they can take part of their kill. This is Ocean Ramsey free diving with a great white shark. Ocean can hold her breath for over 5 minutes. The fact that she is holding her breath and therefore doesn’t have bubbles coming out of her is believed to aid her in getting so close to the sharks without spooking them. And apparently she doesn’t need a weight belt because the weight of her huge ovaries. Urban climber Mustang wanted holding his friend off a bridge 380ft (116m) up in the Ukraine. This is Dean Potter at Taft Point in Yosemite Valley. He’s doing what is called highlining which is a form of slacklining. Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking except the line doesn’t have as much tension . What makes this extraordinarily dangerous is that he’s doing it over 3000 ft high with no safety harness. Extreme performance artist Eskil Ronningsbakken doing a handstand on the edge of Trolltunga rock in Norway. Interestingly the word Trolltunga means Troll’s Tongue. Here’s the bigger picture Kirill Oreshkin doing a one-handed grab from the ledge of a building in Moscow, holding his life with only his fingertips. Philippe Petit is shown here tightrope walking between the former Twin towers in New York.
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35 Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster!
Photos taken one second before disaster! These sometimes funny other times horrible unbelievable pictures capture crashes moments before disaster. From rhinos to speedboats to planes, today we look at 35 photos taken just moments before disaster. These start out lighthearted but turn Warning some of these pictures may be disturbing to some viewers. Out of all the photos in this video I can tell you her face is the most shocked and it’s over cheesecake. Also I don’t understand what’s going on with her plate holding skills.. who holds a plate like that? I guess that’s one way to prune a tree...or a friend. In case you’re wondering, the street signs are for Croatia. This dog saving his owner a trip to the vet by neutering himself Although it looks like the apocalypse it’s just a dust storm in Phoenix, Arizona that occurred July 5, 2011. While dust storms are a common occurrence in the Southwest United States, life-long residents say it was the most intense dust storm they had ever seen. The storm was nearly 100-miles (160 km) wide. Dust storms are also known as Haboobs, which is also how people with Boston accents describe their girlfriends chests. They are caused by taking your car to the car wash the day before. Everyone knows what’s about to happen except her. Ignorance is bliss until the thing you were ignorant about lands all over you. How did the cat get back there without damaging anything? He’s not falling he’s just driving his invisible car to work We’re looking at a man who may never again be able to use the phrase deez Cake. It may not look like it, but he’s doing exactly what you’re supposed to do with cake.. eat it. It sort of looks like the loch ness monster. This leopard seal is about to chow down on some penguin sushi. Leopard seals are the 2nd top predator in the Antarctic only behind killer whales. These high school seniors in Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada are caught right as the deck was collapsing. This alpha male gorilla in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda Nothing to see here folks. Just some guy wearing what looks like Batman and Robin falling off his bike onto a camp fire. They call him the fish whisperer. It looks like he’s trying to hear the water. If you’ve ever wiped out while going fast on water you know this isn’t going to be pleasant. Welp skin on the palms of my hands it was nice knowing you. This looks like it might be from a Corraleja which is a bullfighting festival in Columbia where the public comes into the ring to interact with the bulls. This horse trying out the whole ostrich head burying thing Performing a BMX move that should be called the superman. Naturally concrete is his Kryptonite. Another superman. This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well but maybe if he was running fast enough.. A home is about to be destroyed by lava flow from Kīlauea in Kalapana Hawaii on July 25, 2010. This tanker driver had been trying to pass the truck in front of him but was unsuccessful time and time again. This photo was taken in Kano, Nigeria. Flying shoes transcend cultures.. when your shoe goes flying you know you’re in trouble. This is the MV Rena cargo ship grounded on the Astrolabe Reef off the coast of New Zealand in October 2011. What’s funny about this is you can see the brake light on, something tells me we’re past the point of braking. Not just a strip club chain but also a dangerous animal. This is Chantal Beyer and her husband Sven Fouche taking a photo next to two rhinos in Aloe Ridge Nature Reserve in South Africa. Put 30 people on a small truck what could go wrong? Unless they’re just trying to one up the Saudi’s in two wheel balancing. Jeremy Foley and his co-driver sailed off the road during the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race in Colorado. A real life photobomb. This photo is of an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip. One of the creepier photos you will ever see. This is a photo taken by Philippine politician, Reynaldo Dagsa, of his family on New Year’s day. This is Joe Peroceschi playing jesus during a race at Wappapello lake in Missouri United States. Anatoly Kvochur , a soviet pilot, was flying a MIG-29 fighter jet at an airshow in Paris. Like all cool kids Nigel Corner wasn’t wearing his seatbelt during the Goodwood Revival race in United Kingdom in September 2000. Robert Overacker, a graduate of a California stunt school, is seen here riding a jet ski off Niagara Falls in 1995. This is a shot of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 from a dash cam on February 4, 2015. Approximately two minutes after takeoff the pilot reported an engine flameout. Tsunami This is a photo of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami hitting Ao Nang, Thailand. While apparently the photographer in this photo survived, the total toll for the tsunami was some 230,000 people.
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12 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand
Photos you really have to look at to understand! You’ll need to look at these amazing optical illusion pictures twice to understand what is really happening. Today we look at 12 photos you really have to look at to understand! These optical illusion photos are not what they first appear Asian car crotch Excuse me miss do mind closing your crotch? Just because you’re sitting in a ferrari doesn’t give you the right to spread eagle.. oh that’s just the back of the car seat.. never mind carry on. Body car Ok so this is some painting of a crumpled car.. looks a little strange.. looking at it more it looks like a head.. and an arm.. woah it’s actually made of people Floating platform Floating platform. This almost looks like a scene from star wars or something. But actually she’s not hovering at all, but, rather just on what looks like a piece of wood sitting on the beach. The shadow is not from the wood she’s standing on but from a flag. Guy girl guitar Ok so it’s a couple and the guy is wearing shorts and has.. really feminine looking legs and an ankle bracelet? Actually the guy is lying down on the couch and is wearing the jeans and the girl has the bare legs. This illusion is helped by the fact that the guy is wearing some tight ass jeans. Bicycle tire What happened to the front tire of this bicycle? Actually the tire is right in front of your face. Don’t see it? It’s just really muddy and it’s exactly where the front tire normally is. Shared nose So I’m curious, do you see a guy sucking face with a girl with a huge hook nose giving her an almost witch-like face? Or do you see the guy’s nose in front? Naked arm That moment when your fat friend’s arm makes you look naked. That was a popular caption that usually accompanied this particular image. No neck Does this woman just have no neck whatsoever? Some serious hunch-action? Although it looks like the head that is facing us somehow belongs to the woman with red-blue patterned tube top it’s not. The face we see actually belongs to the woman with the white t-shirt. You can see a little bit of the outline of the other woman’s blonde hair Foot hands Well at least it’s not a hoof but does this woman have a foot-hand? Leading her boyfriend to constantly question Is this a fondle or are you kicking me in the balls? Actually she doesn’t have a foot hand it’s just her arm blends in really well with her outstretched foot. Boob elbow Is this girl just letting one hang? Even though porn is readily accessible to us all in just a few short clicks we still get excited by boobs on youtube. This boob however is actually the elbow of her folded arm. I like a girl with some elbows. Mountain lake Ok it’s some hills, a lake, and some bushes. Look again. See it? I promise there is an illusion here. What if I tell you there is no lake in the picture. See it? It’s just a wall. and now for the number 1 photo you really have to look at to understand. For more videos like this subscribe here. Neck Slide Excuse me sir can you please put her head back in the middle of her shoulders where it belongs? Is this some kind of hipster-fu? Or is this like some magic team? Actually it’s just a normal girl and she is standing sideways. Her shirt just happens to blend nearly perfectly with a different girl’s shirt in the background. Which photo did you have to look at the most to understand?
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19 Weirdest Weddings Ever!
Weirdest wedding pictures ever! These world's funniest wedding photos are some of the strangest pics of the worst marriage moments ever taken on the internet Today we look at 21 of the weirdest wedding photos ever. You’ll be surprised at what people will do for love. Arm My message to the groom, Are you sure you picked the right one? Because the bridesmaid seems to have all the talent Facemasks I guess they’re worried about cooties? Despite their marriage, something tells me they WILL be using a condom tonight. Ocean Ohh my goooddd! Let’s listen in on their wedding vows... Man I’m such a dick. And this guy over here looks like he’s already freed willy. Actually this is a couple taking part in a polar bear swim in Vancouver, British Columbia Katamari Damacy This may win the award for dorkiest wedding ever. This couple decided to have a Katamari Damacy themed wedding which was a video game for the PlayStation 2 Bulldozer baby Am I getting fat? what? No no honey but anyway for our wedding I was thinking I’d carry you in on a bulldozer. Whitecastle When he promised her they would have their wedding in a white castle I don’t think this is what she had in mind. Nothing says forever like 2” sliders Banana These guys share everything, including their deep love for bananas. And I mean deep. Hopefully she gets to his mouth first and not the other way around. Boner This groom looks like he cannot wait for life time of sharing, learning, and everlasting spiritual connection that marriage brings. And she seems to be saying that’ll do that’ll do. Dog The best dog getting in on the action. Look at the kids.. they have that what the f*ck expression. Champagne The groom here VERY excited about this champagne. This is in no way foreshadowing events to come. See her horrified expression? I’m sorry to say bro that’s not a good sign. Predator What is going on here? I will say kudos to the bride for seeming to be totally playing along and enjoying this predator themed wedding. Turkey This bride takes thanksgiving very seriously. Gobble baby, Gobble baby, Gobble baby, gobble BJ ah Wedding day. Looking into my crystal ball I’m seeing a divorce but something tells me this guy is going to have a fun ride Train What’s strange about this? well there is a baby on her wedding train. This is not photoshop, Yes Shona Carter-Brooks, of Jackson, Tennessee placed her 1-month old baby Aubrey on her wedding train as she walked down the aisle. Dagger Apparently the groom having some second doubts. I love this because you know the couple has a sense of humour… or the bride is dead. One of those. Spreadeagle Honeymoon consisting of... the lawn. Just think, when they’re 80 years old they can look back and cherish their wedding day photos. Speedo Nothing to see here just a couple of 50-year olds wearing speedos and lingerie getting married while holding a baby. Suspension Ouch! Every couple that wants to get married should have to go through this: like how much do you really want to get married?? I bet their wedding song was Josh Groban’s You raise me up? And now for the number 1 weirdest wedding picture ever. For more videos like this subscribe here. Nazi If you’ve been holding back your WTF this is as good a time as any. This Chinese couple posted their offensive cosplay wedding pics in which the groom is dressed as a Nazi SS soldier. Apparently this is Nazi chic which means they like the fashion of the Nazi’s but don’t necessarily agree with the philosophy. Strangely the Nazi chic phenomenon has been reportedly gaining momentum in Asia. What famous person experienced heavy backlash for wearing a Nazi costume? I want to give a shout out to user Team AnVi for correctly answering the question in my last video about what was going on in this picture of what looks like a giant squirrel sitting on some guys lawn. The answer: The squirrel is actually sitting on a wall and the top of the wall looks a little like grass. People were divided on this one with many people also saying it was miniature neighborhood. A lot of people commented and gave answers. 100k subscribers so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Seriously guys thank you so much I really appreciate it. I’m amazed at how fast we’ve grown and to paraphrase dogecoin: to the moon bitches! In the mean time, check out my earlier video on Most Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever
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20 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist! (#2)
More men you won’t believe exist! These hard to believe men are extremely interesting. World's most unbelievable people ever!
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25 Funniest Photoshops Ever!
Top Funniest Photoshops Ever! This is the most hilarious crazy collection of the best pictures and celebrity photos modified with photoshop. Today we look at the 25 funniest photoshops ever. From Kanye to Sharks to Prince Charles The number 1 literally made me laugh out loud. Girl fire fart Mom, dad, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.. Breakdancing old man Oh You didn’t realize grandfather got the mad skillz yo, I suggest it would be in your best interest to recognize Prince Charles What the royal family really spends their time doing Hand face Piercing are so 2000 Kim Jong-un The legendary Kim Jong-un out for a ride on his mighty steed baby face Taking baby face to the next level Kayne Kayne West and Kim Kardashian in 10 years Hill Billy wedding A true Hill Billy wedding. All the signs: pregnant, smoking, flip flops, rottweiler dog, cut off sleeves, missin teeth, mullet, trailer, and a gosh darn hostess wedding cake Hulkster Is this my daughter or my brother, brother? Gandalf Lord of the kitties Nicholas Cage We’re now live with Antoine “Nicholas Cage” Dodson.. Well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln park, he’s climbin in you're windows he’s snatchin' your people up tryin' to rape em. Indians with Lightsabers This was after a showing of Stars Wars Episode III in India. They were pissed what George Lucas has done to the franchise. Moob face You know It’s time to lose weight when your moobs work as alien eyes Queen stache Queen Elizabeth during movember Baby perch Every parent has wished their kids could stay kids forever. Apparently This one’s trying to do something about it. (wrestler in training that baby is gonna have some neck.) Vin diesel Even more rare than the mona lisa is Leonardo’s Vin de Lisa Moses Israelites partying? Moses layin the smackdown with the steel chair. And You know god is on the top rope. 50 cent 50 bieber or Justin cent? Hawkings DJ Stephen Hawking on the ones and twos. Grocery Bags This is exactly how I feel getting groceries from the car sometimes. Shark selfie OMG I am SO posting this on Facebook (This will make an awesome selfie!) Lil Bean This is British rapper lil bean Crutches American World Cup alpine ski racer and Tiger Woods girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, excited about her crutches. Butter This African tribeswoman seriously doubting that this is not butter. (cannot believe this is not butter.) And now for the number 1 funniest photoshop. For more videos like this subscribe here. Precious I’ll Give you to 3 to get this. 3 .2 1. This is lord of the rings Gollum staring at his precious. Which photoshop did you find the funniest?
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20 Planes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
Most bizarre planes ever made! These world’s strangest airplanes are some of the weirdest and most incredible aircrafts to have ever existed
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11 Cars You Won’t Believe Exist!
Most bizarre vehicles ever made! These world’s strangest cars are some of the oddest and most incredible automobiles in existence Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keepinitkarl/ CORRECTION: First image in #7 incorrectly shows a Lamborghini Veneno instead of the Devel 16
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21 Creepiest Dolls Ever!
Check out the world’s top creepiest dolls ever made in history! These strange, freaky, and haunted dolls are some of the scariest toys that will horrify you. Don’t watch this one alone at night.. Today we look at 21 of the creepiest dolls ever made. Good luck sleeping after you see our number 1 doll. You’ve been warned. Something about taking away body parts is inherently creepy.. Think about scary characters from movies they often take away the eyes, mouth or nose.. With black souless eyes this ones a classic creeper. Apparently this doll washed up on the beach. Imagine swimming in a lake with dark murky water and then your leg touches this.. thing This ones weird just because it looks like it has real human teeth. Artist Olivier Pauwels created this spooky bionic doll in a wheelchair Apparently this was a real doll from the 1800’s that was designed to crawl..Just imagine sitting in the living room and having this thing appear out of nowhere crawling across your floor Little miss no name was a doll produced by Hasbro in 1965. Because of lack of popularity the doll was only produced for one year. Instead of the usual blonde haired blue eyed model look they went for a doll that had nothing and wore a burlap sack. She has her hand outstretched as if she’s panhandling. Although kind of cute she’s also kinda creepy. This one reminds me of Donnie Darko. This is Rory by Malaysian doll marker Yeo Mei Ying. Another bunny I think these are scary because they’re taking something that we normally associate with cuteness and childhood and flipping it on it’s head. Another one from the same collection This is some kind of sex doll. But it gets creepy as hell once you remove the face. And the mouth too. Would *you* ever have sex with a sex doll? This is premature baby doll. It doesn’t look that creepy but it’s more the idea of it. Like why would you want a preemie doll? mother isn’t quite herself today! these are dolls base on the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho. These are Baby laugh a lot dolls. They don’t looks so scary until you hear them laugh.. as if having two heads wasn’t scary enough one of them is a demon with fangs and red eyes. When two heads is not enough here’s a doll with 3 faces.. Three faces no that’s not creepy at all. Glad you could come visit for the weekend.. let me show you to your room.. sweet dreams Good morning daddy! If these are your kids you better sleep with the light on. This reminds me of those bronze statues of kids which are suppose be cute but instead creepy as hell like this one. This one has all the signs of a creepy doll.. Old, check. Dirty, check, burlap sack check. sharp real looking teeth check This is a doll from the The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. Kids not eating their vegetables? Just put on of these dolls in their rooms.. Lots of cools dolls on that site check em out truly works of art.. This is one of Susan’s custom creepy dolls. This one is titled feed me doll. I’d say she succeeded. Apparently Susan is a former mortician and taxidermist and likes to create nightmares And for the number 1 creepiest doll. For more videos like this be sure to subscribe here. This dolls just looks like pure evil. Sweet dreams Which doll was the creepiest to you?
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25 Celebrity Selfie Fails!
Best celebrity selfie fails ever! These epic embarrassing selfies are the top worst selfies by famous Hollywood stars. Today we look at 25 celebrity selfie fails! From Nicki Minaj to Channing Tatum to Nicolas Cage and more. Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz shocked selfie. Perhaps she’s once again using special hair gel to get this look? Brooklyn Decker Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker going beyond duck face into daffy duck face territory Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga, looking kinda rough Melissa Melissa McCarthy taking a selfie with Jimmy Fallon’s most valuable asset. Tyra Banks Tyra Banks looking like the communion alien Donald Donald Trump and lead singer of Poison Bret Michaels. I think the bandana is on the wrong head. The Donald looking more and more like the juiceman Jay Kordich every day. Joseph Gordon Levitt Tiny dancer Joseph Gordon Levitt looking pissed off and somehow Asian here. Emma Watson mid-yawn is not impressed with this selfie or my tonight show reference. Hilary Duff Hilary Duff kissing a baby who seems to be cringing. Obama President Obama taking a selfie with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt who looks pretty cute from this angle. Michelle does not look too happy about the situation. Here’s another look at what’s happening. Who knew Obama had that Clinton swagger? Paul McCartney Paul McCartney what is that, like an iphone 0? Amanda Bynes Former child star and actress Amanda Bynes looking like a movie star should. She looks like that last girl in the bar. There are reports that she’s retired from acting and pursuing fashion and a rap career. Wiz Khalifa Rapper Wiz Khalifa managed to take a selfie in jail after being arrested for allegedly having weed during a TSA check. How did he manage to take a selfie in Jail? He says he told the officer he really needed to get his phone to call his wife to tell her what happened and the officer obliged. Channing Tatum I’m guessing this is the face Channing Tatum makes when a girl actually says no. 50 cent Curtis “50 cent” Jackson showing his softer tenderer side. What up gang-staaa! Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson looking like she lives in a million dollar trailer Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus I guess trying to seduce a cop Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris looking like some shit just went down Rihanna Rihanna doing the “Do I have any lettuce in my teeth” face Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj also doing the “Do I have any lettuce in my teeth” face, but something tells me I’m not going to do a good job checking. I do however feel like going boating Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian showing off her vampire facial. In case you don’t know that is, its when they draw your own blood and then apply it to your face while rubbing motorized acupuncture-like needles on your face. Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage looks super excited to meet this fan. Ron Jeremy This is *exactly* how I imagine porn stars mouths to look while they’re sleeping Geraldo Geraldo Rivera showing us more than we want to see. But you have to give the man credit he’s in great shape for being 70 Rock “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson showing his inner nerd. Can you smell what the rock is cooking? Actually Nothing. He’s preparing Raw Alkaline Vegan Macrobiotic dairy-free gluten-free nut-free gmo-free egg-free soy-free soy patties And now for the number 1 celebrity selfie fail. For more videos like this subscribe here. Paul Rudd Paul Rudd getting up close and personal with Conan. “Time to musk up” QUESTION So Paul Rudd does something nearly every time he’s a guest on Conan’s show, what is it? I want to give a shoutout to user Lasse (LA say) Oppegaard (op-eh-guard) for correctly answering the question in my last video about where this girl Jana’s t-shirt was from and who scored the most career soccer goals. The answer: Brazil, Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele who scored 1279 goals. Actually this turned out to not be a straightforward answer, I was going by the Guinness book of world records but other sources mention Josef Bican (yo-sef beecan) and Arthur Friedenreich (freeden-rike) as possible top scorers. Several people gave answers on this. Hey guys thanks so much for watching my newest video, I really appreciate it, if you’re new here subscribe. Check out my earlier video on the Oddest Couples Ever
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15 Craziest Face Tattoos!
Craziest face tattoos ever! These are some of the worst and most extreme facial tattoo disasters. World's worst tattoos ever! Huge epic fails! Matt Gone I wonder if this guy is a chess grand master and he uses this to intimidate other players. A lot of people just have a random mix of tattoos so i will give this guy props for at least having a consistent theme. This is a man named Matt Gone who started tattooing himself because he had birth defects he wanted to cover up. Taking it to the next level he actually injected tattoo ink into his eye himself. Skinhead This guy might look like a big ol’ meanie but he‘s has F.U.N tattooed below his lips so do not be alarmed. Old guy pure Pure If there is any image of raw unbridled I think we’ve found it. Ice cream cone Ice cream cone on your face...hmm oh I get it you’re cool as ice but ice cube and ice t were already taken.. I guess Ice cream is the next best ice product. Darth Vader This guy has clearly gone to the dark side and with a big Darth vader on his face. There is no turning back now.. I guess he didn’t want to be too intimidating so he added the roses. I wonder if he has yoda on the other side? Glasses Wait does this guy even have a face tattoo? Look closer.. This is like reverse lasik instead of never having to wear glasses again he’ll be wearing glasses for ever. East side I’m going to state the obvious here what happens when he moves to the west side of town? He’s sort of limiting his geographical options here back face. This one’s pretty ingenious. It’s got to be great wearing a hat and then just taking it off when you’re in line. Especially useful at the DMV. Flag face God bless your face sir. This guy is the living embodiment of ‘Merica. I salute you. Casino carpet face This is actually a pretty cool pattern.. I think it’s one of the more artistic patterns we’ve seen. It looks sort of Egyptian or like a casino carpet.. Suit Sorry sir despite the suit and tie something tells me you’re not going to get the job. Rick Genest This is Rick Genest aka Zombie boy aka Rico the zombie. this one’s actually pretty cool. At least if you’re going to get a face tattoo I say plan it out.. Interestingly he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor before he had any tattoos Although I think This guy could make a great biology teacher he has been in Lady Gaga music videos, acted as a spokesperson for l’oreal and become the face of JZ’s rocawear in Europe Vampire Lady This is Maria Cristerna aka Vampire lady. What interesting here is that she experienced many years of domestic abuse. Besides working as a video jockey She now gives talks to women on domestic abuse.. You have to wonder if she transformed herself like this as a kind of protection and to make it so no one would want to even be near her. Interestingly she used to be a lawyer. I say she should have stayed a lawyer. Cat man This is Dennis Avner who was known as Cat Man. He preferred the name Stalking cat which was given to him by a native american medicine man.. He had extensive plastic surgery so he could look like a tiger. Some ask why and others ask why not. Probably should have stuck with why. Apparently he was of Native american heritage and his totem was a tiger so he was transforming himself to look more like a tiger.. In a *completely unforeseeable* turn of events He died alone in his garage at age 54... many suspect it was a suicide. Face I’ll tell you one thing… this guy has … on his face. Well that’s a d on his face. You have to wonder what possesses someone to put a d on their face. And it looks like his face d has a prince piercing. I will give the guy credit for breaking new ground I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. I wouldn’t want to eat tuna sandwiches with this guy… You’ve got a little spot of mayo on your cheek there.. Or if you get into an argument with this guy.. dude I hate to say it but you’re being a total d.. and he’s like I know. Do you have any tattoos?
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Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter
A huge shark jumps out of water and attacks man climbing helicopter later. It this a real megalodon shark or a clever photo shop? Here are 10 of some of the craziest you'll ever see!
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Worst Parent Fails Ever!
Worst parent fails ever! These photos of kids and parents are some of the world’s top examples of bad parenting that you won’t believe actually exist Today we look at 24 of the worst parent fails ever! You won’t believe these crazy photos of kids and their parents exist! Bike Because, really, who wants to spring for a bicycle baby seat Whiskey Nothing but class. It’s cute and funny in a way but also sad at the same time Bag Forget about all those warnings, this mom knows plastic bags make great toys Slurpee I know it’s my baby but this is a slurpee we’re talking about. And not that pina colada crap but coke. coke! Hold Well at least he’s not putting him on the floor. Squat Clean and jerk with the emphasis on jerk... it’s not actually a clean and jerk. Boob He seems to be saying this is my milk. This little guy is never going hungry. Trunk This family is all about safety. Seatbelts? nah. Seats? nah. Close the tailgate? nah Cigarette It might look bad but this is like a vaccine for college Clown How clown phobias start Truck Back of the pickup truck newborn transport. that seems safe. Climbing This mother-to-be not giving up on her hobby for a little thing like pregnancy Street You wait here in the street while I mess with stuff in the truck. I guess we should be thankful there at least IS a car seat. Changing I’m going through changes (ozzy voice).. on a table at mcdonalds. Molotov When pin the tail on the donkey seems too tame there’s always pin the molotov on the cop car Snowboard The ironic thing is he’s wearing a helmet which by definition implies he thinks he might fall. Pedobear That’s not a carebear. This baby has the perfect expression for encountering pedobear Microwave What not to do when your baby is cold. Pee The opposite of stage fright. Ain’t no shame in his game. Betting I think this qualifies as a gambling addiction BJMOM For some reason all little Buck Jr’s friends like to come over his house for play time. Meat What the actual fck Gun Lady it’s not a pacifier And now for the number 1 parent fail ever! But first I want to congratulate those for getting my previous videos questions correct: As you look at this number 1 parent fail, here’s a question *for you*: Where was this photo taken? Waterfall This picture may not look so bad until you realize there’s a 354 ft (108m) drop just inches away. Would you go here yourself? And if so, would you take your kid? Happy Mother’s Day Mo’s!
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25 Worst Selfie Fails Ever!
Worst selfie fails ever! These selfies are a compilation of some of the craziest most awkward selfies ever posted to instagram, facebook, and twitter! Today we look at 25 of the worst selfie fails ever! These crazy and weird selfies will put a smile on your face! Gut Ok I just need to Carefully position the shot so I get my best angle. Yeah we can see your gut in the mirror. This summarizes online dating profiles. Pregnant Oops I did it again Oh baby baby.. No seriously I’ve got a baby in my stomach. Gorilla The magic mirror that reveals your true nature. Dog humping When there’s animal humping involved a selfie is required Corndog Tis Nothing like the taking a selfie whilst your friend deeply throats a canine of corn in the background. Cat This guy decided to take a selfie while finger blasting his cat Arm pit hair Yeah I get it, it’s natural, it’s also gross. Chest She’ll see your hairy armpits and raise you. Dear god please let this be photoshopped. Peeing Man he is deep in that urinal! I never seen someone get that close. I mean it looks like he might be touching the back wall of the urinal which is disgusting although understandable because he probably didn’t want his cash and prizes on the internet. Urinal She obviously does not have the same sense of decorum as scott Baby carrier Check out my ass, Pay no attention to that baby behind the curtain Bondage Who knew one of the characters from 5 Nights at Freddy’s was into bondage? Chocolate I know what this is, It’s that: chocolate rain Chipotle Marika Johnson posted this funny instagram which reads: The position you’ll have me in only if you buy me Chipotle. Sick Husband Sick husband/boyfriend? Perfect time to post a selfie about happiness, oh and be sure to duck face because you know.. you’re sad. Wildfire On May 14, 2014 there was a wildfire in carls*good* California. While the news was reporting on it, this guy was busy getting a selfie. Dollhouse This dude posted this gangsta selfie on myspace back in 2006, his shirt says bitches don’t know bout my dick. The internet fixed it for him: Bitches don’t know bout my dollhouse. Because there *is* a dollhouse in the background. Then it turned into a meme. Pretzel Hot yoga for the modern woman? Or Maybe she’s trying to get some chipotle? I’m just glad she’s not holding a match. Young girl fat guy Is this guy behind her her boyfriend or her dad? I don’t think there’s really a good answer to this picture. Ass (mom’s) He seems to be saying “damn mom you’ve got a nice ass”. I’m not sure what’s going on here because clearly she must know he’s in the picture. Grandma Here’s a selfie with his grandmother.. or girlfriend..I guess this is his personal GILF Banana Debbie deep throat taking some time out of her busy day to show off her skills in a selfie. Watch the teeth! Sweat She appears to be *extremely* excited to be on this guys shoulders Poop Oh great selfie.. yeah the leaves on the eyes cool! btw there’s a piece of shit by your head And now for the number 1 worst selfie ever. For more videos like this subscribe here. Anal Jana’s name has an interesting reflection. Question: So what country is this shirt for and who scored the most career goals ever? How many? Congrats to user stony1185 for correctly answering the question in my last video about where this photo of a baby near a cliff was taken. The answer: Preikestolen, aka Pulpit Rock in this city in Norway which I’m not even going to try to pronounce: Forsand, Ryfylke, Norway. Several other people chimed in with answers. Arigato Goziamsu! for watching my newest video I really appreciate it, if you’re new here subscribe. Check out my earlier video I did on the Selfie Olympics
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Biggest Fails Compilation
Ultimate Fails! This epic fail compilation are some of the biggest you've ever seen! 19 biggest female photo-shop fails ever.
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21 Pics That Look Dirty, But Aren't!
Pics that look dirty but actually aren’t! These optical illusion funny photos will test and prove you have a dirty mind. Today we look at 21 Pics That Look Dirty, But Aren't. We’ll prove you have a dirty mind Suspended It’s not what you think It’s just her feet. Paris Take a second a solve this wheel of fortune puzzle about where to find love. Facial Once you add the phrase “morning burst”, now you’re just messing with us Clean & Clear. Stairs What’s dirty about a spiral staircase you ask? Can you see it? Look at the railing. Relay That’s one way of making your relay teammate run faster Tree This tree looks like something. Pirate This wine holder is designed to hold your wine bottles or whatever else your imagination can think of iPhone What’s dirty about this broken iPhone? Can you see it? I’ll give you a second. I wonder if the glass broke because of a sword fight? Facebook But Hold it.. right there... Marsha. It looks like she’s taking a selfie with her friends Rack Wow this chick has huge...knees. They’re just her knees. Trucking Tripodi Brothers...Fu..wait what does that say? oh trucking yeah trucking. Tripodi brothers trucking. Friends She’s just grabbing her own hand that’s wrapped around her friends neck. Weightlifter Apparently this guy is excited about this lift. Proving once and for all that black guys have bigger weight belts. Grab Although she’s looking a little mischievous. It’s her own legs. Japanese The Japanese girl in the background. Do you see it? Despite the fact that her hand position makes it look like she’s highlighting it, If you look closely you can see that it’s just the ankle of the person standing behind her Eyelash Okay I’m not going to sugar coat it or put whip cream on it. But in fact it’s actually just a sideways picture of a baby’s eyelash. Banana She’s eating a chocolate Banana. And I mean that literally not figuratively. Jzz Fan Birthday This mom *really* loves her kid. She is way too into this And now for the number 1 photo that’s not actually dirty. For more videos like this subscribe here. Golf You might think this is taken straight from but it’s actually from a golf tournament. Two questions: 1. Who is the woman featured in this photo? And 2.) speaking of Cheerios, what is the newest flavor of cheerios? Congrats to user Wil for correctly answering the question in my last video about what Paul Rudd does nearly every time he’s on Conan O’Briens show. The answer: he plays a clip of the 1988 movie Mac and Me instead of whatever movie he’s promoting.
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World's Worst Pants
Craziest pants in the world? 14 of some of the world's worst and weirdest pants ever worn. These strange but funny clothes will turn even the silliest of joker's heads when worn on the street.
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Worst Plastic Surgeries Ever!
Worst plastic surgeries ever! These before and after disaster celebrity fails gone horribly wrong in Hollywood. Worst procedures in the world. Today we look at 16 of the worst plastic surgery fails. From lips to cheeks you won’t believe what people will do to their bodies. pink monster lips This is aspiring model Priscilla Caputo .It turns out her boyfriend was a plastic surgeon and performed the surgeries on her. She admitted that she “created a monster” and destroyed her natural beauty by going too far with plastic surgery. she says she cries when she see pictures of herself. She hopes that her pictures serve as a warning to other women. You have been warned. elvira Ok I’m all for big b but have some sense of balance. I feel like you could rub those on your head and get some serious static hair action. Even the guy who’s taking a photo with her looks concerned. I once was at a nightclub and there was a girl with b's like these dancing on a platform behind me and who innocently bounced them off my head.. it felt like being gently hit with two basketballs. Farrah Abraham This is Farrah Abraham from the Teen Mom TV show. She had a procedure done on her lips which had some complications.. She actually posted these pictures of herself on twitter. Apparently this is a lip implant which supposed to help avoid having to repeatedly get collagen injections. At least she has a good sense of humor about it. I was going to say she looks like Leela from Futurama but she beat me to it already comparing herself to the cartoon character. Kristina Rei (puffy lips) This is a Russian woman Kristina Rei. Growing up she felt her lips were too thin and she claims was made fun of for her looks. she also felt like jessica rabbit was the ideal shaped woman. This is her before shot and you can see she was a pretty girl. I can see that her upper lip was a little thin and maybe a small enhancement might have helped her appearance.. but Having 100 silicone injections she’s taken her lips to infinity and beyond. As you can see it looks like she’s left the jessica rabbit theme far behind.. Following the usual path of people who have excessive plastic surgery she’s still not satisfied. There is a deep wisdom in this video guys, as you’re sitting watching this, work on being grateful for where you are right here and right now! thin nose She has a beautiful face too bad shes got that michael jackson nose. How will she ever go do Nadi Shod-han pranayama (or alternate nostril breathing) in yoga? namaste bitches! Vishal Thakkar Think it’s just women getting plastic surgery? Nope This is Vishal Thakkar who got a nose job after getting divorced in 2006 in an attempt to look better. 22 surgeries later he’s breathing through a straw. The doctor realized he had an infection and made the decision to remove his nose. Vishal later sued the doctor. upperlip spacer another puffy lip girl. well her lips look bad but also this reminds me of something tony robbins said where he said a plastic surgeon told him that the space between your upper lip and your nose has a huge impact on how attractive you are. A difference of a few mm can be the difference between being beautiful or butt ugly.. He was talking about in the context of how tiny changes can make a huge impact on your life.. Let’s try it moving her face.. what do you think better? beshine b's wow I thought the earlier job was bad but man oh man why.. This is a model named beshine.. Her b's are triple z cups and according to her site she likes dancing, rollerblading, doing Sports..and reading I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even have to hold the book. and at least she never has to worry about drowning.. old b's Every wonder what implants look like when women get old.. me neither.. They sort of look like bubble wrap bubbles that might pop any moment. Donatella Versace This is donatello one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.. actually this is donatella versace whose older brother was Giovanni Verscae of the famous Versace fashion company..of which dontaella is now vice president. Michaela Romanini This is Michaela Romanini who is a socialite in italy sort of like the paris hilton of italy. Supposedly this is a before and after photo of her but I don’t buy it. I mean just because you have bad plastic surgery why would you stop plucking your eyebrows so you look like bert from seasame street? Although damn the nose does look very similar.
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19 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand (Part 2)
Photos you really have to look at to understand (Part 2)! You’ll need to look at these amazing optical illusion pictures twice to understand what is really happening. Today we look at 19 photos you really have to look at to understand. These amazing photos will cause you to do a double take. Caterpillar Oh wow that’s a pretty amazing exotic caterpillar. Well it’s not a caterpillar. Do you see it? Let’s zoom in a little closer. It’s actually birds. Dog head We all know what’s going on here but the illusion looks pretty real. It looks like the guy has a dog head. The good news is he can finally lick his balls Hover boat Is this a magical boat floating a few feet off the water? Nope the water is just so clear that we’re seeing the shadow of the boat on the ocean floor. Long arm Ladies you won’t what they say about the size of a guys arms. He’s playing the wrong sport with an arm that long. Actually he does not have a ridiculously long arm. His extended arm just happens to line up with the other guys extended arm. Leopard legs Her legs were not photoshopped out. She’s just wearing leopard tights which happens to match the floor tile. Hairy arm You know that saying: does the carpet match the… arm hair. I know girls shave their legs but do some also shave their arms? Well she does not have a super hairy arm it’s just the leg of some guy of screen. Purple shirt Nice purple shirt bro. He actually doesn’t have a tiny little man body. The guy’s lying on the couch and the girl learning over him is wearing the purple shirt. And even after hearing that it still looks like it’s the guy’s body. Long arm kid Is He giving us a thumbs up because he knows he’s going to be able to play footsie without using his foot when he grow up? Actually we’re seeing two arms here, his and another kid’s who’s under the table. Asian group You might wonder if the girl in the white shirt said Hey guys you know what’d make a great picture? If I was in the middle and spread eagle and you all stood around me. Actually those aren’t her legs but the legs of the girls on either side of her Disconnected heads Well it looks like the girl with the dark brown hair is wearing the blue bathing suit and her head is like disconnected and then the girl with the lighter brown hair has an extra long neck. But actually it’s the other way around. This head goes with this body. And this head goes with this body. Ship This ship is not floating in the sky. So what’s going on here? Some people think that the darker blue is not actually water but that this the beach in shadow. However I don’t think that’s right, others say that it is an optical effect called looming. Hard to say what’s really happening but it’s a cool image. Midget Bridesmaids Her bridesmaids are not little people. There will be no midget tossing at the reception. The bridesmaids are in fact just sitting down on the knees of the groomsmen. Bandage He does not have a bandaged stump for a hand. What looks like a white bandage is actually just part of her top. Convertible What if I tell you this is not a convertible parked next to a van. See it? It’s just a clever painting on the side of the van. Breast Legs Are we looking at a human barbie missing her private parts just like a barbie doll? It sort of looks like this girls legs just mysteriously stop. Of course we’re just looking at her chest which just happens to line up perfectly with her legs. David Beckham David Beckham just chilling on the wall. With arms like that no wonder he plays soccer (OR football) Elbow Ouch! Apparently she’s pouring beer on herself to fix her broken arm. Well Budweiser is not Robitussin and it’s not Windex. I’ve heard of double jointed girls but this takes the cake. Actually her elbow is not bent backward, her arm just happens to blend in almost perfectly with her friends arm. 3 legs No we’re not looking at the three-legged race world champion. This girl doesn’t have 3 legs. Look closer.. she’s just holding a vase which looks like a 3rd leg. and now for the number 1 photo you really have to look at to understand. For more videos like this subscribe here. Lake This guy is not standing by a reflective lake. In fact he’s not even standing by water at all. Look closely do you see it. Can you guess what’s happening here? Let’s rotate the picture and see if that helps. He’s actually lying down on an uprooted tree. Which photo did you have to look at the most to understand?
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25 Funniest Animal Pictures Ever!
Funniest animals ever! This photo compilation of the world’s cutest & most hilarious cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, horses are the best animal fails. Today we look at 25 of the funniest animal pictures ever! Your ass will still be attached but you will laugh. Shark What’s up homie! Hopefully this is not the shark equivalent of the mafia kiss of death Roomba Dogs hate vacuum cleaners. It’s in their genes. And a roomba is like the terminator of vacuum cleaners Hens We all have our own way of getting laid Cookie This pug can’t believe how close he is to that ritz cracker.I want that cracker. I need that cracker! Onesie I want to ride this horse into the next playboy mansion party Bored When doggie ennui sets in. He’s not impressed with this view Three When I searched for doggy style menage a trois this is not what I had in mind. Panda How many times do I have to tell you do not sneak up on me while I’m eating my bamboo Cat My name is puss and I want to show you the ways of love Square Apparently Taiwanese pet groomers have started a trend where they groom dogs’ heads as a perfect square. Duck You know the expression: f_ck a duck. This dog saying you know what? fine I will Plug The owners of this dog decided to dress their dog up as a butt PUG Hubcaps You know it’s a rough neighborhood when monkeys steal your hubcaps Sloth After 247 dates this sloth finally makes his move. Better hope that’s not a rape sloth Toilet Here get a closer look. GET IN THERE Vomit Duuude last night was epic! What’s unclear is whether it was due to alcohol or crack Elephant Eww! what’s that elephant doing? Oh it’s having sx? Elephant doesn’t give a sh_t. It just takes what it wants. Oh that’s nasty. They’re so nasty Katy This chimp hanging out with Katy Perry knows what’s up Cone Watch as the cone of shame becomes the cone of glory Camel Camel foreplay which as we all know leads to humping Couch I believe I can fly...NOPE Balls Why did we ever evolve to lose this skill? WHY? Horse Yes that’s a baby calf whose confused or not! and a male horse who’s just seeing where this goes Pee It’s not like he did this by accident. he is straight up filling his mouth up And now for the number 1 funniest animal picture ever! But first I want to congratulate those for getting my previous videos questions correct: And now for the number 1 animal, leave your most interesting fact about this type of animal in the comments below Balls You know you’ve got huge balls when sh_tting on them is a legitimate concern. Maybe in our world there lives a happy little log over here And let’s just put a subscribe button here. We don't know where it goes.
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22 Pics That Look Dirty, But Aren't! (#2)
Pics that look dirty but actually aren’t! These optical illusion funny photos will test and prove you have a dirty mind. Today we look at 22 Pics That Look Dirty, But Aren't. We’ll prove you have a dirty mind Hotdog Whoever said businesses use suggestion to sell? This is just a hotdog stand with a giant Grandpa Grandpa showing off why he has so many progeny. His gigantic. Actually we’re not seeing him but just the knee of the woman behind him Anail You have to say this one out loud to fully appreciate it. I wonder if you can get glitter. Paper It’s not. It’s just a folded up piece of paper. Sailor This sailor looks like he cannot wait until the wedding night. And you can’t blame him because he may be shipping off soon. Oh wait that’s just the hand of the guy behind him. Sausage That is some curious shaped meat. Wouldya lika da sausajj? Dog What’s your dog’s name fido? Nope, d_ldo Curler Now you know why your girlfriend spends so much time in the bathroom getting ready Gum Mentos getting a little bold with the flavors. Thank god they’re artificially flavored Tree How trees reproduce. Pollinate dat! Pinscher This looks like it could be Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy showing off her but it’s just a miniature pinscher instead Tongue That moment when turns into a sword fight. Shoes What do you see? A woman’s back with pants half-way down? It’s actually feet in heels Office bee-j’s is a real office supply store in Canada. And there is no suggestive advertising going on here. Tranny Hand This was a popular meme that was usually captioned with: That awkward moment when your friend’s hand makes you look like a tranny Ears It’s actually just two guys with their ears pressed together sharing a hat. What were you thinking? Pillow Always check the position of your skin colored neck pillow Statue What was the artist trying to say here? Is this about true love? Before you answer you should see the other angle. Grab it’s just a hand grabbing a finger Angel If you’re not seeing candle wax, the internet has ruined you. Feet It looks like we’re looking under but actually we’re looking down at a pair of feet. And now for the number 1 photo that’s not actually dirty. For more videos like this subscribe here. Chest At first it looks like we’re seeing this exposed but it’s not,watch ...It’s just two bald guys and some cherries Question: What show is this last clip from? Thanks to all the users who commented on my last video on whether or not they thought Michael Jackson Hey guys, thanks for watching! For more pics that look dirty but aren’t check out my part 1 video here
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