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12a The Podcast Announcement
Announcing the next big entertainment party from 12a Productions: The Podcast!
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CKNM Christmas Card
Camp Killnomore's Very Merry Christmas Card from a Very Merry Serial Killer. Hope you like clown's...
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2-5-13 How To Get To Second Base for A Dollar
From our Valentines Day special broadcast
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Chick Hunter Christmas Card 2013
The Chuck Hunter comes out again. This time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And to share his words of wisdom on spending the holiday with your special loved ones family. Tread lightly as danger lurks around every corner at the dinner table.
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12a Podcast : Audience Choice Review [10/27/12]
In this segment from the 12a Podcast Jeff and Steve are given a movie choice by the audience which they have to review. The kicker? One of them has to review it like they loved it and the other like they hated it. And then argue their points. No matter what they really thought. The audience has great suggestions this week. Not all of them could be found on Netflix or Hulu Plus - but this one seemed a no brainer. The Princess Bride
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HOA Police Christmas Card
Officer Jeff and Officer Steve take a moment out of their busy crime busting lives to catch up during the holiday season.
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Mentor Christmas Card
Merry Christmas Filthy Animals. A holiday card from The Mentor.
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12a Podcast : How to Get to Second Base for $1 [10/25/12]
This segment from the 12a Podcast is brought to you by Steve. Every episode is a new movie review that Steve has personally used in an attempt to get to second base. If successful you too can get to second base for a dollar! Listen in. If all else fails there is always a good wine choice too as backup.
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Podcast: Story Time
On this segment from a recent podcast Jeff and Steve create a story line on the spot using your suggestions to show the creative process of film making. This is how we write all of our stories - shooting ideas back and forth until something grows into a story we both love. Check out more podcasts, blogs and short films at 12aProductions.com
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FilmHistory - M
Steve and Jeff discuss the movie M by fritz lang
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12a Podcast : Film History [11/21/12]
In this segment Jeff shares his vast knowledge on film history. This time on Thomas H. Ince the father of the western genre of film. We learn about Thomas' life in the movies, filming in Cuba, introducing early Hollywood to the assembly line and his mysterious death on William Hearst' yacht.
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Speed Round - 12a Podcast - Lucy the Hawk
In this segment from the 12a Podcast Jeff and Steve usually do a Speed Round of questions in a quick fire manner. This time Jeff took a left turn and Steve ended up in a choose your own adventure story chock full of randomness.
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Black & White Silent Movie Christmas Card
Merry Christmas from, "Statehood is for Lover's". A short in the style of the silent film era where two people find love during Arizona's turn to statehood on February 14th, 1912.
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12a Podcast : Speed Round [11/21/12]
A new intro and faster speed round. Listen at http://www.12aproductions.com for the entire podcast. In this segment Jeff quizzes Steve on military movies and Steve asks Jeff about musicals. BRAT Patrol, Michael Bay musicals and penis tattoo. Should be interesting.
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12a Productions Christmas Card 2013
Jeff and Steve wanted to thank you themselves. To everyone who has ever been involved in one of our productions over the years. Whether in front of or behind the camera. Merry Christmas!
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Silent Mary Christmas Card
See what the Sonarien Queen and the UPS driver are up to this holiday season in this special Christas Card from Silent Mary and the Attack of the Sonariens.
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Youtube End Credit
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An HOA Police Christmas: 2013
In this Christmas Special Officer Jeff and Officer Steve spend a few moments to educate everyone on the proper technique of Wreathing. And how to stay away from unwanted violations during the holiday season.
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