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Moow - Baby
Artist: Moow Title: Baby Album: I Can't Tell You How Much It Hurts Self-Release (2017) Limited release LP on Vinyl-Digital.com
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Appalachian Terror Unit - Armageddon Won't Be Brought By Gods....
Artist: Appalachian Terror Unit Track: Armageddon Won't Be Brought By Gods.... Album: Armageddon Won't Be Brought By Gods 7"/ It's Far From Fucking Over CD Label: Profane Existence Collective Lyrics: One of the most diverse hardwood forest in the world is dying at the hands of greedy coal lords. To them a mountain isn't a mountain, merely another resource to raped and sucked dry. You can't replant a mountain The Bush administration, the Army Corps. of Engineers, coal companies like Massy Energy Fucking puppet (elected) officials They're guilty. And every single time we turn on the lights we're guilty. Pollution and waste Bring forth a new age. In the name of production We create destruction. Armageddon won't be brought by gods But men who think they are... Humanity has been lost - A civilization of parasites is what we've become. Connivence at what cost - Devouring the land to turn on our lights Production without end - How much production will be our end. The alternatives are in sight - But we're not going to reach them without a fight. What will it take to make this shit set in, Soon will come the time for her cleansing to begin Highrises sink Parasite extinct Our destruction and sorrow her brighter tomorrow Cut down the forest turn soil to sand, Nothing but desert where trees no longer stand. Level the mountains and suck the earth dry, Consume what you can and kiss your ass goodbye. We can fight in the streets and fight em in the courts, But we also have to fight them in the mountains and forest. Cause every single action done in the night, Helps push our cause into the light!
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The Pist - Threat
Artist: The Pist Song: Threat Album: Punk USA Compilation (originally)/ Input Equals Output (re-release) Label: Lookout! records (originally)/ Havoc Records (re-release) Lyrics: You know all the cool places where all the punks hang out All those same old places that I don't give a shit about There's so many people just following a trend No honesty or sincerity, it's the same old shit again This is a warning. No, this is a threat As long as we're alive then punk's not dead yet Consider this a challenge, there's problems unresolved Forget about your fashion show and start to get involved Yeah we can make this happen, we're fighting for a cause Without your approval, so fuck your damned applause Yeah, we can make this real. Engage a solemn vow So let's get off our asses and start right fucking now... So what about you are you gonna play the role? Sit back and let someone else take control? Can we burn our bridges? Can we start something new? Exactly what is your independence worth to you? "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" Complacency is cowardice, there's no room for obedience Let anger be our fuel, our power from within Our vehicle is action, and the will to not give in This is a warning. No, this is a threat As long as we're alive then punk's not dead yet Consider this a challenge, there's problems unresolved Forget about your fashion show and start to get involved
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The Autonomads - Dubbin Up The Downfall
Artist: The Autonomads Song: Dubbin' up the Downfall Album: No Man's Land Pumpkin Records/Antikörper Export www.autonomads.co.uk/ Lyrics: As conspiracy grows the plot thickens everyday But another catastrophe helps shorten the delay We can say what we want they don't care if it's true Because who'd believe that powers contained within the few The seeds of babylon grew in to the aristocracies And the interlinked bloodlines and families If the prophecy is ridiculed it makes it easier to reject As the new world order controls what you expect Dubbin' up the downfall, waiting for the rebel call We're cursed in the lower class providence watches us all Castrated from the day of birth until the day that we fall The ruling class consists of secret societies Dedicated to bringing the resistance to its knees One nation under god the illuminati won't have their way The foundations of their power will begin to sway And the world won't follow the rules of the disorder We'll tear the walls from the new world order "The world is governed by global organizations, groups and societies who control how we live now, but not in the future! Through cooperation and organization on a local and global level we can make change. Bring Down the NWO!"
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Blanks 77 - Search and Destroy
Artist: Blanks 77 Song: Search And Destroy Album: Killer Blanks Label: Nasty Vinyl, Radical Records Lyrics: Just another casualty, layin' on the line killin' one another until the end of time hear their screams, feel their pain look into their eyes they say that war's a b.... its just a pack of lies. [Chorus:] search and destroy [4x] politicians choice corporations they fuck the fuckin' country to uphold their fucking name future is unwritten but the lies remain the truth we praise all of the heroes then we take their abuse. [Chorus] I wanna live to see tomorrow with my own eyes cuz i'll be there when your day comes propaganda lies and when your marching shooting your guns i'll know the truth peace ain't something that you die for in the glory of youth [Chorus]
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Decompoze - Lap2 (ft. OneBeLo)
Artist: Deompoze and OneBeLo Title: Lap2 Album: Decomposition (2007) Subterraneous
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Viktor Vaughn - Bloody Chain
Artist: Viktor Vaughn f/ Poison Pen Title: Bloody Chain Album: Venomous Villain Insomniac Music
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Litmus Green - H.A.N.K.
Artist: Litmus Green Title: H.A.N.K. Album: It Must Suck To Be You Tacklebox Records (1998) Lyrics: God to me is a corpse on a cross That's been dead forever and is still the boss God to me are his fucking sheep Told when to laugh and when to weep God to me is the disease of AIDS And all the children sent to early graves I SEE GOD IN A NAZI PARADE What in the hell is INRI? What is IXOYE? God-damn fucking shit my lord You don't mean nothing to me I HAVE NO USE FOR RELIGION - IT HAS NO USE FOR ME God to me is an unaborted child Abandoned on the streets to grow up wild God to me is a child that's poor With a pimping dad and a mom who's a whore God to me is a dinner prayer And beating a child with a dining room chair God to me is a child in pain And a very old man going insane God to me is a hypocrite Saying a prayer and burning a witch God to me is a holocaust In which millions of non-believers are lost God to me is a holy crusade Spilling heathen blood with christian blades I SEE GOD IN A NAZI PARADE Why is it a sin to murder And your carnage is all I see? I HAVE NO USE FOR RELIGION - IT HAS NO USE FOR ME
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Appalachian Terror Unit - Legalize or Die
Artist: Appalachian Terror Unit Song: Legalize or Die Album: Greenwashing LP/ It's Far From Fucking Over CD Label: Profane Existence Lyrics: Befoul the earth and lock up those who discard the lie So tell the politicians to legalize or die!!! Another form of draconian oppression That millions have been arrested for possession Non-violent offenders are drug war victims Locked behind bars as slaves to the system 1920's media and business tycoon William Randolf Hurst, and Dupont, creators of the syntehic materials rayon and nylon were facing severe financial loss to the natural hemp alternatives to rope paper and cloth, thus began the intense media smear campaign lead by Hurst. Propaganda portraying pot smokers as mindless zombies ready to steal your children. Once the public was frightened enough, Hurst moved on to congress. Meanwhile Dupont's main source of finance, Andrew Mellon, head of the Mellon Bank, appoints Henry Anslinger head of the federal bureau of narcotics. Nearly all Anslingers testimony before congress was built of non-scientific one-sided newspaper articles failing to ever mention the positive aspects of hemp including its medical benefits. He declared before congress that marijuana is the most violence-causing drug of all time. Befoul the earth and lock up those who discard the lie Fuck the politicians! Legalize or die! Another form of draconian oppression That millions have been arrested for possession Non-violent offenders are drug war victims Locked behind bars as slaves to the system The US government begins spraying the toxic poison Paraquat on cannabis crops. This products use was even discouraged for this use by its manufacturer the chevron corporation. Exposure results in severe respiratory and internal damage and ultimately death. Regan with his just say no campaign, regarding the questioned use of Paraquat replied, "Marijuana is an illegal and harmful drug. If you don't use it you don't have to worry about it"
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Sanctum - Enslaved
Artist: Sanctum Song: Enslaved Album: Enslaved 7"
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Decompoze - Take a Stand
Artist: Decompoze Song: Take a Stand Album: Decomposition Subterraneous Records **do not click on any youtube added ads**
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Appalachian Terror Unit - We Will Continue to Break Their Laws and Destroy Property Until We Win
Artist: Appalachian Terror Unit Song: We Will Continue to Break Their Laws and Destroy Property Until We Win Album: ATU/Oi Polloi 7" split Profane Existence Records Lyrics: We don't want their fucking logging trucks And we won't be caught eating genetic crops We won't be sick off their pesticides And we won't stand for another fucking coal mine One of the best ways to fight the good fight Is by monkey wrenching in the night The bastards only care about their profits So let's hit them in their wallets Stand together and bite them back Break their laws when its time to attack They call us eco terrorist and threats to national security So cover your tracks and maintain anonymity To those that get caught and locked in a cell We will never forget that you're unjustly jailed Civil disobienece and unrest in the streets Will be the calling cards that demand your release. So lets free all E.L.F. prisoners and the A.L.F. ones too Because they fought for the planet and so should you
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Decompoze - React (ft. Zhao-ski)
Artist: Decompoze ft. Zhao-ski Song: React Album: Decomposition (2007) Subterraneous Records
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Axiom - This isn't Life
Artist: Axiom Track: This Isn't Life Album: Apathy & Privilege (2000) Label: Tribal War (R.I.P) Lyrics: Given identity based on pathology Number of cars doesn't show who you are Everywhere i look i see buildings Instead of trees, companies mass producing worthless shit for profit, buried in advertisements effects corroding my mind so much wasted input destroying my sub-concious, taught to believe I must work hard to succeed, success is not supporting your capitalist prison This isn't life it's all a fucking lie brainwashed to think you must conform and buy to survive profit, I won't support your world capitalist regime, life to me is freedom for all, genocide world poverty and we're supposed to have evolved, this system's not organic it exists of our acceptance, justified and marked by our slavish ignorance Sentenced to public school, indoctrinated another cool colleges, careers, forced by the instuition Life of servitude, sucess and illusion, you're just a prostitue, wasted life for nothing, endless cycle of no meaning, hairline and pride recending children sold to the white market and you'll never change all the lunacy is just corrupt fantasy we can take it all down and search for real life
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Against Empire - Work, Breed, Consume
Artist: Against Empire Song: Work, Breed, Consume Album: Destructive Systems Collapse EP 7" Threat to Existence Records Lyrics: From the moment you first crawled upon this wretched earth you were tangled in a web of lies. From the comfort of the womb into your living tomb you're taught to work, breed, consume. From that moment on you're taught all hope is gone. So you'll work, save, and spend until your life's sad end.
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Misery - Bulldoze
Artist: Misery Song: Bulldoze Album: Apocalyptic Crust Crimes Against Humanity Records Lyrics: We will drive this world to total disaster 'Cause after us there is no after When's the last generation Could be us, lets feed the destruction Waste This is our world do as your please This is our air our water our trees We have the machine that turns forests to sand Don't be shy to destroy and expand Waste
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Autonomads - Back to the Bark
Artist: The Autonomads Song: Back to The Bark Album: No Man's Land Pumpkin Records/Antikörper Export www.autonomads.co.uk/ (Lyrics coming soon)
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Ocean 11- Let's Start Again
Artist: Ocean 11 Song: Let's Start Again Album: Ocean 11
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Anti-Product - War On Nature
Artist: Anti-Product Song: War on Nature Album: Big Business and The Government Are Both The Fucking Same. They Both Shit Upon Freedom, Peace and Equality. 7" Tribal War Records Lyrics: We've got to stop these bastards before it's too late Because the money that they're making is sealing our fate They've sold out the human race and the creatures of this earth Because the interest of corporations always come first But something has got to change, because they're fucking us all If we're all to survive, big business must take a fall We'll boycott these companies because their money comes from death We've got to stop this war on nature! The threat of human extinction due to the environment's destruction is one that humankind has brought upon itself. If all of the crimes that we commit against each other don't do us in... Then maybe the crimes that we commit against nature will... War on Nature! They'll exploit all of the animals and force the rest from their homes. When the trees fall life as we know it will be gone. The air is getting thinner and the water isn't safe But for a fucking dollar that's the price that they'll pay Why do we sit back and let their money destroy? Why do we sit back and watch our planet die? We must take back our future from their greedy hands! We've got to stop this war on nature! When all is said and done in the war that humankind has waged on it's environment, there will be nothing left, except for the ruins of a wasteful civilization and the charred remains of a generation whose parents sold them out... War on Nature! They will prosper from our doom...
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See Spot - Drink The Money Don't Go
Artist: The See Spot Album: Is There Any Love In Your Ska?
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A//Political - It's not about Politics... / You are what you Consume
Artist: A//Political Songs: It's Not About Politics, It's About Life & You are What You Consume Album: Propaganda by Deed 7", Greatest Working CRASS Rip-off Discography Label: Crasshole Collective, Threat to Existence (respectively) **It's not about Politics, It's about life** Lyrics: Human beings an arrogant bunch So trite and ignorant always on the hunt We've created this system both you and I Of calloused oppression of all living kind Learn, Teach, Respect and Peace The system doesn't care that nothing's ever fair And the system doesn't care because you remain unaware And no one gives a shit that you spike your hair It's all a fucking joke and the system doesn't care The system doesn't care what politics you wear And the system doesn't care you'll always be a player And it kinda makes you wonder why you're always in despair Always alone struggling and the system doesn't care The system doesn't care because we're all a little scared To really give a fuck and try to really care The system doesn't care because you're caught in their snare You're just a bit in the machine so the system doesn't care The system doesn't care because no one ever cares! No one ever bothers, no one ever dares The system doesn't care because the truth's unaware That system is you, is there any hope out there!?!? LEARN TEACH ANARCHY AND PEACE! Everything in life and everything you hate Is perpetuated by you and your choice of ignorance By turning your back and ignoring the problem The injustices in life we'll never solve them Politics is a load of shit But it's you who accept them When will you realize It's not about politics It's about fucking life Simply giving a fuck is our greatest fight The system doesn't care because the system is you Nothing ever changes because that's what you choose **You are what you Consume** Lyrics: In this world of opportunities we choose to buy commodities Useless token symbols we claim as necessity The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the shit we use to do our hair The money spent has a result, but do you even fucking care About the message that you bring? Does symbolism mean anything As you interact with your fellow living beings You are what you consume, your identity is subsumed By the products that you buy, your identity is a lie The end result is not by chance, every action has a consequence There's more to your choices than mere convenience So many choices to be made, so much money that can be paid Your support for their policies is on public display With every choice you play a role, every action has a toll But it's you who has the ultimate control You are what you consume. The sum result of the symbolic meaning of the products that you choose to purchase. This is the democracy of Capitalism. You vote with your dollars. Every purchase is a vote for the corporation. Every dollar spent is a choice of ignorance over compassion. A slice of cheese or a cookie is money in Jesse Helm's campaign fund. A cleaning product is another thousand animals tested upon. A garden burger is another family farm evicted by giant agribusiness. A chocolate bar is another thousand starving children. A cup of coffee is another dictatorship in Central America. This isn't a call for a mass boycott. It's a demand to pause and think about what your purchases say about you And the world you live in. You are what you consume.
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Resist - History 101
Artist: Resist Song: History 101 Album: The Solution... Revolution 7", Endless Resistance CD, Resistography CD Label: Words of Warning, Nikt Nic Nie Wie/Malarie Records, Profane Existence (respectively) Lyrics: The state of Texas buys the most school books So if you think you're getting history Then take a second look Because it's supply and demand and it's the publisher's greed And it's the state of texas that what controls what you read This is the state that jokes about rape The state where courts justify beating up gays This is the state that meets the publisher's needs This is the state that controls what you read They call it public education, but it's still Controlled by money hungry corporations So don't believe a word you're told Abe Lincoln was a racist, it's a proven fact, Said whites were superior, superior to blacks Why are blacks not mentioned before slavery 'Cause they had mighty nations while whites were still living in trees White European history - glorifying war Justify genocide - cover up the gore This is the shit that meets texas' needs This is the shit they make you read
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J.Rocwell & Sugar Tongue Slim - Mandrake
Artist: J.Rocwell & Sugar Tongue Slim Song: Mandrake Album: DOOMED Mike Waxx/Illroots.com
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The Allentons - Molly
Artist: The Allentons Song: Molly Album: Boulevard Steady Beat Recordings (1997)
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Axiom -  Acts of Violence
Artist: Axiom Track: Acts of Violence Album: Impaled By Chaos (1999)
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Active Slaughter - Leather and Studs
Artist: Active Slaughter Track: We Want Some More of That Album: 4T2UDE Active Distribution Available through 4T2UDE.com ($7ppd) Lyrics: Are you comfortable are you drunk Are you doing all things punk Got the hair got the clothes Get some powder up your nose Hate politics and it shows Logos on the leather which you pose Wave your fist "ANIMAL RIGHTS" But some cow died for the hide Leather and studs is all we need Good old punk rock apathy Have a fight, Its anarchy... Leather and studs... Save all your money, buy your beer REBELLION festival is getting near Punk rock bands on a merry go round Bondage Gear and a tiring sound Do it for the money, Do it for the fame Do it for the SEX all the fuckin' same Moaning at the price - benefit gig Leathered at the bar, make me fucking sick Leather and studs... Spike are tall, brain is small Look at me like I'm fool coz I ain't got the leather or the hair If I ain't punk I don't fucking care I ain't gonna join your punk rock circus To me you're nothing more than worthless Punk as fuck I'm so pissed Got no meaning when you wave your fist Leather and studs...
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Against Empire - Reflections
Artist: Against Empire Song: Reflections Album: The Ones Who Bear The Scars Remember
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Citizen Fish - Conditional Silence
Title: Conditional Silence Artist: Citizen Fish Album: Wider Than a Postcard Bluurg Records (1992) Lyrics: Silence Considering musical violence As the airwaves break those anytime pauses Quiet reflection on the nature of noises Disturbing suburban platitudes Heard a yell that created a solitude Outside Opened the window wide My curiosity satisfied It was no-one I knew so I carried on hiding My instinctive reaction to join in the shouting And increase the volume, but a sense of doubt in My head Told me to shut up instead Return to the previous peace I'd been seeking For no other reason than to work out a theory That noise is just sound on a different scale To what we expect, so I started to yell Out loud Soon a curious crowd Was standing outside looking up at my window I looked out, they could see I was no-one they knew, so Their instinctive reaction to be part of the noise Or part of the reason for the silence destroyed Got hid "Nobody does" what I did Except for the person whose total immersion In this social excursion was more than diversion With a similar yell I could tell who he was The voice with a noise that I'd heard, and because One yell Had sort of broken the spell We laughed and we shouted in a lack of respect For the conditional silence that has come to connect All the neighbours as strangers living under the treat Of discovering life beyond what they expect
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Brother Inferior - Mechanized
Artist: Brother Inferior Song: Mechanized Album: Bound and Gagged 7" EP/ Anthems '94-'97 CD Label: Sensual Underground Ministries Lyrics: The grasping of the money tree takes a bitter sacrifice, to climb upon the ladder of this mechanized corporate life, so give your ideologies and any wisdom you may use, recognize our wants and needs and we'll make your dreams come true. Mechanized, traumatized, empty head, hollow eyes, beaten down with corporate lies, say goodbye to your petty lives. (x2) The sense of your validity is based on your financial gain, locked in that security never to breathe free again, so try to open up your mind and clear your eyes for just a bit, and see what kind of life you lead with no real happiness. Mechanized, traumatized, empty head, hollow eyes, beaten down with corporate lies, say goodbye to your petty lives. (x2) So now that you have everything except individuality, the money has come rolling in and that has made you so happy, but what you've worked so hard to get has made you a new kind of slave, that dictates fear and lack of trust that leaves you wrecked and tame. Mechanized, traumatized, empty head, hollow eyes, beaten down with corporate lies, say goodbye to your petty lives. (x2)
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The Scofflaws - Paul Getty (Live)
Artist: The Scofflaws Title: Paul Getty (Live) Album: Live Vol. 1 Label: Moon Ska NYC
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The Pist - Small Town
Artist: The Pist Song: Small Town Album: Small Town Justice, Ideas Are Bulletproof, Input Equals Output Label: Eugene Records, Elevator Music, Havoc Records (respectively) Lyrics: Small town live Small town lies You don't fit In their small town lives You grew up in a small town, you know you're different from the rest And all the kids just put your self restraint to the test So sick of the stupidity they broadcast and display But they control the world we choose to live within today They think that you're a loser, yeah well ignorance breeds fear They made life a living hell, but you choose to persevere You never bothered with the social games they all would play You feel like you want to make these fucking bastards pay!!! Kicked out of school for reasons you never understood Grow up fast, forget the past, your fucked up childhood Get your act together and leave this shitty little town Cause if you stay, you'll fade away or burn it to the ground...
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Decompoze - Good Vibe (ft. 14KT)
Artist: Decompoze and 14KT Title: Good Vibe Album: Decomposition Subterraneous Records
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Notice 415 - 925
Artist: Notice 415 Song: 925 Album: Product of Another Kind Straight Jacket Records
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Harum Scarum - CCTV
Artist: Harum Scarum Song: CCTV Album: Mental Health Label: Tribal War Records (R.I.P)
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Citizen Fish - Central Nervous System
Title: Central Nervous System Artist: Citizen Fish Album: Wider Than a Postcard Bluurg Records (1992) Lyrics: Comfort? Sofa chair pacifying words A touch on the shoulder to tell me that you'd heard Understanding to attention just in case you heard it wrong A fear of contradiction cos your feeling can't belong To this given situation that no-one can take away A smile, a nervous glance, "Well I'll be back some other day" But you really had to go and left this atmosphere behind So now it's back to circumstance, solutions hard to find As I turn the burning embers of a past that recently I'd found harder to remember than I thought was good for me But once confirmed the truth had pulled that 'recently' to shreds Now the obvious lies bleeding and the future holds my breath Shall I turn the page and start again? Or throw the book away Shall I tell you of these feelings? Or find something new to say? It's the act of making choices Asking questions, hearing voices Mixing pain and self-resentment With a knowledge that contentment Is a process of selection Cos in every situation There are good and bad directions you can go You can wallow in the fantasy Regenerating memories Or use the open scenery Impulse flow more easily If all the good things disappear for what seems like eternity Remember you created them by being what you'll always be Receiving input, giving back what makes you tick in time Natural instinctive tack running up the spine Use your central nervous system To help make up your mind Looking out with indecision Wastes a lot of time If it feels good take the risk And here I am talking like this And saying 'you' instead of 'me'... But experience is globally perceived as being basically a common sense capacity to understand the variety of influence upon the way we are Having gone so far There is no reasoning can stop us once we've reasoned what we've got
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Against Empire - 500 years
Artist: Against Empire Song: 500 Years Album: The Ones Who Bear The Scars Remember Threat to Existence Lyrics: For 500 years they have carved up the earth and buried entire civilizations unto a shallow grave. 500 YEARS OF LIES! 500 YEARS OF GENOCIDE!! They imprisoned, invaded and raped the people and their land in the name of progress. An imperialist empire built entirely upon the labor of slaves. 500 YEARS OF LIES! 500 YEARS OF GENOCIDE!! Imperialism forces millions of people to live nightmarish lives. Absolute poverty. Remote destitution. Suffering hunger. Suffering disease.
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Born/Dead - The Last to Starve
Artist: Born/Dead Song: The Last to Starve Album: Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us... Prank Records Lyrics: A desolate wasteland, the earth is diseased, and we're choking on the fumes of the factories. Resources stripped bare, until nothing is left. When the ozone is gone, you will burn to death. Silently the world decays. Inhale the toxic waste. It's being devoured by a greedy elite who are power crazed. This technological hell created by man. The world we know must come to an end. Long live nothing.It will all turn to dust.An annihilated wasteland, no longer for us. Carcasses of people scatter the ruins of long forgotten monuments built by apathetic humans. All society had collapsed from rioting and war. Starving in famine poor kill the poor. The wealthy safe behind wire and arms gain only the right to be the last to starve. Arise from this plague, this fucking plague. The history of mankind - this devastated waste. Lost forever, nothing remains. It's not the end, the earth will rebirth again.
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Active Slaughter - We Want Some More of That
Artist: Active Slaughter Track: We Want Some More of That Album: 4T2UDE Active Distribution Available through 4T2UDE.com ($7ppd) Lyrics: There was a crowd masked in red Here to remember the war dead Ready to take on the arms race Innocents killed by the system of hate Had enough of your injunction Had enough of cops all scum Today is the day they take it back Laws and corporations, it's time we hit back Much more inspiring than stop the war A blatant defiance to draconian law Killing kids in Palestine Our right to protest gets denied Yes we're saying Fuck The Police They always stand for war and against the peace We won't be silenced and herded in Gotta show 'em that ain't fucking happening More Bombs You Build More Windows Will be Smashed More Kids You Kill More Coppers will be Bashed More lies of the Arms Race, the more you'll feel our rage!
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See Spot - Cancion De Amor
Title: Cancion De Amor Artist: See Spot Album: Is There Any Love in Your Ska? Landera Records (1996)
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Suff Daddy - Hospital
Title: Hospital Artist: Suff Daddy Album: The Gin Diaries (2010) Melting Pot Music
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The Autonomads - G.M.P (Greater Manchester Police)
Artist: The Autonomads Song: G.M.P (Greater Manchester Police) Album: No Man's Land Pumpkin Records/Antikörper Export www.autonomads.co.uk/ Lyrics: We must all make a conscious rejection of law enforcement's repression. Our tactics must equal theirs. We need to organize ourselves through community and refuse to accept their rigid definitions of difference.. In a time where every aspect of diversity and difference are perceived as a threat, we need to unite on common ground and fight against the erosion of our civil liberties, and say no to their control. There's an officer at the end of our street And when I cross the park more bobby's on the beat Their radios are shouting.. sirens screaming Another violent night or so the headlines reading They call us thieves and murderers.. call us criminals But really it's the coppers who behave like animals No more GMP!! Get out of our city!! There's a risk these days if you walk the streets alone Muggers will steal your ipod, your money, and your phone But the real threats not to my property It's getting attacked by those who say they protect me Langcross road street party, the GMP disturb the peace We're not running from each other, no, we're running from the police
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The Scofflaws - Grazing In The Grass
Artist: The Scofflaws Song: Grazing In The Grass Album: Ska In Hi-Fi Label: Moon Ska
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Rubrics -  Heterosexist Tragedy
Artist: Rubrics Title: Heterosexist Tragedy Album: Stay Crucial Get Better Records (2012) Lyrics: Your misogynist attitude is too much to bear. That's someone's child and you don't care. I hope you stay alone until your heart gets a little deeper. Because all humyn life is beautiful when you're not sitting on a throne. Young friend, I hope you think about your life. Don't end up doin' something you'll regret; you get no take backs. Old friend, I hope you found love in life, still dance and stay up all damn night. And scream the lessons you've learned. All friends, you better excommunicate those who will rape. Preach consent in our communities. All friends, you better excommunicate those who have raped. Safety in our communities. Don't touch unless you've asked. Respect in intimacy and set personal boundaries. Every humyn has the right to choose not to fuck you tonight.
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Axiom - Argument One
Artist: Axiom Track: Argument One Album: Axiom/Church of Nihil/Autonomia 3-way Split Gasmask Records/Catchphraze Records
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Junclassic - Best Around
Artist: Junclassic Track: Best Around Album: Southside's Savior
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Litmus Green - Refuse
Artist: Litmus Green Song: Refuse Album: Do You Fear Something? Green Boy Music (1996) Lyrics: We're not taking it anymore The rich against the poor The only war we'll ever fight Will be a class war We refuse to close our eyes We refuse to accept your disguise We refuse to believe your lies We refuse to slave you our lives We refuse to be your spies We refuse to run and hide We refuse to compromise We refuse until they die
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Dolphin Brain - Bloom Box
Artist: Dolphin Brain Title: Bl∞m Box Album: Bl∞m Box Coded Light Records (2014) dolphinbrain.bandcamp.com/album/bl-m-box
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MF DOOM - A Milli (Mike Waxx remix)
Artist: MF DOOM Song: A Milli (remix) Album: Doomed Mike Waxx/ IllRoots.com
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Coleman - Write Thing
Title: Write Thing Artist: Coleman Album: Los Angeles Series 9/10 All City Records 2010
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Anti-Venöm - Satan vs Cops
Artist: Anti-Venöm Track: Satan vs Cops Album: As Soon As There Is Justice Riot Ska Records Lyrics: I wanna see Satan, killing some bad cops In the name of communism above the laws of god When I think about the future, when I think about today All I see is hate, oppression by the hands of our state I‟m a poet, no religion and neoliberals are fucked What they talk about our freedom, it's just greed, consume and worse Please don't think I‟m a commie, anarchist of pro state I just sing about depression and some things must be said Give me something Burn down yourself Hate and despair To your state Please excuse me, I‟m a dumb ass, i just sing about my world I just did 4 years in college, now my brain is fucked up If I didn‟t hurt your feelings, that‟s not me it is my clone Cuz I‟m usually a big a-hole to the people that I love Give me something Burn down yourself Hate and despair To your state
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