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Giant Anteater with baby in the Brazilian Pantanal: Pouso Alegre
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The Dignified Entrance of the Elephants at the Sheldrick Orphanage in Nairobi
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Gorilla Life in Rwanda ---Baby gorillas play King of the Hill on a Silverback
Video of our Rwanda mountain gorilla experience---Volcano National Park. Babies play "King of the Hill" on the back of the largest silverback in the Virunga volcanoes, beating their chests and wrestling, meanwhile others groom in the background...totally idyllic and placid. Gorilla life is good!
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Donga Stick Fight in the Omo
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Shirley Caesar!
A visit to Mt Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh
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Mara River Crossing -- Croc Attack -- AUG 3, 2012
Near Mara Bridge--one of the first wildebeest crossings of 2012 of the Great Migration in the Mara Triangle, Kenya
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Scenes from a Visit to Dame Daphne Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi NP
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Lion Hunt At Lewa! Zebra Ambush
Two lionesses lie undetected in an ambush of zebras coming to drink---the trap was laid perfectly and one zebra even began to roll in the dust not realizing she was surounded by lions---still, they muffed it!
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Donga Practice
Ethiopia, Surma, Omo Valley,
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Greystoke Mahale: Swimming in 1000 Feet of Water: Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania
Best not to tempt the crocodile Gods -- if you want to swim in Lake Tanganyika worry free you have to take it to the deep water -- but that's if swimming with 1000 feet of water beneath you is worry free...in Mahale Mountains NP, Tanzania
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Rare Sumatran Rhino, Andatu Nurses -- Still a Baby at 600LBS
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Taking Pangi Out for Ants
As this orphaned black bellied pangolin was weaned off milk, she needed time in the forest to feed on ants. The Baaka would find suitable trees where ants would nest. As you can see even though there are plenty more ants, quickly Pangi loses interest and moves on---this is because the ants release a fermone that basically is unappetizing to the pangolin. Nature's way of saying, you've had enough of this particular nest, move on. Sustainability if you will.
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The Entrance Video at The Swamp: Heeeere Come the Gators!
The team runs out to "The Swamp: Where Only Gators Get Out Alive"
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Peaceable Kingdom:  Huge Herd of Elephants on the Move: Katavi NP, Tanzania
What's it like going on safari? Sitting in the midst of a huge herd of elephants on the move in Katavi NP... it doesn't get much better than this for a safari goer...
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Donga Demo
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Sumatran Rhinos: Ratu and Andatu, Way Kambas in Eastern Sumatra
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Zebras at Main Mara Crossing Point near Mara Serena, Kenya
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DIXIE at Tommy Condons in Charleston
St Patricks Day 2013
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Walrus Encounters by Sea Kayak: MS Expedition to the Arctic
The MS Expedition prided itself on having never panicking a walrus haul out---we intended to keep a respectable distance. This is when the walrus's had a different idea.
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Hyenas on Giraffe Carcass: Exeter River Camp, Sabi Sands GR
Sabi Sands GR near Kruger NP South Africa
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Large Wildebeest Crossing near the Mara Bridge,Kenya  August 2012
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Driving the Jungle Roads of the Central African Republic
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Elephant Family Digging for Water Along Sand River: Ruaha NP
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Northwest Passage -- Jeff Wiseman
Polar Bear Lounge on the MS Expedition
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Viva Cuba:  New Orleans Jazzfest 2017 Cultural Exchange
Pedrito Martinez Group and Telmary y Habana Sana
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Teaching Pangi to Find Ants: Black bellied Pangolin, CAR
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Air Jaws!  Great White Breaches Off Simon's Town, South Africa
I've always watched Animal Planet/Discovery Channel/Nat Geo and any other nature channel to see interesting nature destinations -- one of the best, bar none, was the Air Jaws special during Shark Week. Gaansbai is a great place to go to get into the shark cage but my preference was to try to observe the natural predations near Seal Island in False Bay -- a short half hour from Cape Town. It's the only spot on the planet where this behavior occurs regularly mostly in the early morning hours just after dawn. This compilation shows two breaches we were able to capture because we were towing a decoy shaped like a seal. We saw many other natural predations the first time we went but did not capture them on video (much harder when you don't know when and where they'll leap out of the water although gathering gulls are a good clue) Anyhow, it's an amazing sight and easy to reach from Cape Town --- weather can be dicey so leave a couple days available to do this in case its cancelled due to weather and rough seas....best during JUN, JUL and AUG. The last clip is of the seals nervously gathering in the shallows to make their way past the gauntlet of sharks....nature drama at its best! We booked with Rob Lawrence and the fine folks at African Shark Eco-Charters. Last but not least you see about 250,000 cape cormorants leaving Seal Island to feed --- another incredible sight...as an added bonus we saw dozens of dolphins porpoise-ing on the way out to the island----just a great way to spend the a.m. when in CT. (Not to mention the penguins at nearby Boulders Beach!
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Full Moon Drum Circle Dandelion Cafe
Orlando, FL
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Mizan Teferi Arrival
Ethiopia, journey to Omo Valley
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Flying over the Equatorial Rain Forests of the Congo Basin - Bayanga, C.A.R.
Flying through the mist and above the green forest canopy of the Central African forest on the way to Sangha Lodge and Dzangha Sangha Special Reserve...
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Satwa Elephant EcoLodge in Way Kambas National Park
This ecolodge was a little paradise at the gates of the Way Kambas NP on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Our stay was really nice. Comfortable, relaxing, friendly staff----it may not be five star but I give it high marks. A great place to stay as you search for the incredible wildlife of Sumatra and visit the Rhino Breeding facility.
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Dzanga Bai -- The Greatest (Elephant) Show on Earth
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Shy Dancers of Surma Tribe
Ethiopia, Omo Valley
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Jaguar Hunting Caiman in the Brazilian Pantanal -- Riverbank Collapse
This female jaguar hunted the shoreline eventually catching a caiman only to lose it when the riverbank collapsed...
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Jaguar Hunts along the River: Capybara Attack and Giant River Otters
Jaguar Camp near Porto Jofre tracking jaguars in the Pantanal
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