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Max&Enric gay story 45 Good Edu! ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
G: Hello! M: Hello! G: I've ordered a pizza M: Jon! J: Yes? M: The order of Mr. Felip? J: Yes, it is in the oven. If you'll wait just a moment G: OK. How is your father? M: The same. Yesterday I came to see him. I try to cheer him up but it is hard G: I suppose Enric hasn't dared to speak with you M. He came the other day G: But you didn't solve things M: No G: Now it was his turn being battered. World is full of morons. If that's all they learn at their homes, it's a shame. He wouldn't like I tell you this but Pep and his brother insulted and beat him and now Enric has half of his body full with bruises M. No! E: Someone has to stop this son of a bitch someday. G: Yes, I told him he'd to report Pep or do something but lately he doesn't want to accept my advices even to hear what I tell him. I don' understand him M: 8,15 G: Here you go M: OK, I owe you 5 cents G: No, I don't want them M: Thank you. Goodbye. Take it. E: You didn't tell me he come to see you M: He only wanted to pretend E: He's hooked on you yet M: I don't need him E: You shouldn't be too hard. At least he didn't come weeping trying to make you feeling sorry because he was beat up M: I don't mind. He deserves it by hanging with those stupid people Edu: Hello E: Hello Edu: Enric, do you have a moment? E: Not now, we have a date Edu: Your grandpa told us about what happened the other day. I'm sorry. Now you can know how it feels E: No, it was nothing Edu: Don't act as you don't care. You know for sure you've been beat up because you're gay E: Edu, what do you want? Edu: That you stop being a jerk, all of us have suffered at the beginning. Max doesn't know I've come, he didn't tell me but I know he's also sorry for you E. So what? Edu: Max is worth you shouldn't let losing him Me: What happened? Mk: He fancies you or what? He's hot but Max is more exciting E: Shut up Maika! Mk: What? What did he say? Me: Enric! E: Nothing. My grandpa talks too much. Me: Something happened to you the day of the party, right? You didn't go to your place because you were tired E: They beat me up Mk: What? E: I didn't want to tell you because I don't want anyone worrying about me
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Max&Enric gay story 38 6th gay kiss ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
M: How is that going? E: Horrible, just hearing the word exam makes me sick M: Why? Don't you ever get good grades? E: Yes, but this school-year I've not studied much M: I hope it is not because of me E: This afternoon I should stay in and study instead of going to your friend's party M. Enric, you told me you would come! E: No, I'll go, I'll go. I'll study tomorrow. Max, if finally I'm accepted into Medicine, would you lend me the notes? M: I don't know man. Everything has their price E: I'll pay. One thing, at the party are they all gay? M: No. Don't't worry about it, Enric T: Good, two strong men to help me with the bags M: To the kitchen? T: Yes please Oh my feet. You're studying Medicine, right? M: Yes T: Is there predicted a foot transplant coming soon? I'll be the first to volunteer M: I wouldn't recommend it. You'd better be the second T: Ah, you're right, let them screw up with someone else. Are you staying for lunch? I brought hake fish and today I feel inspired! E: No, Max was leaving to go work. In fact he's late isn't he? M: Yes, I'd better go T: Oh, come another day and stay for lunch man M: Yes, when Enric invites me E: Max, Max. The pizzeria at 5? M: Look Enric, do as you want. You don't have to do it to make me happy E: Goodbye P: Besides queer he's slow, we are waiting ages! Me: Pep, it's been 5 minutes and stop it, or better you go to study alone M: I'll bring the drinks now Me& Mk: Thanks E: I'll stay until 5 and then leave afterwards P: So early? We said we'll studying all day at school Mk: Well, we three can stay P: It was very difficult to get the computer room E: My grandpa has asked me to help him with some things P: Do it tomorrow, man. It's A level and we're your friends E: No, I already promised and he has been very good to me, I'm going early P: You liar, man, you said you'd help me with maths and now you let me alone E: I don't know, maybe we could meet at your place tomorrow? P: Internet doesn't work! Besides, I wanted to look for a website that has the exams from previous years. I'll do it alone even if I don't get a shit E: OK, I'll stay, you're boring P: You did it better before when you were serving like a girl would M: Did you say that because I'm homosexual? P: What happens? Everybody know that you like to be fucked up the ass M: And sounds like you'd like to try it! P: Watch what you say, I'm not queer! Me: Pep, shut up! P: I don't want to, he insulted me! Mk: You started it! Look, let him alone, he's stupid M: And you? Don't you plan to say anything? You don't care, do you Enric? You don't mind if he insults me in front of you? We were going to the party this afternoon and you cancel it because of this jerk? Now you'd go studying with him? Why do you ever fuck up everything? P: One moment, what party? M: Come on Enric, tell him E: Shut the fuck up! M: I don't want to! I want you to say it in front of everybody, Enric! Enric, tell him that we are together. OK, to hell with you, do whatever you want but don't approach me anymore Me: Enric, wait! Mk: Heavy! Did you know this? P: No G: Are you taking away everything? E: Yes, I wouldn't come back never G: But, there are a few days left for the exams E: I'll going study at home, I'll be more calm there G: OK, OK, I'll leave you be P: Hey! It's true you're a fucking faggot? E: Let me alone Pep P: You're a jerk! All this time... E: Pep, we're friends P: Not anymore E: I wanted to tell you P: Bullshit! We had parties together, we got drunk together, and we've had sleepovers E: Pep, it's been not much time Max and I are together P: We showered together, you make me vomit G: Hey! Enric! Enric! What happened to you? E: Nothing G: Nothing? This animal has punched you? I'll tell Empar E: No! G: Why? E: Because he's right, I'm a jerk I failed him and Max too
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Max & David upset by their love lifes ep 1490 (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)
Max & David are upset by their love life being turned down. English subtitles by Mountain Dwells. THANKS! From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3
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Max&Enric gay story 48 Max & Enric bored? ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1426
Max & Enric came back a week earlier than expected from their vacation. Translation: (Thanks maxenricfan,Siphencs and mpictbrige improving my translation) Beni- Where was the house? In Puigcerda? Max- Not exactly it was close to a little village neighbouring. Beni- Ah! So what? It was not nice? Max- Yes, more than Puigcerda, and the house is fantastic. Beni- Then I don't understand. If the house was so good, why didn't you stay one more week? Max- Look, for me the country... Beni- I know what you mean. Max- First it is funny, birds singing and all, but the last days, the truth is, it was a little boring. Beni- It's clear, we are sewer rats. We love to live in the city, smell the asphalt, you know what I mean? Max- Here you can go to the cinema, theatre... Beni- Mmmm yes Max- There, we were playing cards anytime. Beni- Ah. And with Enric... Max- With Enric everything is fine. I suppose we are bonding well. Beni- Aaahhhh Max- What? Beni- Haha, I see you're dumfolded in love Max- Is that so obvious? Beni- Hahahaha Enric- I didn't want to anyone notice but I was a little weary Merce- Weary of Max? Enric- Yes, we seemed like a gay version of "Peter & Heidi" Merce- Haha. Well I think that's very romantic. Enric- I don't think so Merce- What's up? Isn't it going well for both of you? Enric- Yes, with Max we are getting along very well Merce- And so what? Enric- Then, well being fine doesn't means I don't need to see other people, I don't know, going places with friends, talk, besides this, Max sometimes is a little weird... Merce- What do you mean...? Enric- Well he does some things... Merce- What kind of things? Enric- This is something I'm not going to tell you Merce Woman- Who is Max? Clara (Max stepmother)- Look, he is the one talking to Peris. Woman- He has the same eyes as Eloy. Clara- I will introduce you later. Peris- I see you're very well tanned. Max- Yes, because we took naps on the terrace. Enric- Yes, and the neighbours couldn't sleep because the snoring. Max- Ahhh very funny eh? But, Enric he takes the nap in his pyjamas. Enric- Max! Don't explain this! Peris- Hahahaha Max- One day I made "gazpacho" and he put it on the microwaves (popular food in Spain on summer. Liquefied vegetables with the mixer, olive oil, etc, and it's supposed to be served very cold) Merce- No way! Enric- I thought it was tomato sauce. Merce- And you ate it? Max- Hot like a soup! Merce- Beni is right; you are worse than a married couple. Max- When we will living together I don't know how we will bear each other. Merce- Do you plan on living together? Max- No, of course not, but I wish. Don't you? Enric- Yes, I go to fetch more champagne.
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Max&Enric gay Story 12 Enric coward  ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Enric goes to the University to find Max to ask Max to forgive him because he couldn't find any excuse to escape from his friends to meet Max. Max is surprised but happy. He asks for another meeting today. Enric replies he has a date with Merce. Max then asks Dou you liked it the other day at my place? (When the 2d kiss). Enric: I have been thinking and... yes I liked it. Max: Why you continue with Merce then? Enric: I don't know I'm fine with her. Max: Better we let it go, then. I don't want to have hopes. Enric: No, I don't want not to see each other. Max: Then you have to choose. Merce or I. Enric: I'll break with her. Today I will talk her and say I want to break because I'm not in love. At the bar Pep says some homophobic comments and Enric frozes and asks Merce to meet him after school. Max tells Edu he was wrong with with Enric and how Enric enjoyed too much being with him. You have the "gay radar" damaged" xD When Enric meet Merce, he wants to tell her to break up but before he could say a word Merce thinks Enric wants to have sex and give him a... well... errr... you can see yourself... Merce says to Enric: Relax and imagine you're at other place. I think he imagines he's with Max...
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Max & Enric gay story 2 Max wants to meet Enric again ENGLISH SUBTITLES
English translation by rascalbit. Thanks! MAX (after that Enric give a kiss on the mouth): What are you doing? ENRIC: I do not know ... ***** ÒSCAR: And he hit you with a kiss here, in front of everyone? MAX: Anyone saw us, we were closing. And it was only a kiss. But I can't forget it. ÒSCAR: Don't tell me that you are now hung up on him? MAX: I nearly do not know him, but there was feeling from the very beginning, I do not know how to explain it ... ÒSCAR: With me, the first time I saw Amèlia, it was as if I had taken a punch in the stomach. And you talked after this or what? MAX: No, his friends came and he went with them. ÒSCAR: Do not worry it, he will return. This guy has sure wants more. MAX: He did not come today. OSCAR: He has caught you strongly, huh? MAX: I would like to see him. ÒSCAR: Well ... Call him and attack! MAX: But I don't have his phone number. I do not even know his family name. There is only one way to locate him... ***** MAX: Enric! Enric! Hello. ENRIC: Hello. MAX: I thought you would come to the pizzeria. ENRIC: Ultimately we went to breakfast at the bar on the square ... MAX: Ah. I wanted to see you. ENRIC: Yeah. MAX: To chat for a while, huh? ENRIC: Hey, look, the other day I do not know what happened. MAX: I love people who are forward. ENRIC: Forgive me, but I have my class now. I have to leave. MAX: When you are done we can go out and get a drink. ENRIC: No, no. MAX: Why? What's up? ENRIC: We can stay in the bar. MAX: Yes, if you like. ENRIC: I will finish 13.15 M MAX: Then I will wait for you at 13.30 M in the bar "The Pati" ENRIC: Well ..see you. MAX: Till then. ***** MAX: Will you bring me another beer? And some potatoes, please. PERIS: You do not have something else to do than spend all day here? MAX: I am waiting for a friend. PERIS: Yeah. Hey, Max, I am no kid that you have to spend are all your time with. Will you not brought me more vegetables? MAX: But I have told you that I am waiting for a friend. PERIS: I told you loud and clear: I already know I care for myself. ***** MAX: Hello. GALIANA: Hey, has the food gone bad? MAX: It sucks when someone left me hanging. GALIANA: There is always the possibility to send him to hell the next time you see him. MAX: He lost it himself! Spanish translation by Inakitxu75. Gracias! MAX (después de que Enric le dé un beso en la boca): ¿Pero qué haces? ENRIC: No sé... ***** ÒSCAR: ¿Y te pegó un morreo aquí, delante de todos? MAX: Pero si no nos vio nadie, estábamos cerrando. Y sólo fue un beso. Pero no me lo puedo quitar de la cabeza. ÒSCAR: ¿No me digas que te has colgado? MAX: Casi no lo conozco pero hubo feeling desde el principio, no sé cómo decirlo... ÒSCAR: Yo, la primera vez que vi a Amèlia, resultó como si me hubieran dado un puñetazo en el estómago. ¿Y después hablasteis o qué? MAX: No, aparecieron sus amigas y se fue con ellas. ÒSCAR: No te preocupes que volverá. Éste va lanzado... MAX: Hoy no ha venido. ÒSCAR: Te ha pillado fuerte, ¿eh? MAX: Es que me gustaría verlo. ÒSCAR: Pues... llámalo y ¡ataca! MAX: Pero si no tengo el teléfono. No sé ni cómo se apellida. Sólo hay una forma de localizarlo... ***** MAX: ¡Enric! ¡Enric! Hola. ENRIC: Hola. MAX: Pensaba que te pasarías por la pizzería. ENRIC: Al final, hemos ido a desayunar al bar de la plaza... MAX: Ah. Tenía ganas de verte. ENRIC: Ya. MAX: Para charlar un rato, ¿eh? ENRIC: Oye, mira, el otro día no sé qué me pasó. MAX: Me gusta la gente lanzada. ENRIC: Perdona pero es que ahora tengo clase. Tengo que irme. MAX: Quedamos cuando salgas y vamos a tomar algo. ENRIC: No, no. MAX: ¿Por qué? ¿Qué pasa? ENRIC: Quedamos en el bar. MAX: Sí, como quieras. ENRIC: Acabo a las 13,15H MAX: Entonces te espero a las 13,30H en el bar "El pati" ENRIC: Pues... hasta luego. MAX: Hasta ahora. ***** MAX: ¿Me traes otra cerveza? Y unas patatas, por favor. PERIS: ¿Tú no tienes otra cosa que hacer que pasarte aquí todo el día? MAX: He quedado con un amigo, PERIS: Ya. Oye, Max, que ya no soy ningún crío para que me estés todo el rato encima. ¿No me habrás traído más verduras? MAX: Pero si te he dicho que he quedado con un amigo. PERIS: Te lo dije bien claro: yo ya me sé cuidar solito. ***** MAX: Hola. GALIANA: Huy, ¿a alguien le ha sentado mal la comida? MAX: Me jode que me dejen colgado. GALIANA: Siempre queda el recurso de mandarlo a tomar por saco la próxima vez que lo veas. MAX: ¡Él se lo pierde!
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Max&Enric gay Story 19 Enric pretends ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Merce tells Max she broke with Enric because Enric is gay and loves Max. But Enric keep on deny he's gay so Merce asks Max to help him. Max thinks Enric is confused and needs time to assume he's gay. Meantime Pep takes Enric to have some fun with two girls. Enric pretends he's happy but you can see he's not. He almost tells Pep the truth. Partial English translation By Inakitxu75 MERCÈ: Can we talk, please? MAX: Well... I'm in a hurry, you know? MERCÈ: It's about Enric. We broke up, a few days ago. MAX: All right. MERCÈ: We broke up because of you. 'Cause he likes you. MAX: What do you expect of me to do? MERCÈ: Look, I don't care if you both had sex. But I do know Enric is gay. Even if he keeps denying it. MAX: Well, he keeps denying it... MERCÈ: Help him, would you? MAX: What for? MERCÈ: He's gay, isn't he? MAX: It doesn't matter what I think. MERCÈ: But he's confused and he's behaving as someone else. I think he's scared. MAX: It's OK you worry about him... but I believe he has to realize it by himself. He needs some time and there's nothing we can do by now. MERCÈ: He's cheating himself. Partial Spanish translation by Inakitxu75 MERCÈ: ¿Podemos hablar, por favor? MAX: Es que... tengo un poco de prisa. MERCÈ: Es sobre Enric. Hemos roto. Bueno, hace ya días. MAX: Muy bien. MERCÈ: Hemos roto por ti. Porque le gustas. MAX: ¿Qué quieres? MERCÈ: Mira, me da igual si os habéis enrollado o no. Pero yo sé que Enric es gay. Aunque él me siga diciendo que no. MAX: Pues si él dice que no... MERCÈ: Ayúdale, por favor. MAX: ¿A qué? MERCÈ: Es gay, ¿no? MAX: Da igual lo que yo crea. MERCÈ: Pero es que está confuso y se comporta como lo que no es. Yo creo que tiene miedo. MAX: Está bien que te preocupes por él... pero yo creo que ya se dará cuenta él solo. Creo que necesita tiempo y ni tú ni yo podemos hacer nada por ahora. MERCÈ: Pero es que se está engañando a sí mismo.
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Max&Enric Gay Story 80 21th Gay Kiss Trying on the open couple ENGLISH SUBTITLES ep1465
English translation thanks to BadHair07 Edu: Let me get this straight. Let's get this into perspective, did you like those two guys? Max and Enric: Yes... Edu: One was a model and the other a manager... and at the end you got scared?? Enric: It's just that we weren't sure, you know? Max: ... and we went home. Edu: How sweet. Don't worry, it's normal. Enric: Really? Edu: You shouldn't have gone out together. Max: We thought it would be easier that way. Edu: No, its just the opposite. In the beginning, you always feel conscious that your partner is watching you. Enric: You're right, I was aware that Max was watching me. Max: Yeah I was constantly aware of that. Edu: Look, if you want to branch out, you have got to go out separately. I'm going out tonight...you fancy coming? Max: Oh, I don't know, Edu. Do you mind? Enric: I'd manage it myself Edu: That's the spirit...don't worry, I'll take good care of him. Max: Edu, You see that guy over there? Edu: Which one? Max: The one in the black jacket. Edu: What a hottie... Max: He's called Miki, he's the guy who proposed the threesome. Edu: Really? I hope this time you're not chickening out... Max: What do you mean? Edu: What happens? You haven't forgotten why we are here, right? Max: Of course I haven't! But we've only just got here!! Edu: Thank you. Here. Max: Why are you giving me both? Edu: The other one is for him. You better attack now or forget it. That kinda guy won't be alone for long, come on! Edu: I'm flipping with you Max: Its no big deal... Edu: What do you mean no big deal? That guy was a god! And he only had eyes for you, and yet you turned him down! Max: He wasn't THAT hot, Edu. Edu: No, what happened was that you were overcome with fear. Max: No, what happened is that I couldn't stop thinking about Enric. Edu: Enric has given you his blessing, Max. You aren't doing anything wrong. Max: Then why do I feel like I'm cheating on him? I don't think this open relationship thing is right for me. Edu: Perhaps you're right. Max: And I think Enric feels the same. Look at the other night, we went out and acted like fools. When I see him at home, I'm going to tell him and this open relationship will be a thing of the past. Edu: Look I don't understand you both Enric: Hey Max, how was your first night of freedom? Max: Good Enric: Yeah? Max: Yeah, it was good. I was speaking to Edu. Enric: Well, I'm happy because I had a fucking awesome time, too. Max: Oh yeah? Enric: I met this guy Max, pfff, brutal!! You should have seen him! When he asked me back to his place I couldn't believe it! Max: You went to his house? Enric: What else was I supposed to do? I couldn't let him go. Oh, in bed... oh and in bed...! Max: Well, I can see you had a great time. Enric: Yes, I want to tell you all about it...come to bed and I'll tell you anything Max: Enric, it's just... Enric: Today, I've seen the light. This is what we needed. Max: You think so? Enric: I'm sure. I love you. Max: Love you, too. Come on let's go to bed.
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Max&Enric Gay story 11 Enric wants more ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Translations by Inakitxu75 and rascalbit. Thanks a million! MAIKA: Hey, this afternoon we could go to the movies. Look, this one. ENRIC: They say it is very disturbing. FRIEND: Which one? MAIKA: This. My cousin has two sleepless nights, girl. FRIEND: Phooey! PEP: And in the United States there is a guy who has died. FRIEND: Yeah, sure. ENRIC: Yes, I have also heard that. He was watching the film and it gave him a heart attack. FRIEND: But that's what they say for propaganda. I am sure it not that bad. MAIKA: Well then you will come and see, courageous. MERCÈ: I'll pass, huh? ENRIC: Me too. MAIKA: But why? Since you have been a couple you have become boring, guys. (Enter Max. Enric saw him enter). ENRIC: I am still thirsty. Does anyone want anything? MERCÈ: I do: some potatoes. MAX: Hello, Peris. Can you give me change, please? PERIS: Yes, wait awhile, I look in the box. Sometimes Fidel seems to have an allergy to banks. MAX: Hey. ENRIC: Are we still on for this afternoon? MAX: Yes, I have asked to leave early. I finish in an hour. ENRIC: Do we remain in your house? MAX: Yes, I will be there at 19:15. MERCÈ: Hey, they are rolling. Hello, Max. PERIS: Here, kid. MAX: Thank you. Goodbye. MERCÈ: Goodbye. PERIS:It's nothing. And you, what do you want? MERCÈ: Some wavy potatoes. So? What were you talking about with Max? ENRIC: No, nothing. I wondered if he was clear about the idea of medicine. MERCÈ: Why don't you stay the day with him and he can tell you more things? ENRIC: Yes ... CLERK: Max, I am sure that you know this: "bean-shaped gland." It ends in "s" " MAX: "Hypophysis"? CLERK: What did you say? MAX: Where did you get this crossword? It seems they were doing it to annoy you. CLERK: I don't know, it was here. MAX: And Galiana? Employee: He is about to arrive. MAX: It is today that I will be leaving soon. In about ten minutes or so. CLERK: If you want you can go, okay? I will not say anything to the boss. MAX: I am about to finish. ENRIC: No, today I can not. I cannot get out of their plans. MAX: I thought that today you were not going out... ENRIC: Maika has convinced us all to go to the cinema. MAX: You were not able to come up with an excuse? ENRIC: I already told Mercè that my mother had been ill. I cannot be telling lies all the time. MAX: Okay, okay. You can call me. ENRIC: Okay. PEP: Enric, man, if we don't get arrive there will be no tickets! ENRIC (Max): Goodbye. PEP: Go pay! ENRIC: They had no coffee. PEP: It took them so long to tell you that? EMPLOYEE (Max): You did not leave?
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"Highway to Hell" by Casal Rock
Casal Rock, a group of 25 pensioners aged 77 to 92 with no experience, singing Highway to hell. You guys rock!
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Max&Enric gay story 53 Max & Enric looking for a flat ENGLIS SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1432
English translation courtesy of pinkcashemere. You're my hero! Thanks!!! Max: Come on, finish already!! Enric: You're in a hurry! Peris : And where did you say is the apartment? Max: On a street from Raval's borough. It's very small but has a very good price. Enric: They told us that it's all outside. Peris: Pay attention so they don't take your skin. Max: Will see to it when this one finishes eating Peris: This... errr... and what is Beni saying? Is he OK going to live alone again? Enric: We didn't tell him yet. Peris: Fuck! Max! Max: I don't want him harassing me. I'll tell him when I'll have the apartment. Enric: What are you doing? Max: Come on, let's go! Enric: Good bye Peris Peris: Good bye Max: Max: The apartment was ideal, had the right measures and the two rooms were on the exterior Clara: You will find another one Max: No Clara, not at this price. Clara: You're not gonna give up, you just started Berta (mother of Iago): Clara, did you bring tomatoes cans? Clear: Yes. Berta: What happened? Clara: Max and Enric saw an apartment and the owner did not want to rent it. Max: What bothers me is that he practically said to us that he'll give us the apartment.. Berta: And why didn't he rent it? Max: Because he saw that we are gay. Clara: What do you mean? He didn't rent it because of this? Berta: People have a lot of misconceptions Max: You should have seen the face he put when I told him that we were not brothers; a little bit more and his balls would've dropped to the floor. Iago: Too bad Max : What? Iago: You should've told him that you were brothers. Man, if you want to rent an apartment you cannot say that you are queers. Max: Yes, but I don't feel like lying for it. Iago : As you want, but you would've had the apartment by now. Max: I do not understand why you let Iago in your house. Clara: That's why you made me come down? Max: This guy he's a rascal Clara: He doesn't have an apartment anymore. What do you want, to sleep on the street? Max: I'm also looking for an apartment, but you don't see me going in people's houses. Clara: Max, you live with Beni Max: He is taking advantage of you Clara: Iago is charming, the matter is just you don't like him. Max: That's not true. Clara: It's because what he said about being gay,no? Max: It does not matter to me what he says; I do not understand why are you helping him. Clara: Because he is Berta's son and Berta asked me to help her. Max: Haven's you helped her already enough? You've found a house for her, you've found a job for her. Why do you help her so much? Clara: Because I have to, and it doesn't matter to me if you like it or not, I'll do it anyway.
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Max&Enric Gay Story 84 Max & Iago 2d gay kiss ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1471
Finnaly max is traped in Iago's web. such sweet and innocent Max! I accidentaly edited the first part from this ep and now it is erased from my HD DVD recorder, shame on my! visit maxenricfan for the full ep English translation pinkcashemere and BadHair07 courtesy and revised by nmcaia Thanks!!! Edu: Where do you want to go today? Max: To the "Sweet"? Edu: How boring! I'm sick of seeing the same faces all the time. Max: Then I don't know Edu, where do you think we should go? Edu: I always end up by meeting some dude with whom I have already been and you know the rules, no repetitions. Max: Yes. Edu: We might go to "La Penultima "( Penultimate), I haven't been there in a while; I know one of the waiters, he'll get us dome free drinks for sure. Dude, don't tell me you're gonna call Enric now! Max: No. Hi Miki! It's Max. How are you? Well, well, listen, tonight I am going to have a drink at ... at "La Penultima" with a friend: do you sign up or that? Ah, very well, yes, I can't wait to see you; very well so, so it's set, see you later, till then by and kisses Miki: I don't know why you made me go to that bar if we were going to leave in such a hurry Max: Just to give some more emotion to the whole thing Miki: OK. Your call surprised me. Max: I was thinking about you this morning and really wanted to see you. Miki: I'm happy for that Max: I can see that. Miki: I have already given up on you; I thought you did not like me. Max: I like you, look I like you so much that I made love to my boyfriend thinking of you Miki: You're spinning my head with your words. Max: Isn't it all about it? Miki: I hope you're not fooling around with me thinking at your boyfriend now, are you? Max: Not, I am not thinking about my boyfriend Miki: Who do you think about then? Max, Max! Are you OK? Iago: What do you want? We're closed Spanish translation: Edu: ¿Dónde quieres ir a ligar hoy? Max: ¿Al "Sweet"? Edu: Que pereza! Estoy harto de ver siempre las mismas caras Max: Pues no sé Edu, dónde tú quieras Edu: Al final siempre me acabo encontrando con algún tío con el cual ya he estado y ya conoces las normas, nunca se ha de repetir Max: Ya Edu: Podríamos ir a "La Penúltima", hace tiempo que no voy; conozco a uno de los camareros, seguro que nos invita a alguna copa. Tío, no me digas que ahora llamarás a Enric! Max: No Ey Miki! Soy Max ¿Qué tal? Bien, bien, oye una cosa, esta noche voy a tomar una copa a... a "La Penúltima" con un colega ¿Te apuntas o que? Ah, muy bien, sí, tengo ganas de verte; muy bien pues, quedamos así, hasta luego, adiós, un beso Miki: No sé porque me has hecho ir a aquel bar si teníamos que acabar marchando enseguida Max: Para darle más emoción a la cosa Miki: Ya. Me ha sorprendido que me llamaras Max: Esta mañana he pensado en ti y me han venido muchas ganas de verte Miki: Y yo que me alegro Max: Ya lo veo Miki: Yo ya te había dado por imposible, estaba convencido que no te gustaba Max: Si que me gustas, mira si me gustas que el día que te conocí, hice el amor con mi novio pensando en ti Miki: Me estás poniendo como una moto Max: De eso se trata ¿no? Miki: Espero que ahora no folles conmigo pensando en tu novio Max: No, no estoy pensando en mi novio Miki: ¿En quien piensas? Max, Max! ¿Estás bien? Iago: ¿Qué quieres? Ya he cerrado!
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Max&Enric Gay Story 82 Max doesn't accepts apologizes from Iago ENGLISH SUBTITLES ep 1467
Thanks to maxenricfan, DarkarLo and promiscuousmalaika for the English translations! Beni: Like when Zamora started that beer-burp contest haha, wasn't that fun? Max: That was disgusting Beni! Beni: You exaggerate! Hahaha when I think about it I get foolish, I swear, I was on the verge of wetting myself, well wet of laughter Enric: How are your arms after the futbolin game? Beni: The arms? They hurt, but even when I have this terrible hangover, I would repeat the party right now, it's been the best birthday of my life; A pity that you left, now when I think about it, without warning or anything Max: I felt bad, that's all, I've already explained it to you. Enric: Yes, but you could have told me something and we could have left together. Max: I would have felt terrible since you were having such a great time. Fidel: Here you have your snack. Max: I have to go to the faculty, What about you Enric? Enric: But you don't have any class two hours from now, no? MaX: Yeah, but first I want to go to the lab and then to the library. Beni: Oh I like that, you have to study, we don't want it to happen like last semester. Enric: Wait 10 minutes that I finish this and we can leave together MaX: No, Enric, I can't wait, I'm leaving, bye. BerTa: This morning I've seen the way you both were looking to each other, and don't tell me you are in good terms because I'm not stupid. IagO: Mom, please. BerTa: Something must have happened at Beni's party. Fidel: Is that all? Thanks. BerTa: I told you it wasn't a good idea that you went there. Iago: Nothing happened. Nothing important. BerTa: Iago . . . IagO: It's not my fault, it was Beni's, Max sucks at playing futbolín, Beni took him out and wanted me to play in his place and I guess that's why he got mad. BerTa: Well you could have said no, it wasn't that hard. IagO: It was just a game. BerTa: You both behave like kids. IagO: He does. BerTa: You too, you [ and Max ] fight for the smallest thing when it actually could be very easy for you to get along. IagO: Come on, don't start. BerTa; But it's true! You have many things in common. IagO: Hey Max and I are nothing like the same. BerTa: The two of you grew up with your mothers in jail, when his mother, Lali, died, he was 7 years old, the same age as you when they locked me up. Later when Lali died, Clara took charge of him but Max was already an adolescent with many problems IagO: Ok, but he had Beni. BerTa: No, they know each other only for 2 years; Max tried to find him when his adoptive father drawn in an accident, they had been living together on a boat sorting things out for himself as he could IagO: I had no idea. BerTa: Well you see, you and Max are more alike than you think Iago: Are you alone? MaX: What do you want? IagO: To talk. MaX: Well, I don't, so you can leave now. IagO: Come on, I don't bite. MaX: Hey dude, who do you think you are? IagO: I think I own you an apology. MaX: You think so? IagO: Yes, I shouldn't have kissed you. MaX: Finally you say something that makes sense. What did you expect? That I fall in a daze on your feet? IagO: I saw you annoyed, and I wanted to do it. MaX: Well I didn't! IagO: I was wrong. What I really wanted you to know is that we don't have to be like this. MaX: Iago, don't start with your cynical speech please. IagO: I mean it; we have more things in common than you think. MaX: Just because you are gay it doesn't mean we have to be friends. IagO: I don't want us to be friends, all I want is to stop annoying each other. Look, we started with the wrong foot, but I think that we can work it out, even if it's only for our mothers. MaX: No Iago, we can't and now get out of my house.
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Max&Enric gay story 39 Go Grandpa ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Mk:Venga Enric ¿Que te ha pasado tío? E. Ya os he dicho que no ha ocurrido nada Me: Venga Enric apúrate, hemos de consultar unos libros y en la biblioteca estaremos todos E: Ir vosotras Mk: Venga! Yo necesito aprobar y sin ti ni Merce no lo conseguiré E: Yo no quiero venir Mk: Venga Enric, por favor! G: Enric no quiere salir por culpa de Pep E: Abuelo! G: Explícales lo que ocurrió! Ayer Pep le pegó Mk&Me: ¿Qué? E: Abuelo calla! G: No me callo, no me da la gana! Le dio un buen golpe y ahora tiene miedo E: Yo no tengo miedo G: Entonces dime porque no quieres salir con tus amigos E: Porque aquí estoy más tranquilo G: No te has de avergonzar! Como no has de salir, empieza a preparar la comida para cuando vuelva; haremos ensalada y después lomo rebozado ¿Me oyes? E: Sí! G: Adiós Mk&Me: Adiós E: ¿Y vosotras que hacéis? ¿No marcháis? Me: No. Nos quedamos a estudiar Mk: Tu abuelo tiene razón, si Pep es imbécil tú no tienes la culpa E: Mira, si no queréis estudiar ya podéis marchar G: Eres un fascista! ¿Dónde crees que vas? P: Déjame G: Parece mentira que un chico tan joven piense de una forma tan carca (poco liberal) ¿Así es como te han educado tus padres? E: Usted sí que es un carca G: ¿Pero quien te piensas que eres? Gracias a cretinos como tú, el mundo va como va. ¿Te crees mejor que Enric? ¿Por qué? ¿Donde está escrito que tú seas mejor persona? ¿Quién te lo ha dicho? Empar (E): Señor Felip ¿Qué ocurre? All: Hola! Mk: Me parece que te van a reñir E: No sé porque Mk: ¿Puedo venir a cenar a tu casa? Me: Seguro. Que te vaya bien Enric E: Adios. Abuelo... G: ¿Qué quieres? E: No hemos parado de estudiar G: Es tu trabajo E: Estás enfadado G: He regañado a Pep E: No! G: Y he estado a punto de explicarlo todo a Impar, pero ¿De que serviría? Yo no tengo que ir defendiéndote de nada ni de nadie. Me sabe mal verte así, pero más mal me sabe pensar que siempre estarás encerrado en casa; la gente sabe o sabrá que eres gay ¿Y que? E: ¿Cómo que y que? G: Sí ¿Dónde está el problema? E: Yo que sé! G: ¿Tú piensas que irás por la calle y la gente te señalará con el dedo porque llevas una camiseta donde pone "Soy gay"? Entonces tengo que decirte que aquí en casa llevas una que pone "Soy estúpido" E: No me gusta G: No quieres que te diga las cosas claras E: No me gusta ser gay G: El problema no es que tú seas homosexual, el problema es que eres un cobarde y tienes miedo de lo que digan de ti. El día que te aceptes como eres, aquél día empezarás a ser persona
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Max&Enric gay Story 32 I'm not gay! 3 ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Third time Enric denies being gay. Because Pep has seen lately every time Enric with Max, he has the urge to ask Enric ¿Are you gay? Enric, coward again, reacts very angry: You're stupid or what? I'm not queer!!! Pep: Then better you don't meet Max too much because he could try to put his hand down your pants! Grandpa hear them, then, later at home he tells Enric he understand it's not easy to say everybody he's gay but lying it won't fix anything; but Enric thinks Pep wouldn't understand because he thinks gays are sick. Grandpa: That's HIS problem! You don't have to be ashamed being as you are. Enric: The curs are almost finished. At the University I'll not see Pep anymore. Grandpa: Do you think wouldn't be people like Pep at the university? You're as you are, here and on places in the other end of the world. If you don't want to tell, then don't you, but don't hide it.
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Max&Enric gay Story 28 Max&Edu&Enric ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Next week, Max is waiting yet for Enric call but Enric, coward again, he don't dares. Edu sees Max nervous and asks Max to tell him who is the boy he's waiting to call. Max tells Edu the truth. Enric. He called him from London and told him he's now sure he loves him. Edu is mad. Mad tells him Enric already apologized. He did a mistaken and he's very sorry. Edu: This guy gets you horny then you don't mind he kicked me. Max: No. If I were there that day I'd have kicked him. Please, don' be mad. Edu: Yes, better don't be angry at someone so stupid who hates himself. Max: I know you're right. I believe I'm mistaken. He promised to call me when he arrived and he has not done it yet. Edu: As you want. Later, Enric comes to the pizzeria. Max: So what have you in mind today? Sonia? Merce? Perhaps another girl? Maybe this time is a boy? Last week you told me it was I. You told me you'll call me Enric: I didn't know if... Max: You never know anything Enric. Why you don't make it clear yourself finally, and stop to bother people? Come on; say, which is your option today? Enric: We can meet later, now you're working Max: So what? Because there are people here, right? It's that? If we were alone you'll have the balls to tell me what do you do want. Come on, answer! What do you want to tell me Enric? Spanish translation by Inkitxu75. gracias! EDU: ¿Me lo vas a contar o qué? Porque es la 4ª vez que miras el móvil... ¿Es el de tercero? ¿El rubio? Ese sí que está bueno, ¿eh? No me digas que ya os habéis liado... MAX: Es Enric. EDU: ¿Qué? MAX: Me llamó desde Londres. Estaba allí de viaje de final de curso y me dijo que ya lo tenía claro, que yo le gustaba. EDU: ¡Max, es un cabrón! ¡Me pegó! MAX: ¡Porque iba con aquellos imbéciles! Además, ya sabes por qué lo hizo. Y te pidió perdón. EDU: ¡No puedes salir con él! MAX: ¡Se equivocó, Edu, y es consciente! EDU: ¡Hablemos claro: ese tío te pone y te da igual lo que hizo! MAX: Que no, Edu, que no es eso. El día de la paliza, si lo llego a tener enfrente, no sé lo que le habría hecho, y tú lo sabes. Venga, no nos cabreemos, por favor. Venga, Edu. EDU: Vale, no nos cabreemos. Y menos por un imbécil violento que se odia a sí mismo. ¿Qué, cómo llevas el tema 3? MAX: Todavía voy por el 2. Si tienes razón en todo lo que dices, y me parece que la estoy cagando del todo... pero me dijo que me llamaría en cuanto llegase y todavía no lo ha hecho. EDU: Tú mismo. ****** MAX (a Enric): ¿Hoy qué toca? ENRIC: ¿Qué? MAX: ¿Sonia? ¿Mercè? ¿O igual es que hay otra chica? ¿O resulta que es un chico? La semana pasada me dijiste que era yo y que me llamarías. ENRIC: Max, yo no sabía si... MAX: Ya, tú nunca sabes nada, Enric. ¿Por qué no te aclaras de una vez y dejas de cabrear a la gente? Vamos, dime, ¿hoy qué toca? ENRIC: Max, quedamos luego, ahora estás trabajando... MAX: ¿Qué pasa? Ahora hay gente, es por eso, ¿no? Si estuviésemos tú y yo solos, ¿tendrías los cojones de decirme qué es lo que quieres? Venga, responde. ¿Qué me quieres decir, Enric?
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Max The early years 90 Start over (Sub Eng, Spa)
Everyone has to start over. The family Peris with no money, no bar and no job. And Max without Quim, starting college. Todos tienen que empezar de nuevo. La familia Peris sin dinero, sin bar y sin trabajo. Y Max sin Quim, comenzando la universidad. From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3 video edition: Alejandro0720 English translation: Alejandro0720. Amendments by Anthony. THANK YOU SIR! Spanish translation: Alejandro0720
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Max& Enric gay Story 7 Edu 6th sense ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Translation by rascalbit & Inakitxu75. Thank you!!! EDU: The disc that you asked me for. But I do not know why he ran so quickly. MAX: My uncle, who has been urging me and when he gets heavy ... EDU: There are days that you did not call me. MAX: It is that either I am here working or studying. EDU: I have not seen you at the library even one day and the other day we had a spectacular party at the Roger's home, but I did not call you. MAX: I would not have gone either. EDU: Go spirits! Come, I will help you to hook up. MAX: What do you say? EDU: Do you see that the guy there? MAX: You mean that... EDU: He is gay. MAX: But how you can say it for sure? Do you know him? EDU: I bet anything you want. I have a ... Sixth sense. MAX: You're lucky. That way you do not shit it. EDU: Should I introduce him to you? MAX: No, no. EDU: Let's get a beer and you tell me. MAX: What? EDU: Max, not only do I have a sixth sense to know who is gay and who is not, I also know when you are with depressive tendencies ...it must be a seventh sense. MAX: That's it. He only gave me a kiss! I am stupid for having been hung up on a guy who is not gay. EDU: You have to learn to use the radar and distinguish. If not, you will eventually stumble each time. MAX: Yes, but how do you do it? EDU: I notice how they move, how they look, how they breathe ... I see signals. MAX: Yeah, but ... EDU: Watch, than one yes. That one ... no. No. That one yes, but he still does not know. For example, in football: that man has appearance but no, he's not gay. The blond girl will get it on for herself with girls one day if she has not tried it yet. He gets around. And the other is not like a thread. MAX: You are a crack, man! MAX (pointing to Enric): What about this guy? EDU: Hetero totally, without any crack. (Understanding) Is that him? MAX (lying badly): no. EDU: Fuck, man! It would please me to lie to you and say someday he will come out of the closet, but you are a friend and it is best to forget him. MAX: But then why did he give me a kiss? EDU: Do you know what I did one day? I hid it and kissed a friend of my sister. MAX: And what? EDU: I did it out of curiosity, to know how the lips of a girl were. And I liked it, huh? Because she had a little mustache. MAX: Yeah, but you say that he did that just because ... EDU: The wires were crossed for this guy. He wanted to experiment, given it a jab... and it was the fucking hazard that caught you in the middle. But do not eat up your brain. The world is full of gays. Look, look that one who has entered. That one is really a gay! MAX: But what you say! He is married and has children! EDU: Poor woman! She has the days counted ..
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Iago&Gonzalo break? ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1836
Iago is upset because the trial is so close, but what really upset him is... Gonzalo... or better... Max!!! English translations by Patty (gregoryFanatiker). A million thanks Patty!
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Max&Enric Gay story 89 Clara tells Berta Iago is gay ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1478
English translations maxenricfan and ecdlc courtesy. Thanks! Clara: Good morning. Berta: Good morning. It is still hot. Would you like some? Clara: Today I need it more than ever. Berta: Did you not sleep? Clara: My head has not stopped circling. It's as if I were run over by a truck. Berta: Did you explain everything to Max? Clara: Everything. Berta: And how did he take it? Clara: He was very understanding. Berta: And you'd fear of losing him if he had known ... Clara: Sometimes it's easier to forgive others than yourself. Berta: You did what you had to do so now Max knows everything, and you did not hide anything from him. This story will no longer torture you. If only we had been honest from the beginning, Max and you would not have come to this point. Clara: Yes, perhaps so. Berta: That is why I have also explained everything to Iago. Clara: Berta! Berta: He wanted to go home and did not understand why he could not and I did not know an excuse. Clara: I just hope that the entire neighborhood won't know. Berta: Rest assured. Iago is anything you want, but he knows how to keep a secret. Clara: Yes, of course. Berta: What I do not understand is: what did you decide? Clara: What do you mean? Berta: Why did you explain everything to Max yesterday? Did something happen? Clara: You already said it, and you were right; it was one thing that was distancing us more and I did not want to make it worse. Max: And when do you start to work? Beni: Tomorrow, today I will sign the contract. haha And where were you yesterday? Oh whatever! Look, yesterday I was talking to Iago, for a good time Max: Oh yeah? And what did you talk about? Beni: A little bit of everything, of this and that, work, music, motorbikes, when the bucket of water fell on top of me, haha. Max: I was at Clara's Beni: Ah okay, have you already fixed things? Max: Yes Beni: It's about time! Let's see if you can go 5 minutes without fighting with anyone. Man! Look who is here. A moment ago we were talking about you. Want to sit? Iago: No thanks Beni. Max, got a moment? Max: No, I'm with my father right now Beni: No, no, as if I was not here, we can trust each other! Iago: Go to hell! Beni: It has not been long 5 minutes eh! Or 5 minutes, fuck! [Max goes to Iago] Max: What do you want? Iago: What do I want? What do YOU fucking want? Yesterday I was waiting like an idiot in "The Fustería", and I left you a message. Max: Yes, I know, and I heard it. Iago: Well you could have called me. Max: I don't know why Iago: Hey, it was you that called me up Max: I made a mistake. It won't happen again. Iago: I know this tune that you keep on singing Max: No, this time is for real, you are a thief and a liar and take advantage, do not approach me again! Did you understand? Berta: What's going on? Iago: Nothing, leave it be Paco: Some olives K: But we did not ask Paco: Gift of the house, we are generous K: This little angel face does not appear to be a criminal Max: Iago had us all fooled as I said from the beginning... Paco! Can I have another? K: What I do not understand why your mother have him at home and at the kiosk if you can not trust him Max: Because if she is confident that, thinks he's reformed K: Then she would not care he was with you Max: Ya, but It's me who don't want to be with Iago. Things are fucking great with Enric K: Then why are you bothered with Iago deceiving you? Max: It's that I have been misled and deceived and so has the whole neighborhood K: Yes, but he is the only one that has been in bed with you Max: Look K, I have no desire to talk about Iago, it is water under the bridge. What I want now is to spend more time with Enric and on our relationship and that is what really matters K: That is, if he has time for you Max: What do you mean? K: Nothing, prior to coming here, I saw in Peris's him with a guy, a blond boy, albeit very handsome Berta: So were you who told Max? Clara: What are you talking about? Berta: I heard you told Max that Iago was a thief Clara: I had to explain Berta: Why? Iago is clean, I swore that he would not commit crimes again and this time I know he's telling me the truth Clara: Maybe you don't know him so much as you think. Berta: Why do you say this? Clara: Nothing Berta: Clara, look, if you know something that I do not know, you have to tell me. Clara: It's not me who has to explain something to you Berta: Listen, what has happened? Did you found him stealing again? Clara: Berta, your son is gay Berta: But what are you saying? Clara: If you don't believe it, ask him yourself.
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Gala final El cor de la ciutat
Some glimpses from the final show after the last episode. We can see Max & Iago picking up the award for Clara to the character who has suffered more this season. Max is funny saying it's his first time picking an award after 8 years working in El cor de la ciutat even though is not for him. Iago says they wear these T shirts which worked for him to be free 2 weeks later and they hope it works for Clara too. The master of ceremony says they make a nice couple and he wonders if in real life they too... The girl has to cut him out :) Later we can see the new director and scripter for next season (they are the same who directed Max&Enric story)giving some spoilers for the new season and presenting some of the new characters. Seems that bullying will be one of the topics. Finnally we can see Beni new "churrería" (Pastry shop?) We can see Enric (Jordi Parés) at 5:10. Ok, now I have to say I'm not planning to upload next season because is a lot of work and this is interfering my real life too much. At the begin I had planned to upload only Max&Enric story because I think there are not much series around the world with the guts to show the topic of homosexuality at such young age with absolute normality and the actors are real teenagers. And of course because I love Bernat Quintana work so much.I had no plans to upload Max&Iago story but since maxenricfan settled to stop uploading I kept on. Now I think it's time to say goodbye. I want tho thank everybody helping with the translations. I'm amazed a lot of people willing to help even if they don't speak Spanish even translating from Catalan. Some of them even learning Catalan too! There are wonderful people around the world! I want to thank also people supporting this chammel with comments and encouraging me to keep on. I'm really amazed with the success around the world of this series from a local TV in Catalonia. When I made the first kiss Max&Enric video that arkarchangelfr uploaded for me on youtube I never expected such success. So thanks again and take care
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Max The early years 93 Meeting his dad (Sub Eng, Spa)
Max finally is going to meet his biological father. Max finalmente va a conocer a su padre biológico. From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3 video edition: Alejandro0720 English translation: Alejandro0720. Amendments by Anthony. THANK YOU SIR! Spanish translation: Alejandro0720
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Max&Enric gay story 49 Max meets Iago ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1427
English translation manuvid07 courtesy. Thanks!!! Max: No, I do not have any plans. Enric? I don't know, I'll ask him. Oh, Ok. What time? Cool, 'till then, bye. Enric: Who was that? Max: Clara, she's inviting us over for dinner Beni: Great! We'll bring some wine, ok? Enric: Humm, I think I won't come Max: Why not? Enric: Because it's a family dinner and, I don't know, I guess I have nothing to do there Max: It's not a family dinner Enric, Berta and her son will be there, remember? You met them at Peris's opening Enric: Yeah, but besides I'm gonna meet Merce Beni: It's embarrassing... meeting your mother-in-law for the first time... Hahaha, I mean it's a matter of respect. Max: Beni! Beni: Why, if I understand him perfectly! You should have seen me when my girlfriend took me to her parents' house, haha. They looked at me as if I were an Islamic terrorist... I mean they didn't like at all that I... you get me. Oh I'll just get a beer. Max: Enric... It's just a regular dinner and it would make me really happy if you came with us Enric: I'm sorry Clara: I thought Enric would come too Max: He didn't want to come. He's been acting weird since last Friday that I made a comment and... Max: And, you had a fight? Max: Worse than that, I told him that I'm dying for us to live together Clara: And what did he say? Max: Nothing, that's the problem, I think I made a mistake Berta: The cod is ready! Everyone sit at the table now Beni: Mmmm, the aroma... mouth-watering! Berta: Hope the cod tastes good, I don't have much experience cooking Iago: Sure it's good, you're like a professional cook Berta: Come on! Would you hand me the plates? Clara: Nice appearance Beni: Oh oh oh Iago: What a shame what happened to your Harley Beni: Oh, you can't imagine how much! Clara: Beni's motorcycle was stolen Beni: There's not a better sense of freedom than to feel the air slamming against your face while you ride a Harley... I don't know if you get me Iago: I get you. My dream is riding route 66 in a convertible, from coast to coast. Beni: Damn it! Did you hear that Max? I'm in! The problem is that I'd have to do it by foot since I don't even own a car right now, haha. Clara: Don't give me that much... I'll have another one later anyway Berta: for Iago then Iago: I'd have trouble working today Beni: Fuck this cork! You try Max Iago: So, what do you do Max? Max: I study medicine Iago: Oh you got to have a really strong vocation Max: Yes, of course, just as for anything else, right? Iago: Dude, I work at a factory doing all the hard work and I swear I don't do it for vocation. Beni: Good one! haha. I don't know what's wrong with this cork... seems like it's stuck Iago: Come on, give it to me. You'll do nothing with those baby hands Beni: That's fucking great Iago! Did you see that? It just opened so easily! Did you see it, Max? Iago: A toast to the best cook in the world! Beni: To her! Beni: oohgg, I'm sorry, I can't eat anymore Max: I've had two of them of already, even though the cod doesn't tell me anything Beni: And what do you expect a cod to tell you? Hahaha Max: Very funny Beni: Listen she cooks very well, she could be a professional Clara: She did work cooking in a restaurant before going to jail Beni: Oh, and Iago, a very cool man I think... I really like him now that we've met. Clara: He's so nice, right? Beni: Oh yeah! I asked him if he'd like to go to the Harley's site at 'El Perello' and he told me that it was an awesome idea! It seems like he loves everything about motorcycles and stuff... you know what I mean? Clara: Berta loves Iago so much Beni: Oh yeah? What about his dad? Claro: He left when Iago was 6 years old. Everything Berta has done up to this point is because of Iago. The first time she went to jail was because she had to steal to buy Iago some clothes. Beni: Life hasn't been easy for her, huh? Clara: No, not a bit, and I think she should be happy now Iago's a relatively good guy considering he grew up with his mother in jail. Beni: Yeah, I think so too, right Max? Max? Max: What do you want me to say? This Iago seems like a fool to me. Beni: Here, take this to the kitchen.
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Max&Enric Gay Story 85 Max wants to be only with Enric ENGLISH SUBTITLES ep 1472
but Enric... and Iago... translations courtesy promiscuousmalaika Enric: I went dozed; what time is it? Max: It's very late How come you're not in bed? Enric: I did want to know how was like for you tonight Max: Is Beni sleeping? Enric: Benny called and said we shouldn't wait for him... he has a date. Don't tell me your father has a date and you don't. Max: I was at "The Penultima" (Penultimate) Enric: How did it go? Max: The music was good Enric: Max Max: I called Miki Enric: Ah! The one who kissed you in front of me the other day? Max: He was surprised that I called him, He didn't expect it. Enric: Yeah, you left him hanging twice. Max: Yes Enric: And what did you do later? Max: We went directly to his house Enric: So fast? Max: Yes, he said that he wanted to take advantage before I had second thoughts Enric: And you didn't have second thoughts Max: No, of course I stayed with him Enric: And it went well? Max: Yes, yes, it was fantastic Enric: Well, come in bed, I want you to explain it to me in details Max: I'm going to finish this and I'll come eh? Enric: Very well, till then. Beni: She stayed all night talking about his parrot and I couldn't take it anymore. She could not stop on talking and talked and talked until I finally said look Lolita... Max: Lolita is her name? Beni: Yes, yes it is hahahaha then I said: I have to kiss you or I burst, well I only had the urge she stopped on talking but then he kissed me but it was worse... Max: Stop Beni, I don't care Beni: You couldn't believe how bad her breath was, I did feel a weird smell like a sewer, and it was her mouth or her stomach or I don't know. Ahh and that is not all, she sweats, Lolita sweats, she's dirty and when fucking she sweats and sweats Max: Where are you going Beni? Beni: To buy the newspaper Max: I'll wait for you at the Peris Beni: I don't have told you the worse yet Beni: Have ordered anything? Max: No Beni: Are you still the same? Max: With whom Beni: Fuck, well with Iago, he apologized after the party, the foolishness should have stopped.... come on, he's a good guy Max: I'm ok with Iago Beni Beni: Yeees, of course, that's why you didn't go to the kiosk; I'm not stupid eh, what happened, did you fight? Max: Benny it's that...it's that I had an argument with Clara and I didn't want to see her Beni: Fuck Max what's going on, lately you're fighting everybody or what...I think what you need is a good fuck haha I'll talk to Enric and see if he can fix this hahaha Iago: Hey Max: Are you alone? Iago: Are you always so direct? Max: Are you alone or not? Iago: Yes, come in, It would be a long time until they come back. Do you prefer that we go to my room? Max: I came to ask you that what happened the other day to never happen again. Iago: Why? Max: Because I have a boyfriend Iago: You also had one last Friday Max: Yeah, that's my problem Iago: I don't know, I don't understand you, what happens? Didn't you like that we... Max: I'm not talking about that Iago Iago: So what are you talking about? Max: When I was with you, I've realized that I really want to be with Enric I want to bet for keep on the relationship that I have with him and I don't want to do anything that is going jeopardize it. Enric: Hey hello Max: Hello, what are you doing? Enric: Do you know how this works? Max: This...there! Enric: Ah! You don't plan to go out today? (to leave today?) Max: No, I don't wish to go out Enric: Are you so tired from yesterday? Max: Enric these days, with everything that has happened I've realize that I love you very much Enric: Yeah, the same thing is also happening to me Max: I can't imagine life without you Enric: I'll go look. Hey I'm coming! Max: You didn't ask who it was Enric: No, because I already know Max: Who is it? Enric: A guy I met on the internet, on the webcam and we agree to met, he's hot, and he has such abs! Do I look cute? Max: Very cute Enric: We had no plans for today, right? Max: No, but I thought that we could have dinner together and watch a movie Enric: If you want I could tell him that I'm not coming and that I will stay Max: No, It's ok, go Enric: Yes? Max: Yes, have a great time and tell me later Enric: OK, Come on (kiss)..Later
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Max&Enric Gay Story 78 10 rules for an open couple ENGLISH SUBTITLES ep 1463
Translation promiscuousmalaika courtesy, thanks!!! Edu: Enric and you want to be an open couple? Max: Yes, we have been talking about it and we think that it will be good for us to strengthen our relationship Edu: You leave me stunned Max: Why? It works so mother fucking well for you, no? Edu: The other day you weren't really sure Max: Yeah, but this entails both of us Edu, and I didn't know what Enric was thinking Edu: And is he sure? Max: Yes Edu: I don't know, I have always seen you two as a traditional couple Max: Well relationships also change, and the two of us are sure that we will be fine Edu: Wow! Well I hope that one day you do it with me, lately your butts look pretty good... haha. Max, if you want an advice, the secret for an open couple to work is to have the norms very clear. Max: What norms? Edu: Man, don't tell me that you two have not spoken about it Max: No Edu: Before you start, you have to be very clear about what you can do and what you cannot Max: I get it Edu: The fundamental thing in a monogamous relationship is loyalty, if you go out with someone else you break the norm, the most probable thing is that you end the relationship. Open relationships work the same, only that the norms are different, if you want I can explain to you how Valenti and I make it work. Enric: Is it necessary that you and I have the same norms as Edu and his boyfriend? Max: No, they don't need to be exactly the same ones; every couple chooses the ones that they want Enric: Yeah Max: Look; the first one that they have is to always practice safe sex Enric: Yes, that yes, surely Max: The second one is to always choose together the person who will be with other Enric: Very well, I'll stay with the cute ones and you with the rest Max: Very sympathetic Enric: Listen; do you believe that this one is necessary? Max: For me it's not needed Enric: Then erase it, we should each sort ourselves out, no? Max: Let's see ... the third one, to never spend the night outside of the house Enric: Yes, that yes, because otherwise I will suffer if you do not come home Max: This one is important... To never repeat with the same guy Enric: Why? Max: Well because you might risk that he ends up liking you for other motives Enric: Very well, what else does it say? Max: To do threesomes? Enric: It depends on how the third one is, no? Max: The fact is that I don't wish to see how they're doing it to you right under my nose Enric Enric: You also would be Max: Yes but, I don't see myself in bed with two guys Enric: Then not at all, OK, we'd better not complicate life for ourselves. And... Do we have to explain everything to each other when we hook up? Max: Man, the idea is that yes, no? Enric: Then what do we do? Max: Edu says that this is a fundamental part of his sexual life Enric: Why? Max: For the trust that you demonstrate and because it can be exciting Enric: Then it seems good to me Max: Will we tell each other everything? Enric: Yes, That's all, no? Max: Yes. Listen Enric, if you do not want to... Enric: When do we start? Max: Tonight? Enric: Very well Max: And you're going to put on that very ugly striped shirt Enric: Why don't you put it on, handsome? Enric: And now what do you suppose we have to do? Max: Throw the fishhook and see if someone catches Enric: Yeah Max: Don't tell me that now you want to back down? Enric: Maybe nobody will catch Enric: As gorgeous as you are, I doubt it Max: Are you trying to hook up with me? Enric: It's too easy; it's better that each one of us goes to find his, well if we continue together neither of us will eat anything Max: It seems to me that you are right Enric: Don't look but there is a guy who has not taken his eyes from you since we arrived Max: Maybe he is looking at you Enric: I already know when someone wants to hook up with me Max. The expert has spoken! Enric: I am going to dance a little to see what I find, and don't let him escape; he's not bad at all Guy: Hello Max: Hello Guy: I thought that your friend would never go away. I only have this night left, in the morning I have a flight in the first hour Max: You are everything executive Guy: I can't complain, I have a job that I like and I travel a lot Max: You also must know lots of people? Guy: A lot, yes, but there aren't many that I like; do you want us to go to your house? Max: The fact is that ... I do not live alone Guy: Well we can go to my house; tomorrow I have to be at the airport at 8 a.m. I am going to pay and we can go
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Max& Enric gay Story 14 Max sad ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
English & Spanish translations thanks to Inakitxu75 Thanks!!! EDU: So, what happens now? MAX: Well, you know... EDU: What did you expect? Did you expect Enric to come and tell you he had sex with Mercè? MAX: No, but... EDU: He's confused. Like you were when you realized you were gay. MAX: Yeah, it could be that... EDU: So help him, then. MAX: I'm mad with him. EDU: Take the first step but don't push him. If you make him choose, he will choose the girl. MAX: Why? He doesn't fancy Mercè... EDU: But keeping her is the easiest choice. Believe me. ***** MAX: I understand what you're going through. But you don't have to lie to me. ENRIC: I like Mercè and I don't want to hurt her. MAX: But Mercè's not the point. It's you. ENRIC: Yeah, I know. MAX: You have to be honest. ENRIC: I'd prefer no to be gay. MAX: Why? ENRIC: Don't know, because of the people. MAX: You can't choose. You're gay or you're not. ENRIC: I don't know yet. Sometimes I guess I am but, five minutes later, I realize I'm not like Edu. MAX: Yeah but neither am I! Everybody's different. ENRIC: Yep, you're right. MAX: Listen, I'm your friend and I will help you on whatever you need. (Mercè arrives. The three say "Hello" to each other) MERCÈ (to Enric): I thought you were going home. ENRIC: I was but I met Max on my way. MERCÈ: I bet you were talking about autopsies and all that rubbish, right? ENRIC: Kind of... MERCÈ: Should we go home together? ENRIC: Yeah. (They both say goodbye to Max and leave him alone). EDU: Y ahora, ¿qué? MAX: Pues mira... EDU: ¿Y qué esperabas? ¿Que viniese a decirte que se había enrollado con Mercè? MAX: No, pero... EDU: Está confuso. Como tú, cuando te diste cuenta de que eras gay. MAX: Ya, a lo mejor... EDU: Pues ayúdale. MAX: Estoy enfadado con él. EDU: Da tú el primer paso pero no le pongas contra las cuerdas. Si le obligas a escoger, escogerá a la niñita. MAX: ¿Por qué? Si Mercè no le gusta... EDU: Pero es la opción más fácil. Créeme. **** MAX: Entiendo por lo que estás pasando. Pero a mí no tienes por qué engañarme. ENRIC: Es que a mí me gusta Mercè y no quiero hacerle daño. MAX: Pero el problema no es Mercè. Eres tú. ENRIC: Ya, ya lo sé. MAX: Tienes que ser sincero. ENRIC: Yo preferiría no ser gay. MAX: ¿Por qué? ENRIC: No sé, por la gente. MAX: Eso es algo que no se elige. O lo eres o no. ENRIC: Yo no lo sé todavía. A veces pienso que sí y, al rato, pienso que no porque yo no soy como Edu. MAX: Ya pero ¡yo tampoco! Cada uno es distinto. ENRIC: Sí, es verdad. MAX: Escucha, soy tu amigo y te ayudaré en lo que sea. (Llega Mercè. Se saludan los tres) MERCÈ (a Enric): ¿Qué, no ibas a casa? ENRIC: Sí, pero me he encontrado con Max por el camino. MERCÈ: Y seguro que estáis hablando de autopsias y de porquerías, como si lo viese. ENRIC: Más o menos... MERCÈ: ¿Qué, viene conmigo a casa? ENRIC: Sí. (Los dos se despiden de Max). Adiós
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Max The early years 73 Black eye (Sub Eng, Spa)
Friendship recovered and broken love. A little bit of everything. Amistad recuperada y amores rotos. Un poco de todo. From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3 video edition: Alejandro0720 English translation: Alejandro0720. Amended by Anthony. THANK YOU AGAIN,SIR !!! Spanish translation: Alejandro0720
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Max&Enric gay Story 22 I'm not gay again ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Enric goes to the hospital to beg Edu his pardon. There he meets Max. Max is angry and Enric says he even don't know why he kicked Edu. Max then has pity for Enric. He tells Enric he likes him yet and they could try again. Enric is quivering "... no...no...I'm not gay. Perhaps it's easy for you but I have doubts." Max: "Do you think that kicking gay people would make it clear to you?" You don't have to fear, I'll help you" Enric:No...no Max: Is because your parents? Enric: No Max: Because your friends? Enric: No Max: Why? Tell me! Do you want I help you? Enric: No Max: So what? Enric: Because I'M NOT GAY Max: Then, don't come to see me anymore. I don't want hear from you anymore. Spanish transltion by Inakitxu75. Gracias! MAX: ¿Se puede saber qué coño haces aquí? ENRIC: Quiero hablar con Edu. MAX: Pero qué cojones tienes... ENRIC: Siento lo del otro día. MAX: ¡Eres un hijo de puta, Enric! ENRIC: ¡Max, es que no sé por qué lo hice, soy idiota! MAX: ¡Es que no sé qué haces yendo con aquella gente! Enric, ¿por qué no volvemos a empezar? ENRIC: No sé... MAX: Podemos estar bien tú y yo. Tú a mí me sigues gustando. Mucho. ENRIC: Max, pero es que... ¡yo no soy gay! MAX: ¡Enric, por favor! ENRIC: Mira, para ti igual es muy fácil pero es que yo no lo tengo nada claro. MAX: ¿Y crees que dando palizas a gays te aclararás? ENRIC: ¡No lo sé! MAX: No tienes que tener miedo. Yo puedo estar contigo y ayudarte. ¿Es por tus padres? ENRIC: No. MAX. ¿Tus amigos? ENRIC: No. MAX: Entonces, ¿por quién, Enric? ¿Quieres que te ayude o no? Dime, ¿qué quieres que haga? ENRIC: ¡Max, es que YO NO SOY GAY! MAX: ¡Pues entonces no me vengas persiguiendo! ¡No quiero saber nada de ti!
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Max The early years 96 Second thoughts (Sub Eng, Spa)
Beni's second thoughts. Beni no tiene la conciencia tranquila. From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3 video edition: Alejandro0720 English translation: Alejandro0720. Amendments by Anthony. THANK YOU SIR! Spanish translation: Alejandro0720
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Max is back!  CATALAN and ENGLISH SUBTITLES  El cor de la ciutat ep 1832 Last season?
To set in motion the English subtitles click the cc icon in the bottom of the video. Don't laugh at my translations please (I did the translations myself and I even do not speak English at all). This is the last time I do so because is too much difficult for me. But I hope most of you took the advantage of the summer to learn Catalan ¿don't you? The catalan subtitles are for the people willing to learn catalan XDD. Ey, wait! the wonderful youtuber, Patty (GregoryFanatiker) just sent me the translations now so thank her boys and girls! I have changed my bad translation. Max is back... at last! But I see he lose a lot of weight. Food was not good in Mozambique? Or maybe it is because he left El cor de la ciutat too much time, where he was eating in EACH episode? Little summary (TV3 put only catalan subtitles): Clara died of overdose but the family tell nothing about this. Max is very angry at Clara for doing this and can't take the nice words in the funeral ceremony. We see Iago with Gonzalo (holding hands?). But Max & Iago have not spoken yet. Seems tomorrow they will do so
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Bernat Quintana Casting Caperucita roja
Bernat Quintana latest news. Casting for a movie? short film? Caperucita Roja
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Max& Enric gay Story 8 Merce attacks ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Merce pretends to study with Enric but she is in a rush to finish. Enric tells maybe then they can watch some TV but this is not what Merce has in mind. When Merce "attacks", Enric's grandpa walks in and scold them because they are doing "other things" than study. They guess they have been caught but then grandpa says: It's not supposed you will be watching TV! After grandpa left the flat Enric don't want to continue anymore. Merce she is disappointed...
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Max& Enric gay Story 6 Max&Oscar ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
English translation by rascalbit. Thanks! ÒSCAR: I am going to remove my hunger when it's time to eat. MAX: I will go directly to the university. What It has been fatal and I have to put on the batteries. ÒSCAR: No wonder, you spend all day with your boyfriends! MAX: Edu is not my boyfriend. And on Wednesday, I was with him just so he could return the disc, nothing else. ÒSCAR: And the other one? MAX: There is no other one. ÒSCAR: A few days ago there was another. That boy from the Institute. MAX: Yes, but ... he is not gay. ÒSCAR: How strange! MAX: Yeah. He says he likes girls. Maybe that's true, but ... I do not know. ÒSCAR: When did you know you were gay? MAX: When I liked most the guys more than girls! ÒSCAR: Oh. MAX: And yet, at first, I liked a girl teacher. ÒSCAR: But you do not know if he is gay. MAX: I thought that he was. ÒSCAR: You always boast about having a sixth sense to detect other gay guys. MAX: Then I do not have it. ÒSCAR: And how do you find out? MAX: Look, I do not know. With me, when I like a person, I never know what is going to happen. But it also might happen to you because not all girls like the guys ... ÒSCAR: Yes, it's true. Not long ago, that did happen to one of them at work. But, that boy gave you a kiss. MAX: Maybe he had doubts ... And wanted to try it. Spanish translation by Inakitxu75. Gracias! ÒSCAR: Se me va a quitar el hambre para cuando llegue la hora de comer. MAX: Yo me iré directamente a la Uni. Lo llevo fatal y tengo que ponerme las pilas. ÒSCAR: No me extraña, ¡estás todo el día con tus novios! MAX: Edu no es mi novio. Y el miércoles he quedado con él para que me devuelva el disco, nada más. ÒSCAR: ¿Y el otro? MAX: No hay ningún otro. ÒSCAR: Hace unos días había otro. Aquel chico del instituto. MAX: Sí pero... no es gay. ÒSCAR: ¡Qué raro! MAX: Ya. Dice que le gustan las chicas. Igual es verdad pero... no sé. ÒSCAR: ¿Tú cuándo supiste que eras gay? MAX: ¡Cuando me gustaban más los tíos que las tías! ÒSCAR: Ya. MAX: Y eso que, al principio, me gustaba una profesora. ÒSCAR: Pero no sabes si él es gay... MAX: Creía que sí... ÒSCAR: Vosotros siempre presumís de tener un sexto sentido para detectar a otros chicos gays... MAX: Pues yo no lo tengo. ÒSCAR: ¿Y cómo lo haces? MAX: Mira, no sé. A mí, cuando me gusta una persona, nunca sé qué va a pasar. Pero a ti eso también te podría pasar porque a todas las tías no les gustan los tíos... ÒSCAR: Sí, es verdad. Hace poco, le pasó eso mismo a uno del trabajo. Pero... aquel chico te dio un beso. MAX: A lo mejor tenía dudas... y quería probar.
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Max&Enric gay Story 20 Pep&Edu ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
At the pizzeria Pep & Enric are waiting for Pep's older brother and friends to come when they see Edu kissing his boyfriend. Later Edu runs into Pep.
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"Putas" (Whores) Bernat Quintana short movie ENGLISH SUBTITLES
Thanks to Inakitxu75 for the tip!!! Short film shown in notodofilmfest Two boys playing a special game during a Sunday afternoon Director/Script Writer: Ignacio Acconcia Actors: Bernat Quintana,Marc Ferrando,María Egea,Blanca Boixadera and Nuria Salad English translation made by myself. Be nice please xD (amended by Anthony. Thank you sir!) M (Marc): 300 B (Bernat): 50 M: This one? I would give her 600 B: Me...250. And this one? I would fuck him for 1000 M: We said that guys don't count B. Why not? If you were a whore you wouldn't care who the client is M. If I were a whore I would choose the rates and the client B: That's bullshit. Your boss would be the one rating your balls. You wouldn't be a luxuriosly whore M: I'm way cuter than you. I'm sure I could choose. B: Yeah, sure. If they give you 5000 you would choose? M: No way man, my butt is sacred, not like yours B. You lie more than you speak. Everybody is a whore. I'm sure if he gives you 10000 you would let him to run through your butt M. No B: I don't even want to figure out what you could do if he gives you 15000 M: Look man, not everybody has a price B. No? So what if someone aims a gun on your head and says: If you don't suck me I'll kill you M. That's different B. Why? M. Because it would be a case of survival B: Foolishness. You would be eating dick until wearing it away. At the end you would like it. M: Fuck! You fancy the one in the middle, right? B: You bet! Do you think the girls are potential whores? M. No B: How much money do you think she would ask to let you fuck her? M: It's simple; she wouldn't let me fuck her for money, I'm sure. Besides, I never would pay for sex B. Another lie more. Come on man! It's a game! Put in a little imagination M: I don't know man...150? 200? B: For that money she doesn't even give you her hand. In the beginning she would pretend she's not that way but I'm sure if you give her a reasonable amount... with that bitch look she has... M: You're sick B: What do you think? That we have not a price? M: No B: How much money have you? M: Around 30 euros B: What if we join our money and ask them to fuck? M: They will send us to hell B: We can try. This way we will see which one of us was right. M: OK but you ask them B: OK. Come with me. Rush man they are going away! M: Holy shit! She's coming! B: Now you can't back out. Come on! M: Fuck I'm being shy B: Come on man! Besides I think she fancies you M: You sure? Girl 1 with the glass: I would give 100 or 200 to the cheeky one but the other... Girl 2: No way. Girls don't have to pay to fuck a guy, they do it for free Girl 1: Sure? We will see. How much money we gave to Chriss?
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World Champions when they were kids
World Champions in their younger years Jorge Lorenzo (born May 4, 1987 in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain), is a professional motorcycle road racer. He was the 2006 and 2007 250cc World Champion Andre Kirk Agassi born April 29, 1970) is an American former World No. 1 professional tennis player who won eight Grand Slam singles tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles Pau Gasol i Sáez (born July 6, 1980 in Barcelona,Spain) is a Spanish professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Gasol then won his first NBA championship ring when the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals. Fernando Alonso Díaz (born 29 July 1981 is a Spanish Formula One racing driver and a two-time World Champion, who is currently racing for Ferrari. Alonso also became the youngest double Champion. In 2007. Daniel Pedrosa Ramal (born 29 September 1985 in Sabadell, Spain) is a Grand Prix motorcycle racer. He is the youngest world champion in 250cc Grands Prix Valentino Rossi, (born February 16, 1979 in Urbino), is an Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion. He is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, with 9 Grand Prix World Championships to his name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (born 21 March 1980 in Porto Alegre), commonly known as Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer Prior to his move to Milan, he played for Paris Saint-Germain, and FC Barcelona, with whom he won his first Champions League in 2006 Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (born 3 June 1986) is a former World No. 1 Spanish professional tennis player. Nadal has won six Grand Slam singles titles, the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles, 15 ATP Masters Series tournaments and also was part of the Spain Davis Cup team that won the finals in 2004 and 2009.
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"Laura" 1998 ep 18 "Predictor" Mini Bernat Quintana
1998 TV series from Catalonia TV TV3. Bernat Quintana age 11 showing his skills acting. Opening Credits: PERE: Yo lo tengo todo previsto, apruebo la E.S.O., chupado! Me hago futbolista, me contrata el Manchester United y me hago multimillonario JOAN le da un cachete a PERE PERE: ¿Qué haces? JOAN: Esto no lo tenía previsto PERE: I have foreseen everything; I finish high school. Easy! Then I'll become soccer player, I sign up for Manchester United and become millionaire. JOAN hits PERE PERE: What are you doing? JOAN: This, you had not foreseen SINOPSIS - Capítulo "Predictor" (LAURA - 1998)por Inakitxu75 Pere quiere llevar a María ("Antropóloga cum laude") a su clase de Sociales para que pueda presentar a sus compañeros en qué consiste su trabajo. María acepta pero Pere se lleva un castigo ya que no ha dejado de darse la vuelta en el pupitre y de hablar con sus compañeros. Él se justifica diciendo que no entendían las palabras tan enrevesadas que empleaba María y que, en el fondo, sólo pretendía ayudarla explicándoselas ya que está más que acosumbrado a oírselas en casa. La misma María es quien le impone el castigo: hacer un resumen por escrito de su charla. Pere está muy enfadado porque encuentra este castigo injusto. Mientras tanto, su vecina Sara quiere averiguar si el hámster de Pere está embarazada y para eso usa el "Predictor" de su madre. Se crea entonces una confusión y todos en la familia (especialmente Berni, el novio de la madre de Pere) creen que Laura está embarazada.
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Clara finds Max&Iago secret El cor de la ciutat ep 1506
Clara discovers Max&Iago secret. English translations courtesy Farmhispano and maxenricfan Max:what, have you been promoted? Beni: You've heard right. Seems I am very talented at Advertisement. At the agency they are flipping with me, Richard's boss, she didn't know I even exist before, and yesterday she was trying to flirt with me, and she was sober, I swear. Clara: I'm happy for you B: Sometimes I pinch myself to check I am not dreaming. Awesome!! In a couple on months, I was an unemployed looser, but now I am a successful advertising novel account executive. Look, I said it all in a row!!! Holy shit!!...Life's like a wheel of fortune. Look at you (pointing to Max), not so long you were feeling fucking good with Enric, but now instead you are with... (kicked under table) oops!. C: (noticing all stuff) So you're with someone and didn't tell me, are you? M:(Evil eye to Beni), not big deal, last day I dated a classroom partner and Beni thinks I'm gonna marry him. B:Yes, sure, as if you ever get any of my advices C: You like him? M:(Uncomfortable silence).... Many clothing shops have big discounts now, have they? C: Sure we were talking about sales right now B: Yes, but it lasts only two months from now on. I'm not sure C: You must hurry if you want to find something worthy. M: So I have decided. I'm going this afternoon. I saw a couple of cool jackets C: Let's go shopping together!! I saw a pair of boots in a showcase and I wanna buy them. M: (obviously lying) In fact I'm not sure I could go Clara... C: Commmmmmme on, Max. Since long, we haven't had an only-girls getaway. Let´s go shopping and talk! If you want I'll pick you at your place M: No, no, it's not necessary I'll pick you Clara: OK Max: At 5 o'clock? C: Perfect!... till now (Leaving) Beni: Bye Clara M: Why don't you shut up!? B: But you pretended fucking well! She doesn't realize at all! M: It was close, besides I had to meet Iago and now I can't, and all is your fault! B: It´s your fault because of all this tricky stuff; if I can give my opinion, this is going to end very badly, as worse as you can, I don't know if I make myself clear. Max: (In silence but Totally agree) Hi: Clara! Clara: Hello! One minute to save this and we can go Max: Well, I'll wait Sergi: Hello Clara Clara: Hello! What are you doing here? Sergi: I won a couple of tickets for a concert of tangos in the auditorium for tonight and I thought to invite you Clara: I'm sorry but I have to go shopping with Max Sergi: If you want to go together take them, they had cost me nothing Max: No, you go man, they are yours, we can go shopping another day and the concert is only today Clara: Yeah, but the only time we can be together so long Max ... Max: Yes, but I don't know, we can go tomorrow right? Clara: Sales on Saturday are an agglomeration Max: Well, on Monday then, come on Clara, go and have fun Sergi: So what? Are you coming? Clara: Come on! Clara: It's a pity that he's not at home, I do not know how many times I called his cellphone and not answered and I thought he would be at home and had not heard the ring. Beni: Now He's not at home and I have no idea what time he will come Clara: No, if I can not wait, the concert begins in half an hour Beni: Ah, then perhaps you better hurry because the auditorium is not very close Clara: Yes, but I'm feeling lazy to go alone and Berta also told me that she could not go and .. Hey, you don't mind to coming with me? Beni: To listen to tango? Clara: Yes Beni: Fantastic, I love tangos; I'll accompany you with pleasure. Ahhh Max, Max Clara is here...
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Last episode part 2 El cor de la ciutat ep 1624 part 2
Translations courtesy of michellepe89, YGwanwyn and Dorothy. Gracias girls! Clara: I'm here. Yes, I've broken the cell phone. Let me talk to Max. Chus: You'll talk to Max when you're here. You're not in a position to impose any conditions. Now you'll head to the old soap factory of Vallbona. I'll see you arrive from far away. That is, I recommend that you don't do anything stupid. You'll find us in the offices of the second floor. You have an hour, or you'll be saying goodbye to your son. (Max hits Chus, runs toward the door) Max: Shit! (Tries the window and the cell phone) Shit...come on!! (Chus knocks him out) ***************** (Clara knocks at the door) Chus: Come in slowly. Clara: Max! Max, are you alright?? Chus: Shut your mouth and put your hands where I can see them! Clara: It's okay, it's okay Max. It's over now. Chus: I told you to shut up! Clara: You have me here now! Isn't that what you wanted? So come on, let him go! Chus: I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that things have changed. Clara: I've done what you told me to. It was my life for his. Chus: And all of this has been very heroic on your part. Straight out of a movie. But what's your shitty life worth?? I thought it was going to satisfy me watching you die, but I've realized that that won't be enough. Clara: Chus...Chus, please, let Max go, I'm begging you! Chus: No, Clara. You killed my son. And before you pay for it, you'll see how I do the same thing with yours! Clara: No! ******************** Clara: Chus, please...Chus, no, please... Chus: Quit whining, I'm sick of it. Clara: Your debt was with me. I'm the only one responsible for what happened. Max has no fault in this! Chus: And my son? What fault did he have? Clara: Chus, I understand what you feel... Chus: (Slaps Clara) You don't understand a fucking thing! You have no idea of the pain that you feel, of the emptiness that you have when they take away from you the most important thing in your life! But don't worry, you will know it. Clara: And that pain will go away by killing him?? Chus: No, no it won't go away. But when I see your face after the shot, I'll feel fucking great! Clara: Chus, please no...please!! Chus: The only thing I regret is not being able to rip him out of your stomach like you did to me! (Points the gun at Max) Say goodbye to mama! Clara: No!!! Sergi : Don't move! Police! Don't move! Drop the weapon! Drop your weapon to the ground! On your knees! On your knees, damnit! Hands on your head! *********************** Clara: And Max? I want to see Max! Sergi: You'll see him now. They're doing a medical exam on him. Clara: Is he okay? Tell me, is he okay?? Sergi: He's fine, he's fine, don't worry. Everyone's out of danger. Clara: She wanted to kill him in front of me, Sergi. If you guys hadn't have appeared, she would have done it! Sergi: You should have told us what you were intending to do, Clara. It was crazy. Clara: I had to save my son! Sergi: I know, Iago told us everything. When you left him hanging, he showed up at the hospital and told us what you wanted to do. Max's phone was on, and it's very easy to locate a cell phone that's connected. Iago: Max!! Max: Ah...Stop Iago, you're hurting me. Iago: It doesn't matter. Clara: Max... Max: Thank you, mom... Clara: Shhh! Everything's over now. Chus: Such a nice picture. If you think that everything is over, you're very wrong, Clara Bosch!! I've waited 8 years, and I can wait 8 more. Clara: Shut up! Chus: Do you think that sending me to prison again changes anything? I've already gotten to you twice, and I'll do it again! Sooner or later Max will cross the street and a car will run him over. He'll go in the house and there'll be a gas explosion! It doesn't matter how, what's certain is that your son will die!! Clara: Shut up!! Chus: I assure you that I won't rest until he's dead! And when it happens, you'll know it was me! (Clara shoots Chus) Sergi: Clara!
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Max&Enric Gay Story 75 20 gay kiss ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1460
Max accepts the threesome proposal. OMG English translation courtesy promiscuousmalaika. Thank you!!! Merce: I sometimes am astounded by Enric. And what have you told him? Max: That no, that we couldn't do this, just imagining him sleeping with somebody else... Merce: If my boyfriend told me that, I would send him to hell Max: Well, we have friends who do it and it's going so mother fucking well for them Merce: Uiii...do tell! Max: Yes, I have seen them; they sleep with other guys and explain everything to each other; that also requires a lot of trust. Merce: Yes, the only thing you two are doing is deceiving yourselves. You are incapable of keeping a relationship and you're dissimulating it in this manner. Max: Perhaps yes. Merce: You want to last with Enric, no? Max: Of course. Merce: Well, do not involve third parties by any means because you will be mistaken Edu: It was a great threesome. You know when everything fits, like in choreography? Max: No Edu: Well, that's how it was. We didn't even need to speak, it seemed like we were reading each other's minds, just thinking about it gets me horny Max: And... that's it... Edu: You want details? Max: No, what I mean is...it did not bother you, at any moment, to see your boyfriend mounting someone else? Edu: On the contrary! It got me hot Max: But, you had to feel some jealousy Edu: That possessive thing that people attribute to sex is absurd; sex is sex and doesn't have much importance, and as much as outside as within the pair, we have to live life as a game Max: Ok, But Edu, feelings get mixed Edu: With your partner yes, and to fuck when there's love is great, but it's not the only way to fuck Max: For me, yes. Edu: Max, it's because you are the way you are, but you will understand it because the majority of us are not like this. Max: There aren't many relationships like yours Edu, for some reason there must be... Edu: Yes for hypocrisy, the majority of couples wish to do things that they don't dare to say ever and they are wrong. They either break up or they stay together deceiving one another, on the other hand we don't hide anything from each other; in fact, we share everything, this is sincerity Max, and the rest are stupidities. Max: As well as you illustrate it...it seems that there's only one way of doing things Edu: Not really, every relationship has to find its way of functioning and we have found this. Valentí: Hi precious. Do you know who just called me? Edu: Who? Valentí: The guy from Tuesday, he's losing his head Edu: What did he want? To repeat? Valentí: Now you will hallucinate, he has invited me to San Francisco the following week because he has some friends, I don't know, and yes I'm going. Edu: I'm shocked dude Valentí: I know you love it Max: And what did you tell him? Valentí: That yes, that me to San Francisco, I will happily go...but with my Edu. If we start saving we can go this summer, it will be good to go in June for gay pride day. Enric: Hi, How are you? Max: Good Enric: Is there something in the fridge or do we have to cook? I'm starving! Max: I don't know. Today I was with Edu and we were talking about everything concerning open relationships. It seems to work for him and his boyfriend, they have it all figured out and they know how deal with it very well; but you and I are different Enric: Of course Max: We will get jealous, no? And...maybe we might fall in love with somebody else; if you can sleep with whomever you want, this can end up happening. Enric: Certainly Max: I don't know, a short relationship can stop being one at any moment and I want to be with you always Enric Enric: Max look, there is no need for us to go over it, I lost my head and I don't even know why I said it to you Max: You said it because you wish to try it. This is what you want right? Enric: The truth is that yes Max: Well, let's try it Enric: Are you sure? Max: Yes, of course Enric: It could be that now we are an open couple, no? Max: It looks like it Enric: And what do we have to do? Max: I have no idea
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Max&Enric gay Story 36 The wedding ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat
Today is the wedding of Enric's cousin. His father insists for Enric to come but Enric doesn't want. Grandpa, also, he refuses to go with his son and plans to go to the wedding alone. The father is very angry. Max picks a pizza for... it is a secret! F: ¿Se puede saber porque no estás preparado todavía? E: Por que no voy F: No quiero discutir E: Entonces no discutas F: ¿Tu abuelo viene y tú no? G: Yo ya estoy preparado F: Siempre tienes que ponerte el mismo traje... G: No engordo y me va bien, como el primer día. F: Díle tú que se vista G: El chico quiere estudiar F: Venga, ponte unas zapatillas y ven como quieras pero tu familia te espera y tu primo también E: Papá, no voy a ir F: ¿Por qué? ¿Qué quieres que les digamos? Haz lo que quieras! Vamos, es tarde G: ¿Tú crees que voy a ir en coche contigo? F: Pero si vamos al mismo lugar G: Tú empieza a pasar que yo ya vendré como me dé la gana F: Venga Papá! G: Ni papá ni hostias! Si yo voy a la boda es porque el chico que se casa es mi sobrino y no para verte a ti. ¿Qué? ¿Voy guapo? Venga chico! dime que tal voy. ¿Qué te parece? E: Vas bien, vas bien abuelo G: A mí me gustaría que tú vinieses y a mi hermano Mariano que en paz descanse, también le habría gustado que estuvieras. Su hijo no tiene la culpa E: Sí, pero es que no quiero verlos. No quiero ver a nadie. G: ¿Estás seguro? Dentro de poco vendrá Trini y te echará de la mesa, pondrá la telenovela y después empezará a limpiar la casa y a cantar. E: Sí, ya la aguantaré abuelo G: Como quieras. Entonces, como no vienes, estudia mucho que tienes los exámenes dentro de 4 días. A ver que me dan para comer, espero que sea una boda muy bonita. E: Que vaya bien. Adiós G: Adiós J: Toma. Estas las has de entregar antes de 20 minutos. M: Ya te he dicho que no pienso correr Jon J: Pero si es aquí al lado M: Yo cuando acabe este encargo me voy J: De acuerdo M: Dáme una de bacon J: La que se está haciendo es para Beni M: Entonces ya le diré que se espere un poco J. ¿Para quien es? M: Es un secreto, venga, espabila! J: Un secreto... venga, toma! M: Gracias. Beni, la de bacon tardará un poco más; ésta la he cogido para mí. B: ¿Para ti solo? Sí... seguro, JAJAJA! M. Hasta ahora
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Max tells Joel He likes him English subtitles!  El cor de la ciutat (old season)
Again sorry about the low quality from an old videotape (year 2004 or maybe 2003). Max tells his best friend Joel that he likes him. I'm so excited because It's the firs time I try to put subtitles. Let me know what do you think OK? English translation by YGwanwyn and doubraska. Gracias! Max: Tú y yo somos amigos ¿no? Joel: Sí Max: ¿Y si yo no fuese como tu piensas? O sea... si yo sintiese una cosa que tu no esperases ¿Continuarías siendo amigo mío? Joel: ¿Qué estás diciendo Max? Max: No, no, perdona. Estoy haciendo trampa Joel: No entiendo nada Max: A ver... Yo "lo hice" con K. Ya lo sabes. Pero yo no quería. Y cuando lo hice me di cuenta porqué no quería... porque no me gustaba Joel: Pues no lo vuelves a hacer con ella y ya está. Max: No es que no me gustase ella... es que no me gustan las chicas Joel: Bueno, yo también a la mayoría las encuentro aburridas Max: No, no, tampoco es esto... es que... es que quien me gusta... eres tú Joel: Pero... ¿Qué quieres decir que te gusto? Max: Pues esto, que me gustas Joel: ¿Qué me estás pidiendo para salir juntos tío (dude)? Max: No, no. Te lo tenía que decir Joel: Que cabrón! Un poco más y me lo creo Max: Es verdad. Creételo. Joel: Si hombre! Yo me quiero casar con Peris pero está ocupado. Que pena! Max: Mira, yo ya te lo he dicho, ahora tú haz lo que quieras Joel: Oye, ya es suficiente ¿vale? Max: Ya sé que seguramente me he equivocado diciéndotelo, pero es que llevo semanas dándole vueltas y ya no podía más! Joel: Venga! Basta! Max: Solo te pido que quede entre nosotros Joel: Ya lo estás haciendo durar demasiado tío Max: No sé si soy... bueno, supongo que sí. Sólo sé que tú me gustas Joel: Mira, haremos una cosa, ahora ya has hecho la broma, yo ahora me voy, tú te ríes un rato y mañana en el instituto ya no volvemos a hablar de esto. ¿De acuerdo? ¿De acuerdo? Max: De acuerdo... pero cuando te marches no reiré Joel: ¿Es verdad? Vaya mierda! Max: you and I, we're friends right? Joel: Yeah Max: and what if I wasn't how you think I am? I mean... if I felt something you wouldn't expect, would you go on being my friend? Joel: what are you saying Max? Max: No, no, I'm sorry. I'm cheating Joel: I'm not getting it Max: let's see... I "did it" with K. you know that already. But I didn't want to. And when I did it I realized why I didn't want to... it's because I don't like it Joel: well then, don't do it with her again and that's it Max: it's not that I don't like her... it's that I just don't like girls Joel: well, I also find most girls boring Max: No, no, that's not it either... it's... the one I like is... it's you Joel: but... what do you mean you like me? Max: well, that, i like you Joel: are you asking me out dude? Max: No, no. I just had to let you know Joel: what an asshole! A bit more and I almost buy it Max: it's true, believe it Joel: yeah right! I wanna get married to Peris but he's already taken! Too bad! Max: look, I told you already, now you do whatever you wanna do Joel: hey, that's enough, you know? Max: I know I'm probably wrong on telling you, but I've been with it in my head for weeks and I couldn't hold it anymore! Joel: come on! Stop it! Max: I'm just asking you to keep it between us Joel: Hey!You're making it last too much dude Max: I'm not sure if I am... well, I guess I am. All I know is that I like you Joel: look, let's do something, you've pulled your prank, now I leave, you laugh about it for a while and tomorrow at school we don't talk about it, ok? OK? Max: ok... but I won't laugh when you're gone Joel: it's true? How fucked up!!
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Max&Enric gay story 63 Max  figures out Enric is taking sleeping pills ENGLISH SUBTITLES ep 1444
English translation thanks to manuvid07. Thank you!!! Max: Good morning Beni: Good morning Max: He's still sleeping? Beni: Just like a baby. I didn't want to wake him up Mex: Enric, Enric! Come on man, wake up. You've fallen asleep on the couch! Enric: I spent all night here? What time is it? Max: 9 something.. Almost 10 Enric: I had to go over my notes last night and fell asleep. I'm gonna take a shower. Max: A cold-water one! Let's see if you finally wake up! Beni: Are you mad at one another? Max: I don't know what's going on with him. He's been falling asleep everywhere! What are you doing? Beni: Taking care of my business Max: Yeah, I see. And I seriously thought you wanted to sell it! Beni: Have you gone mad? Selling my guitar would be like selling my own soul, you get it? Max: And what's all that? Beni: That's yesterday's gains... 50 Euros, what do you think? Max: Not bad Beni: Not bad? 50 Euros free of taxes, AND in just one day! That's great! Wait till later boy, this is just the beginning!! Max: Will you continue playing your guitar? Beni: What do you think? Max: Well, as a temporary activity it's ok, but as a job? Beni: It's the perfect job: flexible times, good gains, nice working setting... I wish I had thought of it before! It would have kept me from getting into lots of trouble! Max: Sure, but the fact yesterday was a good day doesn't mean it will be like that forever! Beni: Yeah, in fact I hope every day will be even better. I feel like changing my repertoire, you know? People are getting tired of Bob Dylan and "Blowing in the wind." I've prepared a new list of songs, you'll see! Ah! Oh, ouch! Max: It's still hurting? Beni: Only when I breathe. Take it! Max: Weren't you supposed to buy an ointment? Beni: Yeah, but I haven't had time to go get it. Do you think you can download it from the net for me? Max: I guess... Beni: I've been practicing this song from the Nickys' times, it's called "Dolor de Muelas" (Toothache) Look... Max: And you want these songs for your guitar or a flute? Beni: You're really funny Ohh Hello! Pharmacist (Ph): How can I help you? Max: I need to get this back-ache ointment Ph: Have you had it for days now? Max: Yeah, he just likes to play the strong one Ph: Are you sleeping well now? Beni: Me? Yeah, like a baby. Ph: Glad to hear Beni: Thanks Woman: It's French! Beni: Great! Ph (male): Did she leave it here? Ph (female): You'll see how it's gonna be fine Ph (male): What cream is it? Ph (female): The same old one. It's just a different bottle. Ph (male): Here you go, just apply a bit wherever it hurts twice a day. Beni: Perfect Ph (male): Oh, and, try to leave the pills slowly away Beni: Excuse me? Ph (male): You better not take them if you can sleep without them; otherwise your body will get used to them. I suppose the doctor told you about it, right? Beni: Listen, I don't take any type of pills, just one joint or two though Ph (male): Well, Enric came over to buy some Max: Enric bought sleeping pills?! Ph (female): Yes, and he had a prescription. He told me it was for Beni. Beni: I am Beni Enric: Hi Max: I found them in your drawer Enric: Oh and since when have you been sneaking on my things? Max: And how long have you been taking sleeping pills? Enric: That's my problem Max: No, it's OUR problem Enric... And even more when you get Beni into all of this. Enric: I'm sorry... I just couldn't sleep. Max: And you decided to take these? You know how strong these pills are? Where did you get the prescription? Enric: I took it from Dad's office Max: Are you crazy? That's illegal!! Enric: I didn't know what to do Max: To start with you should have told me about it Enric: I didn't dare to do it Max: Why not? Enric: I can't sleep since I've been living here. I didn't want you to think that I wasn't comfortable or that I didn't want to live with you... I don't know Max: How could I think such a thing? Enric: Look, I don't know, I just want us to be OK Max: And telling lies is the best way to do it? Enric: I'm really sorry Max Max: It's perfectly normal that you can't sleep. You've been sleeping alone all your life. You should have not thought too much about it. If you're not able to talk to me about such things, what will we do when a real problem comes by? Enric: I don't know, I'm sorry Max: Ok, anyway, no problem at all. But please promise me we'll trust each other from now on. If we really want this to work out, we must know about what worries us and tell each other everything about it. Enric: Yes, I promise. Max: So you need to forget about these pills Enric: What if I can't sleep? Max: I'll make you very, very tired Enric: So you're not mad at me? Max: How can I be angry with you when you look at me like that?!
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Max the early years 07 Clara takes a decision (sub Eng, Spa)
After the death of Lali, Clara makes a decision Video edition: Svelto Lester 000thewonderyears000 English & Spanish subtitles Alejandro0720
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Max&Enric gay story 58 Enric has insomnia  ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1439
Beni is looking for a job. Enric has insomnia. Max is with David at the hospital the full day English translation manuvid07 courtesy. Thanks!!! Beni: "Large-store safety guard needed." This job looks perfect for me. They give you the uniforms and you get to spend all day touching your balls pretending to be on the lookout. hahaha Max: Read the rest Beni: What? "Maximum age: 30" So, if I shave off my moustache won't I look a little younger? Max: Sure, but also if you wear a paper bag over your head Beni: Hahaha, you're very funny, very funny Max: Besides, Beni, you really need to be prepared to work as a guard nowadays... people's way to crazy Beni: Yeah, you're right... just look what happened to poor David... and he even knew how to defend himself! Will you see him today? Max: Yeah, at night. (To Enric) What's wrong with you? Enric: I'm exhausted Max: You won't be on time for class at 10 Enric: Then I'll be there at 11... We have coffee, right? Max: Yes Beni: Are you still not able to sleep well? Max: He spends all night turning and twisting Enric: It must be this bed or I don't know what else Max: I think it has to do with Feng Shui Enric: What? Beni: Yeah, don't you know what it is? It's an ancient Chinese art that seeks to establish harmony at home. Just changing the bed's orientation should be enough for you to sleep better Max: That's nonsense Beni: No, it's not nonsense. Su's witch friend looked at it once, and did you know the WC is the best place to think? She wasn't wrong since I've had the best ideas come to mind while I poop, hahaha, not sure if you get me... Do you want me to call her? Max: No, no, you should actually call someone who can hire you Beni: Yeah, sure, you'll tell me who. Usually I'm not apt to do the job, or it isn't paid very well... and even if it is you probably have to travel too long just to get to the site Enric: Go to an ETT (Temporary Jobs Company - in Spanish) Beni: What? An ETT? Come on man! Max: It's not too bad an idea, you'll surely get a job quickly Beni: Look, I'm not going to an ETT, not even drunk. Is that clear? I don't want to be exploited, these bastards take part of your money and you even have to be thankful to them Max: Well then... you can now start shaving off your moustache Beni: You know what? I'm gonna go poop and see if I can get inspired to find the perfect job Fidel: What's wrong? Didn't I prepare it properly? Enric: I asked for a triple coffee Fidel: You mean an American coffee? Enric: Sure, whatever that is Merce: Thanks Dad. Look, you see how they're showing it already, in the "Romea." I don't ask you to come with me because of how you are... Enric: I'd fall asleep for half the show Merce: Did you guys go out yesterday? Enric: No Merce: So... why are you so tired? What did you do all night, huh? Enric: It's not what you're thinking Merce Merce: Hehe, it's not? Did you try a new position? Enric: I'm suffering from insomnia Merce: Oh yeah? Since when? Enric: Since I moved Merce: That's normal Enric: You think? Merce: Sure, look, every time my dad got divorced I had to move to a new place. And every time I got to a new house I spent most nights without sleeping at all Enric: Yeah, this or Feng Shui Merce: Is that how the new position was called? Enric: Are you kidding? I'll go pee Enric: Will be all night at the hospital? Max: Yeah I don't want him to be alone Enric: Say hi to him for me Beni: And tell him I'll go see him tomorrow. When did you change your cell phone, Max? Max: Last summer, remember? Beni: Oh yeah, that's right. When will you want to change it again? Max: I don't know, why? Beni: Have you been made a new offer from another provider? Max: What do you mean? Beni: Have they called you to tell you about a change of provider? Max: Yeah, just like everyone else Beni: Very well then... Rate your provider from 0 to 10 according to your level of satisfaction, 0 being very disappointed and 10 completely satisfied Max: Will you tell me what in the world you're doing? Beni: I'm working. I paid attention to your suggestions and went to an ETT. They've meticulously studied my profile and I've been hired as a pollster. What's up with those looks? Max: Nothing, I just can't picture you as a pollster Beni: Why not? It's an awesome job. I mean, I can work with my own schedule. I didn't want to be locked up in an office... I'll also meet new people, haha, you know? Max: If you say so... Beni: Okay, the job's a piece of shit, sure, but who do you want to hire a cruller maker? Max: Well, you can hurry up now. I got to go, bye. Beni: You'll have the entire bed just for you, huh? Haha, when was the last time you changed your cell phone? Max & David talk dont fit in the box but is not relevant
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Max The early years 104 After the storm (Sub Eng, Spa)
After the storm. Después de la tormenta. From El cor de la ciutat (The heart of the city) from Catalonia TV tv3 video edition: Alejandro0720 English translation: Alejandro0720. Amendments by Anthony. THANK YOU SIR! Spanish translation: Alejandro0720
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Max&Enric gay story 50 8th gay kiss ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat  Max Enric ep 1428
English translation courtesy of pinkcashemere Thanks so much!!! Max: I'm meeting Edu later at "La Fusteria", are you coming or not? Why can't you say no to Merce? Common, do you really need those pants that bad? We haven't seen Edu in a while. Listen, do what you want, if you feel like it call me if not have a nice day! What happens to you? Are you hungry or not? Beni: What is your boyfriend saying? Max: Nothing Beni: Yep.. nothing... I know better this nothing, is that nothing that comes with the word PROBLEM written all over your face if you understand me. Is there something happening? You know that I used to know one lady who read the future in a croissant? According to where it was broken she was able to tell different things to you. She said to me that I will have a great future, that I will be a winner. Max: She must have had a really bad day, this lady. Beni: You really have such a bad day. Listen, I'm your father you can to explain to me Max: You're really pushing it, Beni! Beni: Noo... well... yes, yes... ok you have your own rhythm. You'll tell me when you'll feel like it, do you know what I mean? Max: There is nothing to explain Beni Do you understand? Or do you want me to write it down? Beni: Tomorrow by 9 on my office's table, hahahaha eh? Do you see? I make a joke and you do not even laugh. Max: That's because you're not funny. I'm leaving now, ok? Edu: So you scared him badly. Max: Ever since I said we should live together he seems scared to see me Edu: Listen, in the end, that's a good sign. Max: What are you saying? Edu: Yes, you are lucky after all that he did not see it as a good idea... Enric is not as crazy as I thought he was... Do you know what they say about couples that are going to live together? Max: What? Edu: That they sleep together every day but that they fuck less than ever, there is always an excuse to leave it for later. You know, too many opportunities to do it. Max: This is absurd Edu: So then I'm not going to live with my boyfriend even drunk. Max: That's because you are not in love. Edu: I am in love as ever and this is precisely the reason we want to live separately; we have opened the couple Max: You do? Edu: Yes, we can hook up with whoever we want and later we tell each other about it. We're great Max! Max: No, no, I couldn't do this; I can only be with one person Edu Edu: Keep thinking like that and your relationship will only last 2 days. Enric: Hello Max! How were things with Edu? Max: As always. Mercé: Hello Max: I see that the shopping went well, no? Mercé: Extremely well, my mother will kill me. Enric: Mercé gives wonderful fashion advice. Do you want to see what I bought? Max: No, not now, later. Can I speak to you a little? Mercé: Ah! See you soon Max: One thing Enric. Have I done anything lately that bothered you? Enric: Why do you say that? Max: It's seems that the last couple of days you were a little bit strange and trying to avoid me. Enric: Me? Why? Max: Listen; when I said we should live together...it was only a comment, ok? It just crossed my mind and I just said it, it was a stupid thing. I do not want to scare you away What? What happens? Enric: Max, Have you been beating yourself up over this? I already made up my mind.. Max: It's just that you made that face lately as if you did not want to be with me Enric: It's because I had to do some stuff with my friends, I haven't seen them in weeks. Max: That's it? That's all? Enric: Of course that's it. Max, you're blushing!! Kiss Enric: Is there somebody at your place? Max: No. Do you wanna come? Let's take advantage of the opportunity. Enric: Go! Max: Good bye John
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Max the early years 12 The fault of the fathers (sub Eng, Spa)
Everyone has problems with their parents, Quim's nephew, David, Clara and her daughter Nuria and ... Max orphan. David has joined the skinheads after a fight with his father, Peris. Clara barely knows his daughter Nuria, who has been living with Clara's sister, the thirteen years that Clara has been in prison. And now Max is an orphan after the death of his mother. We have had to change the music of the final scene because youtube has made me a warning due to copyright issues. video edition: Svelto Lester Parker English & Spanish subtitles: Alejandro0720
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Max&Enric gay story 65 Beni's troubles with the new job ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep1446
English translation Trefsre courtesy. You guys are amazing, Thanks! Beni: Listen, I don't know if you know it, but they say that today is a holy day; take advantage of it man! I mean that when you go to a party is obligatory to sleep to recover. Max: No, we ended early yesterday Beni: Oh, yes? Why? When I was your age... Max: Listen Beni, because yesterday I was sleepy and today I'm not. Beni: Then this morning when I left Enric he was snoring badly Max: Yeah, and how is it that you did not do the same? Beni: But you, you... analyze this now. What kind of question you have done? Because I work; today people leaves and they are not in a hurry, I have the audience insured. Max: Fantastic Beni: I've always loved to work; I am used working on holy days when the concerts, with the Churreria (Pastry shop) ... I'm in my element, I don't know if I explain myself. Max: Even too much sometimes. Beni: Oh really? Hahaha! Fidel: Do you need anything else? Beni: Yes... an audience! Hahahaha I'm going to see if I can find any, see ya! Cop: Good afternoon Beni: Good afternoon Cop: Documentation please Beni: Ok, give me a minute... documentation. My ID card... it's an old picture, my hair grew longer then, haha! Cop: May I see your street musician licence? Beni: You want to see my what? Cop: Street musician licence Beni: Darn it! This is the first time I heard of it. Since when I need a licence to play music? Cop: Tow council laws. I have to fine you. Beni: No! Man, don't, I was already leaving, it was only for a moment and we are just friends, nothing happened. Cop: Look... You were playing an instrument in an unauthorized zone without a licence and with an amplifier. Beni: What are you writing? *What do you mean about all of this? Cop: Here Beni: 200 euros? Have you gone mad? Listen, this doesn't make sense. No, not the guitar it hasn't done anything wrong. But what are you going to do? Cop: Here, this will be impounded until you pay the sanction from Monday on. Spanish translation: Beni: Escucha, no sé si lo sabes pero dicen que hoy es fiesta; aprovéchalo hombre! Quiero decir que cuando uno sale de fiesta es obligatorio dormir como recuperación Max: No, finalmente acabamos pronto ayer Beni: ¿Ah si? ¿Y como es esto? Yo a tu edad... Max: Ay mira Beni! Porque ayer tenía sueño y hoy ya no tengo Beni: Pues esta mañana cuando yo he salido Enric estaba roncando que no veas Max: Ya ¿Y como es que no haces lo mismo tú? Beni: Pero tú, ahora tú analiza ¿Qué clase pregunta haces? Porque yo trabajo; hoy la gente sale y no tiene prisa, tengo el público asegurado Max: Mira que bien! Beni: A mí esto de trabajar siempre me ha gustado mucho; los días de fiesta, estoy acostumbrados con los conciertos, con la churrería... ahora vuelvo a ser yo, no sé si me explico Max: A veces demasiado y todo Beni: ¿Ah si? Hahaha Fidel: ¿Necesitas algo? Beni: Sí... espectadores! Hahaha Voy a ver si los encuentro, adíos Policía: Buenas tardes Beni: Buenas tardes Policía: Documentación por favor Beni: Sí, un momento... documentación. El carné de identidad... es una foto antigua, antes llevaba el pelo más largo haha Policía: ¿Me enseña el carné de músico de calle? Beni: ¿Qué dice que le enseñe que? Policía: El carné de músico de calle Beni: Ostras! Primera noticia ¿Desde cuando se necesita carné para tocar? Policía: Ordenanzas municipales. Tendré que sancionarlo Beni: No! No hombre no, yo ya me voy, es solo un momento y quedamos tan amigos, no pasa nada Policía: A ver... tocar en una zona no autorizada, sin carné y con amplificador Beni: ¿Pero que está escribiendo? ¿Qué quiere decir todo esto? Policía: Tenga Beni: ¿200 euros? ¿Pero que se ha vuelto loco? Escuche, ¿Qué sentido tiene esto? No, no, la guitarra no tiene ninguna culpa ¿Pero que hace? Policía: Tenga, queda confiscada hasta que no deposite el importe de la sanción, a partir del lunes
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Max&Enric gay story 43 ENGLISH SUBTITLES Beating Enric El cor de la ciutat
After the party celebrating the end of the cours, Pep and his old brother beat Enric
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