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Bike Verbier singletrack
One of the many amazing trails ridden today, blasting down blind and having lots of fun. Conditions were pretty much perfect.
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Goyt and Macc Forest July 2018
First day out in ages with the lads. Awesome fun, clearly need to improve my cornering speed if I've got any chance of keeping up!
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Innerleithen Golf Course - decent crash on another steep one
Decent dismount at the end of this one - dented helmet did it's job!
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Macc Forest following Stally
Singletrack alongside the DH track, running surprisingly well despite weeks of rain.
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Innerleithen Golfie - Second Base
Slip sliding blind down some steep tracks trying not to fall off and annoy my 8 month pregnant wife. Amazing trail, can't wait to ride again.
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Bike Verbier - Alpine singletrack (part 1)
Descending from the peak of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, after an uplift followed by a 2 hour pedal and hike a bike. The overall descent back was over an hour long, back down through the forest to Le Chambre.
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Devils Elbow following Henry (for a little bit)
Quick blast down Devils Elbow in Blackamoor Woods near Sheffield, on the first dry mtb evening ride of the year. Henry's tidier lines show massively at times as I hit every rock in site, looks like he turns afterburners on at 40 seconds!
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Lady Cannings Mtb Sheffield
Fun trail built recently within pedalling distance of Sheffield city centre. This was first time there and second spin down, plenty of room for improvement if I grow some balls and get the weight forward.
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Innerleithen Golf Course MTB
New trail apparently called Flat White, which Cameron tore me a new one down. Incredible trail, fast and flowy. Shame my brain and skills couldn't keep up. Camera died about 3 turns from the end.
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Finale Ligure MTB 2016 - Epic Edit
This is a chronological collection of the best clips from 4 days of riding in Finale Ligure with a bunch of mates, being guided by Justridefinale. As always my riding doesn't really do justice to how fast, flowy or technical these trails were. Trust me though, these trails are immense and Finale Ligure is the best place I've ridden. Massive shout out to our guide Louise from Justridefinale - super chilled and super fast. 0.00 - Weather station 0.43 - Following Mike (with Duck's tumble) 2.09 - Following Mike 2.59 - On my tod 4.05 - Following Stally and Mike 5.24 - Following Louise (for about 5 seconds) 6.08 - Following Boo (for about 2 seconds) 6.50 - Following Stally at top of Rollercoaster 8.25 - Following Stally at middle of Rollercoaster 9.37 - The most undramatic OTB ever 10.00 - Take Two down the steep chute 10.21 - Following Stally at the bottom of Rollercoaster 12.10 - Following Stally (and Matt for 1 second) 13.15 - Following Stally down some rough stuff, where he stops mid-corner to show us his favourite tree! 14.38 - Steady pedalling through the rock cave 15.50 - Following Mike down some fast rocky gullies 18.25 - Following Stally and Mike on one of the best blind runs of the holiday (until Boo cracked his bike) 22.59 - Following Matt (for about 0.5 seconds) and PBing the top of Rollercoaster 26.58 - Following Mike on another lightening fast trail 28.02 - Following Stally down something surprisingly steep and rocky 31.04 - The obligatory puncture break 32.26 - Following Matt (for about 0.3 seconds) getting towed in fast 34.44 - Following Duck on top of Rollercoaster (until I get a flat) 38.03 - Me tippytoeing down the ridge section of the EWS stage 41.51 - Following Mike down the lower wood section of the EWS stage 45.30 - Following Ben and then Stally as we bumpandslide down Men's DH 48.51 - Stally's little hop and squeal 49.08 - Following Mike from just below the Nato Base cruising on a great flowy trail 53.13 - Following Mike again last day cruising down some rocky singletrack 55.30 - Following Mike down Petit Champery until he gets a flat 58.10 - Following Mike down a short rocky route to the van (using artistic license, as technically this was the penultimate trail)
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Snorkling with dolphins off Mauritius
Little snippet of heaven as we are fortunate enough to have a pod of dolphins pass right by us, after an hour of spotting from the boat and jumping in and out of the sea.
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Macc Forest following Tim
Some heavy breathing here, last run of a 4.5 hour loop. The legs were dead on the flat bits.
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Bike Verbier - Alpine singletrack (part 3)
About 25 minutes off the top now, slightly less exposed so a little bit more confidence to let it go. Phil and Glyn clearly even more confident, as they both completely dropped me.
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Revolution Bike Park - Ghetto Line (bottom section)
Bike, body and brain getting a full on rattle down some rough tracks. Definitely not in Kansas any more.
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Finale Ligure MTB - Brown Trousers
Another day spent hammering trails blind. Shat myself at 3.10 here. This place is quickly becoming the best place I've ever ridden; endless fast and techy trails, with stunning scenery.
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Cameron at Glentress following Chris
Cameron following Chris down a trail at Glentress, no idea what it's called though
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Bike Verbier singletrack - chasing Glyn
Another one of the many amazing trails ridden today, blasting down blind and trying to stay on the bike (and Glyn's tail).
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Hayfield descent following Mark
One of the descents on a lovely sunny evening spin in the Peaks
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Finale Ligure MTB - 10 minute post-lunch cruise down following Mike
I couldn't bring myself to cut this down in any way. Just a fantastic piece of endless singletrack, like so many of the trails in the area. As always we're riding it blind, and we took it easy as it was post lunch and we were full of pasta (but even still we couldn't help but get into it by the end).
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Bike Verbier - Alpine singletrack (part 4)
Last section now after over an hour of descending, and we're onto the rocky tracks through the forest. Following the guide Brodie and treading that fine line between wanting to let it go and not wanting to injure yourself whilst tired. Memorable ride though, including the views on the 2 hour climb up and varied trail and terrain on the way back down.
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The best its of a dry day at Macc - Sep 2016
One of those days when the trails were running perfect - wish Macc was as dry as this all the time.
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Thornilee singletrack in the Tweed Valley
Chasing Cameron down one of the many amazing trails in these woods. We were about 5 corners from the end when Cameron had to pull the safety cord - only time caught him up all weekend.
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Verbier Red Run - Top Section
Last run down of the holiday with Bike Verbier. Still loving this track, and still consistently crashing.
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Macc Forest - Elf n safety
Quick blast down the top half, surprisingly grippy for a wet day in early March!
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Bike Verbier - Alpine singletrack (part 2)
Following on from part 1, this was a section just slightly off the top at around 10 minutes off peak. The view riding down the spine of the ridge looks great I reckon, looking down on Verbier below.
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Hayfield in the snow
Following Matt on an awesome sunny, snowy November ride in the Peaks around Hayfield.
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Trying out new bike at Stile Cop
Fun day getting used to the new bike and trying it on a few drops and jumps. I blame the added length of the frame compared to my old bike for the case.
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Macc Frienduro - Stage 4
More strava lines than you can throw a spike at on this run, must have got over competitive.
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Another Peaks descent following Mark
Don't know the name of the hill, nut watch out for Mark's wobble on the second left hander.
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Revolution Bike Park - Main Line (top section)
Would have like to do a full top to bottom video, if only I didn't keep fucking up the next steep bit.
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Getting stuck into ruts
Short but sweet few corners in the woods, got a bit carried away.
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Ladybower descent following Paul Leach
Last descent of the ride, doing our best to spot the track amongst the heather and dust. Great end to a mint ride in the Peaks.
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Revolution Bike Park trail dog
Rich's riding getting the bitches
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Macc Forest - Elf n safety (a nuit)
Top section of Elf n safety, at the end of a fun evening (woods were drier than I was expecting too once I got in there - should have gone quicker!)
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Steel City DH - Practice Roll 1
Quick cheating track walk couple of weeks in advance of the race. First roll down after finishing a 25 mile loop, excuse for the sketchy wheel lift at 0.45 and massive nose dive to finish.
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Peaks singletrack
Early morning winter xc loop after a few weeks off the bike, not a soul around. Not ridden this trail for a while, lovely flowing trail. Need to get fitter and get confidence back up to attack it properly!
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Goyt top section
Bone dry for a change.
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The best track on the local loop
Razz down the best track on my local Peaks loop, so much fun in the dry through the forest. Just needs the legs, lungs and some better cornering ability to do it justice.
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Macc fresh tracks
Loam party for 1 cutting in some fresh turns.
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Steel City DH - Practice Roll 2
Scrapper first half, much lower in the berms in the second half though. Still need a good lawyer though for half of the track.
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Win Hill Orange Five
Following Luke off Win Hill. Uploading as part of a bike comparison with a Santa Cruz I demo'd the following week, which turned out to be quicker straight out of the box (although I did retain some track knowledge from this run). Perhaps this big wheel, long bike thing has some benefits after all even if it actually felt slower than this run!
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Peaks slip slide Saturday
Great sneaky descent through the woods, I'm blaming the dodgy riding on the very slippy mud. Hoping to get a better run at it in the dry soon.
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Innerleithen - Angry Sheep
Another awesome unofficial trail. The fact I'm struggling to keep up with Fraser and he was taking it slow having almost just knocked himself out was pretty humbling.
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Llandegla B Line
Clip from a quick evening solo loop. Better call Saul on some of the jumps still, but the are random lengths. Change from over jumping to casing as you ride from jump to jump.
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Macc Frienduro 2015 - Stage 3
Annual piss around in the woods with walkie talkies and a stop watch. Masterstroke move putting on a cheating mud tyres.
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More local goodness
Local tracks in prime condition - can't be beaten. Switched off image stabilisation for this, think I definitely prefer it on.
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