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how to prepare fried rice, chinese style
how to prepare fried rice, filmed in china, rise prepared by chinese chief cook. it is so simple, anybody can do it.
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amazing guitar player from Russia
3 young musicians that I discovered in a small bar in Samara Russia. I am not in the music business but i am trying to promote them. Amazing guitar player Sergei just ROCKS. title of this song is: the Duck song. I asked Sergei where he got the title and he explained to me that ducks fly around and never spend a lot of time in the same place. He feels he is like a "duck". They recently won a rock contest and were selected as best act out of a line up of 50 bands!
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Robin Trower live in Concert
robin trower in concert. clip was made during the first concert of Robin in Belgium April 2008. It was the kick off, of his "first farewell tour".
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terrible rain storm in China Chengdu.
rain turning into small rivers on the streets of Chengdu. this locations was the Panda park just outside of Chengdu
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bobs lake
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longest hair in the world in Yangsuo
this special tribe of women are found in Eastern CHina. THey live in the mountains and have the longest hair in the world. After the age of 18 it is not cut anymore and hidden under a cap. First person to see it is their husband.
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bobs lake 2
in de sneeuw naar boven.
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bobs lake ontario canada
boatride on southern part of greater bobs lake ontario
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pandas in Chengdu
4 (or is it 5?) puppy pandas are playing with each other. One is about to fall of near the end of the clip, however as pandas have claws with a "thumb" they hold on to just about anything...
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music in the streets of Chengdu
a rainy day in one of the tourist centers in Chengdu China. a girl was playing a traditional chinese instrument to cheer up the visitors.
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Chinese police cadets marching through the night
during the night we were stopped by the army because of a large group of policy cadets marching back to the barracks. it is amazing how disciplined everybody is.
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panda in Chengdu eating bamboo
panda in Chengdu eating bamboo
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final stage of the traditional chinese opera
these are the ladies and the men that are shown in the other video clip. The custumes are magnificent. a must see in Chengdu!
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in the dressing room preparing for the Chinese opera
just before the Chechuan opera players go on stage they prepare themselves with custumes and traditional make up. The metamorphose is complete when they come on stage.
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downtown Ningbo
average street in downtown Ningbo China. lots of people, bikes and scooters everywhere. Traffic is a jungle and very dangerous.
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spectacular ride on the frozen river Volga in Samara inside amphibious vehicle.
during my stay in Samara I had a stroll on the frozen river at minus 30 degrees C. as the amphibious vehicles were passing me, I decided to take a ride too. watch the movie and enjoy the ride too! check out the 2 Russian ladies and the near collision with another amphibious vehicle!
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fire blowing in the chinese opera in Chengdu
fire blowing in the chengdu opera. on stage also the famous "face changing" actors. who change the colour of their masks in less than 1 second. How they do this is a well kept secret.
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