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5th Element
This is kind of it for this channel... Atleast for the pkmovies. I'll probably put up some stuff from other hobbies when i get the time. For the few of you interested, from now on pkvids i make will be made on the channel of ExceptionTV1 which will be featering loads of pk and breakdancing vids!!! I guess i can finally say i start getting the basics down, which i hope will be shown in this last footage. Next step is perfecting it all, train hard to get better and enjoy time with the friends... Other traceurs/friends in the clip: Toshi- You keep raising the bar! Thanks!!! Birger- Only a few months in training, yet his physical condition makes up for all that time. You will make ninja warrior!!!!!!!!!!! Kamikaz- Thanks for the gift!!! You've got everybody training harder!!! Little Nabil- Destined to be a superhero someday... There's loads of people i didn't have images of. EYM i wish i had something to show your current level. I love you guys!!! Kai, we better start training together again!!! Music by Bonobo and Bajka - Walk in the sky
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Results of 1 year of training. Progress went slow but i'm happy... Feedback is welcome, but be gentle... Thanks to Pau, Zé, Bruno and Nuno for making me see... I'll spread the message... Big up to all Belgian traceurs being the motivating part in my "Good Vibes" world...
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First vid of one training. Amazing what images one can get by just letting it lay around!!! Got sunday of so i was able to hang with the bro's from EYM after practice... Representing EYM in order of appearance: Vova Ilja Zaur Gio Music is from Bonobo and Bajka: Between the lines I've heard some rumors about Bajka making men crazy just by the sound of her voice...
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Go Fourth!!!
Summer waving us out, fall laughing in our faces for what's about to come in the winter... We weren't stressing out technique during that time. We nwere enjoying the new stuff we learned and the doors that opened because of our progress. Loads of runs,loads of fun, loads of challenges, loads of support... Things we did were flows and moves we learned from, to and with eachother. Big thanks to all the traceurs in the video and the ones who helped me but couldn't be there during that time. in the video: Me, EYM representatives (Ilja, Zaur en Gio), Toshiro (aargh my rival!!!!!!! he is always cool!!!!!!!), Kai... Music by the allmighty Joey Beats...
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Third time's a charm
Third chapter in the quest to get the basics down... Most of it is from vacation in France but i managed to squeeze some friends in: Toshiro (You rock in this video maat!!!!!!!!) Kai (Pieter) Kamikaz (Peter) Zaur (from EYM baby!!!!!!!!) Pepita (lum!!!!!!!n grrrrrr) Music is a remix of Storm from the yoshida brothers. They simply rule...
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Nothing special. Just training to get back in traceurmode after injury and moving (yep, i'm a house-owner now!!!!). Something's wrong with the clip though, i think i overdid it with the transitions... Hope you'll enjoy anyway. Toshi's back in the vid, Then there's rookie (ham)Birger and last but not least, my good buddy Uncas!!!! peace
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First little step towards making a beat... I know there's loads to be added and some mistakes, so i'ld be happy to receive some feedback about what to add/change. Just be gentle if possible ;-) I've put some amazing artwork from the boys from Exception to make the song look better... Hope u people like...
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Nabil (4yo) saying hi to Kami in Brasil... I screwed up on the sound, dunno how... He's wishing him a happy New Year...
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Second Base
I've been dating this girl for quite a while now. It's time to get to second base... In the movie are some of her other lovers as well: Hans(Lords MIB) Kamikaz (Peter) Pieter BW (Ward) Bobo (Esteban) Jin (Lionel from Gap) Mowgli (Ersin)
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Third time's a charm Ending
The people who watched "Third time's a charm" may have noticed that te ending was a little abrupt. NO, this wasn't an error on my behalf or an evil plot from youtube to censor the greatest ending of all time with the most epic special effects!!!! Just a little technological error.... Anyways i was to lazy to put the ending up earlier. Since the very last scene has the craziest sfx i just couldn't bare if the world couldn't see it... Enjoy
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Tai-Jitsu in Leffinge
I had to take some shots of the training for my work. Decided to use the images for myself too. It's no real fancy video. There was a lack of images and a lack of people... It wasn't an assignment so i didn't put too many energy in it(not even HD). Just a little demonstration for the club, to show a glimpse of what you can do with images, if you take your time with choosing images, transitions etc.... The vid shows some parts (not all because i wanted to train too) of the practice we had a week ago. The song is from the beautiful, talented and epic Nnenka- Heartbeats
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