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Key Thoughts - Ep. 2.7
Elliott and Adam are still stuck in each others bodies. But even when they finally figure out a way to switch themselves back- they can't seem to keep it right. Who's who, when?
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Instant Second Base - Ep. 1.4
Elliott lands a hot date for the night and purchases a lucky charm. He seeks consultation from Adam of course.
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Requiem - 2.10
With all the cards on the table, and Elliott's hands tied behind his back, what could happen in this season's finale? There's the strange teleporting man. And the gun. Or is there a gun? And the cameras... what cameras? It's an action packed, inter-planetary, plot-twisting, game-changing finale that will change Elliott and Adam forever
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Reckoning - Ep. 2.8
It appears that Adam has finally reached a tipping point. Elliott has swapped their bodies back, but without apology. His incessant hi jinks and general stupidity have finally pushed Adam to the edge. Have you ever seen an Adam go crazy?
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Bedtime Story - Ep. 1.2
It's three in the afternoon and Elliott needs a bedtime story in order to fall asleep, so Adam reluctantly obliges him with his favorite yarn.
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Good Cop, Bad Cop - Ep. 1.1
I think we all know who would be the good cop and who would be the bad cop. A duh.
Views: 682 ElliottAndAdam
One In A Million - Ep. 1.13
Elliott realizes that it is his destiny to make a YouTube video that receives one million views. Adam attempts to coach him in his fledgling attempts.
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A Call From Beyond - Ep. 2.4
http://www.elliottandadam.com After Adam finds out that Elliott's house hunting abilities are lacking, he decides to resort to other methodologies to get him out of his apartment.
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Audition Tape - Ep. 1.8
Adam is recording a monologue to apply for graduate school and Elliott promises to help him with whatever video making endeavors Adam's little heart desires.
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Some Ground Rules - Ep. 2.2
Adam has made peace with Elliott's continued existence, but now it's time to lay the ground rules. Elliott tries his best to abide but just can't keep from breaking one every now and then. And then. And again..
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Body Doubles - Ep. 2.6
The Wrinkle - in time- has left Elliott and Adam in a certain predicament. How will they fix this trans-universal anomaly? Will Elliott become Adam? Will Adam kill Elliott? Would it be considered suicide? Who's going to wash who's dishes? Find out.
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Not A Suicide Note - Ep. 1.7
In the wake of Elliott and Adam's heart-wrenching break up, Adam returns to the room to find Elliott slumped on the floor, an opened pill bottle spilled across his lap. Has the end come so bitterly? So soon?
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Amnesia - Ep. 1.9
Elliott hits his head on the door walking into the room and Adam becomes very concerned that he has amnesia.
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Revision - Ep. 2.9
Elliott lives his life one second at a time. And every second of that time all he wants is to be Adam's roommate again. It looks like he has an agenda to do just that. But will his wishes line up with Adam's- it certainly didn't seem like it from last episode...
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Copy Mirror Opposite - Ep. 1.11
Elliott comes back to the room with an actual dilemma, only to find that Adam suffers from the exact same problem. Hilarity ensues?
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The Band - Ep. 1.6
Elliott wants to start a band, but Adam and him come to contention over who would be the lead singer, and what kind of band exactly they would be starting. To Adam's surprise, Elliott seems to have some plans in motion already.
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The Wrinkle - Ep. 2.5
When Elliott finds out that the ghost was all a rouse, they head back to Adam's apartment. But when they return they get stuck in something. It's not a portal. It has to be- a wrinkle.
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New Beginnings - Ep. 2.1
Adam's picked up his bags and moved into his own place. But where's Elliott?
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House Hunting - Ep. 2.3
http://www.elliottandadam.com Adam helps Elliott look for a new apartment, but Elliott proves to be a bit of a tough sell.
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Valentine's Day - Ep. 1.3
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Elliott has a list of festivities planned, but Adam seems to be a bit hesitant. He still claims he has a "girlfriend."
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Allergic Challenge - Ep. 1.12
Elliott is given a science project. Naturally, he chooses to risk death and overcome the greatest and most dangerous food allergy he doesn't actually have.
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The Portal - Ep. 1.5
A mid-afternoon snack of a delicious granola bar unravels an other-worldly mystery for Elliott. And the consequences for Adam may be more than he could ever endure.
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