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Chinese Gays Profess Their Love and Propose At A Beijing Concert
The above video received nearly 900k views in 2 days on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. It features two young homosexual men professing their love for each other on stage in front of a noisy crowd at the Beijing Chuan Zi Concert at the Tango Starlight. Chuan Zi is the bearded musician in the red t-shirt (also pictured below), who became famous after appearing with his "singing" dog on last season's China's Got Talent.
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China truck driver mock traffic polices
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China`s Tractor Cross-Country
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A Wearing Straw Hat  Man Stealing 500,000 RMB from Bank ATM Machine in China
Translation and summary of the Chinese in the above video: The bank burglar is 61-year-old Luo Yuanbing, an illiterate rural farmer in Guangan of Sichuan province who has often been punished by authorities for stealing before. The surveillance camera footage shows that at 2:25am in the early morning of 2010 July 18th, Luo entered a self-help bank (a branch with ATM machines) three times, wearing a straw hat. Within 30 seconds, he has pried open the metal rolling door beside the ATM machines. Minutes later at 2:37am, he is recorded entering the back room where the ATM machines are filled with cash for the first time. He inspects the machines but at 2:38am, he leaves the room for a moment but very quickly returns, this time holding a vegetable knife/cleaver. At 2:41, the bank's alarm suddenly sounds. At 3:47am, the man in the straw hat enters the cash refilling back room again, this time with a few more items including an umbrella, basket, and a bag. In addition to his crow bar and vegetable knife, this time he even uses a pair of pliers but is still unable to open the cash machines. At 4:07am, the straw hat bank thief tries to open the other machine, and successfully opens it in 10 minutes. After stuffing the cash into his bag, he leaves the self-help bank at 4:19am. The rest of the video shows the Luo Yuanbing explaining how he determined that there was money to steal from the ATM machines and that he had buried the stolen money in a high pressure cooker pot in a pond at home. He had stolen over 500,000 RMB but 379,700 was counted of the money recovered. From:ChinaSMACK
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Over 500 dogs rescued on the way to slaughter
A volunteer helps unload incaged dogs, which are rescued before being slain, in Beijing, April 16, 2011. Animal protection activists Friday stopped a truck on the way transporting 520 dogs to a slaughterhouse in Northeast China's Jilin province on the Beijing-Harbin Highway. LeepPet Holding Corp, a pet service company, and Shangshan Animal Charity Fund finally bought all the animals with 115,000 yuan ($17,606) from the dog trader early Saturday morning. Volunteers then transported the dogs to an animal care center of the China Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA) in Beijing, providing them with food and medical treatment. More information please to :http://mychinaviews.com/2011/04/animal-protection-dog-transport-vehicles-blocking-the-highway-controversial-action/
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Taiwan woman to play roller coaster over exaggerated facial expressions ..
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Kim Jong il visit Nanjing CLP
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Chinese Coquettish Man Dancing with Women
A Chinese college student has become a new internet sensation after video of him dressed as a cheerleader and dancing with seven girls at a basketball halftime show was uploaded to the popular streaming sites. The college student is said to be a science major. It is not clear which university he goes to. Chinese netizens dubbed him "exquisite coquettish man," (极品风骚男) or Coquettish Brother (风骚哥), a double-edged remark that can be interpreted as either a sign of affection or aversion.
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Two College Students to Imitate the Chinese MV "Legend of White Snake"
657,111 people have watched this video in Chinese video site "YOUKU" SOUCE:http://mychinaviews.com/2011/04/two-college-students-to-imitate-the-chinese-mtv-legend-of-white-snake/
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Chinese gay  took away the groom at a wedding
Which happend at a wedding hold in a china in 2011. Gay in blue Tshirt (To the bride): " When we are married, u are nobody! " Bride: "Who are u! Why would u appear in my wedding! U shut up!" Gay in blue Tshirt :" U shut up!" Groom: "U stop fighting!"
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Student stabs his mother 9 knife at the airport upon returning from Japan
Full story:http://mychinaviews.com/2011/04/students-stabs-his-mother-9-knife-at-the-airport-upon-returning-from-japan/ A man studying abroad was detained this week after he allegedly stabbed his mother, who had come to meet him off his flight home, Shanghai police said yesterday. The victim, surnamed Gu, who had been in a coma, was still in hospital last night, although she was in a stable condition. The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon in a terminal hall at Pudong International Airport after the suspect, surnamed Wang, returned from Japan. Gu was there to pick him up, said airport police. But soon after Wang arrived, the two started to quarrel about his tuition fees at the airport. Wang suddenly took out a knife from his luggage and stabbed his mother several times, local police said yesterday. Wang was taken into custody by airport police. Wang is not wealthy and had disputes with his family about education expenses in the past, according to one of his relatives interviewed by Shanghai-based Xinmin.cn.
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Faster than death
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Gan Lulu`s Mother Rushed into the Bathroom  to Shoot Video for help GanLulu Find a Boyfriend
Mother: These days it has become popular to seek marriage partners on the internet, and my daughter is already so old now. But I don't know how to do it, I don't know it is done, so what I'm doing is uploading a video instead. Mother: My daughter, well, was born in 1985, is the cow/ox zodiac sign, and this year will be 26-years-old. I want to help my daughter using the internet to find a boyfriend. As for qualifications, ai, average is fine-- [she slaps the table, is unintelligible, laughs] Gan Lulu (calling out from bathroom): "Mommy, help me wash my back." Mother (getting up and walking towards the bathroom): Lulu, what do are you doing? Gan Lulu (from bathroom): "Help me wash my back." Mother (at door of bathroom, filming in): Ohhh, you are how old now and you still want me to help you wash your back? I'm trying to help you find a prospective marriage partner! I'm doing that..finding a boyfriend to evaluate for marriage...that...that...hey, what kind of qualifications you want, say them out... Gan Lulu (finishing her bath, still naked): [unintelligible]...just find one who is good to you, good to me, knows how to bathe/wash [others] and that will be good enough... Mother (laughing): Then--then--then just find one like that? Gan Lulu: [unintelligible]...a beggar is fine too...aiyou, towel... Mother: Well, it is seeking a marriage partner for you, so what you say/want is what matters—- Gan Lulu: I want to date a beggar. Mother (sighs): Aiya, alright, that's fine too, as long as he is good to you, I think that's okay too... Gan Lulu: Hello, I am Gan Lulu. To this day, I haven't had a boyfriend, and it isn't because I am too ugly, but unfortunately no one wants me, so what to do? So now i am seeking a prospective marriage partner. No matter whether or not you guys think I am special or not, I am actually a rather distinctive person. I am not that annoying, so I don't believe that there really is no one who wants me. Name:Gan Lulu Chinese name: 干露露 Nationality: Chinese Hometown: Beijing Date of birth: November 1, 1985 School: Beijing Dance Academy, Central Academy of Drama Constellation: Scorpio Blood Type: AB Height: 165cm Weight: 43kg
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Group Of Men Beaten Wonmen In Sichuan Yibin Caught On Film
Source:http://mychinaviews.com Truly totally lawless, barbaric, outrageous!!! Quoted from the discussion forum: They experienced been caught away shield and totally amazed, subconsciously defending themselves: "Why have you been touching me? We are great girls, not out to market ourselves." one other celebration arrogantly replied: "So what if I touched you?" ... Ultimately, it escalated into this scene.
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Red ghost appeared in Beijing subway
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Nanjing "garbage pig" Survey: a landfill each year to feed a million pigs
They live next to a mountain of free pig food and never have to worry about the rocketing CPI, which may be making other pig farmers feel the pinch. They just get free or almost free food for their herd of thousands. Full story: http://mychinaviews.com/2011/04/nanjing-garbag...a-million-pigs/
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China Cow Fighting Games-1
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Gan Lulu's Mother Beaten Her On TV Talk Show
Source:http://mychinaviews.com/ Lady呱呱》 ["Lady Gua Gua"] is certainly a well-known Chinese language assortment converse show hosted by 4 "beautiful" female hosts who invite numerous individuals and personalities of current curiosity onto the show and often include controversial queries and discussions. For example, well-known internet movie star Sister Feng is becoming a guest near to the show before. Recently, the show hosted actress and design Gan Lulu and her mother, whom we reported about in feb once they caught the concern of countless chinese language netizens subsequent the mom uploaded a film onto the internet hoping to help her daughter locate a potential husband. Why do this film get so drastically attention? offered the fact that mom filmed her daughter Gan Lulu naked subsequent getting a shower. At that time, subsequent netizens criticized the mother, the mother-daughter pair recorded one more on the net film defending themselves, with Gan Lulu tearfully begging netizens to not assault her mom and that she only meant well. Two film clips recently uploaded onto standard chinese language film sharing web-site Youku in the "Lady Gua Gua" show alone quickly started to be viral. The very first film is titled "Mother reveals that Gan Lulu "had sex" when she was 1-year-old". subsequent three days, it obtained greater than 1.7 million views, 20k downvotes, and 1900 comments greater than 65 pages.
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Chinese virgin-eggs cooked in boys urine
In Dongyang, China, spring is in the air... wait a minute, that's not spring, it's the unmistakable aroma of 'Virgin Eggs'. Sold steaming hot on Dongyang streetсorners, eggs boiled in the urine of young boys are said to be the perfeсt springtime toniс. The сity of Dongyang, loсated in eastern China's Zhejiang Provinсe, has a long and proud history dating baсk to its founding in the year 195 AD. After nearly 2,000 years the сity сan boast a host of unique and distinсtive сultural traditions. One of the most unique is the eating of tong zi dan (童子蛋), or "Boy Egg"... сhiсken eggs boiled in the urine of prepubesсent boys. Typiсally prepared by vendors at streetсorner kiosks in the spring, Virgin Eggs have beсome part of the сity's сultural fabriс; so muсh so that in 2008 Dongyang сity authorities offiсially reсognized the praсtiсe as part of their heritage. Virgin Eggs сost 1.50 yuan (23 сents) eaсh and they're reputed to impart energy in the spring and prevent heat stroke in the summer. Some of the loсals just сan't get enough of the golden globes. "It is so yummy," exсlaimed a Ms Liu, who moved to Dongyang several years ago. "I сan eat 10 within a day. I'd never tried it before. After my first taste of it, I've beсome addiсted to it." As Dongyang today is a bustling сity of nearly one million, the Virgin Egg business has had to adapt to modern сolleсtion and distribution realities. For instanсe, loсal sсhools set up buсkets in the hallways where male students under the age of 10 are instruсted to answer nature's сall -- but only if they feel healthy and not ill or feverish. The urine is then сolleсted by Virgin Egg preparers. The reсipe (don't try this at home, kids) goes something like this: Soak the eggs in urine and heat to boiling over a hot stove. Remove the eggs and сraсk - but don't remove - the shells. Add the eggs baсk into the urine and simmer, adding more urine as required, for about a day. The proсess tints the egg whites a pale golden brown while the yolks take on a greenish hue. Not that this is gonna put you off eating them at this point. Mediсal professionals are somewhat divided on the supposed benefits of Virgin Eggs. Aссording to Dr. Jia Suqing, who praсtiсes at the Chinese Mediсine Hospital in Jinhua, the urine of prepubesсent boys was used in anсient times to enhanсe the effiсaсy of mediсation. Though сonsumption of urine, even indireсtly, is rather unsanitary in his opinion, Jia reсognizes the faсt that "it has beсome a loсal сustom. I don't enсourage or objeсt to it." Planning a spring trip to Dongyang? As mentioned, the сity is a сultural meссa offering visitors suсh delights as the 800-year-old Lu Residential Complex and Hengdian World Studios, the Hollywood of China. It's also good to know that should one feel a bit peсkish while moseying down the сity's streets, there's a streetсorner kiosk сlose at hand where you сan sсarf down a marinated egg or two. Those who've tried them, rate them "Number One."
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Sora Aoi coming out of Nanchang International Auto show, fans crazy
Full story:http://mychinaviews.com/2011/05/sora-aoi-coming-out-of-nanchang-international-auto-show-fans-crazy/
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Gan Lulu's mom tells a account about when Gan Lulu was not however a 1-year-old baby
Source:http://mychinaviews.com. In the above video, Gan Lulu's mom tells a account about when Gan Lulu was not however a 1-year-old baby. back again then, her moms and dads experienced her sleep with them through identical room. Gan Lulu says it experienced been because they have been bad but her mom corrects her and says it is not because they have been bad but because that was how it experienced been for everyone back again then. Gan Lulu getting a child would sleep near to the element and her moms and dads would do what parents/adults do. That summer, near to may possibly or June, her moms and dads observed her near to the bed "humping" the bed. Gan Lulu factors out she was just copying their "push-up movements". The mom says that as she and her husband laughed, Gan Lulu just ongoing intently thrusting or humping the bed. Thereafter, the moms and dads no lengthier dared have sex in entrance of her, previously mistakenly believing that Gan Lulu getting so youthful was a "dummy" and would not know what they have been doing. The male host on the complete says, "So Gan Lulu's very first boyfriend was a bed."
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Flash mob remembers MJ in China`s Zhuhai
June 25th afternoon at 6:45pm, at the Zhuhai Hai Tian Cheng Plaza [in Guangdong province], a flash mob of over 240 fans appeared before the public eye to perform a Michael Jackson dance, with many city residents taking out their mobile phones and cameras to capture it on film. Full story:http://mychinaviews.com/?p=28305
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Wenzhou Sees 26 Luxury Car Wedding Motorcade Worth Hundreds Of Millions RMB
April 21, Luncheng District, Wenzhou city, A couple held wedding ceremony which used 26 weddingcars including Rolls-Royce and other luxury cars, it was estimated the total price was up to 100 million. All cars were dressed with beautiful roses. The back was written with characters of "Double Happiness" In the fleet there were 4 Lamborghini, 4 Ferrari, 8 Rolls-Royce and 10 Bentley. The young bridegroom said that these cars were from all his friends Full story:http://mychinaviews.com/?p=22450
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China Cow Fighting Games-5
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Billionaire build villas for the villagers free of charge
Eve, longevity area residents 966988 says Mr Zhou call news hotline, in the region, the most remote ShiYan town on a SLATE slope zhuang village, build villas are underway. Mr. Zhou don't understand, so remote parts of the villa, sold to repair what who? Is real estate development have gone fivefingers ksothe countryside?ShiYan town located in the village of zhuang the easternmost longevity area, and DianJiangXian packet home town adjacent area, about 60 kilometers from longevity. Yesterday, chongqing evening news reporter came here, the villas saw construction. In the village of zhuang 5 groups Sue home TuDeMing) tablets ancestral temple (slopes, forcefully gouged out flat foundation, stacked bar stone, around two rows of building among the survivors, right SiWuDong houses have capped, vibram kso rest some still in ramming foundation, some are pouring cement posts, some already in laying bricks. Chongqing evening news reporter counted, housing starts every two of 15 dong, about three meters apart. On the first floor of the house already capped a bottom, the downstairs consisted of sitting room, dining-room, kitchen and toilet, upstairs, two bedrooms and study, and toilet glass tiles with scarlet, roof, ten several workers are busy construction. "Here fix villas, may sell off yo." Chongqing evening news reporter can natural-resources for investors in sweat."Ha ha, a don't sell!" Watch WangShiMu of building materials, said 5 groups of a villagers out jobs fortune when the boss, these villas are he spend moneyvibram flow repairing, after repair all gave 5 groups of villagers live, penny money don't. Old wang sigh, his home town is near bag, but didn't meet such good.A penny don't even really, villa gratis, have such good? The villagers all GaoZhanKui squelched suspect: "again, the boss called really high strength, press degress theory or my nephew." Chongqing evening news reporter still refused to believe that going to find more people comment. The site, a dressed in white shirt old man is sun busy, see chongqing evening news reporter inquired about repairingvibram classic villa in, the old man hold head, firmly answer: "is indeed true, I'm gao father!"The old man told high preach loyal, this year at age 73, he says, high strength in hebei make real estate, the villa is he built to live for 5 groups of villagers unconditionally.
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Storm In Sight 2
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J-15 Carrier Flight Test
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Beijing Girl Dumps Boy: "A Man Without Money is Garbage"
Beijing, subway, a girl in red with a thick Beijing accent scolds her boyfriend as "useless": "A man without money is garbage/trash! Not having money, just thinking about it is frightening! You'll be nothing in the future, and you want me to marry you, forget it! I'm moving out tonight, bye bye~" Seeing her boyfriend's silence, the girl angrily leaves leaving him behind. A nosy person secretly recorded the entire incident. After watching and listening, it is truly shameful.more videos jump to : http://mychinaviews.com
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China Cow Fighting Games-2
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Valiant auntie, clinging onto a speeding car sprawled over the hood to catch thief
A black car sped on the public road, veering left and right repeatedly, driving in strange "S shapes" on the road. And on the outside of the car, a thin and small woman was sprawled over the hood, her body swinging left and right as the car tried to shake her off. This was not the set of a television show, this was a real-life scene that happened on the Dayang [of Zhejiang province] 211 provincial road and Yingbin Avenue.
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"Bath room girl" Gan Lulu artistic photography video(1)
Source: http://mychinaviews.com/2011/04/bath-room-girl-gan-lulu-artistic-photography-video/ Gan Lulu, actres Gan Lulu model Beijing in China. Scandal video Drama update from Central Academy theater and television advertising Gan Lulu has appeared in several movies. Gan Lulu is certainly not 26 years hot-shot art camera bikni and often dressed in almost nothing. More recently, caused a major controversy after the Internet is a desperate mother, Gan Lulu the boy wants to find her shooting on the shower naked Gan Lulu download the video to learn. Within 80 seconds, the camera and talking about her mother,Gan Lulu begins to remain in order to find a friend. fill the entire bottom of the video is bad.
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Impoverished Schoolchildren Are In Danger of Being Awesome
One of Shoter shot this video of a father and son in Yushu, the impoverished region of Gansu that was hit by an earthquake last year, and the way they get to and from school. We saw paike video on this topic recently, but while those kids were just walking over a totally depressing tumbledown bridge, these guys are riding a motorcycle across a zip-line over a fast-moving river. Basically the only thing that could make this sweeter would be some crocodiles waiting below. So I guess we're supposed to feel bad about this, but I'm having a hard time feeling anything but envy. That kid is going to grow up to do great things. He's already approximately a million times more badass than I am. Source:http://buzz.youku.com/?p=1668
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osama or obama
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Chinese man half-naked show
This man named Chen Hao, China, Dalian Maritime University Department of Physical Education students, the background music is the hottest song "Love sale"
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Chengdu Foxconn explosion
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