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Magazine Template Download
http://www.magazine-template.com A video showing you exactly how to download your magazine template.
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Magazine Template Examples
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WP Flex - Magazine Template
here's a short video on how to use the Custom Magazine template
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How to create magazine cover with your photo?
Imagine having a friend or yourself on the front cover of a popular magazine!
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Making a Calendar Layout Using Photoshop CS3
Scott shows how to recreate the iPhoto built-in Calendar look used in his photos from Italy (shown on the Photoshop Insider Blog), using just Photoshop CS3
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Creating a Kindle eBook
Created for eBookGuru.org - The Magazine for Everything to do with eBooks - Trevas Walker walks you through how to get your eBook added to Amazons Kindle store. Kindle is a great way to get some additional exposure for an eBook, and can also allow you to publish other types of content to sell. This is the first in a three-part series that will be posted to http://www.ebookguru.org. Check back for how to create PDF eBooks and MobiPocket eBooks.
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Any photo into a jigsaw puzzle - Photoshop - Week 21
Using only what comes as standard with Photoshop (or Elements) learn how to find the Puzzle texture and apply it to a modern high resolution image to create a realistice jigsaw. Gavin Hoey http://www.gavinhoey.co.uk guides you through all the steps.
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How do you make a zine on adobe photoshop?
I need help to make a zine on adobe photoshop. help pleaze!
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Souvenir Program Sample
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How to make a ebook?
Want to know how to make a ebook? This software produces pro 3D covers for you. Simple hotoshop plug in creates stunning 3D images quickly and easily. Download it today.
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Print Shop
UALR Print Shop
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Photoshop Tutorial : How to Make Your Portfolio Using Photoshop
Photoshop can be used to make portfolios by going to the file, selecting "automate" and "PDF presentation." Make a portfolio in Photoshop, and save it so it's easy to find, with tips from a portrait photographer in this free video tutorial on Adobe Photoshop. Expert: Steve Anthony Contact: www.SteveAnthonyStudios.com Bio: Steve Anthony has been a professional photographer since 1989. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony
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Software untuk dijual
Software untuk mendesign ebook cover,membership card,dvd cover,cd ,magazine,brochure,software box.panda box dan banyak lagi.Senang digunakan,jimat masa,tak perlukan kepandaian dlm photoshop, murah serta keperluan bagi semua usahawan internet,individu,grafik designer dll.Ianya sesuai dan mudah digunakan samada anda seorang pro atau beginner.
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Photoshop Tutorial- Create a Stylish Flyer
http://tutorialchamp.com In this video tutorial, we will plan, layout, and construct a stylish, clean, and visually appealing flyer that can be used for virtually anything.
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Photoshop tutorial-How to create a DVD cover in photoshop
http://www.nobsphotosuccess.com/ Tutorial on creating customized DVD cases for wedding photography. More at: www.nobsphotosuccess.com
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FlightCheck Professional Demonstration Video
In this instructional demonstration of FlightCheck Professional you will learn the basics of how to start preflighting your digital documents before going to print. This is for creators, designers, layout artists, prepress operators, publishers and printers alike. Part of what you will learn is below. The Ground Controls are the heart of FlightCheck and with a little time and effort making the right settings, you will gain maximum profit of its possibilities. As you can see, there are a lot of rules FlightCheck can check for and without going over them all, you see that we have tabs for File settings, colors, pages, trapping, page setup, fonts, print settings and of course a huge tab for images. To set a rule to either give you a warning or an error, you simply click on it. One click will give you a small dot; FlightCheck will give you a warning if in this case an ICC profile is found. A second click will show a big dot; giving you an error if the item is found. A third click will turn the rule off. Please note that the rules you just saw where the rules for checking Open File Types like InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, et cetera but since checking PDF files is something totally different from checking Open Files, Markzware created special Ground Controls for checking PDF files. Just go to the File menu, select 'Preflight Mode' and choose the PDF set of the language of your choice. As you can see only errors -- in red -- and warnings -- in blue -- are present here. Clicking on the arrow will reveal the file names of the elements used in the document that where flagged, in this case it will show the elements that contain a resolution that is out of range. FlightCheck will provide you with the name of the element, the document name in which the element is present and the page on which the element can be found in the document. The same information is present for the other rules that where flagged; the element name, the file name and the page. PERFECT! Let's have a look at the image section. On every element we are now able to find a lot of information. Here you find the page number where the element can be found, the status, the type and color modus. As you can see there are two columns that display resolution. The DPI column shows the original resolution of the element. Due to scaling however, the DPI-value changes resulting in the output value. Since this is the most important value, Flightcheck will keep a close eye on this value. If you still need more information than displayed in this window, just double click on one and find a new window providing you ALL information FlightCheck could retrieve for you. In this window you'll find information from the Creator, the Version, the size and scaling to the name of the ICC-profile if used. It will also provide a preview of the illustration if available and shows you all colors and fonts that came with the image. It is even possible to open the image from this window. The Collect button hands you the great feature of collecting ALL elements needed to guarantee a good output of your file. It enables you to set the location of the collected file. You can set ZIP-compression to prevent file corruption during digital sending your files and choose any name for that compressed file, leaving the original file name in tact and it will provide you information on the total amount of files that will be collected and the size of the uncompressed file. I think this completes this demonstration for Markzware's FlightCheck Professional. I hope this was useful for you. If you have any comments, please let us know. Purchase information, reseller information and contact information can be found at our website at: http://www.markzware-europe.com/store/flightcheck
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Adobe Fireworks eCover Designer Tutorial Training Videos
Ever wanted to create your own ecovers but didn't know how? Now you can quickly and easily discover how to design high quality ecovers with these brand new videos that will show you step by step exactly how to do it.. In fact, it's so easy...you'll be creating your very own ecovers quickly and easily within minutes after watching these videos...GUARANTEED!
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Home based internet marketing business:Easy to use Auto Responder Software for 7.7 US Dollars. Buy Online Now. Top offer online offer.Marketing made easy.
http://mymessagevideos.com/component/option,com_docman/Itemid,39/ . http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=google+sitemap+generator+software&search_type=&aq=f . http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=google+sitemap+generator+software+download&search_type=&aq=f . Home based internet marketing business: Media Autoresponders is a software script that runs on your web site, which enables you to setup and automatically send Unlimited Media Autoresponder emails, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts and Unlimited Media campaigns. Here's What Media Autoresponders Software Has To Offer... Software And Data is held entirely on your own web site / server. No Monthly Fees, No Third Party Ads or banners in any of your autoresponder email messages. Online Control Panel An extremely Easy to use password-protected control panel. Professional, autoresponder addresses are [email protected] for professionalism. Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited Media campaigns, Unlimited Media follow ups, Unlimited Media broadcasts. Unlimited Message Length Your autoresponder email message can be as long or as short as you want Unlimited Message Changes Change, update or edit your autoresponder email messages whenever you want, 24 hours a day. Advanced Personalization. Merge Unlimited different fields of each subscribers personal information into every autoresponder email message you send. Signature Files Create and manage multiple signature files in a single location. All email messages where the signature file is used will all automatically change when you change your signature file content. Autoresponder Attachments Send attachments of up to 1MB with your autoresponder email messages. Send subscribers your company brochure or additional literature. Audio / Video Autoresponder Email Content Upload unlimited Media audio / video - which will play automatically when the reader opens your Media autoresponder email message.
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