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Active data guard in Oracle 11g | Read only standby database |  Real time queries
This video discuss in detail about the active dataguard feature of Oracle 11g
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oracle data guard | snapshot standby database oracle dataguard |  oracle standby database
This video discuss in detail about the configuartion of snapshot standby database feature in Oracle 11g
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Oracle Data Guard sync over the WAN with F5 BIG-IP
Learn how F5's WAN Optimization can enhance Oracle's Data Guard solution. Peter Silva talks with Chris Akker, Solution Engineer, about the challenges of real-time database sync and Zero Data Loss over a Wide Area Network. Watch how F5's WAN Optimization can reduce latency, extend the distance required between data-centers and enable an enhanced disaster recovery solution.
Views: 4759 F5 Networks, Inc.
creating snapshot standby of oracle 11g dataguard using SQL commands
This video discuss the steps for creating snashot standby of oracle 11g dataguard using SQL commands, in details This video is presented by Wysheid. Visit us at www.wysheid.com
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DataGuard Protection
Protect your data from theft and natural disasters with DataGuard.
Views: 417 onpointsystems
Oracle 11g Active Standby Database Automatic Block Corruption Repair
Using Oracle 11g Active Standby Database For Automatic Block Corruption Repair At Primary Database
Views: 3746 CLEO & CUQUIN
DataGuard Guided Tour
DataGuard is the latest addition to the Vector labelling system with the sole aim of eliminating printing errors. More information about DataGuard http://www.progressive-id.co.uk/software/234/432/
Views: 270 ProgressiveIDTV
Oracle Database installation
Simple, easy process for installation of oracle 10g DB on to your laptop/pc
Views: 5438 sqlwiki1
Oracle DBA - Data Segment
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains Data Segment.
Views: 14691 HandsonERP
Oracle RMAN - Introduction
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This video provides an introduction to Oracle RMAN
Views: 13427 HandsonERP
How to recover corrupt oracle database?
Watch this : http://www.oracledatabaserecovery.com/ or http://www.stellarinfo.com/database-recovery/oracle-recovery/oracle-recovery.php I had found this video while researching on Oracle Database. The thing which encourage me to select this video in my selection that what happen when some thing went wrong with our database specially in case of Oracle if we lost some tables, vies, stored procedures etc. I had search for my favorite company does they provide any solution for Oracle Databse and believe me they provide. Stellar Phoenix Oracle database recovery software which is capable to recover or repair .dbf files from corrupted Oracle Database. This is my own experience about this company I am not related to this in any manner.
Views: 2331 Martin Crow
Cold backup of a database using rman
This is a simple demo of taking a cold backup of an oracle database using rman.
Views: 20707 riteshoracledba
Send SMS from Oracle database - step 3
How to connect the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and Oracle database to send SMS from Oracle. Dig deeper:http://bit.ly/1ko6eEZ In this video you can see the way to configure the SMS Gateway to connect to the Oracle. By adding a database user and connection data in the SMS Gateway you can connect the two software together and you will able to send sms from a database.
Views: 5967 ozekisms
Oracle Training - Training Video | How to Fix DHCP Errors with Oracle Database Installation
Oracle Training from Firebox IT Training (https://www.fireboxtraining.com) In this Oracle Training tutorial you will learn how to solve the dreaded DHCP error. When installing an Oracle database on Windows, you may get the dreaded DHCP error, which has to do with your IP address, which needs to be static instead of dynamic. This tutorial shows you how to correct that error by installing the Microsoft loopback adapter and modifying your ets/hosts file.
Views: 3048 Firebox Training
Oracle 11g Streams:  Two-Database Replication Environment with Synchronous Captures
Use this configuration when you want to configure a relatively simple replication environment that only involves two databases and a small number of tables. You might also choose to use synchronous captures if you have Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition. To use capture processes, you must have Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition.
Views: 36152 CLEO & CUQUIN
Creating a Database Snapshot
This is a quick tutorial that covers how to create a database snapshot as well as a restore and drop one. Music by Kevin MacLeod
Views: 12050 Samson J. Loo
Database Backups in 10 minutes
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - A fast description of the most common types of database backups, and how they compare to each other.
Views: 11122 roughsealtd
Converting Oracle Database from Windows to Linux using RMAN
Learn how to migrate oracle database from Microsoft Windows to Linux using RMAN
Views: 20445 Naeem Sheeraz
Eliminate Idle Redundancy in Your Data Center
Everyone needs a disaster recovery plan. The challenge with typical DR plans is that investments in your standby databases sit idle waiting for disaster to strike. John Brust, of Oracle, takes us through how to provide disaster recovery and eliminate idle redundancy in your data center using Oracle Active Data Guard.
Views: 5518 Oracle Video
Oracle DBA - Oracle Logical Storage Structures
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This tutorial explains the breakdown of Oracle Logical Storage Structures.
Views: 29872 HandsonERP
Oracle Database 11g Replay Workload
You can use Database Replay to capture a workload on the production system and replay it on a test system with the exact timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics of the original workload. This enables you to test the effects of a system change without affecting the production system. Database Replay supports workload capture on a system running Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and newer releases. In order to capture a workload on a system running Oracle Database 10g Release 2, the database version can be or higher. Workload replay is only supported on systems running Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and newer releases.
Views: 4440 CLEO & CUQUIN
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
Views: 12816 Oracle Video
Oracle 10g 03.03.Post Installation Tasks.mov
Oracle 10g get started part3
Views: 102 Rahmania yaseen
Oracle Database: How-To: Create a Table
The Best Site to Learn SQL Online
Views: 25186 TechnicalSkills
Oracle Audit Vault
Oracle Audit Vault Demo
Views: 10214 Oracle Video
Example: Patch 9654983 - Patch Set Update
$ opatch prereq CheckConflictAgainstOHWithDetail -phBaseDir ./9654983 $ cd 9654983/ ]$ opatch apply
Views: 33179 Surachart Opun
Oracle RMAN - Backup Recovery Overview
http://oracledbazerotopro.com This video provides an overview of backup and recovery concept.
Views: 16218 HandsonERP
Oracle RAC 10g on VMware (CentOS 4) part 1
Step by step Oracle RAC on Linux. By Robert Malikian
Views: 12645 Robert Malikian
Oracle Exadata: Consolidating Database Applications
Watch our DBAs collaborate to solve a familiar challenge with IT budgets
Views: 7631 Oracle Video
Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture - Eliminating the Cost of Downtime
Taken from www.oraclecore.com Andrew Bond - Core Technology Director, Oracle EMEA taking about Eliminating the Cost of Downtime using Maximum Availability Architecture
Views: 1355 OracleCore
My Streams Demo
Quick little demo to show Oracle Streams going from 10g to 11g
Views: 3526 mattdee
Oracle Database Architecture (ENGLISH VERSION - in stereo)
http://oraclexperts.wordpress.com/oracle-cluster-rac-english/ The Oracle database architecture (SGA + logical and physical structure) French version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meWIB3yt96U
Views: 41524 oracleexpert
3. Oracle SGA Architecture Overview (Part 3)
Part 3 of 4 Pete Cassidy explaining the SGA (System Global Area) of an Oracle instance. http://www.collin.edu/ce/spotlights/cassidy.html Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=addFo5FMzkg Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmc9uxNW99E Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_2TfSHotsY Part4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNGLyWIPPTQ
Views: 49441 RMskater
Snapshot standby configuration concept |  open  standby for read write  for  temporary purpose
This video discuss in detail about the steps to configure snapshot standby database in Oracle 11g. This video is preapared by Wysheid . Please visit us at www.wysheid.com for advanced courses in Oracle
Views: 2583 Wysheid Wysheid
Diagnostic Tools and Oracle Listener Part 2 of 7
Diagnostic Tools * Alert log files * Trace files Oracle Listener * Listener Control Utility * Vulnerabilities * Security measures
Views: 1797 mpastorgmu
open and close oracle database 11g.wmv
لفتح وغلق الداتابيز لأوراكل
Views: 128 tamer elhashmy
Oracle RAC 10g on VMware (CentOS 4) part 9
Step by step Oracle RAC on Linux. By Robert Malikian
Views: 2607 Robert Malikian
Oracle Performance Tips
5 Tips to Improve your Oracle database performance and tune your Oracle databases using hardware based solutions. 1. Change RAID5 to RAID1 or RAID10 2. Increase Spindle Count 3. Use Smaller Drives 4. Stand Alone Platforms 5. Check SAN Connections for Bottle Necks
Views: 22584 Reliant Technology
Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
Flipchart video explaining new hybrid columnar compression technology available with Oracle Exadata.
Views: 13228 Oracle Video
Oracle RAC 10g on VMware (CentOS 4) part 0
Step by step Oracle RAC on Linux. By Robert Malikian
Views: 16139 Robert Malikian
DEFCON 18: Hacking and Protecting Oracle Database Vault 4/4
Speaker: Esteban Martínez Fayó Oracle Database Vault was launched a few years ago to put a limit on DBAs unlimited power especially over highly confidential data where it is required by regulations. This presentation will show how this add-on product for Oracle Database performs on this difficult task, first giving an introduction to DB Vault and what protections does it brings, then showing with many examples how it is possible to bypass the protections provided. The attacks demonstrated include getting operating system access to disable DB Vault, SQL Injection and impersonation techniques to bypass DB Vault protections and how it is possible using simple exploits to circumvent DB Vault. These attack examples are accompanied by recommendations on how to protect from them. Also the presentation shows some issues with native database auditing and has a section with additional recommendations to secure DB Vault and conclusions. For presentations, whitepapers or audio version of the Defcon 18 presentations visit: http://defcon.org/html/links/dc-archives/dc-18-archive.html
Views: 120 Christiaan008
Oracle OpenWorld 2010 - Optimize Oracle Database Replication
Peter Silva visits with F5's Chris Akker to discuss & whiteboard F5's solution to Optimize, Accelerate, Secure and Offload Oracle Database Replication with BIG-IP LTM and the WAN Optimization Module (WOM).
Views: 722 F5 Networks, Inc.
Oracle Performance Tuning FREE Consulting (http://www.runningoracle.com)
http://www.runningoracle.com by Spyridon N. Kaparelis is a free open source site with Oracle scripts and articles. The primary target of the site is to be another FREE source of information for the Oracle APPS DBA. Most of the scripts created by Spyros and some are from various internet sources. You can ask for FREE Oracle Consulting http://www.runningoracle.com/contact_us.php
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