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WPF Simple Binding
First Video on how to bind controls in WFP
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WPF 4 Programming: Controls in Code Behind (Video Training)
Buy the product here: http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0672335336 In 20 hands-on video lessons, Microsoft MVP Jason Rainwater shows how to create rich, next-generation applications with WPF. Master panels, content and item controls, code behind, binding, resources, styles, templates, behaviors, animations, custom controls, localization, navigation, MVVM, and more! Learn advanced WPF techniques at your pace... get specific solutions whenever you need them!
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WPF Tutorial 16 - The ScrollViewer
For today's WPF Tutorial we are going to be talking about the ScrollViewer in WPF!
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WPF Tutorial 12 - UniformGrid
Today we are going to be talking about the UniformGrid in WPF!
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WPF Tutorial 8 - WrapPanel
Hey guys welcome to WPF Tutorials! Today we are going to talk about WrapPanels in WPF!
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WPF Kinect-Style Mouse Hover Command Execution
In this screen cast I show a WPF feature I'm working on to mimic the well-known hover and execute command feature used in XBox 360 Kinect game menus.
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Lokalisierung von WPF Anwendungen mit NLocalize 1.0
NLocalize ist ein Softwarelokalisierungstool für die Lokalisierung von Windows Presentation Foundation Anwendugnen.
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WPF Tutorial 11  - GridSplitter
Today we are going to talk about the GridSplitter in WPF!
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UserControl (GlassButton) erstellen 1. Teil
So erstellt Ihr ein eigenes UserControl (GlassButton) mit Expression Blend und Studio NET. 1. Video von 3
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235 - WPF Data Binding Intro In VS2010_14to28.wmv
transcript by hamcodi.ir http://www.hamcodi.ir
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WPF Tutorial 9 - DockPanels
Today we are going to talk about DockPanels in WPF!!
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150 - WPF Designer Introduction
transcript by hamcodi.ir http://www.hamcodi.ir
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سيلفرلايت 5 | الحلقة 5: زامل: Style Binding
الحلقة الخامسة من سلسلة دروس سيلفرلايت 5، في هذا الحلقة نتعرف على الميزة الثالث الجديدة من مميزات XAML وهي Style Binding. اقرأ السلسلة كاملة هنا: http://bit.ly/new-silverlight5 تابعنا على: http://WithDotNet.net http://JustLikeAMagic.com http://facebook.com/justlikeamagic http://twitter.com/elsheimy Check out the English written version: http://bit.ly/new-silverlight5-en
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Creating Custom Xaml Elements
Creating custom XAML elements
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110   WFP XAML
Find More In hamcodi http://www.hamcodi.ir
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FlickrNET for WinRT Xaml/C#
Turned the FlickrNET project to use WinRT. And used it in a sample Metro Style app. Blog post explaining this : http://advertboy.wordpress.com FlickrNet library : http://flickrnet.codeplex.com/
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101 - WPF Application Styling
transcript by hamcodi.ir http://www.hamcodi.ir
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WPF Tutorial 20 - The Viewbox
Today we are going to be talking about the Viewbox in WPF!
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WPF ViewBox Control
Watch WPF ViewBox control sample
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Как избавиться от кнопок Minimize и Maximize в приложении WPF
http://www.programming-workshop.ru В этом видео показано как получить доступ к дополнительным параметрам окна в системе Windows. В частности, как удалить кнопки maximize/minimize, и как управлять другими свойствами окна из приложений на WPF. Другие видео-уроки по программированию вы можете найти на сайте: http://www.programming-workshop.ru
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WPF ToolTip
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WPF Tutorial 10 - The Grid
Today we are going to talk about the Grid in WPF!
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WPF Custom Controls (Actually User Controls)
How to make WPF User Controls. This video is titled as "Custom Controls" based on my personal struggles as a novice developer. I searched the internet using the term "custom control" when, in fact, I was looking for User Control examples. In my opinion the major difference between a User Control and a Custom Control is User Controls consist of a collection of existing controls, combined to make a new control. Whereas Custom Controls extend the functionality of existing controls. I hope this helps :)
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WPF, L'essentiel
Présentation/introduction à WPF faite par Alain Lompo lors de la Pizza Party du 27 janvier 2011.
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WPF - Como usar Property Triggers
Property Triggers são gatilhos disparados à partir de mudanças de valores de propriedades. Sabia como adicionar esse recurso à sua aplicação e quais as vantagens. Veja "Trigger.Property Property" http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.trigger.property.aspx
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WPF Picture viewer demonstration
A Video short demonstational video of my WPF Image Viewer application. Can be downloaded at: http://wpfimageutils.codeplex.com/ Song used in video: Solarstone & JES - Like a waterfall
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WPF Hover Problem
Shows the WPF hover problem.
Views: 317 Geert van Horrik
FocusManager - Debugging Focus Issue
Weird focus issue, FocusManager shows how focus shifts.
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WPF Tutorial 18 - The Expander
For today's WPF Tutorial we are going to be talking about the Expander control in WPF!
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[OLD] MetroTest 13
A video from April 2010 showing off a concept desktop launcher I was playing with. Created using WPF and C#. (Also - terrible design style - but this was all made using one single XAML file and one single code behind file.)
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Silverlight Template Binding
Using the template binding our control template can pull out a value from the control to which the template is applied.
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WPF Border
Border in WPF
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WPF Validation Problem
Shows the validation issues in WPF when binding to visibility.
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500   WPF Roadmap 42to56
Find More In Hamcodi http://www.hamcodi.ir
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WPF popup bug
WPF windows disappearing when popup is displayed after showing Adobe PDF document inside a browser control.
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Junos Space SDK :: Starter Kit App w/ .net and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 4.0
Junos Space SDK w/ its RESTful API interface, enables developers from varied development language platforms to take advantage of the power the SDK has to offer. While there are many Java developers who will be avidly looking to building network-aware apps against the Space SDK, there are also going to be developers from non-Java developer niche skills who will be looking to take advantage of the SDK. I being a .Net developer, naturally, chose to try out a few simple attempts w/ the Space SDK -- essentially to show the power of Junos Space SDK's "Interop" capability and how easy it is to build application against it. This simple Starter Kit example (source code zip file attached) demonstrates how a .net developer can quickly and effectively build out working applications against the Junos Space SDK and the walk thru video to support the example. While the video walk-thru is a simple starter kit example, one can very easily build compelling rich apps using .net (or any other RESTful consumable language) quite naturally and w/ short amt of time. This particular demo app was built in less than ½ a day against the Junos Space SDK w/ the client on top of Windows Presentation Foundation and .net 4.0 using Visual Studio and Expression Blend. This example is just the beginning to showcase what SPACE SDK has to offer for the network engineering developers and non-network engineering application developers across the world using varied REST consumable languages (.net being just one example).
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Add DropDownList to ListView and bind the DropDownList in ListView to Data Source
Add DropDownList to ListView and bind the DropDownList in ListView to Data Source
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251 - Skins for WPF and Silverlight_14to28.wmv
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Design Example C# WPF
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Dependency Property in Silverlight
The dependency property is a property that can be set directly by various different property providers while having them prioritized. The dependency property depends on multiple property providers. Each one of them has its own level of precedence. We use dependency properties just as any other property. There is no need knowing in advance that a property we work with is a dependency property. Some of the available silverlight features (e.g. binding) are limited to dependency properties. The attached properties are sort of dependency properties. Any property that we bind, style, template, transform or animate must be a dependency property. Dependency properties are not always needed. When customizing our application most likely we will eventually end up with the need for having dependency properties. The dependency properties acts as kind of wrappers around a field. The dependency properties are kind of a replacement for a field a standard property wraps.
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How to Make a MultiLine TextBox In WPF
Make a multiline Textbox in WPF
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example WPF DoubleAnimation -3-
example WPF DoubleAnimation -3- AVI
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Simple Style Definition in Silverlight
The idea of using styles in Silverlight is very similar to CSS. This short video clip shows how to define a simple style.
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Using Sample Data in Expression Blend for Windows Phone Apps
This quick video demonstrates how to use the Sample Data feature of Expression Blend 4 to create quick and easy data values to use in your Windows Phone applications.
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Set image in a button in wpf
Set image in a button in wpf
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WPF ScrollViewer DoubleAnimation with Easing (gesture, swipe)
A little demo I did of a smooth-scrolling ScrollViewer with easing. I will hook this up to a Kinect gesture recognition system for swipe controls.
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Tetris C# WPF Tutorial Teil 7
Hier der Code: http://www.ba-world.de/youtube/tetris/TetrisCode.zip Dies ist eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung in 8 Teilen in der ich erkläre, wie man mit Hilfe von C# und WPF einen Tetris Klon erstellt. Wichtige Elemente sind hier die Key Handler, Dispatcher Timer Klassen, das Grid und viele weitere nützliche .NET Steuerelemente. Teil 1 ist der Planung vorbehalten in Teil 2 bis 7 wird programmiert. In Teil 8 wird das fertige Spiel vorgestellt! Alle Videos habe ich zusammen in einer Playlist untergebracht.
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Code First walkthrough with DevForce (1/2)
http://drc.ideablade.com/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/code-first Want to write your entity model using Code First? Here's how: * WPF console app * Model classess ... Code First * DbContext * Turn CF on * EntityManager * Show it Please note: this is a community technology preview and is intended for educational purposes only. DevForce applications should not be put into production using this Code First style until the official DevForce Code First update has been released.
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