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Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack 9x10[My Funny Valentine - Angela McClusky with Tryptich]
So sweet and sad the final scene. Poor RIchard.
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My Funny Valentine - Sophie Scott Cover (Angela McCluskey)
I heard this version on Grey's Anatomy and immediately fell in love, so I decided to do a cover, as I wanted to upload a new video. Hope you enjoy!
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MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Rhods Mix) - Dual Sessions
From the album: Chill House Sessions Vol. 2 - A Blend of Pure, Deep & Soulful House
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Constantine Maroulis - My Funny Valentine
American Idol Season 4 - Constantine Maroulis My Funny Valentine. He was the best contestant that year and was robbed.
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Alice Fredenham  " My Funny Valentine "
Alice Fredenham Song: " My Funny Valentine " This video is the property of Alice Fredenham. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. This video is posted for the promotion of Alice Fredenham Website : https://www.facebook.com/AliceFredenhamMusic https://twitter.com/AliceAFredenham Booking Agent: Simon Clark ([email protected]) Video Produced by Richard Booth http://www.youtube.com/REALCOUNTRY2009 (C) Alice Fredenham
ALVETTA SMITH "My Funny Valentine"
photography and edit : SHIMA TAKUYA location at ROOF 201 All rights reserved to ALVETTA SMITH & SHIMA PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGN. used CANON 5D3 + 24-70L, Finalcut.
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My Funny Valentine
Vocals - Claudette Justice Allen Guitar - Kevin Keating
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My Funny Valentine - Rebekah Day (with a scat solo)
A recording of "My Funny Valentine." One of my FAVORITE standards of all time, and written by two of the greatest songwriting minds of the 20th century, Rodgers and Hart. This song is featured in the "Great American Songbook." Here's my rough rendition. The second time through (scatting) was all improve. Enjoy!
Views: 877 Rebecca Dias
My funny valentine cover by Gintare Peciukonyte
Fan video. Singer- Gintare Peciukonyte Acomponiator- Daiva Norkuviene Thanks for watching!! :)
Alice Fredenham - My Funny Valentine
Audio taken from official Britain's Got Talent YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IChJ6eO3k48 *ALL RIGHTS RESERVED* *I DON'T OWN ANY OF THIS* Alice Fredenham from Britain's Got Talent's cover of My Funny Valentine. Like, Comment, Subscribe. Enjoy. :-)
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Richard and Adele ~ Wedding Memory (My Funny Valentine)
So this scene broke my heart. So sad that Adele has passed away. RIP Adele (2005-2012 on Grey's Anatomy) No Copyright infringement intended. Grey's Anatomy is owned by ABC and Shonda Rhimes.
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My Funny Valentine
Cornelia arranged and did the vocals to this beautiful Jazz classic. Music was produced by Michael El. She hope you the listeners enjoy her style.
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My Funny Valentine performed by The Bert Brothers
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My Funny Valentine - Lip Sync
Girls' Day - Lakewood Computer Clubhouse. HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY - My Funny Valentine - Song by Angela McCluskey
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my funny valentine- lucie jones cover
lucie jones cover of my funny valentine done in one quick take before heading out the front door! trying to be quiet so doesn't distort... happy valentines :) xx
Views: 27454 Lucie Jones
My funny valentine
Views: 110 kara belleza
My Funny Valentine - Sting
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Hwayobi - My Funny Valentine
Original song by Chaka Khan 하늘이 보내준 목소리 http://cafe.daum.net/lovinghwayobi My funny Valentine Sweet, comic Valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable Un-photographable Yet, you're my favorite work of art Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little bit weak? When you open it to speak, are you smart? Don't, baby don't Don't you change your hair for me Not if you care for me Stay, stay little Valentine, stay Each day is Valentine's Each day is Valentine's Day Stay, little Valentine, stay Stay, stay, yeah yeah Each day is Valentine's Each day is Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
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My Funny Valentine (by Michelle Pfeiffer)
A classic movie for jazz music lovers. Fair use of the performance by Michelle Pfeiffer and full acknowledgment of all associated copyrights. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Película clásica para los amantes de la música de jazz. Uso con fines no lucrativos de la interpretación de Michelle Pfeiffer y pleno reconocimiento de todos los derechos de autor asociados.
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My funny Valentine - Chet Baker (cover by Aveline)
Hi ! Today is a special day. Here is "My funny Valentine" by Chet Baker. I think this song goes to the essential ; just feelings, simples and touching. So I reduce it to the simplest musical accompaniment. This is almost acapella. I sang this song as if I whispered in the ear of my Valentin, on a morning. Just the voice, no effects, no tricks :) Hope you like it, and Happy Valentin's day !
Views: 32957 Aveline S.
My funny valentine cover
Me just singing a tune on a cold Valentine's day. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 35 Jolewood
My Funny Valentine/ cover
Kenny Rankin style
Views: 1401 jazzyfrank
My Funny Valentine
Recorded live at Heliconian Hall, Shannon Butcher on vocals, Rebecca Hennessy on trumpet and Ross MacIntyre on bass. Check out Butcher Sings Baker: Shannon Butcher and Rebecca Hennessy perform the Chet Baker Songbook on March 7th at Hugh's Room in Toronto!
Views: 3563 Shannon Butcher
My funny Valentine
Free improvisation around the melody
Views: 131 Benjamin Pearlman
My Funny Valentine - Andrew Lavado
My brother showed me a video clip of this beautiful woman singing this song, I fell in love and decided to do my own. I'm not a real jazz singer, just some dude with a dog in Peru. Enjoy!!! Mi hermano me enseno esto tema y me enemore, decidi hacer mi proprio cover... I do not own the rights to this song, promotional use only.
Views: 256 Andrew Lavado
My Funny Valentine
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Sheena Boone- My Funny Valentine cover
Its been forever but this is me singing My Funny Valentine at a vocal showcase. I had to cut out the video because some of the other students were seen in the mirror and legally I cant post them!! Check out my new website www.SheenaBoone.com follow me twitter /sheenalboone instagram /sheenaboone facebook /officiallysheena
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Ivana Dimov - My Funny Valentine (cover) NEW
piano: Tvrtko Hrelec / studio chagljotaurus My new cover of this beautiful song. Comments, suggestions, criticism are welcomed :)
Views: 397 zevilaaa
Radka Toneff - My Funny Valentine
From the album "Fairy Tales"
My Funny Valentine - cover by Mindy Bell
Happy Valentine's Day! So, being the festive holiday that is, I wanted to sing something. (Shocking I know.) It's what I do. ;) I sat down to make a web recording of this Valentine classic and just decided to have fun and experiment. Please forgive the 'mistakes' and enjoy the rest of it! It is, after all, a song about loving someone flaws and all. : ) Love to all, friends!
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Ashtraynutz - My Funny Valentine (cover/rework) live at North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam
Ashtraynutz performing live at the North Sea Jazz Club. Doing their own interpretation of the jazzclassic 'My Funny Valentine' Follow Ashtraynutz: http://ashtraynutz.com/ https://facebook.com/Ashtraynutzofficial http://ashtraynutz.com/index.php/shop/ Management: ww.soepermarkt.com Contact: [email protected]
Views: 1264 Joël Gaerthé
My Funny Valentine Cover (Chelsea Cameron)
Back to my jazz roots. I've done a few covers on here, mostly more well-known songs, which I love. But I also really love smooth jazz, soul and r&b (as you saw with my House of the Rising Sun cover). It's my style if I had to identify one, it's just so sultry and beautiful. Many of you may not know this song, but please take the chance to listen and get to know it. You may be pleasantly surprised. I hope you guys enjoy this. Thanks for watching.
Views: 962 Chelsea Cameron
My funny Valentine
aufgenommen am 9.7.2013 Musik /Text: Rodgers / Hart Interpret: ITAKA III
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My Funny Valentine Rod Stewart
Abby in balloons
Views: 498 Paul Young
My Funny Valentine
Views: 316 Diana Cortés
Pat Barbara & Maria Chan Perform :My Funny Valentine"
Views: 607 Pat Barbara
My Funny Valentine (Cover) - Renato Carrozzo
Così, una notte di qualche anno fa...
Views: 320 Renato Carrozzo
Michael Buble - My Funny Valentine
Michael Buble - My Funny Valentine ..in concert .
Views: 894 Cheryl David Bailey
CARLO PASCUCCI ► My Funny Valentine (Swing)
▼ SUBSCRIBE "MrPROF2013" ▼ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MrPROF2013 ★ ★ THANK YOU SO MUCH ★ ★ TITLE : My Funny Valentine -- STYLE : Jazz / Swing / Standard -- PLAYERS = Carlo Pascucci : Vocalist / Alto Sax -- Roland Discover5 : Background Sound -- NOTES : Video Processing by "PROF" -- Audio Recording by "CUBASE AI4". TYPES = Frank Sinatra / Jazz / Swing / Standard / Love Songs / Alto sax.
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my funny valentine
שיוואנה B בלאק.. . ץ . , Shewanna B Black
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My Funny Valentine with lyrics by Ella fitzgerald
By Ella fitzgerald
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