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Miss A Suzy - CeCi Magazine: April Issue (BTS) (HD)
CeCi Korea magazine released a teaser trailer for Miss A's SUZY's fashion film for the april issue! - i own nothing! all credit to the rightful owners -
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miss A Suzy - Strong Maknae Compilation
I love Suzy ♥ Rights reserved to their respective owners. The videos are not mine. --- ¡Hola! ^^ regreso con otro video compilatorio pero esta vez de miss A, especialmente Suzy ♥ ella es mi bias del kpop entero y simplemente la amo asdskduuaisd asi que he decidido hacer un pequeño video donde muestre uno de sus tantos talentos xD y en este caso su gran fuerza. Nuestra pequeña maknae ya no es tan pequeña y desde sus comienzos ha demostrado que ella posee un gran sentido de la lucha, asi que cuidado haters (?) ¿Vieron el nuevo CF de miss A? OMG!
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Miss-A Suzy Elle &CeCi Magazine Inspired Tutorial 미쓰에이 수지 화장법
EXPAND IF YOU'RE CURIOUS CAT! ;) Hi lovelies! Decided to film a kpop tutorial today ;) hope you guys enjoyed it! --PRODUCTS MENTIONED-- -Espoir Dark Circle Concealer Duo 101 ivory -Face it Radiance Dual Veil Concealer NB21 -Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Storm 578 -Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express waterproof -Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in 401 Aurora -double eyelid tape used: wonder eyelid tape ♥CONNECT WITH ME! ♥twitter : https://twitter.com/sunnydahye INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/sunnydahye ♥facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunnydahye Song: danosongs.com
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All Time ‪Suzy(Miss A) CM1/CMがすべてSuzyだったら‬
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[Fancam] 130913 Suzy - Breathe @ Lotte Festival
수지 - Breathe (nevada)
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miss A suzy's cuteness
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miss A Suzy- ON THE BODY- CF Making.
miss A Suzy- ON THE BODY- CF Making. cr:missAcn
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Miss A Suzy -The Face Shop CC cream CF
Miss A Suzy -The Face Shop CC cream CF
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Beast & Miss A- CeCi Magazine October issue 2012 photoshoots
Lol, I didn't know this happened. I was away on a trip for a couple of weeks around the time the news of the coming issue was out. But anyway, I found scans of the magazine issue that featured Miss A and Beast and decided to share the pics and add music as well. Z:EA is in the magazine issue as well but I only post Miss A & Beast related things haha. Songs used ( In order of being played): Drake & Lykke Li- "A Little Bit" Miss A - " Ma Style" Beast/ B2st- " Beautiful Night" The magazine is on sale here, lol : http://www.ebay.com/itm/CECI-KOREAN-Magazine-October-2012-Beast-Cover-Miss-A-ZE-A-Siwan-Etc-/120990910863 And you can find a video feature of miss A as guest editors of CeCi Korea on CeciKoreaTV's official channel here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD_oM2Fs_-g Please support both Miss A and Beast. Both groups are friends. And they are nice and pay attention to their fans lol. Even if you don't like Miss A ( only Beast), support them anyways because they're friends with Beast lolol. And if you don't like Beast ( only Miss A), support them also because they are friends with Miss A haha. And maybe, there will be another collaboration from them in the future.
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Miss A Suzy - Bad Girl
Suzy Bae, la femme fatale Fan edit by BOB Source: Suzy DC Gall Song: Bad Girl by Bumkey (feat E-Sens of Supreme Team)
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Suzy (Miss A) The Face Shop Making Film + CF
Bae Suzy The Face Shop Making Film
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11212013 Miss A - Suzy at JYPE
Suzy of Miss A :-)
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[Official CeCi TV] SUZY's Special Film
CeCi Korea magazine released a teaser trailer. For miss A SUZY's fashion film. Thanks for waiting. Enjoy! :) More photoshoot and behind Seens in CeCi application 2013 April. ### You can download the CeCi application here #### http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ceci/id458282887
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miss A Suzy - The Face Shop CF
miss A Suzy - The Face Shop CF
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Lee Seung Gi and Suzy 'Miss A'
SeungZy Couple in Serial Drama Korea Populer "Gu Family Book"
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Miss A Suzy on way to Swarovski Opening Event
Short video of Suzy from van to Swarovski event. It was raining that day, hence the umbrellas..
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Miss A SUZY - The Making Of THE FACE SHOP CF
Miss A SUZY - The Making Of THE FACE SHOP CF
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Miss a Suzy - Sugar cf
Miss a Suzy - Sugar cf
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Miss A  Suzy - Get it Beauty Self Making of - such lovely face!
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Miss A Suzy's Heart Song - The Face Shop Mango Seed CF
Miss A Suzy heart volume Butter Song
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Miss A Suzy-Baby Girl
I don't own any of the video Cr to the owner
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B1A4 & miss A Suzy- The Making Of SMART Uniform CF
B1A4 & miss A Suzy- The Making Of SMART Uniform CF
Views: 41698 Suzyholic
B1A4 & miss A Suzy- SMART Uniform CF Part 2- Long Version.
B1A4 & miss A Suzy- SMART Uniform CF Part 2- Long Version. Sorry if the quality isn't that high
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Bae Suzy from Miss A - 4D personality
one of the video is a fancam,the fancam is credit to the rightful owner
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Girl like suzy miss a (sister twin suzy)
We found. sister suzy twin. much they resemble suzy @missA_suzy @missA_fei @missA_jia @missA_min @JYPEmissA
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Suzy - Heart Song (The Face Shop) 33s
via mysuzy (weibo)
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Miss A Suzy Domino's Pizza Real BBQ Full CF
Miss A Suzy Domino's Pizza Real BBQ Full CF
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Miss A Suzy - thefaceshop Suzy Cream
Miss A Suzy - thefaceshop Suzy Cream
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Lee Seung Gi and Suzy - Cuckoo Face Shop CF
Lee Seung Gi - Cuckoo Full Stainless Rice cooker CF Suzy - The Face Shop CF
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130821 Suzy - Greetings for SEPTEMBER GEEK Magazine
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MissA suzy BTS for COSMOPOLITAN] 수지 Young Glamour Sep 2013
Miss A Suzy proves again that she's a good model. After her Photoshoot with Kim Soo Hyun for 'Bean Pole', here comes the BTS for COSMOPOLITAN Sept. Issue. 'Cosmopolitan' has released a BTS video for Suzy's photoshoot. Suzy chose a black-and-red checkered one-piece as her favorite outfit of the shoot during the interview. Suzy also said that she had a lot of fun because she felt the photos were going to come out so well. In the magazine interview, Suzy revealed which role she would like to try next and shared, "I want to try a sharp and sexy, femme fatale role." On the topic of sexy charms, when asked when she feels the sexiest, she shyly confessed, "The moment right after I get out of the shower?" Well Suzy just deserves to be a model and cover because she's not just talented but she's naturally pretty as well :")
Views: 7113 camille's art & music
miss A Suzy - Voice Compilation In 4th project, [TOUCH]
Suzy voice compilation In 4th project, [TOUCH] album (sorry,if i make mistake) ^^ thank for nice photo.
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Suzy (miss A) - Vita500 CF 2013 [바빠요편+졸리고편]
Vita500 CF Song 2013 비타500_바빠요편 비타500_졸리고편 © Kwangdong https://www.vita500.com:8184
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MIss A Suzy -TMON CF
MIss A Suzy -TMON CF
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미쓰에이(miss A) 수지(Suzy) 강남직영Shop 사인회 퇴장!
미쓰에이의 에이스 수지가 사인회를 마치고 나가는 모습! ^^
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miss A Suzy - korea post cf
miss A Suzy - korea post cf
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Miss A Suzy - Vitamin 500 CF
Miss A Suzy - Vitamin 500 CF
Views: 627 siti aminah
miss A Suzy - Voice Compilation In 5th project, [Independent Women III]
Suzy voice compilation In 5th project, [Independent Women III] album thank for awesome photo. (sorry,if i make mistake) ^^
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941010, Miss A SUZY ♥ Birthday Special clip 수지야 생일 축하해♡
2013년 10월 10일은 20살의 배수지의 생일입니다. 많이많이 축하해주세요^^ B.G.M- 버스커 버스커 - 가을밤 ♬
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"CF Queen" miss A's Suzy Has Shot 40 Commercials Since Her Debut
Despite currently being one of the most popular advertisement models and one of the nation's most loved idols, miss A's Suzy seems to still be surprised over her success. The star was featured on the November 30 episode of KBS2TV's "Entertainment Weekly." While she was getting her makeup done backstage, a staff member said to Suzy, "You have filmed 40 commercials since your debut." Hearing this, Suzy could not hold back her wide smile and surprised expression, "Did you say that I have shot 40 of them?" It has been only four years since miss A debuted, so for her to have 40 commercials under her belt is a truly impressive achievement. When asked what sort of advertisement films she would like to shoot next, Suzy answered, "I would like advertise air conditioners, and because I like ramyun, I would like to film a ramyun one as well." She also revealed what she thought of director Hur Jin Ho's recent love call, and his confession that he would like to cast Suzy for the female lead of his movie "Christmas in August" if he was to remake it, "It is an honor. I am always ready to shoot that kind of a movie with a heartbreaking story."
130323 Suzy ( miss A ) _ Vitamin 500 CF ( New ver. )
Suzy _ Vitamin 500 CF March 2013
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Suzy (Miss A) + G.O (Mblaq) - Dream High @ Music Bank Istanbul
07.09.2013 Wordpress blog adresimiz : http://annyongchingutr.wordpress.com Twitter adresimiz: http://twitter.com/AnnyongChinguTR Facebook adresimiz : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Annyong-ChinguTR/119531211521679 Sorularınız için: http://ask.fm/AnnyongChinguTR Senem'in kanalı: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvvP9WRe70FXUe0jDCCygA?feature=watch
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Suzy's 4D dance in The Face Shop CF
I just cut the dance part of Suzy from the original The Face Shop CF video :) Watch the Original Video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hbVCRmd9PQ
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Miss A Suzy On The Body Perfumed Body Wash SONG
Miss A Suzy On The Body Perfumed Body Wash SONG
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[FANCAM] 130907 Suzy(Miss A) & G.O(Mblaq) - Love High Music Bank in ISTANBUL
please do not reupload for photos you can look http://multifandomkpopper.tumblr.com/ i'll upload soon https://twitter.com/byz_bb
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[BTS] Miss A Suzy & Lee Seung Gi - Poster Shooting "Drama Gu Family Book (구가의서)"
[BTS] Miss A Suzy & Lee Seung Gi - Poster Shooting "Drama Gu Family Book (구가의서)"
Views: 9556 KoreanGroup MissA

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