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Stuck Up Girls!!!
i hate stuck up girls!!!
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Stuck-Up Girls At The Club
Why are girls at the club sooooo stuck up!
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Girl Has Football-Sized Tumour On Her Face: Body Bizarre Episode 6
Girl Has Football Sized Tumour On Her Face: Body Bizarre Episode 6 SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A teenager with a huge facial tumour had life-saving surgery to remove a mass the size of a football from her lower jaw. 17-year-old Grace from the Democratic Republic of Congo would have died from suffocation if the aggressive bone tumour had continued to grow. Surgery was performed by Mercy Ships - an international charity which sends a hospital based on a former ferry boat along the coast of West Africa to help those who cannot afford hospital care. Grace's story will appear in a new series of Body Bizarre, which airs every Thursday at 9pm on TLC UK. For more information on Mercy Ships, head to: https://mercyships.org For more compelling footage of the amazing side of life: FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft TV - http://goo.gl/7ayYgY TWITTER: Follow @Barcroft_TV - http://bit.ly/10vFLY9 WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft Media site - http://bit.ly/19OYwp
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Stuck up girls
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girl stuck in a baby swing in nyc , released by fire dept.
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Kids Stuck In Stuff
They need some help Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1iIDbtA Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k Post to Twitter: http://bit.ly/1iIDhl6 All media courtesy of AFV GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.comwww.buzzfeed.co­m/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeed www.youtu­be.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzz­feedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedpop www­.youtube.com/cnnbuzzfeed BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed is the world's first true social news organization. Featuring tasty, short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed. /BuzzFeedVideo is BuzzFeed's original YouTube Channel, with a focus on producing great short-form BuzzFeed videos for YouTube (and the world!). BuzzFeed Video will entertain, educate, spark conversation, inspire and delight. Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today and check us out at http://buzzfeed.com
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Stuck up people part 1 Girls
We hate stuck up girls and will do the guys soon. Like, share, and subscribe
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There is a Fish Stuck in My Throat on Christmas
A man swallows a fish at an office party, and now he can barely breathe. It is still stuck in his throat, but when Dr. Craig Murray tries to remove it he discovers the fish is alive and cannot be pulled out. | For more Untold Stories of the ER, visit http://health.discovery.com/tv/untold-stories-of-the-er/#mkcpgn=ytfit1 Watch full episodes: http://bit.ly/UntoldStoriesFullEps Subscribe to Discovery Fit and Health: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=discoveryhealth
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Stuck Up Dress Prank
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Trapped Girl Illusion!
NEWEST POOTER VIDEO: "Farting on People of Walmart - THE POOTER" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd8nBSBryh0 --~-- We made people think a little girl was stuck in a drain and when they came to help, the drain vanished and there was no girl! Had a BLAST filming with Rich Ferguson! He is the best close-up magician I have ever seen! Check him out! ►http://www.youtube.com/ucmagic Here's Madysyn ►http://www.youtube.com/madysynrose Watch The Levitation Experiment Rich and I did at the beach! ►http://youtu.be/X-MRsObd_uo Janitor - Rich Ferguson Trapped Girl - Madysyn Rose Trapped Girl's Dad - Jack Vale Camera - Kodi Fletcher, Jake Vale Edit - Kodi Fletcher Kodi Fletcher►http://www.youtube.com/kodsaquadude Jake Vale►http://www.youtube.com/thejakevaleshow PRANK YOU► http://bit.ly/JoinValeNation Watch MORE Videos► http://bit.ly/1j5776v Get Pooters► http://bit.ly/originalpooter Facebook► http://bit.ly/officaljackvale Instagram► http://bit.ly/13kPTFm Twitter► http://bit.ly/18buhi5 Vine► Jack Vale
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Stuck up girls be like...
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Fatima Gets A Cockroach Stuck Up Her Nose | I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
In a classic moment from the show, Olympic gold medalist Fatima Whitbread takes on her toughest challenge yet when a cockroach takes a wrong turn and crawls right up her nose. Not for the faint hearted... Watch more videos of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! on the official YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/imacelebrity http://www.itv.com  http://www.stv.tv  http://www.u.tv
Noooooo GOOOD
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Bloopers, BTS, and More! http://youtu.be/I81BWMwt2Dw GOOGLE SEARCH FUN: http://youtu.be/Otd3tU6DUNs Visit the Smosh Store: http://smo.sh/1gL5AiG We did too many special effects and now we're stuck in SLOW MOTION! Cast: Anthony Padilla as Himself Ian Hecox as Himself Ryan Todd as Stevie / Mail Man Tom Hart as Old Man | Raquel Perez as Bikini Girl Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Finnerty Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd Edited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael Barryte Post Supervision by: Ian Hecox & Ryan Finnerty AD: Jon Hooker | DP: John Alexander Jimenez Asst. Camera: Jonathan Joiner | Sound Mixer: Ivan Harder Grips: Lee Eisenhower and Patrick Egan Production Design: Chris Newell | Makeup: Paula Barkley DIT: Shawna Smith | Asst. Editor: Katie Reed Color: Pretty Moving Pictures | PA: Ryan Sweeney BTS: Phil Mohr ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: http://smosh.com Oh and our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/smosh Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can:http://twitter.com/smosh Guess we should have a Google+ Page, too: http://google.com/+smosh Play with us on Smosh Games! http://smo.sh/SmoshGamesYT Watch our Cartoons! http://smo.sh/ShutUpCartoonsYT
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Little Girl Gets Stuck in Arcade Game | #ThrowbackThursday
When this mother walks away for two seconds, this little girl gets stuck in an arcade game! She manages to climb up the dispenser and gets stuck behind the glass. Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MxcUlJZlp8 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JukinSubscriber LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: http://bit.ly/1rEfjhr
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Girl Gets Trapped in Washing Machine, Rescued by Firefighters
Child locks herself into the household appliance during a game of hide and seek.
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Cute little girl gets rescued after getting stuck in a bucket
Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h A 16-month-old girl has been rescued unharmed by firefighters after she got stuck in a mop bucket. Little Minnie Snodgrass managed to get wedged in the metal bucket after her mother, Gemma, had been mopping the floor at their home in Conisbrough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue came to the tot's aid after her family had rushed her to a nearby hospital. Report by Jennifer Cordingley. ITN Productions' YouTube channel is becoming ODN. Stay tuned... Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1aENuyJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1fta2Qp Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd More stories from ITN: Violent clashes in Argentina after Germany loss: http://bit.ly/U3BYoz Horrifying footage shows sheep being punched and kicked: http://bit.ly/W3w3BN Neymar announces he's cheering for Argentina: http://bit.ly/VSPhtq Undercover investigation into Britain's black market: http://bit.ly/1zrR4VO Two gored at Pamplona bull run: http://bit.ly/1miKKuu Brazil's World Cup dream ends in humiliating fashion: http://bit.ly/1joFOot Kim Jong Un filmed limping across stage: http://bit.ly/VFFYNm Are these the people who killed a Palestinian teen? http://bit.ly/1oDXqMc Could ISIS attack the UK? http://bit.ly/1n0D0J0 Pucker up! Our Kissing Day challenge: http://bit.ly/1qNjdEk Weird: Tokyo Science Museum's toilet exhibition: http://bit.ly/1qSvUuZ Toronto Mayor Rob Ford back in work after rehab: http://bit.ly/1rbZEpe Rolf Harris leaves court after guilty verdict: http://bit.ly/1oi9UIY Pistorius 'was not suffering from a mental disorder': http://bit.ly/1vnjPOE Over 130 trapped after building collapse in India: http://bit.ly/1nXjUFW NASA launches balloon carrying Mars 'saucer': http://bit.ly/1z1niqM Iraqi Christians flee ISIS militants near Mosul: http://bit.ly/1qq3Gdw Suarez ad becaomes tourist attraction in Brazil: http://bit.ly/1mMa0ct Brazil's Fred mocks Suarez by biting team-mate: http://bit.ly/1nOuJc1 See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/1cKAmGl See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/18ZACCf
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WATCH THE MAIN VIDEO FIRST! http://youtu.be/45DIMfw59VI Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: http://youtu.be/i-G4SG1h8a0 Visit the Smosh Store: http://smo.sh/1gL5AiG Behind the scenes moments, bloopers, PERVO-VISION, and more awesomeness from our "WE'RE STUCK IN SLOW MOTION!" video! Shot & Edited by: Phil Mohr Post Supervision by: Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: http://smosh.com Oh and our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/smosh Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: http://twitter.com/smosh Guess we should have a Google+ Page, too: http://google.com/+smosh Play with us on Smosh Games! http://smo.sh/SmoshGamesYT Watch our Cartoons! http://smo.sh/ShutUpCartoonsYT
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Child in China gets stuck: Girl gets hand stuck in a drain
Subscribe to ITN News! http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h Firefighters in northwest China's Shaanxi Province have rescued a girl who got her hand stuck in a drain grill. The child reached through the drain out of curiosity only to discover she could not get her hand out. Her rescuers used a hydraulic tool and lubricants to pull her hand free of the grill. Report by Sarah Kerr. Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1aENuyJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1fta2Qp Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd More stories from ITN: Incredible! Man survives horrific car crash: http://bit.ly/1jcfZoJ Dramatic amateur video of deadly US tornadoes: http://bit.ly/PNi4vO Awkward moment Jon Snow meets Jon Snow: http://bit.ly/1nyUYHY Tornadoes kill at least 17 in Arkansas and Oklahoma: http://bit.ly/1h6rfim Big baby: Mum gives birth to 14.5 pound girl: http://bit.ly/1kcIOAY Strange: Man likes to eat iron nails: http://bit.ly/1pyx41l Is North Korea's propaganda starting to fail? http://bit.ly/1nu1RKI Hostage video emerges of kidnapped embassy employee: http://bit.ly/1muGBlg Car crashes through church during Easter service: http://bit.ly/1eZtxER 300 kg man rescued from home: http://bit.ly/1i6dnE8 Teen stowawy survives five-hour flight in wheel: http://bit.ly/RHJfKy Bad Hair Day? Barber ad mocks Kim Jong-un: http://bit.ly/1nq5U82 Ouch! Bear falls out of 30 foot tree: http://bit.ly/1hIpufg Lions could starve to death in Crimea: http://bit.ly/1n8f4J1 Man steals woman's necklace mid-TV interview: http://bit.ly/1kLhxsS Pet parrot saves woman's life: http://bit.ly/1lVzftw See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/1cKAmGl See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/18ZACCf
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Dance Moms: Moms' Take: Holly's Mad That No One Stuck Up for Nia (S4, E14) | Lifetime
Holly talks about how mad she is at the moms for not sticking up for Nia when she was cut from the group dance, in this video extra from Episode 14 (Family Comes First) of Dance Moms Season 4. Subscribe for more from Dance Moms and other great Lifetime shows: http://po.st/SubscribeToLifetime Enjoy more Dance Moms on YouTube: http://po.st/WatchDanceMoms Find out more about the show and stream full episodes on our site: http://po.st/Social_YouTube_DanceMoms Check out exclusive Lifetime content: Website - http://po.st/Lifetime_Site Facebook - http://po.st/LifetimeFacebook Twitter - http://po.st/LifetimeTwitter Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 14 Family Comes First Welcome to Lifetime's YouTube Channel! Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at myLifetime.com for more info.
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Grown man gets stuck in a high chair
Why is this grown man in a baby's high chair? CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on high chair hijinks.
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When stuck up girl rejects me
Lol stuck up girls suck
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Kitchen Nightmares US S04E07
Kitchen Nightmares US S04E07
Views: 5038540 aes theticx
And Scene: Stuck Up Party Girl
Get WASTED!!!!!
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Stuck in washing machine: curious girl rescued by firefighters in China
A girl in east China's Zhejiang Province on Tuesday night was  rescued by firefighters after she got stuck inside a washing  machine. Firefighters in Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City received an  emergency call at 22:40 from a woman claiming that her  daughter was trapped in a washing machine after she  climbed into it out of curiosity. After firefighters arrived at the family's home, they decided to  use an electric saw to slit open the washing machine To protect the girl from the sparks produced in the process of cutting, her mother covered her with a thick coat. The girl was pulled out of the washing machine 15 minutes later. The girl was not seriously injured, but suffered some  scratches, according to reports. What is in the news today? Click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeLGPTLVZMp8kczDH7_5Ni euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronews euronews is available in 14 languages: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
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A careless zookeeper enters a world of darkness when he finds himself packed inside a pachyderm!
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Fat Girl Stuck In Ball Pit
Gonna need a crane to get her out.
Views: 2893 Sophie Frank
Girl gets stuck in swing (ORIGINAL VIDEO)
Girl gets stuck in a child's swing at the park. This was the last attempt at freeing her before we called the police. This our friend and we love her but she can be stupid. Hit that like button and subscribe for more videos!!!
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Stuck inside a water slide rebound chamber at Water Park
While riding a newly built water slide, I got stuck twice inside the rebound chambers. I wasn't sitting high enough on the tube so when I entered the chambers I didn't get enough speed to rebound and make it back into the water stream. While inside the second chamber I attempted to get back on my tube. I lost my balance and the tube slipped out of my hand. I then had to ride the rest of the way without it. I'm glad I made it out safely.
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Stuck on the Girl - Young Beautiful in a Hurry
"Stuck on the Girl" is the debut single off Young Beautiful in a Hurry's EP "Royalty" coming out March 2014. Music video directed by Ward Roberts (Dust Up). Produced by Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.) www.youngbeautifulinahurry.com www.facebook.com/youngbeautifulinahurry www.twitter.com/ybinahurry Director: Ward Roberts Producer: Bear McCreary Starring Band Members: Brendan McCreary (lead vocals, guitar) Bryan Taylor (drums) Pete Griffin (bass) Chris Norton (keys) Actress: Jennifer Nappi Prod. Coordinator: Jennifer Rae Huber Producer Associate: Nick Erickson, Melissa Axel Director of Photography: Greg Cotten B Cam Op/ 1st AC - Andrew Finch Grip - Adam Nelson Grip - Luis Estrada Make Up Artist - Arlene Martinez Sound Design and additional scoring- Daniel Raphael Visual Effects - Sam Balcomb/ Rainfall Films Special Thanks: American Superior Vintage Tommy O'Haver Tashi Trieu Barbara Leung Rainfall Films Tvacom
Girl stuck in lawn lawn chair
9 year old falls through lawn chair seat, unable to set herself free! Dad comes to rescue her, but uses a manly touch to set her free.
Views: 2629 Yvette Bailey
1. Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling
Guardians of the Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 1 track 1 The 1:1 aspect ratio is deliberate and gives the same size when watching on your phone regardless if you hare holding it horizontal or vertical. Do you like the square video or do you prefer standard widescreen 16:9? Blue Swede recorded B. J. Thomas' song in 1973, but based its rendition of the song on a 1971 version released by British pop eccentric Jonathan King, which created the "ooga-chaka ooga-chaka" introduction. Blue Swede released "Hooked on a Feeling" in Sweden in May 1973 and in the United States in February 1974. The song reached number-one in the U.S. for one week in April 1974 and stayed in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 18 weeks. The track also topped charts in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands.
Views: 120288713 Joel Gustafsson
- Tying to thin some too thick contact cement, causes me to be a little stuck up. - Probably this was a bad idea? Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Stuck in a girl's room | TTT
We just can't get enough of the same map.
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Stuck up females
Views: 45 Jacquinnss Lloyd
ever seen a girl get stuck in a balloon
ever seen a girl get stuck in a balloon
Views: 21423 Pranks and Fails
[Epic Fail] Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE
Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE Teenage mood swing! Giggling girl rescued from children's playground by firefighters after getting wedged in toddler seat Five firefighters spent an hour rescuing a 15-year-old girl who had wedged herself into a toddler's seat at a children's playground. The youngster and a friend both squeezed into the seats designed for young children last night at a park in Ramsgate, Kent. But when their giggling friends realised they could not escape, they had no option but to dial 999. One of the girls freed herself but the other spent an hour trapped before being cut free with hand tools. The video shot by one of the teenagers shows firefighters arriving and getting to work on the swing. One tells the 15-year-old stuck in the swing: 'What I'm going to do is we're going to try and get a box under you, and if you stand on that, we can try and get you out.' The girl's friends are heard swearing and laughing as she says 'ow!' and is lifted onto the box. One says: 'She is actually like full-on stuck.' In other parts of the three-minute video circulating on Facebook, the teenagers are heard encouraging firefighters to use 'some saw s***' to 'just cut her out'. As firefighters gather around one of the girls, she tells her laughing friends: 'This ain't even funny!' When one of the firefighters shines a bright light on the swing, one friend says: 'They've got a f****** thingy'. Another firefighter says: 'I'll get the hacksaw', to more laughter. A Kent Fire and Rescue spokesman said: 'We were called to Boundary Park to a female trapped in a child's swing.' 'We sent out one fire engine and the crew used small tools to release her from the swing. 'She was then given over to the ambulance service.' A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesman added: 'We got the call at 7.50pm. It appeared a 15-year-old girl had got her leg trapped in a swing. 'A crew attended the scene but she did not have to be taken to hospital. Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE Girl gets stuck in a swing and has to call the FIRE BRIGADE
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Stuck up people bloopers
Views: 75 young reject
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney | Christmas Action Songs For Children | Kids Action Songs
Oh no! How will Santa deliver all his presents if he’s stuck? We’re all in for Christmas on Kids Action Songs - join us and sing When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney! :-) Subscribe to Kids Action Songs for more from the Kids Action Songs Christmas Series: http://goo.gl/38ilU7 Christmas Action Songs for Children - When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney Lyrics WHEN SANTA GOT STUCK UP THE CHIMNEY, HE BEGAN TO SHOUT, YOU GIRLS AND BOYS, WON'T GET ANY TOYS, IF YOU DON'T PULL ME OUT. THERE'S SOOT ON MY BACK, AND MY BEARD IS ALL BLACK, MY NOSE IS TICKLING TOO.! WHEN SANTA GOT STUCK UP THE CHIMNEY, ACHOO, ACHOO, ACHOO.
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Little Girl Lost: More than 600 people ignore lost child in TV experiment
In a social experiment for a TV documentary 616 people were filmed walking past two young girls, who were left alone in a London shopping centre. Seven-year-old Uma Rumsey and her sister, Maya, who's five, were taken to Victoria Place shopping centre, next to Victoria Station. They were left alone separately - but with tight security around them - obviously alone and looking in need of help. The cameras recorded men and women clearly seeing them - and ignoring them. A total of 616 adults passed them by in just one hour. The one person who did finally ask Maya if she needed help did so only after doubling back and making sure the child was alone. She was Pearl Pitcher, who said: "I was very hesitant to come and ask her, but I thought I must come back - just in case. I think the older generation would stop, but very cautiously, a bit like I was". A spokesman for the NSPCC said: "We have got to get a message out to adults that they have a responsibility to protect children and that must supersede any concern you have for other people's perception of why you are reaching out to help that child". The experiment, which was to test the public's reaction to lost children, was carried out for a programme by ITN Productions on Channel 5, called "Little Girl Lost: A Police 5 Special", which will air on Tuesday 25th March at 6.30pm. Report by Lauren Hood. Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1aENuyJ Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1fta2Qp Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/17z0Dpd More stories from ITN: Malaysia Airlines flight crashed into Indian Ocean: http://bit.ly/1drQ8ZV Car slips off ramp and crushed by ferry: http://bit.ly/1jmsbFS Amazing bus prank fakes an alien invasion: http://bit.ly/1nSXYQL Jeffrey the camel enjoys drinking beer: http://bit.ly/1hP5ncg Man dives from massive tree into Amazon River: http://bit.ly/1giQ8eV Epic climb out of one of world's biggest caves: http://bit.ly/PTMHRj Is this the world's fattest baby? http://bit.ly/1iG8XIx Giant 'fireball' illuminates the Canada sky: http://bit.ly/1eW1VdZ Rapping teacher breaks it down for students: http://bit.ly/1d7AiDl Have they found the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? http://bit.ly/ODRDs8 Relatives of missing MH370 passengers dragged away: http://bit.ly/PPQvD1 Friend defends missing flight's captain: http://bit.ly/1igzXgK Man attacks police after threatening to shoot up train: http://bit.ly/1ifrHgW News helicopter crashes in Seattle, killing two: http://bit.ly/1gya7R9 Historic smokestack comes down in dramatic demolition: http://bit.ly/1onfU2B Fight breaks out between Mexican police officers: http://bit.ly/1hsxHks Russia TV host: Russia can turn USA into radioactive ashes: http://bit.ly/1fQMrft See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://bit.ly/1cKAmGl See our Biggest Videos of All Time: http://bit.ly/18ZACCf
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How To Talk To A Stuck Up Guy
Book A Consultation - https://bit.ly/304wH3J
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London bus accident. Girls night out went wrong. Bus stuck in Soho side street crash footage
London bus accident. Hen night went wrong. Bus stuck in Soho side street . Bus stuck in Soho side street
Views: 6272 Modi Elnadi
Girl Gets Head Stuck In Trampoline
A girl botches a backflip and gets her head stuck in the trampoline.
Views: 1145 Sophie Frank
Girl gets stuck in a locker
Made with Lumify
Views: 6080 Kimberly Rodriguez
Girl stuck in banana costume,
My daughter is in a banana costume in Target see what happens next
Views: 1967 Jan Sweeney