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How to Do Black Magic
How to Do Black Magic
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Black Magic Exposed #JinnSeries
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READ MINDS With Black Magic!
Leave your friends utterly confused and amazed! All you need is a partner in crime and a few random objects to trick them into thinking you possess the power of black magic and the ability to read minds. Plus, a bonus trick that Brian calls "Sticks" - see if you can figure out the rules and the results! Want More Brian Brushwood!? COMMENT, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe for free! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=scamschool Scam School Homepage http://revision3.com/scamschool Twitter http://twitter.com/scamschool Facebook http://www.facebook.com/scamschool.tv Brian Brushwood on Twitter http://twitter.com/shwood ABOUT SCAM SCHOOL If Harvard offered a PhD in deceit, this would be it. Award-winning magician Brian Brushwood takes viewers on an inside tour of bar tricks, street cons, and scams. If you watch carefully, you'll never have to pay for a drink again!
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how real black magic works- Not to try without practice ||
-Black magic method is done to provoke natural energies and super natural powers and then they 0.12-are designated to do any particular task. Here we are going to tell you the complete method of Black magic. This method is to make someone fall in love with you. -Material required for the method: -One puppet. -One cardboard box. -Two white candles. -Some ashes from crimination ground. -Photo of the person whom you like. -Five pins. -Black thread. -Paper. -Pen with red ink. -Black cloth. -Method to do Black magic: -First of all spread black cloth on the ground. -Now light two candles. -Put the Puppet on the black cloth. -Then tie photo of the person in the Puppet. -Then write your name and the name of the person whom you like on the paper. -Put that paper on the Puppet. -Now take five pins in your right hand. -Put one pinch of ashes taken from crimination ground on the pins. -Then recite the given Dua for 128 times. -Dua: WA LAA H'AWLA WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAHIL A'LIYYIL A'Z'EEM -Now prick all the pins in the Puppet. -Cover the Puppet in the black cloth. -Put it in the box. -Burry the box in the crimination ground. -Precautions for doing this method: -Practice this method only on Friday. -Recite the Dua correctly. -Do not use this method for any Halal purpose. -Do not tell anything about the method to any person. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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black magic power words - Learn How to Do It Yourself
black magic power words - Learn How to Do It Yourself Psychic Powers -- Free Psychic Abilities -- Learn How to Do It Yourself When was the last time you had a psychic experience? Think about it for a minute...Okay - now let's narrow it down a little by defining what we mean by 'Psychic Experience'. There will be many and varied definitions of the phrase, it just depends on your particular outlook on life - our preferred definition is this one: 'Extrasensory Occurrences' -- such as: Clairvoyance (visions of some past, future or remote event), Telepathy (non physical communication), Poltergeist Activity (physical disturbances with no obvious physical cause), Precognition (dreams or visions that provide information previously unknown), Synchronistic Events (meaningful coincidences of two unrelated events). Go here to see this important site now: http://ilockerbooks.com/?surl=psychicpowersrevealed When did you last answer the phone, hear the voice on the other end and say, 'I was just thinking about you' or 'I was about to call YOU'. Think about the last time you were humming a tune silently in your head and someone next to you started to hum it out loud -- even spookier when you and someone else start to sing the same line from the same song at the same time with no noticeable external prompting. Check it out now: http://ilockerbooks.com/?surl=psychicpowersrevealed What about the man who dreamt he had won the lottery, and then -- weeks later - he did. These things do happen, some more frequently than others of course -- keep an open mind and watch out for that 'Twilight Zone' moment...are you trying to recall the tune -- how did I know that? We all have psychic ability. Some have more natural abilities than others, the same way that some of us can be predisposed towards art or music. Like any other skill, psychic or not, these abilities can be honed, enhanced and nurtured. Find out more here: http://ilockerbooks.com/?surl=psychicpowersrevealed
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How to use Black Magic
Find us on Twitter: @MarsRisingFilms Find us on Facebook: http://fb.com/MarsRisingFilms The internet goes down in the studio, Tom gets bored and learns black magic. See what happens when you use the dark arts to do every day things. Tell Us what you would do with black magic. Written & Directed by Tom & Jon Lots of help and Demon portrayal by: Bryce Schuler
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How to study black magic and become a black witch
***Want to hear more from Black Witch Coven? Sign Up to our weekly e-newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cP_XK1 Download or print off what I was talking about in the video here: http://blackwitchcoven.com/how-to-learn-black-magick/ Beginners Black Magick Below I present steps you need to follow in order to learn black magick. You don’t need to follow these in order. You will need to do loads of reading, internal processing, and deciding what really sits with your identity and beliefs. You also have to consider if you will be able to practice “hidden” and therefore have a secret life. This can be very stressing long term. Allow 1 to 2 years: Learn meditation. Learn divination methods. Learn about hermeticism and hermetic magick Learn chaos magick Learn witchcraft Get to know grimoires, basics of demonology and read demonolatry books about the work with demons (only for those interested in satanic magick!) Learn shamanism Learn something about ceremonial magick (CM) Intermediate Black Magick Intermediate black magick looks at contacting the other side. Depending on who you feel comfortable connecting with, you will focus your studies in this direction. For example: Satan/Devil worshiping Spirits Astral Projection Sex Magick Others Advanced Black Magick Strictly for the masters only. This is what movies are made about and what millions of people fear around the world. Learning this level of black magick takes years and even a life time to master. If you want to learn, just start at the beginning – where we all started :) Some forms of advanced black magick: Voodoo (Hexing, curses, zombies, poisons) Maleficium (sorcery) Demonology Necromancy http://blackwitchcoven.com/how-to-learn-black-magick/ _____ Learning Black Magick How to study black magic and become a black witch https://youtu.be/EJ3Rawj4jTY Money FREE Money Spell to try at home - Easy for everyone to try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DEuWyVtZiM Hoodoo Money Hoodoo Witch New Orleans Business success spell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DPhMgQG_Ec Love Corriander Love Spell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzAeRZAZ4gg Hex / Curses Feces Spell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0THyC9T6gw Hex / Curses How to Curse or Hex someone You Hate. https://youtu.be/D2NiP0sNo6s Salt An Easy Spell using Salt to Remove Negative People https://youtu.be/bd8GiMJKR5A Remove negativity Beach Waves to remove negativity from your life SPELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPv-5zwg14 Thought Forms Creating a Thought Form Energy Ball - Thought Forms 101 https://youtu.be/kfu8fljknkQ Thought Forms Demonstration of the Creation & release of a Thought Form https://youtu.be/UyqU0RzJkKU Psychic Attacks Psychic Attacks and removal of long term curses and attachments https://youtu.be/WmTSsL4N1GQ Elements How to enjoy the power of the full moon! https://youtu.be/MmxAQBtgD48 Wand How to make your own magic wand and charge it with sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd5jd1hlInc Q & A Depression, Anxiety, Medication & Black Magick Practice https://youtu.be/BxCQBcD1Ui0 Vibrational Energy: How a "Black Witch" gets inside your head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_4a6swFros
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Black magic on your love to make him/her to realize your true love ||
-Is your partner not unable to understand your true feelings for him/her?? -Do you want that your partner should realise your true love?? -Do you wish to fill heart of your partner with love for yourself?? -Do you want to make your partner to love you?? -Then here is a very powerful Amal that can fulfil your all dreams and wishes. By using this Amal you 0.37-will be able to get attractions and affections of the person whom you like in a very short time.. 0.45-period. You will not have to say anything to your partner. -Material required for this method: -Red cloth. -One Puppet. -Some soil taken from the footstep of your partner. -One red Rose. -Red ribbon. -Paper. -Pen. -Some soil from Mazaar. -One red candle. -Complete method to do this Amal: -First of all spread red cloth and put puppet on it. -Then put soil taken from the footstep of your partner on the Puppet. -Now light red Candle in front of the Puppet. -Write your name and the name of your partner on the paper. -Roll the paper and tie it with red Rose by using red Ribbon. -Put it on the Puppet. -Now put soil taken from Mazaar on it. -Then recite the given Dua for 111 times. -Dua: “QUL IN KUNTUM TUH'IBBOONALLAAHA FATTABI-O'ONEE YUH'BIBKUMULLAAHU WA YAGHFIR LAKUM D'UNOOBAKUM WALLAAHU GHAFOORURU RAH'EEM” -After that blow on the puppet. -Cover all the material in the Red cloth. -Leave the red cloth and the material in the Graveyard. -Precautions to be followed for this Amal: -Practice this Dua on Wednesday. -Use fresh rose flower for the Amal. -Never disclose anything about the Amal to any person. -Ladies cannot use this Amal during their Menses. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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Black Magick Explained In 9 Minutes Or Less!
Timothy illuminates the entire philosophy of the Left Hand Path in the simplest way possible in only 8:22. Sign up to pre-order his textbook; http://balg.co/blackmagick Download Transcript: http://balg.co/transcript/complete --- Transcript --- What is the Left Hand Path? - Is it evil? - Is it chaos? - Is it hedonism? No, it actually is none of those inherently, although our critics mistakenly accuse us of such. Black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest, also known as, the pursuit of happiness. In this sense, the Left Hand Path is a way of life. The innate simplicity of this may surprise you. As an ideology, black magick comprises a set of first principles, which derive from the prerequisites of magick itself, namely: 1. Individuality—the sorcerer needs to exist to perform magick 2. Freedom—the sorcerer needs to be unrestricted to perform magick 3. Power—the sorcerer needs strength to perform magick The ambition to maximize these three essential principles constitutes the central ethic of black magick, what we call, Ascent. What is Ascent? Ascent is the Journey to Godhood. What is Godhood? Godhood is a grandiose term for the condition of maximum individuality, freedom, and power. Refer to religious mythology for a theoretical example. A god exists as an individual who possesses the freedom and power to know everything, do anything, and be anywhere. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, what we call the Three Godlike Powers. In the context of black magick, we attain these powers through the praxeology of: 1. Divination: Omniscience 2. Evocation: Omnipotence 3. Soul travel: Omnipresence For this reason, we titled our project, Become A Living God. Because from inception, we dedicated ourselves to the supreme aspiration of the Left Hand Path. So we clarified the first ethic of black magick, called Ascent. There exists one other ethic, called Adversarialism, known in the mainstream as, Satanism. What is Satanism? In Hebrew, the word Satan means adversary. In the context of religion, the word adversary signifies the antagonist figure, any character of mythology who defies and rebels against the protagonist, the tyrannical creator deity. So to answer succinctly, Satanism is adversarialism, and adversarialism is rebellion against tyranny. To give it the most concise definition possible, Satanism is self-defense. A Satanist says, "I am the authority of myself, and I revolt against any entity that claims authority over me." For this reason, many Satanists are anarchists and atheists, like me. They denounce any claim that a state, religion, or deity can control them. The most clichéd and predictable slander against the Left Hand Path is that black magicians are sociopathic terrorists who want to sacrifice babies, skin cats, and enslave humanity. Psychopathy—ruthless aggression and violence against innocent people—explicitly violates the first principles of individuality, freedom and power. Thus, anyone who commits terrorism is a psychopath, not a rational magician of the Left Hand Path. To summarize, black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest. It consists of three principles: individuality, freedom, and power. The first ethic of the Left Hand Path is to maximize these principles to Ascend to Godhood. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, so the praxeology of black magick is divination, evocation, and soul travel. The second ethic of black magick, is Satanism, in order to defend against any entity whom tries to impose authority over the black magician. --- Learn The Secrets Of Godlike Power: Become A Living God eBook Best introduction to performing magick » http://balg.co/y/ebook Complete Works of E.A. Koetting All 7 of my “cult classic” grimoires » http://balg.co/y/completeworks Mastering Divination: Omniscience Rituals to awaken clairvoyance » http://balg.co/y/masteringdivination Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence Learn to evoke spirits to physical appearance » http://balg.co/y/masteringevocation Mastering Soul Travel: Omnipresence Rise on the planes to experience Godhood » http://balg.co/y/masteringsoultravel Facebook: http://facebook.com/eakoetting Help Desk: http://balg.co/support Forum: http://balg.co/forum Godlike Power, E.A.
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How to Read Minds
http://revealedmentalism.info/howtoreadminds Learn how to Read Minds This technique is used by magicians like criss angel, david blane and david copperfield for mind reading tricks. scamschool developmental psychology out of body experiences astral projection music how to interpret dreams out of body techniques astral projection tips magic tricks revealed Out-of-body Experience simple magic tricks social engineering bar tricks revealed how to time travel what is psychology learn magic tricks psychic travelling easy magic tricks astral travelling human development map of the brain brian brushwood Reading My about psychology psychology about Killers right and wrong mind obe documentary Rebecca Saxe Brown magic tutorial moral judgment Lightfoot magic secrets for beginners neuroscientist what is brain to magic lessons brain mapping stupid tricks playing cards magic tricks david blaine scam school read magicrevealed instructional Programming stupid magic criss angel bar tricks magicsecrets neuroscience Psychology Suggestion Linguistic Persuasion tutorial how to read minds for free drinks learn magic Tricks human brain brain cells minds The engineering magictricks micioonthet #pidaymagic
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How to know that someone has done something on you ||
-Are you feelings that someone has done something on you?? -Do you feel that you have become the victim of some Curse or Hex?? -Is someone has sent some spirit on you?? -Do you think that you have become the victim of Black magic?? -Here we are going to tell you the main symptoms that are seen with the person who has become. -the target of some magic like black magic or some other evil kind of thing. If you find any given. -symptom with any person then it is confirm that some Black magic is done on that person. -Symptoms: -Nail will get Blue. -Black circles will appear around the eyes. -Person will lose interests in everything. -Appearance of eyes will become broader. -When a person will go outside the crows can be seen wander over his or her head. -Person will dream falling from heights and will also see accidents. -Person will lose weight and also will lose appetite. -Victim will face seizures. -Will not be able to conceive a child. -Some of the effects of Black magic, curse and evil kind things: -Bad luck from all the sides. -No happiness and peace in life. -Breakup in relations. -No success in any field. -Health will suffer. -Psychological problems. -Financial and property loss. -False court case. -No interest in life and suicide attempts. -Note:- No need to worry at all if any person has become the victim of evil thing or black magic 2.26-because there are many powerful and strong methods available in the Astrology that can remove. -such kind of things very soon. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions
Witchcraft: a Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions A Book Review of a New Grimoire Spell Book from Curses to Hex and blessings and everything in between. About the Author Anastasia Greywolf is a practicing witch and herbalist with many decades (some say centuries) of experience in casting and conjuring. She lives in the Northeastern United States where she is a founding member of the Coven of the Moonbeam Ravine. Melissa West is a painter and printmaker whose work explores the magical place where comfort and menace meet. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, and has exhibited in many galleries in the area as well as being featured In Pilgrimage magazine. You can see more of her artwork at MSWest.com. Product Description A must-have volume for any occultist's library. Tap into the magic all around you with Witchcraft, an illustrated guide to ancient potions, spells, chants, rituals, and incantations from around the world. Learn how to form a spirit circle with coven members, what instruments you need for your craft, special conjurations for each day of the week, and hundreds of crafty spells and potions that will allow you to: * Banish headaches * Keep your home safe * Envision your future spouse * Win riches while gambling * Communicate with animals * Conceive a child * Summon the dead * Make it snow * Separate lovers * Know your future * Make someone fall in love * Dream extraordinary dreams * See in the dark * Drive away beasts * Cause a lost love to return * Read minds * Delay death * Make a foe suffer * Become invisible And much, much more! With stunning linoleum-cut illustrations by artist Melissa West that bring the magic of the past to life, this comprehensive compendium is also a delightful page-turner that's full of unexpected treasures. Place it in a sacred place in your home - and make sure no enemies find it to access its inestimable powers!
black magic, love spells, money spells, white magic
black magic, love spells, money spells, white maic
MAGIC SECRET to get a person to LOVE YOU; It works
✅This will change your life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jwWYX7Jlo&list=PLWyXv-s222erWskCdGee1H5j9YsGv6tcE ************** ✅This will change your life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-jwWYX7Jlo&list=PLWyXv-s222erWskCdGee1H5j9YsGv6tcE ************** ✅This will change your life: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=JAB1iA17bW0 ******** This magical secret has been in use for many years and it works. Do you know him? **************** Do not miss the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoE5ONsNriQ&feature=youtu.be **************** Our channels: YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/lmct7b Blog: http://www.health-yt.com/ https://www.facebook.com/healthyblog30 https://twitter.com/healthyblog301
2 काले जादू सीखे Two Best Black Magic Trick with Card And Hand
Hi Guys aaj ki video me aapko do bahot hi badhiya magic trick sikhunga jisme paheli magic me me aapko card dikhunga aur wo card jo aapkne chuna hoga wo me apne hath pe likh dunga jadu se aur dusre magic me me apna hath gayab karke dikhaunga jisme bahot hi badhiya illusion creat hota he to video pura dekhiye agar aapko ye magic tricks sikhni he and thanks for watching keep loving and sharing and subscribe to our channel if you want to learn amazing magic trick. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thealfazsumra/ Follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/13Magic-Tricks-1900284640294214/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/BhipautraAlfaz?s=08
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ARE YOU READY FOR TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR LIFE ? LOOK NO FURTHER ! DHYAANGURU is a Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivator, Doctor and a Spiritual Guide who has helped thousands over the years with Lectures and workshops on Self-Development, Meditation and Mantras. The healing mantras by Dhyaanguru are not just to provide spiritual benefits, but also to manifest in psycho-physiological healing. They work at the core level of the human system, DNA. The vibrations and frequencies of these powerful mantras have shown tremendous healing properties. Thousands of people have shared their success stories on Youtube. Let us join together to heal our Mind, Body and Soul with Dhyaanguru ! LEARN ABOUT DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL,MD : https://dhyaanguru.com/about-dhyaanguru/ FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW TO CONNECT WITH DHYAANGURU : YOUR GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL HEALING ! WEBSITE : https://dhyaanguru.com/ FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/dhyaanguru YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/dhyaanguru LINKED-IN : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhyaanguru PINTEREST : https://www.pinterest.com/dhyaanguru TWITTER : https://twitter.com/dhyaanguru DHYAANGURU CHARITY: https://dhyaanguru.com/dhyaanguru-charity/ SPEAKER: DHYAANGURU DR. NIPUN AGGARWAL, MD, MBA, MHT ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MANTRAS : https://dhyaanguru.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-mantras/ COMPLETE COLLECTION OF MANTRAS : https://dhyaanguru.com/complete-mantra-collection/ LINKS TO DOWNLOAD MANTRAS : CDBVABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/NipunAggarwal ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/nipun-aggarwal/id638183274 Email: [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUST LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OF THE BELOW LISTED EVIL SPELLS SIGNS. MANTRA "DEV DANAV SIDDHAUGH PUJITA PARMESHWARI PURANU RUPA PARMA, PARTANTRA VINASHINI OM" Supreme Goddess who is prayed by all Gods and whom the Demons fear of, one who beautifies each soul, please destroy all Evil spells from our body and soul to protect us. OM READ OR LISTEN TO THIS MANTRA AT LEAST 11 TIMES A DAY AND SEE THE MAGIC There are many indications. What follows are the top 10 signs highly suggestive that you are suffering from the baleful effects of a curse or hex: 1.Nightmares: Persistent or recurring bad dreams could be a sign that an evil worker has gained access to your mind. Dreams of being killed or injured, or bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion, or of falling from a great height are are sure fire indication that you have been cursed. 2.Loss of Energy: If you were once full of energy and zest for life, but now are listless and prone to gloomy thoughts, the cause might well be a hex. 3.Financial Loss: If you have lost your job or home, or taken some other monetary hit, the root cause could well be down to a jinx having been laid on you. 4.Relationship Difficulties: If things were once going great in your marriage or committed relationship, and suddenly turned sour without warning, someone could be working evil against you – perhaps having hit you with break-up goopher. 5.Health Problems: If you have inexplicable health issues, strange allergies, nagging headaches, panic attacks, fear of leaving your home, fear of heights or other inexplicable fears, it may be the result of baleful conjure. It might not be a natural illness or condition. 6.Dark Omens: If your favorite heirloom or piece of jewelery has gone missing or has broken, apparently inexplicably…or you see three crows together cawing in a graveyard…or you notice three jet black dogs in the street looking ominously at you…it is not a good sign. A dark cloud of ill omen could well be hanging over you, laid on you by an evil worker. 7.Unexplainable Pains: If you get nagging pains anywhere in your body that you cannot explain, unpleasant aches in your lower back or stomach, or even pains in your legs, someone may be working evil conjure against you. 8.Trouble Sleeping: If you suddenly wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep, it may be a sign that a dark root doctor is targeting you with bad goopher. Perhaps driving a pin into the heart of a voodoo doll – and that is what woke you with a heart-rending start. 9.Legal Problems: If you’ve been hit by a lawsuit or criminal charges, this could be down to bad goopher blighting your life and leading you into trouble. 10.Bad Luck: If you are experiencing long runs of bad luck and misfortune, the most likely cause is the baleful effects of a jinx laid on you by an enemy or jealous person.
Yung Mavu - BLACK MAGIC ( Black Harry Potter )
Stream or Download “Black Magic”: https://yungmavu.lnk.to/BlackMagic Directed & Edited By Spike TaraNTIno(Anthony Nti) Camera By Ivo Maes Grading By Florian Keirse Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By Smog ( SG Records ) Beat By Raisi.K
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OMG! Saint Doing Black Magic Caught on Camera
Also Watch : Boy Commits Suicide, Jump in front of Local Train ►https://goo.gl/wNiVXG SUBSCRIBE to Dainik Bhaskar Here ► https://goo.gl/vCSdUH Connect With Us On: → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dainikbhaskar → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dainikbhaskar Download Dainik Bhaskar App here :- » iOS : https://goo.gl/FKUOYQ » Android : https://goo.gl/Iif0v8 For More Videos Visit Here: http://www.bhaskar.com/
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How to Cast Revenge Spells
Watch more How to Cast a Spell videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/411857-How-to-Cast-Revenge-Spells Retaliate against those who did you wrong with a little hocus-pocus payback. Step 1: Light a candle Light a black candle and watch the flame flicker as you declare out loud what harm you hope to inflict on your enemy. Tip Black is also considered to be protective, and can be used to safeguard someone or something. Step 2: Bless a stone Hold a carnelian stone in your cupped hands and visualize filling the stone with light as you think of your foe. Carnelian amplifies a person's power, making your spell more potent. Step 3: Write it down Write your revenge fantasy on a piece of paper and then toss it in a fire or feed it to the flame of a black candle. As the paper burns, imagine your vengeance coming true. Step 4: Spice things up Sew a tablespoonful of asafetida inside a small fabric square, creating a sachet. Keep it nearby; whenever you see, touch, or smell this stinky spice, also known as "devil's dung," it will focus your energy on making your revenge spell happen. Step 5: Use essential oil Put a drop of agrimony essential oil on something that represents your enemy, like a photo or something that belonged to them. Visualize them falling victim to your spell, as you recite out loud the misfortune you hope to send their way. Step 6: Take care! Don't cast revenge spells lightly; if abused, the curses may boomerang back on you! Did You Know? The ancient Greeks hexed their enemies with curse tablets -- lead sheets etched with their enemy's name, crime, and the desired punishment.
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काला जादू करने का तरीका । Black Magic कैसे करते है । चमत्कारी मंत्र । Om Namoh Narayan
Om Namoh Narayan Subscribe Our Channel Om Namoh Narayan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCvFUtLoF9qirdmJDgMpZA Join Us On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SWAMIJIVIDEOS/ Don't Forget To Subscribe our Channel If You Want Any Free Advice or Consultation By Swami Ji Call Us On Every Saturday {10am To 4pm} According To India Timing +91-9996112279 ============================================= To Watch Our All Videos , Click Here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTV_rIzqfDkV7-jOHtYsgfg/videos Watch Our Popular Videos Here -------------------------------------------------------------- https://youtu.be/exEhYElryU8 https://youtu.be/zbQxScASbog https://youtu.be/ARKm8fmWqZo https://youtu.be/95l4TuI1eMw -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Our Other Channel Swami Ji Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTV_rIzqfDkV7-jOHtYsgfg Powerful Vashikaran Videos https://youtu.be/cw2GMz4kWVQ [DAILY NEW VIDEOS PAANE KE LIYE HUMARE CHANNEL KO JALDI SUBSCRIBE KARE] HOME REMEDIES* SUCCESS REMEDY https://youtu.be/15CpEbrde8U MONDAY REMEDY https://youtu.be/l8K_bk6JXDg LOAN RETURN https://youtu.be/teleOo9V7Hs How To GET RICH https://youtu.be/hIG3I9hmjLU HOLI SPECIAL https://youtu.be/yUimP4Rqi1E RID FROM LOAN https://youtu.be/8LvJl34-Qnc ________________________ *VASHIKARAN VIDEOS* PHOTO VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/QqW48yvX4Ss FLOWER VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/xoJT3-7O9WY TEA VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/ewM2f-5InVU WATER VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/72V2B4A3yM8 IN LAW'S VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/FdPUqkYQi3g NAME VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/c58CUUZH0oI CHOCOLATE VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/5b1gkfTiYPU ENEMY VASHIKARAN https://youtu.be/hEsFeLIVwT8 VASHIKARAN REMEDY https://youtu.be/tdv6kwS141Y __________________________ *BLACK MAGIC SPECIAL* BLACK MAGIC SYMPTOMS https://youtu.be/SrPmJSIFe4s BLACK MAGIC REMOVE https://youtu.be/BeSO8pcrAsk Vashikaran, Photo se Vashikaran, Naam Se Vashikaran, Virye Se Vashikaran, Mitti Se Vashikaran, Nimbu Se Vashikaran, Kagaj Se Vashikaran, Vashikaran Yantra, Vashikaran Mantra, Vashikaran Kajal, Vashikaran Tilak, Vashikaran Power, Sammohan Shakti, Paani Se Vashikaran, Chocolate Se Vashikaran, Phool Se Vashikaran, Chay Se Vashikaran, Vashikaran Oil, Yoni Se Vashikaran, Lipstick se Vashikaran, Vashikaran Specialist In India
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Best dark magic spell to fulfill all your wishes
-Do you want to be happy?? -Do you want to be rich?? -Do you want to be successful?? -Do you want to achieve some goal?? Here is a very magical spell that can fulfill all your wishes. We are going to tell you a very powerful dark magic spell that has all the powers to fulfill all the desires and wishes. You will need following material for Dark magic spell: -Rose water. -Rose petals. -Two Thyme. -Parchment paper. -Perfume without alcohol. -One white candle. -One glass jar. Complete method of casting Dark magic spell: -Spread some rose petals on the Caldron. -Sprinkle some rose water on the petals with the help of your fingers. -Now place glass jar on it. -Write your wish on the Parchment paper. -Put two thyme on the parchment paper. -Cover thyme with the parchment paper. -Put it in the glass jar. -Now light candle at the front of the jar. -Caste the given spell for 71 times. Spell: From cave and desert, sea and hill, By wand, blade, and pentacle, I call you now, attend to me! This Is my will, so mote it be! -After that put the bottle of perfume in the jar. -Cover the jar with lid. -Leave the jar in the graveyard. -This spell with stark working within 24 hours. You will have to follow the given precautions: -Caste this spell only on full moon night. -Never caste this spell on no moon night it can be harmful. -Use fresh thyme for the spell. -Perfume should not contain alcohol. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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Sanjay Kumar | Black Magic | Kala Jadoo | Testimony
To solve his problems and depression Sanjay Kumar started to learn black magic from a sorcerer, find out how it affected him. Many people seek spiritualists to resolve their problems but end up worse off because unknowingly they are opening themselves up evil spirits. If you are thinking of consulting a medium or spiritualist or If you have been involved in supernatural activity and need help or if you have any questions or comments about this video or would like to know how to have a relationship with God then contact TVA via private message on www.facebook.com/thevoiceasia
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5 World's Greatest DARK Magic Tricks Finally Revealed!
.5 World's Greatest DARK Magic Tricks Finally Revealed! ► SUBSCRIBE TO THE BRILLIANT!: https://goo.gl/jMsCDo Description: From card tricks to even flying in the air, magic tricks have been known to astound audiences for a long time. The ability of magicians to create an illusion is definitely what makes them so skillful at playing tricks. We are baffled to see someone perform something that seems completely out of reality and defies the most basic laws of physics. However, magic tricks are not always what they seem, and today; we will be looking at the 5 World's Greatest DARK Magic Tricks Finally Revealed Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content! With this being said, let’s begin! 5.Making the Statue of Liberty Disappear 4.The Chinese Water Torture Cell 3.The Zig-Zag Girl Trick 2. ?? 1. ???? For copyright matters please contact us: [email protected] WORK FOR TOP 5S FINEST: https://goo.gl/Su8DZQ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Top5sFinest Background Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and dont forget to subscribe!
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Black Magic - Learn How To Do Black Magic in Bottle with Hasan Baba - Best Magic at Home
Black Magic Learn HOW TO DO BLACK MAGIC TIPS & TRICK AT HOME | काला जादू करने का तरीका । Black Magic कैसे करते है । चमत्कारी मंत्र by BABA Hasan magic,trick,tricks,magic tricks,how to,magic show,magic trick,magician,secret,revealed,how to magic,magic revealed,bottle,bottle trick,bottle magic trick,bottle tricks,magic tricks for kids,family friendly,kid friendly kala jadu kaise kare,kala jadu kaise sikhe,kala jadu kaise khatam kare,kala jadu kaise pehchane,kala jadu kaise hota hai,black magic kaise kare,black magic kaise sikhe,black magic kaise karte hai,black magic kaise hota hai,black magic kaise kiya jata hai, black magic kaise hota hai, kala jadu kaise kare, kala jadu kaise khatam kare,
Magician Reacts To ACTUAL Black Magic!!
Today we're havin a look at the blackmagic****ery subreddit. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/chrisramsay52 Playing Cards: http://www.artofplay.com?rfsn=727406.8b95f CHRIS RAMSAY MERCH: https://ramfamshop.com/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/chrisramsay52 TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/chrisramsay52 LEARN A TRICK I CREATED HERE: https://sellfy.com/p/OiqQ/ LIKED A SONG I USED? GET IT HERE: http://share.epidemicsound.com/Ramsay GAMING CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxR3TcpkooMIllA2b83kGAQ/featured MY MAIN CAMERA:https://amzn.to/2M9Fl9a SECOND CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2D0bVtU BEST LENS FOR VLOGS: http://amzn.to/2DeNzth BIG LENS FOR B-ROLL: http://amzn.to/2ANaqcA TOP DOWN CAM: http://amzn.to/2COakmY MIC: http://amzn.to/2AKIHJQ TRIPOD: http://amzn.to/2EuP9GO Website: https://www.chris-ramsay.com IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME STUFF: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0
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काला जादूगर Psychic Or Real Black Magic in India - Spells of Magic : INDIA's GOT TALENT-2016
- Amazing Indian Black Magician of Street He was talking with volunteer(boy). He said him that he'll show him a snake out of that box. A pet snake which should not bite. But out of the box it was Pigeon. Than he closed the box. He asked the boy again, "should I show you a wild snake?" . The boy answered yes. But immediately said that please make that Pigeon into two. Magician said, "Ok" but the boy again said to make them three. He asked everyone to sit and watch him perform. He read some chants and presented three Pigeon out the box. He also said that it wasn't any magic. It was his skill and art. The second part of this video - https://youtu.be/T8Om1wfh6_s
Black Magic | National Geographic
In the Sonora witches' market, witch doctors peddle their cures. And in back rooms behind the stalls, nearly anything is possible. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Black Magic | National Geographic https://youtu.be/i52MQIJcBVM National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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How to Know if You Are Affected By Blackmagic
► Become A Patron: https://www.patreon.com/quranandislam (If you like our content then support our channel and help us to spread Islam and preach the true message to the world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Things that every muslim need: 1: Prayer Rug Portable Pocket Sized Carry Bag and Attached Compass : Buy now : http://amzn.to/2DFSIy4  2: Tajweed Qur'an (Whole Quran , With Meaning Translation and Transliteration in English) : Buy now : http://amzn.to/2E9g1x9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE:  Any of the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of The Quran and Islam or any other projects it may have or intend to do. The Quran and Islam and it's affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We allow anyone to translate our content and reshare videos.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Kala Jadu Karne Ka Tarika In Urdu - Black Magic In Pakistan - Purisrar Dunya
Watch in this video Kala Jadu Karne Ka Tarika In Urdu Black Magic In Pakistan. For more urdu documentaries please subscribe our channel Purisrar Dunya. https://youtu.be/D_0JWgBfu_M pur asraar duniya ke nazreen ! aap karam frmaon se hamari guzarish hai ke yeh video intehai dilchasp honay ke sath sath tajassus aur maloomat se bharpoor hai lehaza aap se iltamas hai ke haqeeqat ko samajhney ke liye is video ko aakhir tak dekhnay ke baad hi comment karen. hamein yaqeen hai ke yeh sab jaan kar aap ki maloomat mein be panah izafah hoga . aaj hum aapko aik aisi holnaak haqeeqat se aagah karen ge jis ke mutaliq har shakhs janna chahta hai. pur asraar duniya ki team ne –apne nazreen ki par zor farmaaish par aik aisi napasandeedah sachaai manzar aam par laane ki koshish ki hai jis ko kala jadu kehte hain. kya waqai hamaray haan aala darjay ke Amel aur safli gir mojood hain jo –apne amliyaat aur ke zariye mohabbat ko nafrat ki bhaint charha satke hain. yeh ilm haasil karne kelay insaan ko kis qader ikhlaqi hudood se tajawaz karna parta hai. aur kis had tak mazhab aur Shariat ki hudood ko phalang kar yeh amal ikhtiyar kya jata hai.? mojood ghanti ko bhi daba den . nazreen hamaray haan aam tor par jadu ke hawalay se do istilahein istemaal ki jati hain aik noori ilm jisay white magic aur dosra kala jadu yani black magic kehlata hai. noori ilm ka matlab hai ke aisa amal karne wala chahay woh kisi bhi mazhab se talluq rakhta ho magar woh –apne mazhab ke daira car se bahar har gaz nahi ja sakta. uska har amal –apne mazhab ke usool o zawabit ke mutabiq hota hai aur aisa ilm rakhnay wala shakhs doosron ko nuqsaan ki bajaye faida pohanchanay ke liye kaam karta hai. jabkay kala jadu ya safli amal uska ulat hai. jaisa ke kala jadu –apne lafz kala se hi aisi baat ki numaindagi kar raha hai jis ki ko samjhna mushkil nahi aur aisa karne wala chahay kisi bhi mazhab se talluq rakhta ho usay apna har amal –apne mazhab ke khilaaf karna parta hai. aur kala ilm ya kala jadu sirf woh ilm nahi jis mein shetan, jin bhoot ya kisi devi daiwata se madad li jati hai balkay uska matlab har woh amal aur bad niyati hai jisay doosron ko nuqsaan pohanchanay ke liye haasil kya jata hai aur woh aamaal jo Shariat se baala tar hon woh bhi kalay ilm ka hissa hotay hain kyunkay mazhab ya Shariat jis kaam ki jazt nah day is kaam ka karna ya mazhab ke bar aks chalna bhi kala jadu ya kala ilm kehlata hai . mazhabi lehaaz se yeh aik najaaiz aur ghaleez amal hai jisay karna ya uskay zariye koi bhi faida uthany ki koshish karna sirf ghalat hi nahi balkay bohat bara gunah bhi hai. kalay jadu ko hindi devi devtaon ke naam par, chalay aur wazifay se haasil kya jata hai. is ko seekhnay ki pehli shart apni mazhabi muqaddas talemaat aur ilhaami kitabon ki be hurmati hai. kala jadu seekhnay walay un kitabon ke mutbarrik safhaat ko paon ke neechay rakh kar wazifa karte hain. aur is maqsad ke liye intehai ghaleez tareen jagah ka istemaal kya jata hai. aurton ke makhsoos ayyaam ke douran niklny walay khoon se khoon alood kapron par ulti tehreer ‫n ki jati hain aur is douran chilla kashi se kalay jadu ki ibtida hoti hai. hum aaj tak sirf yeh parhte aur suntay aaye hain ke uuullllu ka khoon gosht aur khaal ko jadu tone ke liye istemaal kya jata hai. magar tehqeeq se pata chala hai ke maamla sirf yahin tak mehdood nahi balkay insani jism ki najasat, khoon aur janwaron aur insanon ki khoprhyan bhi istemaal mein layi jati hain. aur jo log qabrustan mein sakht qisam ki chilla kashi ke zariye kala jadu haasil karne ki koshish karte hain woh mardon ki tauheen, un se bad faeli aur uskay ilawa kayi aisay kaam karte hain jin ke mutaliq aam insaan soch bhi nahi sakta. chalay ka amal sirf qabrustan mein hi nahi balkay kisi darakht ke neechay ya nihayat sun_saan jagah par raat ke aakhri pehar mein kya jata hai. is amal ka dorania saat, gayarah, ikees ya phir iktalees roz par mushtamil hota hai. chalay ke douran kuch tehreer karne ke liye janwar ke kandhay ki haddi ya kora bartan istemaal kya jata hai. yahi wajah hai ke qassab hamesha chapti haddi ko janwar zibah karne ke baad toar dete hain aur bakri ke dil par bhi kat laga dete hain. kyunkay kat walay dil par jaadoyi amal mumkin nahi rehta. isi terhan kumhar bhi kabhi kacha ya kora bartan farokht nahi karta balkay hamesha pakka kar bichta hai aurein faida mand tasawwur kya jata hai. janwar ki haddi ko mehboob ko muthi mein laane jabkay dhaagay ko aurat ki kookh bandhnay yani bacha peda karne ki salahiyat se mahroom karne ke liye istemaal kya jata hai. uskay ilawa kalay jadu mein jo cheeze istemaal mein layi jati hain un mein mash ki daal, anday, dhatora, zafran, more ke par, phool, shehad, ik yani akadai ka pata, kaway ke seedhay baazu ka par, geedar ki aankh, uuullllu ki najasat aur khoon, insani naakhun, janwaron aur insanon ki khoprhyan aur taaza meri hui khobsorat aurat ke sir ke baal istemaal kiye jatay hain. kalay jadu ko sirf kala jadu hi nahi balkay ڈھائیاں, bhaan mati aur safli ilm bhi kaha jata hai .
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DARK MAGIC!  Magician Shin Lim admits he does supernatural MAGIC
This content contains variety of ways demons help magicians manipulate things, therefore leading the world to a one world anti Christ beast system. In this short video, we'll be looking into the performance of a magician named shim Lin and how he hints Dark Magic! Prepare yourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. May God help us through these turbulent times. God bless you all! Back up channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQSqhWWYzuwO_3qXZHEAOQ leave your throughts regarding this video, we can all learn together. Watch and pray always. May God bless you! "Some of the content in this video are derived form multiple sources and they are included under "Fair use" (i combined multiple clips to create this content) When you are very considerate of the "New world order" system, then you are more likely to speculate some certain issues with the world we live in. It seems like "Martial Law" is more likely to take place very soon. There are also some speculation regarding "Fema camps" and the use of "HAARP" to control the mass in a very nefarious way. "CERN is also a big consideration and "Project Blue beam" will also be used to deceive many people ablut the "fake ufo's". tHE "FREEMASON" also tend to bather together to perform their evil deeds while the "illuminati" which are forever known as the most powewrful "occultic group" in the world are also contributing to their "NWO" agenda through serveral means, some of them are "MK ULtra" Its also crucial to understand that "9/11 was an inside job" and also that the "federal reserve" is the BIGGEST scam in US History and the world History. Poeple often ask these questions what is "Mass media and Mind control, Agenda 21 HAARP Georgiaa Guidstones Project Bl;ue Beam Codex Alimentarius EMF’s project "Garden Plot" "Chemtrails" Fluoride & Aspartame side effects The Anglo Saxon Mission Sinkholes CERN Cannabis Oil Vitamin B17 "Freemasons" NWO Illuminati Project Avaion MK Ultra Monarch Programming Club of Rome Monsanto Jesuit Order Black Pope Kabbalah Fake UFO’s Denver "airport Murals" "Skull & Bones" "911 Attacks" "13 illuminati" "Bloodlines" "The federal Reserve" "Rothschild" "Rockerfellas" "Soros Kissinger." External TAGs "magicians 2018". "magicians demon 2018", "exposing magic tricks" "where do magicians get their power?" "the anti christ will earn power of demons through the notion of magic"
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Little Mix - Black Magic (Official Music Video)
Little Mix - Black Magic (Official Music Video) As featured on Get Weird, download via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LMGWdlx Listen on Spotify http://smarturl.it/LMGWSpt Google Play: http://smarturl.it/LMGWgp Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LMGWamz Stream more music from Little Mix here: http://smarturl.it/LMixSpotify More from Little Mix Love Me Like You: https://youtu.be/1WpoKRnoPRU How Ya Doin'?: https://youtu.be/hT_HWIIKbG8 Move: https://youtu.be/RwD4eJGxPc4 Follow Little Mix: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LittleMixOfficial/ Twitter https://twitter.com/LittleMix Instagram https://www.instagram.com/littlemix/ More great videos here http://smarturl.it/littlemixVEVO Subscribe to Little Mix on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/littlemixYT Lyrics: All the girls on the block knockin’ at my door Wanna know what it is make the boys want more Is your lover playing on your side Says he loves ya, but he ain’t got time Here’s the answer Come and get it, at a knocked down price Full of honey, just to make him sweet Crystal ballin’, just to help him see What he’s been missing So come and get it, while you still got time Get your boy on his knees and repeat after me, say Chorus Take a sip of my secret potion I’ll make you fall in love For a spell that can’t be broken One drop should be enough Boy you belong to me, I got the recipe And it’s called black magic (and it’s called black magic) Take a sip of my secret potion One taste and you’ll be mine It’s a spell that can’t be broken It’ll keep you up all night Boy you belong to me, I got the recipe And it’s called black magic (and it’s called black magic) If you’re lookin’ for Mr Right Need black magic to change him overnight Here’s the answer Come and get it while you still got time Get your boy on his knees and repeat after me, say Chorus All the girls on the block knockin’ at my door (I got the recipe) Wanna know what it is make the boys want more (Now you belong to me) (x2) Chorus Falling in love, falling in love oh, falling in love, falling in love Falling in love, falling in love oh, falling in love, falling in love Magic #LittleMix #BlackMagic #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
Views: 465034880 littlemixVEVO
Learn My Voodoo Card Trick here: https://sellfy.com/p/OiqQ Many people believe that magicians possess demonic powers or are aided by demon or satanic spirits to achieve their magic. I'm here to set the record straight! lol.. sorta.. not really... ENJOY! Reacting to Demonic MAGIC! Don't forget to hit the Notification button so you never miss a video! Where I get ALL My MUSIC: https://goo.gl/IZraEL What I shoot with: My Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2l20aJs Main Lens: http://amzn.to/2lzpIeB My Favorite LENS: http://amzn.to/2kQAJZm VLOG CAMERA : http://amzn.to/2kQQwqK The Mic I use: http://amzn.to/2kB3QBn Lighting: http://amzn.to/2m16e3t Editing: Final Cut // Color Finale Follow Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisramsay52 Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/deceivingisbelieving Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chrisramsay52 Website: https://www.chris-ramsay.com PO Box: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0
Views: 731303 Chris Ramsay
Black magic - Little Mix - Easy Kids Dance Video - Choreography
►Listen or buy everywhere: https://umusicnl.lnk.to/SDSlittlemixYD ►Watch the original Black magic video by Little Mix here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkElfR_NPBI ►Subscribe for more dance videos: http://bit.ly/1WOAV8O ►Our webshop: http://thestarfactory.fanfiber.com ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/saskiasdansschool ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/saskiasdansschool ►Instagram Pim: http://instagram.com/pimmiethedog ►Instagram dancers: http://instagram.com/sannestarfactory, http://instagram.com/irmastarfactory, http://instagram.com/lukastarfactory ►Choreo by: Saskia We love to bring you joy with easy fitness choreography's for kids and adults! Our dance school has 2 locations in The Netherlands (Woerden - Harmelen). We teach classes Zumba, XCO, Keepfit, Body&Balance, streetdance/hiphop. DANCE*JUMP*SWEAT*ENJOY www.thestarfactory.nl - www.saskiasdansschool.nl
Views: 9321030 Saskia's Dansschool
World's most powerful love spell that will make your love in 2 Minutes
- Love Spell in 2 Minutes -If you have a crush on someone. -And want to make that person forever yours. -If you want to make any person to fall in love with you. -Here is the most powerful spells that works very fast. -You will require given material for casting these spells: -Photo of the person whom you like very much. -Two white candles. -One puppet. -Two Nutmegs. -Almond oil. -White silk cloth. -Four Cloves. -Complete method for casting these spells: -Tie the photo of the person with the Puppet. -Keep the Puppet on the floor. -Light one candle on both sides of the Puppet. -Now put some drops of Almond oil on the Puppet. -Then put one Clove on each corner of the Puppet. -Take Nutmegs in your hands. -Try to see the face of the person in flame of the candle. -Then chant the given spells for 71 times. -Spells: Clear the breeze, open his mind, Moon bloom and let the sun shine, Please ask him to be mine……….Mote it be. -Put the Nutmegs on the white silk cloth. -Now gather all the material along with the puppet. -Wrap the material in the white silk cloth. -Burry it under any tree. -Instructions for casting these spells: -Use Nutmegs along with the shells. -Puppet should be made of cloth. -Practice this method on Friday. -Do not misuse these spells. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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Dr Zakir Naik Answers on BLACK MAGIC
Dr Zakir Naik answer on What is Black Magic and remedy of Black Magic with the help of Qur'an and authentic Hadith. Please visit our official sites: www.irf.net www.facebook.com/zakirnaik www.plus.google.com/+Drzakirchannel www.twitter.com/zakirnaikirf www.youtube.com/drzakirchannel
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Black Magic Trick Revealed by Indian Magician
Check out awesome new tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2V43hC_76LXQICFXnoxCQYdbn3PKCd7e DJ performs & explains his improved version of the "Lipstick Trick" on 2 pretty girls! Connect with DJ on — Facebook: https://facebook.com/debjitmagic Instagram: https://instagram.com/debjitmagic Twitter: https://twitter.com/debjitmagic
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Little Chix   Black Magic
The 'Little Chix' first video covers Little mix's number 1 hit single "Black Magic" the girls performed the video and choreographed their own dance moves, miming along to their idols song. If you like this video please rate and subscribe, and if you would like to see Little Chix cover another pop video, please leave your suggestion in the comments below. You can follow the girls on their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/littlechix2015 Video not available within the UK, Germany and other countries.
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Perfect method to remove black magic !!  Ranked 1 and used by many Baba’s,  pandit.
Mobile Number- +91 7696 775 664 Wats App- +91 7696 775 664 E mail - [email protected] website- http://www.vashikaranspecialistbabaji.org/ What is black magic and how to remove? What is black magic and how to remove? Video Description:- 0.01- Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem I Begin With The Name of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful 0.15-What is black magic and how to remove? 0.30- Do you feel sudden pain in your body? 0.44- Do you get Nightmares? 1.00- Do you get ill frequently ? 1.15- Does your eyes get red? 1.30- Does your blood pressure increases? 1.42- Do you feel hungry suddenly? 2.00- Then might be you are suffering from black magic… 2.10- Removal of black magic 2.30- 1.Make a fresh ablution; 2.Write the given dua on a pure and clean white paper; 3.Afterwards, make a wick of this paper making a wick means roll of it in a style of a pipe or wick. So that we can light in an oil lamp; 3.09- 4. Then tie this paper wick with a cotton thread of blue color; 5. Afterwards, wrap this paper wick with a cotton and make it like a wick to light in oil lamp; 6. Get one earthen oil lam (wash it with water to cleanse it); 3.40- 7.Get some cold press extracted oil like mustard or any other. Pour this oil into this earthen oil lamp; 8.After twilight or night obligatory prayers; 9.Make a wudu and alone in a room light this paper wick in an earthen oil lamp; 4.15- 10.Effected person keep seeing and observing this lighted flames of this earthen oil lamp; 11.See this till the entire paper wick finished after burning; 12.Bury the residuals of paper wick in ground, or in the soil of earthen vase or let it go in the pure water like pond or river; 5.31- 13.Perform this wazifa continuously in this way exactly for at least 7 days or 9 days without skipping any single day; 14.Insha ALLAH whatever black magic or spell has been done on you will be removed by The Grace of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, Ameen. 6.20- Wazifa Aleeqa Maleeqa-Anta-Al-‘Ilmee Maafee Quloobihim Maleeqa Firawna Haamaana Shaddaa-da namrooda ‘Ooraada Daqyanoosa Jeejoona Meejoona La-‘eena Yaa Mal ‘oonanaa Fee Naaree Jahannam Daf’aa Ummu-Ssibyaani-Al ‘Khannasi Min Junoodi wa Ibleesa…. 7.50- Precautions:- 1. While performing this no one should see u… 2. While performing this dua, no one should know about this.. 3. This must be started in morning time only.. 8.20- 4. Do not try to misuse this dua.. 5. Do not try to use this for doing black magic.. 6. Do not have physical intemesy with anyone while doing this.. 7. Handle this dua very carefully otherwise it might create problem for you.. follow us on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012989164501 https://twitter.com/miaashfaqkhan1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/maulana-ashfaq-khan-b43872125?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/miaashfaqkhan https://vk.com/id378190269 Keyword kala jaadu,black maigic,remove kala jaadu,blackmagic,kala jadu,voodoo spells,witchcraft spells,black magick,kala jadoo,magick spells,voodoo love spells,real spells,black magik,kala jadu in hindi,witchcraft love spells,revenge spells,blacmagic,spells for love,blackmagic spells,kala jadu hindi,dark spells,free voodoo spells,black magician,easy love spells,black spell,free witchcraft spells,white witch,real witch spells,blakmagic,kala jadu book in hindi,kala jadu vashikaran in hindi,kala jadu specialist,easy spells,kala jadoo book in hindi,kala jadu specialist astrologer,real voodoo spells,evil spells,voodoo spells for love,white witch spells,curse spells,jadu tona,blackmgic,blackmaic,black magick spells,kala jado,free voodoo love spells,black majik,voodoo love spell,black magig,kala jadu vashikaran,dark witchcraft,jadu tona in hindi,voodoo revenge spells,kala jadoo for love,kaala jadu,black mazic,black magice,tona totka,spells and curses,witchcraft spells for love,kala jadu hindi book,satanic love spells,black magick books,kala ilm in hindi,jadu tona book in hindi,witch spells that work,black witchcraft spells,kala jadu book,powerful love spells,love spells,spell casting,kala jadu karna,black majick,white magick,real love spells,kala jadu symptoms,love voodoo spells,dark magick,lovespells,black macig,kala jaadu in hindi,do
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Magic Water to Heal BLACK MAGIC | Three Tips How to get rid of Black Magic | Divyaa Pandit
Magic Water to Heal BLACK MAGIC | Three Tips How to get rid of Black Magic | Divyaa Pandit “Please take personal appointment with Divyaa Pandit via mail/Facebook. Please note all her personal appointments are face-to-face via phone/in meeting and they are PAID. Please contact to know the rates & available time” Please subscribe to my channel (It's Free). NEW VIDEOS every Week! ►Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/RedDragonDiviner/sub_confirmation=1 Follow me Twitter ►https://twitter.com/divyaapandit Facebook ►https://facebook.com/thewhitelighthealingcenter Google+ ►https://plus.google.com/u/1/+RedDragonDiviner
Get POWERFUL Protection Against Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Frequency Meditation
Get Powerful Protection From Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Beats Frequency Theta Meditation ►COMPLETE: PROTECTION SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNWQGotWhZY&list=PLsHI2-Mg98aB209rpLo3NIuBHjAdSQnwc&index=1 ☞SUBSCRIBE ITS FREE :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX4JC6NnvfGC9i3kwSFPFIg?annotation_id=annotation_2804451371&feature=iv&src_vid=g9riKP7NCDA&sub_confirmation=1 This works to protect you against Black Magic fast! - per user request. WORKS VERY FAST! Listen as much as possible until you feel 100% protected and free from fear as this will diminish all the black magic away the more you listen. (This is a Uni-sex formula - For Men and Women) Headphones are optional Be sure to give yourself enough listening time! The brain requires about 7 minutes to entrain, or fall in sync, with the audio stimulus. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes of listening time MINIMUM to experience the benefits (but the longer, the better). You can listen as much as you desire for quicker results. TO PLAY THIS VIDEO ON REPEAT, RIGHT CLICK ON THE VIDEO AND THEN SELECT “LOOP” Get Powerful Protection From Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Beats Frequency Theta Meditation IMPORTANT--Do not forget to "like" the video to activate the magic. By pressing the like button, you are activating the magic to unfold. ****PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WHEN MAKING REQUESTS TO ENSURE ADEQUATE AND ACCURATE FORMULA UPLOADS**** You Can Multi-task while listening. Downloading The Audio will cause the audio to be ineffective (Will not produce results) You can listen to while multi-tasking. (not while doing tasks that require extreme amount of focus & while driving). However, effects will be amplified if you listen when your mind is conscious or less active (relaxing, sleeping, meditating etc.) FYI: We Do Not Practice Black Magic or WitchCraft. Our formulas consists of a different type of work. --Race, ethnic background or language spoken does not have any effect on results unless it was created for a certain race specifically. .-- Listen daily until you achieve desired results! Listen at a minimum of 2 weeks for a difference. Results will vary. 2 weeks to 6 months. Get Powerful Protection From Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Beats Frequency Theta Meditation You can meditate with your eyes open, and focus on a candle or an object to help focus your mind; or, you can meditate with eyes closed, and focus solely on the music. Experiment with both to see what works best. Beginners usually find eyes-closed meditation to be easier because there are less distractions. Be patient. Some Individuals may see results instantly while others may take more time. This is a very powerful formula and should not be taken lightly. We are open for requests. Please feel free to request formulas in the comments section. Get Powerful Protection From Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Beats Frequency Theta Meditation Safe and Effective Binaural Spells, Subliminals and Frequencies that actually work. Make sure to request your desires so that we can formulate new spells for you. The Rulers that be programmed the people to believe that magic is fake or fictional. This is far from the truth. The entire Universe is Magic Vibration and Energy. The Rulers know this and use this to there advantage. Magic is all around us everywhere. Movies are created and make magic seem fictional please dont be fooled. There will be people saying this is false and fake without even trying only because they have been programmed to believe so. *************If your Request has not been uploaded yet, please request it again in the comments section to ensure that we create it for you since we get a large amount of requests daily.********** Get Powerful Protection From Black Magic Fast! Subliminal Hypnosis Monaural Beats Frequency Theta Meditation
DO NOT buy the Apple eGPU!
Apple BlackMagic eGPU Review for the 2018 MacBook Pros! ▶ Best eGPU - http://geni.us/ZoTeGPU 🍿 JOIN THE ZONE for EXCLUSIVE content - https://goo.gl/JLm1Cr 😁 Subscribe (It's FREE): https://goo.gl/yMWV8c 🐤 Twitter: http://twitter.com/ZONEofTECH 🤳Instagram: http://instagram.com/ZONEofTECH 🌎 Facebook: http://facebook.com/ZONEofTECH Help support the channel by using these links when shopping through Amazon (easier if you bookmark them): ▶ US: http://amzn.to/2pg77Z4 ▶ International: http://geni.us/lwoN7 Business Enquiries: [email protected] ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ MORE LEAKS & RUMORS episodes: ▶ https://goo.gl/4nQqsx ▶ iOS 12 TOP 35+ New Features https://youtu.be/FTIibEw47GY ▶ macOS Mojave REVIEW https://youtu.be/SjlwKPt_bzE ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ Your support is always appreciated! Every contribution no matter how little helps me improve my content and also helps me feature even more premium tech! ❤️ https://goo.gl/6mNFfU ❤️ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ Huge "Thank You!" to NCS for the EPIC music! (Mostly Tobu, Alan Walker & Jim Yosef) ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░█░░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░█░░░░█░░░░░░░░░ ██████▄▄█░░░░░██████▄░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█████░░░░░░░░░██░░ █████▀░░░░▀▀████████░░░░ #eGPU #BlackMagicEGPU #AppleEGPU #MacBookPro2018
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How to Stop Black Magic By Love
Get Infinite Waters Clothing Now: https://goo.gl/JYV7TV Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. Book Out Now: https://goo.gl/s2SSKc Personal Consultations: https://goo.gl/KVheJF The Website - Exclusive Content: http://www.ralphsmart.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infinitewaters Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitewatersworld/ https://www.facebook.com/ralphsmart Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitewaters Follow on Tumblr https://tumblr.com/infinitewatersworld
Trippie Redd "Black Magic" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)
Listen to the official audio for "Black Magic" by Trippie Redd. SUBSCRIBE for more: http://bit.ly/subWSHH More WorldstarHipHop: http://worldstarhiphop.com https://twitter.com/worldstar https://facebook.com/worldstarhiphop http://instagram.com/worldstar Shop WorldStar: http://shop.worldstarhiphop.com Watch more WorldstarHipHop: Rapper Relationship Advice: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcK0neBMyFxQ6doeFSHbkI5LIQ9Fv_jdZ Official Music Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcK0neBMyFxSpYgDfKCsHRwgxlN-Tnt9D Official Audio Tracks: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcK0neBMyFxSLGtARgI2OzwpGvw2tz9Ep Newest Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcK0neBMyFxTF85bfUSUXiKiDy_AlNsu2 WorldstarHipHop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more. Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude. We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.
Demon Magic on America's Got Talent | Demons Help Mike Super
https://twitter.com/Xendriusreal Article about Mirin Dajo: http://www.philipcoppens.com/mirindaj... This video is the result of ignorant skeptics to the demon theory constantly making ignorant comments such as "it does not mean it's demons just because you don't know how it's done". Me and MANY others believe in the demon hypothesis for completely other reasons. Those who believe that an electric chair is used by Mike Super, watch 8:36 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXExg... And I agree, no explanation does not necessarily mean demons, but when there is clear other evidence that many of these supernaturalists are connected to the occult or one or another way admitting that spirits talk to them and help them actually perform these supernatural feats, that's actual evidence you would expect from the demon hypothesis. Demons are not here to entertain, but to decieve and confuse. They are behind the Illuminati and they had Weishaupt set up the following goals and principles that their human puppets would follow in order to establish their satanic world government, these goals are called the "25 Illuminati goals". Google it.
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Black Magic [Instrumental Version] by The Furthermores - [2000s Rock Music]
------------------------------ ↓More info below↓ ------------------------------ Song: Black Magic [Instrumental Version] by The Furthermores Get this song here: https://player.epidemicsound.com/search/?search_query=Black%20Magic%20%5BInstrumental%20Version%5D%20The%20Furthermores • You have to get a license to use this song without any copyright issues and claims! → Please read this for more info: http://goo.gl/AtmemQ ♪ Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song Info: Title: Black Magic (Instrumental Version) Composer: The Furthermores Genre: 2000s Rock Category: Eccentric ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☑ Viewed ☑ Liked ☐ Subscribed: https://goo.gl/dMKY4h Playlists: Music Mixes: https://goo.gl/PBtUEr Music Genres: https://goo.gl/zqdh4I Music Albums: https://goo.gl/ORIE2o Popular Uploads: https://goo.gl/Ie1abp Social Media: Twitter: https://goo.gl/nWsT7r Facebook: https://goo.gl/4i3Dei ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AlRoTa Music is a music promotion channel. ♩ You will find here the best unknown music from music libraries such as Epidemic Sound, Positionmusic... Those songs are NOT copyright free! You have to get a license to use their music without any copyright issues and claims! Please read the license info to learn more about the copyrights: https://goo.gl/vUI6xc ♪ You will also find here some royalty free / copyright free songs from private composers. If you are allowed to use them, I will write it in the description! If I haven't mentioned anything, contact the composers and ask them for permission please! Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any composer or label has an issue with any of my uploads, get in contact with me please ➞ [[email protected]] Once I have received your message, I will delete the video as soon as possible. ------------------------------ ↑More info above↑ ------------------------------
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World’s Elite Use Black Magic To Conjure Up Entities For More Power
Black magic is the process of using entities to accomplish a goal through ceremonial magic. According to scholars of various philosophies, there occurred, long ago, a systematic destruction of all keys to wisdom, so that no one else could have access to the knowledge. Whoever did it completely inverted the rituals of the ancient mysteries while claiming to preserve them, believing what they did was the right thing to do. Magic also uses symbols and sacred geometry. Black magic, on the other hand, uses inverted symbolism, taking pure symbols with noble meanings and perverting them. Inverted symbolism seems to be the way to invoke spirits for malevolent purposes. Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/11/01/how-the-some-of-the-worlds-elite-uses-black-magic-rituals-to-conjure-up-entities-for-more-power-control/ 💜 Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. Thank you 💜 Join our Spiritual Kingdom on: ☀️ Official Website: http://universeinsideyou.net/ 🌺 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/universalloving 🌺 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/183801149985... 🌺 Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Universe... 🌺 Twitter: https://twitter.com/universeinsideu 🌺 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spiritualki... 🌐If you wish to support my work and help me: https://www.paypal.me/UniverseInsideYou I would be forever grateful 🙏💗 You can help by translating or adding CC to the videos: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p... 💫 Videos on #spirituality, #consciousness, #meditation, #mindfulness and much more. Let's expand our #esoteric, #psychological, #philosophical and #extraterrestrial knowledge together. Subscribe to Universe Inside You 💫
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Little Mix - Black Magic (Acoustic)
Little Mix performing an exclusive acoustic of their new single ‘Black Magic’ Pre-order & download ‘Black Magic’ on iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/LMblackmagic Listen to ‘Black Magic’ on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LMBlackMagicSpotify Get ‘Black Magic’ on Google Play http://smarturl.it/LMblackGoogle Little Mix on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LMixSpotify The Little Mix website: http://www.little-mix.com/ The Little Mix Twitter: https://twitter.com/LittleMix The Little Mix Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlemixofficial/ The Little Mix Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleMixOfficial Music video by Little Mix performing Black Magic. (C) 2015 Simco Limited http://vevo.ly/92qJuS #LittleMix #BlackMagic #Vevo #Pop #OfficialAcoustic
Views: 16027050 littlemixVEVO
Real Demons Caught Assisting World's Top Magicians - ILLUMINATI MAGIC EXPOSED!
Within the black magic community there are a select few magicians who work side by side with demons these sorcerers include; David Blaine, Dynamo, Yif, David Copperfield ,Cyril, Derren Brown, and many others. These magicians are out to discredit Jesus Christ and pass him off as a mere magician. These men all sold their soul to possess these demonic powers. This video will expose the demonic and satanic illuminati forces working in agreement with these magicians.
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Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J
Get "Dark Horse" from Katy Perry's 'PRISM': http://katy.to/PRISM WITNESS: The Tour tickets available now! https://www.katyperry.com/tour Directed by Matthew Cullen & Produced by Dawn Rose, Danny Lockwood, Javier Jimenez, and Derek Johnson Follow Katy: http://www.katyperry.com http://youtube.com/katyperry http://twitter.com/katyperry http://facebook.com/katyperry http://instagram.com/katyperry Lyrics: I knew you were You were gonna come to me And here you are But you better choose carefully ‘Cause I am capable of anything Of anything and everything Make me your Aphrodite Make me your one and only But don’t make me your enemy Your enemy, your enemy (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back Mark my words This love will make you levitate Like a bird Like a bird without a cage But down to earth If you choose to walk away Don’t walk away It’s in the palm of your hand now, baby It’s a yes or a no, no maybe So just be sure Before you give it all to me All to me Give it all to me (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back (Juicy J) She’s a beast I call her Karma She’ll eat your heart out Like Jeffrey Dahmer Be careful Try not to lead her on Shorty heart is on steroids ‘Cause her love is so strong You may fall in love when you meet her If you get the chance, you better keep her She’s sweet as pie, but if you break her heart She’ll turn cold as a freezer That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor She can be my Sleeping Beauty I’m gon’ put her in a coma Now I think I love her Shorty so bad, sprung and I don’t care She ride me like a roller coaster Turned the bedroom into a fair Her love is like a drug I was tryna hit it and quit it But lil’ mama so dope I messed around and got addicted (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back Music video by Katy Perry performing Dark Horse. (C) 2014 Capitol Records, LLC
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