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Carmel Engineering - Manufacturing a  Custom Product Head
Manufacturing a Custom Product Head at Carmel Engineering. Carmel Engineering is located in central Indiana, but our innovation and expertise keep companies productive throughout the nation and across the globe. We’ve engineered successful solutions to difficult problems in production facilities throughout North America, Latin America, and even Australia. Along the way, we’ve earned a reputation for customer service that surpasses what local vendors can deliver. We stand behind our solutions and never hesitate to provide in-person support when our clients need it.
The Product Development Process: How to Bring Your Product to Market
Do you have a product design idea? Learn how to bring your product to market with this overview of the product development process. This video covers turning your product concept into a working prototype through electronic engineering, circuit design, product testing, and volume manufacturing. Ready to get started? Contact DMC: https://www.dmcinfo.com/services/custom-software-and-hardware-development
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MOX product engineering + manufacturing
MOX product engineering + manufacturing works with designers and architects and helps take their projects from concept to custom-manufactured project.
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Helmke Product Engineering
Our particular strengths - “Drop-in” replacement machines to fit an existing installations footprint - HELMKE is specialized in custom-made/non catalogue machines e.g.: Low starting currents while maintaining high starting torque and replacements designed for unusual/unique applications - All kinds of instrumentation such as: temperature sensors, vibration sensores, surge protection, partial discharge detectors, speed sensors etc.
From concept to creation: Bison Gear & Engineering
Whether an application requires a standard product or a custom design, Bison Gear & engineering has a solution. In this video, we see why food and beverage, medical, industrial machinery, packaging, transportation, energy, and agriculture are just some of the industries that rely on Bison.
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Strikebox Engineering Cleanroom Product Audit Cabinet.
This custom designed Product Audit Cabinet has six lockable storage compartments, each tailored to take specific product size. Includes removable internal 60ltr product bins.
Introduction to Metsec Engineering Products
Metsec's Engineering Products division specialises in delivering bespoke, engineered solutions. We provide custom roll forming, profile manipulation and a variety of additional engineering services for a wide range of construction, industrial, agricultural and automotive applications.
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Product Development Needs Custom Software | Software Engineering
Custom software is becoming a huge part of how companies continue to innovate. It is also one of the ways Base2 helps companies reach their full potential.
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Product engineering of networking device
Full product development and engineering of a networking device
Bussmann series:  Custom Order Engineering Capability
With more than 70,000 standard Bussmann series products, our Custom Order Engineering team can quickly modify an existing product or develop an all-new, zero-based product that will meet your needs. Learn more: http://www.eaton.com/Eaton/ProductsServices/Electrical/index.htm Purchase Eaton electrical products online at http://www.cmafh.com
Motion's Technical Product Support and Engineering Group
The Technical Product Support and Engineering group provides support to our customers and sales team in areas such as product sourcing, competitive interchange, and pre-engineered or custom designs.
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Antron Engineering - "Custom Contract Manufacturing Example"
Anthony F. Denietolis, Jr, President of Antron Engineering discusses a specific example of contract manufacturing, beginning with the initial client meeting / idea to the final product execution. The part in question fills an important need to protect fluid pumps from overheating and burn out.
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Create New Growth Channels or Reinvent Processes with Product Engineering - Aloha Technology
Our product engineering services are designed to help your business grow. Whether it’s custom software engineering, testing and quality assurance, technology consulting, software support, or system integration — Aloha Technology has got you covered all the way. Be sure to know more at our website- http://www.alohatechnology.com/ Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/company/alohatechnology/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/alohatechnology Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AlohaDigitalTransformation
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Design 1st - Product Design & Development, Engineering, Prototyping, Patenting, Manufacturing
Design 1st President Kevin Bailey explains how the Design 1st team creates custom outer enclosures and inner mechanics for innovative global products like the We-Vibe™, Christie M-series™ projectors, BelAir Outdoor Wireless base stations, ProDrive dental turbine, Mytrak M2™ fitness coach, Pliant Enterprise Flash drives, Gesturetek GestDisplay™ and GestTable™, Stanley Healthcare, Securaband™ and many more. http://www.design1st.com Equipped with in-house machining, finishing and part prototyping facilities, Design 1st can create finished models, first parts and assemblies - providing one stop for design engineering services. Clients rely on us to turn a napkin sketch into compelling images and then design well engineered product solutions. "Successful products start with the user and their needs including interacting with the product, handling, storage, maintenance, installation and environmental re-use at end of life. The goal is to create a positive emotional reaction with the user throughout the products usefulness, starting at the point of purchase." Kevin Bailey, Founder & President
UL Product Engineering Services
UL’s Product Engineering team has a rich heritage in advancing products from design to production for companies ranging from small to Fortune 500. These customer-centric testing and integrated advisory services help manufacturers meet the complex challenges of today’s competitive global market with services that streamline the product development, reliability, safety, energy efficiency and performance testing processes. Give your product the sustainable competitive advantage by partnering with UL. Contact us today at [email protected]
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Aras Innovator Demo Series - Product Engineering
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Omnica Corp. - Design and Engineering Introduction
Call us at 949-472-0275. We are a design and engineering firm who specializes in custom product development for the medical industry including laboratory instrumentation, diagnostic products, hand-held instruments, monitoring equipment, point-of-care devices and others. Since 1984, our 28-person company has been located in Southern California.
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Custom Engineering
Mansfield Engineered Components knows that our clients trust us - from concept and design, to production and delivery, all in a quick, responsive fashion.
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Virtual Reality for Industrial Design, Engineering, Product Demo, Safety
Now powering Virtual Reality content on HTC Vive and Unity3D for immersive experience in Industrial Design, Engineering, Product Demo, Safety and etc. CHRP-INDIA Pvt. Ltd. a custom learning technology company. We design and develop online, mobile, instructor led training content, Virtual Simulation Labs, Gamification and etc. for our clients across the globe. eLearning 2D / 3D Animations ILT / VILT programs development Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Translations & Localization Effective Instructional Design is our forte, with our extensive experience in creating engaging learning programs using sound Instructional Methodologies. We believe in transforming knowledge and creating a value based learning products and solutions. Our goal is to add an enormous value in knowledge transfer by means of ‘Simplified learning.’ "We are on a mission to mobilize learning for our clients." Visit us @ http://www.chrp-india.com/contactus.html #eLearning #ILT #VirtualReality #3Danimations #2Danimations #customcontentdevelopment #onlinelearning #mobilelearning #learningtechnology #digitallearning #makeinindia #HTCVive #Unity3D #vr #industrialdesignvr #safetyvr #engineeringvr
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Product engineering of video recording device with POE
Product engineering of video recording device with POE and harddisk
The Art and Engineering of Bike Design | Akshai Varde | TEDxVITPune
In this talk, Akshai Varde, the founder of Vardenchi Motorcycles talks about blurring the lines between 'Engineering' and 'Art' and using a combination of the two concepts to find the inspiration for the best possible design. He talks his growth as an entrepreneur and what he learned during this journey. We live in an age where most of the products are produced in bulk and while mass production has its own benefits; it often takes away the individuality and beauty that each product is capable of. A self-taught designer and entrepreneur, Akshai Varde founded Vardenchi at the age of 25 in the year 2005. Today Vardenchi has single-handedly designed and sold the highest number of custom built motorcycles in the country. He seeks to bring back the culture of craftsmanship, where every product is a work of art. A recipient of The Young Entrepreneur Award from the Maxell Foundation, Akshai has given talks regarding motorcycle design at institutions such as IIT Bombay and SPCE (Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai). During his talk we are bound to gain insights into the “Art of Engineering”, about how he integrates his passion for art and his knowledge of engineering in developing customized bikes. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Automotive Drivetrain Fixture Product - Video Case Study from Ahaus Tool & Engineering
Ahaus has been designing and building workholding fixtures for the automotive, machine tool, valve, construction and other industries for more than two decades. Our capabilities include: engineering design; dedicated fixture manufacturing group; and dedicated assembly and tryout area. We work with machine tool manufacturers, distributors and users to meet specified requirements for positioning, placement, number of parts, deflection and machine forces. We will design the workholding fixture, check functionality, runoff and develop the process for the machinery of choice. We can bring machinery to Ahaus for a complete runoff or retrofit. Workholding solutions include: Automated workholding fixtures with integrated hydraulics, sub-plates, sensors and clamps to achieve maximum productivity Manual workholding fixtures with precision locating features and positive clamping to achieve accurate and consistent results Power units, hydraulic couplers and fixture carts for all workholding systems needs to enhance flexibility and efficiency Standard and custom columns and T's (welded fixture bases and tombstones) for virtually all workholding fixture requirements Full turnkey solutions including fixture design/build, part processing, tooling design/selection, CNC milling programming and system runoff Custom hydraulic workholding fixtures to meet the specific needs of customer part designs and machining processes Custom hydraulic vise designs incorporated into hydraulic workholding fixtures Custom pneumatic workholding fixtures for machining and welding
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SparkFun Engineering Roundtable #17: Bandsaw Coolant System
In this installment of ERT, Paul takes us through the design and build process for a custom coolant system for machining. A lot of these same principles can be used in any custom fabrication project. Products Featured in this Video: Liquid Pump - 350GPH (12v): https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10455 Rocker Switch - SPST (round): https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11138 Power Supply - 12V/5V (2A): https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11296 In this feature, your favorite SparkFun engineers talk about their latest projects, how they work, and how you can build your own. Check it out as hacking and hilarity ensue. Tags: Project Talent: Paul Smith
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Digital Systems Engineering | Custom design build manufacturer of rugged LCD screens
http://www.digitalsys.com/ DSE is a renowned, cutting-edge, design-build manufacturer of rugged LCD screen systems for the most hostile environments. With a strong emphasis on engineering, our products have been designed and tested to survive stringent specifications. High and low temperatures, moisture, extreme shock, constant vibration, solar gain, power input fluctuations, and general use in the field. Whether your industry is military, marine, aerospace, mining, construction, oil and gas, or agriculture, our products are here to redefine RUGGED. In addition to off the shelf products, DSE has a core engineering focus on OEM driven, application specific designs. From defining the product specification to managing MIL-STD qualification testing, DSE delivers a rugged product that exceeds the customer’s unique requirements. Contact us today for a custom proposal!
Automation Engineering Design
This video demonstrates IP Automation's engineering design services in the fields of automation, product development and custom machining. It is a video of a product testing machine engineered for Schlage Lock, LLC, a division of Allegion, Inc. The automation equipment was engineered, custom machined and developed by our engineering firm. The operator interface of the automated equipment consists of a PC with a color touch screen. The PC runs a custom automation application written in Visual Basic. This automation equipment is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) running programmed test sequences. In addition to the PC front end monitoring and controlling test operations, it also creates and debugs test programs.
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American Engineering Group - Product Development
American Engineering Group (AEG) specialized in contract manufacturing of custom designed rubber products,Product Development and Design and Analysis of Components. CAD/CAE/FEA/CFD www.engineering-group.com
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NRE: Non-Recurring Engineering Charges on Custom Designs
http://www.driveyoursuccess.com This video explains how to go about charging NRE - non recurring engineering on custom designs and the importance of accounting for engineering time on customized products
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White Sands Engineering
White Sands Provides Coaxial Assemblies for Broadband, Broadcast and A/V Networks White Sands Engineering is one of the largest manufacturers of custom coaxial cable assemblies in the United States. White Sands, provides cable assemblies, connectors, cables and tools for communication networks, as well as custom connectivity products for OEM and defense customers. Our broad product offering ranges from basic CATV jumpers and complex, custom-designed wiring harnesses, to self-install kits and 75 ohm, mini RG59 connectors. White Sands will work with individual customers to recommend, design and manufacture connectivity products for their unique application. White Sand’s commitment to quality manufacturing coupled with our high-volume, quick turn production capability gives White Sands Engineering an advantage in delivering custom solutions.
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American Engineering Group - Company Capabilities
Product Development , Custom Molded Rubber Components. OEM manufacturing , Tire Design and Analysis , Consultancy
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ATLAS: HCL’s Intelligent Engineering Automation Platform
HCL ATLAS offers you an array of quick-build, quick-deploy, analytics-based solutions in the form of use cases, that are custom-designed to solve specific business problems in the product operations, product testing and sustenance engineering activities. These intelligent solutions interact with your product ecosystem through custom connectors to integrate automation in your product lifecycle and accelerate the time-to-market for every release. The power of HCL's proprietary analytics engine enables users to derive actionable insights from multiple data sources, and use them to further accelerate decision making.
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Enercon Engineering Company Profile - 6.5 min.
Enercon Engineering's full range of custom designed and manufactured power generation products, power controls systems, low & medium voltage switchgear, generator packages, enclosures, mobile power modules, cogeneration units, and special assemblies enables us to provide you with a totally coordinated design for your project from the board to in-house tested finished product --- all from one source.
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Over-Engineering a Custom Cardboard Box with Wolfram Alpha and Packing Algorithms
After building a simple dowel tree, I started thinking about the long-term life of this build. It would need to be stored for most of the year, and there were several dowels that needed to be kept together. In this video, I'll walk you through my thought process in designing and making (and re-making) a custom-sized cardboard box to hold these dowels. Along the way we'll take a quick look at Wolfram Alpha and the 2-D packing algorithms that helped me design the box. More examples of shape packing in Wolfram Alpha: https://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/GeometricPackingIn2D.html TOOLS AND SUPPLIES: FastCap 2P-10 CA Glue Kit (4 glues, activator, debonder): http://amzn.to/1SR14RK FastCap 2P-10 Solo Kit: http://amzn.to/1YXXcQt MORE PROJECTS AND STUFF: http://www.B2Builds.com SUBSCRIBE: http://subscribe.b2builds.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/b2builds/ MUSIC: "Hiphop-yeah" by LFSaw https://soundcloud.com/lfsaw/hiphop-yeah Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
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Planes, Trains, and Skateboard Shoes - Bayesian methods in engineering and product design - Jim Parr
PyData London 2018 Design engineers are often faced with the challenge of finding novel and high performing designs with limited information available to them. Bayesian methods lend themselves to design problems where information is limited and beliefs about what is a good design update over time. Using python is a great way to integrate design tools with Bayesian methods and accelerate the design process. Slides: https://github.com/jimparr19/pydata2018 --- www.pydata.org PyData is an educational program of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. PyData provides a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. The global PyData network promotes discussion of best practices, new approaches, and emerging technologies for data management, processing, analytics, and visualization. PyData communities approach data science using many languages, including (but not limited to) Python, Julia, and R. PyData conferences aim to be accessible and community-driven, with novice to advanced level presentations. PyData tutorials and talks bring attendees the latest project features along with cutting-edge use cases.
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Custom Handcrafted Decorative Lighting
When design, engineering and production are all under one roof, custom lighting creations are the order of the day. Watch how the Hubbardton Forge team takes one of the latest custom projects through the creation process – from concept to completion.
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Full product life-cycle modeling and simulation for progressive engineering systems
As a leader in modeling and simulation for mobile autonomous systems, Battelle provides custom virtual environments to facilitate state-of-the-art engineering processes for the full product life-cycle – from visualization of a new product concept, to virtual prototype analysis, to product testing and verification, and continuing on through post-deployment optimization and operator training across domains and platforms. From the innovators at Battelle, a full product life-cycle modeling and simulation solution for progressive engineering systems.
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Custom Engineering, Packaging, Crating & Shipping Services
Design engineers of Craters & Freighters are experienced in shipping, crating and packing services. You can handle problem with how to ship one piece of furniture, or any goods in one call to Craters & Freighters. Contact our team to learn how we can help with your shipping needs. To learn more about Craters & Freighters' packaging, crating and shipping options visit https://www.cratersandfreighters.com/ Follow Us On: Blog: https://www.cratersandfreighters.com/news/blog/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/craters-&-freighters-national Twitter: https://twitter.com/thinkcf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CFNTL
Custom Cut & Weld Case Engineering - Pelican Cases
http://pelican.com Get a first-hand look at the engineering of our customized case solutions using our unique cut and weld process. This process allows us to create non-standard case sizes. http://pelican.com CUSTOM CASE ENGINEERING Only Pelican-Hardigg™ offers every customer the optimized global resources of a renowned injection and roto-molded case leader's customized service and manufacturing capabilities. The resulting ability to respond with speed and agility benefits every Advanced Case Solutions customer, whether requiring one unique case solution or a thousand delivered worldwide. Every facet of customization from project management, customer relations, logistics, testing, engineering support and prototyping through final fabrication is handled within a comprehensive system to assure that failure is not an option. For more information on our custom cases, please visit http://pelican.com/acs/mission_critical.php
Custom Design Engineering Services DFI Tech EC531 Series
http://dfitech.com Custom Design Engineering Services — Experience the DFI Difference Our customer's success begins with conceptualizing, designing and prototyping their product. The right design and engineering team makes all the difference, whether bringing a new product to market or re-launching an existing product with new features. DFI's engineering team is co-located and integrated with our manufacturing team to ensure that products are designed for manufacturability, sustainability, and profitability from Day 1. During concept development, we capture the customer's requirements while considering the product environment, functionality, compatibility, performance, stability and reliability. We make sure all of it is represented and laid out in the design. The schematics are closely reviewed by our senior engineers and cross-referenced with our extensive common-parts database to ensure accuracy and manufacturability. Our goal is to provide great design with the most readily available components that can be obtained in large quantities and at the greatest cost savings. During the prototyping and validation phases, we rigorously test the product sample to ensure it meets the requirements set out during the concept phase. This process includes signal integrity tests, extended functional and thermal tests, reliability tests, thermal shock, shock and vibration, compatibility, EMI, and ESD. All design and testing activities is performed in-house, so feedback is immediate and any necessary design changes happen quickly. We understand that design engineering is critical to the overall success of your project and are committed to providing not only the most experienced engineers, but a fast design cycle to enable you to take your product to market faster. Our value-added engineering services are also focused on reducing unit cost in both manufacturing AND service/support, while accelerating time to market for your products. DFI Design & Engineering—Comprehensive Services that Partner with Your Resources At DFI we offer a comprehensive set of design and engineering services. We understand that every customer is different so we are committed to tailoring our approach to meet your needs and integrate seamlessly with your engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and service personnel. The design engineering services we provide: • First and foremost you have access to our Product Development Process which includes: Product conceptualization and definition of specifications Cost estimation Materials evaluation Prototyping Engineering Validation Testing  Based on the prototype, we verify that all of your desired features are present and function correctly. Testing may consist of power-on and functional tests, along with initial EMI/EMC scans, thermal tests, safety, signal integrity checks, mechanical fit and debugging. Design Engineering Design Engineering Services Electronics Design Engineering Industrial PC design engineering Custom design and engineering services If you can dream it, we can build it.
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Electronics Reverse Engineering Walkthrough - Hacking the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer
I'd like to design my own custom UI for my Monoprice select mini 3D printer. But before writing some software we obviously need to know our enemy and reverse engineer all the hardware components. In this video I will go through every single detail in how I reverse engineered the MP Select Mini (or Malyan M200) 3D Printer. Alternative IDE Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIkGTwLOD7o Code on GitHub: https://github.com/robin7331/malyan-m200-display-firmware Esotool.py: https://github.com/espressif/esptool If you purchase one of the items below I'll get a small commission from amazon. Thanks for your support! ⚒ Tools I currently use Rigol DS1054Z http://geni.us/u3k2P0P Ersa i-CON PICO http://geni.us/u3k2P0P MP Select Mini 3D Printer http://geni.us/Gfp4 iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit http://geni.us/qFxs ❤️ Enjoying my videos? I put a lot of effort into every single video. If you like, help me covering my running costs with a dollar or two. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Robin_Reiter PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/RobinReiterME You can also support me by ordering something through one of my affiliate links: Amazon: http://geni.us/7HDBdR Happy Hacking!
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Antron Engineering - "Optimized Product Performance"
In this video, President Anthony F. Denietolis, Jr. explains how Antron developed this testing unit which demonstrates clearly why Antron clients have come to value our ability to provide custom engineering, machining and testing in order to optimize their product’s performance.
Product Design & Engineering at Concept Z Performance
See a short glimpse into our in-house design and rapid prototyping processes that help us bring new products to the market!
Biocartis - Director of Product Engineering - Simon Morling about Philips Innovation Services
Simon Morling, Director of Product Engineering at Biocartis talks about his experience of working with Philips Innovation Services. Biocartis worked with Philips Innovation Services to accelerate their product development processes of their 'Moleculair diagnostics platform'. Are you looking for partner to accelerate your innovation? Check out our services and learn how we can support you: https://www.innovationservices.philips.com/looking-for-expertise/ Read more about customer testemonials here: http://www.innovationservices.philips.com/customer-quotes
Enercon Engineering Commercial - 90 sec.
Founded in 1975 by Edward Tangel, Enercon Engineering has grown from a small Central Illinois company into one of the world's leaders in the power generation industry. Enercon has built a solid reputation for integrity, high quality, and engineering excellence in the custom design and manufacturing of controls, switchgear, packaging, enclosures, power modules, and co-generation units for customer provided engine generator sets. Through the years, Ed Tangel built Enercon around talented and dedicated people with strong engineering backgrounds and expertise and insistence upon high quality manufacturing. Headquartered in East Peoria, Illinois with manufacturing and engineering facilities in Barnesville Georgia, Phoenix Arizona, and Singapore, Enercon Engineering serves the power generation needs of a wide variety of customers. Enercon Engineering's unique "Complete Systems" approach is unmatched in the power generation industry, and enables us to totally meet the requirements and specifications of every customer project. 1. Full Range Power Generation Products: Enercon is unique because we offer a full range of power generation products---controls and switchgear, gen-set packages and enclosures, and co-generation units. Our "Complete Systems" approach combines our full range of high quality products into a complete customer package all from one source. 2. Custom Engineering: All Enercon products and systems are custom engineered to meet the customer's exact specifications and requirements, however unique. We work closely with customer personnel during the design phase to insure that our design more than meets his expectations. 3. Comprehensive Testing: 100% of all Enercon controls and switchgear are tested at our factory prior to shipping. We also have complete testing facilities for engine-generator sets, with or without switchgear, either diesel or natural gas fueled (Witness testing is also available at Enercon Engineering). 4. Worldwide Service: Enercon has a full staff of product support engineers and field service technicians on call and available to provide after-sale service 24/7 anytime, anywhere worldwide. We also offer start-up commissioning and/or maintenance service for all Enercon products.
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NVIDIA - Accelerating Product Engineering Processes Across Semiconductor Supply Chain - Part 1
CASE STUDY - How NVIDIA, a world leader in visual computing technologies, Accelerated its Product Engineering Processes using Serus' MPM Solutions for Rapid ROI. (Part 1)
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DornerWorks provides technology engineering solutions, so you can focus on what you do best
DornerWorks is helping businesses grow and flourish with custom product development and technology engineering solutions. Learn more about what DornerWorks can do for you at DornerWorks.com!
Views: 23 DornerWorks Ltd.
Custom Machining Services - engineering design
The video below demonstrates our custom machining services. This machine was custom designed and manufactured by IP Automation to assist in the assembly of large heat exchangers. We worked closely with our client to ensure the finished custom machine met their expectations of safety, reliability, and maintainability.
Views: 247 IP Automation

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