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Asher Quinn ~ Open secret ("This love")
Asher Quinn (Asha) sings 'Open secret' from his album "This Love." CD/track download available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm "Open Secret" was my debut album for New World Cassettes, as it was then, back in September, 1987. It was an instrumental new-age album, with just one small lyrical song contained within the title track. I re-released the album in 2009, and re-recorded the song that you hear now, along with four other bonus tracks. My friend Anthony Phillips of Genesis produced the original album, on which Andy Latimer of prog-rock band Camel, played. My other friend (I have two!!), Phil Thornton, produced this version, and played the descant recorder. In 1987, I was Denis Quinn... I changed my name to Asha the following year after a dream, and I became known for the longest time as 'Asha.' 'Open secret' is a higher love ballad, about the journey from I to Thou, partly inspired by the Sufi poems of Rumi, who called a volume of his thirteenth century verse 'Open Secret'. The feeling for the music as I composed it, however, was more Celtic and pastoral. I was filmed singing in a magical yew glade in Bedham, Sussex, UK... an ancient place with a very powerful earth energy. These trees are over two thousand years old. The film was edited by my new friend Maggie (friend number three) up in Scotland. Make music and make friends, good people! This version is on a compilation album called "This Love" and is just a little bit different in the mix than the original.
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Asher Denis Quinn Open Secret2
Wspaniały utwór mojego ulubionego wykonawcy ....
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Asha ~ Open secret (Instrumental)
‘Open secret’ (long instrumental version), the title track of Asher Quinn (Asha’s) debut album. Track download & CD available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm ‘Open Secret’ is also the title of a book of poems by the Persian mystical poet, Rumi. The open secret in question is that God is everywhere, and that we are all divine beings. There… I’ve spilled the beans! But it was the elephant in the room, so someone had to mention it! This was my debut album when I was 34, almost completely instrumental and produced by my friend Anthony Phillips of the band Genesis. Another friend in a well-known band, Andy Latimer, played the heroic, soaring lead guitar. I later re-released it and added a few vocal tracks as a bonus. It was inspired by the Sufi tradition of ecstatic spirituality, within which I came to my own ecstatic experience of the living Christ. This in turn constellates an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love in my emotional heart for the miracle of creation… the love, the pain, the ecstasy, the longing, the sacrifice, the grief, the joy… all of it. The Christ also constellates a certain clairvoyant spiritual sensibility, which enables one to see more clearly the real that lies behind the apparent. The Christ is the sun-hero of our heart, the bridge between the temporal and the eternal, between the mortal and the immortal. He is the triumph of the virtues over the deadly sins! I was guided to film for this in Mont St. Michel, Normandie, France, a church within a fortified castle, constructed after a vision by St. Aubert of nearby Avranches, wherein the Archangel Michael instructed him to build a church of renewal on this rocky outcrop, a few hundred metres into La Manche (the English channel). The granite to build it was hauled from Mont Dol, several kilometres away. At Dol de Bretagne stands an extraordinary 9 metre tall monolith, which appears to have descended from the sky, and matches no other stone in the area. Local legend has it that Michael sent the stone to earth to stop a bloody family feud… which it did. The Archangel Michael is the Time Lord of our epoch… the spirit of our times. He it is who defeated the dragon, which represents our lower, materially-minded self, and he it is who now orchestrates the coming of the Cosmic Christ in the ether, for all of humanity. This phenomenon is well under way, and I have been aware of it in myself since the age of 5. Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces of darkness rise up in opposition to the Christ, and indeed these are the apocalyptic times we find ourselves in. Apocalypse does not actually mean Armageddon, I wish to mention, rather it means the spiritual vision of the seer regarding the welfare of the Christ on earth, since the passion of Christ Jesus on Golgotha,. Christ re-connects us to our divinity, and Lucifer seeks to prevent this by filling our heads full of dogma, ideology, atheism and material temptation. He cuts us off from God at the head. Ahriman, an anti-sun demon first mentioned in ancient Persia, cuts us off at the knees by spreading the cancer of impenetrable systems in our society, and by trying to concretise God (geographically… as in a caliphate, an Empire or organised state religion). Christ is found in the heart, and the Christ is a mutable, not a fixed fire. Christ brings the most compassionate truth to any situation, not the word of law. One becomes able, when awakened and under the right guidance, to receive the word of God in the heart, independent of any system, or external law. Mont St. Michel has an immense spiritual presence. There I felt tremendously uplifted, clear, in love, devotional, and inspired… magnificently so. On the way we saw a sign for Lisieux (my filming companjero Gloria and I), and were magnetically drawn to this curious little town in Calvados. We soon found ourselves immersed in the light of the being of Therese of Lisieux, a Saint and Carmelite nun who lived and died there, aged 24, in 1897. Therese, much in the manner of St. Francis of Assisi, devoted herself to Christ, and thrillingly purified her soul to such an extent that she is held in the same esteem in France as Joan of Arc, and actually held in deep affection the world over. I have since become a devotee of Therese of Lisieux, myself. She made a great virtue of her spiritual simplicity and her petiteness. These are the kind of things she said that console me tremendously: “My God, I choose everything, I will not be a Saint by halves, I am not afraid of suffering for Thee, I fear only one thing, and that is to do my own will. Accept the offering of my will, for I choose all that Thou wiliest," and: “After I have known it LOVE works so in me, that whether things go well or badly love turns them to one sweetness, transforming the soul in ITSELF. Then, in the excess of my delirious joy, I cried out: ‘’Jesus my love… my vocation, at last I have found it… my vocation is LOVE.” Mine too.
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Asha ~ Open secret
Asha (Asher Quinn) sings 'Open Secret' from his album of the same name. Track download/CD available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm This was my debut album for New World Music back in 1987, produced by Anthony Phillips of Genesis. The title track was instrumental originally, with just a small vocal section in the middle of the track. Later, in 2005, I re-released the album independently, and recorded this new vocal track in it's own right, with Phil Thornton producing. "Open Secret" was largely inspired by a collection of mystical poems from thirteenth century Sufi poet Jallaludin Rumi. The open secret in question is that God is in everything. There, I've said it! It's not a secret anymore! And by God I mean loving kindness, and the mystery within that, that all is given in grace... even suffering and loss. This particular track is also Grail inspired, and infused with Druidic mysticism. King Arthur and the Grail Knights defended the secret of the Christ in the Heart, a secret carried forward faithfully by each generation of Grail Knights until such time as humanity was ready to awaken to it. That time is now. The Christ in the Heart is a spiritually awakened consciousness that manifests as the higher Self in all our actions... in thinking, feeling, impulse, intuition, word and deed. Therefore it is a morality immersed in grace, which carries wisdom and healing. We receive it through the ether into the purified vessel... which means a body purified of toxins and a mind purified of toxic thinking. No flesh or alcohol. No blame or judgement. We receive it because we are ready. Children were born in the latter half of the twentieth century that carried the seed of this consciousness, because it was the time. This evolution in humankind was made possible two thousand years ago by the Passion of the Christ on Golgotha. With the death and resurrection of God in man in the crucified, en-Christed Jesus of Nazareth, seeds of future awakening were planted in the earth with the blood of the Christ that dripped from his body on the cross. That blood went into the earth, and the planet became thenceforth the body of Christ. And we are born of the earth, so we carry the seeds of awakening within us. Spiritualised consciousness is opposed in the intricate matrix of humanity by forces of materialism known as Lucifer. We cannot help but be Luciferic, for we are corporeal... of the flesh. We decay and are transient. But Christ in the Heart is a state of grace which elevates the human being to the eternal life, and returns the embodied soul to communion with God. The battleground for humanity is materialistic temptation. Hence King Arthur's Defence of the Realm. Arthur's Knights went into battle exoterically, to defeat the dragons of materialism, but in Spain, the Knights Templar were the esoteric guardians of the Grail... preserved in the teachings and initiations of the Mystery School tradition, going back before ancient Greece and the Platonic & Pythagorean Mystery Schools. Tintagel, in Cornwall, where I filmed for this, was where King Arthur had his castle. Cornwall is part of the ancient land of Hibernia, and Spain is Iberia... Hibernia & Iberia both being part of the great shamanic Druid Kingdom that came out of Atlantis, and preserved the mystery of communion with the Divine for humankind. Rudolf Steiner testifies as to the spiritual power of this place, where the vertical meets the horizontal in the crashing of the waves upon the rocks and a portal to the sky opens. Psychologically, one could say that King Arthur is a Christ figure... representing the noble higher Self; Merlin the Magician represents our intuitive, resourceful, spiritual imagination; Lancelot represents our courage and faith, and Lady Guinevere represents the grace and beauty of our spiritualised emotions. The precise location of this film is right underneath the ruins of Arthur's castle, and the cove contains Merlin's cave. My son Isaac, who is 18, has collected swords for many years, and he lent me his most prized asset and dagger for the film, along with a gold coin from his collection as a child. I filmed for it on my birthday, September 22nd, and scripted it back in London for Maggie up in northern Hibernia to edit!
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Soldier of Love - Asher Quinn
Soldier of love is from the album "Open Secret" http://asherquinn.co.uk/downloads_os.html
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Canzone Angelica
Welcome to C.N.N. the Cosmic Nirvana Network music appreciation of the work of our many wonderful musicians! Brought to you by JASMUHEEN because we love it! www.jasmuheen.com Please support these artists & BUY THEIR MUSIC if you love what you hear! Song: "Canzone Angelica" Album: Mystic Heart Artist: Denis Quinn (Asha, Asha Quinn)
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To My One True Love /  Denis Quinn
In Mystic Heart Album
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10 SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Secrets With Joker and Harley Quinn!
10 SUICIDE SQUAD Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Should Know About! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 DISNEY Movie Mistakes That They NEVER Fixed! https://youtu.be/yYFhwv2dvXU 10 Actor and Superhero Stunt Doubles That Will Make You Cringe! https://youtu.be/M-3TdIfR_w8 Suicide Squad was one of the most anticipated movies of all time and when fans finally got to see it, their opinions were very divided. Some people were mad about the lack of The Joker, others were thrilled with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot and some people didn’t know what to think. Regardless of where you stand, Suicide Squad’s marketing made sure that people knew about some of the crazy stuff that was happening during it’s production. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting tidbits in our list of 10 Suicide Squad Behind The Scenes You Should Know About! Script by: Jacob Geller Voice Over by: David Macri Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano https://www.facebook.com/borgomotion/ Featuring: Harley and Joker Scenes | 0:45 Croc Story | 1:18 Joker Laugh | 1:57 Joker Casting | 2:21 Body Hair | 2:54 Harley Casting | 3:27 Enchantress Prep | 4:01 SKWAD Tattoos | 4:36 Footage Leak | 5:07 Leto On Set | 5:40 Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/
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In search of the Miraculous  (Denis Quinn)
IN SEARCH OF THE M. Música de: Denis Quinn (También conocido como ¨Asha¨)
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Journey To A Remarkable Place - Asher Quinn
Journey to a remarkable place from the album "Open Secret" by Asher Quinn
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Asher Quinn ( Asha ) -  Sonatina  [HD-BS]
Asher Quinn (Asha): Sonatine Asher Quinn, or Asha made her debut in 1987, "Open Secret" , his album, which was a great success, with a. The album sold more than half a million copies in which new ones soon followed, including a triple album, 45 songs. Asher Quinn likes to combine the instrumental and piano compositions based on the spiritual and love songs, a lot sold to Asher after the album pursues the civil occupation of the south-west London, working as a psychotherapist done .. He is married with two sons .. In an interview, said: "I'm not blind with New-Age enthusiasts, but it is indisputable favorite role model, and the New Age musician and his Anugama" Shamanic Dream "album ----------------------------------------------------- Asher Quinn , vagy ASHA 1987-ben debütált az "Open Secret" ( Nyilt Titok ) című albumával, ami nagy sikert hozott számára. Az album több mint félmillió példányban fogyott el, melyet rövidesen újabbak követtek, közöttük egy tripla album 45 dallal. Asher Quinn előszeretettel ötvözi az instrumentális és zongorára épülő kompozíciókat a spirituális és szerelmi dalokkal, Asher a sok eladott lemeze után is űzi polgári foglalkozását,dél-nyugat Londonban dolgozik, mint végzett pszichoterapeuta.. Nős, 2 fia van.. Egy interjúban ezt nyilatkozta: " Én nem vagyok elvakultan New-Age rajongó, de vitathatatlan kedvencem és példaképem a New-Age zenélésben Anugama és az ő " Shamanic Dream " albuma -------------------------------------------------------
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Kindling Wood - Asher Quinn
My tribute to Asher Quinn in return for his music, that he has created over the years. I have tried to capture the essence of the feeling you get sitting around a campfire while thinking or sharing it with loved ones. I have used Arwen and Aragorn to convey the feeling of love and understanding as they would use campfires and spend time in the woods. Not quite what Asher had in mind but he is happy with my version :-) (Thanks Asher) This track "Kindling Wood" is taken from Asher's "East of East" album. I have liked Asher's music for over twenty years now and it has given me immense pleasure over that time, Open Secret, Mystic Heart to name a few, this is my tribute and way of saying thank you to him. I also thank him for kindly allowing me to use this track. I do not own all the photos or music, I have no connection with Asher apart from being a fan. Please visit his website www.asherquinn.co.uk for more information about Asher and his music, you will not be disappointed. There you will find soul touching music, that bathes you in peace. :-) There is also a youtube fan site run by a woman named Andreea, she has made some great videos to support Asher's music, it's called "asherquinnmusicfans" and can be found in my friends list or just search for Asher, sit back and enjoy some beautiful muisc. Lyrics: Asher Quinn Let's gather up some kindling wood And build for us a fire The yellow moon is full tonight Behind the old church tower Forgive me For all the hurtful things I've said Are you still with me? I haven't come to raise the dead Put doubt and blame into the flames And watch them burn away I never meant to disappoint you We just see life in different ways The smell of the wood is sweet somehow In the fragrance of the starry night air The shadows dance around the walls And play in your long blonde hair Believe me I always meant to be good to you It grieves me I couldn't be who I wanted to The spitting fire and the hot red coals They purify my mind We fought over many differences But we're still on each other's side Now the fire is low I can feel the chill Of the midnight moon upon the floor The apple brandy embers glow The breath of sleep creeps 'neath the door I love you I love the music of your soul I love you I love the way our life unfolds The pretty stones around your neck And the depth of your subtle layers Your deep brown eyes and golden hair And our children asleep upstairs
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Lionel`s Song - Asher Quinn (Asha)
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Asher Quinn August Moon
August Moon - Denis Quinn (Asha,Asher Quinn) / Álbum Resurrection 1996
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DENNIS QUINN (ASHA) - Allah , Hallelujah, Elohim
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Asha   Spirit And Sensuality (a prayer)
All Rights For The Owner Asha, Denis Quinn, Asher Quinn. ****************** Bio 1) British-born new age composer Asha (aka Denis Quinn and Asher Quinn) displayed a talent and a passion for writing music even during early childhood. He began writing simple songs at the age of three, a passion that evolved into a love affair with the radio. Inspired by Radio Luxembourg playing Buddy Holly, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen, Asha began writing folk and protest songs in his teens. Upon discovering his spiritual path in his early twenties, he turned to a more open compositional style, approaching composition and music as pure emotion, choosing lyrical content later on. Though unable to read or write music, Asha produced pieces that often involved elaborate orchestration. Drawing influence from classical composers such as Vivaldi and Pachelbel, as well as folk music styles from the British Isles, South America, and the Middle East, he created a sound that resonated deeply with his audiences. Asha’s relationship with New World Music (a label stemming from the mind-body-spirit healing tradition) began in the early ’90s — his prolific career with the label produced more than 15 records in as many years, and his albums have become meditation and relaxation mainstays the world over. Asha continues to compose and record, in addition to studying Jungian psychology and offering various services in spiritual guidance. Asha has sold over half a million albums since his debut recording Open Secret in 1987, and 4 of them - Open Secret, Mystic Heart, Wings of Fire and Concert of Angels - have topped new-age and ambient album charts right around the world. His early albums were released under the name of Denis Quinn, and the bulk of them under the name Asha, but he has settled on Asher Quinn now.
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Wings Of Fire
A burning guitar.
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Angels Lullaby: song by Asha (Dennis Quinn)
Beautiful song by Asha (Denis Quinn) from album Wings of Fire. Considered one of the best New Age musician, Asha is a pianist, composer, lyricist, and also a practicing transpersonal psychoterapist.
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Asher Quinn - Canzone Angelica (Van egy Angyal...)
"Létezik ilyen Angyalka..."
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Asha Quinn - Canzone Angelica
Una hermosa cancion con una melodiosa voz.
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The Amazing Spider-Man - Unmasking Spider-Man Scene (8/10) | Movieclips
The Amazing Spider-Man movie clips: http://j.mp/2h5Oe50 BUY THE MOVIE: http://bit.ly/2hqpgfR Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) learns Spider-Man's (Andrew Garfield) true identity. FILM DESCRIPTION: Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father's most carefully guarded secrets as Columbia Pictures reboots the Spider-Man franchise with the help of director Mark Webb ((500) Days of Summer) and screenwriter James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). Sally Field, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Emma Stone co-star. CREDITS: TM & © Sony (2012) Cast: Andrew Garfield, Denis Leary Director: Marc Webb Producers: Avi Arad, Michael Grillo, Kyla Kraman, Stan Lee, Matthew Tolmach, Laura Ziskin, Kevin Feige Screenwriters: Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, James Vanderbilt WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/1u2yaWd ComingSoon: http://bit.ly/1DVpgtR Indie & Film Festivals: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Hero Central: http://bit.ly/1AMUZwv Extras: http://bit.ly/1u431fr Classic Trailers: http://bit.ly/1u43jDe Pop-Up Trailers: http://bit.ly/1z7EtZR Movie News: http://bit.ly/1C3Ncd2 Movie Games: http://bit.ly/1ygDV13 Fandango: http://bit.ly/1Bl79ye Fandango FrontRunners: http://bit.ly/1CggQfC HIT US UP: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1y8M8ax Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Pinterest: http://bit.ly/14wL9De Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1vUwhH7
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Come Away, Come Away - Asher Quinn (Asha)
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Relax Music - Mystic Heart
Put my mind~ ^^
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CT Wilderness Culture, Snakes and Salamanders feat. Ecologist,  Dennis Quinn
Embrace the great outdoors and open the doorway to a macro level world of invertebrates and our little scaly friends we find in the Connecticut wilderness
Asha ~ Soldier of love
Asher Quinn’s (Asha’s) instrumental track ‘Soldier of love’ from his album “Open Secret”. Track download/CD available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/samples7.htm The inspiration for this music came during a spiritual retreat I underwent in 1986, within the Sufi tradition. I stayed in a hut for 14 days, with a bar-heater and a blanket, and meditated on 2 practices given to me by my Sufi teacher, who assessed where I was at spiritually. I was 33, and had been developing Sufi practices since I was 26. The 2 practices were the Arabic word ‘Haqq’ meaning ‘truth’, and, simply, the Christ. I also fasted. For 14 days I went between heaven and hell; truth and illusion; Christ and Anti-Christ. I alternated between ecstasy and despair; love and fear; devotion and anarchy. I had visions of the Christ that made me weep because of their overwhelming beauty, and then they would quickly be destroyed by diabolic temptation. The devil tempted me with fear, food fantasies, unsolicited sexual fantasy, the comfort zone and so on, but I resisted, and by the end of it my heart had been blown open to receive higher truth. And this had been my vow and sacred intent, to reach that place. The visions of Christ echoed visions I had had aged 5, alone in my bedroom. Suddenly He came through the wall as if on a giant epic screen, clothed in white, radiant, and accompanied by thousands of children, all converging on Jerusalem. Even then these visions had overwhelmed me. I fell in love with Jesus instantly, and wanted only to be with him… to be HIM, in fact. My Jewish family did not understand! Aged 33, the visions returned. This time I was better equipped to integrate their meaning and put them into practice. It became clear to me what my path was in this life… as it had been aged 5; to be with Jesus, and to BECOME Him! To surrender completely to Christ Love as I now experience it. Within a year I stopped being a struggling artist in a garret doing odd-jobs on benefits, dreaming of success, and had begun a psychotherapy training. I had also finally earned a recording contract, and ever since I have practiced as a spiritual psychotherapist (psychotherapy means ‘to attend the soul’), and have made over 30 albums of spiritually themed music. I wanted to embody that vision myself, to be a soldier of love, devoted to truth and illusion-busting! Part of being a therapist is to be a ghost-buster, you know. It says ‘therapist’ on the business card, but it involves being a soul detective. All are soldiers of love who defend their faith in truth and love with a valiant heart, ready to die for their Beloved. All are soldiers of love who fight for integrity and grace in their own being. So this piece came from my debut album in 1987, with friend and mentor Anthony Phillips, a founding member of the band Genesis, producing, and another mutual friend Andy Latimer of the band Camel playing the lead guitar so evocatively and memorably. ‘Soldier of love’ is probably my best known and most popular track. Anthony showed me the ropes; how to manifest the music that lay coiled in my heart, and give it form and substance in the studio. Prior to that, my songs and pieces existed only in my psyche, or in very rough form on a cassette. Over 3 years and 3 albums I came to know how to be in charge of my own compositions. Never likely to be a technician, and so always requiring a sound engineer, I learned how to build a song musically in a studio during that time. I knew what I wanted, because I could already hear the sounds inside, in colour, pure essence and actual instrumentation! So I would describe my language to Anthony (Ant). I’d say: “Here, there’s a military drum; valiant and inviolate,” or: “I can hear it gathering momentum here, so we need a slow volume increase, extra choirs and extra bass”. I knew where I wanted an ocarina, extra percussion and that fabulous lead guitar, because I could hear the complete piece already. I just had to describe the mechanics to Ant. I played all the keyboard parts, and layered them one on top of another, until it grew to be how I heard it inside. Finally, after all these years, I have made a film that I feel does it justice. Following the Marian pilgrimage route to Santiago in Spain, I travelled with my filming companion Gloria, on a 3-day mini-pilgrimage intensive in France. Guided by spiritual beings, Micha-el, Mary and Christ, we followed our intuition and came up with wonderful moments to film, especially the most extraordinary underground church in Aubeterre. Chartres itself was an important Mystery School in the twelfth century, linking the Arthurian Knights who defended their Christ love in battle to the north and Tintagel, with the Knights Templar to the south, in Spain, who dedicated themselves to the inner battle over the dragon of the lower self. To be a soldier of love is to be prepared to defend thy Beloved, both inside and out.
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Asha ~ Luna nueva
'Luna nueva', an instrumental piece by Asha (Asher Quinn) from his album "Open Secret". Track download & CD available here ~ http://www.asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm 'Luna nueva' began life as a piano improvisation, as I struggled to release a debut album in my early 30's. I received many rejections from record and publishing companies, until a New Age company finally took me on. My great friend at the time, Anthony Phillips of Genesis, offered to produce my tracks. Actually I knew Anthony through cricket, football and my cousin rather than music... but it was a well-starred collaboration. He became my musical mentor, and produced three early albums with me. Anthony had other musical friends (who played cricket and football with him), and one such illustrious comrade, Andy Latimer of the prog-rock group Camel, played a mesmerising slide-steel guitar on this track, as Anthony adorned my piano-playing with his classical guitar accompaniment. And so 'Luna nueva' became part of "Open Secret", a largely instrumental album. "Open Secret" was also the title of a volume of poetry by Rumi, the thirteenth century Sufi poet. I don't know why I came over all Spanish... maybe the legacy of living in Mexico for six months a few years previously! But the title and melody suggested themselves to me one sultry, summer evening in August, when London became like Andalucia for a few days. The moon, esoterically, is the planet of karma. The spiritual moon (as distinct from the physical moon) is where we go immediately after death to face our karmic accountability. We have to purify if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If we follow a path of truth, it is possible to speed up our karma on earth within this lifetime. The moon is also associated with the seasons and the cycles, both within and without. The new moon brings renewal, cleansing and fertility. And as the Christ child, esoterically, is similarly associated with renewal in the psyche... with new blood and new life force... so the new moon and the Christ child possess a dual symbolism and potent etheric power in the soul. I have a friend in Holland, Maarten, who once told me that this track really helped pull him out of a black hole when he first heard it. Maybe it was the power of the new moon and the Christ child contained within the music that was the medicine! So I dedicate this song here to Maarten! Warme groet, amigo!!
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Life is only for love -Asher Quinn (Asha)
Réalisation Danièle Chany Asha (Dennis Quinn) Asha est par beaucoup considéré comme l'un des plus grands chanteurs-compositeurs de notre époque si changeante. Un troubadour contemporain, dont l'intimité et la passion s'allient au classique et au spirituel avec le message ambiant et prophétique du New Age. Sa musique glorifie et inspire un mélange exceptionnel de croyance, d'espoir et d'amour. Le nom d'Asha lui est venu dans un rêve. En sanskrit cela signifie espoir. Asha est un pianiste, un compositeur et un poète lyrique, dont les mots et la musique sont passionnés, tendres et exceptionnellement spirituels. Pratiquant également la psychotérapie transpersonnelle, Asha s'inspire essentiellement des rêves et de la mythologie. Asha is considered by many to be one of the greatest singer/song writers of these changing time. A contemporary troubadour, who's intimacy and passion links the classical and spiritual with the ambient and prophetic message of the New Age. His music celebrates and inspires a unique blend of faith, hope and love. The name Asha came to him in a dream. In Sanskrit it means Hope.
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Asher Quinn-Missa Greca
☯Relax,Meditation,Chillout.☯Subscribe to my Channel☯Pace☯
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Asha ~ Violette
'Violette' by Asher Quinn (Asha) from his album "Open Secret." CD/track download available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm Violette is an etude for oboe and string quartet, from my debut album "Open Secret" back in 1987. Anthony Freer played oboe, Ivor McGregor violin and Jemma Siddel cello, whilst I played the piano. Anthony Phillips of Genesis produced the album, which... with its classical, ambient and progressive rock blend of styles... topped the new age charts around the world, and is still very popular today. Violette was the code name for Noor Inayat Khan, a French resistance fighter, and sister of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, the head of a Sufi order in the west. Sufism is the mystical core of Islam, represented by the whirling dervishes who manifest an ecstatic, intoxicating expression of the Divine. Violet is also my favourite colour, and the vibration of the heart chakra is violet. Maggie Arrowsmith edited this footage for me, up in the Scottish highlands! I filmed flowers myself and also researched footages from Videoblock.com Maggie is 777loveisall on YouTube.
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Dennis Quinn on Radio
Dennis Quinn, Assistant Professor of Radio, Television and Film in the School of Communication at Hofstra University, discusses the current state of radio, how it's reinventing itself and the radio program at Hofstra, including internships.
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Asha ~ Days of honey
'Days of honey' by Asher Quinn (Asha) from his album "Open Secret." Track download/CD available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/opensecret.htm . This is a track from my debut album "Open Secret" recorded back in 1987, a predominantly instrumental, new age work, with classical and pastoral themes. I recorded it with cricketing friend and colleague Anthony Phillips, a co-founder of the progressive rock band Genesis. 'Days of honey' has a Celtic feel to it. I filmed these sequences in the UK, camping with my youngest son Isaac in Devon, and in Germany on my way to performing in concerts, and where I filmed for other videos. I love this little film. The two-and-a-half minutes give me an immediate burst of feel-good energy! And Jesus said: 'Be kind to the animals...'
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Asha ~ Sacred heart
Asher Quinn (Asha) ~ 'Sacred heart' from "Open Secret." CD/track download available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/samples7.htm . This was the very first track on my very first album, back in 1987. I began writing proper songs and pieces in about 1979, but got 167 rejections from record companies and publishing companies over the next few years, before New World Music took my instrumental pieces on. After that I began to add vocals. "Open Secret" became very successful, and I stayed with New World until 2004, selling over a million albums. Since 2005 I've been independent. As a child I loved the mournful Italian baroque composers like Vivaldi, Albinoni and Scarlatti. 'Sacred heart' was a kind of inverted adaptation of Pachelbel's Canon, but in a minor key. I invited my young music student friends to play on it, back then... the violin by Ivor McGregor, cello by Jemma Siddel, flute by Cynthia Robertson, and oboe by Anthony Freer. There were no keyboard samples used! It was all 'live' in the studio of my friend and mentor Anthony Phillips, of Genesis. Finally I've filmed for it... footages of sacred places in Budapest, a city I love with a passion.
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Free Yourself - Asher Quinn (Asha)
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Asher Quin - Sacred Heart.
For al me Friends have A great weekend in Love and Peace..And relax with me video.. Love & Peace Annie xxx
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DENNIS QUINN (ASHA) - Sacred Heart
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Asha ~ The mystic garden
Asha (Asher Quinn) sings 'The mystic garden' from "Falling Through Time." CD/download available here ~ http://www.asherquinn.co.uk/FallingThroughTime.htm 'The Mystic Garden' is a sacred and mystical composition from my album "Falling Through Time." It is inspired by communion with the strong presence of the Divine Mother and Jesus energy in Glastonbury, UK, and in particular in the Chalice Well Garden. The song is also dedicated to my muse... it is both for her, and for the beyond.
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Beautiful sunset on the Lake Saimaa & HEALING MUSIC
visual: Beautiful sunset on the Lake Saimaa - the last rays of sunlight danced on waves and clouds glide in sky music: Angels Tending artist: Asher Quinn (Asha) Music from YouTube Audio Liberary video ©1HarryH
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Asha ~ A Concert of Angels (Promo)
Asha (Asher Quinn) plays "A concert of Angels." CD/download available here ~ http://www.asherquinn.co.uk/concertofangels.htm "A Concert of Angels" is an instrumental album I completed in three days back in 1993. I recorded the improvised piano in the living room of friend and producer Anthony Phillips (ex-Genesis), and then the orchestration in Phil Thornton's studio. The whole thing cost just £150 to make, and yet has become my best-selling album of all (over 100,000 sales). Originally released by New World Music, it is now re-released on my own label, Singing Stone Music. The music describes the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, the death of my Godfather, Lionel, and a fantasia on the line 'sailing on the silk blue sea' in Isabel Allende's novel "The house of the Spirits". This promo film was made by Emöke Labancz.
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Denise Quinn Love you Mario Cover
Just want to get some feedback on how I sound so like and comment it up :)
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Asher Quinn Violette
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Dennis Asher ~Hide Your Love Away~  beatles cover
tuneage on the fly
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Asha ~ Hurting
Asha (Asher Quinn) sings 'Hurting' from his album "Calvary Hill." Download & CD available here ~ http://ashaquinn.com/calvaryhill.htm. Mandolin on the track played by Géza Kremnitzky of Hungarikum Együttes. Welcome to my little apartment in Budapest! I tidied up and made it nice for you. Budapest is painted in love for me, for a thousand-and-one reasons, but chiefly because you can get poppy-seed cake there. I make music there; I follow a spiritual path there; I broke my heart there; I broke my rib there; I contracted pneumonia there; I prayed for my life there; I try to retrieve my soul there; I try and understand my life there. I had a love there... Now I rent this little apartment right opposite the Western Railway station. It's in one of those grand old nineteenth-century buildings designed by Parisians, with a courtyard, ornate wrought-iron railings, and thirty-three doors which triple-lock satisfyingly, as if you've cracked the code of the master safe with the crown jewels inside it. The ceilings are so high that a mezzanine has been built for the bed, with stairs so dizzyingly steep that you need a Sherpa to guide you up. The view from the bed down to the ground is positively Himalayan. Before I ever set foot in Budapest I dreamt of the Western Railway station, without even knowing of its existence. My psyche seemed to know I was to have business here! And by chance I was offered a room right in that location! Over the road under the arch is a little Bio cake-shop, at pretty much the exact location where an enchantress waited for me in my dream. That connection became real. Now I get breakfast there, most days. It's a love-song about loss. At home, when I hurt I tend to cook spaghetti.
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Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens
http://www.thirtysecondstomars.com Music video by Thirty Seconds To Mars performing Kings and Queens (The Ride). Pre VEVO play counts 10,904,864. 2010 Virgin Records America, Inc. Directed by: Bartholomew Cubbins Best of Thirty Seconds To Mars: https://goo.gl/c3H8id Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/QaW2fA
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Gypsy Madonna-144 Asher Quinn (Asha) album " this love "
Réalisation Danièle Chany Au fil des ans, Asher a publié 13 albums new-age contenant des pistes à la fois instrumentales et vocales, avant de passer plus vers le genre chanteur-compositeur-interprète. This Love est une compilation des originaux vocales classiques new-age de ces albums, dont la chanson-titre très populaire , la version de Asher des «Greensleeves» traditionnels et le sublime "Gloria". This Love est le premier d'une trilogie de compilations tirées de nouveau matériel d'âge très populaire et intemporel d'Asher. Les chansons, magnifiquement produites entièrement orchestrées sont doux, mélodique, intense et profonde, pleine de nostalgie et une teinte de mélancolie, mais aussi l'espoir. Over the years, Asher released 13 new-age albums containing both instrumental and vocal tracks, before moving more towards the singer-songwriter genre. This Love is a compilation of original vocal new-age classics from those albums, including the very popular title track, Asher's version of the traditional 'Greensleeves' and the sublime 'Gloria'. This Love is the first in a trilogy of compilations drawn from Asher's ever-popular and timeless new-age material. The fully orchestrated, beautifully produced songs are gentle, melodic, intense and profound, full of longing and a tinge of melancholy, but also hope.
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Asha ~ Kilkelly, Ireland
Asher Quinn (Asha) sings 'Kilkelly, Ireland' from his album "Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon." CD/track download available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/sunsorrowflowersmoon.htm This folk-tale of a tough life in rural Ireland during the potato famine in the nineteenth century, was written by Peter Jones after he found letters written by his great-great grandfather Brian to John, his great-grandfather. Brian was illiterate, and the letters were translated to John by his old chum, the schoolmaster, Pat McNamara. John emigrated to Maryland and never returned. I went to Kilkelly, County Mayo, to film for the song. I flew in to Knock airport, specially constructed to cater for the pilgrims who fly in to go to the Mary shrine in Knock... holy site of transcendent visions of the Virgin. I landed with a bump in the fog and was transported to a magical realm instantaneously! It was mid-October, but sunny and quite hot... very rare in this Atlantean outpost. In Kilkelly itself I was directed down the road to Urlaur (Orlar) Abbey, to see the graveyard, the lake and the ruin. There, quite by chance, we met Mick Henry, an Irish folk-historian who was walking his dog Twiggy! Mick called out 'who's the musician, then?' as I strolled down to the lake with my guitar. When I told him what I was doing he revealed that he actually knew the song-writer, Peter Jones. He also beckoned me to follow him, and then he led us to the grave of Pat McNamara, one of the principal characters in the song! The song has a tremendous poignancy, and I can rarely sing it without welling up. This part of Ireland has an understated beauty, and the people a great charm and wit. It was a joy to come here and honour this story.
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