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Shredded in One Week - Fitness Model Photoshoot
BUFF DUDES T-SHIRT! http://www.buffdudes.us/collections/all Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buffdudes Instagram: http://instagram.com/buffdudes Twitter: http://twitter.com/buffdudes Buff Dudes / Fitness / Reps! Magazine Photoshoot Starring: Brandon Myles White Shot n' Edited by: Hudson Music by Kevin MacLeod Bama Country - ISRC: US-UAN-11-00359 Impact Intermezzo - ISRC: US-UAN-11-00620 Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa (JinnDev)
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Strong and Amazing GIRL in The GYM!
Cassandra Martin is well known for her heavy lifting approach, and bodybuilder physique. With her partner as her very own personal trainer, she’s managed to build a name for herself with a huge following on social media. With a healthy diet and a hard work ethic, Cass shows a continuous thirst for the fitness lifestyle. She’s won the hearts of millions of followers, along with inspiring women world-wide to build a powerful physique of their own. ► Weight: 125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg) ► Height: 5'5" (165cm) ► Year of Birth: 1990 ► Nationality: American ► Profession: Fitness Model, Social Media Star ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/casssmartin/ ► Facebook: www.facebook.com/CassssMartin/ Biography Although Cass had always been naturally lean growing up, she wasn’t always a fitness enthusiast as a child. She also wasn’t the typical teenage girl; she was more interested in sports and hobbies more commonly associated with boys her own age. After graduating from College, Cass began working as a full-time construction worker alongside her boyfriend. Cass had always been aware of the fitness industry due to her partner’s keen interest in it. However, she only found the desire to sculpt her dream physique after seeing female bodybuilding icon, Jamie Eason, on the cover of a magazine. This was the first time she’d seen a muscular female physique, and immediately, she became inspired to get lean, and gain muscle mass. At this point, Cass set her sights on building a figure similar to her fitness icon’s body – at the age of 23, she began training in the gym. Through hard work, determination, and the help of her fitness-obsessed boyfriend, Cass made serious progress to her figure. After venturing into the world of bodybuilding, it wasn’t long until Cass had become aware of the legends of the sport. She saw a video of Ronnie Coleman lifting weights and was inspired by the brute force of the Mr. Olympia legend. Becoming fascinated by Ronnie’s strength and charisma – she knew that she wanted to increase her lifts. It was at this point, when Cass began training with heavier weights to achieve her new goal. A couple of months later, Cass’ fascination for bodybuilding had peaked – she’d fallen in love with working out. She began following the journey of fitness athletes on social media in her spare time – Cass was motivated by the intense training sessions of other fitness models, and how they managed to retain their femininity during their workouts. She began to idolize female athletes such as Dana Linn Bailey – respecting how Dana presented herself, not needing to expose herself sexually, but purely through her training in the gym and work ethic. For the next year, Cass continued to develop her physique. After realizing her goal of building a powerful figure, it wasn’t long until she was recognized for her aesthetics. At the start of 2016, Cass created an Instagram profile, aiming to spread her passion for fitness with others. However, she didn’t expect to receive such a reception; almost immediately, she started to attract fans, with many fascinated by how she was able to stay feminine while being muscular and strong. By the end of 2016, Cass had gained masses of online followers. As a result, she’s become arguably the biggest female fitness sensation in the modern era. Due to her passion for bodybuilding, Cass is now admired on bodybuilding forums all over the internet. This is just one of the places where she inspires a huge fan-base to begin their fitness journey, and to lead a healthy lifestyle of their own. “When it comes to my training, the basic movements have worked best for me.” (c) Cassandra Martin #aesthetics #Workout #Exercises #Bodybuilding
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One of Australia's Most Shredded?  - Australian Fitness Model Mark Robinson
Australian health expert and nutrition advocate Mark Robinson is the nice guy of fitness. Subscribe today https://www.highlandtech.net/secure/ironman/subscribe.asp
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Rob Sims interview  w/ " Oxygen" &" American Curves magazine Cover Fitness ,Swimsuit Models.
Test shoot with Rob Sims in 2011 more info at http://robsimstestshoots.com/ When looking for new models, Sims states, "there are three ingredients that make a great model: passion, facial look, and physique." Sims is clearly an expert on finding and publishing models with these qualities, which is why fitness magazines and competitions, like the Galaxy and the Fitness America Pageant, bring him on to find models that can be published for advertising. Sims likes to work with new models to avoid running into the bad habits that other photographers tend to teach. With the unique ability to guarantee national and international publication to any model he works with, he is certainly the photographer to begin any model's career. By starting with models that are fresh and hungry, Sims is capable of building careers and turning the unknown into sex symbols, which something that he is known to do. Some of the big names that shot exclusively with Sims include Torrie Wilson, Rachel Moore, Moca Lee, Danielle Edwards, Sarah Orbanic, Tanya Merryman, Tina Rigdon, Tonya Elliott, and Christina Linehan. Sims was able to give each of these models page after page and cover after cover, which helped lead to their fame and future publishing success. Some of the models that shot with Sims, such as Torrie Wilson, Tamara Lynn, Christina Linehan, and Nicole Ferrari, were even recruited by Playboy magazine. Today, Sims is one of the world's most published photographers, shooting approximately 25 cover shots and 4,000 published photographs a year. Some of the publications featuring his work include American Curves, Muscle Mag, Oxygen, Maxim, Loaded, Iron Man, Flex, FHM, Stuff, News Week, Hello, Today's Black Man, Today's Black Woman and Today's Black Man Swim Suit Issue. Sims has also shot for some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world, including Chanel, Nike, and the San Francisco 49ers, as well as all of the largest P.R. companies in Los Angeles. In a 1996 issue of Muscle Mag, Sims photographed the first ever swimsuit/lingerie issue, which undoubtedly left his mark on the business and helped Muscle Mag's sell-through rate skyrocket. Robert Kennedy, founder of Muscle Mag and American Health and Fitness, found Sims to be the most gifted and hardworking photographer around, and made Sims his exclusive photographer. After issues of Muscle Mag were pulled from the shelves due to the extreme content of Sims' work, Kennedy founded a new magazine, American Curves, to feature all of Sims' hottest shots. Sims was named the chief photographer, and was asked to appear and be interviewed on "Access Hollywood" and other mainstream television programs to advertise the new magazine. With Sims' help and expertise, American Curves became the nationally top selling magazine in 7 11. Sims is now producing a television program, "Bikini All-Stars," which is being aired on MavTV. He has 39 episodes a year where he and his crew shoot and interview the world's hottest models, giving them international exposure. With MavTV, Sims is in charge of finding models to produce television programs with, and in return, he is given shares of the network, advertising, and cash. On a similar note, Sims produces videos on a monthly basis featuring various models in beautiful locations such as Jamaica and Cabo San Lucas. He also teaches photography seminars and advises new magazine publishers. As an outgoing sports fanatic, Sims hopes to begin using themes of extreme sports in his photo shoots by incorporating fast cars and surfboards with beautiful scantily dressed models. This will definitely be a project to look out for since everything that Sims touches in photography turns to gold.
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Marialye Trottier 🇨🇦 🔹One of the best Fitness Model Strong and beautiful
Marialye Trottier🇨🇦 ONLINE COACHING | DIET PLANS 📧[email protected] XPN athlete @Topamania Team 🎥Youtube:MARIALYE TROTTIER Get FIT 🍑💪🏼⬇️ www.marialyefitness.com/shop
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16 Year Old Incredible 1 Year Body Transformation! 15-16 (MOTIVATION!) | Calisthenics & Gym/Weights
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Christmas Abbott Fitness Gurls - Cover Model
The gorgeous Christmas Abbott is our cover model for the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Fitness Gurls Magazine. Video by That Vision (@thatvision). www.fitnessgurls.com IG: @FitnessGurls www.Facebook.com/FitnessGurlsMagazine www.Twitter.com/FitnessGurls
I worked out like a Victoria’s Secret Model for ONE YEAR *life changing*
I worked out like a Victoria's Secret model for one year and it was a life changing experience. ☾ Instagram: @sanne_vander SUBSCRIBE for more ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrGItwxRyFT-Q41KO4jXIlQ?sub_confirmation=1 TURN ON ► Post notifications to stay up to date CHECK ► my previous videos here: What I eat in a day as a model to get in shape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6bwytohjFI 5 minute model abs workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzgKEKCKLyg&t=30s ABOUT ME ► Hi! My name is Sanne Vander. On this channel I take you along with me in my journey as a model. I reveal the best tips to stay healthy and fit by showing you model diets and of course workout routines. And what’s more fun than being on a fit journey together, right?! In my opinion, a healthy body and a healthy mind equal a healthy spirit. Therefore, on my channel, you will not only find nourishing food and model workouts, but also mindfulness, spirituality and meditation. I upload every single day so expect lots of workouts, skincare routines , what I eat in a day videos and of course model vlogs! Fasten your seatbelt and let me show you my world! FOLLOW ME ► https://sannevander.com/ https://www.instagram.com/sanne_vander/ https://twitter.com/sanne_vander https://www.facebook.com/iamsannevander/ Snapchat: @sanne.vander SECRET VANDERFIT GROUP ► https://www.facebook.com/groups/931327580350725/ VANDERFIT PLAYLIST ► https://open.spotify.com/user/nn2695up6boaf6motausi423r/playlist/4fOkkRkVIv6mnZVjbAdeHj?si=ri4AwObNTfuHQZLxI7YYzQ SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAGAZINE ► https://manychat.com/l1/iamsannevander VANDERFIT ► https://www.instagram.com/vander_fit/ https://www.facebook.com/iamvanderfit https://www.pinterest.com/vander_fit/ INTRO ► Thanks to Isabrina MUSIC ► YouTube Audio Library Love You Now - Jeff Kaale https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale/jeff-x-philo-love-you-now-engelwood-edits BUSINESS INQUIRIES ► [email protected] DISCLAIMER ► This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own
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Model Posing | Fitness Photography Lighting | BTS
Join us for a Behind the Scenes look (BTS) of a fitness photoshoot where we discuss model posing, model interaction, fitness photoshoot lighting and more with the #2 Bikini Olympian Lauralie "Dark Horse" Chapados. Shot at The Contest Prep Center, courtesy of Team Elite Physiques (Adam Bonilla). In this video- you'll see a two light setup, and a 3 light setup when working with a model and a large mirror in a gym. Lighting used: InterfitUSA S1's and the Badger Unleashed To follow along as Lauralie preps for the upcoming Arnold- give her a follow on IG: @LauralieChap_IFBBPRO Stay Connected: * IG: https://www.instagram.com/seeleyfoto * FB: https://www.facebook.com/brettseeleyphotography * Twitter: https://twitter.com/Seeleyfoto * Web: http://www.brettseeleyphoto.com * Business: [email protected] GEAR: * Camera Bag - https://amzn.to/2VkVfDg * Camera Body - https://amzn.to/2Sx9e7a * Backup Body - https://amzn.to/2Sx9ymo * Vlogging Body - https://amzn.to/2LDBzWw * Travel Drone - https://amzn.to/2SsbwnY * Fav Lens - https://amzn.to/2R2hLlS * Fav Lens 2 - https://amzn.to/2SsVnyH * Fav Lens 3 - https://amzn.to/2Vd2tZT * Vlogging Mic - https://amzn.to/2Vk5I1p * Wireless Mic - https://amzn.to/2Rq4brM * Audio Recorder - https://amzn.to/2VlnUrx * Podcast Mic - https://amzn.to/2LI11Ko * Travel External - https://amzn.to/2GNDV6n * Gimbal - https://amzn.to/2QYbbN5 * Lighting – https://kit.com/brettseeleyphoto ******** DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help support this YouTube channel and allows us to continue to make videos for you. Thank you for your support! #BrettSeeley #CameraGear #Whatsinmybag
Anita Herbert Fitness model workout || female fitness motivation by one and only
#oneandonly Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert motivation. Anita Herbert fitness model. Anita Herbert fitness model workout to gain. Workout motivation hot sport tv. Anita Herbert motivation leg day workout. Amazing Anita Herbert | female fitness motivation. Anita Herbert glutes, abs, back workout for woman. Anita Herbert IFBB Pro athlete 2017 | bikini model. Anita Herbert (Anitah sabo) abs gym workout routine. Anita Herbert miami beach workout. Bikini model Anita Herbert workout motivation. Anita Herbert top Hungary fitness model. Bikini model Anita Herbert workout. Work hard be patience, female fitness motivation. Anita Herbert female bodybuilding motivation. Anita Herbert fitness model gym workout routine. Anita Herbert interview. Anita Herbert abs. Anita Herbert Photoshoot. Anita Herbert female fitness motivation 2018, never give up. Female fitness motivation Hd Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert IFBB PRO Bikini workout motivation. Beautiful Hungarian IFBB PRO fitness model | Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert abs, back, biceps and shoulder workout. Anita Herbert extremely hard shoulder workout. Hungary model fitness girl Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert workout. Anita Herbert Monday motivation, workout on beach. Anita Herbert abs workout, beach workout. Beach hot bikini workout, Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert fitness female workout. Anita Herbert female fitness motivation. IFBB Pro Anita Herbert summer abs workout. Anita Herbert super set of leg workout. Body workout motivation with Anita Herbert. Female fitness motivation Anita Herbert beach workout. Anita Herbert IFBB Pro athlete back and abs workout. Anita Herbert - bikini competitor life. Anita Herbert muscle monster in girl. Hard workout Anita Herbert. The booty Pro - best home workout system - shred it. Abs, booty, arms Anita Herbert gym workout. Anita Herbert (Anita sabo). Anita Herbert NPC Bikini 5x fitness model. Anita Herbert sneak peek. Anita Herbert perfect fitness girl. Anita Herbert booty workout. Anita Herbert spring 2018 fitness motivation. Anita Herbert IFBB Pro athlete and fitness model. Anita Herbert NPC bikini competitor. Photoshoot with IFBB Pro Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert shoulder workout sets. Anita Herbert fans of health and fitness. Hungarians beauty muscles | Anita Herbert IFBB Pro athlete. Anita Herbert bikini girl posing. Anita Herbert full back workout. Anita Herbert shoulder and Booty pump. Hottest female fitness motivation - Anita Herbert. Anita Herbert workouts. Anita Herbert fitness model six pack abs Hot body. Anita Herbert 2017 bikini olmpian. Fitness model Jordan carver. Exercises and Workouts by beautiful models and athletes like: BELLA FALCONI, GRACYANNE BARBOSA, JULIANA (JUJU) SALIMENI, ROBERTA ZUNIGA, YARISHNA AYALA, JEN SELTER, LAURA KOPEL, CLAUDIA SAMPEDRO, AMANDA SACCOMANNO, MONIQUE DE DIOS, KAYLA ITSINES, EMILY SKYE, KATY HEARN, GEISA VITORINO, ANLLELA SAGRA, EVA ANDRESSA, LA BELLA REINA, STEPHANIE DAVIS, GABRIELA PUGLIESI, JESSICA AREVALO, YOVANNA VENTURA, LARISSA REIS, ALICE MATOS, CAITLIN RICE, SUE LASMAR, MARIZA VILLARREAL, ALINE RISCADO, BELLA FERRARI, LYZABETH LOPEZ, TANA ASHLEE and others. beautiful women, beautiful women doing amazing things, beautiful women on the beach, beautiful women diving, beautiful women working out, beautiful women with tattoos, girls working out motivation, girls working out gym motivation, girl working out destroys the gym, women calisthenics, women calisthenics motivation, extreme calisthenics women, extreme women workout, best female fitness, best female fitness motivation, best female fitness motivation videos, women doing yoga, women doing squats, women doing pull ups, women doing the split, women doing push ups, women doing crazy things, women doing jumping jacks, women doing awesome things, women are doing it, women are doing it for themselves, compilation of beautiful women, fit girls working out, fit girls workout, fit girls workout motivation, fit women working out, fit women motivation, hot fitness model workout, hot fitness girl workout, hot ladies gym workout, hot gym girls working out, hot girls football, hot fitness model motivation, super hot fitness model, hot fitness girls motivation, hot crossfit women, hot crossfit women workout, hot crossfit females, hot crossfit chicks, hot crossfit girl instagram, hot crossfit moms, strong women, strong women motivation, strong women workout, strong women workout motivation, strong girls lifting, girls playing soccer tricks, girls playing soccer rough, girls playing soccer compilation, fit women compilation, fit women in bikini, fit women in gym, fit women in the gym, most fit women in the world, fit women in yoga pants. Hot sport tv Anita Herbert. Female fitness motivation by one and only. Female bodybuilding motivation by one and only. Girls fitness motivation by one and only. Girls bodybuilding motivation by one and only. Girls Calisthenics motivation by one and only. Motivation by one and only. One and only. Oneandonly.
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140 LB Body transformation - Fat To Fit - Amazing Fitness Transformation
No magic pills, no surgery, no short cuts. Just hard work a monumental lifestyle change and mind shift. Witness my fat to fit transformation. Amazing fitness transformation. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY PODCAST!! (Links Below) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-get-well-get-money-podcast/id1381777751 https://brixfitness.com/getwellgetmoney/ Download my free ebook “The Weight Loss Mindset” http://brixfitness.com/the-weight-loss-mindset/ Join the team by becoming a patron https://www.patreon.com/brixfitness Click here for Online coaching http://www.brixfitness.com/online-coaching/ Click here for you customized meal plan — http://www.brixfitness.com/meal-plan/ Click here to purchase your very own Brix Fitness Tee shirt! http://www.brixfitness.com/shop/ Search "@BRIXFITNESS" on every social media platform IG,Twitter,Snapchat,Facebook https://www.brixfitness.com https://www.facebook.com/brixfitness/ https://www.instagram.com/brixfitness/ https://twitter.com/brixfitness Music: from http://www.bensound.com
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FLEX Magazine "Merges" With Muscle & Fitness
Another print magazine bites the dust. AMI has announced that the April 2018 issue of FLEX magazine will be the final one and it is "merging" with Muscle & Fitness, which is also published by AMI. M&F has morphed from a bodybuilding title years back to a mainstream fitness one that has more of a celebrity element to it; hardcore bodybuilding was not on the docket. So it remains to be seen just how this will work. Bodybuilding magazines have been shrinking in size and titles the past few years, so this only comes as a surprise because media giant AMI is one that can absorb a potential loss. This announcement shows that FLEX - which began as a spinoff of M&F in 1983 - has been a tough sell for ads and newsstand sales alike. http://www.musclesportmag.com
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Fitness Model Photoshoot - FIRST MAGAZINE COVER - Justin Woltering
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Fitness Model Circuit
Kathleen Tesori, one of six finalists for the Flex Magazine Model Search, performs a high repetition circuit at Competitive Edge Fitness and Nutrition as part of her preparation for the competition at The Olympia!
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My Daily Routine
Training Programmes - https://mikethurston.co.uk/ A brief look into my daily routine since I made the move from Newcastle to London 2 months ago. » Website: http://www.mikethurston.co.uk/ » Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikethurston » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikethurstonofficial » Snapchat: mikethurston » Twitter: https://twitter.com/thethurstonator » EHPLabs 10% off: "MIKE10"
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Fitness & Bodybuilding: EXTREME fitness girls compilation PART 1
Fitness & Bodybuilding: EXTREME fitness girls compilation PART 1 Fitness & Bodybuilding: EXTREME fitness girls compilation PART 1 Fitness & Bodybuilding: EXTREME fitness girls compilation PART 1 fitness bodybuilding 24 hour fitness treadmill gym elliptical personal trainer fitness pal aerobic dumbbells muscle and fitness exercise bike retro fitness gyms near me rowing machine fitness 19 crosstrainer pull up bar exercise equipment workout routines fitness connection gym equipment workout plans barbell smith machine weights life fitness dolphin fitness fitnes squat rack fitness depot fitness magazine dumbbell elliptical machine treadmills home gym california fitness 24 hour fitness locations 24 hr fitness physical fitness fitness park 24hr fitness gyms dw fitness true fitness fitness evolution club fitness fitness equipment power rack elliptical trainer health and fitness mens fitness dumbells weight lifting ankle weights celebrity fitness pilates reformer gym near me 24 hour fitness class schedule pure fitness fitness bands dumbbell set exercise bikes home gym equipment personal training female fitness models city fitness gym bags 24/7 fitness fitness tips personal trainer certification free weights fitness superstore kickboxing classes gym clothes gym workout body fitness fitness factory 24 fitness fitness 24 mountainside fitness lady fitness one life fitness gym equipments fitness center weight loss exercises fitness watches o2 fitness proform elliptical bh fitness 24 hour fitness deals fitness gym roman chair flaman fitness sports equipment gym workouts gym membership weight lifting belt fitness building fitnessblender fitness fitness motivation fitness blender abs fitness workout fitness blender cardio fitness routine fitness blender warm up fitness motivation women fitnessblender arms fitness motivation fitnessblender fitness blender abs fitness workout fitness blender cardio fitness routine fitness blender warm up fitness motivation women fitness music fitness blender hiit fitness at home
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WBFF PRO Fitness Model Melissa Leigh Morrison
JamCore Welcome one of the best Physique to grace this planet WBFF Pro Fitness model Melissa Leigh Morrison, I had the chance to work with this lady all i can say is stay tuned this Girl is going to ROCK the WBFF WORLD Championship Stay tuned for more from this lady at JamCore. Shoot location: IRON GYM Santa Monica VideoGraphy: Jamo Nezzar
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Fitness Models Make an Entrance in Mexico_ The Fit Weekend Vlog 1
Watch behind the scenes coverage of The Fit Weekend 2017 through the eyes of Jaco de Bruyn
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Trying The Victoria's Secret Model Diet & Workouts For a Week
Victorias Secret Model Diet & Workout Routine Tested for a Week! 💜Hey babes so I was put to the vs model diet challenge this past week, and totally loved it. It was super hard but I learned a lot about how to eat healthy, and make it fun....I know I know how can eating healthy be fun...but give it a try and you will see what I mean. Please remember healthy looks different on everyone and you're all beautiful hot lil Mamas! Eat Healthy, Kick Booty at the gym, Enjoy life and Repeat! xoxo, Katie Betzing💜 Testing the KARDASHIANS Diet and Workouts for a week: https://youtu.be/IPdsbuGhl3s TESTING LOREN GRAYS DIET: https://youtu.be/7kXPO7P0eVg ♡Follow Me on Social Media For a Ton of Giveaways♡ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiebetzing/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ktbetzing Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katie.betzing/ Snapchat: @k80betz Musical.ly @katiebetz ♡Subscribe to My Vlog Channel♡ https://youtu.be/IsDgHPcDJv4 Business Inquires: [email protected]
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HOW TO LOOK LIKE A FITNESS MODEL™, WITHOUT BEING ONE! Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ms. Bikini America, Ms. Bikini Universe, and Author of the Fitness Model Program™ You see “her” as you pass by the magazine rack. When you’re in the grocery store checkout line, “she’s” looking right at you from the fitness magazine cover… Her abs are tight, her waistline whittled, her shoulders are perfectly rounded off with muscular mushroom caps, her teeth are bright white with a smile exuding unbreakable confidence, her hair is shiny, and she stands tall upon solid strong legs with sexy sweeping quads. She is poised, polished and statuesque with an athletic yet feminine build, as she stands tall atop solid strong legs with sweeping quads. Wearing maybe a workout outfit or a bikini, she is the epitome of health, wellness, and fitness. Her image is respected- She is a Fitness Model™- the picture of strength and beauty that so many women strive to attain. You ask yourself “Could I ever look that good? How can I achieve that Fitness Model™ look?” https://tinyurl.com/ybs868e8 https://tinyurl.com/ybfb7qxd https://tinyurl.com/y9ybak7p
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Jazmin Atkinson Fitness One piece round
October 2007 Norman Oklahoma 14 Years old
Views: 2892 Akili Atkinson
Shelby Neves - USN Face of Fitness 2016 Winner
Shelby considers the USN Face of Fitness cover model search as her ‘big break’ in the industry. After she appeared on the January 2017 cover of Fitness magazine and became a USN-sponsored athlete, Shelby gained the courage and confidence she needed to pursue her passion and build a career in the health and fitness industry. She is currently working as a personal trainer while she completes her personal training and specialised nutrition qualifications. She also continues to appear on ads and other marketing platforms as a USN representative, all while chasing her ultimate goal of becoming an IFBB Pro Bikini athlete.
Views: 123 USN Media Channel
Gladiator Ice Caroline Pearce, Athlete, model
Voted one of the UK's top 10 bodies by Muscle & Fitness Magazine, check out Caroline Pearce as you have never seen her before. Exclusive footage from LA Muscle's 2007 DVD.
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Fitness Model | Fitness Motivation | KARINA ELLE "karinaelle"
Fitness Model | Fitness Motivation | KARINA ELLE "karinaelle"
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Denice Moberg fitness model workout || #Sweden_model , by one and only
#oneandonly Sweden model fitness girl Denice moberg. Denice workout || abs and core home workout. Deniceemoberg fitness festival. Denice moberg Sweden fitness ,health. Barebells intervjuar Denice moberg. Denice kitchen. Denice moberg fitness model workout for perfect body. Bodybuilding Motivation with Denice moberg. Denice workouts cable and mini band back exercise. Denice workout back session - cable inspired. Denice moberg workout - fit alert. She squat more than you - Denice moberg. Denice moberg fitness health inspiration. Denice moberg legs and booty gain workout. Denice moberg shoulders workout. Denice workout maximum glute burn. Denice moberg fitness and health exercise. Denice moberg Motivation video. Girls fitness Motivation. Best exercise for girls. Exercises and Workouts by beautiful models and athletes like: BELLA FALCONI, GRACYANNE BARBOSA, JULIANA (JUJU) SALIMENI, ROBERTA ZUNIGA, YARISHNA AYALA, JEN SELTER, LAURA KOPEL, CLAUDIA SAMPEDRO, AMANDA SACCOMANNO, MONIQUE DE DIOS, KAYLA ITSINES, EMILY SKYE, KATY HEARN, GEISA VITORINO, ANLLELA SAGRA, EVA ANDRESSA, LA BELLA REINA, STEPHANIE DAVIS, GABRIELA PUGLIESI, JESSICA AREVALO, YOVANNA VENTURA, LARISSA REIS, ALICE MATOS, CAITLIN RICE, SUE LASMAR, MARIZA VILLARREAL, ALINE RISCADO, BELLA FERRARI, LYZABETH LOPEZ, TANA ASHLEE and others. Sexiest Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt fitness blender, fitness, blender, butt and thigh workout, butt, and, thigh, workout, workout videos, workout video, youtube workouts, butt workout, thigh workout, workout for a bigger butt, bigger butt workout, big butt workout, workout for a big butt, bubble butt workout, butt lifting workout, thigh toning workout, thigh slimming workout, butt exercises, thigh exercises, tone butt, tone thighs, workout to slim thighs, leg workout, 5 minute butt workout, fitness motivation, fitness tube, fit girls tumblr, crossfit, crossfit girls, firty girls, firty girls fitness, anytime fitness, hot fit girls, reddit fitness, instagram models, fitness models facebook, female fitness motivation, top 10 girls, planet fitness girls, girls, yoga, pants, workouts, Yoga, plans, Transparents, Pants, female fitness motivation, fitness motivation, motivation, female motivation, beautiful woman, bodybuilding motivation, amazing girls, gym workout, fitness 2018, bikini girls 2018, brasilian girls, fitness motivation 2018, fitness training, sports ass, фитнес модели, фитоняшки, спортивные девушки, фитнес мотивация, big butt, frauen motivation, fitness, girls workout, fitness woman, fitness exercises, fitness girls, fitness model, new fitness motivation, woman motivation, female fitness motivation, fitness motivation, motivation, female motivation, beautiful woman, bodybuilding motivation, amazing girls, fitness 2018, bikini girls 2018, bikini 2018 , brasilian girls, fitness motivation 2018, fitness training, sports ass, фитоняшки, фитнес мотивация, frauen motivation, fitness, girls workout, fitness woman, fitness exercises, fitness girls, new motivation, motivation 2018, new female motivation, fitness model, hot girls motivation, woman motivation, workout video, sexy ladies, iron man magazine, behind the scenes, amazing athletes, ifbb pro, narmin assghari, ms. olympia, olympia 2018, hottest woman in the world, hottest video on youtube, beginner, intermediate, advanced level, weight loss, circuit training, full body workout, abs, tone, butt, legs exercises, cardio, diet, philosophy, instructional video, fitness, physical exercise, musical instruments, howto, health diet, health, defence, lecture, educational, spirituality, instruction, muscle, Female Fitness Motivation, Fitness Motivation, female fitness motivation music, femele bodybuilding motivation, Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation, girls woman bodybuilding motivation, Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation Live Your Dream, BEST Workout Motivation, Workout Motivation 2018, Female Motivation, Music motivation, Music for workout, workout motivation, gym routine, legs, thighs, butt, abs, six pack, flat tummy, sexy abs, best ab exercises, best butt exercises, best thigh exercises, how to get thigh gap, what machines to use in a gym, how to tone your legs, how to lift your butt, free gym routine, carlyrowena, best exercises, top gym tips, funny things that happen in gyms, 30 day squat challenge, how to squat, Exercise, Workout, Fitness, Weight, Muscle, how to lose weight, how to get smaller bum, how to get a bigger butt, wardrobe malfunction, hot women, boobs prank, gym prank, funny videos, funny videos 2018, funny pranks, funny videos 2018, funny video clips, funniest videos, sexy pranks, naked pranks, gym pranks Fitness Girls, Denice Moberg, shows how to stay beautiful and in shape. Video demonstrations of every workout! Fitness Life!,Healthy lifestyle , helping people to be healthy & strong. Motivation by one and only one and only oneandonly
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I Trained like A High Fashion Model for Two Weeks
I often get attacked for my weight on social media, so I decided to turn a negative into a positive. I hired a Weight Loss Expert to train me like a high fashion model clients over two weeks. This gets personal. INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydelucv/ TRAINER: https://bit.ly/2Rspz06 I hope today's video inspires you to push for more and not give in to people's expectations. All love Music in today's video: Music by Ryan Little - blessings. - https://thmatc.co/?l=B17DB51A Filmed on: Sony A7rii Panasonic GH4 and GH5 12-35 mm Final Cut
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Calling Her Out About Fake Weights In Person
►Supps! 15% Discount kennyko http://www.purerawzsupplementz.com/ref/kennyko ►Interact with me here! Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/realkennyko/ Twitter- https://www.twitter.com/kenny_boulet/ ►KENNY K.O. MERCH! https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/kenny-ko
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Sports Illustrated Fat Chicks and #SJWs... No Thanks! | Louder With Crowder
Big thanks to http://www.audible.com for supporting the channel! Don't forget to try Audible free for a whole month at http://www.audible.com/crowder This week, we rant about Ashley Graham, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the pushing of fat model SJWs over science. Enjoy. More at http://www.LouderWithCrowder.com Sources at http://louderwithcrowder.com/busted-b... Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowde... Follow me on Vine: https://vine.co/u/1136892885917368320 Check out more of my videos! HIDDEN CAM: #GayWeddingCakes at Muslim Bakeries? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgWIh... Crowder Crashes a Feminist Film Festival… in Underwear! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWJT0... HIDDEN CAMERA: Cross-Dressing At Planet Fitness! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJdmL... Students Condemn Free Speech/1st Amendment On Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwF9S... The 2nd Amendment : For Muskets Only?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CquUB... Crowder Argues Gun Rights with Leftist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5cm9... Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!
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XNXX Yoga Workout Female Fitness Yoga Hot Model Workout 2018 Yoga And FITNESS
XNXX Yoga Workout Female Fitness Yoga || Hot Model Workout 2019-Trending Now Trending Now is channel that provides you with entertainment from your favorite networks on one platform. Get ready to embark on a roller coaster ride packed filled with all emotions. Browse through our playlists and watch all your favorite videos, one after another. Do subscribe us for your daily dose of entertainment. #TAGS Dirty Yoga exercises, yoga mat, hot yoga teacher, hot yoga, Dirty yoga, mae bookere, yoga queen, yoga poses, sexy, hot, ass, butt, boobs, motivation, fitness, female fitness, yoga pants, girls yoga, hot girls, hot girls yoga, slim yoga, yoga workout, teen, sexy teen, teen yoga, teen girls, hot yoga dress, hot yoga pants, hot yoga dance, hot yoga girls, hot yoga workout videos, hot workout videos, nudes, best, hot girls in gym, Dirty hunger, big ass girls, Dirty Yoga exercises, yoga mat, hot yoga teacher, hot yoga, Dirty yoga, mae bookere, yoga queen, yoga poses, sexy, hot, ass, butt, boobs, motivation, fitness, female fitness, yoga pants, girls yoga, hot girls, hot girls yoga, slim yoga, yoga workout, teen, sexy teen, teen yoga, teen girls, hot yoga dress, hot yoga pants, hot yoga dance, hot yoga girls, hot yoga workout videos, hot workout videos, nudes, best, hot girls in gym, Dirty hunger, big ass girls, Dirty Yoga exercises, yoga mat, hot yoga teacher, hot yoga, Dirty yoga, mae bookere, yoga queen, yoga poses, sexy, hot, ass, butt, boobs, motivation, fitness, female fitness, yoga pants, girls yoga, hot girls, hot girls yoga, slim yoga, yoga workout, teen, sexy teen, teen yoga, teen girls, hot yoga dress, hot yoga pants, hot yoga dance, hot yoga girls, hot yoga workout videos, hot workout videos, nudes, best, hot girls in gym, Dirty hunger, big ass girls, bikram yoga,yoga classes,kundalini yoga,hatha yoga,ashtanga yoga,prenatal yoga,yoga nidra,pranayama,vinyasa yoga,beginner yoga,gym,home gym,fitness magazine,personal trainer,exercise equipment,gym equipment,gyms,fitness websites,aerobics,fitness,funny,boobs,nbc,sexy,hot,workout,yoga,nbc,tv,comedy,trump,funny,teen,xnxx,TrendingNow,TopPakistaniDrama,TrendingNOw
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This video is about IG TOP 10 MODELS #10 @DAPHNEJOY Born: February 8, 1987 (age 31 years), Olongapo, Philippines Height: 5′ 6″ Nationality: Philippine Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Children: Sire Jackson Daphne Joy (born Daphne Joy Cervantes Narvaez on February 8, 1987) [6] ​ is a lingerie ​ and swimsuit model, fashion designer ​, television host, and actress. She is the owner of a clothing line at the OMG Miami Swimwear . [18] ​ [19] ​ She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram ​. [4] ​ Early Life Daphne was born in Olongapo, Philippines ​. She was born to a Puerto Rican father and a Filipina ​ mother. At age 7, she moved with her parents to Los Angeles. [18] ​ While in L.A., Daphne participated in dance, theater, and choir. She was also a member of the school's cheerleading team. [18] ​ Career Modeling Daphne started her career as a model at the age of 17. [18] ​ Since then, she has shot for several magazines, including Maxim, ​ GQ ​, and Esquire. [26] ​ She has also posed for King , Performance Auto & Sound , Black Men Magazine , Rukus Magazine , and more. [18] ​ She has also appeared in SMS Headphone ad campaign,the Ed Hardy ​ Swim Campaign in 2009, and Show Magazine's 2011 calendar. [18] ​ Acting Joy has acting credits for various film roles. In 2009, she appeared in the comedy film Frankenhood . [10] In 2011, played a principal mermaid in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ​ and was later featured in Venice Heat as Rollerblading Babe. [18] ​ She has also played roles in CSI: Las Vegas , Criminal Minds ​ , and Curb Your Enthusiasm ​. [28] ​ In addition, she was a Wild'n Out ​ girl in a 2007 episode of the show. Personal Life Relationships Daphne Joy has been linked to multiple celebrities over the years. One of her earliest relationships was with Peter J. Nygård ​, who is 44 years her senior. [13] ​ In 2011, she dated Tyrese Gibson ​. [13] ​ Youtube Video Daphne and 50 Cent celebrate their son Sire's 5th birthday (circa 2017) Soon thereafter, she dated 50 Cent ​, which is now considered one of her more serious relationships. [13] ​ In 2013, the couple had a child named Sire​. [18] ​ They eventually broke up that year after it was revealed that she accused him of domestic abuse ​ and vandalism ​. [28] ​ In October 2013, she was romantically linked with Rob Kardashian ​. [39] ​ [40] ​ Following her breakup with 50 Cent, she began dating Jason Derulo ​. The couple started dating in 2015 and eventually broke up in May 2016. [20] ​ Fitness Youtube Video Daphne Joy working out Joy first started working out to stay healthy, but she attributes her fitness ethics to 50 Cent. He hired her first trainer and indirectly motivated her by waking up at 8:00 AM to work out. [42] ​ She eventually started posting motivating, positive messages on Instagram ​ along with selfies ​. From there, SHREDZ scouted her and helped expand her fitness network and audience. [42] ​
Fergie - Fergalicious (Official Music Video)
Playlist Best of Fergie https://goo.gl/5ZWDGg Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/M5LCMy Music video by Fergie performing Fergalicious. (C) 2006 A&M Records #Fergie #Fergalicious #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Dolce&Gabbana model Adam Senn trains with bodyADDICTS
bodyADDICTS founded by a fitness model and National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer, is the first fitness company of its kind. Our Focus Introducing NYC residents to an elite network of private "train anywhere" health and fitness professionals, bodyADDICTS offers the ultimate interactive fitness experience. Forget about overcrowded gyms; just consult our directory of private studios and "fitness-friendly" residential facilities, and get options for working out on your own terms. At bodyADDICTS, our trainers are ready to embrace the unconventional and help you venture off the beaten path in your quest for a firmer, tighter new you. From cross-training at your local park to kickboxing at a nearby studio or private gym, your "train anywhere" fitness specialist will work with your schedule to deliver a complete fitness experience. Don't have access to a workout facility? Then we'll bring the equipment to you. The bodyADDICTS website is the first of its kind to educate consumers about the fitness industry and standard trainer qualifications. And we practice what we preach: All of trainers are insured and CPR-AED, and NASM-certified. Get Informed We're not just selling a service; we're building an online community that will restore integrity to the fitness industry and allow trainers and clients to come together in an open, information-rich environment. So check out our blog, or sign up for a training session that's convenient for you. We're revolutionizing fitness one day at a time, and you're invited to be a part of it.
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Powerlifter VS Street Workout - STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #1
What happens when a Powerlifter gets into a strength battle with a Calisthenics / Street Workout specialist? Here is the answer in the first episode of our new series STRENGTH WARS! ► LATEST EPISODE: http://latest.strength-wars.com ► SUBSCRIBE: http://subscribe.strength-wars.com/ ► FACEBOOK: http://facebook.strength-wars.com ► INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.strength-wars.com ► SHOP: http://shop.strength-wars.com All equipment used in the video comes from STRENGTHSHOP: http://goo.gl/OxP1y8 ► STRENGTH WARS 2k16 playlist: https://goo.gl/xHuZUU ► STRENGTH WARS 2k15 playlist: https://goo.gl/xipO4K ► TOURNAMENTS & DEATHMATCHES: http://bit.ly/1SRLSDd So you're a tough guy? PROVE IT! Compete in STRENGTH WARS LEAGUE! Contact us via FACEBOOK: http://facebook.strength-wars.com/
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Work-Out with Stunning Top Fitness Model Sherry Goggin- Part 1
Sherry Goggin is the Fitness America National Champion from Tennessee. She possesses a look that conveys both athleticism and feminine beauty; she also has a degree in Business Finance. Sherry is no stranger to LA Muscle TV, as she once again invited Hollywood Extra along to her latest photo shoot in California to launch her new clothing line 'Fit Girl Wear' , as well as allowing the cameras to follow her into the gym as she shows a few of the exercises that help her stay in top fitness model shape year round. Since her days on stage, Sherry has kept herself busy, gaining a Real Estate license, as well as being appointed the Vice President and Director of the Women's Fitness Division of Private Trainers Association, as well as being the head of the sales division of Fit Gum. Sherry is a business entrepreneur, owned a Gold's Gym, Alternative Motorsports, Max Muscle Health Food Store, and Dynasty Women's Fitness Center in Las Vegas. Sherry says that after winning the Ms. Fitness America title, she saw an opportunity of lifetime and used her title to get over 10 sponsors, including Yamaha Watercraft, Otomix, Total Gym, Oakley and Hot Skins to name just a few. Sherry is an international Professional Fitness Champion, and is one of modeling's top fitness stars. She moved to California after college, and after seven hard months of training, came in third at the California Coast Championships, and won the Serge Nubret Bodybuilding Championships. Although Sherry didn't care for bodybuilding as she could not present her feminine side as much as she could in the fitness category, this was her first taste of winning, and set the standard for her career.
Views: 171602 The Active Channel
Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown - Uncensored
In the middle of his aerobics routine, one of the competitors at the 1987 Jazz Fit Championships receives some shocking news.
Views: 15081040 Comedy Central
Micah LaCerte and Kyle Clarke shooting with David Ford and Status Fitness Magazine
2010 Arnold Fitness Expo Status Fitness Magazine Kyle Clarke and myself shot for some possible spreads in upcoming status magazines. What a great shoot it was, its always an amazing time with David Ford, one of the best and most professional photographers in the business Http://www.hitchfit.com Join us on our HitchFit Facebook Inspiration group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/182268998504982/ Like us on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/HitchFit https://www.facebook.com/HitchFitDiana Subscribe to Diana's YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/shoobydoo52 Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/hitchfit https://twitter.com/DianaChaloux https://twitter.com/MicahLaCerte
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World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect
From rolling on exercise balls to a freezing cold mile-long swim, this episode of Overtime has it all! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! http://bit.ly/SubDudePerfect ► Click HERE to watch our most recent videos! http://bit.ly/NewestDudePerfectVideos http://bit.ly/NewestDPVideos ► SHOP our NEW Merchandise! - http://bit.ly/DPStore ►Click HERE to join the exclusive Dude Perfect T-Shirt Club! http://bit.ly/DPTShirtClub Play our NEW iPhone game! ► PLAY Endless Ducker on iPhone -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► PLAY Endless Ducker on Android -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► VISIT our NEW STORE - http://bit.ly/DPStore ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - http://bit.ly/DPNewsletterEndCard ► WATCH our STEREOTYPES - http://bit.ly/StereotypesPlaylist In between videos we hang out with you guys on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too! http://Instagram.com/DudePerfect http://bit.ly/DudePerfectSnapchat http://Twitter.com/DudePerfect http://Facebook.com/DudePerfect Do you have a GO BIG mindset? See for yourself in our book "Go Big." ►http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s A special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Games and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - http://smarturl.it/DPGameiPhone Dude Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s Click here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: http://www.dudeperfect.com/blog-2/ Bonus points if you're still reading this! Comment: “I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha” As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude Perfect Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected] ------------ 5 Best Friends and a Panda. If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team! Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew! Pound it. Noggin. - Dude Perfect
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Summer One 2018 Jazzercise Apparel Lookbook Preview
Jazzercise Summer One 2018 Collection. To shop all the latest workout apparel by Jazzercise, visit http://shop.jazzercise.com
Views: 1174 Jazzercise, Inc.
Views: 2592 LAdesignphotos
Gable Fit - Body Like A Billion Dollars Cover Model Search
Help us decide our 2015 cover model for our 2015 fitness song!
Views: 3996 Ravish Sands Swimwear
I weigh more now than when I started - my body is totally different | Online Personal Training
Online Personal Training Client, Michele Lehaman, talks about working with Julie Lohre. "I weigh more now than I did when I started with Julie, BUT my body is completely different! I have muscle now that I didn't have before. I'm healthy, I sleep great...if you would have told me back in my 20's or even my 30's, that at almost 50, I would feel this good, I'd sleep this good, I'd have energy and look this good...I would have said there's no way! Honestly, if I can do it, any woman can do it. It just takes reaching out to the right online personal trainer... Man I just never thought I'd feel and look this good!" For more info about Julie's program check out: Online Personal Training - https://julielohre.com/online-personal-training/ I created a FREE Guide To Kickstart Your Metabolism: Get the FREE Guide here - https://julielohre.com/metabolism-fast-track-guide/ About Julie: Julie Lohre is an Online Personal Trainer for Women with an incredible background and experience base as an IFBB Fitness Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, American Ninja Warrior Contestant and Fitness Magazine Cover Model / Contributor. With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, Julie is a leading authority on women’s health and fitness issues and regularly acts as a correspondent and writer. She has been featured in numerous fitness magazines worldwide including: Women’s Health, Esquire, Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, FLEX magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Ironman Magazine, Fitbody News, No Nonsense Magazine, Fitness RX for Women Julie’s Background: Julie Lohre began her career as a Research Engineer for Procter & Gamble working in Tampax & Always feminine brands. Just 5 months after the birth of her son, she began her fitness career competing in her first fitness competition. Within in 18 months, she went from new mother and first time competitor to winning the National Fitness Competition and becoming an IFBB Fitness & Figure Pro. Julie went on to have an incredible professional fitness career competing in over 25 Fitness Shows including the Olympia and the Arnold Classic. After retiring from stage, Julie was invited to compete in NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and continues personally to be very active in all things fitness from weight training to triathlons to Crossfit to yoga. As a pioneer in Online Personal Training, Julie first began working online with women in 2002 building on her background as a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. With her positive, personal and motivational coaching style, Julie’s Success Stories are unmatched in the industry. Her ability to help women of all ages and experience levels become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves has made Julie unique. Julie is a leading expert in weight loss, dieting, supplementation for women and finding a healthy lifestyle balance for women that do it all! More Goodies!!! FITBODY - FREE Women’s Fitness Magazine: https://julielohre.com/fitbody-magazine/ FREE Protein Powder Recipe Book: https://julielohre.com/recipes-with-protein-powder/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulieLohre Instagram: https://instagram.com/julielohre
Views: 70 Julie Lohre
All the fun and fine physiques of the Miami Pro UK Championships, held in St Albans on 6 October, 2013. Miami Pro is noted not just as the launch pad for future international champions. It's also one of the most fun competitions, with its signature Themewear Round where competitors try to catch the eye of the judges. Next Miami Pro will be on November 24th 2013. For info on future competitions, and on Miami Pro magazine, model agency and clothing range, visit http://www.miamiproevents.co.uk/
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Fitness & Bodybuilding: Yovanna Ventura workout on street 2014
Fitness & Bodybuilding: Yovanna Ventura workout on street 2014 Fitness & Bodybuilding: Yovanna Ventura workout on street 2014 Fitness & Bodybuilding: Yovanna Ventura workout on street 2014 Yovanna Ventura Yovanna Ventura fitness bodybuilding 24 hour fitness treadmill gym elliptical personal trainer fitness pal aerobic dumbbells muscle and fitness exercise bike retro fitness gyms near me rowing machine fitness 19 crosstrainer pull up bar exercise equipment workout routines fitness connection gym equipment workout plans barbell smith machine weights life fitness dolphin fitness fitnes squat rack fitness depot fitness magazine dumbbell elliptical machine treadmills home gym california fitness 24 hour fitness locations 24 hr fitness physical fitness fitness park 24hr fitness gyms dw fitness true fitness fitness evolution club fitness fitness equipment power rack elliptical trainer health and fitness mens fitness dumbells weight lifting ankle weights celebrity fitness pilates reformer gym near me 24 hour fitness class schedule pure fitness fitness bands dumbbell set exercise bikes home gym equipment personal training female fitness models city fitness gym bags 24/7 fitness fitness tips personal trainer certification free weights fitness superstore kickboxing classes gym clothes gym workout body fitness fitness factory 24 fitness fitness 24 mountainside fitness lady fitness one life fitness gym equipments fitness center weight loss exercises fitness watches o2 fitness proform elliptical bh fitness 24 hour fitness deals fitness gym roman chair flaman fitness sports equipment gym workouts gym membership weight lifting belt fitness building
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World Record Holder Sara Schiff Trains Bench & Talks About Her 600lb Deadlift
Sara Schiff visits Super Training Gym in West Sacramento, CA. While here, she trains bench and goes for a PR on the Duffalo Bar. ➢SHOP NOW: https://markbellslingshot.com/ FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marksmellybell ➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkBellSuperTraining ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/marksmellybell ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell FOLLOW MBSlingshot, Power Magazine, and Power Project ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mbslingshot ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepowermagazine ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MarkBellsPowerProject ➢ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mark-bells-power-project/id1341346059?mt=2 FOLLOW SuperTraining Gym & Athletes ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesupertraininggym ➢ Snapchat: supertraininggym Created and produced by HMYB Media.
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Day 1 | 30 Minute at Home Strength Workout | Clutch Life: Ashley Conrad's 24/7 Fitness Trainer
The first day of the Clutch Life 24/7 Trainer introduces you to how you'll perform the at home workouts. Go through the dynamic warm-up, stretch series, & the strength circuits together! ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: http://bbcom.me/2FVV218 ► Premium Fitness Plans: http://bbcom.me/2HLFOfw Start the Clutch Life 24/7 Trainer with a positive attitude and a hard-working mindset. Let's get Clutch! You can (and should) scale the workouts to fit your level, but you should never scale so much that you don't feel challenged. Every workout should feel difficult. Your heart should be racing and you should be sweating. Push yourself as much as you can. Rest when you must, but don't take more than a minute or two to catch your breath. The Clutch Life Trainer doesn't end with these workouts. You need to carry the same willingness to work with you into your kitchen and everyday life. No, you don't have a super-specific diet to follow, but if you follow the flexible game plan I've laid out for you, you'll see fantastic results in your physique, performance, and overall health. The Clutch Life is all about putting your best foot forward every single day. | Bodybuilding.com Signature Supplements & Clothing | ► Signature 100% Whey Protein: http://bbcom.me/2FNzdEK ► Signature Amino Plus Energy: http://bbcom.me/2FMeRfe ► Signature BCAA: http://bbcom.me/2FLrXJv ► Signature Creatine Monohydrate: http://bbcom.me/2FMSlTD ► Signature Fish Oil: http://bbcom.me/2FO4IPn ► Signature Green Tea: http://bbcom.me/2FLMC0m ► Signature Joint Support: http://bbcom.me/2FPpYEo ► Signature L-Carnitine: http://bbcom.me/2FJbOEu ► Signature Micronized Glutamine: http://bbcom.me/2FMSBlz ► Signature Multivitamin: http://bbcom.me/2FJc9ae ► Signature Pre Workout: http://bbcom.me/2FM3CTV ► Signature Test Booster: http://bbcom.me/2FMWdDZ ► Signature Vitamin D3: http://bbcom.me/2G99gza ► Signature ZMA: http://bbcom.me/2G6S39i ► Bodybuilding.com Clothing: http://bbcom.me/2G3M0SW ========================================­===== | Bodybuilding.com | ► Supplement Store: http://bbcom.me/2G6EKFX ► Sales & Specials: http://bbcom.me/2FM3GD9 ► Fitness Articles: http://bbcom.me/2FJcNoa ► Premium Fitness Plans: http://bbcom.me/2HLFOfw ========================================­===== | Follow Us | ► Twitch: http://bit.ly/2q1dttE ► YouTube: http://bit.ly/1RSJFa4 ► Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1lomhpr ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/1LzBxab ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RSJQlL ► Google+: http://bit.ly/1NRe8qu ► Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1OOZgY4 ► Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1NRebm0 We are Bodybuilding.com. Your transformation is our passion. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best self.
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A Full Day In My Life | Josh Sullivan (Haircut, Gym, Diet & Outfits) #10
A Full Day In My Life | Josh Sullivan (Haircut, Gym, Diet & Outfits) #10 Exclusive 25% OFF my favorite RG&B products // Josh Sullivan Special Offer! Check out ROSEGOLD & BLACK here: https://www.rosegoldandblack.com/pages/josh-sullivan ▶︎Sulfit Clothing - http://bit.ly/sulfitclothing ▶︎Online Personal Training Free Workout Guides: http://www.joshsullivanfitness.com/shop-plans/ ▶︎My Depop - http://bit.ly/2NdVTOg ▶︎My Favourite Brands MyProtein (Use Code "JOSHSUL" for 35% Off): http://tidd.ly/a345d8d0 ASOS Clothing: http://tidd.ly/725d3a2e ▶︎Any Enquiries Email Me: [email protected] ▶︎FAQ Camera I Use - https://amzn.to/2KN7TZ0 Lens I Use - https://amzn.to/2KN7Zjk My Stats: 6'2 / 190lbs / Size L ▶︎Follow Me On Other Social Media: Instagram (@joshsul_): https://www.instagram.com/joshsul_/ 21 Buttons: http://21buttons.com/joshsullivan Snapchat: Joshsully11 If you enjoyed the video guys don't forget to drop it a like and subscribe if you are new. Catch you on the next one🤟🏼 *Disclaimer* Some of the links in the description are affiliated which means I will make a small commission if you buy anything. Music: http://soundcloud.com/mdbsounds
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Life Of A Fitness Model
Magnum fitness model Emily Adams shares with you a typical day in the life of a fitness model.
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60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout - Fitness Blender Tabata HIIT, Abs and Obliques Workout
How often to do this routine, how to combine it with our other videos, & all other information about this Fitness Blender HIIT Cardio & Abs Workout Video @ http://bit.ly/12aXlaE Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our free workout videos - find out how @ http://bit.ly/13EdZgX Follow Fitness Blender on Facebook @ http://on.fb.me/zDxh3R We just joined Instagram @ http://bit.ly/Rhulcj Note: All information provided by Fitness Blender is of a general nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Fitness Blender harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims.
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