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How to Hide a Product Category from the WooCommerce Shop Page
Video tutorial about how to hide 1 or more product categories from the WooCommerce Shop page. Get the WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin from https://barn2.co.uk/woocommerce-protected-categories or read the written tutorial at https://barn2.co.uk/hide-woocommerce-category-shop-page.
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WooCommerce Tutorial - How to remove shop page title CSS - 2016
In this WooCommerce tutorial we learn how to remove shop page title in your e-commerce store. we use custom CSS to remove shop page title with a plugin called Jetpack. Her you have the Custom CSS code: .page-title { display: none !important; } Wordpress & WooCommerce support: http://uploadwp.com/community/index.php Twitter: https://twitter.com/UploadWordPress Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UploadWp/ More Tutorials: http://www.uploadwp.com
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WooCommerce. How To Remove "Product Description" Text
This tutorial shows how to remove "Product description" title in WooCommerce store. Enjoy Premium WooCommerce Templates at Our Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts35
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Change Product Description Tab and Titles in WooCommerce
https://pluginforage.com How to change the WooCommerce single product description tab title and heading to that of the product name instead of just saying Description. Code Snippet: http://skeeterz71.com/change-tab-and-description-titles-woocommerce/
How to remove/hide product count in WooCommerce Shop?
Simple steps to remove OR hide product count in WooCommerce Shop. https://www.themelocation.com/remove-product-count-in-woo/
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Woocommerce - How to remove Product Name Link in Cart Page
This video shows that how can you remove href tag link of product name and product seller name. This is help you to avoid go to single page.
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How to Hide a WooCommerce Store & Make It Private
Video tutorial about how to hide a WooCommerce store from your public website so that only customers with the correct password can access it. Get WooCommerce Protected Categories from https://barn2.co.uk/woocommerce-protected-categories, or WooCommerce Private Store from https://barn2.co.uk/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-private-store.
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Разбираем Page Builder, Hide Title и Spacer – Lesson 5
Телеграмм чат: https://t.me/joinchat/FQXf-hN9LRuCosQCWtzY3g Вступайте в группу и задавайте интересные вопросы!!! 1. Разбираем Page Builder, как строятся строки, какие есть у них возможности, как добавить виджет и т.д. 2. Смотрим надстройку Hide Title, как в один клик убрать ненужный нам заголовок. 3. Добавляем отступ Spacer, в любом месте нужный нам отступ без знаний css Пишите ваши пожелания и вопросы в комментариях, а также на какую тему в работе с WP вы бы хотели видеть уроки.
WooCommerce Hide Products by User Roles
Demo & Download: http://bit.ly/2zO15nQ WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role is a WooCommerce Extension, which give a option for Site Owner to Include or Exclude Products based on User Role. Now with 3.0 it will hide products site wide. WooCommerce Hide Products by User Role is Support All Product Types which is much more robust now with Version 3.0 :) NEW UPDATE VERSION 4.0 With New Version 4.0 contain WPML Support where selected products/categories associated languages will also hide. Features Show/Hide any Products in WooCommerce Shop based on User Role Include/Exclude any Products based on User Role Product Selection in One Place for Different User Roles Support All WooCommerce Product Types WPML Compatible Easy to Use and Much More . . . Documentation Many people refers that they unable to find the documentation? Kindly Apologies us. Documentation can be find it inside zip folder as you download from Envato, Inside Documentation Folder open index.html in browser to see it how to configure this plugin. KIND ATTENTION Kindly People who felt with issues in this Plugin, do cross check yourself by switch back theme to default wordpress inbuilt theme to see where the problem arise? If still face some problem with default theme then contact us with more details, but it works with default not for your theme then it is not a bug looks like it has compatibility issue. Most Theme don’t have any issues, but some of them we can’t help to fix it up, in this case you can anytime request refund to envato by creating support ticket, because envato only handling the payment. Author Name:codewoogeek
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How to hide cart button in woo-commerce
Video shows you how to hide your add to cart button on you home page and shop page of your woo-commerce store.
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WooCommerce. How To Remove Products Images Placeholder
This tutorial is going to show you how to remove products images placeholder in WooCommerce templates. / Subscribe Our Channel: http://goo.gl/zjoR8Z Enjoy Premium WooCommerce templates at our website: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts49 / Follow us: Facebook http://goo.gl/3yXKEu Twitter http://goo.gl/NR5fDK LinkedIn http://goo.gl/qDZeEO Dribbble http://goo.gl/UwqX48 Pinterest http://goo.gl/Tp8Je5
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WooCommerce - how to change Product Archive title
How to change product archive title in Woocommerce. Go to Wordpress SEO - Titles & Meta - Post types - Product & Custom post type archives.
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woocommerce remove description tabs but keep product
woocommerce remove description tabs but keep product Increase sales with: http://www.getresponse.com/index/tipsdigital woocommerce remove description tab tutorial woocommerce remove additional information heading Welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Juri and I am WordPress developer. I am professional in social media and in audience building, also I am doing affiliate marketing and SEO. You can hire me if you want to build a website and grow your sales or maybe you need professional advice or consultation?! It does not matter what business you have: online shop or small cafe... What you need to understand is: if you want to increase your sales - you need to be social and use right strategies! I will teach you step by step how to attract visitors from social media. If you do not have any business you can still receive profit by promoting affiliate links. Please check my blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel. For any business inquires you can contact me. Make sure to check my Profile on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/user/jurijs3/ By the way add me on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/juri.fab
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GeneratePress - How to easily hide a specific category title with simple CSS
Code for this tutorial: .category-X .page-header { display: none; } This tutorial is for GeneratePress theme : http://rplg.co/ytgeneratepress Support my channel by using my partner links: GeneratePress Premium: http://rplg.co/ytgeneratepress Elementor Page Builder: http://rplg.co/ytelementorpro Siteground: http://rplg.co/siteground Katka Elementor Template Pack: free section templates (blocks) and beautiful full-page templates for the Elementor Page Builder. https://elementortemplatepack.com Please share this video and make sure to hit the like button if you found it useful! Subscribe for more upcoming tutorials.
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WooCommerce. How To Manage Length Of Product Title
This tutorial will show you how to manage the length of product title in WooCommerce. To view more WooCommerce Themes go to our Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts28
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How to change Shop page title WooCommerce?
Do you want to change the Word "Shop" on your WooCommerce store? Use this step by step guide to get desired results. https://www.themelocation.com/change-shop-page-title-woocommerce/
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WooCommerce. How To Remove Available Product Quantity Text ("In Stock")
Our Support team is ready to present you a new tutorial that will show you how to remove available product quantity text in WooCommerce. Choose your WooCommerce template now: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts26 More WooCommerce Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ksd2CN8bzYE&index=1&list=PLhQIfRNfwAoeguRQpF8JBOnpTZmI5l_QX Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TemplateMonsterCo/ Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TemplateMonster/ Twitter https://twitter.com/templatemonster Instagram @template_monster Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/templatemonster/ Dribbble https://dribbble.com/TemplateMonster LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/templatemonster-com
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How to Remove the Breadcrumb from the Woocommerce Single Product Page
Learn how to remove the breadcrumb from your woo commerce single product page .
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How to Disable and Hide a WooCommerce Shop in a WordPress Theme
You will learn how you can remove a WooCommerce shop in any premium or free WordPress theme in two steps: 1. deactivate WooCommerce and related plugins 2. remove Shop from the main navigation The theme showcased in the video is Adrenaline by ProteusThemes: https://www.proteusthemes.com/wordpress-themes/adrenaline/ Enjoy, rate, and subscribe! Primoz from ProteusThemes
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Hide/Remove WooCommerce In Stock Message from Product
Learn How to remove/hide in stock message from the WooCommerce Products. Add this simple code in the functions.php file of your WordPress theme. Copy code from: https://www.themelocation.com/hide-woocommerce-in-stock-message/
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Remove "Related Products" from bottom of product pages - Woocommerce
remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_output_related_products', 20 );
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WooCommerce Restrict/Hide Shipping Methods, If Product is in Particular Category
This video demonstrate how we can restrict shipping method available to customer if the product has particular category. the code can be found here. http://wpquestions.com/question/showChronoLoggedIn/id/9951
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WooCommerce How to Show Categories on Shop Page
Edit : The display option This has been moved to the Customizer section in the latest version. Appearance → Customize → WooCommerce → Product Catalog In this tutorial we will be showing how to set up your shop so that it displays the Categories and then the Subcategories of your products for a better Store layout in your WooCommerce Shop.
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Customizing WooCommerce Single Product Page
In this tutorial I'm going to show how to remove elements and reposition them in the WooCommerce single product page using WooCommerce action hooks. Here's links to useful resources: - WooCommerce: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ - remove_action() WordPress function: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/remove_action - add_action() WordPress function: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_action/ More WordPress customization tuts on http://wpthememakeover.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Custimize Woocommerce Shop Wordpress Plugin
https://wordpress.org/plugins/customize-woocommerce-shop - The Customize Woocommerce Shop Wordpress Plugin allows you to do exactly that, customize every aspect of your eCommerce store. The user friendly admin interface allows you to point and click to make your shop have the look and feel you want. Here are just some of the options: Product Pages - Title Font Color - Title Font Size - Title Font Weight - Price Font Color - Price Font Size - Price Font Weight - Description Font Color - Description Font Size - Description Font Weight - Category Font Color - Category Font Size - Category Font Weight - Hide Product Image - Hide Product Titles - Hide Product Tab - Hide Related Products List - Only Allow Logged In users to see the Add To Cart Button - Hide Products Prices - Hide the Add To Cart Button - Hide Products Category Shop Page - Title Font Color - Title Font Size - Title Font Weight - Price Font Color - Price Font Size - Price Font Weight - Hide Product Image - Hide Product Titles. - Only Allow Logged In users to see the Add To Cart Button - Hide Products Prices - Hide the Add To Cart Button Cart Page - Add "Empty Cart" button to cart page. - Button Font Color - Button Font Size - Button Font Weight Checkout Page - Option to enable/disable any user information fields
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WordPress Tutorial 2017 | How to Hide Author Name, Dates, Meta from Home Page and Posts [Sep 2017]
WordPress Tutorial 2017 | How to Hide Author Name, Dates, Meta from Home Page and Posts [Sep 2017] https://youtu.be/71ci8fkzBEs WordPress Tutorial 2017 | How to Hide Author Name, Dates, Meta from Home Page and Posts [Sep 2017] Today I was searching a lot on how to remove the meta data with respect to date, author name for all my WordPress posts and pages and home page and finally I figured it out. There might be various methods but the method which I applied for my website is using a WordPress plugin called: WP Meta and Date Remover Download the plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-meta-and-date-remover/ If you don't know how to install and activate the plugin then visit: https://www.digitalmarketingforfree.com/3-different-ways-install-wordpress-plugin/ Hope this video tutorial helps. Like, Comment & Share! Learn digital marketing for free: https://www.digitalmarketingforfree.com Start your blog today with this 100% free definitive guide here: https://www.digitalmarketingforfree.com/start-a-blog Don't forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content! Click that bell notification button! SUBSCRIBE NOW: http://digitalpratik.com/youtube WOULD LOVE TO CONNECT WITH YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA: -- Instagram: @FitDigitalPratik (https://www.instagram.com/fitdigitalp...) -- Facebook: @DigitalPratik (https://www.facebook.com/digitalpratik/) -- Twitter: @DigitalPratik (https://www.twitter.com/digitalpratik/) -- Email: [email protected] -- Website: https://www.digitalmarketingforfree.com -- Website: http://digitalpratik.com TOOLS I USE FOR MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS: MacBook Pro: http://amzn.to/2vzYN88 iPhone 7 plus: http://amzn.to/2hX085z Mini Lapel Mic: http://amzn.to/2uT0xHz Unifree YT 1288 2 In 1 Adjustable Selfie Stick Monopod AND YT 228 Mini Tripod for Smartphones & DSLR Cameras with Bluetooth Remote Shutter (Best Rated Product): http://amzn.to/2vVWYF2 WordPress Tutorial 2017 | How to Hide Author Name, Dates, Meta from Home Page and Posts [Sep 2017] https://youtu.be/71ci8fkzBEs
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WooCommerce. How To Exclude Subcategory Products From Category Listing Page
This tutorial is going to show you how to exclude subcategory products from category listing page in WooCommerce templates. Choose your WooCommerce template now: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wptuts56 More WooCommerce Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQIfRNfwAoeguRQpF8JBOnpTZmI5l_QX Subscribe Our Channel: http://goo.gl/zjoR8Z Follow us: Facebook https://goo.gl/d8zZrn Twitter http://goo.gl/NR5fDK, LinkedIn http://goo.gl/qDZeEO, Dribbble http://goo.gl/UwqX48, Pinterest http://goo.gl/Tp8Je5
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How to Remove the Sort Order Drop-Down on WooCommerce Shop Page
Removing the Default Sorting Drop-Down from WooCommerce Shop Page... This video demonstrates how easy it is to remove the sort order drop-down from the WooCommerce shop and product category pages. Check out UploadWP.com for the full version of this tutorial. New version : https://youtu.be/ptxkH186Vc8 http://UploadWP.com/remove-sort-order-drop-down-from-woocommerce-shop/ Wordpress & WooCommerce support: http://uploadwp.com/community/index.php Twitter: https://twitter.com/UploadWordPress Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UploadWp/ More Tutorial: http://www.uploadwp.com
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Hide Author Name, Post Date & Categories On WordPress Posts & Pages
.entry-meta { display: none; } Hey all! In this quick video ill show you how to hide the author name, post date, categories and meta on any posts or pages in WordPress. This is imply done my downloading a free plugin called Simple Custom CSS https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/ . Once that is dowloaded and activated simply input the code that I put above and voila! Done! Thanks for watching!
Views: 11022 Lewis Thomas
WooCommerce Product Slider (Version 2.0 or Later)
Live Demo: https://shapedplugin.com/demo/woocommerce-product-slider-pro/ Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-product-slider/ WooCommerce Product Slider is an amazing product slider to slide your WooCommerce Products in a tidy and professional way. It allows you to create easily attractive product carousel slider on your site or shop and increase conversion & sales. You can display product slider in pages, posts, custom template and even widget. It comes with built-in intuitive Shortcode Generator to easily control the look and function of the product slider. It has extremely user-friendly Shortcode Generator back-end interface that can help you to build modern and versatile product carousel slider that cannot be missed in a professional site or shop. Features: Responsive and mobile friendly. Lightweight, fast & powerful. Shortcode Generator. 3 Ready Theme Styles. AutoPlay on/off. Control AutoPlay speed. Stop on hover slider. Infinite loop for the slider. Set a maximum number of products to show to the slider. Show/hide Product name. Change Product name font size, color, and hover color. Show/hide Product price. Set Product price & discount color. Show/hide Product rating. Show/hide Product add to cart button. Set add to cart button color, border, background & hover color. Show/hide Navigation arrows & Pagination dots. Control slider pagination speed. Show/hide a title for the slider. Set slider title font size, & color. Unlimited color (with color pickers) and Styling options. Multiple product sliders (supports more than one slider per page). Control number of product columns in different devices. Product order & order by. Insert the generated shortcode with TinyMCE button. Touch swipe supported (on/off). Mouse Draggable on/off. Easy to customize and stylize. Extremely user-friendly settings panel for coders and non-coders alike. Unique settings for every slider. RTL Supported. Translation Ready. Compatible with any theme. SEO friendly & optimized for speed. Support all modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc. 24/7 Free Support Forum. And much more options.
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Edit, Remove, REstore products in your wordpress store
How to edit, delete, restore, remove products from your wordpress store
Views: 1623 Jenn Brockman
How to hide product title in category view on CS-Cart 4.x
The simplest way to hide category title in category view on CS-Cart 4.x. Request: http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/36159-hide-product-title-in-category-view/
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WooCommerce Product Slider Pro (Version 2.0 or later) Installation, Tutorial & Demonstration
Live Demo: https://shapedplugin.com/demo/woocommerce-product-slider-pro/ Buy Now: https://shapedplugin.com/plugin/woocommerce-product-slider-pro/ WooCommerce Product Slider Pro is an amazing product slider to slide your WooCommerce Products in a tidy and professional way. It allows you to create easily attractive product slider or carousel on your website and increase your sales. You can display product slider in pages, posts, custom template and even sidebar or widget as well as anywhere you want. It comes with built-in advanced Shortcode Generator to easily control the look and function of the product slider. It has extremely easy-to-use Shortcode Generator back-end interface that can help you to build modern and versatile product slider or carousel that cannot miss in a professional shop. PRO Features Include Advanced Shortcode Generator. 30+ Pre-defined modern theme styles. Filter by different product types -Featured -Categories -Tags -On sale -Latest or Recent -Best selling or Popular -Top rated -Most viewed -Recently viewed -Free products -By product ID or SKU -Attribute -Exclude categories & tags -Specific products etc. Product slider from selected products. Special product category slider or carousel. Hide Out of Stock Products. Hide free Products. Show/hide product image. Set a default or custom placeholder image. Show/hide product image border. Change product image border, size(width) & hover color. Whole product border, size (width) & hover color. Modern highlighted box-shadow and material style for the product. Product image hover effects (Mouse overlay). Show/hide product category. Show/hide product title. Product title & hover color change option. Product title upper-case and normal or lower-case option. Show/hide price for products in the slider. Change product title and price font size. Product regular price & discount price color change. Show/hide “Add to Cart” button for products in the slider. Change “Add to Cart” button border, background & hover color. Change “Add to Cart” button border size. Show/hide product rating or review in the slider. Change rating star color with the picker. Sale ribbon text change option. Show the product excerpt & read more button. Change “Read More” button text and color. Unique settings for each slider. Control number of columns you want to show in the slider. Set custom margin between the products. Ticker Mode Slider. AutoPlay on/off. Slide speed control. Stop on hover option. Product order by (ID, date, random, title, modified). Product order (Descending, Ascending). Mouse drag enable/disable. Endless loop for products in the slider. 8+ different navigation position. 7 different style navigation arrows. Set number of products slide to scroll. Product pagination with dots and number. Control pagination dots speed. Pagination text, background, and active color change option. Set the number of column in mobile, tablet & desktop. Product image hard crop on the fly. Adaptive Height on/off. Set the product image dimension: (width or height) from settings. Unlimited colors with the picker for most of the elements. Product info or total content/text alignment (left, center, right). Product QuickView, Wishlist, and Compare options. Visual Composer add-ons supported. YITH WooCommerce QuickView plugin supported. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin supported. YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin supported. Widget Ready. Translation Ready. RTL (Right to Left) Ready. Simple and easy to use powerful back-end interface. No more pain writing any shortcode. SEO friendly and optimized for improving the website ranking. And much more options. Top Reasons to Buy 24/7 Dedicated Support. Extensive Online docs & Tutorials. Free Lifetime updates. 100% money back guarantee.
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Easiest Way Ever To Remove Wordpress Page Titles
Get the BEST FREE video course on the Internet and start your website now at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXgKUUxyeds Hey, welcome to another Prositetutorials video. I guess you're tired of looking at that ugly and annoying Wordpress title that appears in every single page and post. It's feels like a plague, I know hehe... But don't worry because in this video I explain the easiest way ever to remove it. By this I mean, you won't need to edit the coding of your website to get the job done. I know if you are starting out this is quite complicated and you run the risk of ruining your website. Before reading the rest, check if your theme has an integrated feature that allows to hide your titles. Some of them have, others don't. If not, then the quickest way to resolve this little issue is to simply install a plug-in called, "Hide Page & Post Titles." Once done, you will have a new option, "Hide Title" appearing in your pages and posts. All you need to do is to check the box below and update your page. Afterward, refresh it and voilàà... problem solved, easily and effortlessly. If you have any doubt please leave a comment below and also subscribe to Prositetutorials so you can receive our fresh updates at: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ProSiteTutorials Thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials. Remove Wordpress Page Titles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHwR8GkG5zE
Views: 69748 Jordan Alexo
How to show only products of specifics categories in the WooCommerce shop page
Welcome to the Woo Shortcodes Kit videoguide! This time, we will learn: how to display only products of specific category in the shop page! By default the shop page present a loop with all available categories, but with Woo Shortcodes Kit, you can manage the categories to display. Just need go to the Woo Shortcodes Kit settings and look for the CUSTOMIZE SHOP PAGE section. There you find the function: Display only products of specifics categories in shop page. Enable and do click in the box to show the advanced options. By the moment only can display 3 differents categories how maximum! Write the category slug to display: I go to show only the posters category products. Go to the bottom and save the settings! Now go to the shop page, to check the changes. How can see, only appear the posters category products. You can display a second category! just need write the slug in the field. I go to show the music category!. Go to the bottom to save the settings and refresh the shop page to view the changes!. ::::: MORE ::::: + Download Woo Shortcodes Kit FREE: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-shortcodes-kit/ + Get more information: https://disespubli.com
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Remove ShortCodes and HTML tags from product description - WooCommerce Product Feed Pro
WooCommerce Product Feed is a product feed making system for boosting your WooCommerce based online store products to multiple shopping engines. The main target of this plugin is to generate product feed for your WooCommerce store products, update product information according to given schedule and sync your product to different shopping engines via HTTP Plugin Download Link ====================================================================== https://wordpress.org/plugins/webappick-product-feed-for-woocommerce/ Plugin Website ====================================================================== https://webappick.com
Views: 1438 Web Appick
WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO - Installation, Tutorial & Demonstration
WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO is a simple and fully Responsive Carousel plugin developed for WordPress which comes with lots of useful stunning features. It allows you to create unlimited Product Carousel on your website anywhere you like easily via shortcode and easy admin setting. By using WooCommerce Product Carousel, you can display more products at the same time and let them scroll or navigate automatically so that your visitors can see them all and increase sales of your shop. Live Demo: https://wplimb.com/demo/woocommerce-product-carousel-pro/ Buy Now: https://wplimb.com/plugins/woocommerce-product-carousel-pro/ **Features 30+ Pre-defined Theme Styles (Unlimited Styles through Theme customizer) Advanced Shortcode Generator Show only a specific type of products (featured, on sale, latest, best selling or upsells, top rated, specific products by ID or SKU, Most Viewed, Recently Viewed etc & much more) Display Product Carousel from the specific Categories & Tags (or Exclude products categories & tags) Automatically select related products based on Categories & Tags Display products with Carousel, Slider & Filter Product carousel from selected products (also ability to re-order the products) Show the standard product contents(Title, price, discount or delete price, star rating or review, add to cart, sale text, excerpt, read more, category etc.) Show/hide option for the product (Title, price, category, star rating or review, add to cart button) Change default color with picker for (Title, price, discount or delete price, star rating or review, add to cart, view cart, view cart button background, sale text, excerpt, read more text, category name etc.) Add to cart button border color, background color & hover color, font color and font upper-case, normal change options Unique settings for each slider Set number product per slide 8+ different navigation position 3 Navigation Styles (Square, Radius and Round) Product pagination with dots and number Pagination text, background and active color change option Set the number of products in mobile, tablet & desktop Set custom product image width & height Adaptive Height on/off Product image re-size option (with hard crop and without crop) Create Unlimited Carousels or Sliders (Add multiple sliders to anywhere you like) Unlimited colors with the color picker Product slider from product attribute values Product image hover effects (Mouse overlay) Image hover effects (Grey-scale effect) Product QuickView and Wishlist AutoPlay on/off AutoPlay speed control Slide speed control Stop on hover option Product order by (date, menu order, random, title, comment count, meta value, meta value number) Product order (Descending, Ascending) Endless loop for products in the slider Product title hover color change option Product title font size change option Product title upper-case and normal or lower-case option Product image border & hover color Whole Product border & hover color Option to change image border color Show/hide product image border YITH WooCommerce quick view and wishlist plugins supported Simple and easy to use interface for creating carousel No more pain writing any shortcode Search engine optimized for improving the website ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. RTL and Translation Ready 24/7 Dedicated Support Free Lifetime updates 100% money back guarantee All features of the free version And much more amazing options.
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WooCommerce Category Slider
WooCommerce Category Slider offers you to showcase your WooCommerce products categories aesthetically in a Slider or Grid layout through an intuitive shortcode generator. A WooCommerce Product Categories Slider or Grid showcase is one of the best ways to highlight your specific product categories and, if put in the strategic position, it will certainly allow you to increase the conversion rate in your shop. FEATURES OF THIS PLUGIN: Fully Responsive and Mobile friendly. Simple and Powerful. Easy Shortcode Generator. Category Carousel Slider and Grid layout. WooCommerce Category Showcase with the following information: -Category Name -Category Image and Flat Color Background -Child Categories(Can be included in the parent category) -Category Counter -Shop Now button etc. Highly customizable almost everything. Display Specific Category or all Categories. Hide Empty Categories (Hide automatically category which has no products). Show/hide Category Name. Show/hide Category Image. Show/hide Category Counter. Show/hide Shop Now button. 4 Pre-designed Ready Themes. Unlimited Color and Styling Options. Unlimited Category Showcases (Slider or Grid). Unique settings for each category showcase. Show/hide category showcase section title and color customization. AutoPlay on/off. Control autoplay speed. Stop on hover slider. Infinite loop for the category slider. Set a limit on the number of categories to show. Show/hide navigation arrows & pagination dots. Control slider pagination speed. Custom category columns on different devices. Category order & order by. Touch and swipe option. Mouse draggable on/off. Insert the generated shortcode with TinyMCE button. Extremely easy and intuitive admin UI to stylize in your own way. Multilingual & RTL ready. Compatible with any theme and WooCommerce plugins. All Modern Browsers Supported. And much more options. SUPPORT If you find any issue or need help, please ask us. We are active in WordPress.org support forum. Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-category-slider-grid
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Hide Shipping Methods based on Shipping Zones using WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin
Check out the steps to hide shipping methods based on the shipping zones by using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin by PluginHive. https://www.pluginhive.com/product/woocommerce-ups-shipping-plugin-with-print-label/ The WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin is a WordPress / WooCommerce extension that helps you to completely automate UPS shipping by displaying shipping rates in cart/checkout page, pay postage & print label from within WooCommerce, pack items automatically into boxes and enable tracking. ~ Documentation: https://www.pluginhive.com/knowledge-base/setting-woocommerce-ups-shipping-plugin/ ~ For more details and other shipping plugins visit: https://www.pluginhive.com/ https://www.pluginhive.com/plugins/ ~ For help: https://www.pluginhive.com/support/
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Remove Category & Tag Base From WordPress URLs Easily
Category Base, Tag Base In WordPress: http://hubskills.com/remove-category-tag-base/ Category base and tag base ensure that the WordPress permalinks have those base names for the category and tag pages. Many blog owners feel that the words 'category' and 'tag' in the URLs are kind of unnecessary, and so want them removed. This video explains how you can do that with the help of 2 plugins that are easy to use. Made by: Partha Bhattacharya For more information, visit: http://hubskills.com/ 137, Purba Diganta Kolkata 700075 India Twitter: @parthabha Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hubskills LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/parthabha Google+: https://plus.google.com/107806158563651250322 This video: http://youtu.be/Sd8eZHjYxFw Video Library: http://hubskills.com/video-library/ Category Base, Tag Base In WordPress
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Quickly Remove page titles and post titles in WordPress | 2 methods
2 Quick Ways Remove word press page and post titles | Quick and Easy way
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How To Set Cross Sign / Blur / Hide Out of Stock For WooCommerce Attribute Variation Swatches
Download Plugin (Light Version): http://bit.ly/lightversion-youtube Download Plugin (Advanced Version) : http://bit.ly/wvs-youtube-ehsaan
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The natural sort order and remove product count options of the WPI Performance Plugin
I cover how to really max out the speed of your WordPress site using some extra options in the plugin.
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WooCommerce. How To Remove Sidebar From Product Category Page And Make It Fullwidth
This tutorial is going to show you how to remove sidebar from product category page and make it fullwidth in WooCommerce templates. / Subscribe Our Channel: http://goo.gl/zjoR8Z Enjoy Premium WooCommerce templates at our website: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts55 / Follow us: Facebook http://goo.gl/3yXKEu Twitter http://goo.gl/NR5fDK LinkedIn http://goo.gl/qDZeEO Dribbble http://goo.gl/UwqX48 Pinterest http://goo.gl/Tp8Je5
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Custom Woocommerce Shop Design with Elementor Pro & OceanWP
Get creative with your WooCommerce Shop layout using OceanWP and Elementor Pro to create custom layouts and start standing out from the crowds! CSS For Buttons: .woocommerce ul.products li.product .button { background-color: #790808; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase; padding: 10px 20px; border:0px; } .woocommerce ul.products li.product .button:hover { background-color: #540000; color: #fff!important; } Free tutorials for Wordpress, Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. New tutorials added every Wednesday. Take your Wordpress website and skills to the next level! AFFILIATE DOWNLOADS If you like what we do and would like to support us, please consider using these affiliate links when purchasing any of the plugins covered in our tutorials. Thank you for your support. OCEANWP: http://bit.ly/2fRHBr0 ELEMENTOR PRO: http://bit.ly/2u3mzYX CSSHERO: http://bit.ly/2qbrRl6 SLIDER REVOLUTION 5 - http://bit.ly/2qDFU4G VISUAL COMPOSER: http://bit.ly/2rnre70 IMPREZA THEME: http://bit.ly/2rn5yYx SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2rX7rhu LETS CONNECT: https://twitter.com/WPTutz SUPPORT: Our website offers additional information and perks. Please check it out! http://wptuts.co.uk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Speed Up Your Wordpress Website in 30 Seconds or Less!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pLbCFHzWyE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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WooCommerce. How To Enable/Disable Reviews, Remove Reviews Tab
This tutorial is going to show you how to enable/disable reviews, remove Reviews tab in WooCommerce template. Choose your WooCommerce template now: http://www.templatemonster.com/woocommerce-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wootuts42 Subscribe Our Channel: http://goo.gl/zjoR8Z Follow us: Facebook http://goo.gl/3yXKEu Twitter http://goo.gl/NR5fDK LinkedIn http://goo.gl/qDZeEO Dribbble http://goo.gl/UwqX48 Pinterest http://goo.gl/Tp8Je5
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How to remove archieve category title in wordpress (updated)
remove archieve category title in wordpress
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