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Stupidest products at Home Depot! Things to avoid! Home Mender
Hey all you Home Menders! Today, Dustin is at the Home Depot talking about ridiculous products available. Usually Home Depot is great but some things they sell are just bad. Dustin shares his most hated products and why you should avoid them. Check out some "loved products down below in "Dustin's Toolbox". You can do it! Home Mender Kerf style weatherstripping full door. https://goo.gl/6tg4AL Toilet repair kit https://goo.gl/6gMLJD shark bite fitting https://goo.gl/wnjCNd DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links that help support the channel and if you click on a product link, The Home Mender channel receives a small commission. Actually, if you buy anything that day, we do. It allows us to continue to make new videos like this one. I personally choose all of these links to help build confidence in and to educate my audience. Thank you ALL so much for your support! Let's get to it!
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How to Sell Your Product to The Home Depot | Retailbound
As part of our selling to a large retailer series, this video addresses how to sell your product to a home improvement store such as The Home Depot or Lowe's. www.retailbound.com www.facebook.com/retailbound www.twitter.com/retailbound
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Home Depot product demo
Product commercial for the watchdog water alarm
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Kaggle Competition "Home Depot Product Search Relevance"
Contributed by Amy(Yujing) Ma, Brett Amdur, Christopher Redino. They enrolled in the NYC Data Science Academy 12 week full time Data Science Bootcamp program taking place between January 11th to April 1st, 2016. This post is based on their machine learning project (due on the 8th week of the program). Kaggle Competition "Home Depot Product Search Relevance": https://www.kaggle.com/c/home-depot-product-search-relevance Given only raw text as input, our goal is to predict the relevancy of products to search results at the Home Depot website. Our strategy is a little different from most other teams in this Kaggle competition, where we generated a workflow that starts with text cleaning, passes through feature engineering and ends with model selection and parameter tuning in the attempt to stand out among thousands of competitors. Learn more: http://blog.nycdatascience.com/student-works/improving-home-depot-search-relevance/
home depot product study
an incomplete compendium of orange colored products at home depot.
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DOOR INSTALLATION   (The Quick Door Hanger)  (CC)
BOB SCHMIDT SHOWS YOU HOW TO INSTALL AN INTERIOR DOOR USING A NEW PRODUCT WHICH SIMPLIFIES THE PROCESS FOR THE HOMEOWNER AND NOVICE REMODELER WITH YOUR HOME REMODEL PROJECT. The name of this product has been changed to (The Quick Door Hanger) and may be available at home depot soonI told myself when I started making these videos that I was'nt going to make a video on how to hang a door there's a lot involved in it and it takes experience to learn how to do it properly but I found a new product and I think it'll give you a fighting chance The product that we are going to use to hang this door today is a relatively new product it's called Quick Plumb for Door Hanger it's made by Express Products I'm not sure where they're from but apparently they have a website and I believe they did have a video there and I have actually already watched it this is what they provide you in their package supposedly this is enough for doing two doors although I recommend you go to their site and take a look at the way they recommend doing it first uh... I want to do it a little bit different than their directions to try to help simplify the process for the homeowners and do-it-yourselfers I ran across this product at my wholesaler they were giving them away for free they want carpenters to start trying to use them and see what they think of them I did hang a couple of doors with them and I did like the results but there was still some tweaking and judgment calls that had to be made uh... I kind of went off of what they said and I added to it and changed the way you use them a little bit where I think it'll give you more of a fighting chance as a novice or a home remodeler to be able to to do this. As per their instructions they recommend that you come to about the center of the hinge you line this little clip up with the front edge the lead edge of the door and then with the screws provided put the three screws in making sure that this is kept tightly against the front of the door as you're doing it. Repeat the process with the middle and the bottom hinge As per their instructions repeat the process approximately opposite the hinge side that you've already put on according to their recommendations it's time to hang the door but I've got a little bit of a different way I'd like to see you try it directly opposite the clips you just installed on the hinge side of the door go ahead and install the remaining six clips on the opposite side of the door after you've installed it opposite the one on the hinge side go ahead and take a pair pliers and bend this flange out straight like this repeat with the other five on this side of the door on the hinge side of your door this tab is still going to be bent just the way it was sent at the factory directly opposite enough in all six locations you're going to have a another one where you had bent this flange straight-out according to their instructions measure approximately one-half inch in from your rough opening and put a mark do the same thing on the other three sides coming off of your mark making sure that this is dead level very important go a head and start making a line and make your line go all the way up and down the side of the door now that you have the plumb lines on all four sides of the door both sides it's time to take the door and put it in place take a level and put it on the top of your door as you see this isn't level what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to stick a shim underneath the bottom side of that door to make up for this difference here where it's too low on the hinge side tap the shim underneath the door until the header says level if this gets carpet you could probably just cut this shim off and leave it out underneath here and the carpet will fill the void if this is tile or hardwood what you'll have to do is cut the bottom of the jam off on the opposite side remove this shim and let it come down tight to the floor now that you're headers level it's time to start anchoring the door starting at the top hinge with about the same space on this side as the other side go ahead and run in your first screw with the top hinge screwed see these three little notches here find the little notch and the spot corresponding to it that is closest to it and put a mark now coming down to the one below it making sure that your marking in the same place on the little mark mark it here coming down below it again making sure you mark the same spot as it was up above which is here then what you need to do is line these marks up with that plumb line and put screws in these two holes Now starting on the opposite side of the door same side as the hinge
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Delta Shower head Model 58469-RB-PK Home Depot product review
This is just a straight forward review just for the Home Depot website review For a more indepth review and other Home Depot products reviews visit my Youtube channel, click on the link below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU3ppd5hE1vSq3OnsCEFU7Q check out "The Shack HD Reviews" and see all products you can purchase at Home Depot Thank You for viewing Subscribe and Like Follow me on twitter [email protected] stay up to date with all woodworking news, new product reviews, projects, home improvements and any announcements Check out my home page https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Check out My Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/TheShackHome
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The Home Depot Pro App Product Review
Mark Donovan of http://www.HomeAdditionPlus.com reviews The Home Depot's new Pro App mobile device tool in this video. The Home Depot's New "Pro App" for Professional Builders and Contractors Provides a Suite of High Tech Efficient Tools that Save Time and Money Disclosure: This video post sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.
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The Home Depot Mobile App- Augmented Reality
Download Now: http://thd.co/15ydyH9 The Home Depot Mobile App now includes augmented reality, which you can use with your smart phone to see what various Home Depot products would look like in your home.
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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover | Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations Product Review | Home Depot vs. Lowes
In this episode we give you a look at our kitchen cabinet makeover with Rust-oleum's Cabinet Transformations Cabinet Coating System. A step by step of how we made over our kitchen cabinets with some tips and tricks along the way. Originally we used Lowes' Valspar Cabinet Enamel and the Lowes recommended lacquer. This left us with terrible results! Thankfully, Home Depot's product, Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations, stepped up and helped knock this project out of the park!!
Building a pre-cut wood shed  - What to expect - Home Depot's Princeton
Here's a few similar sheds on Amazon: Everton 8x12 Shed with solid 2x4 Framing: http://amzn.to/2eudN1r Handy Home Products Cumberland Shed 10x8: http://amzn.to/2eiBomy Handy Home Products Cumberland Shed 10x12: http://amzn.to/2eueVCm Framing Nailer→ http://amzn.to/2dUaNwH Air Compressor→ http://amzn.to/2dUbmXf Hammer Stapler→ http://amzn.to/2egWttK My drill, I love it→http://amzn.to/2dAx5OF I included a link to the full construction plans for this exact shed. This is made by "Handy Home Products“ and is sold at Home Depot. The model is called the "Princeton” Once it was completed I would say I found no real issues with it. But only time will tell on how it holds up. Handy Home Products also makes the Cumberland model 10x12. It’s nearly identical. You can see that one on amazon. Princeton 10 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Storage Shed Model # 18250-1 Internet # 100350323 Home Depot Store SKU # 660356 Download Plans Here ► http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/8f/8f237081-3e27-4978-93ca-cbe5101bff00.pdf Home Depot Shed Kit Info ► http://www.homedepot.com/p/Handy-Home-Products-Princeton-10-ft-x-10-ft-Wood-Storage-Shed-18250-1/100350323 Same shed, but if you want it prebuilt and delivered ► http://www.homedepot.com/p/Handy-Home-Products-Installed-Princeton-10-ft-x-10-ft-Wood-Storage-Shed-with-Onyx-Black-Shingles-60422-5/205922152 SUBSCRIBE→ https://www.youtube.com/c/AdamDIY?sub_confirmation=1 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The camera I use: http://amzn.to/2ec3wTx My backup camera: http://amzn.to/2edXF1e Super handy tripod: http://amzn.to/2dfVRTq Wireless Mic I sometimes use: http://amzn.to/2dAgquC ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Business Inquiries: please email me from the About page: https://www.youtube.com/c/AdamDIY/about Adam Hill - AdamDIY PO Box 95278 South Jordan UT 84095 Disclaimer: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of tools, equipment, or from the information in this video is the sole responsibility of the viewer and is to be used at the discretion of the end user/viewer and not AdamDIY and or Adam Hill. If you are uncertain about any step of the process, or feel unsure about your skill level, seek a more authoritative source.
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Peak product failure - the home depot
6" x 6" fence post bracket product fail
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How To Find The Product Weight At Home Depot
This video shows you a shortcut to find the product weight if it is not displayed on the Specifications section of the item page. Udemy course that I took to learn about eBay Drop Shipping: http://goo.gl/IZ87z5 Hydra Lister is the eBay listing tool that I recommend: http://goo.gl/Y3jtmH Sku Grid is an eBay repricing tool that I recommend: http://goo.gl/mM037W GiftCard Zen is my favorite discounted gift card site: https://giftcardzen.com/ Splender is my favorite cashback site: http://fbuy.me/egdHb
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Home Depot's Deck Over Product.
This is the Home Depot's Deck Over product. I put it down last Summer and it looked good. However, today when the snow melted, a lot of it peeled right off. DO NOT buy this product.
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SunTex Products - Phifer - Buy Now at Home Depot
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Frigidaire Gallery 24 Dishwasher from Home Depot Product Review
After about 15 years it was time to replace my Maytag dishwasher. This time I went with a Frigidaire Gallery 24 Dishwasher in Stainless Steel from Home Depot. Watch the video to see all of it's features. FGBD2445NF
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star shower laser lights Home Depot/Carrefour/Tesco online hot sale product
star shower laser lights Home Depot/Carrefour/Tesco online hot sale product . www.x2o.en.alibaba.com Skype:jinli57 Email:[email protected]
Product Review: Homedepot Buckethead 5 gallon wet dry vac
This video is a unboxing and product review of the home depot bucket head 5 gallon bucket wet / dry vac. I paid $26 for this vacuum at Home depot.
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How to Build a Shed - The Home Depot
See more: http://thd.co/1a8IezL Sheds provide needed space for additional storage at your home or business. We asked "ChrisFixIt" from http://community.homedepot.com and Bill from Handy Home to show us what happens when you hire The Home Depot to install a shed. Bill takes us through the steps to assemble a Handy Home Products Majestic 8 foot x 12 foot wood storage shed. The Home Depot carries a variety of sheds and outdoor storage solutions. We can also install it for you, as shown in this video. Rather do-it-yourself? "ChrisFixIt" from http://community.homedepot.com explains the process here: http://bit.ly/fDaJF3 Learn more about Home Depot Home Services http://bit.ly/g7cODg Special thanks to Bill and Handy Home Products http://handyhome.com who helped assemble this shed. ------------------Shed Information--------------------------- Shop: http://bit.ly/eesgLc Designed for maximum storage potential, Handy Home Products Majestic 8 ft. x 12 ft. Wood Storage Shed features an additional 48 sq. ft. of overhead storage space. The light brown wood siding allows you to customize your shed with paint and shingles to match your home (not included). This wide gable-style building also features two over-door transom windows and generous 7 ft. high sidewalls for extra headroom. The lockable door latch will help you feel safe and secure with your stored belongings. Brand Name : Handy Home Products, Model # : 18631-8
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New Product at Home Depot
New Home Depot Product
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Tommy Docks Product Video HomeDepot
Tommy Docks has Affordable Dock Systems to Create the Dock System of Your Dreams... Check out all of our great products at HomeDepot .com Click the link. http://www.homedepot.com/s/Tommy%2520Docks%2520techStar?NCNI-5
The Home Depot Mobile App - Product Compare
It's easy to see what makes one product different from another when you use our Compare tool. From your search results or the product list, tap on "Compare", then select the check boxes beside your desired products. Differences between the two products highlighted for easy viewing - tap on the one you choose, then add to cart and speed through checkout.
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Dropshipping On Ebay From Walmart And Home Depot (Step-By-Step Tutorial)
Get Paul's Dropping Course + My 3 Clothing Books: ►http://raikenprofit.com/dropshiptrainingfb1 Get DSM TOOL - FREE TRIAL HERE! ► https://www.dsmtool.com/?t=c945dbbd44ebf61c9f9b60f13a72727b In this video we discuss how to get started dropshipping on ebay from places like Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon. If you purchased the program email me at: [email protected] with a screenshot of your invoice and I"ll send you my 3 books! DSM TOOL: ►https://www.dsmtool.com/?t=c945dbbd44ebf61c9f9b60f13a72727b Paul's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmeU2DYiVy80wMBGZzEWnbw Paul is doing $150,000 per month drop shipping on eBay and is averaging around $15,000 profit per month. Paul is a successful eBay seller, attorney, Youtuber, and eBay instructor. He's definitely been in your shoes - struggling to make money money online and learned to make sense of all the different ways to do it. Since then he has grown a six figure eBay bus
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The Home Depot Mobile App - Overview
Get the power of The Home Depot right at your fingertips. Find out how to search and browse thousands of our products, view ratings and reviews, and compare products side-by-side. You can also seek advice from an expert, locate items in the store, or snap a photo to search for those products you just can’t describe.
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New EGO product at The Home Depot
New EGO product at The Home Depot
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Bullsh*t Product - Defiant 6-Outlet Metal Surge Protector from Home Depot
This is one bullsh*t metal surge protector. Or power strip. It's actually both, but it's definitely not metal. Well, some of it is metal. So watch the video already!
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Concrobium Mold Control - The Home Depot
Why buy two products to solve your mold problem when one will do? Concrobium Mold Control not only eliminates mold but keeps it from returning. It also cleans mold stains and eliminates musty odors.
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foam filling masks with home depot foam
******EDIT****** The day after I shot the video I checked the masks again- after the foams full cure time the foam was very firm and rigid. I bet it would work fine for fence posts and save a ton of time! This is how to easily and cheaply foam fill masks with a product you purchase from home depot. It is also an experiment- a project I have never done before and am trying in front of the camera to show my thought process as much as the project. here is the product link- http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sika-33-fl-oz-Fence-Post-Mix-483503/205671519
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Make $3,000 Per Month Creating Your Own Amazon Product Bundle with Cheap Items from Home Depot
Hey guys, I have a nice side hustle idea for you guys today. This side hustle is creating a product and bundling items to create an outdoor light hanging kit. Recently my girlfriend bought some of these outdoor lights to hang above our patio. These lights don't come with any hardware to hang them so your on your own for that part. After several unsuccessful trips to the hardware store looking for items to hang these lights it occured to me that if someone were to sell a kit and save consumers the hassle of running through the isles of Home Depot trying to find hardware to Jimmy Wrig something together, I think it would probably be a hit. This product has very little competition. There's really only 2 serious sellers selling anything similar to this and IMHO their product is really low quality. They are also charging $39 and $45 and the cost of materials is probably under $5. The two main sellers currently selling these kits on Amazon are selling over 100 units per month so I would estimate their profits conservatively at about $3,000 to $4,000 per month. To me the beauty of this idea is that you really don't even need to order any inventory. If you want to you could buy the hardware in bulk and make even bigger margins, however you could even not buy anything, list your product bundle on Amazon or eBay or a Shopify store for sale, and if a customer buys one you run on over to Home Depot, buy the parts, send to the customer and just buy inventory piece by piece as you make sales. If the product winds up taking off and you begin to sell consistantly then maybe you think about buying some inventory and pre-assembling these kits. Now the downside to this idea is it's a very small niche. There's only one use for these kits and it's hanging outdoor lights. It's also a seasonal business for the most part. That said it's still really attractive to me because there's huge margins, low competition, and this is something where you don't need a big outlay of money to get started. What do you think?
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10 Profitable Home Depot Items I Sold On Amazon FBA | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing
Inside this video I show you 10 profitable items I have bought and sold from Home Depot To Amazon FBA. 🔴 Amazon FBA Exclusive Membership Group - http://bit.ly/2Cd1BKU ✅ AMAZON Private Label Course - http://bit.ly/2EPqhup ✅ Learn To Wholesale Course - http://bit.ly/2qm0FlX 🔴 Passive Income For Entrepreneurs - http://bit.ly/2EpvmcW ✅ FREE GUIDES ✅ 🔴 Amazon FBA For Beginners - http://bit.ly/2EOCQGm 🔴 Beginners Guide To Passive Income - http://bit.ly/2CyYv7i QUESTIONS: If you have any questions regarding making money online, entrepreneurship, passive income, marketing, or anything in between, then please post your questions in the comment section below. ✅ CONNECT WITH ADAM ✅ 🔴 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/homemadeentrepreneur 🔴 Instagram - http://www.Instagram.com/homemadeentrepreneur ✅ ABOUT THIS VIDEO ✅ These are just some of the items that I have bought and sold from Home Depot to Amazon FBA. If you want more videos just like this then comment down below which store you would want to know more about. I buy inventory from just about every big box retail store, so just let me know. Thanks For Watching! Items I Buy And Sell On Amazon FBA - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6J9yV6ndAWzgErebo6ArPFWWv_PinW4b
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Home Depot Product Walk 18
Nikki Presenting at the Product Walk
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WerkMaster Scarab HomeDepot Product Demo
Brief demonstration of features of Scarab Hand Grinder. 7 Machines in 1 - Grinder, Sander, Polisher, Edger, Sander, Buffer, Burnisher. Excellent for refinishing counter tops, stairs, hard to reach areas, floors, walls, pools, decks, walkways, bathrooms, foyers, boat bottoms, any place there is a need for a grinder/polisher. perfect for removing epoxy paint, glues and mastic coatings.
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Retail Arbitrage Finds - Buying and Selling Clearance from Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, Meijer
Follow me on twitter to get notified on clearance deals you can potentially resell: http://twitter.com/flipping_junk I go out sourcing retail stores to find clearance to resell and had a good day. Hit a couple thrift stores too while I was out and found some great deals. Come check out my ride a long haul video. I'm Wick and I am a reseller. I find things at garage sales, thrift stores, and even retail stores to sell. I do online arbitrage to retail arbitrage to buying locally. While the majority of my business is done through Amazon FBA, I also sell on eBay or anywhere else I can flip the junk that I find. Subscribe and join me on my adventures to see what I can find to make some dollars. Instagram: flipping_junk Find stuff to resell on bluelots -- http://bit.ly/2BKvTr1 FAQ: What tools do I need to sell on Amazon FBA and eBay? Here is what I use for my reselling business below. https://www.amazon.com/shop/flippingjunk Q: What Apps do you use to sell online (eBay and Amazon)? A: I search the eBay sold and completed listings to get an idea of what products are selling for. I use the Amazon Seller App to scan for FBA. Seller app -- http://amzn.to/2HM1qbM Q: Can you make a living selling online? A: Yes, the difficulty is based on how much effort you put in and how much you need to make each month. I do this full time. Q: Where do you find your clearance products to resell? A: Literally everywhere. Check end caps and look for clearance aisles, but mostly it will be mixed in. Ask a manager if there's any good clearance deals and build a relationship if possible. Q: Do you make a full-time living selling online? A: I do. All my bills are covered, I'm able to save a good amount, and put money back into the business. I also do other things to make money, but reselling is the meat. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a full-time living reselling. Please like, comment, and subscribe! It keeps me motivated and happy. Thanks :D Please consider sharing the video to help my channel grow and promote new videos. Links are amazon affiliate links. They help compensate me for the time it takes to shoot, edit, and upload these videos. Please consider supporting me for my time. Thanks.
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home depot avoid the product coaching scam
avoid the product coaching scam and licensing scam, mypatentcourse, patent
GT Capstone: Home Depot Innovation in Product Association
Provide in-store associates the resources to recommend products to customers more effectively. The recommendations will be derived from real transactional data by leveraging machine learning algorithms in conjunction with consumer behavior. Major Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Sponsor The Home Depot Advisor Dr. Steven Hackman Primary Email Contact [email protected] Table # Y14 Members Name Major Hometown Stephen Crawford Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Decatur, GA Vishnu Premsankar Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Williston, VT Sean Hardy Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Richmond Hill, GA Jenna McConnico Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Johns Creek, GA Angie Zhang Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Atlanta, GA Shannon Felts Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Atlanta, Ga Nicholas Anderson Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Savannah, GA Kelsie Stanton Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) Snellville, GA
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Product REVIEW How to Install Home Depot Bali 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds and shorten them
Detailed How to install Home Depot Bali Today 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds and shorten them to correct length. PRODUCT REVIEW. These are the Bali blinds you can only order on line from the website. They rejected my review- so here it is here with installation instructions.
The Value Proposition for Using ML in Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores: Home Depot (Cloud Next '18)
In brick and mortar retail, customer service starts with product being in stock and on the shelf. Hear how Home Depot’s machine intelligence team has used machine learning on GCP to solve this classic problem in retail. In this case study we present the business case for ML, the technical challenges we encountered, and how we overcame them. MLAI104 Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Machine Learning & AI sessions here → http://bit.ly/2zGKfcg Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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The Home Depot Mobile App – Image Search
Have a product that caught your eye? Or maybe you’re looking for an item that you just can’t describe? Now with Image Search from The Home Depot app, simply snap a photo and we’ll show you similar products available in-store or online.
Views: 2307 The Home Depot
MC Home Depot Pay-less Product of the Month: Mariwasa Tiles
Get great deals and discounts on Mariwasa Tiles in ALL MC Home Depot Outlets (Ortigas, the Fort, and Pampanga) from May 1 to 31, 2017
Views: 314 MC Home Depot
Clearance Product from THE HOME DEPOT to ReSell on AMAZON FBA
WATCH MY LATEST RETAIL ARBITRAGE VISITS BELOW ;) SUPERSTORE / LOBLAWS Amazon FBA | Retail Arbitrage https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=RXP1Kb42XJ4 LORDCO Auto Parts | Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage HD https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=ukdfkgOkRTo STAPLES Retail Arbitrage | Amazon FBA https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=nBMuRSfWPi0 DOLLARAMA Retail Arbitrage Session Amazon FBA https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Y2wP2G02Ip8 THE HOME DEPOT Canada | Retail Arbitrage | Amazon FBA https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=E-0Ce-r-IDc CANADIAN TIRE | Retail arbitrage Amazon FBA https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=u0_kjrV7Lis
Granite sealer product review Home depot available SCI Stone care
I just used this product and wanted to let you know what I see. Please feel free to comment if you have used this and what your results were. ALSO if you have used other products and what YOU did, please link your video in here so others can find you
Views: 346 detoxifyguy
Home Depot Product Knowledge - FloorMuffler
Product Knowledge Video for the FloorMuffler
Home Depot Product Finder - SapientRazorfish
SapientRazorfish product finder kiosks that we developed for Home Depot.
Views: 138 Joe Piteo
Using Lowes and Home Depot to Dropship on eBay
Check Out My Free eBook on eBay Dropshipping! http://bit.ly/FreeDSeBook I Created A Course To Teach You Step-By-Step How I Profit on eBay Use The Link Below for $50 OFF http://bit.ly/sfDScourse I Created a $20 Udemy Course on Training Virtual Assistants! http://bit.ly/20VACOURSE Here I discuss the optimal strategy for sourcing from Home Depot and Lowe's for eBay dropshipping. ***IMPORTANT NOTE ON LOWES**** I prefer to use a credit card instead of Gift Cards at Lowe's because if you return an item, the merchant credit will be sent to the original shipping address. Some people have stated that if returns are low, you can still make more money using the 4.8% discounted gift cards instead of a 1% or 2% credit card. My New Favorite Cashback Website http://www.mrrebates.com?refid=1298920 Coupon Website https://www.lowesdeals.com The BEST Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Software http://www.salefreaks.com/?afmc=41 THANKS FOR WATCHING! PLEAS LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE
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HomeDepot (Product Page Video)
Views: 51 WebOptimizzzz
How I Select Products To List On ebay
I walk you through a simple process that I follow to select products at Home Depot to list on eBay. Udemy course that I took to learn about eBay Drop Shipping: http://goo.gl/IZ87z5 Hydra Lister is the eBay listing tool that I recommend: http://goo.gl/Y3jtmH Sku Grid is an eBay repricing tool that I recommend: http://goo.gl/mM037W GiftCard Zen is my favorite discounted gift card site: https://giftcardzen.com/ Splender is my favorite cashback site: http://fbuy.me/egdHb
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