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Product Team Structure
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Integrated Product Support Easily Explained
Integrated Product Support Easily Explained - how technology companies should support their users and their products
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How to use Slack and Microsoft Teams in a Corporate New Work Environment
I talked to Katha one of our Senior Advisor for New Work Communication during our Blackboat bi-monthly retreat. She shared her experience from coprorate projects about the need to design a communication model for your team and establish new tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams I cannot stress enough that this is basic work and you should reconsider your setup and guidelines within your team to bring collaboration to a new level and make it more transparent and efficient. --- Subscribe here to my channel http://bit.ly/cmagchannel I upload videos every Thursday 7pm CET about New Work, Digital Transformation, cloud collaboration, entrepreneurship and the communication tools that drive change within organizations. Subscribe to my bi-weekly 3x3 newsletter for more ‘food for thought’ about how the future technology is changing the way we work http://3x3.christophmagnussen.com And you can message me and connect via Facebook: http://facebook.com/christophmagnussen –– Christoph Magnussen is an entrepreneur since high school. After graduating from University of St. Gallen (HSG), he co-founded a mobile phone reCommerce company which grew from 1M to 31M in revenue in less than 5 years. To scale the business, he wouldn’t just add manpower. Instead, he was obsessed with increasing individual productivity through latest online collaboration tools and new work methods. This new digital setup triggered many requests from fellow entrepreneurs to support them in building the same environment in their companies. This is how the idea for his company Blackboat was born. A tech-focused company designed to help leaders increase team efficiency by leveraging cloud tools and fast communication. Blackboat helps you identify your requirements and choose the cloud solution that suits your needs. Additionally, we will support you in implementing these solutions such as G Suite, Office 365, Bettercloud, FireEye, Slack etc. and build a scalable setup that goes beyond the standard off-the-shelf product from these providers. Christoph is also a keynote speaker, and he shares his experiences, thoughts, and ideas about Digital Transformation (Digitalisierung, New Work), Team Collaboration, Leading Virtual Teams, #EndOf90iesIT and #futureofwork.
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What Is An Integrated Team?
With a focus on the patient, team members share information and work together to address coordinate your care apr 29, 2010 recommendations for integrated working include; A management of teams; need invest in resources successful integration development clear standards monitoring success failure And further empirical an product (ipt) is multidisciplinary group people who are collectively responsible delivering defined or process. Integrated project team (ipt) start up guide the mitre corporation. Ipts are used in complex development programs projects for review and decision making. It describes the most important decisions and key steps in ipt formation based on mitre's research into best practices industry government as one of keys to solving problems program complexity, time, distance culture between stakeholders is through a virtual office environment (voe) with well defined communication plan processes integrated product teams. A high functioning care team is essential to delivering effective integrated primary and behavioral healthcare achieving the triple aim of better care, improved outcomes, lower costs. Integrated health care american psychological association. Integrated team based care and health quality, utilization an integrated patient upmcstudy on at intermountain healthcare working a literature review. Learn more about this team integration raises productivity, reduces risk, and enables predictable profitable business outcomesepm's organization performance by design approach employs sophisticated simvision simulation models to amplify your expertise achieve higher than conventional aug 23, 2016 ten year study intermountain healthcare delivering high quality patient care while reducing costs using based within an integrated system apr 30, 2010 abstract. Fully highly totally integrated they operate as a fully teamwords used to describe mixtures and jun 16, 2017 project team is term by the government system of collaborative working between all those involved in delivery on day basis. This guide suggests how to set up, manage, and evaluate ipts in government. Integrated product team wikipedia. An integrated distribution system for the south east. How it manages its projects is rarely shared with the product team's approach. The principle is simple client and suppliers working together as a team can enhance whole life value while reducing total cost, improve quality, innovate deliver project far more effectively than in traditional fragmented relationship that Building an integrated works samhsa hrsaintegrated literature review ncbi nihthe model adsubculture. During the summer of 1995, office secretary defense (osd) surveyed over 80 government and industry organizations regarding their ippd policies practices this guide explains how to work together as an integrated project team. The integrated project team acquisition. As maciej bodych notes the lack of proper combining things, people, or ideas different types in one effective unit, g
Prime Studio Product Design | Lynda.com from LinkedIn
"Meet the designers of Prime Studio, a product and brand consultancy business, and learn about the process behind their new line of collapsible home products, Squish. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned Additional Learning Paths: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-an-industrial-design-cad-technician?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned"
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03-2/4: Integrated Product Development
Integrated Product Development Process; Chapters: 00:00 - IPD Process; 01:00 - IPD model; 02:15 - Purposes, uses, limitations; 03:00 - Case study; 05:30 - Project; 07:00 - Competitive advantage; 08:30 - Objectives; 11:30 - Launch info; 12:45 - Desirables and musts; 15:00 - Project plan; 16:00 - Project plan;24:30 - Selection criteria; 26:00 - End of the case;
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03-1/4: Integrated Product Development
Sequential vs Integrated Development; Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction; 01:00 - Outline; 02:00 - Recoommended reading; 02:30 - Exercise; 05:45 - Sequential development; 06:45 - Integrated development; 09:00 - The role of the product development; 10:45 - Product cost allocation; 12:00 - Exercise; 13:00 - Exercise on stakeholders; 17:30 - The three Key disciplines of IPD; 19:30 - Exercise; 25:45 - Exercise; 27:45 - Extreme cases;
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What is Integrated Design?
INTEGRATED DESIGN IMPROVES THE ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS. The conventional definition of integrated design is that project team members from all disciplines work together early and often throughout the project design process. The enhanced definition presented here includes what goes on when the design team gets together - the synthesis of climate, use, building design and systems.
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What is Design Build? One Agreement, One Integrated Team
http://www.guthriegeneral.com - The concept of design build places the entire project under one cohesive umbrella. At Guthrie General, Inc. Architectural and Interior Design, Project Management and Construction are completed by a single in house team. This significantly benefits the project owner in the reduction of time management and coordination between a number of partners, which in turn reduces costly misunderstandings. Design/Build allows the client to deal with one group to manage the project from start to completion.
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integrated product-interview
Team: Eduardo Castañeda Ceballos #15 Eduardo David Gutierrez Pech #26 Lourdes Ivonne leon Burgos #28 Gabriela Guadalupe May Ochoa #29 Enrique Isaac Uc Rodriguez #47
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Integrated Product Development Course, Team Work Teaching at U-M with Spanish Subtitles
This video is about Professor, Bill Lovejoy and Assistant Professor John Marshall's Integrated Product Development Course, taught with students working in teams at the University of Michigan. This video has Spanish Subtitles.
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How to Use Planner with Microsoft Teams
In this video I’m show you how to add Microsoft Planner features into your Team, and how to create new buckets, which are lists of tasks. Then I’ll add tasks to the bucket, assign them to my team. And we’ll look at uploading and sharing files in Planner. Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattmunslow Check out our free SharePoint Online course: https://school.collaboration.coach/p/sharepoint-online-for-beginners Check out our free Microsoft Teams course: https://school.collaboration.coach/p/microsoft-teams-for-beginners
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EVOC FR Enduro Team backpack review: integrated back protector
Review of the EVOC FR Enduro Team backpack. A slim and light enduro backpack with certified integrated backprotector and a lot of features that suit enduro but also regular trail riders. ▶ Pricing (Amazon.com): Evoc FR Enduro Team: http://amzn.to/2ePQSJB Evoc FR Enduro Blackline: http://amzn.to/2ePVyzs ▶ Social Network Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myMTBguide Twitter: https://twitter.com/mymtbguide Google+: http://google.com/+myMTBguide Website: https://mymtb.guide **************************************************** Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Jim Yosef - Canary [NCS Release]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52R3Xy82nFc Jim Yosef • https://soundcloud.com/jim-yosef • https://www.facebook.com/jimyosefmusic • https://www.youtube.com/c/JimYosef • https://twitter.com/jimyosef
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Innovative Product Engineering
Globalization over the last decade has created many challenges for corporate products. There is the green challenge of tougher environment regulation and the lifecycle challenge of adapting products to fast-changing consumer behavior, to name but two. Boosting innovation, repositioning products to create value and significantly improving engineering efficiency have become essential for our clients. We at Roland Berger took those trends into account when we developed the concept of Innovation Product Engineering (IPE) Watch this short video to find out how IPE works. For further information, visit our website: www.rolandberger.com/ipe
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The Challenges of Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management
The Challenges of Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management
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Integrated Product and Process Design and Development The Product Realization Process (Environmen...
Get this file: Integrated Product and Process Design and Development The Product Realization Process (Environmen... fr33 access to all collection for 30 days -- http://micai.me
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Integrated Product Development with Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan
A description of the Integrated Product Development program at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. This is an interview with Professors Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan.
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SharePoint integration into Microsoft Teams for file sharing, storage & collaboration
Teams On Air - Ep: 66 - Delanda Coleman sits down with Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mark Kashman, to give an overview of how SharePoint connects with Microsoft Teams. This connection takes the same files and organization that you have on SharePoint, and integrates it into Teams, so you’ll have access to the same files, sites, pages, lists, and news articles. Learn more about integrating an existing SharePoint Library into Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/YiCKb5 Links: Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/izQs03 Try Teams: http://msft.social/Cuem73 Join us live: http://aka.ms/TeamsOnAir Teams on Air Podcast: iTunes: https://aka.ms/TeamsOnAirPodcast
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Our team is conformed by: Jorge Ivan Aké Tello #2 Yael Esleiter Figueroa Gamboa #23 Karen Andrea Ramírez Arias #39 Arlette Fabiola Raygoza Hernandez #40
Integrated Core Team
This screencast is about new product development projects and how fast teams are organized for speed. We call it The Integrated Core Team. This is based on 20 years of ongoing fast-time-to-market research in Silicon Valley by lateralworks (a consulting firm based in the Bay Area). More at www.lateralworks.com/weblog
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US Navy SPAWAR's Cosman, DeForest on Visual Information Display System
Air Traffic Controller Chief Shelly Cosman, the senior adviser for air traffic control at the US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Command's Systems Center Atlantic, and Richard DeForest, integrated product team lead for air traffic control at the center, discuss the new version of the Visual Information Display System (or VIDS), the program's evolution and tentative timeline during an April 10, 2018, interview with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian. The interview was conducted at the Navy League’s 2018 Sea-Air-Space Symposium, held April 9-11, 2018, outside of Washington. Our coverage is sponsored by Fincantieri Marine Group, Huntington Ingalls Industries and Leonardo DRS.
The Journey To CROSS FUNCTIONAL Development Teams
Are you looking for a way to get people with different disciplines to work together better when developing software? Today I'd like to talk about the journey to cross functional development teams and some of the considerations on your way to integration. Cross-functional teamwork is simply taking people who used to be in separate teams or departments and putting them on the same team. To get there people go through a series of phases or stages. The first phase is what I call "ad-hoc". Someone at the company has done some work that would typically be thought of as associated with a discipline (ops, qa, support, ux as examples), but they don't think about how all the things associated with that discipline should be handled. The second phase is "as a service", or what most people in medium to large companies often experience. This is where there is a dedicated department that does support, operations, ux/user experience, or quality assurance; as examples. When a product team needs help with one of the skills of these separate teams, they use their expertise as a service. But these teams are still independently managed and measured. The third phase is "embedded", and what most people think of when they hear terms like DevOps, Embedded QA, or Embedded UX as examples. Folks who were on a separate team are now integrated with the product team itself. They are dedicated to using their skills to achieve a single outcome for the business such as a product or deliverable. During the embedding phase, it's common to see companies create a center of excellence, or office, who's purpose it is to help make sure good practices are followed by those embedded in the teams. A "Project Management Office" is a common example of these. An important consideration is, does the person leading this new office have the skill with coaching, documentation, patience, and establishing measurable outcomes necessary? Also during the embedding phase, it's important that all of the people working together on a cross functional team now share in the risks and rewards. If we're going to expect people to work together towards a shared outcome, and not look out only for themselves and do work in silos, we need to spread the results of everyone's actions across the team members. The final phase of cross-functional development teams is when the skills that used to be primarily sought by a dedicated member of the team around a discipline (again, operations, quality assurance, user experience, support as examples) are disseminated across team members. This is hugely beneficial since multiple team members can now provide help with more than one discipline, and it avoids bottlenecks due to individuals who are thought of as "the person" for a particular skill being unavailable. Subscribe for more videos about Healthy Software Development: https://www.youtube.com/c/JaymeEdwardsMedia?sub_confirmation=1 Related Videos: You can watch my video on Continuous Delivery here: https://goo.gl/QuBwca #programming #teamwork #culture
Product Management View Webinar Series - Integrated Product Management
VIEW THE FULL PRESENTATION HERE http://grandview.rymatech.com/2009/25-integrated-product-management.html Ryma's Aug 26th webinar was presented by Donald McNaughton. Many have talked about Product Management being a Team Sport. Other's indicate it's a cross-functional effort including members of Marketing, Development, Strategy, Engineering, Services, Support, Operations, and so forth. Few have attempted to integrate the various activities of these organizations into one corporate wide product initiative. Even fewer have succeeded. Donald articulated the business value of an Integrated Product Management effort, and identified common issues preventing success. He shared with us some of his approaches and explained why he recommends particular methods over others. At the end of the day, have you ever wondered if there was a better way? You know whole organizations aren't plotting against you, but maybe there are days when it seems like it? If so, this is a presentation for you.
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Atlassian 2017 - The approachable, integrated product experience
A proposal project we made for atlassian design week 2015
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The Predictive Pipeline: SalesChoice-Wave Integrated Product Demonstration
Did you know that high performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to be currently using sales analytics? The amount of data available to sales organizations has grown exponentially in recent years. Amid the data explosion, however, companies have struggled to make sense of it all. Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring SalesChoice and Macadamian Technologies to understand how they use predictive sales analytics to make data-driven decisions that accelerate their revenue growth and win rates. Learn how sales analytics will help you: * Identify which deals are most likely to convert * Gain complete visibility across your pipeline * Drive smarter sales insights and faster decisions * Share real-time dashboards with your entire sales team See why 74% of sales leaders are using or will be using sales analytics in the next 18 months.
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Obviousness Maxim Integrated Products - Mobile Payments
In this video, I discuss why the patent I have chosen, mobile payments held by Maxim Integrated Products, is in fact obvious. Therefore, it should not be a patent subsequently not have a firm case in court. www.google.com/patents/US6237095
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IPPD: Integrated Product & Process Design at the University of Florida
The Integrated Product and Process Design program is an innovative educational initiative at the College of Engineering. Our students work in small multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of faculty coaches and industrial liaisons to design and build authentic industrial products for sponsoring companies. Learn more at www.ippd.ufl.edu.
Integrated Product Development
Students in the Integrated Product Development Class (BSAD 293) meet with officials at Hampton Direct. For more on the class, visit our website, www.bsad.uvm.edu.
RVLock V4.0 with Integrated Keypad For RV'S | Product Review | Keyless RVLock
RVLOCK V4.0 With INTEGRATED KEYPAD FOR RV'S | Product Review | Keyless RVLock delivers security, value, and safety to your rv. In this week's episode, Josh and Kali from the Freedom Theory shows you how the RVLock is a must have to an RV owners RV security system. - Upgrade Your RV's Security with the Convenience of Keyless Entry - The V4 is the Industry's Most Innovative and Secure Keyless RV Handle - Includes: (1) V4 Keyless Handle with Integrated Keypad, (1) Remote Fob, (2) Mechanical Keys and Simple Installation Hardware - Replaces Standard Handles (approx. 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5") - 5th Wheel, Bumper Pull, Traveler Trailer, Campers - Full 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty PRODUCT LINKS RVLock V4 Keyless Handle w/ Integrated Keypad & Fob http://amzn.to/2kPI1PF - RVLock V3 Keyless Handle w/ Wireless Keypad & Remote Fob http://amzn.to/2jTpptP RVLock Class C/A Keyless Handle w/ Integrated Keypad & Fob http://amzn.to/2kpQ1WM RVLock Universal 4-Button Remote FOB http://amzn.to/2kT5uM1 RVLock Keyless Compartment/Baggage Handle w/ Integrated Keypad & Fob http://amzn.to/2jTq7rc Q. What are the benefits of replacing my lock(s)? A. RVLock handles offer greater security and convenience for your trailer. Heavy-duty steel locking mechanisms and channeled-wiring are conveniently consolidated directly into the comfort-grip handle. —And, with more than 1 million secure locking combinations, RVLock gives you peace of mind when you are away. Enjoy the ease of keyless entry. Q. How will I access my trailer if the batteries go dead? A. RVLock handles emit a signal when approaching the end of battery life, — giving you plenty of time to change the batteries. In addition, each handle comes with a set of standard keys in case you are unable to gain access via the remote or keypad Q. Will the handle fit my RV? A. Currently our handles fit nearly all fifth wheels, travel trailers, campers, utility trailers, and many horse trailer models. You can easily measure your existing handle to be sure it will be the right fit. (Click here for specifications) Q. What is the difference between the V3 and V4 handles? A. The RVLock V3 and V4 handles both offer a wireless fob and keypad entrance. However, the V4 has an integrated keypad built into the handle while the V3 has a keypad that is separate from the handle and can be mounted anywhere near the door. Both handles are wonderful options for your trailer, simply choose the configuration that is best for you. Please let us know what other products you'd like to learn more about in the comments below and we’ll do our best to bring them to you! SUBSCRIBE TO ROAD GEAR REVIEWS for weekly video uploads reviewing our favorite travel gear for RVing, camping, road trips and more! FOLLOW ROAD GEAR REVIEWS: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadgearreviews Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/road.gear.r... ABOUT ROAD GEAR REVIEWS Gear Up For Your Adventures with Road Gear Reviews! We are a group of full time RV travelers with over 15 years of combined full-time traveling experience. We all have different travel styles and setups – ranging from a vintage travel trailer to truck and fifth wheels to a Class A motorhome with a tow vehicle. Our wide range of experiences and backgrounds allows us to bring you a diverse range of travel product reviews and share our real world trials and experience from our lives on the road here at ROAD GEAR REVIEWS. WHO ARE WE? Meet the Road Gear Reviews Team via our own YouTube channels and social pages below: RV LOVE – Marc & Julie YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RVLoveTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RVLoveTV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rvlovetravel DRIVIN' AND VIBIN' – Kyle & Olivia YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/drivinandvibin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drivinandvibin Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drivinandvibin THE FREEDOM THEORY – Josh & Kali YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kbrightlife Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefreedomth... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefreedomt... MORTONS ON THE MOVE – Tom & Caitlin YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mortonsonth... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mortonsonthe... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mortonsonth... SUBSCRIBE TO ROAD GEAR REVIEWS for weekly video uploads reviewing our favorite travel gear for RVing, camping, road trips and more! FOLLOW ROAD GEAR REVIEWS: Website: http://www.RoadGearReviews.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadgearreviews Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/road.gear.r... BUSINESS INQUIRIES: If you have a product you feel would be a fit for our channel and audience, please message us via our YouTube Channel, Facebook or Instagram. New Website coming soon! Thanks for watching! See you on the road!
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Integrated Quality Approach - Software Testing - Aspire Systems.MPG
Aspire Systems (www.aspiresys.com) has come up with an Integrated Quality Approach (IQA) that helps the software product development team to work cohesively, prevent defect leakage and enhance delivery quality in terms of customer expectations. Aspire's IQA framework helps Independent Software Vendors to bring all the stakeholders viz., customers, management team, business analysts, product managers, development team, testing team, maintenance and support team onto a common platform... Note: This custom made amateur video has been created to participate in VideoSTAR competition conducted by EuroSTAR 2010 - - Europe's Leading Software Testing Conference
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FNBE0715: Integrated Project - Product Designer
Presented by my team members: Lim Peidi, Lim XIao Xi,, Melvin Tan, Unsa Shahid, Lee Junyen & Natasya (me) FNBE0715 Integrated project of English, Introduction to Construction Industry & Introduction To Drawing.
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Agha and Banoo Ltd - Product - Integrated Data Management Portal
Stay ahead of the curve In today's world, in order to remain competitive in the market, companies should always be on the look out for new means to further their advantage. In-depth analysis of the data provides you real-time answers to various operational and customer demands. At Agha & Banoo Ltd, we're specialists when it comes to data analysis and can offer you tailored solutions that can turn out to be extremely beneficial to your business How we operate We can carry out comprehensive analysis of the market and customer data to get a better understanding of their demands. Our team of professionals with years of experience in the interpretation of data can be trusted to assess a large chunk of data into easily understandable forms. The end result of this process will help you recognise key areas where your company can improve in order to better their standing with the customer. https://www.aghandbanoo.co.uk/data-analysis [email protected] +447378774972
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Integrated Incident Management and Resolution
System Center 2012 R2 monitors your application in production and connects to Team Foundation Server (TFS) to provide engineering teams with actionable data to resolve bugs. Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 is used to resolve the problem quickly and check the fix into Team Foundation Server. Release Management connects to TFS for rich deployment operations and pushes the fix back to operations completing a full Application Lifecycle. In this video, you'll see how all this works and you'll understand how System Center and TFS can work hand-in-hand to make DevOps a reality in your organization.
The Perks Of Having An Integrated Product Suite | CASE STUDY: The Spirit of Dubai
Shaqir Hussyin, AKA 'the backpack millionaire', interviews a top salesman for The Secret Of Dubai, a brand collection of luxurious fragrances defining the prime elements of the UAE. In this interview, we discuss the benefits of acquiring a well-optimized integrated product suite. Listen, learn and take plenty of notes! http://www.ShaqirHussyin.com/yt ————— Subscribe to Shaqir Hussyin Visit http://shaqir.com to be apart of Wealth Academy’s family of 300,000+ subscribers, and claim your FREE daily newsletters, tips, tricks, lessons, and the latest & greatest hacks on wealth creation, market domination and online business growth. These are tremendous trinkets of value Shaqir Hussyin has left - and will continue to leave - for his followers and any respective affiliates of Wealth Academy. Attend Wealth Academy’s next Traffic Millionaires Summit LIVE event at http://AttendTMS.com Join the “Backpack Millionaire”, Shaqir Hussyin, and his Rockstar Wealth Academy Success Team at the Traffic Millionaires Summit 6.0. Register now by going to http://AttendTMS.com Visit https://wealthacademy.com/ to explore the BEST ways in which you can master the art, science and concept of creating passive wealth with an online business. Wealth Academy also provides an extensive array of HIGHLY VALUABLE live events tailored to start-up entrepreneurs, small-time business owners and average aspiring folks looking to fast-track their success through building a profitable online business, affiliate marketing, ecommerce and MORE. These events include… “Online Prosperity Workshop” — The best free 2-hour seminar for those looking to ‘crack the code’ to creating wealth, gaining freedom on the internet and living a long prosperously profitable lifestyle — Yes! Claim my free ticket at https://onlineprosperityworkshop.com/ “Online Business Summit” — A full intensive 3-day event that bridges the prosperity gap beyond our Online Prosperity Workshop — Reserve your V.I.P. seat at http://obsummit.com/ “My Dot Com Business” — A frequently sold out 3-day live event, hosted by Dot Com Millionaire Duo Shaqir Hussyin & Paul Lynch. Unlike Online Prosperity Workshop and Online Business Summit, My Dot Com Business emphasizes how you can truly own and profit from a fully-automated, home-based, 6 or Even 7-FIGURE PER YEAR online business by having someone else build it for you from the ground up— http://mydotcombusiness.com/franchise/ By Shaqir Hussyin, founder and CEO of Wealth Academy: “Empower. Educate. Earn” Follow Me on SnapChat https://www.snapchat.com/add/shaqirhussyin Search for and add: shaqirhussyin Over the last 7 years Shaqir Hussyin went from being a broke, frustrated university dropout to becoming a multi-millionaire, travelling to 75+ places all over the world, being featured on Forbes and is now on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to take control of their life. Shaqir Hussyin is on a mission to create 100 millionaires and 1,000 six-figure earners in the next 3 years. His company WealthAcademy.com & Dot Com Academy creates the leading educational training and software to help entrepreneurs start and grow their online business by leveraging Social Media, Internet Marketing and the most cutting edge information available online. He's learned from mentors and friends like Dan Pena, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Vishen Lakhiani, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Matt Lloyd, Matt Lloyd, founder of TheMobeSystem.com, David Wood, David Sharpe, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Russel Brunson, Russel Brunson Of Click Funnels, Les Brown, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Chris Record, Dan Sullivan, and more mentors and internet marketing gurus. He's travelled all over the world as the backpack millionaire to become where he's at now. Here's a few services and products. Check out all products and services here: http://ShaqirHussyin.com/products ADDITIONAL SERVICES & PRODUCTS. Need Done for you Website traffic? http://SoloAdsAgency.com Claim a free 30 minute 1:1 consultation to figure out how we can help you get website that converts. We've been helping internet marketers since 2009. Done for you Traffic Agency SoloAds for your Internet Business: http://SoloAdsAgency.com Your website not converting leads into sales? Claim a free 30 minute 1:1 consultation to figure out how we can help you get a done for you sales funnels that converts. Done for you Sales Funnels that convert http://GURUFunnels.com Let's Connect On Social Media: http://Twitter.com/ShaqirHussyin http://Instagram.com/ShaqirHussyin http://Facebook.com/ShaqirHussyin https://www.snapchat.com/add/shaqirhussyin Myspace - JUST KIDDING LOL! "Change your mindset Change your actions Change your results Change your life" - Shaqir Hussyin
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Midas Letter RAW 99: Eve & Co, C21 Investments, Technical and FUNdamental Cannabis Analysis
Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. James West and Ed Milewski provide comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis on all trending business and investment news, while interviewing the top CEOs of all public companies and analysts with the highest reputations in the business. 0:00 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis News and Analysis with James & Ed -Wayland Group (CNSX:WAYL) CBD Italian Factory deal for sustainable CBD products in Italy (now in Italy, Switzerland, Germany) -MedMen deal with Canaccord Genuity, short form prospectus -Aurora Cannabis (TSE, NYSE:ACB) earnings announcement Monday -Brinks (NYSE:BCO) and Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) security and logistics deal -Beleave (CNSX:BE) applies cannabis retail sales license, 9 locations in Ontario -ML indexes: blood in the streets day -Auxly (XLY); fundamental analysis: bad history; egregious financing; legitimized by BMO; better as Cannabis Wheaton; became Auxly; today big loss -Auxly technical analysis: volatile; the fundamentals will have to meet the valuation -Heritage Cannabis (CNSX:CANN) 400M shares out; not a buy today; facility in the free trade zone of Fort Erie -Crown Mining Corp (CVE:CWM), just had a historic day of volume trading 29:03 - Eve & Co Inc (CVE:EVE) (OTCMKTS:EEVVF) is a women-led company that prioritizes female cannabis consumers. CEO Melinda Rombouts knows that while the appeal of dried flower is universal when it comes to cannabis, derivative products have tremendous potential with female consumers. 41: 33 - Video - Women in Cannabis: A look at how women participate in the cannabis space and the different ways women consume cannabis. With JB Lauzon. 45:13 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed -Drone Delivery Canada Corp (CVE:FLT); on a run; declining wedge, but breaking out of the pattern -lithium; market manipulation? 59:50 - C21 Investments Inc (CNSX:CXXI) is a US-based, vertically integrated CBD product company operating in Nevada and Oregon. CEO Robert Cheney explains that the company’s products are on the shelves of 350 to 400 retailers in Oregon and its lifestyle brand, Phantom, has been sold in the state for a decade. 1:11:30 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed -James disputes Robert Cheney’s assertion that the US has proven lifestyle brands that are scalable; can't export product but can scale brands and expertise; Canadians have no brands and no connectivity to costumers -S&P -reverse head and shoulders; health of broader markets impacts cannabis market -MedMen, leaders on the retail side; well positioned for legalized -GTEC Holdings; double bottom in the making? ************************ Check out our website: https://MidasLetter.com ************************ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterYoutube SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterNewsletter Download Our Podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterPodcast ************************ Follow Us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterTwitter Like Us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterInsta Like Us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MidasLetterFacebook ************************ #MidasLetter #TechnicalAnalysis #WeedStocks
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Assess. Equip. Integrate. Staff. | G4S Integrated Security Solutions
We ASSESS your risks, EQUIP you with the best solutions, INTEGRATE your systems, STAFF your team and support you throughout your entire lifecycle with innovative solutions to keep you secure. Learn more about G4S in the United States by visiting www.g4s.us
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IDMA 2012 : Special Awards : Best Integrated Campaign - Product/ Services
Team Maxus received a silver metal for Hero Motocorp's India's First 'Transdigital campaign' and Team Grey digital receives a gold metal for Volkswagen's 'anything4jetta' campaign for Best Integrated Campaign - Product/ Services category @IDMA 2012
Optimising Pattison Sand's operation with Integrated Solutions
When sand and aggregates producer Pattison Sand had an ambitious plan for a new plant, they drew upon the expertise of Weir Minerals. Our Integrated Solutions team provided a complete solution that expanded their product range and significantly increased throughput. Watch the full video to learn how we met Pattison Sand's needs and enhanced their operation.
Carnegie Mellon | IPD Course 2010 | Nissan LEAF | Team1
The Integrated Product Development (IPD) course at Carnegie Mellon partners interdisciplinary teams of design, engineering and business students with industry sponsors to bring new product opportunities to life. Through the process, students gain valuable experience while sponsors gain valuable insights and new ideas. This IPD team developed new interior features to expand the market for the LEAF, Nissan's zero-emission vehicle. The IPD course is the capstone course of Master of Product Development (MPD) program at Carnegie Mellon. To learn more visit: www.cmu.edu/mpd
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Javantura v3 - Rational Team Concert – integrated agile development and collaboration tool – Matija
Matija Capan – King ICT IBM’s Rational Team Concert (RTC) is an all-in-one development and collaboration tool for agile teams. It provides features that integrate development project tasks including iteration planning, change management, defect tracking, source control, build automation, and reporting. RTC’s built-in source control system is stream-based, uses change sets, and is tightly integrated with task tracking and builds. The presentation will show how RTC is used in the hands of the product owner, scrum master and developer.
The future of team communications (Google Cloud Next '17)
In this video, you'll hear about the latest additions to G Suite in the area of team communications. Scott Johnston discusses how you can use G Suite's integrated tool set to foster strong team culture, connectedness, and productivity. Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h Watch more talks about Collaboration & Productivity here: https://goo.gl/q3WbLc
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Product introduction of an integrated sports field - GreenFields
GreenFields is a manufacturer of sports field systems with artificial grass that are used across the world for sports like American football, hockey, soccer and baseball. GreenFields USA from Atlanta asked C4Real to provide input about product communication for the new system: the MX3 star. Read more at: https://www.c4real.nl/en/portfolio-items/greenfields-mx-3-star/ Or contact us at https://www.c4real.nl/contact/
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TIIC IADC 2014-Team 622- Manhole Accident Preventer with Integrated Wireless Transmission channels
The innovative "MANHOLE ACCIDENT PREVENTER WITH INTEGRATED WIRELESS TRANSMISSION CHANNELS". Public Welfare! Prevents mishaps before they occur!
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Carnegie Mellon | IPD Course 2011 | Proctor & Gamble | Team 1
The Integrated Product Development (IPD) course at Carnegie Mellon partners interdisciplinary teams of design, engineering and business students with industry sponsors to bring new product opportunities to life. Through the process, students gain valuable experience while sponsors gain valuable insights and new ideas. This IPD team explored how sustainability could enable P&G's Air Care brand to transform the current Air Care category. The IPD course is the capstone course of Master of Product Development (MPD) program at Carnegie Mellon. To learn more visit: www.cmu.edu/mpd
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