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Configuring EM
#em #oracle #11g #12c #test Commands -----------------------11g------------------- emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate emctl status dbconsole emctl start dbconsole start emctl stop dbconsole -----------------------12c------------------- select dbms_xdb.gethttpport() from dual; select dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport() from dual; exec dbms_xdb_config.sethttpport(8080); exec dbms_xdb_config.sethttpsport(8081);
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Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control
Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control
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Oracle on vSphere Workshop for Oracle Certified Masters -- Group 1
Oracle on vSphere Workshop for Oracle Certified Masters -- Group 1
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Oracle tutorial for beginners - How to Change DBID of an Oracle Database
Hello friends in this videos we learn about how to change DBID in Oracle 11g database. by Lalit saini
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Starting and Using DB Console
A quick introduction to starting and use 11g Database Console (aka Database Control)
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Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface
Presented by Kellyn Pot'Vin Wednesday December 12th 2012 Summary The EM CLI (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface) enables the administrator to access full EM12c functionality from the command line, (shell/command windows). This essential tool is incorporated with even more features with the newest release of the Enterprise Manager 12c and is important to understand when working within the EM12c environment. This webinar will open the administrator up to the world of Enterprise Manager 12c's Command Line Interface. Discover advanced features that the EM CLI can manage, not just commands to manage/address the E12c environment, but custom scripts used in SQLPlus, shell and Perl which can also be utilized through this invaluable tool. The session will demonstrate how EM CLI can ease the management of administering large database environments and how the commands can address problems the graphical interface can not. Attendees will leave with a clear comprehension of: the ease of installation basic commands simple scripting skills advanced scripting methods how to utilize EM CLI correct issues using EM CLI for advanced deployment features A live Q&A session with Kellyn Pot'Vin will follow the presentation. For our complete archive, and to sign up for upcoming webinars please go to http://www.red-gate.com/oracle-webinars
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Oracle Instance Recovery Tutorial - Module 1 - Introduction to OCM John Watson
Q. Is It Possible to Corrupt an Oracle Database? A. No, You Cannot - Not If It Is Properly Administered. Why? Because the mechanism of redo and undo is the best yet developed on this planet. In this free tutorial, Oracle Certified Master John Watson will explain redo, undo, commit, instance recovery and demonstrate why your database can never lose one row of committed data. Learn what actually happens, in memory and on disc, when DML is issued. John will demonstrate that instance recovery is automatic, and unstoppable. This is critical and essential knowledge for all Oracle Administrators and DBA students. Presenter: John Watson, Oracle Certified Master See all free Oracle Database tutorials at www.SkillBuilders.com/OracleTutorials
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Oracle 11g - Real Application Clusters Tutorial | Using RAC With Enterprise Manager
Want all of our free Oracle 11g training videos? Visit our Learning Library, which features all of our training courses and tutorials at http://learn.infiniteskills.com?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=oracle&utm_campaign=01846_1702 More details on this Oracle 11g Real Application Clusters training can be seen at http://www.infiniteskills.com/learning-oracle-11g-real-application-clusters.html. This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free Oracle tutorials please visit our main website. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/OreillyMedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OReilly/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia Website: http://www.oreilly.com/
Thinking like an OCM 11g - Exam Requirements
How I'm thinking about the exam requirements for the Oracle Certified Master OCM 11g Exam.
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Thinking like an OCM 11g - Downloading the software
How I'm thinking about the software that will probably be present in the exam environment for the Oracle Certified Master OCM 11g Exam.
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OracledbConsole no inicia - Solucionado
Tengo problemas de audio tenido que grabar el vídeo luego , tenido que hacer el audio Codigo set ORACLE_HOME=tuoraclehome set ORACLE_SID=nombredelabase emctl start dbconsole
Thinking like an OCM 11g - Installing the database product BEFORE grid infrastructure
Intentionally installing Oracle Database before Grid Infrastructure for a later demonstration of configuring Grid Infrastructure and ASM after database creation.
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Oracle Enterprise Manager
Oracle Enterprise Manager is a set of web-based tools aimed at managing software and hardware produced by Oracle Corporation as well as by some non-Oracle entities. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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RAC and grid infrastructure series Configuring Standalone server pt 1
In this tutorial you will learn how to configure grid infrastructure for standalone server.
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Database Resource Manager OCM
Oracle database resource manager
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Thinking like an OCM 11g - Fix huge resolution VMWare Guest screen
How to fix incorrect resolution set by vmware-config-tool.pl
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Node2 Movie.avi
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Ensuring Your Oracle RAC Databases Meet Your Business Objectives at Runtime
Over a decade ago Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) brought the required enterprise level scalability and availability functionality necessary to support Oracle databases in business critical applications. This session will introduce an Oracle RAC database classification framework that supports measuring and monitoring workloads aligned with business applications and their objectives and specified via policies to meet changing business criticality. Learn how to use this framework, enhanced in and included in Oracle QoS Management as part of the Oracle RAC license, to classify your 11.2+ database workloads within or across applications, identify actual production runtime performance capability and bottlenecks, and understand and set realizable performance objectives. Learn how these can then be runtime monitored through an EM Cloud Control dashboard and if violated, alerted via EMCC notifications. This session will also cover, new in, database workload rankings that govern database startup order and LMS scheduling and how this can be managed through the same performance policies.
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Thinking like an OCM 11g - Introduction
This playlist "Thinking like an OCM 11g" is intended to be a series of videos that show a bunch of things I did to prepare for the OCM 11g, despite being denied access to the exam because of an administrative glitch. I have no idea if the material actually is anywhere close to what is on the OCM exam, and actually may never take the exam because the administrative hassle of arranging travel, booking the exam, hoping it isn't cancelled, paying all the fees, etc... is just too expensive time-wise from my valuable life. Really, Oracle database is not that exciting or difficult. IT leadership and business alignment is the hard part of IT, not optimizing a query or technical operations.
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Create Listener
Create Listener View more in my blog: http://kendyhikaru.blogspot.com/
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OCM: Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master Exam Guide This is a practical handbook for Oracle professionals who already are certified OCP's and want to pursue OCM: Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master. Oracle's OCM Certification is the elite credential in the database world. This book is organized in such a way so as to serve as an in-depth review of Oracle Certified Master Database 10g credential. Thorough study of this practical guide will help in pertinent use of Oracle products. This practical guide offers thorough exam preparation and a great on-the-job reference for the Oracle Database. All the OCM certification objectives are carefully taken care of in the book and each chapter covers the major aspect of the exam .All those who want to award themselves with the acclaim of elite DBA... must acquire this guide for its thorough study.
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Thinking like an OCM 11g - Installing OEL 5.4 as a base playpen
Building a base VM to later clone for playpens to study for the Oracle Certified Master OCM 11g Exam.
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Start OC4J Instance cannot start or always close
if in your application of dev10g the Start OC4J cannot start this is the video how to fix that problem
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Thinking like an OCM 11g - Cloning OEL 5.4 base to multiple playpens
Cloning multiple VMs as playpens to study for the Oracle Certified Master OCM 11g Exam.
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DLL de base genérica para Repository em Entity Framework
Nesse vídeo é demonstrada uma dll genérica de base para ser utilizada em qualquer projeto para automatizar os repositórios, com uma estrutura de log nos métodos. Isola Contexto, Entidade e Log.
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Deiby Gomez  - OCM Database 12c y Oracle ACE Director Guatemala
Deiby resume en este video el recorrido de lo que está haciendo el grupo de usuarios oracle en Guatemala, como se está integrando con el Java. Tambien acerca de revision de un libro y del ACE Program
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ODM 11gR2 - Dropping the Repository
Dropping and removing the Oracle Data Mining 11g R2 repository from the database.
Views: 371 Brendan Tierney
Enterprise Manager Basic Setup and Settings Part 1/2
Demonstration of Enterprise Manager, MRP software developed and used by Fletcher Wood Products in the architectural millwork industry. Deeply integrates with Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware cabinet/counter top manufacturing software.
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Oracle Database Express (IE scripts) Tutorial 3
Using Internet Explorer we run the script from the earlier tutorial and find the results are intriguing. We look again at referential integrity and the effect of constraints and why we cannot just keep re-running the same script.
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RAC and Grid Infrastructure series: Setting up ASM instance pt 1
In this tutorial you will learn how to configure ASM instance.
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V ENPO - SQL*PLUS, A Tool Versátil
Palestra: SQL*PLUS, a Tool versátil Palestrante: José Laurindo Chiappa V ENPO (Encontro Nacional de Profissionais Oracle) http://www.enpo.com.br ENPO (Encontro Nacional de Profissionais Oracle) ENPO: ENPO (Encontro Nacional de Profissionais Oracle)
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OCM Tutorial
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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