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Undergraduate Art and Design degree shows: Thursday 2 -- Sunday 12 June 2011. Our annual degree shows are a highlight in the School's calendar and the culmination of much hard work and commitment from our students. They give the University a chance to showcase the original, innovative and inspiring work that is being produced within the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, and School of Art & Design at undergraduate level. More more information, please visit: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/creativeaction
This documentary film is about my years 5 senior thesis furniture design in industrial design i study in faculty of architecture KMITL Bangkok Thailand. By Teerapol Tanamontol email : [email protected]
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Find out if YOU are an Industrial Designer!
Find Out If You Are An INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER? Come join the NEW Facebook page for more updates! https://www.facebook.com/JimmyHuynhDesign/ **I'll be uploading videos every Monday to make yours just a little better:) Hey there! Industrial design is an fun, creative, and competitive filed that might be perfect for you! If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe to see more! Also, if you have any questions you would like me to answer, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Oh! If you havn't heard yet, i'm on a realitiy TV show with my team #Teamlongbeach Jimmy Huynh, Patrick Soriano Matt Ulery, Brian Mar, Sheila Pancani...competiting to design Wilson Staff's next golf driver and a chance to win 500,000! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=844GFahmTDo ---------------- With an internet full of industrial design "How To's" videos, I want to offer instructional videos that goes further than just teaching technical skills. My goal is to set you on the right path, use your brain to make good decisions, and start you off with a successful industrial design career! My Colorflot: http://www.coroflot.com/JHD/portfolio I make these videos on my spare time to share my knowledge. If you enjoyed my videos and want to donate, listed is my bitcoin address. Thank you. 125ZGMRrGAtvbC7BoTziyu9v1AC9A9yYeu
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5 Super Cool Gadgets for Architect & Designers #3 (2017)|  NEXT PUNCH
Architects and Designers are savvy, design-minded beings who usually approach their gadgets and gizmos with the same level of discretion and attention to detail that they approach their designs. They settle for nothing less than pure, honest, functional products (and you can be sure that any of their devices or accessories look great, too) Here are few gadgets that can save a lot of time, energy during works and make it more fun. 1.Leap Motion - http://amzn.to/2piSqWW 2.reMarkable - https://getremarkable.com/ 3.Slide n'Joy -https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slidenjoy/slidenjoy-double-or-triple-your-screens 4.Hovr - http://hovr.pro/shop/ 5.Titan Note - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/titan-note-change-the-way-you-take-notes-college-innovation#/ Enjoy this video? Please take a brief moment and hit that LIKE button Subscribe to my channel : http://www.youtube.com/c/nextpunch Best Apps for Architects 2017 #1 |TOP 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKeK0toirUU 10 sketchup plugin you wish you already had | Top 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P26pTx2y1zI 5 Super Cool Gadgets for Architect & Designers #2 (2017)| NEXT PUNCH https://youtu.be/MawfBKA2DJ8 Disclaimer: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Prime Studio Product Design | Lynda.com from LinkedIn
"Meet the designers of Prime Studio, a product and brand consultancy business, and learn about the process behind their new line of collapsible home products, Squish. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned Additional Learning Paths: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-an-industrial-design-cad-technician?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-design-business-owner?utm_campaign=nkq2Q4rlQQ0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned"
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The first secret of great design | Tony Fadell
As human beings, we get used to "the way things are" really fast. But for designers, the way things are is an opportunity ... Could things be better? How? In this funny, breezy talk, the man behind the iPod and the Nest thermostat shares some of his tips for noticing — and driving — change. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/talks/tony_fadell_the_first_secret_of_design_is_noticing Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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How product design can change the world | Christiaan Maats | TEDxUniversityofGroningen
Christiaan Maats is a designer and entrepreneur who challenges the way we look at product design. Going beyond form and function he shows us how products carry deeper layers of meaning and how those layers can connect us to a bigger reality. In this Talk, Christiaan Maats explains how meaningful products can embody the change we want to see in the world and sheds light on his own vision of a circular society that integrates industrial society with its natural roots. Christiaan Maats was born and raised in Groningen, though he studied Industrial Design Engineering at Technical University in Delft. His keen interest in the psychology behind product- and brand experience took him to Sydney, Australia where he conducted a case study titled “Storytelling through Product Design”. Good product design is good storytelling, according to Christiaan. His creation of the world’s first biodegradable shoes that bloom is a perfect example of his philosophy. Christiaan considers himself a practical idealist. He is driven by his passion for innovation and creating products and brands that inspire a better future by making you smile, think and wonder. His refreshing ideas on sustainable innovation disrupt the status quo. Christiaan's diverse background and enthusiasm are great ingredients for an inspiring TEDx Talk that focuses on the society of the future and how to get there. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Parametric Architecture: What Product Designers can learn from Complex Building Projects
Allison and Vince report on how the architects of the Liwa Tower project designed within typical product design constraints like budget, logistics, feature creep and physics. They built an app for the concept design that helped manage the project through to construction.
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One Book EVERY Designer Should Own
A review of one of my all-time favorite books; one I think every designer should own. Part review and part personal reflection, it's a continuation of my previous video on goal setting. As I struggled with my traditional goal setting exercise this year, I stumbled on a new methodology and consulted this formative book in my library about the life and work of Dieter Rams for guidance. It's a book I think should be in every designer's collection and in this video I share how it's shaped my architecture practice and my approach to life. I view books as the raw materials of creativity. Looking at and learning from the work of others is crucial to the development of your personal style and I encourage sampling from every possible source you can: graphic designers, authors, engineers, sculptors, every field relies on some measure of creativity. The deeper your understanding of what’s out there the more source material you have to draw upon and the more things you can smash together to craft your own style. Dieter Rams designed more than 500 products over his forty-two-year career at Braun; he’s regarded as one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century yet the path that led him there was anything but premeditated. The happenstance of it is as empowering as it is unsettling. This volume explains the history and events that shaped his personal esthetic. Be sure to add this book to your library for context, depth and to understand the true measure of Herr Rams' contribution to the design world. Study it, not to replicate his style (you don’t want to look like him) but to see like him. And a special thanks to my grandfather, whose counsel I miss each day, but who will always live on in my studio and work. // GEAR I USE // DRONE: *Mavic Pro by DJI: http://amzn.to/2hW3dTA DSLR CAMERA: * Canon 6DMKII http://thirtybyforty.com/6dmkii * Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2fBWGMQ LENSES: * Canon 24mm f2.8 Lens: http://amzn.to/29l7ac5 * Canon 40mm f2.8 Lens: http://amzn.to/29x2QcI * Canon 10 - 18mm f4.5 - 5.6 IS Lens: http://amzn.to/2vyErvS * Canon 24-70mm f2.8L Lens: http://amzn.to/2DMt0Y5 MUSIC I USE: * http://thirtybyforty.com/music AUDIO: * Rode VideoMic Pro (hotshoe mtd.): http://amzn.to/29qlNM3 * ATR-2100 USB (dynamic mic): http://amzn.to/2dFDaKp ARCHITECTURE GEAR: * Copic Markers: http://thirtybyforty.com/copic-sketch * Prismacolor Markers: http://thirtybyforty.com/markers * Timelapse Camera: http://thirtybyforty.com/brinno * AutoCAD LT: http://amzn.to/2dxjMDH * SketchUp PRO: http://amzn.to/2cRcojz * HP T120 Plotter: http://amzn.to/2dBGf1O * Adobe CC Photography (Photoshop/Lightroom) Plan: http://amzn.to/2dhq5ap CAD DRAWING TEMPLATE: * Download here: http://thirtybyforty.com/autocad-template STARTUP TOOLKIT: * Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit: http://thirtybyforty.com/SPL -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Studio Joy Works (Rick Joy's New Book) - My Review" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZPhhiLaOhg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Modular Design
For the full course see: https://goo.gl/S3Q8XD Follow along with the course eBook: https://goo.gl/ZZqUzY In this video, we give an introduction to the architectural pattern of modular design and its application in designing complex systems Produced by: http://complexitylabs.io Twitter: https://goo.gl/ZXCzK7 Facebook: https://goo.gl/P7EadV LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/3v1vwF
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Innovation - Students of Product Design Episode1
This series 'Students of Product Design' is aimed at anyone interested in the product design process. This first episode looks at innovation, how to innovate and how simply changing the structure of the brief can impact on how innovative you can be. This series won't just talk about stuff, the plan is to share with you as many of the things I have learnt in the last 15 years (or so..) as possible through each stage of the design process to help you become far better designers than I can ever be. I'll be looking at research, sketching, model making, portfolios and a whole load of other things. I often think of youtube as a speed learning tool. Have you ever seen the Matrix films where Neo first learns martial arts by uploading a programme to his head or Trinity learns to fly a helicopter in minutes, that's how I see Youtube, Youtube is our version of the Matrix. So this series which is primarily aimed at students studying industrial design, product design or design engineering in university is designed to do just that, give you a knowledge boost to hopefully make your projects, designs, presentations and portfolio a lot better to improve your chances of getting a position as a designer, or your projects if you want to start your own company, anything related to design. I also hope with the content, that everyone will be able to take something away from it as many of the tips I'll give over the course of this series will be applicable to lots of areas of life. There's just isn't enough out there on product design, compared to say cookery shows it's very under provisioned and so I'm trying to redress the balance. I have a lot more planned, so please be patient, stay tuned and follow me, so that you can be alerted to when the next video is launched. www.producttank.co.uk
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How to be a Freelance Product Designer — Jared Erondu
Join the freelance community, newsletter, private Slack group, and also stay up-to-date on the release of FREELANCED, the documentary on freelancing I'm filming at http://freelance.tv *Huge thanks to Sony for the support on the gear. Highly recommend the gear if you're looking to get started in film http://geni.us/sonystuff * *Huge thanks to InVision App for the support documentary being filmed. A must have for sharing your design work http://geni.us/invision * -- Jared Erondu is a freelance Product Designer. http://erondu.com http://twitter.com/erondu -- Subscribe for more videos on Freelancing & Design. -- A documentary on freelancing called FREELANCED is currently being filmed. For more information check out http://freelance.tv. -- Questions: [0:10] What does freelancing mean to you? I mean, what do you think when you hear that word, “freelance”? [0:34] Do you think freelancers need certain skills to become successful? [2:09] Tell me about how you got started and what led you into freelancing for the first time? [3:43] How did you land your first projects? Seems like it’s always the hardest thing to do. How did you get through this? [5:30] How do you charge your clients and how did you come up with that solution? [8:32] Do you think you can make a lot of money freelancing compared to full-time? [10:36] So, I noticed you don’t really use the term freelance when you talk about yourself publicly, you seem to always say contract instead. Why is that? [9:35] Will everyone succeed at it? -- Thank you for watching this video I'm Dann Petty, a freelance designer in San Francisco, CA with past clients like Google, Medium, National Geographic, Airbnb, Nixon, and many more. http://twitter.com/dannpetty http://dribbble.com/dannpetty http://behance.net/dannpetty http://instagram.com/dannpetty -- This video was shot by myself with the following gear: View all http://geni.us/selffilmmaker MAIN CAMERAS SONY A7SII http://geni.us/a7sii SONY A7RII http://geni.us/a7rii *FAVORITE* (epic photos + video) OTHER CAMERAS SONY RX100 V http://geni.us/rx100v GOPRO http://geni.us/smallcamera MAIN LENSES 24-70MM http://geni.us/2470mm 16-35MM http://geni.us/sony1635mm *FAVORITE* (always on) OTHER LENSES 55MM http://geni.us/sony55mm 85MM http://geni.us/sony85mm 90MM http://geni.us/sony90mm 70-200MM http://geni.us/sony70200mm AUDIO ON CAMERA MIC http://geni.us/sonymic LAVS http://geni.us/lavs OVERHEAD SHOTGUN http://geni.us/shotgunmic RECORDER http://geni.us/recorder TRIPODS MAIN http://geni.us/manfrotto290 *FAVORITE* (so easy to use) HEAVY DUTY http://geni.us/sachtler1001 (worst purchase) ACCESORIES BATTERY GRIP http://geni.us/sonybatterygrip *FAVORITE* (a must) EXTERNAL MONITORS *FAVORITE* (best investment yet) SMALL HD 502 http://geni.us/smallhd501 SMALL HD 702 http://geni.us/smallhd702 Edited in Adobe Premiere CC 2017
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Product Design at ArtCenter College of Design
Visualizing ideas, inventing solutions, and above all, understanding people. Product Design at ArtCenter teaches designers to develop a commercial mindset and ultimately help shape a better world by balancing functionality, relevance, and sensory appeal. Through Sponsored Projects with brands like Nestlé, Vans, and Adidas, students gain exceptional collaborative opportunities and industry experience. A film by Hello Design. http://www.artcenter.edu
Industrial Design for Architecture - student from Italy
ID4A -- Industrial Design for Architecture Politecnico di Milano, first level university Master program organised by the polytechnic's POLI.design Consortium in collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura. The Master program will be conducted in English. http://www.polidesign.net/id4a
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MARKER REVIEW! Which Marker Brand Should You Choose?
★ NEW 2019 Sketch Course ► http://bit.ly/TSMAcademy25OFF ★☆★Learn to sketch like an industrial designer ★☆★ ► https://analogdesignerpropack.com/adpp ★☆★Merch ► https://sketchmonkey.store★☆★ ★☆★Tools I personally love, use and recommend★☆★ Markers: ShinHan TOUCH TWIN Marker 60 Color Set A - https://goo.gl/VLHxR2 Copic Markers 12-Piece Sketch Set, Cool Gray - https://goo.gl/YXiSjV Pens: BiC Round Stic M - https://goo.gl/usngQu Posca Pen White Ink Highlighter - https://goo.gl/N7FWYu Faber Castell Pitt White 101 Artist Pen - https://goo.gl/dC7N9s Marker paper: Carson XL Marker Paper Pad - https://goo.gl/DyhzN4 Tablet: Wacom Intuos - https://goo.gl/YFfvpK Office setup: My camera: Nikon D3300 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm - https://goo.gl/o6xLFW My microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone - https://goo.gl/F4zNed Benks Classic Cell Phone Holder - https://goo.gl/uqC1Bb Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that I have experienced all of these products, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something through my links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. In this marker review video I’ll go over 6 different marker brands and show you how well each brand blend on marker paper. I will be using 2 markers of a similar shade of each brand. Except for the Promarker since I messed that up :D Summary: Prismacolor: Great marker for a specific type of sketching. Personally, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t like the fat nib since it literally blocks my view of where I’m sketching. Also the ink distribution is weird. Almost like it’s constantly going dry even though the marker itself is new. Touchnew: Great marker with vibrant colors. Dual tips - one broad tip and one fine tip on each marker. Might be TOO wet for some but there is a nice flow to the strokes. Takes a bit of time to dry which also means you’ll have time to blend. Promarker: The marker that started it all for me! These were the first markers I bought in college and they lasted me 10 years. The just went dry for this video! Perfect timing… Great markers for to start with, really no complaints. Touch: I love the Touch markers. I like the black design of the marker itself. Blends really well and feels high quality. Great starter sets available with all the colors you need. Copic Sketch: Always been a fan of the Copic markers. I like the regular sized ones even though in some cases they might feel a bit too fat and rectangular. I prefer the Sketch versions with a more nimble feel to the marker. Big advantage is the refill feature! Thatcolor: Not going to waste anybodies time here - don’t get these markers. The colors don’t match the cap and sometimes you won’t get any color at all. Blending capabilities are not good since they dry extremely quickly and leaves no time to blend. Thank you for watching!
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Fare un portfolio di Product design
www.instagram.com/breccia.riccardo Community di designer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brecciadesigncommunity/
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Architecture, Furniture and Product Design Degree Show 2013 - Nottingham Trent University
Find out more about what its really like to study once of our creative design courses. Hear from our recent graduates talking about BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design, BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology, BA (Hons) Product Design, BA (Hons) Furniture and Product Design and BSc (Hons) Product Design. For full details about our courses and how to apply visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/adbe
Steel + Residential Architecture - An Architect's How-to Guide
Quintessentially modern, steel is a material born of industrial processes. It’s forged in fire and rolled or drawn into shapes — beams, tubes, wires, angles, plates. Steel is strong, durable, conductive, ductile, machinable and malleable. And while many think of the use of steel in a residential setting as a particularly cold form of modernism, steel can be wonderfully warm and inviting when contrasted with natural materials. In this video I review the essential qualities of steel and how they can be leverage for use in a residential setting. I discuss: 1. Strength - hot vs. cold-rolled 2. Weight - (steel is sold by the pound) 3. Durability (alloys) 4. Appearance 5. Lightness - thickness vs. strength 6. Finishes - brushed, matte, polished 7. Other treatments: blackening, galvanizing, cutting and folding 8. Landscape uses - Corten -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Studio Joy Works (Rick Joy's New Book) - My Review" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZPhhiLaOhg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Industrial Designer VS Product Design Engineer! Job Listing
Can an industrial designer be a Product engineer? Job Listing: https://careers.google.com/jobs?_escaped_fragment_=t%3Djo%26jid%3D/google/product-design-engineer-consumer-google-building-41-1600-amphitheatre-3712250081%26&utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic ***My Website Designlifebrand.com Instagram: #Designlifebrand Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQrWw1x0aHeiSG5EH6mP4Mw/videos ***My Design Gear Cutting https://amzn.to/2uiK0l4 https://amzn.to/2pJrM7u https://amzn.to/2Gg4fl3 Measuring https://amzn.to/2DYmgCs https://amzn.to/2I8BNCa ***My Video Gear! Camera: Panasonic G85 https://amzn.to/2pKWXyv Microphone: Blue Yeti https://amzn.to/2pKzGgb ***My Work: Behance: https://www.behance.net/jimmyhuynhea5d Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/jimmyhuynhdesign Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimmyHuynhDesign ***Music//Joakim Karud//Dreams
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Design for mental health and other big challenges | Gijs Ockeloen | TEDxMoscow
In this talk Dutch designer Gijs Ockeloen will tell us the story of the award-winning app Temstem that helps to fight psychosis attacks. Taking this as an example Gijs will take us on a journey where designers use their knowledge and empathy to influence the whole system of mental health into more adaptive and humane one. Gijs Ockeloen co-owns design consultancy studio ReframingStudio. Gijs has a keen interest in the design discourse. During 2010 and 2011 he was a member of Premsela's 'Peoples Republic', which was Premsela’s advisory committee on ProAm Culture. These days Gijs is interested in technological history as well as new media's and digital culture's implications on product design, service design, architecture, public space and society in at large. Gijs joined Philips Design in 1987 to gain experience developing medical equipment and industrial electronics. His designs marked a new approach in Philips’ attitude towards health care. They were widely published and won prestigious international awards. In 1991 he founded his own studio dedicated to developing products for professional users: industrial design with Maurits de Koning. In 2006 this studio merged with Reframing Studio, which he co-owns with his business partner Matthijs van Dijk. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Integrated Product Design - Graduation project
The Integrated Product Design (IPD) Master’s programme focuses on teaching how to design user-centered innovative products and product service combinations, based on a balance between the interests of users, business and societal challenges. It covers the entire design process, starting from a design brief and ending with a complete product that is fit for mass or small series production. Thus the emphasis of the IPD master is on teaching conceptualisation and embodiment design, by applying systematic state-of-the-art theories and methodologies, and by integrating user, technology and business aspects. The identity of the IPD Master’s programme is determined by the coherent integration of all these aspects to come to a successful new product proposal; this makes the IPD Master’s programme challenging, exciting and unique. This movie illustrates what it is like to graduate within the master Integrated Product Design, by showing the projects of three (international) students. http://ipd.msc.tudelft.nl/
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Product Design (some projects are missing in this video) Design Studio II (2015-16 Session) Architecture, SUST Studio Teacher: Shubhajit Chowdhury and Shahidul Islam Video captured by Quazi Fahim
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Product Design - How to Get Started (in 2019)
How do you get started in product design? AJ&Smart's Brittni Bowering takes us through 5 steps to learn product design fundamentals, approach product design professionals and get started in your product design career! Brittni shares 5 steps to get started in product design. Ranging from the tools you should be learning to use, what books and courses are on offer, and gaining some experience. How to plan your first career moves, and how to get expand your skillset. How to get started in Product Design (Links): The Futur’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSkoolRocks Learn design without school (The Futur video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47e8b5XmHfQ Udacity https://udacity.com/ BOOKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFHEZ2ZDAn8 Learn the Tools: Jesse Showalter’s video on design tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cewz5lXWd98 Get some experience: Meetup.com https://www.meetup.com/ Global Service Jam Network http://planet.globalservicejam.org/ Find someone to look up to: Tobias Van Schneider: https://www.vanschneider.com/ Ryan Singer: https://medium.com/@rjs Whitney Hess: https://medium.com/@whitneyhess Find a Job: Our video on getting a job in product design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za39f3hAF5A&t= Watch a FREE 1.5 hour Design Sprint webclass, featuring Design Sprint creator Jake Knapp: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026315610/61911740ff You can also sign up to our school for expert Design Sprint training: https://ajsmart.com/masterclass Thanks so much for watching this video! Like what you see here? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! https://goo.gl/aRQXPS Follow us on our other channels for more great design tips! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajandsmart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsmartdesign LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aj&s... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajsmartdesign/ Medium blog: https://blog.ajsmart.com/ digital design Product Design - How To Get Started https://youtu.be/NIkg3Ui7ITY
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Industrial design studio MKID discusses new programme Swedish Design Moves
1 emerging design studios from Sweden will showcase their work at this year's London Design Fair, as part of a new four-year initiative called Swedish Design Moves. Running from 21-24 September, Swedish Design Moves will showcase works by 11 designers from the southern county of Skåne. Launching during this year's London Design Festival, the four-year programme is commissioned by the Swedish government and aims to position the Nordic country as a leading design destination. he exhibition will take place at the Swedish Design Pavilion as part of London Design Fair, which is held in east London's Old Truman Brewery. Projects on display will reflect Sweden's craft heritage, with a focus on small-scale objects that can be produced locally and sustainably. The exhibition will also include three films about the designers, featuring interviews with Malmö-based studio Stoft and industrial design studio MKID. The designers describe their processes and inspirations in the films, as well as discussing how living in Malmö, Skåne's creative capital, impacts their work. Other designers to feature in the exhibition include textile designers Butler/Lindgård, lighting designers Swedish Ninja and high-quality furniture brand Zweed. Swedish Design Moves is a four-year initiative that focuses on promoting Swedish design, architecture and fashion and highlights its impact on the country's cultural scene. Read more on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/?p=1128216 WATCH NEXT: Pentatonic turns smartphones, cans and cigarette butts into flat-pack furniture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyFjYSK1kGw&t=11s Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: http://bit.ly/1tcULvh Like Dezeen on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dezeen/ Follow Dezeen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dezeen/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dezeen/ Check out our Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/dezeen/
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Adolfo Camarillo Product Design & Architecture Pathways
Student projects from Product Innovation & Design & Architecture Pathways. ★Product Innovation & Design Pathway: https://www.camarillohigh.us/academics/career-education/product-innovation-design/ ★Architecture Pathway: https://www.camarillohigh.us/academics/career-education/architecture/
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KSU Interior Architecture & Product Design  - Alumni Legacy
Made for Kansas State University - College of Architecture Planning & Design - Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design SPRING 2018 - FILM, EDITING, DIRECTION BY TAYLOR SCHALLES
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Integrated Product Design - Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft
The Integrated Product Design (IPD) Master’s programme focuses on teaching how to design user-centered innovative products and product service combinations, based on a balance between the interests of users, business and societal challenges. It covers the entire design process, starting from a design brief and ending with a complete product that is fit for mass or small series production. Thus the emphasis of the IPD master is on teaching conceptualisation and embodiment design, by applying systematic state-of-the-art theories and methodologies, and by integrating user, technology and business aspects. The identity of the IPD Master’s programme is determined by the coherent integration of all these aspects to come to a successful new product proposal; this makes the IPD Master’s programme challenging, exciting and unique. The international product development arena is changing rapidly; products are becoming smarter, better integrated into systems and have to comply with increasingly stringent standards. Product development is moving from an inter-disciplinary to a transdisciplinary occupation, becoming more knowledge intensive and therefore in need of continuous updates of tools and methods. The IPD Master’s programme provides an integrated approach to the disciplines involved: advanced studies in innovative design theory and methods, aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering, and sustainability. The IPD curriculum includes multidisciplinary applied research on innovative product development embedded in its product design projects. http://ipd.msc.tudelft.nl/
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Career in Industrial Design - How To Become an Industrial Designer #ChetChat
Click on this link to watch a video chat with Chandrashekhar Wyawahare, co-founder of Futuring Design who talks of How to become a designer, Careers in Design, Design careers, Industrial design, Product design, The Scope of Industrial Design, Automotive Design, Programs offered by Industrial Design Centre of IIT, Masters and Bachelors Programs, Subject choices at school, different disciplines within Industrial design, is Design a natural extension of Art, skills required to be a designer, preparation required to pursue a design career, industrial design vs architecture, some interesting designs and projects, human centric design, schools across the world with great design programs, helpful resources available for students, future potential in India, How to be a designer and much more! 1. 0:31 The History and background of Industrial Design a. Post Industrial Revolution b. Pins to Planes c. Space Craft, game design, automotive design, product design, transportation design 2. 1:22 What is Industrial Design Centre (IDC) and IIT Bombay a. Bachelors in Design (BDES) b. Masters in Design (MDES) c. Integrated Program (5 years) 3. 1:56 Advice to Students a. Extension of Art and Engineering b. Mathematics and Physics is important c. Bachelors in Engineering or Architecture and Masters in Design 4. 3:28 Skills Required to succeed as an Industrial Designer a. Curiosity and Preparation is required b. Drawing and colour theory knowledge helps c. Industrial Design is Problem Solving 5. 6:00 How early should they start preparing for a career in design a. Which classes to take b. Preparatory classes c. Classes for pottery, stitching, colour theory, carpentry d. Apprenticeship 6. 11:20 Architecture vs. Industrial Design 7. 12:04 Disciplines of Industrial Design a. UI/UX b. Game Design c. Animation d. Cartooning 8. 12:48 Colleges / Programs across the world a. India – Industrial Design Centre (IDC) in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, Department of Design (DOD) at IIT Guwahati, Pune has MIT, Symbiosis and DSK ISD b. Singapore, US, Germany, Japan c. Design Courses in Japan and Germany are in local language d. Umea Institute of Design – Sweden e. SCAD, Arts Centre in US, UK has good design schools 9. 15:52 Resources a. www.core77.com b. www.behance.com c. www.kickstarter.com d. Shark tanks e. MIT media labs f. How things work g. Industrial design sketching Host – Chetna Vasishth YouTube.com/c/ChetChat Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/chetchat101/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/chetchat101 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chetchat101/ Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+ChetChat/posts Tumblr - http://chetchat101.tumblr.com/ Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/chetchat Affimity- https://affimity.com/u/chetchat Pinterest - https://in.pinterest.com/chetchat/ Gmail - [email protected] industrial design portfolio, industrial design documentary, industrial design sketching, industrial design tutorials, industrial design sketching tutorials, industrial design projects, industrial design course, industrial design model making, product design and development, product design sketching, product design tutorial, product design portfolio, product design process, product design and development lecture, how to be a designer, how to be a design engineer, game designer career, ux design career, multimedia design career, the college experience, college search, college education, college degrees, my college experience, college life experience, your college experience, life in college, the college life, life university, about college life, student life, college resume, youtube video, videochat, college, colleges, university, universities, scholarship, scholarships, college scholarship, scholarship for college students, education, resume, career ideas, chet, college search, online colleges, university college, college degrees, college majors, college education, college application, college courses, degree, degrees, university rankings, top university, video chat apps, college finder, video youtube, top colleges, best universities, best universities in the us, experience in college, australian universities, canadian universities, universities in usa, studying in uk, study in uk, study in london,
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Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion
http://www.vernissage.tv | Zaha Hadid is one of the world's most popular architects and designers. The Iraqi-British architect created landmark buildings such as the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; the Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck, Austria; the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion; the MAXXI -- National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome, Italy; the Guangzhou Opera House in Guangzhou, China; and the London Aquatics Centre in London, UK. In 2004 she beame the first female recipient of the renowned Pritzker Architecture Prize. The exhibition Form in Motion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the first in the United States that features her product designs. On display are works such as her three-wheeled Z-car I, Swarovski crystal--encrusted necklaces and bracelets, and shoes made for Lacoste and Melissa. The Zephyre sofa and the Z-Chair make their US-debut in this show. The objects are presented in a architectural design by Zaha Hadid. In this video, Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger (Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700, Philadelphia Museum of Art) talks about the concept of the exhibition and the exhibition architecture, the significance of Zaha Hadid and her influence on young architects and designers, the evolution of Zaha Hadid's design language, and the Philadelphia Museum of Artcxca . On November 19, 2011, Collab, a group of design professionals and enthusiasts who support the Museum's modern and contemporary design collection, will honor Hadid with the 2011 Design Excellence Award. Collab's Student Design Competition (offered since 1993) challenges area college students studying architecture and industrial design to be inspired by themes closely associated with the Design Excellence Award winner and the corresponding exhibition. Zaha Hadid: Form in Motion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Exhibition walk-through and interview with Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger (Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700, Philadelphia Museum of Art). Philadelphia Museum of Art, Perelman Building, September 27, 2011. More videos on contemporary art, design, architecture: http://www.vernissage.tv Connect: http://www.facebook.com/vernissagetv http://twitter.com/vernissagetv Become a Member: http://vernissage.tv/blog/members/ Browse our Archive: http://vernissage.tv/blog/archive/ Find Artists, Designers, Architects: http://vernissage.tv/blog/archive/artists/
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CardBoard Basics Tutorial Guide Chip/Matte Board model making: modeling for Designers & Architects
CardBoard Basics, a Tutorial guide for Chip Board matte board bristol board and model making for all designers architects and model makers. I build some 2" x 2" cardboard cubes using straight cut x-acto blades and white PVA glue. Arteza Products https://goo.gl/v9Lda3 Be sure to use the coupon code OHF-TPE-039 for 10% off on purchases. Arteza 24x36" Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat https://goo.gl/qiXukm Arteza 18x24" Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat https://goo.gl/DjdRkN Arteza 12x18" Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat https://goo.gl/rio17o The rotary cutter: 45mm: https://bit.ly/2u8qOnF Luer lock bottles with needles https://www.ebay.com/itm/401616408360 My Gear Panasonic GH4 with lens https://amzn.to/2Nb5B7b Samsung 128Gb MicoSD card with adapter https://amzn.to/2CcEFzW Zhiyun Crane V2 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer https://amzn.to/2NKp2kz Pergear Tripod Tabletop Stand for the Zhiyun Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer https://amzn.to/2NaKWjK ThinkTank Shapeshifter 15" Backpack https://amzn.to/2Cc6U1F Music: end credits Rurlyok https://rurlyok.bandcamp.com Contact me through www.botzen.com for design work, you can follow me on: Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+EricStrebel Twitter: at https://twitter.com/botzendesign (@botzendesign) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/botzendesign Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/botzendesign Botzen Design Inc. Industrial Design and Product Visualization http://www.botzen.com
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Design for All 5 Senses | Jinsop Lee | TED Talks
Good design looks great, yes -- but why shouldn't it also feel great, smell great and sound great? Designer Jinsop Lee (a TED Talent Search winner) shares his theory of 5-sense design, with a handy graph and a few examples. His hope: to inspire you to notice great multisensory experiences. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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I'm Quitting Design School
UPDATE: I have actually taken my Patreon account down as thankfully I have managed to score some great freelancing gigs and am financially okay. :) Do Subscribe to my channel though - https://bit.ly/2Da7fkL This not click-bait, I am leaving Design School. However, do not worry. I will still be studying Industrial Design and making videos about it. I am leaving university to use my channel to learn design from the pros out in industry. I want to learn from the best of the best and then I want to pass that learning on to you. Music - Arsonist’s Lullabye by Hozier - https://youtu.be/yEtkIRlz7Vw
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What is industrial design?
This video describes industrial design in the 21st century and details the way it impacts our lives. Happy World Industrial Design Day (29 June)!
How is digital fabrication changing our built environment? | Andrew Vrana | TEDxHouston
Over the last 5 years Andrew has lead a community of architects and designers exploring how digital fabrication is developing interesting new methods and ideas on how the build environment is designed. Through his work at Metalab, he has developed products and projects that leverage these methods with a community of manufacturing companies and individuals in Houston, the US and internationally. Andrew Vrana is an architect, educator, entrepreneur and co-founder of the non-profit organization, TEX-FAB Digital Fabrication Alliance. He is principal at Metalab who specialize in architecture, product design and public art project management. The firm’s work has been recognized with the Architecture Magazine R&D Award, ID Magazine Consumer Product Award and the AAFAB Prize from the Architectural Association. He has been a regional leader in the discussion of how digital fabrication can not only augment contemporary design practice but also be driver of successful business strategies. TEX-FAB has explored for the past 5 years a series of thematic trajectories in digital fabrication that are salient to the technology, education and design audience. He is on the faculty at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Engineer to Architect: Leveraging Design Thinking for Better Products (AltiumLive 2018 Keynote)
In this keynote from AltiumLive 2018 (a PCB Design Conference) I talk about how engineers can harness design-thinking principles to build better products. Altium is the maker of Altium Designer, the software I use to design the electronics in Shaper Origin. They also produced a great video (which accompanied this talk) about Shaper's design process. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/w02Q2pUt8OA Learn more about Shaper Origin, the world's first Handheld CNC Machine: https://www.shapertools.com/ https://www.youtube.com/shapertools Read my blog post about AltiumLive 2018: https://www.jeremyblum.com/2018/10/13/altiumlive/ Connect with me: https://www.facebook.com/JeremyTheEngineer https://www.twitter.com/sciguy14 Learn more about Altium Designer: https://www.altium.com/altium-designer/ Watch all the talks from AltiumLive 2018: https://resources.altium.com/altiumlive-2018
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Modularity Definition Series: Modular Product Architecture
A Modular Product Architecture is a collection of Modules used to deliver an evolving family of market driven products. Each new generation will add or subtract variants from the collection to enable new technology as well as the phasing-out of declining options. New products are developed, marketed, produced and delivered within this framework.
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Virtual reality offers architects "a whole new way of designing"
New virtual reality tools will allow architects and designers to create buildings and products intuitively in 3D space around them, according to the director of visualisation studio VRtisan. The technology, which couples VR software created for game designers with hand-held motion controllers, offers designers "a completely new tool," according to Ekke Piirisild of the London studio. "It's a whole new way of designing," Piirisild told Dezeen. "It allows designers to create more convincing scenes by designing while immersed in them." VRtisan has created a video demonstrating the design process, which shows an architect using VR game-developer software Unreal Engine in combination with the HTC Vive headset and motion controllers. The movie shows the designer wearing a VR headset and using the hand-held controllers as an input device for Unreal Engine, allowing him to create walls, doors and furniture around him in 3D space. Read more on Dezeen: http://www.dezeen.com/2016/05/25/virtual-reality-designing-architects-vrtisan-unreal-engine-htc-vive/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: http://bit.ly/1tcULvh
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UX Design Pt 3: How to translate UX Strategy into Design (Information Architecture)
This is the last of the 3 part mini-series on UX Design. In part 1 we looked at the definition of UX Design and why its critical to branding. In part 2 we reviewed a 6 step UX Design Strategy process that we've incorporated at Butler. In this video Sean discusses how to translate STRATEGY into DESIGN by giving an example of how you can conduct information architecture based on the requirements list produced by following the steps in part 2. RESOURCES: 6 Step UX Design Process Blog Post: http://butlerwebanddesign.com/ux-design-101-ux-design-strategy/ UX Design Part 1 (What is it and why it's important): https://youtu.be/P8rqHIbi4Vw UX Design Part 2 (6 Step UX Design Strategy Process): https://youtu.be/LyMXf3IXWhM Create awesome wireframe mockups with Balsamiq: https://balsamiq.com/ -- We help brands connect with their audience in a digital world through strategy and design. Our team is a close-knit group of talented individuals who work collaboratively to craft bold designs through a proven process that includes equal parts of strategy and design. Our goal is to support, enhance and amplify your brand by designing meaningful experiences for your users that are authentic to your brand’s voice and culture. Visit www.butlerbranding.com for more information on how we can help build your next design/marketing project. Phone: 559.797.3414 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/butlerwebanddesign Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/butlerbranding
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UTS Design, Architecture and Building 2017 end-of-year showcase
The single largest event of its type at the university, the 2017 end of year show brought together students from across the entire Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. This video celebrates the body of work on display.
Design Careers: Anine Kirsten talks Product Design
The 'Careers in Design' series captures the diversity of career options within the broad spectrum of design. The films cover traditional design careers like graphic design and architecture, and newer professions such as behavioural design and interaction design. These films have been created by the Cape Craft + Design Institute (CCDI) to inspire the next generation of designers. The CCDI develops creative businesses and is the driver of the Western Cape Design Strategy. The Strategy looks at how we can increase the use of design in the economy as well as develop young talent, ensuring we are nurturing the next generation of creative problem solvers. Music credits: Pretty Lights – Understand me now
Become an Industrial Designer at Architecture & Design, Aalborg University
Hear, why you should take a Master in Industrial design at Architecture & Design, Aalborg University: http://bit.ly/id-aau Three graduates share their experiences as industrial designers in their own design consultancy, Ideaal ApS: http://ideaal.dk Video by Degnbol Fotografi: http://www.rasmusdegnbol.com/
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Autodesk University 2018 Product Design & Manufacturing Keynote
Autodesk industry and product leaders demonstrate how our products will help you converge design and manufacturing. Learn, connect, and explore on http://AutodeskUniversity.com #AU2018
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Alessi Flagship Store and Product design by Asymptote Architecture ©LX.com
LX.com's Audrey Smith visits Alessi's new flagship store in New York to discuss it's unique design elements and interviews architect Hani Rashid.
Student-Centered Design and the Department of Industrial Design, UJ, 2018
This is a video created by the BA Hons Industrial Design class of 2018, which explores their experience of studying Industrial Design at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg. It helps unpack what Industrial Design is, as well as provide visual inspiration of the Department's facilities and student's work for those considering applying for the BA, BA Hons or Masters in Industrial Design programmes offered by the Department. Interviewees: Dennis Xavier Emma Zwart Faith Tselangwe Khanya Peacock Oratile Mokgatla Rian Pretorius Editor: Rian Pretorius Camera Operators: Dennis Xavier Emma Zwart Faith Tselangwe Khanya Peacock Kirsty Jones Producers: Rian Pretorius Leanne Moore Director: Rian Pretorius Special thanks to the BA Hons ID Class of 2018. All work that is shown is credited to past students of the Department of Industrial Design, University of Johannesburg.
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