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Understanding Teenage Girls
http://charliemcdonnell.com I don't understand teenage girls. This is a video where I try to understand them and that. "Another great gem" - Barry Aldridge
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Understanding Your Teens
Licensed marriage and family therapist Kent Toussaint provides tips for parents on how they can better communicate with their teens.
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Insight Into the Teenage Brain: Adriana Galván at TEDxYouth@Caltech
Dr. Adriana Galván is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Brain Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is the Director and Principal Investigator of the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory. Dr. Galván's expertise is in adolescent brain development. Her research aims to uncover the neurobiology underlying characteristic teenage behavior, such as risk-taking, exploration and thrill-seeking.  Through her research, Dr. Galván's goal is to understand the opportunities and vulnerabilities that accompany adolescent brain and behavioral development in order to inform policy, juvenile justice and public health issues that affect youth. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations) [email protected] was held on January 19, 2013, at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, CA. Learn more at http://www.tedxyouthcaltech.com
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Understanding teenage girls
With psychologist Collett Smart, Girlfriend Magazine Editor Sara Tarca, Teenage author Steph Bowe. Are teen girls different today or do we worry too much?
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Understanding Girls with ADHD
Visit http://www.help4adhd.org for reliable, science-based information on ADHD. Did you know that girls with ADHD are more likely to: • Be diagnosed with depression or anxiety? • Experience a worsening of symptoms in their teens? • View their difficulties with organizing and prioritizing as character flaws? • Suffer from low self-esteem because of their ADHD symptoms? ADHD can contribute to unique challenges that only girls with the disorder confront. Learn what you can do, anchored in the latest research, to guide girls through the challenges of ADHD. Ellen B. Littman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and has been involved with the field of attention disorders for more than 27 years. Described by the American Psychological Association as a pioneer in the identification of gender differences in ADHD, she has a particular expertise with issues affecting women and girls. Dr. Littman is co-author of the book Understanding Girls with ADHD and contributing author of Understanding Women with ADHD. In her private practice Dr. Littman focuses on high IQ adult and adolescent ADHD populations. She specializes in identifying and treating complex presentations of ADHD that may be misinterpreted or overlooked. Resources: For additional information on ADHD: http://www.help4adhd.org/NRC Book Link: Understanding Girls with ADHD http://astore.amazon.com/ci055-20/detail/0971460973 To download PowerPoint Slides: http://www.chadd.org/ATEPDFs/ATE_UnderstandingGirlsWithADHD.pdf -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Strategies for Promoting Positive Behavior in Children with ADHD and Their Siblings" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M7OcAnIgCY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How To Be A Good Parent To A Teenager
We've all heard horror stories of the teenage years. Parenting with teens can be challenging. Our job as parents is important to understand. There is a good mix of love, control, discipline, and consulting. But how do you know what to do when? In this episode of Hero TV, Paul Jenkins provides a simple framework that we can use to become great parents to a teenager. Watch and Enjoy! Nate Woodbury EPISODE HERO ======================== Paul Jenkins Website: http://bit.ly/2pto6VX Mini Book - Portable Positivity: http://bit.ly/2oP2fKO Full Book - Pathological Positivity: http://amzn.to/2ppTnvR EQUIPMENT ======================== Camera: http://amzn.to/2oRnnAA Favorite Lens: http://amzn.to/1QEqTF4 External Mic: http://amzn.to/1Sx8Jq0 Camera Backpack: http://amzn.to/2oy5JAR White Board: http://amzn.to/2p9Rwvq MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Support This Channel: ======================== ==SUBSCRIBE== http://bit.ly/2dtUi5r ==LIKE== Your "Likes" help more people find our videos. ==COMMENT== Comment and ask Questions ==PATREON== Coming Soon ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com
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The Teenage Brain Explained
Being a teenager is hard. Especially when hormones play their part in wreaking havoc on the teenage body and brain. In this episode, Hank explains what is happening to the during the angsty-time. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/artist/52/SciShow Or help support us by subscribing to our page on Subbable: https://subbable.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Thanks Tank Tumblr: http://thankstank.tumblr.com SOURCES http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/print/2011/10/teenage-brains/dobbs-text ** http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/new_scientist/2013/04/teenage_sleep_patterns_why_school_should_start_later.html http://www.livescience.com/11043-teens-hurt-science-injury.html http://www.livescience.com/12896-7-mind-body-aging.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/body/articles/lifecycle/teenagers/sleep.shtml http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052970203806504577181351486558984 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/teenbrain/view/ http://www.livescience.com/21461-teen-brain-adolescence-facts.html http://rendezvous.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/15/science-tackles-mystery-of-the-teenage-brain/ http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/teenage-brain.htm http://www.theguardian.com/science/2005/mar/03/1 http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/teenbrain/work/ http://www.newscientist.com/topic/teenagers http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21829130.100-why-teenagers-really-do-need-an-extra-hour-in-bed.html http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/12/061211124302.htm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8381804 http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v53/n1/full/jid1969100a.html
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Understanding "Sexting" Behaviors in Teens
Dr. Michael Gurian discusses sexting behaviors in teens and what parents should understand about normal adolescent development.
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UNDER ONE ROOF- is ongoing family series at Nairobi Chapel Ongata Rongai. In this episode Dr. Stanley Mukolwe helps us understand more of bringing up teens in our families.
Understanding early teens
For more videos like this, visit: http://www.parentchannel.tv
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Understanding Teenagers And Communicating With Teens Perth WA
Understanding Teenagers And Communicating With Teens Perth WA Visti our site for more information http://inspirationalteens.com.au/
Understanding Your Value as a Teenager (Mind Detox for Teens)
Stanley Poitevien teamed up with http://www.effecteens.com to Educate, Empower and Impact Teenagers with a positive message that will help grow, develop and make a successful transition to Adulthood by first understanding how valuable they are
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Understanding early teens - Parentchannel.tv
What can you expect as your child makes the transition into the teenage years? From changes in appearance, to changes in attitude, we give you a few ideas about what you might notice as your child grows up, and how your relationship with them might develop.
Understanding teens
Random thoughts from Chap Clarks session #1
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Understanding emotions for teenagers and adults
Ever noticed how difficult it can be to put the right word to the right feeling, though or concept? It can be almost impossible for so many of us. Here is a simple and fun game developed for pre-teens, adolescents and adults that can really help develop this skill! With a trillion neurons in the brain all trying to match up to create neural pathways, and only 1000 of them being an appropriate match with any other neuron, your brain truly does mimic an internet dating site! Sign up for more at www.ohmymusicalgoodness.com/subscribe Allison Davies is a Neurologic Music Therapist and National 2016 AMP Tomorrow Maker based in regional NW Tasmania. She has over 15 years experience working with children in clinical, community and education settings and is a registered Helping Children With Autism service provider. Allison now tours regional and rural Australia educating parents and teachers on how to best support their children's neural, sensory and emotional development. #actuallyautistic
Understanding Teens w/ Adolescent Behavior Expert Josh Shipp
MORE INFO: http://www.JoshShipp.com/pr JOSH'S BOOK: http://amzn.com/0312641540 For over a decade Josh Shipp has earned an international reputation as a teen behavior expert who helps parents understand teens. And teens understand themselves. He's lectured at universities such as Harvard and Stanford on the art and science of getting through to teens. Mr. Shipp is the author of "The Teen's Guide to World Domination", host of the TV Show Jump Shipp which gives people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out their dream job, and host of a new Lifetime TV Show debuting in 2012 from the executive producer of OPRAH helping at-risk teens turn their lives around. He's worked with groups of parents, educators, and mental health professionals. Plus he has influenced more than TWO MILLION teenagers through his work. He is a frequent expert on adolescent behavior for MTV, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, MSNBC, and countless other media outlets. "Josh Shipp has the ability to get through to ANY teen and point them in the right direction. It's an incredible thing to witness."-Harvard University Josh can practically address a wide-range of topics including: Teen Behavior; The psychology behind why teens do what they do Parenting Teens; How parents can effectively influence their kid Advice For Teens; Dating, school, mental health, self-esteem, etc. Entrepreneurship, Foster Care, and Generation Y ----- keywords: teen trouble, parenting teens, teen expert, teen issues, youth motivational speaker, youth speaker, college speaker, josh shipp, jump shipp, at-risk teens, odd, helping teens, parenting advice
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Understanding Teenage Boys
http://charliemcdonnell.com Professor Charlie McDonnell of the McCoollike Important Institution takes you on a journey into the inner workings of the classic teenage boy. Full disclosure: The fake tongue is a real thing, and I've been allowed permission to use the photo in this video under the condition that I show you where you can buy one if you'd like to: http://www.funny-toys-store.com/Magic-Fake-Tongue-Trick.html - They also said they'd send me some free fake tongues, but I declined because seriously, what would I do with a bunch of fake tongues? I'm not receiving anything from Marmite, though I sure wouldn't mind it if they send me some free spread. You either love it or you hate it, and I love it. Yes, those are the 3D glasses that I got when I went to see Avatar.
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Understanding Teens part 1 of 3
Visit http://www.childfamilyinstituteny.org for information on services from The Child and Family Institute at St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospitals in New York City. The Child and Family Institute's CARES (Comprehensive Adolescent Rehabilitation and Education Service) program at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City provides a safe and therapeutic school environment for New York City public high school students whose previous school performance has been limited by emotional and behavior difficulties, including alcohol or drug problems. CARES provides both educational and therapeutic components, including substance abuse treatment for students who use drugs or alcohol. Director of CARES, Shilpa R. Taupique, PhD and Shelby J. Semino, PhD, licensed psychologist present "Unravel the Mystery—Understanding Teens" part of the Child and Family Institute's Parenting 911 lecture series. Parents learn how to cope with their teenager's emotions and find balance during the tumultuous teenage years. Learn how teens develop identity, independence and sexuality; the emotions your teen is experiencing and why substance use is an issue, particularly for teens.
Understanding How Your Teen Thinks - Dr  Jeramy and Jerusha Clark Part 1
God designed your child’s brain to grow exponentially during the teen years. By thoughtfully understanding how neuroscience and God’s timeless truth integrates you can be empowered to approach your teen with empathy, grace and love. Jeramy and Jerusha Clark come alongside parents of tweens and teens to help them understand how their child’s brain is growing and developing ,what scripture says, and give them hope to persevere in their relationship with them. You can find their book in our store here: http://bit.ly/2QRLyc8 They discuss what to do when your teen is risk-taker, when they won’t communicate, when they’re hanging out with bad influences. They also discuss how brain development affects their emotions.
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5 Things Girls WISH Guys Knew | Secrets to Understanding Women
Roam Grooming Kit: http://vitagoods.com/jose50 Use code ‘jose50’ for 50% off! Check out the WORLD'S BEST T-shirts: https://www.esntls.co/ Pick one up and let me know what you think! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to Vanity Planet for sponsoring this video! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Snapchat: Joseczuniga Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ejnsFf Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hiqMS4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hirC19 Our Address is: 10380 SW Village Center Dr., 240 Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired & https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
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Understanding the Social Behaviors of Girls with ASD
UCLA CART "Advances in Autism 2015" Symposium, May 22, 2015 Understanding the Social Behaviors of Girls with ASD Michelle Dean, PhD
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Understanding Teen Brains
The teenage years are difficult - here are some ways to help make your life a little easier as a parent!
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Understanding Troubled Teen Behavior Issues
Troubled teens need special help. The site http://www.troubledteensguide.com/vblog/Teenagers-Parenting/Tips-for-Parenting-Troubled-Teenagers.html provides the important details on how to understand the behavior of troubled teens. To recognize the signs and behavior of struggling boys and girls is not easy for parents and others. Their interests, needs and demands are different from other normal children. This video is specially produced to help all the parents so that they can easily understand their troubled teens behavior and psychology. The video will be helpful for all the parents in getting significant tips to improve troubled teenagers behavior. With the help of this website families can get the list of top and best programs, military schools and boot camps for struggling boys and girls to behavioral and emotional growth. Problems such as depression, stress and anger are treated with the help of parenting programs. Teenage is the critical time for all the children that can make the future good or bad if youth are not guided properly. Proper supervision and care can help unmotivated youth to get behavioral and emotional strengths and overcome psychological issues.
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Understanding Teens
http://www.onlineparentcoaching.com and http://www.CooperativeKids.com This is a 9-minute excerpt from Bill Corbett's Creating Cooperative Kids TV show. In it, Bill interviews pschologist and author, Anthony E. Wolf and asks him why teens behave the way they do. Creating Cooperative Kids is a one-hour television show that helps parents "retool" their discipline toolbox for today's challenging child. The executive producer and host, Bill Corbett, interviews featured guests as well as parents who are working with Bill in making discipline changes at home. The show is taped at a Connecticut public access studio and aired on many public access stations around New England. Bill Corbett is the author of the book LOVE, LIMITS, & LESSONS: A PARENT'S GUIDE TO RAISING COOPERATIVE KIDS and the executive producer and host of the television show CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS. His book recently received the PARENT TESTED/PARENT APPROVED seal of approval for outstanding products in 2010 and a volume 2 will be released this year. As a member of the American Psychological Association and the North American Society for Adlerian Pscyhology, Bill has provided parent coaching and has spoken to parent and professional audiences across the country. He sits on the board of the Network Against Domestic Abuse and the Resource Advisory Committee for Attachment Parenting International. Bill has 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren, and 3 step children, and resides with his wife Elizabeth and step daughter Olivia near Hartford, CT.
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What Teenagers Want You to Know | Roy Petitfils | TEDxVermilionStreet
Our biggest fear isn't being rejected, it's being invisible. Roy Petitfils discusses the invisibility epidemic faced by teenagers and what we can do to help. Roy Petitfils, LPC, has worked with teens for over 20 years as a minister, teacher, administrator, school counselor and now as a therapist in private practice. He’s published four books, including, “What Teens Want You To Know (But Don’t Tell You).” His blue collar roots, natural humor, contagious enthusiasm and diverse background have made him an internationally sought after presenter for both teen and adult audiences. Roy lives with his wife of 14 years, Mindi, and their two sons Max and Ben in Youngsville, Louisiana. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities
LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities is the latest educational video released by TEEN LINE in May 2015. Hear from several youth in Los Angeles, CA about their coming out process, support, and embracing their identities. Professionals speak to the importance of support, safety, and celebrating individuality. Are you a teacher in Los Angeles? Request our LGBTQ outreach! If you're not in LA, our video will be available for purchase in our store. Find out about our outreach here: http://TeenLineOnline.org/Outreach/ TEEN LINE is a helpline for teens by teens. We're open 6-10pm Pacific Time. Teens are trained to talk about suicide, depression, LGBTQ, sex, and more! You can contact us via phone, text, and email. Find out more at: https://www.TeenLineOnline.org Get help now: http://bit.ly/1t5VL5y This video was made possible with generous support from The Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation.
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Photoshop For Teens and Beginners: Understanding Layer Masks
Photoshop For Teens and Beginners: Understanding Layer Masks Today I will show you one of the most powerful Photoshop tool: layer masks. They can seem difficult to use to a beginner, but once you understand how they work, you won’t need the Eraser tool anymore. A layer mask in Photoshop is used to control a layer's transparency. We all get used to using the erasers to remove parts of an image we don’t want; the magic eraser is especially fun to use. But, the erasers can only be used in certain situations. Using the eraser is a destructive process with Photoshop which means we are getting rid of the pixels in our image we are erasing. In this tutorial you are going to look at one of the most essential features in all of Photoshop – layer masks. Using layer masks is a non-destructive process because the pixels we are trying to remove are not being destroyed, as you will see the pixels are still there even if we can’t see them and we can bring them back! We willl cover what layer masks are in this tutorial, how layer masks work, and why you might want to use a layer mask. Some people think using layer masks is difficult but if you can tell the difference between black and white and can paint with Photoshop’s Brush Tool, you already have all the skills you need. This video will show you: -What is a layer mask? -Layer mask creation -Hiding and revealing a layer Checkout our teen graphic design bundle: Semester bundle of Photoshop lesson plans for teens – graphic design made easy! Save time and money with these twenty step-by-step lessons for teens for only $83. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Semester-bundle-of-Photoshop-lesson-plans-for-teens-graphic-design-made-easy-1387813 Teach Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS6 with these specially designed and tested lessons by https://engagingtechlessons.blogspot.com/ We have bundled a set of lessons in this Photoshop download package that will allow your students to learn basic and intermediate photo editing skills with Photoshop to transform pictures into stunning works of art. In addition to the Photoshop for high school students lessons you will also receive activities, web searches, and employment skills lessons. When I started selling my lessons the download file was only 12 MB, now you are purchasing over 170 MB of lessons for only $83! All our lessons for high school students: *Are ready to use onscreen or printed *Are reasonably priced *Contain text instructions and/or video instructions with many screen shots *Emphasize skills needed for the technology workplace Lesson contents include: * 25 Photoshop lessons you can use with CS4/CS5/CS6 with teacher unlimited printing rights in PDF format with samples from other students showcasing what the end results might look like. I sell these for $3 to $5 each on TpT ($80 value) * 5 Career Skills lessons ($15 value) * 18 activity/reading sheets (5 paragraph organizer, label the toolbox, reflection sheet, prom flyer/xmas card sheet, rubric bookmarks, image search, birthday ticket invitation, tools you are learning sheet, What is Photoshop?, layer blend modes, adding filters, saving with Photoshop; 15 of the 18 are Microsoft Word files you can edit...good stuff only available with this package, some sold on TpT ($10 value). * 10 web searches, I used these for short Fridays (I was on block schedule) or when we finished too early. Topics are amusements parks, comics, Disney, Internet, Microsoft Office, paranormal, roller coaster, zombies, ants, I sell these for $3 each($30 value)! Ordering this bundle saves you about $65 from ordering the lessons separately, a savings of almost 50%! Photoshop lessons include: 1. Creating an iPod ad (with video) 2. Zombie text 3. Your Favorites Flyer 4. Create a coloring book 5. Edible insect recipe card 6. Hardware flyer 7. Add tears to your picture (with video) 8. Terror castle 9. Frosted background 10. Create a water reflection with your image 11. Make a simple collage (with video) 12. Create a comic out of your picture. 13. Create a background image. 14. Design a collage with warped photos. New Lesson January 2014 15. Transformers text effect lesson. 16. Textured text effect. 17. Sparkles text effect. 18. The great pumpkin challenge! New lesson August 2014 19. Make a web site header with transparent text 20. Christmas tree design! New lesson August 2014 21. Remove backgrounds using layer masks! New lesson March 2014 Career Lessons: 1. Using careerbuilder.com 2. Using the occupational outlook handbook (with video) 3. Using a flash drive (with video) 4. Using ONet online Visit our blog for more details on this awesome teaching bundle: https://engagingtechlessons.blogspot.com/
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Seeing the Unseen: Understanding Adolescent Eating Disorders
Adolescent eating disorders affect 200,000-400,000 young people in the Uk across genders, we are researching how eating disorders present in adolescent boys and girls and what their effects are.
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Teen Chronicles: Understanding Teens
Listen to the Vlog of Dr. D as she discusses the learning acquired from a teen series that she recently conducted. She highlights the challenges that entors, educators and leaders have in helping teens discover their authentic selves.
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Understanding Gender Dysphoria in Children and Teens - Dr. Mark Daniels
Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Mark Daniels explains how to identify and understand gender dysphoria (formerly called gender disorder) in children and teens. Learn more about CHOC Endocrinilogy at www.choc.org/programs-services/endocrinology-diabetes/
Views: 2160 CHOC Children's
SUVARNA NEWS LADIES SPECIAL TEEN'S GIRLS BEHAVIOR The typical teen employs multiple tactics to manipulate authority figures. These include: Guilt trips, splitting authority figures (the old divide and conquer), intimidation, scare tactics, and a bullish determination to get you to give in at seemingly any cost. It is no wonder we have hurt, overworked, overstressed and self-questioning moms who once may have looked forward to their daughter's adolescence as a time for female bonding, now cringing at another day chock full of moodiness and insults. The girl you love is still there though and needs you more than ever. On appearance, her fearless ascent into adulthood may seem strength-based but look deeper. She would probably say it feels like a minefield. She is scared, worried, and frustrated. She is filled with self-doubt but can appear cocky. It may not cure your broken heart and longing for her days of horses and dolls, but understanding the dynamics behind her behaviors and how necessary they are to her development, can offer some insight into helping her survive adolescence relatively damage-free.
Understanding Trauma, Grief, and Loss in Teens and Children
Understanding Trauma, Grief, and Loss in Teens and Children
P&P Episode 136  Louise Palanker "Understanding Teens"
On episode 136, Alexis Avila talks to teen expert Louise Palanker an LA-based writer/producer/performer/film-maker/author and host of Journals, a podcast and itunes app where she fields questions from teens about growing up and allows kids to connect safely with one another. With her Journals community, Teens and tweens all over the world are joining the conversation, creating their own profiles and collectively building a safe space to read, write, learn, share, encourage, interact and give and get advice. On today’s episode, Louise talks about the problems teens face today and shares some of the creative ways she helps teens thrive in today’s society. Louise’s advice for parents: Don’t judge so much. Give teens a chance to fail a little bit, and become the person they can go to to talk if things aren’t going so well. Louise’s advice for teens: Go for your dreams and dream big, but be realistic. Louise’s words of wisdom: Continue to work on your skill sets, work on becoming an interesting person (because interesting people gravitate toward each other) and work on becoming a good listener. Do these things, and life opens up for the better. For another related conversation, check out podcast episode #90 with Annie Fox, Effective Parenting in the 21st Century http://preppedandpolished.com/annie-fox-effective-parenting/
Re: Understanding Teenage Girls
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Transgender Teens & Understanding Gender Identity Video | Parent Insider
"Many individuals are transgender, affirming a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. While some children and adolescents identify exclusively as male or female, others feel their gender lies somewhere between," said Dr. Martine Solages, adolescent psychiatrist at Children’s National Health System. "Gender identity is a result of a complex interaction of influences including biological, social and cultural factors." Transgender children and adolescents "can struggle because their feelings and behavior are out of sync with societal expectations for their assigned gender." Learn more about gender nonconformity and how parents and children can reach out for professional support. http://www.parentinsider.com
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After viral story on DC girls, understanding the real perils for missing children of color
A recent social media campaign to alert the public of missing teens from the Washington, D.C., area accidentally backfired, sparking outrage and fears of an epidemic of missing children of color. But the effort does cast light on the many risks that young people can face when they leave home, like sex trafficking, as well as the factors that cause kids to run away. William Brangham reports.
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Understanding Teens risky driving and what we can do about it.
Check out News.PreOwnedCar.com for the article Source : brainlink.org
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Understanding Leukemia in Children and Teens - Dr. Ivan Kirov
Pediatric oncologist Dr. Ivan Kirov discusses leukemia in children and teens, symptoms to look for, how it is treated. Learn more about leukemia at www.choc.org/cancer/leukemia-treatment-program/
Views: 110 CHOC Children's
Understanding Teenage Girls
Drs. Riccardo and Mertz got together after watching a video by Charlieissocoollike and decided to explain the nature of Teenage Girls. Things got a little ugly in the end....
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Understanding Out of Control Teenagers
Your teen's impulsive behaviour is actually an important part of growing up. Learn to guide through the reckless teen years.
Views: 1056 The Swaddle
Understanding your teenager
Check out the entire course at https://www.learningfever.com/product/understand-your-teenager Learn how to bond, understand and connect with your teens.
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Red River Credit Union Local Expert Video - Teens understanding money
Mark Lingle, Student Services Manager at Red River Credit Union, discusses the importance of teaching your teen to understand money.
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