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Miss A Suzy - Bad Girl

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Suzy Bae, la femme fatale Fan edit by BOB Source: Suzy DC Gall Song: Bad Girl by Bumkey (feat E-Sens of Supreme Team)
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Text Comments (30)
boys love (4 years ago)
sexy girl
jooniebunny (4 years ago)
This is a perfect Mv, I think Suzy will love this. Thanks for creating this master piece
helena labbe (5 years ago)
Suzy  miss a .
fullfeek (5 years ago)
amazing girl suzy aa
Ali3nboy (5 years ago)
suzysuzyszusuztyszuyustzzustyzssuzyy pgmdfik0pdsif904 SUZY
singfalangfo (5 years ago)
thankyou!! :D
mgl cristal (5 years ago)
Bae Nadem (5 years ago)
she's pretty sexy at the same time make me feel ........ I love her so much
PJ Pyaar (5 years ago)
Bob I love you so much
hiba hyeneul (5 years ago)
Suzy is just amazing and wonderful and perfect for me *-* <3 All people who dislike her are just blind and stupid for me!! SUZY FIGHTING!!
Fatema Ghasemi (5 years ago)
yes I DO <33
Fatema Ghasemi (5 years ago)
agree <33
Janice Ho (5 years ago)
She's so beautiful and sexy girl :)
cannaarmy Natalia (5 years ago)
kyyaya,, this song,,soooo ,, suzy bad girl omg,,bad girl cz she always breaking man heart,,kekkekeke
daisypupnu1 (5 years ago)
Uu Gii (5 years ago)
pretty good
siti nur aisyah (5 years ago)
Wow pretty pretty
Pang Docka (5 years ago)
sexy suzy
Park KimChun (5 years ago)
Yes , she is so dangerous , make people heart attack . Suzy !!!!!! Like u so much
Fatema Ghasemi (5 years ago)
daebakk , Love Suzy 4ever <333
To Nhu Nguyen (5 years ago)
wow. suzy so sexy and pertty
alyna bae (5 years ago)
Wow..Suzy GORGEOUS And the song suits with Suzy
lovely suzy (5 years ago)
wow she's so bad, why because she's the only one girl who made us falling in love with her. she's just the one reason why i love Kpop
idless (5 years ago)
Bad Girl by Bumkey (Feat. E-Sens of 슈프림팀)
Bae Suzy (5 years ago)
Love you Suzyyyy
ALBERT (5 years ago)
B.O.B maybe :)
singfalangfo (5 years ago)
who sang this one? :)
Thomas Yee (5 years ago)
Damn this it good
Khea Celespara (5 years ago)
connityeunguoilon (5 years ago)
Omg! It's pretty cool!

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