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NCT U's Taeyong, Ten and Mark SK텔레콤 폼(SK Telecom POM) CF

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Text Comments (176)
jordan Army (15 days ago)
what was the cf for??
Lovejoyy (1 month ago)
Wow everyone’s arguing bet Ten & TY, I’m just finding Mark adorable dancing w his hyungs
qian kun is the king (2 months ago)
the girl dancing at 0:53 is seokyoung from the rookie group GWSN who debuted a couple months ago!
Ashlyn27397 (4 months ago)
Lee Family.... I'M IN LOVE!
Archie Blossoms (8 months ago)
This video made me stan them
fonxsupreme (8 months ago)
mark leeeeee so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nara You (9 months ago)
TEN 💕💕💕
bOoMiNg sYSteM UH uH (1 year ago)
Cheung Ivy (1 year ago)
Roxy IGOTzen (1 year ago)
They're so talented 😝 I would dance like they do 😍
kk TenTen (1 year ago)
MMZN 94 (1 year ago)
Lee family omg 😍😍😍
herlina halim (1 year ago)
Taeyong 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 cant take my eyes on him
yishan 13 (1 year ago)
Jenpi (1 year ago)
DIAN PATNI (1 year ago)
Saeng Min (1 year ago)
TENny I am waiting for your comeback...#waitingforTEN
yura chim (1 year ago)
all my bias 😍😍😍
Sun Light (1 year ago)
Lee Family !
lion lee ;- tx (2 years ago)
Note: my 3 nct biases yay* // Just this once: lets go out mark leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3<3
whyexykim [TY] (2 years ago)
I am here because NCT STANS. I love TY,Mark, and Ten. But Ten stans ... You make me so mad haha
sone army NCTzen (1 year ago)
whyexy kim ikr..
angela young (2 years ago)
Can taeyong not be in the center just for one time? really disturbed me to watch Ten's dancing
ReVel NCT (2 years ago)
is it only me? this song is resembles seventeen's boom boom :D
Jdore Charang (2 years ago)
One of Taeyong’s most and deepest haters is Ten’s fans. Funny
Sophie Shengding (2 years ago)
You complain why ten is not in the center because you like him very much. I want to compliant why JY is not there, because he is the most popular member of NCT in Korea. Why there are two non-korean in the ad ? this is an ad for Korean. where is handsol? He is so cute and dance well. Stop complain, if you want to change it, go to gather your money to invite ten be your center. Keeping watch you complain in many websites, like, why not ten, where is ten? annoying. Ten is in South-East Asian subunit, and will debut in 2017. SM trains him and offers him stages, let many people know him. And SM will send him homeland to expand the NCT career. As same as other foreigner members.
svt bts (2 years ago)
omg ten is so cute
Josephine Beard (2 years ago)
does anyone know the name/artist of the song or was it made just for this cf?
Irene P (2 years ago)
I come back to this just because I miss "Lee Family" so much
염재하 (2 years ago)
서경이 ㅜㅜㅜ화이팅
Cuồng K-pop (2 years ago)
Pom Pom Pom
Cuồng K-pop (2 years ago)
Taeyong So Cute
U. M. (2 years ago)
They're dancing skills are amazing~ 😍 And they're all so cute! 😁
Lana Chaeyoung (2 years ago)
Yikes NCT worst stans are now ten stans
tae oo (2 years ago)
Whats wrong with ten should be the center thing. All of them stand out even if they aren't the center infact both of ty and ten great dancer who have their own style of dancing !? I like ty style the best so i think hes the best but u maybe like ten style more so u think he is the best at dancing both are good to me so let it go 😩
open your eyes (2 years ago)
so agree with you..u had said the things that keep in my mind..both are great dancer but for center position taeyong is the best
tae oo (2 years ago)
+Qty Kawaii​ as from what i see he u Is the one with most fans and he is the only one who get to be in hit the stage and got more fans than the other member didnt he i dont think sm is being unfair with him and this cf is supposed to only taeyong since the beging and yes he dosent get many parrts in the song they realeased but hope he will in the future and i know he deserve more but not by belittiling another member for him !? And i think ten stans are being disrespectble in that aspect thats all
Qty Kawaii (2 years ago)
Because most people not only fan in the fandom all agree that Ten deserve more than what SM is treating him now, they want Ten to be a center sometime too, but anyway SM can't hide a real gem. Gem is Gem it can shine anywhere even SM try to hide it, we will find him shining eventually.
tae oo (2 years ago)
So what a lot do apreaciate him and he deserve to be apreaciate and being good and being better than another good dancer is different tae has a different style of dancing and his moves are more of powerful than flexsable while ten is the oppeseit from him !? So why comparing i only see that as hating and thinking your bias is the best while u may think that but other dont stop this biased thinking first 😕 and sorry for my poor english ans spelling😅❤
Irinario (2 years ago)
C'mon it's not just Ten's stan that appreciate his skills, but most of the viewers from outside the fandom as well. He gained much more fans including myself 😊 because the performance was extremely good and it's not something that you can see from any good dancers
open your eyes (2 years ago)
i hope that people stop complaining about the centre spot..just enjoy the ad :) i think ty in the middle bcause he is the only one appeared in the ad even b4 his debuted.it is not his decision or sm..its the ad decision..its so unnecessary to argue about this:)peace
jungkookie monster (2 years ago)
Taeyong❤️ amazing dancing!!!!!
nabila azz (2 years ago)
ten must be in center
sone army NCTzen (1 year ago)
nabila azz then how about mark
Ten's noona (2 years ago)
아리안 (2 years ago)
for me ten is the best dancer but sometimes i cant help but to choose taeyong as the main dancer!!!! damn why so handsome taeyong???
lolo mhb (2 years ago)
Tom Christ (2 years ago)
Wow, this song! Is there The road to Mandalay by Robbie Williams?! Cool!
otakume025 (2 years ago)
I love Mark but not what he's wearing.... Sorry stylist noonas 😂😂
-Stay With Taeyong- (2 years ago)
Taeyong 😘😘
Nilakshi De silva (2 years ago)
Tennnnnn so perfect
Long Ass Ride (2 years ago)
can you just stop complaining ty being the center coz ten shines even though he aint the center and during interviews Ty always on the side barely talking and the rest of the members does the work. Ten also stands out during interview. ok
Mp3Download (2 years ago)
open your eyes (2 years ago)
agree with you:)
summer_dream (2 years ago)
Is it just me or is that one of Produce 101 girls the one with the smile like sunshine...I'm pretty sure that's her Cause I can remember that smile anywhere...
Harid Prapun (2 years ago)
สนุกกันจังน่าเต้นบ้าง ง
Harley Morgan (2 years ago)
Taeyong and Ten is the couple =)) And maybe ... Mark is their son ~~
aljia aljia (2 years ago)
taeyong you are gold
Chiu Crystal (2 years ago)
Wiew Romrawin (2 years ago)
ten good
Gyrti (2 years ago)
_SuhyunRose_ (2 years ago)
i wish taeyong could teach me how to dance
Aysha Zaheen (2 years ago)
does Taeyong even realise how charismatic he is while dancing? *_*
Ron Ron (2 years ago)
#TAETEN is real af!❤️
XXISHANTELLEM (2 years ago)
XXISHANTELLEM (2 years ago)
+Adrianna Forwood I'm not complaining about Taeyong being the center cause he is my ultimate bias anyway
kyxngss (2 years ago)
Hanie Liao (2 years ago)
I was actually more focused on the little boy. The one Taeyong gave his hat? He got nice legs... xD
Teneger143 143 (2 years ago)
Ten should be the freaking center not teayong
Huma Ameer (9 months ago)
Stfu and stop critisizing Taeyong he is the visual of the group thats why hes in the center where ever ten is he will always shine gosh im gonna report your comment
sone army NCTzen (1 year ago)
Teneger143 143 u should know what center means & why they choose him..
My Mojito (2 years ago)
Taeyong is the visual
MonsterFictions (2 years ago)
TEN clap.
valerie vs (2 years ago)
is there a link with subtitles???
Sílvia Diogo (2 years ago)
Taeyong... please stop. you are the most adorable human being.
Downy Hunnie (2 years ago)
มาเต้นงานวัด บ้านเราได้นะ 555
Raquel Fuentes (2 years ago)
Ten is so skdjlssklsks so 😭❤️
Ceci Gold (2 years ago)
Jazmin Cruixe (2 years ago)
Dragon Killer (2 years ago)
NCT_GOT SWAG (2 years ago)
taeyong 💕💕😚
mi mi (2 years ago)
taeyong 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
ChaD Umi (2 years ago)
That roof top reminds me of iKON Airplane. To more important news Taeyong with those children. Mark and Angel Ten are too cute.
Blue Ocean (2 years ago)
my baby TEN!! I love youuuu
깅보 (2 years ago)
태용 춤 진짜 아이돌 탑급이다 얼굴은 김재중 데뷔초에 춤선은 유노윤호 ㄷㄷㄷ
Im yoh ENJEL (2 years ago)
damn, already got a cf im jealous of those teen students dancing with them:(
SMLover Me (2 years ago)
me too :(
Kabila Somchueweng (2 years ago)
Ten so cute
Nit Jaidee (2 years ago)
Wanwipa Jamburi (2 years ago)
Kelise Spence (2 years ago)
Taeyong... is too CUTE !!!!
Herman Toribio (2 years ago)
I love this one! Bet this was recorded while Taeil, Jaehyun, and Doyoung were filiming Without You hahah.
Bts' belonging (2 years ago)
zeeeeeny (2 years ago)
leslie quisado (2 years ago)
plsssss SM I'm begging you..nxt tym can you put ten in the center...
leslie quisado (2 years ago)
+NaraStudio lol!kai is face of the group and main dancer..
NaraStudio (2 years ago)
+Icy Smiles Kai is the visual, this person is wrong.
open your eyes (2 years ago)
+sooyoung park calm down...i think ty at the center because he had once make this cf before his debut..its not his or sm decision think :)
leslie quisado (2 years ago)
+Adrianna Forwood then in exo,sehun is visual then why kai (main dancer)is always in the middle?that's what i want also coz ten is main dancer..at least they alternate with taeyong..so sick and tired aways taeyong in the middle
leslie quisado (2 years ago)
+Jsica Pricilla yah!I'm relieved now coz wherever ten put he's always shine.and I'm so happy that his one of the most popular member..
It's Reigning (2 years ago)
Waaahh! Seokyung has CF now! My adorable NCT U dance line! 😆😆👏👏
onnaonah (2 years ago)
dammmmn they're only three days old and they have ads already dammmmmn these kids be ballin in no time
Christopher Bang (2 years ago)
They are so cute omg
shawolshawol (2 years ago)
Wooo they're so good!
Lavendova (2 years ago)
Taeyong is so cute 😄
TaeTae IsAlien (2 years ago)
TY ahhh I Love you
Taeyong and Mark are so cute~!
Bella Greence (2 years ago)
taeyong is so handsome!!!!!!! love you TY
Jan Ingrace Lial (2 years ago)
Taeyong 😍❤️
Jungkook's seagull (2 years ago)
Vum vum vum vum 💸
B iw (2 years ago)
I can not take my eyes off him. #Ten ♥
B iw (2 years ago)
+JM L I'm sorry T^T
JM L (2 years ago)
+Biw vy *him Ten is a boy.
PUM UFO (2 years ago)
พ่อง พ่อง พ่อง~~~~lol
XIKAQP (ZELOSTN) (2 years ago)
ตอนแรกก็ฟังพม พม พม ปกติ แต่หลังจากเห็นเมนท์นี้ก็ไม่สามารถฟังแบบเดิมได้อีกเลย 555555555555555555555555
Real Aom (2 years ago)
+PUM UFO นึกว่าได้ยินคนเดียว55555555555555555555555555555
boy l (2 years ago)
เดี๋ยวๆ 55555
boy l (2 years ago)
PUM UFO (2 years ago)
พ่อง พ่อง พ่อง~~~~lol
bruna Bruna Sato (2 years ago)
ten!!!! so cuteeeee
arc (2 years ago)
I wanna see Ten in center too.. T_T
KPOP Galaxy (2 years ago)
My Mojito (2 years ago)
+Taeyong oh okay
Melon Thanda (2 years ago)
+EXOandNCT is sexy TaeTen Sekai BaChDo JaDoTa Not that most people complain, most people prefer them that's why...others are a minority.
Taeyong (2 years ago)
+EXOandNCT is sexy TaeTen Sekai BaChDo JaDoTa well visuals are not always in the middle :) because you have ''the face'' of the group and ''the visual'' of the group. The visual is considered ''The most attractive'' (its mostly when you fit a certain beauty standard) and the face of the group is considered are mostly in the centre in photoshoots in MV in dance practices and gets more solo CFs than the other members in some cases they are even called ''the favorite'' of the company. And in some cases the visual and the face are the same person in the group just like NCT U. but as example in RV Seulgi is the face of the group and Irene the visual. In 2ne1 Dara is the visual and CL the face of the group. i hope i did explain it well because my english is so bad hahah :) sorry for this long message :))
My Mojito (2 years ago)
In Kpop visuals are in the middle like all the time 😐. Yoona is in the middle, Krytal is in the middle, Seulgi is the middle.. 😭😭😭

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