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London Food from India. Making Naan Bread in Dishoom Restaurant

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Text Comments (69)
Syed Ashfaq (5 days ago)
He looks like Yogi Adityanath.
Gokulsinghkarki Gokul (7 days ago)
Nice chef
Zion Curaçao (8 days ago)
Good job chef .
Streetalicious (11 days ago)
look so good
Ajaya Jora (28 days ago)
lovely chef
Vijay singh (1 month ago)
Wow hello chef
very nice! wich dishoom restaurant? king's cross? kensigton? thanks
manoj kumar (2 months ago)
Charu gera (2 months ago)
Wow. So talented. Especially the roomali roti.
devbhoomi Uttarakhand (2 months ago)
I'm biggest toomali mwkar
Huguette Khiat (3 months ago)
pawan singh (3 months ago)
Suresh Sunar (3 months ago)
मेरो ल*** जस्तो काम गर्छ मुरी त्यस्तो movie सिग्देलले गर्ने काम देखाउँछ mero घण्टा जस्तो काम
Satish kaushik (4 months ago)
Perfect tandoori..
Alhas Tarafder (4 months ago)
vakinse haa kya
Alex Xarma (4 months ago)
wow my dreams
paudel bimal (4 months ago)
Good one..I am also a tandoori chef...I love tandoori
Darshan Soliyal (5 months ago)
Good chef
Vijay singh (5 months ago)
Very nice sir
Praveen Chef (5 months ago)
world arana glamour (5 months ago)
Good job chef #worldaranaglamour
Yousf Nasri (6 months ago)
I love Indian food
sagar sunar (6 months ago)
I am a professional chef. I want to work in this restaurant...
james rearden (6 months ago)
Talented crew
KASID KANEN (7 months ago)
I can make rumali faster than him ,and on rapid fire kadai, which turn red on flame ,after putting rumali you have 2 sec to turn or it will burn
karthika nandakumar (5 months ago)
I think he made his rumali good. If u r doing it fast ,put ur vidoes then v believe it
Rahul acharya (6 months ago)
He is doing his job and doing at high standard; don't be so pessimistic.
james rearden (6 months ago)
where are you located ?
KASID KANEN (8 months ago)
He is use belan for Paratha, 👎
Charu gera (2 months ago)
K k lifestyle is massively insecure
Rahul acharya (6 months ago)
Fix your English first then go on about criticising people.
Rahul acharya (6 months ago)
he used belan for rumali you mug
KASID KANEN (8 months ago)
I can make rumali faster than him
Gaz Armstrong (8 months ago)
I love watching talented people making difficult things look so simple. Amazing
Little Bear (8 months ago)
this is simple thing
raja barik (8 months ago)
Nic sir
Molezay Molbacheh (9 months ago)
Poor under pay workers!
KASID KANEN (9 months ago)
He is taking too much time
Canadiana66 (4 months ago)
Why don't u proof it that u can do his job!!
Rahul acharya (6 months ago)
He is taking his time and doing to the best standard and also "too much time" doesn't make sense; fix your English you ugly bastard!
Ted Ex (9 months ago)
At the beginning,that was the finest looking naan I've ever seen coming out of a tandoor. The application of brushed on garlic,absolutely ruined the previous beauty.
IND 007 (9 months ago)
Dishoom Restaurant..LoL
Nodar Nutsubidze (9 months ago)
A • (1 year ago)
it seems so bloody stressful working in a restaurant
vetron13mb (2 years ago)
omg rumali roti tastes so fuckng good and thin !!
joao rivera (2 years ago)
if you cook to sell.use gloves always use gloves.
Muhammad Boota (6 months ago)
in this work gloves are going to be melted when goes in it.inside temperature is 250 dgree.
Shashwat Mittal (8 months ago)
Go back to roasting pigs’ anuses for dinner. Make sure you wear gloves
himanshusharma0205 (11 months ago)
U can't on tandoor... Imagine putting your hands in 350 degrees tandoor for 3 hours during a service :) best is to keep your hands clean
Misha HJ (1 year ago)
Lol no. Wash your hands and don't touch money or other people and that's it. Gloves are not necessary.
Farras AM (2 years ago)
hmm interesting
Wow I never saw how to make cake like that I love, like and Subscribed you! :)
luciastrazeri (2 years ago)
Mestre do pão.
Afshin Michigan (1 year ago)
luciastrazeri م
Sweetcherry Lady (2 years ago)
without gloves I hate
Waseem Qurashi (7 months ago)
Sweetcherry Lady do don't eat or see just eat with your gloves hand food loooooool
ravi rana (1 year ago)
Sweetcherry gloves will melt at tempretur like 300° celcius to 450°celcius
SPACE outer space (1 year ago)
Sweetcherry Lady so ur ancestors 1000 years ago used gloves and toilet paper to clean and shove ur their asses and that's why u idiot was born
SPACE outer space (1 year ago)
Sweetcherry Lady gloves are form of plastic or rubber contamination. Did ur ancestors used gloves to cook food and eat Or did they die from eating food with bare hands and that's why u r born
Sony Singh (2 years ago)
american make pizza with gloves on.wow
Teska RD (2 years ago)
Dirty workstation
corturia (2 years ago)
hey chef,nan bread not mini nan bites get them bigger
Sayajin (2 years ago)
sitearm (2 years ago)
why am I always attracted to the carbohydrates? ; p
Rock and roll (1 year ago)
sitearm its that our body is used to. the fastest thing that we can digest is sugars or starch . for the carnivores its the proteins and for the herbivores the fiberous green leaves and grasses. its just a way how our ancestors have been eating.
Marilyn Owusu (2 years ago)
Honey Pie (2 years ago)
So easy to make naan bread! Looks really professional!~
pcuser80 (2 years ago)
Yummie, Dipping naan in madras sauce or vindaloo sauce.... And tandoori chicken

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