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Slam Ball - Top Plays

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What do you get when you mix the sport of basketball and trampolines? SLAM BALL
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Brian Curry (10 days ago)
never seen that coming
Kenny Begeske (19 days ago)
Ps4 xbox needs to make slam ball the video game rated E
Lukas Gejgus (2 months ago)
Dudes are playing that 90’s defense... 😀
Cesar Nunez Moises (2 months ago)
She moves in her own dab (3 months ago)
It’s weird how in america all these small neiche games have like tournaments with commentators as if they r real sports
Jerry V (4 months ago)
Let's make Slamball great again
Trist (5 months ago)
white basketball
Fire Player (5 months ago)
This is soo cool
Yeezy westy (7 months ago)
Phoebe !!!!! (8 months ago)
This game is crazy😂😂
kh binthalith (8 months ago)
very good
FrogyProd (8 months ago)
NBA Street Vol. 2
ogen eteys (9 months ago)
That's not good 1:37
Behold, the only interesting sport Yeah I said it! Fight me
this is a tv sport not a real sport.
OGGOAT_ _ (1 year ago)
Amazing shit just found it randomly
Rob Freedman (1 year ago)
Slam Ball needs to return! It had fun watching it on tv!
MonguinAssassin (1 year ago)
This is also a variant in Griffball for Halo Multiplayer. In such condition, you do not have trampolines, but JETPACKS! I swear, they should have implemented Quidditch and suspend all of the players in Zero G environment. That would be an excellent high tech science fiction equivalent of the fantasy magic sport.
MonguinAssassin (1 year ago)
It would also be kind of cyberpunk in a way, in a sense that two balls are aimed at hitting players and the third simply likes to remain unseen by them, all three having computer programming in them, something like cyberpunk level artificial intelligence.
Sauxyy IMG (1 year ago)
Are you allowed to shoot or do you have to dunk
Augustin Kiriyanthan (1 year ago)
NBA wannabies
Travis Short (1 year ago)
FastChickenzz (1 year ago)
Bad hombres
DUDE 28 (1 year ago)
Better than basketball.
iloveujerzy (1 year ago)
im not gonna lie this looks fun as hell man lol
Rumi Wa (1 year ago)
B hole...
Seth Herron (1 year ago)
these guys need real helmets
JohnHan (1 year ago)
It couldn't be legit pro sports, but it looks fun as hell
LOL this is realy cool
koy (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure that's a tranny at the back at 1:42
Xzare Ace (1 year ago)
holy crap, this is everything i wish basket ball was. where do i sign up?
Dhamp1 ETX903 (1 year ago)
2k be like
SariK ? (1 year ago)
Daily dose of internet
Tonka the dog (1 year ago)
Trampolines Contact Baskets All you need for a good sport
xXRennocXx (1 year ago)
This sport is an NBA back up for the people who can’t dunk lol
Looks fun and painful. Don’t know if i should try.
Carlos Lemon (1 year ago)
dat self pass
Ken Thompson (1 year ago)
a neck brace , just saying.
SonyCamry (1 year ago)
Does this still exist?
Mac Mac (1 year ago)
I miss this sport 😂😂😂 nba players wouldn't stand a chance 😂😂😂
Detroit Mi Dunkin (1 year ago)
This use to come on Tv.
Sergio Talamantes (1 year ago)
Fukn awesome nba jam real life
SmashUploads HD (1 year ago)
Man this was corny back in the day.
Taylor Lee (1 year ago)
How did this not catch on?
Ale Mercado (1 year ago)
The ideal sport for losers bball players
Mike Pantaleo (1 year ago)
I loved this show me and my cousin watched it all the time. We actually put our b-ball hoop near our trampoline.i miss being a kid. Growing up sucks
cool story (1 year ago)
Bring this back
Saden Uttie ! (1 year ago)
I had a genius and amazing idea... THIS. my dreams are crushed
Kyle (1 year ago)
Boom shacka lacka? Really? Be whiter..
bigz3011 (1 year ago)
The most 2000’s thing I’ve ever seen.
Jeremy Bascara (1 year ago)
Stupid sport
Samuel Meus élève (1 year ago)
How did I not know this was a sport
Billy Rolls (1 year ago)
NBA Jam = Slam Ball
John ForNever (1 year ago)
I think it used to be but I'm not sure
Meme_ Da1nonly (1 year ago)
lmao ikr XD
جميل والله
Oh no no (1 year ago)
Ahhhhh good ol times
sport national (1 year ago)
ridiculous joke
Laura Skou (1 year ago)
I can't wait for my date tonight I'm lesbian
Luke Wiseman (1 year ago)
Is there any team recruiting near me?
P. Informático (2 years ago)
More circus than sport...
daxen taylor (2 years ago)
welcome to the official podcast
not name not surname (2 years ago)
авторитетная поебень
Basketball for white people...
Se'errah Robinson (2 years ago)
i like it baby
Im Famous (2 years ago)
y have I never heard of this?
Im Famous (2 years ago)
I done this in Highschool insured of basketball
Dave Barista (2 years ago)
This actually looks really fun to play except the tackle
IamaGod StuntGod (2 years ago)
This better than the NBA I bet Curry couldn't survive this😂😂
kjsuz (2 years ago)
when ever they say holy smokes I always think their going to say holy shit
TomRuss AresK (2 years ago)
Basketball+MMA=Slamball :D :D
Paddy Jackson (2 years ago)
Anyone watching in 2017
Valtsu100 (2 years ago)
0:49 Dat move alone makes me wanna watch this sport!
TheNukeMan (2 years ago)
This needs to become a worldwide sport
T D C (2 years ago)
I wanna play this
TheKD (2 years ago)
to a true sports fan, this is Garbage
Lee Phelan (2 years ago)
This shit lit bruh
vikram sagar (2 years ago)
waste game
Murdoc Sicàrio (2 years ago)
why do the commentators talk like basketball does not exist in this dimension
Egrin (2 years ago)
love how they just put full contact without protection for no reason lol
khontol Mu lahh (2 years ago)
basketball+trampoline= slam ball
Snake (2 years ago)
кто от Янкова?)
dvwhitesoxfan (2 years ago)
Look at the amplitude! BOOOOMM SHACKALACKA
hhh (2 years ago)
pretty shit sport, you kinda ruined a majority of basketbal but okay
MILK ME (2 years ago)
what the gay
Corey Smith (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does this game feel like a bunch of kids playing basketball on trampolines with the sole intent of looking cool instead of actual strategy?
joe momma (2 years ago)
Retards. This was a highlight reel. It was the "top plays". You thought a highlight reel was going to show fundamental plays?
Anthony Trujillo (2 years ago)
Corey Smith Yea. It seemed like a cool competitive game until all these people started doing tricks that were pointless to actually winning the game. At least in my opinion.
Hood gotgame (2 years ago)
why they take this off TV this was my shit when I was small.
The Darkest White (2 years ago)
shitty sport
ozymandias (2 years ago)
golden state didn't like this
Seth Bethune (2 years ago)
They really got Gus Johnson calling this shit lmao
Aaron Horner (1 year ago)
Seth Bethune I love it lol, imagine every job interview he’s had since this...
Jon Liu (2 years ago)
white man can jump :)
Adam Peck (2 years ago)
anyone know is there goal tending in this? like if someone takes a shot can you jump up and block it?
Siberius Wolf (2 years ago)
Only if the shot is from someone on the trampolines.. if it's someone further back going for a 3 pointer, then they need to be stopped earlier. But slam dunks on the trampoline are worth the same and have a higher success rate. At least that's what I'm getting from the comments.
Aidan Doyle (2 years ago)
Absent minded professer anyone??
miamackk (2 years ago)
I really wanna play
zayzay (2 years ago)
lilMac131 same here
defi Gomez (2 years ago)
SabianAmeyro (2 years ago)
Damnn 0:51-0:53
Jerome Goode (2 years ago)
this is for fake ass, l ball players that are too short to dunk on a real 10ft hoop. Sorry but this is for pussies
Ryan Damboise (2 years ago)
Only basketball for white people
Tyson Dawe (2 years ago)
Personally I couldn't resist to do a flip
Nino Morelli Guitar (2 years ago)
anyone sleep here from bmth?
Theories 23 (2 years ago)
I've never heard of slam ball not even knowing there was a league about it and when I found out I fell in love with it I and I want to play it.
Oscar mv (2 years ago)
amo do seu canal se possível dar um passada no meu canal se inscreve, que eu volto o favor, valeu um abraço
Aam Sla (2 years ago)
kuroko no basket 0_o
Matthew Tong (2 years ago)
Terrible sport, Injuries must happen on a daily.

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