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Selita Ebanks Victoria's Secret Runway Walk 2005 - 2010 HD

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The video presents the participations of the beautiful model Selita Ebanks on the runway of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 - 2010. El video presenta las participaciones de la hermosa modelo Selita Ebanks en la pasarela de Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 - 2010.
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Text Comments (12)
Bobby Light (2 months ago)
So underrated. She's only 5 8 but my God..her legs stretch a mile long.
Andreia Sofia (3 months ago)
jesus give the girl a real pair of wings for ONCEEEEE
Ch Da (5 months ago)
Kailee Garcia (1 year ago)
I wonder why they let her go? She was stunning and always brought a great energy
Jia Yu (15 days ago)
Her wings hided the fantasy bra I think
Bobby Light (2 months ago)
Probably wasn't paid or featured enough and wanted more
Michaelle Alexandre (1 year ago)
the black models always the best walkers
PRiNCESS PEACH (1 year ago)
My favorite VS angel
Carlos Eduardo M. (1 year ago)
She´s really short but i love her energy and of course she´s beautiful..
Maia Vitale (15 days ago)
5'8 is not short 😂✋
King David (1 year ago)
She's 5 feet 8 and a half inches - slightly shorter than the average model. Marisa Miller is a touch shorter, and Miranda Kerr. Candice is a touch taller, just barely.
Star Goddess (1 year ago)
She's so hot.

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