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Prison School OVA - Andre breaks into the girls locker room

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This is one of the most dramatic scenes in the anime. I laughed so hard. I just had to share this. If you haven't watched Prison School I highly suggest you do so. It's an awesome anime! This particular scene is from the Prison School OVA which takes place shortly after the events of the anime ending. Get games at up to 98% discount at: "https://www.g2a.com/r/greatgamesatdiscount" Get discount coupons with the Honey extension: "joinhoney.com/ref/pe728i"
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Text Comments (40)
Mikel (2 years ago)
You can turn on subtitles by clicking on the CC button in the player menu.
TheXtime _ (5 months ago)
What thank you so much
Mallory Ruehle (17 days ago)
GalaxyCat (1 month ago)
3:05 im fine.
Derka Derka (1 month ago)
Is that Jay Leno?
Collin Carter (2 months ago)
2:15 anime girl has no tits... *Reality is often dissapointing.*
Brian Balazs (2 months ago)
Lol got his ass beat up
Giannis Antetokounmpo (3 months ago)
Mohamed Osama (3 months ago)
Fidel Pristo (4 months ago)
Prang ina
Jose Aleman (5 months ago)
Bloody Blue Blood (6 months ago)
amante domegadrive (6 months ago)
Estou aqui apenas pelo plot :-)
syafiq 1507 (6 months ago)
Pause 2:16 3:00
lego brick theater (6 months ago)
Best action filled comedic secuence in anime ever
homie spider (7 months ago)
Chad Maxwell (7 months ago)
samnies yee (7 months ago)
samnies yee (7 months ago)
i m cd lol but is a joke
omar Balooshi (7 months ago)
I love japan
Rebecca Moore (10 days ago)
Why is your pic her so creepy
What the hell is 0:17?!?!
lego brick theater (10 months ago)
2:14 a good enterence
noob i (11 months ago)
This is retarded af
Aztic Unknown (11 months ago)
3:00 actually you can see her boobs at the left
Wan 27 (11 months ago)
Which episode is this
Supermad And Larry (11 months ago)
uchiha genji (11 months ago)
Gonna need a senzu for this one
Maxxcell Higdon (11 months ago)
Why is his face so tiny?!
Chris da morgan (5 months ago)
Maxxcell Higdon because it's funny as fuck
أحمد العمري (10 months ago)
Maxxcell Higdon 9ص اتثاتئززا
Kadisha Moreno (1 year ago)
Why do he have a big body but such a tiny face
Joao Gustavo (11 months ago)
Kkkkk true
Deine Xybrent Pedrasa (11 months ago)
Kadisha Moreno www
PB LAUREN (1 year ago)
Kadisha Moreno CUZ HE *T H I C C*
¿Que mierda acabo de ver? X"D
Deli Deli Motzereli (2 years ago)
AdoWASD (2 years ago)
o chin chin dokuda
the fresh kidz masters (9 months ago)

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