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Top 10 People Who Were Too Pretty For Their Own Good

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Top 10 People Who Were Too Pretty For Their Own Good →Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World http://bit.ly/1K93b1G Top 10 Ridiculous Examples of Corporate Greed http://bit.ly/1fKM21F There’s an old saying that “beauty is a curse.” Today we want to explore that concept and share with you 10 stories of people who suffered in one way or another for being too good looking, apparently for their own good. Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-people-who-were-too-pretty-for-their-own-good.php Coming up: 10. Debrahlee Lorenzana 9. These three unnamed handsome Arabian gentlemen. 8. Melissa Nelson 7. Olivia Sprauer was totally fired for something way stupider than that. 6. Dilek Edwards, the girl fired for being “too cute” 5. Clare, the girl kicked out of prom by creepy-ass dads. 4. Corporal Kristine Tejeda, the soldier too pretty to represent the army 3. The dating site for beautiful people, hacked by the “ugly virus” 2. The man told he couldn’t pose topless, because he was too fabulous 1. Gozde Kansu, the lady fired for wearing a dress on TV Source/Other reading: http://www.villagevoice.com/2010-06-01/news/is-this-woman-too-hot-to-work-in-a-bank/ http://www.villagevoice.com/2010-06-01/news/is-this-woman-too-hot-to-work-in-a-bank/2/ http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/04/17/saudi-arabia-deported-men-for-being-too-handsome/ http://www.saudiembassy.net/about/country-information/culture_art/jenadrivah_heritage.aspx http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dentist-fired-pretty-irresistible-dentist-employee-acted-legally-court-article-1.1397245 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/07/olivia-sprauer-teacher_n_3230211.html http://nypost.com/2013/11/20/fired-for-being-too-cute-by-ex-playmate-boss/%20 http://www.hannahettinger.com/fuck-the-patriarchy-guest-post-by-clare/ http://uk.eonline.com/news/541860/this-girl-was-kicked-out-of-her-prom-for-dancing-provocatively-blames-creepy-ogling-chaperone-dads http://www.ausa.org/publications/armymagazine/archive/2013/11/Documents/Cone_Nov2013.pdf http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/army-pr-push-average-looking-women-100065.html http://www.armytimes.com/article/20131122/NEWS/311220041/One-officer-steps-down-second-suspended-over-pretty-soldiers-email http://www.armytimes.com/article/20131122/NEWS/311220041/One-officer-steps-down-second-suspended-over-pretty-soldiers-email http://www.geek.com/geek-cetera/dating-site-for-beautiful-people-attacked-by-ugly-virus-1392991/ http://www.lamondamagazine.com/en/m/attack/andrej-pejic/ http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/turkish-tv-presenter-gozde-kansu-fired-over-cleavage-revealing-dress-29651764.html http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG10372459/Turkish-TV-presenter-fired-for-wearing-low-cut-dress-hits-back.html
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Text Comments (3455)
SPLENOROUS (10 days ago)
Rofl, does not exist fools
NJtuber88 (11 days ago)
Why am I not on here?
100% Goblin (22 days ago)
Tina (1 month ago)
Regarding Miss Clare at 7:30, adolescent boys think impure thoughts pretty much all the time. That’s almost a definition of what being an adolescent is. She certainly does not appear to have been dressed in an inappropriate fashion.
Chris Lewis (1 month ago)
Story of my life.
Gary Clark (1 month ago)
For the Dilik Edwards story I see the wife/former playboy model Stephenie Adams May 18, 2018 pushed her 7 year old son out of a Manhattan hotel window before jumping herself. They both died.
Layne Summer (1 month ago)
While I understand Gozde Kansu's position and frustration, it has to be remembered that Turkey is a Muslim country. The cut of the dress - and especially the bodice - flouted conservative convention at the time - and she had to know this when she chose to appear in it on national TV. It was a risky decision, and the consequences cannot have been unexpected. This is the reality.
Jim Ellison (2 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO................
Ruturaj Shiralkar (2 months ago)
Olivia sprauer was rightly shunted out. U cant be employed at two jobs at once.
princesstamika (1 month ago)
pretty much everyone in the US, especially single people, works 2 jobs. it's only against the rules or in violation of the contract you sign with your employer if it's conflict of interests like working for two rival companies.
Ruturaj Shiralkar (2 months ago)
Melissa nelson beautiful??
Dee Jarvis (2 months ago)
No. 9 that's Zeddie little. Nothing to do with the "3 guys"....
princesstamika (1 month ago)
it's a meme created about the event described.
Skye ID (2 months ago)
The #2 person on the list is actually a trans woman named Andreja, who came out as trans back in 2013, and I don't know how y'all could have missed that important information!
vegastjg (2 months ago)
#10 is a 7 at best foh , #8 is a 5 at best same goes for #7, #6 is a 7 tops , #5 is a 5, & #1 is a 6 at best [email protected] anyone that thinks these folks were too pretty and not just a female surrounded by dipshit men
Daniel Pease (2 months ago)
Sounds all scary
Cory Pedigo (2 months ago)
Debrahlee wanted it. Wanted it bad.
MrUnite4thechildren (2 months ago)
6:30 - 4 years later, here in 2018. The Playboy playmate wife who fired Ms. Edwards sounded familiar to me for some reason. In May 2018 she committed suicide by jumping off a building.. sadly, taking her 7-year-old son with her. I won't repeat the whole story here, it's easily found in google.
Heriberto Valentin (2 months ago)
People are too petty. Insecure people are dangerous.
lcyw20 (2 months ago)
Every single one of these stories is just ridiculous! Some people need to learn how to keep it in their trousers and not blame others for their own lack of self-control. Then again, they have no self-control--they can't help themselves.
del trotts (2 months ago)
So is F**k y*u mutherf***er..............
Jason Gooden (2 months ago)
Peji should be chosen as Vega in a Street Fighter movie.
jimbeau88 (2 months ago)
The narrator should take some Spanish lessons and learn how to pronounce Spanish names: he butchered the ones he tried.
Sophie Dockx (3 months ago)
With all due respect, Simon, I am going to ask you to retreat from Youtube for being too smart and too successful. My husband has only recently found out about my one-night stand at the 2004 Paris Book Fair with Christopher Hitchens and has caught me for the third time in four years binging on your Youtube videos for four hours straight, on a Saturday afternoon. I myself am disgustingly pretty for my age (56) and since English is my third language of five (not counting Latin, Greek and Afrikaans) and love to talk and write in English about any subject I am qualified to give an expert opinion on (which in reality boils down to virtually any subject 'tout court', actually), I am also puke-perfectly pedantic. Suffice it to say, Bertie's has gone a little suspicious, of late. Of you. Not of me, of course, for the obvious reason of my being as they say 'a catch with a catch': an IQ double that of my waist-to-hip ratio squared, divided by the circumference of my chest, combined with a far smaller than average memory capacity, which has prompted me to give up lying, at the age of 22, after having seen on TV what David Frost did to Richard Nixon. In short (or in at least as short as I care to muster): I am a major attractor that comes with her own repellant. "Not just a couple of boobies and a trap, but a veritable human female boobytrap", as I have been described by the CEO of Oxford Escorts, in 1984. Even today, at my age, the likes of Boris Johnson can't resist inviting me as his escort to his old boys club dinner parties, to impress his cronies with my skill at verbally murdering the bimbos they brought along for the occasion. (Please note: this paragraph is a complete load of bollockx (Flemish spelling of bollocks)) Needless to say I most totally adore you, Simon, but before you go I must tell you that you have got it all wrong in this video of yours. The reason why all of these pretty people are being discriminated has nothing to do with how they look. We are being considered disruptive elements in society, and are being dealt with accordingly, for what lies or may lie behind our pretty faces. Julius Caesar was a looker.
horowizard (3 months ago)
Possibly why the world is so ugly..
SC Garrett (3 months ago)
Yeah we need less attractive female teachers
Michael Pretko (3 months ago)
That's amazing, sad, unfortunate and unbelievable stuff!? And yes, I'm going with the young lady a few posts before me! The narrator is REAL. Awesome!
kryceksangel (3 months ago)
Maybe GOdze was fired for wearing an ugly dress
Gizmologist1 (3 months ago)
Andrew has had the complete transition surgery
disgruntledtoons (3 months ago)
"The Top Ten Instances of People in Authority Having Their Heads up Their Asses."
Harold Betancourt (3 months ago)
Simon is very sexy, but I wouldn't fire him.
Mark Welch (3 months ago)
Sadly, one of the least compelling videos for Top Tenz. In several US states, you can be fired for no reason at all and that is likely why they lost their cases. The prom story was all about her pushing the limits and basically creating a stink.
Brian O'Kongkohr (3 months ago)
Only unworldly "ignoramuses" would mispronounce Tejeda like "Tejhayda" instead of "Teheda". I kid - but you don't have to speak Spanish to know that much - especially if you're running a YouTube channel with a premise of being "smart" or "educational" about the world at large. I only bring this up because it's HARDLY the first time an easy to pronounce name for a worldly person has been butchered by this fellow. In America I'd assume he was a bit of a hick because he was intellectually lazy - especially for running a YouTube channel like this. We have many such folks in the U.S.of course - but often not running BIG YouTube channels - unless "dumb" is their schtick like Info Wars or PewdiePie. Granted. "dumb" is VERY in with TrumpMurica more than ever. But in Britain with all that history with the Spanish - I'd expect "better" as a product of a Brit education :D Or are "average" Brits - or just this fellow - that provincial with foreign words and names from even a common European and world language like Spanish?
BLH BSIT (3 months ago)
Lorenzana & Nelson, give me a break. Each are perhaps a 5 and may be pushing it at that. Sprauer is simply unattractive to me, Mud Ugly. Giving a 2 or 3 is Pushing it. Clair, not bad but tarted up. Tejeda = 2. Kansu fired, Absoutely, she was showing her goods on the Tele. Beautiful women don't need to advertise it. Some people have it, if you don't, SA la vie. I tire over beautiful women complaining. I met what I consider the be the most beautiful woman I ever met. She intimidated everyone. She was easy a 10 out of 10. She also had a brain, a photographic memory, and down to earth and quite intelligent. She didn't think a lot of herself, Humble, she was approachable and anything but stuck up. She was simply a nice person and didn't use her looks to get what she wanted. She was genuine and sincere all the way through. There is a saying from the south USA, Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone. Most of these women are ugly, crying, complaining women who think they deserve everything for nothing.
Peewee Herman (3 months ago)
So, did the workers/bosses never had to approach or even interact with a women before. These introverts are getting less few go join a dam play or a baking class you millennial shut ins
Godfrey Harper (3 months ago)
I have never been fired for any reason other than being much smarter than my boss. They seem to accept the fact that I am much better looking than they are relatively well, comparatively.
n/a n/a (3 months ago)
I got kicked out of a bar once for dancing...I lmao at the owner but he was serious...I couldn't believe it...
Zeg (3 months ago)
10. what??? she not that attractive
John Cecere (3 months ago)
I did a quick Google on Stephanie Adams, the Playboy playmate and woman who had her husband fire Dilek Edwards. Apparently, Ms. Adams killed herself and her 7 year old child in May 2018 because her (now ex) husband stopped her from taking him on a vacation.
dorothy b (3 months ago)
The "ugly virus". Hee hee.
Starbuck (3 months ago)
Simon has gone all SJW on us! :(
Treg Butterfield (3 months ago)
The stories... This is a gem of a video and Simons' voice over just makes it 100% funnier.
laabitres (3 months ago)
some people just can't control themselves SMH
Preston Higgins (3 months ago)
Eman Name (3 months ago)
Misanthropy is a valid response to idiots..
kiiltochii (4 months ago)
"----She wasn't using make-up.....except for the make-up she was using." ok lol
josa rebelo (4 months ago)
Kirkkaan Oranssi (4 months ago)
Let me help you, it's something like Andrei or Andrey Pejich (who later turned into Andrea).
Grey Mouser (4 months ago)
'should have gone to spec savers'
Parallax (4 months ago)
#9 Best vacation EVER! "We got deported for being too sexy. The saudis just couldn't handle it!"
Duck Dodgers (4 months ago)
Show this to the cunts that got the formula 1 girls fired. Let's see if they can actually make the conecction.
M.C CheddarBox (4 months ago)
Im A Monster (4 months ago)
Boo hoo
Nonpareil1710 (4 months ago)
Dude you mispronounced Tejeda its a Spanish surname not British, get it right.
R. Marchand (4 months ago)
8 and 7 are soooo ugly...
Andy Brayford (5 months ago)
Why is the photo of the x3 Arab gents one of a guy in a marathon?
David (5 months ago)
#1 should be blamed on the Muslim ideology in Turkey.
David (5 months ago)
So basically, the wives are ugly and jealous.
Greg Holmes (5 months ago)
Debrahlee is where it's at, everything else is meh. #2 is crazy tho, check first guys.
Variety Taco22 (5 months ago)
why wasn't Marie from the squid sisters in splatoon here?
THX 1138 (5 months ago)
case in point Gina Lollabrigida she herself said the male attention she got was over the top and ruinous.
Marco Natal (5 months ago)
This what happens when you around ugly people you get discriminated on also because they jealous real beauty is how you act
Orrin Rockwell (5 months ago)
Ill bet those idiots guys at citibank asked her out and got rejected. Ive never known men to hate being around a beautiful women. Or maybe she was taking all the clients.
Mr. W (6 months ago)
Although I agree with the general sentiment of this video, some of the incidents mentioned, when you look into them boil down to a he-said/she-said. In at least two of these cases, it was all a matter of who took to social media and the newsrooms first. Like I said, I agree with the moral of the stories, I just think the wannabe poster-children are a little more self-serving than they'd admit to.
Soloman1001 (6 months ago)
The first girl one i can understand because obviously she is going to get all the male clients (probably female too as they hunt in packs) attention and put everyone else out of a job. Who the hell wants to be speaking to some masculine male when they can be talking to some stunning female. This is why women should never have been given any power. Just a sad fact of life.
Sieren Tokiio (6 months ago)
Pajic not Paj I love Andrej(a)
Matthew Larson (6 months ago)
What makes this video considered inappropriate for some viewers?
C Cornwall (6 months ago)
If your employer says your clothes are too tight, you don't argue, you change your clothes.
eric blair (6 months ago)
#6 on May 18th, 2018, Stephanie Adams threw her child and herself off of a building to their death after the marriage broke-up. She was said to be incredibly jealous.
Kathleen Smith (6 months ago)
#9: Not what he was by Saudi standards.He just smiled for the cameras.
WWZenaDo (6 months ago)
#3 - BeautifulPeople site - that site would be a gold mine for anyone studying narcissists.
mike dobby-jooga (6 months ago)
update: Stephanie Adams (the jealous playboy model that got a much less attractive Dilek Edwards fired for being too attractive) murdered her 7 year old son Vincent in Manhattan before taking her own life. Adams pushed her son out of a 25th-story window, before jumping herself. Should've landed in a mental ward. Watch out who you get involved with....
marc bell (6 months ago)
Every single beautiful woman has been sexually harassed. .
HandsomeStranger1963 (6 months ago)
finally a vid I can relate to.
Eric Cole (6 months ago)
Also, Kristine Tejeda is pronounced TA-HA-DA, NOT TA-JAY-DA. Wow, you really have a difficult time pronouncing Hispanic names!
Eric Cole (6 months ago)
By the way, the actress who portayed Vasquez in "Aliens" was played by Jeanette Goldstein. Her character was named Vasquez. And the name is pronounced VAS - KEZ, not VAS-QUEZ. At one point she had been a body builder and ended up in a lot of James Cameron's films. I had a girl - crush on her when I saw "Aliens" when I was in Highschool (!) She was soooo ripped and she played an Hispanic perfectly.
Agnello Figueiredo (6 months ago)
I usually like your stuff, but stopped at DebrahLee because you certainly didn't tell the whole story.
Stephen Fiore (7 months ago)
Kagome (7 months ago)
Please. Beautiful people site is stupid. I got in no problem and I am not at all beautiful. No, I was literally bullied for being ugly. And people on that site is pretty average. It’s a terrible site and as long as you have a pair of boobs, you will get in no problem.
Allan Kerr (7 months ago)
if these people are attractive I’m the rock🐗hurrah
Polygon Cartoons (7 months ago)
BTW, that Turkish party you mentioned in No.1 is still ruling Turkey. And if you want to lament about how the world is done for, just google the name of the current 'president' of Turkey.
Strawbérry Milk (7 months ago)
all of them had the problem of making someone else feel uncomfortable. it's stupid that they were punished for it. it's like, "i'm not responsible for your feelings, so get off me"
squarepants49 (7 months ago)
Come off it, every government on the planet must have a policy of hiring land krakens only. Take a look at the Houses of Parliament if you think otherwise.
TruthBeTold (8 months ago)
I have a feeling that people behind this channel are a bunch of leftwing liberal beta male cucks but I could be wrong.
Rich Quebas (8 months ago)
It's pretty ironic when bosses, bosses wives and companies fire attractive people for their insecurities it seen as a weakness or negative by the narrator and comments but when you have a dating site that has a standard based on beauty all the same people who judged the insecure people in the other stories don't see themselves as insecure. Inconsistent.
Se Chan (8 months ago)
I'm too attractive to date ANY woman. Most woman find me a threat because of my looks. Wtf lol I'm sexual and it sucks being deemed to pretty to date other women (or too ugly)
Live Free (8 months ago)
Amy Schumer the fat Jew not on the list???
John Bonafede (8 months ago)
In number one, the male co-presenter is staring right at her legs LOl
maureen sime (8 months ago)
if this guy is not gay,,he is most likely a veiled narcissist,no straight male is a raging feminist, he is tryinng to score
copsisfags (8 months ago)
My balls should be on this list
William Reed (8 months ago)
SAVE MOTHRA!!! (8 months ago)
2. All is all!!!
Lee M. (8 months ago)
If fat gets judged for being unattractive and unkept then being to attractive is her fault. Eat more loose clothing no makeup less seductive stance 👍 it is her fault since going to the gym dieting and makeup doesn't happen at birth
Rammel Ceri (8 months ago)
I could see #2 happened. I low key thought he was a woman at first lol
Mr Majestic (8 months ago)
"We're going to fire you because you're too attractive" - said no man ever.
Lysa Wade (8 months ago)
Really? @melissa Nelson being "too pretty"? Lol wow
Alex and Ellie (8 months ago)
How dare they expose mentally ill people like that in #2! They should be ashamed of themselves for praying on people with disabilities!
squattingheads (8 months ago)
Cam you proof the girl wasnt lifting up her skirt and twerking?
squattingheads (8 months ago)
I understand a lot of those. Maybe argue your pov before take it as a given
Cannot Say (8 months ago)
Antione Berry (8 months ago)
i'm a straight heterosexual man!
Antione Berry (8 months ago)
people attack the first lady melania trump because she is a young attractive woman 🗽!

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