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"Beautiful People" Dating Site Owner Confronted by Three Overweight Women | Only Human

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Beautiful people is a dating site, where the members vote on whether new people are beautiful enough to join. The controversial dating site, which became global in 2009, is directed by Greg Hodges who in this clip is given a piece of mind by three overweight women assuming they would never be accepted onto the site. Supersized follows the unique lives of large people with equally big personalities. From Miss Plus Size competitors to the UK's only female sumo wrestler, an inspirational fat camp in Devon and the 57 stone Miss Fluff in North Carolina, each episode explores new aspects of the world of Supersized. Supersized follows the individual journeys of overweight people, in an era where an obesity epidemic threatens health in the developed parts of the world. Click here to subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/Ro2hdY Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OnlyHumanChannel/ Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/onlyhumanchannel/ Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/onlyhuman_OFF Produced by ITN Productions. Licensed by DRG.
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Text Comments (271)
Abbas Sheikh (1 hour ago)
im going to go on an obese website and fight with them as to why they dont accept skinny ppl..
Abbas Sheikh (1 hour ago)
these women really think they are beautiful???
SyMoane75 (1 day ago)
I don't see the problem. There's dating websites for all types of people. Nobody said be forced to allow something he/she doesn't want to include in their website. And these girls are confronting him when it's members of his website are three ones who pick who are on that website.
DTOsmanM (1 day ago)
They wouldn't get in even if they were slim ;)
new bella (1 day ago)
It sounds like a horrid website for horrid people, but that is OK. If this man wants to cater to those sorts of people so be it! There are heaps of dating websites out there for goodness sake, and plus size sites that are... guess what.... specifically designed for big women and the men who are attracted to big women. Jeez it's not that difficult is it.
Crystal Quasar (2 days ago)
Victory? He's being nice to them. He doesn't owe them anything.
KingLegg iNc (3 days ago)
I love this guys idea but the way he worded it is wrong to go around the laws what he should say is people get to vote if you stay by meeting common interest 1 working out 5 times a week 2 having symmetrical curvature 3 must be photogenic.
Steven Whelchel (3 days ago)
I like his swag. I would.
Stuart Da plant (4 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with the website
LOL they're mad because they acknowledge that the whole world isn't accepting them. Come on!! There are billions of us here!! Also, if you're married, then isn't your husband (and children) world to you? isn't it most importantly okay if THEY acknowledge you? who cares about the rest of us, it's not like you're gonna eat dinner with us every night lol... OR DOES YOUR HUSBAND (AND CHILDREN) NOT ACKNOWLEdGe YOU TOO? LOL is that why they're mad?
Jakob Coleman (5 days ago)
Then why did she sign up then
andrew evans (5 days ago)
these womens brains are full of fat wtf
meggyspencer (5 days ago)
To be honest, if the majority of the people on the website were to vote as attractive an overweight person then she or he would be accepted! So really, what he is saying is that he only wants people who are deemed as attractive by the great majority of the population and surpriiiise, grossly overweight isn't a cute look!!
Lily Barry (5 days ago)
Lol I’m sorry but I’ve been overweight and I think SOMETIMES it’s medically unavoidable to gain weight but MOSTLY I think that’s a front, I was heavy cause I was unhealthy. If you don’t want to be subjected to that judgment DONT TRY AND JOIN!
Mare01 (6 days ago)
If you are really happy with yourself and your life, why even bother meeting with him. Why waste your time?
Elen C (7 days ago)
If the male members on his website can vote on a woman being attractive or not, do the women on the site also get to vote on a potential male member being attractive?
jeep girl (7 days ago)
Those fat ladies r delusional. U cant b fat and fit at the same time.
Candice Moses (7 days ago)
Ok, and what's the issue? If people can decide their gender, they can decide who they find attractive. Superficial, yes, but it's the world we live in.
BOI OOF (7 days ago)
Just use tinder or something!
Elen C (7 days ago)
It works both ways, overweight men also put pics on dating sites from shoulders up and describe themselves as muscular. I have personally experienced that.
Lauren Dilaurentis (8 days ago)
His site is pointless and they shouldn't feel the need to waste energy on him
David Esterhuysen (8 days ago)
You're lucky they didn't eat you mate
Manasseh Sokiri (8 days ago)
funny and sad/racist how he goes straight to red for the asian
The Gypsy Rose (9 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha!! Oh, Jesus, am I laughing!! I had to watch that again, but I won't share it because I will not help you. The man I was with in Florida is so rich that his ex got a 450,000 dollar ring. For Christmas he offered me a breast enhancement. Everyone there is VERY wealthy, and a lot of the men, particularly after becoming bored, actually compete with each other for a woman of the rarest of types. Give it up and stick with your own types. They are all fake, which is what you deserve. Lol, lol.
Natasha Bergstrom (9 days ago)
I think hes totally within his right to have that site. Whys there a problem with him having a site for the top 1 or 2% of attractive people 😂😂😂 if theyre on there then they place priority on looks, which should work fine for them. I think its totally fiiine
Mika Boolis (9 days ago)
his response was actually quite gr8
Rue Dadi (9 days ago)
How is he a judge of beauty, Even his hairline ran away from him smh
Big Tiddy Goth Gf (9 days ago)
I honestly see no problem with this the site has people who think the majority of the site is attractive, making for a higher chance of people meeting up and possibly starting a relationship also, there of TONS of other sites and plus size sites
SJ Sherbs (9 days ago)
Gilafax (11 days ago)
Fat people are delusional.
Gigi Shields (11 days ago)
is it his website? yes. does it cross the discrimination side? absolutely. like fr. im 163 lbs so because im not 110 and underweight that means I wont get in nah. bbw slim whatever your beautiful asf btw hell lose a lot of people and revenue in the upcoming days or months ahead. just ignore his website and never look back
Laila Ali (11 days ago)
the woman in blue '' good for F****ing and why you are in dating website if you are happy as wify?? ohh people🙄🤔
AnImE WOLFS (11 days ago)
Nathan Alicea (11 days ago)
Wow these women are dumb
Robert Hernandez (11 days ago)
BIG HINT!!! If you dont like it, DON'T GO ON THE SITE....
Willa Donnarummo (11 days ago)
niche means a role in your habitat if anyones wondering
Aryaa Gadekar (11 days ago)
leave him alone, tf is your problem? just go on tinder or something...
Cuppiecake Zombie (12 days ago)
I hope his site gets taken down lmao. Body image is such an issue in today's society
Jen O (12 days ago)
I mean, this business owner isn't going to her plus-size boutique and crying about not being included, is it? As politically incorrect as it is to vote people out based on looks (or size), it's his site, and if you don't agree with it, just don't go. Write him a bad review and move on. Who cares what he thinks anyway? If you are truly confident then his opinion shouldn't matter!
Laura (12 days ago)
as a girl whos heavy...i dont get this at all? If you dont like his site dont visit it. its as simple as that..you dont like it, lose weight. tf?
2kbeast Boi (13 days ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like whales that walk on land 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Lyrical Swae (13 days ago)
This is fv5kn retarted 😒 he doesn’t deserve to have a website 👌🏾
Carson cat (16 days ago)
LOL they have the right when you sign yourself up to the website, morons
F14 12 12 (16 days ago)
Omg i would never surf on his website unless i wanna commit suicide.
Wendesdays Child (18 days ago)
At first I found his website offensive but upon second thought I think these women should just stay off his sight and perhaps they could set up one if their own.
Luna Parra (18 days ago)
"We do not have the right to judge other people" um, yes we do
Luna Parra (18 days ago)
He's speaking for allot of people not just himself and their just attacking him like wtf
Ej2004RC Ej-sans (18 days ago)
There mad because of their weight problems bragging about a happy marriage. But to have a good marriage you need to find someone
Kay Lee (18 days ago)
If you don’t like the website...DON’T LOOK! That’s whats wrong with our society today... snowflakes, liberals and pro-fat get their feelings hurt and it becomes everyone’s problem!!! Go to your safe place and suck it up! You don’t “give a toss”? Then shut up!
rita housni (18 days ago)
I totally agree with him and his vision.
Terhi Mäkinen (18 days ago)
There are dating-sites for just bbw's so why can't there be sites for just thin ppl? I used to be 300lbs now I'm 115lbs and at no point would I have demanded that society adapts to me...
Bembee E (18 days ago)
Woman work hard to look good ..make up ..the hair.. working out.. spending money at the gym buying healthy foods that cost more never mind all the time lost ..why not get credit for doing all this?
Megan Gertler (19 days ago)
There's sites for fat people already. No gap in the market. None at all.
Megan Gertler (19 days ago)
I love this guy! He's nice to them why are they so catty?!?!?
Megan Gertler (19 days ago)
These fat ladies embarrassed me as a fellow fat person. It's one thing to be fat another to be stupid.
Summer Exx (19 days ago)
This is hilarious.
Bri Aronson (20 days ago)
For this guy to have thought of this is just retarded
ComedyClubE SERIES (22 days ago)
ProgressDay (22 days ago)
They further the stereotype that fat people are just awful.
Amber Agee (25 days ago)
I don't really agree with the idea of his website, but it is HIS WEBSITE. He can do whatever he wants with that. They also have sites that are specifically for BBW so they should chill out on him.
Amanda Glisson (25 days ago)
These women are rediculous. Simply. At the end of the day the people that go on HIS particular website are looking for a certain type. If these women dont fit the criteria, then that's okay and there are many other websites that welcome people of all sizes and colors.
RoadKill (26 days ago)
chillinebony (27 days ago)
Don't go on his website. Who cares what trolls find you attractive or not? The owner of the site isn't even attractive, lol. Just live your life and ignore this guy/his site, it isn't worth it.
Ryan Slugger (28 days ago)
Women are always the ones who are complaining. I'd like to see a group of obese men complain to a dating site.
Mouthfull (28 days ago)
Apparently individuality = fat
Rebecca Lopez (28 days ago)
Fatsos are unhealthy.Health is attractive. Ill health is not attractive. These porkers have bad attitudes.Several tubs of lard in the media have expressed the same sort of narcissistic entitlement ,witness Whitney Thorne and Steven John Assanti.
Elisha Marie (28 days ago)
Oh no... overweight people need to stop trying to take over the world and force this idea on us that being that fat is okay - like it may be okay with you, some ppl might find you gorgeous like good for you but for the rest of us, let us believe in what we want to believe is beautiful like the ideal just like this man...why do you have to get offended by it and make it your right to rain on everyone's parade just because we don't see being overweight and okay with it the ideal...and also how are overweight ppl considered extraordinary people?!?! I mean yeah there are individuals who are bigger and have achieved great deal but in general, they are all considered extraordinary?
Annastasia (29 days ago)
It sounds like public fat shaming so they will conform to their ideal image. From someone that grew up with an obese friend's mother, I remember she died at the young age of 46 leaving her hubby, friends and tons of friends, she had to be buried in a family sized coffin since so heavy. As long as you're healthy and happy.
Pabst Hdez (1 month ago)
If all fat girls looked like Adele, they would be accepted and not judge anywhere!
Michael Schrader (1 month ago)
2:26 NO!!
The OG Snake (1 month ago)
Oh wow, just look at these retarded fat whales. They're acting entitled and offended to everything just because no one wants them. It's not your website you easily offended fatasses so you don't get to tell him how to run his site. It's neither illegal nor unethical to run a dating website purely based on looks so just leave him alone.
JONES (1 month ago)
start your own dating site!
JONES (1 month ago)
why are women always seeking men's approval?
matthew (1 month ago)
Women complain about men not liking fat women( something you can control) but then they will refuse to date a short man( something that is down to genes)
Scottlynn Robinson (1 month ago)
I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Also why are they visiting his website. Here again someone telling you want to do with your business.
Ivaylo (1 month ago)
She's just mad she didn't get accepted. I did,though
MademoiselleLapin (1 month ago)
All i want is to eat doughnuts everyday, eat my fries dipped in chocolate syrup and have abs 😣 .
Elaine Pagnani (1 month ago)
Although I find this man and his Web site shallow and obnoxious it is his choice to have this site. Personally I think that beauty is skin deep. I would rather people judge me on personality and smarts rather than looks.
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz (1 month ago)
If he didn't own the site, doubt he'd qualify for it himself.
J x (1 month ago)
Fat azz hogs
blasphemusbudda (1 month ago)
he got recorded simpin lmao
ssj3jarrod (1 month ago)
These land whales are worried about being judged on a website they hate? Imagine their shock when they realize every individual is judging every other individual on earth. These heifers are in for a surprise LoL
Holly De Havilland (1 month ago)
He's not trying to play God.. It's a majority vote of users. This is ridiculous. On a bbw website, "normal" sized people would be considered unattractive. These women are fighting the wrong battle
Beno C (1 month ago)
When she tried to say you can be fat and fit.. Yeah sure but you're still unhealthy. Being overweight is bad for you, especially when that weight is 80% fat.
Antwan Wright (1 month ago)
The brown hair girl looks cute
Sophia T (1 month ago)
Patricia Riggs (1 month ago)
If they didn’t want to be judged, then why did they use the website?
Lila Rose (1 month ago)
But heres the thing...u don't have to go on his website... Lmao why are they mad
Ra One (1 month ago)
Fat and Fit there is no such thing!!
Jessie Edwards (1 month ago)
Then go join a fat positivity site or regular dating site. Don’t force someone to give a service that they don’t want to provide. It’s his site and he can do what he wants.
Lmfao the music they put when the fat women appear 😂😂😂😂😂😂
boscoitalics (1 month ago)
Hes a bully, would not want anything to do with him or dating
Fábio Gil (1 month ago)
Boi (1 month ago)
3 idiots who didn't think about what they were going to say.
Maya Pollock (1 month ago)
“I don’t want to be judged” lol girl it’s a dating site, the general gist is judging if you find someone attractive enough to date them. I see no issue with the site 🤷🏾‍♀️
Rob Bob (1 month ago)
Aah yes, you're so happy with yourself and your lives you felt the need to tell this man how to run his private website. Sure, we believe that.
ERROR: #290384AC (1 month ago)
Oh jeez! It's his website! You don't have to pick this website! You can pick any website, any! If you are going to look for a dating site, find one that works with you. Why pick this one, and why go after them?!
He's doing it by voting so it's not just him. Get over it🙄🙄🙄
kiwi . kiki (1 month ago)
So its basically tinder kinda...? Swipe ?
Cheshire Death Kitty (1 month ago)
Is it weird that this dude is judging “beauty” based on his ideals...of the youngest possible extremely underweight girls....but he’s neither young nor attractive himself?
Rob Bob (1 month ago)
Nope, he has height and money, that's attractive enough to the majority of ladies.

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