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Hey, beautiful people so today I decided to do a Congolese tag ft my two lovely Congolese girls hope you guys enjoyed this video! Let's be friends! INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/natalie_sarax/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/natalie_sarax SNAPCHAT: Natalie_Sarax FACEBOOK PAGE (ONLY): Natalie Sara
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Text Comments (111)
fiediche (6 days ago)
Y’all def representing for Congo women! I love it!
Iya Ibeji (16 days ago)
Oh! Rebecca needs her own channel she’s so funny 🤣
immaculateAMG (21 days ago)
Pretty girls
Den Ten (24 days ago)
you can't really chat about the young ones it's your parents generation that made people say Congolese guy's are trash
Ndobolo80 star (25 days ago)
Why you girl are over making up u look to fake and put me off to watch this
Rachel Santime (28 days ago)
What’s the song in the intro and in the beginning pls
Natalie Sara (23 days ago)
heritier BM or unfinished business lotto boys
Congolese Queen (29 days ago)
Y'all are still doing the Congolese tag?? Lol this is such old news. I remember I did this 6 years ago when I was becoming popular on YouTube but of course Congolese women NEVER liked me Lol go figure. Well it's Nice to see bana ya kinshasa doing YouTube.
i will find a congoles male man for Rebecca no just a man but a male one as well
hey guys i am very excited to watch all your tags about my culture i am proud of you all. what really like from my culture is when it comes about wearing something for sunday service . like i do, i am a Christian guy and born again basically all my new articls like cloths i warm them on sunday and its like coooooooolllll cause i dont get to some youth show ,,,,,,,,,,, i love my culture
JLM Or (1 month ago)
I’m muyanzi too
Katia Machavane (2 months ago)
Congolese men can fuck , the rest is trash,big fat LIERS !!!!!!
Claudine Kavira (3 months ago)
I’m from Congo too but y’all are beautiful ❤️ and funny 😄 😂 🇨🇩
ben vangu (4 months ago)
nice one
Tonya Young (4 months ago)
Ok I'm enchanted by th he culture and the language! I'm sort of a melting pot. I'm Congolese, Cameroonian, Senegalese, Ghanaian, European, Nigerian, Iberian Malian, Caucasus, Malian and Asian with 1% of British in my blood stream. 45% Congolese and Cameroonian. I'm trying to learn everything I can about the Congolese and Cameroonian cultures. Can't pass up an opportunity to plug while on here so go to barnes&noble.com and check out my work under Tonya Young #readabook
Ruth van Asten (4 months ago)
MABÉLÉ 🤤 🇨🇩 I love Congolese food! My mom is from Kinshasa but my dad is from Europe (The Netherlands) so I’m like half & half. I know you have to follow ur dad but I feel more Congolese than Dutch 🇨🇩😅❤️❤️
NightDater_com (4 months ago)
Simply: wow! Thanks for posting
Matsuda_ Belinda (5 months ago)
You Guys Are Very Beautiful... We Congolese Are Here To Take Over The World. And Whats Yall Snapchat Name
Rainia Romania (5 months ago)
You guys are beautiful I’m happy that my ancestry dna is primarily from Congo
Grace Mayamba (5 months ago)
That true songi songi😅😅😅😅
Cee Montana (6 months ago)
Basi kitoko 😍
Yahuahis1 (6 months ago)
Congo drc and Brazzaville it the same thing we all one people abi comot of with that separation plz
Vlogging WithPrecious (6 months ago)
omg you girls are sooooo beautiful wow
Mannygyal Dee (6 months ago)
13:15 I swear that was aunts laeticias and romeos wedding 😂😂😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏾
johntshikala Morrison (6 months ago)
Oh , damn bring the eat on the table babies # so much love for u all
SHANA’S WORLD (6 months ago)
Aww that’s my cousin Rebecca
Realboys Entertainment (6 months ago)
New subie btw 👌
Realboys Entertainment (6 months ago)
You guys are funny & cute 🤣🤣😂😂😂 this was a great tag lol I did one too with my siblings , big up to yourself ladies 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩✌️
Whitney Anze (6 months ago)
Kabila nzongo na Rwanda eh.
Whitney Anze (6 months ago)
Eheh KWANGA is disgusting. Eh yesu eh 🤤 mama nga eh antuka
Whitney Anze (6 months ago)
Lol you guys give me jokes
bangtan records (6 months ago)
came from that video asking boys what nationality they won’t date.some said congolese girls because they’re loud and over confident lol
Truth Irony (6 months ago)
nice masks why so much make up ....it looks like victorian times
Miss Bby (7 months ago)
Mabele constipated you mad thought...but we still eat it 😂😂😂😂😂
Hollywood Nite Channel (7 months ago)
Dope Video! Check out this song https://youtu.be/eKKQLUfv2oU Notche - Congolese Girl
Octavine Nkenyero (7 months ago)
Love being Congolese and i have two sisters name Rebecca and Grace
alba abe (7 months ago)
Dupont Et Les Accents (7 months ago)
Y'all hella funny tho 😂 ! Shoutout à mes congolaises 🤙
Swift Squeeze (7 months ago)
Somali people are too racist of us Bantu people(kinda random😂)
Malaika Ameerah (5 months ago)
Yea it's random
Swift Squeeze (5 months ago)
Its crazy honestly😂😂😂
Swift Squeeze (5 months ago)
Yeh mans from both Congos still but they say things like ape monkey and stuff😂😂😂go on Gilda's African tag with the Somali girl next to her read the comments
Congo 243 (5 months ago)
Really, what do they say?
boyeon rhee (6 months ago)
Swift Squeeze they are !! FR lmao
by trèe (7 months ago)
🇨🇩🇨🇩you so beautiful
kaido Julis22 (7 months ago)
oza congolais te oza englais
Kethia Dinzeyi (7 months ago)
Ntaba and kwanga BAEEEEEE😩❤️
Maelys Abdou (8 months ago)
Si vous êtes congolaise, vous devez comprendre le français non? En tout cas, vous êtes magnifique. Vive l'Afrique...
caligula julius (7 months ago)
Maelys Abdou Le français n'est pas notre langue. Si ailleurs tel que Abidjan, Libreville ,Douala, Yaounde etc le français est largement parlé. Chez nous c'est pas le cas . Le français n'est la langue vehiculaire. Merci .
Ruthie780 (8 months ago)
Lollll I thought I was the only Congolese person that thought Kwanga was disgusting!😂😭😂🙈
Swift Squeeze (7 months ago)
You need it with scotch bonnet and tomato sauce👌👌
Wavy Princess (8 months ago)
Love this🇨🇩🇨🇩❤️
Nancy Mika (8 months ago)
You just eat it raw 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
daric nd (8 months ago)
girl on the right think she's better than the rest because she has not experienced much of the culture
Revelle Nsimba (8 months ago)
Aah seben teee it life 😜😜😜🤪 especially in church or fally ipupa aah tokoss
Joyce Kpemou (8 months ago)
I love you guys so much!!!! You guys made me laugh so hard my stomach started hurting!!! Please can you check out my channel and tell me what you think!!! I SUBSCRIBED!!!
Maria Lopez (8 months ago)
You guys are gorgeous Like I'm so proud that my fellow Congolese babes are slaying
Victoria Amani (8 months ago)
I had someone tell me the other day that Congolese girls eat "stones" and that's why they do not date Congo girls. IT IS CALLED MABELE!! Thank you very much
Victoria Amani (8 months ago)
I'm on a journey where I have to learn Lingala, I speak Swahili and English. I don't like kwanga either but I love sombee 😍
Nay lishas (8 months ago)
You girls are so Amazing bino dejaaaa na top ❤️❤️❤️😘🙌🏾👍🏽👌🏾
AN LIFESTYLE (8 months ago)
I'm proper dying she really isn't Congolese... but I like this video it's funny and I'm now a new sub... check my channel x
Ciro Di Marzio (8 months ago)
Beautiful ladies big up yourselves.
Brianna (8 months ago)
demmmmmmmmm shoesssssss but i love my congolese side of my family and always embrace it and same i cant speak lingala would love to and congolese food bangsssssss kwanga for lifeeee
Lezbehonest88 Queen (8 months ago)
Brianna You still can learn
rayleigh smith (8 months ago)
'It tastes like concrete', 'That's what it is' 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂
MyReacts (8 months ago)
the one on the left look and sound like Cardi B
LOVE LEBE (8 months ago)
OMG ba beauté, très belle 😍
JONSARD LUKULA (8 months ago)
Fake hair why?😐 Love you guys
Kethia Dinzeyi (7 months ago)
What is wrong with it😑🙄
Armelle Cibaka (8 months ago)
And so what? They have the right it's on their heads. People just like to find a point to criticize..
JONSARD LUKULA (8 months ago)
They're are my Congolese sisters
Lezbehonest88 Queen (8 months ago)
JONSARD LUKULA leave them alone
first name (8 months ago)
So funny girls Très drôle les filles Boza drôle bassi I from brazzaville but I looooove when you RDC girls sing . Please can you girls sing and dance congolese song ? Please n'a ko pona nga moko zémbo .
first name (8 months ago)
Fanda na yo (reacted by Alka Mbumba)
Natalie Sara (8 months ago)
Nono Ange sure darling send your song x
Positives vibes only ! (8 months ago)
I love your lip colour what did you use? 😍
Positives vibes only ! (8 months ago)
Natalie Sara Thank you I will watch it 😘
Natalie Sara (8 months ago)
Positives vibes only ! Hey darling Go on my channel I’ve done a video on “ my everyday makeup routine “ check my description box I should have it there x
Simplylessie (8 months ago)
Im literally like the girl on the right . i really know nothing and im sooo selective of congolese food .
Victoria Amani (8 months ago)
Simplylessie thats the same for me too. I haven't been to Congo
Christian Eyenga (8 months ago)
Curly Ayless (8 months ago)
Love my congolese ppl ❤💯🔥😂
Jemima (8 months ago)
I knew you were Congolese I just knew ittttttttttttttt yesssssss #CongoGangggg
J'aime par c'est uil les filles
Joyce M (9 months ago)
🇨🇩🇨🇩Repping Congo
Lady Lauralie (9 months ago)
Lady Lauralie (9 months ago)
Bazo liaaa mabélé , en français "L'argile". Loool, but that little thing is tasty.. it's like clay
mii. ii (8 months ago)
Lady Lauralie it means they eat alot
glodie 6259 (8 months ago)
you are so beautiful and creazyyyy
Natalie Sara (9 months ago)
Laure Valerie Debora M'bissa thank you darling
MademoiselleXEstelle (9 months ago)
I'm so dead I'd forgotten what mabele was because I hadn't had it in SO long and when I saw a video of uk guys saying congolese girls eat rocks I died of laughter
Alissiana Smith (6 months ago)
They’re peng tho ngl
Anjes Family (6 months ago)
pls give me the link of that vid kaka
Mercedes Means (8 months ago)
MademoiselleXEstelle You took the words outside my mouth! I was thinking what are they talking about 😂 but..
Anjj_ldn (9 months ago)
What camera do you use?
Jessica Monka (9 months ago)
You guys look so beautiful
Natalie Sara (9 months ago)
Jessica Monka thank you darling 😘
Jessica Monka (9 months ago)
Haven't finished watching and I laughed and laughed ahh I love this video 😂😂 pondu na kwanga 🙌🏾
Irene Lawson (9 months ago)
I am looking a guy. check me out
BWISHé (9 months ago)
Victoria Amani (8 months ago)
BWISHé I am watching the same video😂 Hi Rach💜
Elodie Ikwa (9 months ago)
Ya'll look beautiful! ❤ 🇨🇩
Natalie Sara (9 months ago)
Elodie Ikwa thank you darling
Rebecca Madiba (9 months ago)
Love it!
Esther Kayonda (9 months ago)
Love the video💖🇨🇩
Natalie Sara (9 months ago)
Esther Kayonda 💗❤️
Ms.Elgracia (9 months ago)
Was so much fun making this video 😁😁💖
Debbie Smith (9 months ago)
You three look beautiful.
Natalie Sara (9 months ago)
Debbie Smith thank you darling ❤️

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