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Fat People Funny Fail Compilation

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Funny fat people fail compilation video, best of funny fat people --------------- If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email "[email protected]" or the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! ☎ CONTACT US: #fatpeople #fatfail #fails
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Just Funny Videos (1 year ago)
*NEW Video Is Up !!* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdlXeNC-9BI&t=1s Enjoy :D
Jayde Lacey😇 (16 days ago)
So funny to me fat people are crazy 😂
Jayde Lacey😇 (16 days ago)
So So funny
Kylee Skunk (2 months ago)
Nixxie Gacha (3 months ago)
Hello, I am very sorry if I am found aggressive at any time. But i find these videos offensive 1, because i am fat 2, because some people will find this very offensive, and 3, lots of people are discouraged by how their fat impacts them to "prettier" girls. So if i may ask you to not upload any more of these videos, and upload more uplifting videos towards bigger people that would be very much appreciated, Nice day, A fellow bigger person
Penny Short (3 months ago)
Cool for I guess......it is kinda rude to say people are fat even if they are
Nadir (52 minutes ago)
3:10 piggy is saying "maga maga maga trump 2020!!!"
Niccolo Quattrocchi (3 hours ago)
Big Bones, thyroid and Bad childhood starter pack
cameron roberts (4 hours ago)
4:25 that chair was screaming..
Kay Nicole (6 hours ago)
4:32 has me weakkk! I can’t stop laughing
who ever (7 hours ago)
a reminder to be careful not to gain more weight
William M (9 hours ago)
That girl on the swing hit the ground so hard that her hair hat fell off
Kiara Crystl (16 hours ago)
-I feal bad for laughing-
tony pensavalle (18 hours ago)
I love watching fat bastards fall
Arianne Cortes (1 day ago)
Just rude
Luddegaming (1 day ago)
i love fat fucks
Shaq WithTheCombo (1 day ago)
1:47 I think that girl gave herself a C Section.
Antoinette Fallie (1 day ago)
That not funny
Alma Tapia (1 day ago)
That's just rude
E.L. Norton (1 day ago)
That poor horse. Lol Jesus.
Wolfie Pawz (1 day ago)
5:26 its the real killgore! xDDD (if any of u know happiness and cyanide)
Jim (1 day ago)
1:47 that was a loud crunch/snapping sound right?
Rudi Hendricks (1 day ago)
This is more disturbing than funny. If I were in a better mood it would be funny.
Mir studio (1 day ago)
6:37 own body airbag
Terry Green (2 days ago)
when that girl was on the table singing it was funny is ever
JOHN BOKO SHOW (2 days ago)
FAT IS POWER !!!...no wait ;D
Milton Smith (2 days ago)
3:11 Is she shouting at herself in a mirror?
some obese people get it natural and cant help it fucking hell people laugh about the most unfunny things these days
KooLKat158 Kat (3 days ago)
The first one on the beginning Me:Well at least she got a 10.😏
Fernando Bolanos (3 days ago)
So... How many Earthquakes happen this years..?
tgm tgm (3 days ago)
This is what i call an english teacher
ro sk (4 days ago)
1:44 how can someone be so stupid what did they think was gonna happen
Cleveland Brown (4 days ago)
A normal day in America
angelynne arca (4 days ago)
The guy in the car 🤣
okay marylou (4 days ago)
Poor horse :(
Geisha1Fan (4 days ago)
I feel bad for the car.
lew ozordep (5 days ago)
fat people are the most lazy beings on earth..
Rudi Hendricks (1 day ago)
That's not true at all. I know several fat very active people. They, mostly, can't put down the fork. A few have a legitimate medical problem.
Duckscito Master (5 days ago)
8:05 6:22 4:55 2:56 2:20 1:24 1:09
Amy Beverly (5 days ago)
The thumbnail is messed up.. and the title.. you need to shut up and go to a mental health facility you heartless retard.
Rudi Hendricks (1 day ago)
Says the dumb cunt calling others retard.
Aurora Baker (5 days ago)
3:10 Miss. Piggy is that you?
ffairlane57 (5 days ago)
Fat and dumb is no way to go through life.
Rudi Hendricks (1 day ago)
Imagine being fat, dumb and ugly. Your average cheeto supporter.
Roblox Playz 2019 (5 days ago)
That’s not funny thats painful Like if you agree
Gorilla Monsoon (6 days ago)
That lardass deserved to be thrown off the horse. He was breaking its back.
hanna childs (6 days ago)
Can I get a rip in the chat
Cihan örs (6 days ago)
1:45 why tho
Rhyzan 04 (6 days ago)
0:17 wig SNATCHED
Rudi Hendricks (1 day ago)
Best comment on here!
lit chris (6 days ago)
I feel bad for the horse
granny granny (7 days ago)
8:29 hehhehehehehehueheheehehhehehheheheheheh
granny granny (7 days ago)
4:51 to be continued
granny granny (7 days ago)
2:27 lol
gacha zv (7 days ago)
Hahahha i see the funny fat in in Table Then She is Falling hahahahhaha
stephanie lindo (7 days ago)
she fell off the swing lost her wig at the fall and you ask you ok? so funny
RedoZRedoX (7 days ago)
7:59 your too heavy
Joe Young (7 days ago)
I'm all for funny falls but people letting that fat guy run into that fire should be ashamed of themselves. Dude could've died and shit. If a fall gets recorded that's funny. Letting people risk their lives is stupid and mean.
lorna Jofre (7 days ago)
This is unaulting
Jay Jay (8 days ago)
When she jumped off that roof my soul shattered just like her acl
eddie mclaren (8 days ago)
bunch of worthless fat cunts
Mindymaria (8 days ago)
The guy at the end WELL DONE hahaha dickhead!
Humberto Fernandez (8 days ago)
I would pay to see that fat guy at the end trying to get out of that car while it was on fire after an accident. Funny shit
Humberto Fernandez (8 days ago)
Some of these people are a waste on this earth. Like those fat black whales riding the mechanical bull. Wtf is that. Is it even humanly possible to fuck that? Useless eater smh
WilliamParadise (9 days ago)
He bent the fence😂
Chase Martinson (9 days ago)
Evan sucks ass
SeriouS (9 days ago)
i love how FAT PEOPLE is different. like object. like there are humans and there are FAT PEOPLE lmao. EAT LESS you fucking FAT whales.
Kawaii Chan_xox3 (9 days ago)
There was a kid in my grade three class and he tripped and fell then he had to wear a eye patch because his eye had gotten destroyed basically and it was bleeding very bad.
charvelgtrs (9 days ago)
7.3K snowflakes are sucking their thumbs and crying over this video.
Shoji 500 (9 days ago)
bröder för alltid (10 days ago)
Blazel (10 days ago)
90% of the comments are from complete assholes.
Malmö Facking Stad (10 days ago)
American people funny compilation *
Craig Andersch (10 days ago)
Greg OfCanada (10 days ago)
0:26 Emotional scaring and bulimia started today.
Sapphire Everton (10 days ago)
This makes me depressed.
Ralynn Nick (10 days ago)
Okay if you’re too heavy for a horse to carry then that’s... uh...
Tren Kokoko (10 days ago)
Why does black girls hair always fall off?
Dark Mario (10 days ago)
0:58 This is the wrong way to burn Kalorin
Shplizzions Bruck (11 days ago)
BRAVO to the horse!!! That is just plain cruelty to animals!! Both rider and the person who Let him ride the horse should be horse whipped!!
Bernardo Dias (11 days ago)
Yo mama is sooooo fat that.....
1:55 me trying to tip toe back to bed but mom comes and drags my ass to school
Doge (11 days ago)
3:10 and here we have the endangered Goliath pig in its natural habitat
Connor RK800 (11 days ago)
All around we are familiar faces worn out faces...
kt1pl2 (12 days ago)
Watching them break all of these things is making me want to stick to healthy eating/working out. Edited it to say...how humilating for the guy in the sports car with his "bud" laughing it up.
Jesus Christ (12 days ago)
This type of shit honestly motivates my fatass to lose some weight Also I’d be damn embarrassed if I were one of those ladies 8:07
Autumn Wright (12 days ago)
tHt is animal abuse to the horse
Mario Hinsche (12 days ago)
WOW , I Can't Wath This Retard Bullshit
Mario Hinsche (12 days ago)
Hold your Dumb Phones siddeway's to records Video for Fullscrene Pictue , how the Hell you still don't undetstand this , ever Fucking STUPID , WOW
ColonelKurtz (13 days ago)
Kinda fucked up. A bit too douchey
David McKelvey (13 days ago)
I'm fat and this is the type of shit that inspires me to lose weight.
Nur Ain (14 days ago)
CHILLIN ! (14 days ago)
Everyone is saying poor horse and I'm like poor fence :(
Angel Matos (14 days ago)
fat people are dumb as shit and did she really think standing on a table wolde be a good idea
peter grafkind (14 days ago)
Fuck fat people
loukia994 (14 days ago)
Αυτό ο χοντρομπαλάς που πάει να ανέβει πάνω στο καημένο το άλογο δεν το λυπάται ? Αλλά καλά του εκανε στο τέλος του βλάκα
yulissa (15 days ago)
I’m going to hell for laughing
Internet_user_1 (15 days ago)
wtf is wrong with the fire guy? too much alcohol?
Steffan M (15 days ago)
Why the black girl was wearing a wig?
Nonpareil1710 (15 days ago)
1:00 pork rinds.....
billy BoB1990-08-29 (16 days ago)
ben wagner (16 days ago)
Janelle Gallegos (16 days ago)
lexi j (16 days ago)
Shalisas head was bleeding
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIdv7n20HGnanJoKpXd-h1w funny videos:lol
Naveen Gosai (17 days ago)
Fat man are burden on earth
Tomoko (17 days ago)
3:10 Both looks and sounds like a pig.

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