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Stuck Naked at School

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Text Comments (45)
Adam Carter (1 year ago)
I got pushed out of the locker room in seventh grade, but I was actually naked at the time, not just underwear
Collin Farrar (3 years ago)
my shirt my shirt fell in the toilet
toy story and beyond (2 years ago)
this us the Same story but I was butt naked
jay 2 (3 years ago)
hey what system do you play on? maybe we can play sometime?
jay 2 (3 years ago)
thx gabe where you just on chat?
Gabraham Lincoln (3 years ago)
he uses Xbox if u didn't know :p
AzzA gamez (3 years ago)
at gym first class and someone took my clothes so i was stuck there all day with only my underwear
Raging Dorito (3 years ago)
efrainthegreat (3 years ago)
intro song is overtime by cash cash. your welcome :)
ITSRoast (3 years ago)
Mbruh it says it in description
Ben S (3 years ago)
People left
Lil Johnny Garcia (3 years ago)
Where are your PE shorts dumbass
medrict (3 years ago)
Goodbye Yoteslaya. just found 1 of his vid, read the comment's and found he is gone.
Clqrks (3 years ago)
i just found your videos and they are AMAZING! keep it up
King of Nerds (3 years ago)
Dancing to dat intro
Gaming with scull (4 years ago)
Best story ever bruh
Anthony Bingham (4 years ago)
Please always do videos and live stream more often if possible please ur my life gp
Brady Anderson (4 years ago)
What is the begging song
SeiZe_ (4 years ago)
WOW u sound just like TBNRfrags when you do ur intro
Manuel Navarro (4 years ago)
Don't worry it happened to me too
Jacorey Chaffin (4 years ago)
U should have wipped out ur dingoling
The gaming gage (4 years ago)
Whats with you and being naked all the time lol
JokerNetworking (4 years ago)
I would have left the shorts in the toilet like you haha! No telling how nasty that toilet was XD
I Butts UK (4 years ago)
Guys I was wondering if you could check out my channel, I post daily GTA V glitches, mods and news I'm at about 500 subs and I want to grow, I know I will get hate but there will always be a few people who will benefit from my content, hope to see you at my channel
Hannes Adolfsson (4 years ago)
Should I buy advanced warfare? Is it worth it?
andrew maneca (4 years ago)
Cool story
Devastater719 (4 years ago)
I'm in middle school right now and it is going great. My schools pretty small so we don't have a gym. Or a locker room. So nothing like this has happend to me. Great vid GP
Paul Taube (4 years ago)
Your gay but I like your vids
Do you mean gay in an insulting way, or do you think he actually is gay, bc he's not m8
dannyboy1717 (4 years ago)
I'm bi but no one should care...
Jamie Frary (4 years ago)
Tico Martinovic (4 years ago)
We have a different understanding of the word 'naked'1
Karan Tekchandani (5 months ago)
- Source - (4 years ago)
VENOM16xXx (4 years ago)
If they called me big underware I'll just say yea it's cuz my dick is long and small underware shows my head lol. The only thing that happen to in high school was I only slipped in front of people when it was raining
Jason Plazola (4 years ago)
In PE we had just got out of the pool and while i was changing someone took my bag with all my clothes in it so i was left with just a towel covering me... I stayed in there for hours
Adam Carter (1 year ago)
Jason Plazola something similar happened to me...except I wasn't left with a towel, I hid in the stall for I don't know how long before the gym teacher found me
toxicparan (4 years ago)
I feel for you man. These bad things ALWAYS happen to you.
Real Sinatra (4 years ago)
Not calling you a liar but Damn dude these stories seem surreal because it always happening to you aha. But either way good story dude
imari grant (4 years ago)
I also where v-necks under hoodies, irl. People say where's your shirt and I get scared
imari grant (4 years ago)
I remember in a dream that in the morning I put on my clothes and go to school, when I'm at school my clothes start disappearing. People are like where's your shirt. I'm like it's right... And it's gone
mason deitch (4 years ago)
Nice vid GP
bob dale (4 years ago)
Dude how does all this stuff happen to u.
Ghostsade (4 years ago)
Second! I literally get notifications when you upload a video. 
CrePoW (4 years ago)

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