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Sexy Long Black Hair Anime boys ............

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Re-Uploaded due to demise of previous account .....Well I just love long hair so thought I would do a quick clip showcasing some of MY favourite mysterious beautiful dark/black hair boys . The appeal of sexy long black hair is undeniable !!! Taken from Angelique, Mirage of Blaze, Vampire Hunter D, RG Veda, Trinity Blood, Mein Leibe, Virus Buster Serge, Code Geass.
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Text Comments (61)
FireFly (2 months ago)
...........but...but that's not a black haired boy. THATS A BLACK AND WIGHT FILTERED B E L M O N T
ruby thomas (5 months ago)
Why isn’t Itachi in that video? He’s super hot!
Ivorymoonwolf (10 months ago)
Whaaat???!! That's it???? Where's Judal from Magi Labyrinth of Magic? Or Final Fantasy's Vincent Valentine? They're both smoking hot!!
anonymous detected (1 year ago)
Angelique Cronqvist (1 year ago)
увидела Ди,замурлыкала будто голодная кошка... ;-)
katalyha George (2 years ago)
who is the guy j. 0:20 please tell
Anna Kovalenko (2 years ago)
Вот этак
Anna Kovalenko (2 years ago)
Этот секс тебя уничтожит деванька
D , the Vampire Hunter
Nyx e Clavis ^_^
Bandary (2 years ago)
Vetanielle Calya (2 years ago)
what is the name of music?
Margarita Black-Red (2 years ago)
Who is at 0:06?
PURELOAR (2 years ago)
What music name? Please
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (3 years ago)
List? Please
littlevampirelover (3 years ago)
1:57 and 19  who is he
Ema Rožman (3 years ago)
+littlevampirelover 1:57 Clavis from Angelique I almost snapped looking for him
Lady Oni (3 years ago)
Please, 0.26 and 0.27 :3
Kasha Ouellette (3 years ago)
1:22 from what anime is he in?
Lady Oni (4 years ago)
What anime is 0:26? Thank You. :3
Chris.B. (4 years ago)
Who is the boy at 00:09 sek.
Schnaider 978 (4 years ago)
Trinity Blood Isaak Fernand von "Panzer Magier" Kämpfer
Laura (4 years ago)
Who's at 0:15, 00:26? or 1:16? :D
Laura (4 years ago)
+Schnaider nineseveneight Weiiiird for me cause I've seen both vhD and trinity blood but I didn't recognise them :)) Thank you :D
Schnaider 978 (4 years ago)
Vampire Hunter D (2000) Angelique Trinity Blood
Kasha Ouellette (4 years ago)
What anime is 1:10 ??
Laura (4 years ago)
Guess he's from Trinity Blood
Öykü Harman (5 years ago)
Whats the name of the guy at the start of video and the one in 0:39 plzz? Or are they same? :D
Laura (4 years ago)
D, from Vampire hunter D
Jakey Cross (5 years ago)
Sexy can I~
Dunja Radovic (5 years ago)
when its about longhaired boyz i'm drooling like insane "P
MMLVER24 (5 years ago)
who is that at 0:16 ?
nightmarelab (6 years ago)
One blonde guy didnt like the video
superklar1 (6 years ago)
wie heißt das lied
superklar1 (6 years ago)
wie heißt das lied ???????
Revidescent84 (6 years ago)
Why no Marron Glace?? I know Sorcerer Hunters is kinda obscure, but you should Google him. My first anime crush and the reason I still <3 yummeh long dark haired bishies.
CrystalizedCosplay (6 years ago)
I know right! Those two are my favorite and they're not in here!
SFA2Mikiya (6 years ago)
none of the guys from Basilisk (like Gennosuke and Yashamaru?) lesad.
Rachel Kim (7 years ago)
How could you not include Kanda Yuu... he is the KING of sexy long black-haired bishies!!!! Watch D. Gray-man you'll know what I'm talking about!!!
CrystalizedCosplay (7 years ago)
What about Fang from Maximum Ride?? Or Itachi from Naruto??
Rosalinda344 (7 years ago)
Some of the animes I know, but many do not know them could give me a complete list of your video anime to see if I look
postalheartrage (7 years ago)
GODLY!!!! >.< squeeeee
Kiki (7 years ago)
what anime is that from at 0;23
Reila Nachtschwalbe (7 years ago)
at 0:08, which anime is it and what's the name of the boy? He's so hot!
Reila Nachtschwalbe (7 years ago)
@spectrumxfan at 0:18 it's the anime Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and his name is D
Reila Nachtschwalbe (7 years ago)
@spectrumxfan I don't know the name, but I think it's from Trinity Blood and he's an evil^^
Reila Nachtschwalbe (7 years ago)
@Vamptation I think it's Nyx from Neo Angelic Abyss, but i'm not sure because I can't see his face.
Vamptation (8 years ago)
Who's the guy @ 0:13?
sakura2263 (8 years ago)
Valhallaprincess1 (8 years ago)
@voodoo704 its Li Xingke
Valhallaprincess1 (8 years ago)
@SkyBreeze11417 no its Li Xingke
voodoo704 (8 years ago)
Wait. Is that Lelouch? It kind of looks like him but kinda doesn't at the same time.... Love the timing btw, <3
voodoo704 (8 years ago)
Wait. Is that Lelouch? It kind of looks like him but kinda doesn't at the same time....
Valhallaprincess1 (8 years ago)
@SilverStarlightXD lol no but kinda looks like him ...it's Trevor Belmont from Castlevania
Akano Akari (8 years ago)
I don't usually like long hair but those were some good ones! PS Please tell me that picture at the very beginning WASN'T Nyx.
Valhallaprincess1 (8 years ago)
U know what ppl ...I put in who I like ........afterall it's my tastes......my clip and Inuyasha (shock horror) is not on my yummy list....^^
BloodyFlesh626 (8 years ago)
Sorry but you forgot Human Inuyasha and Vincent valentine^_^
BloodyFlesh626 (8 years ago)
You forgot human Inuyasha :p
Erina Maou (8 years ago)
Nyx from Neo Angelique is just....wow....
theallseeingoracle (8 years ago)
I've always loved guys with long hair. But I grew up in the 80's when the rock stars had long hair, and I think that influenced me.
Freespirit711 (9 years ago)
So cool and mysterious guys who could not love them! LoL! Great job! Thx a bunch! ^_^

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