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Blonde girl's shoe stuck in hot asphalt (hilarious)

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Hot summer day 2016 like 4 people who stepped in there had some work to do :D One poor kid even fell off his scooter :(
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Hrvoje (6 months ago)
She walked weird after he rescued her shoe, so her shoe must be a little bit broken. :(
Michael Tunney (9 months ago)
She wore her shoes without socks yo
KrcGandraZz (1 year ago)
KrcGandraZz (1 year ago)
Merkines gatves, smagu matyt, kad yra puikiu produceriu ne tik kad Lietuvoje, bet net is savo miesto.
RENALDAS (1 year ago)
KrcGandraZz drs, pats is kur?

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