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Simon Feilder VS Beautiful People (beautifulpeople.com)

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Can an average idiot infiltrate the rarefied ranks of dating site BeautifulPeople.com ? SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://www.YouTube.com/user/kidcapricorn http://www.simonfeilder.com http://twitter.com/simonfeilder http://www.facebook.com/simonfeilderFB One million thanks and awkwardly extended hugs to: Danni Menzies (https://twitter.com/DanniMenzies) Charlie Murrell (https://twitter.com/Charlie_Murrell) Rachel Parris (http://rachelparris.wordpress.com) Sy Thomas (http://www.sythomas.com) Simon Feilder vs Beautiful People / kidcapricorn
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Anna Perozzi (2 years ago)
I think you're actually handsome, but your self-ironic and generally fun attitude (so facial expressions, vibe) "misleads" other people's perception of your appereance. For some people, you have to look deeper, beyond the first impression. In the end no one is objective. Hope you get what I'm trying to say smiles!
Hot Seeding (2 years ago)
That site is full of fake bots
SevenDeMagnus (2 years ago)
Hi. Congratulations. I heard on top of the hard way to get in, you also have to pay for membership? By the way who's the beautiful blond with short hair:-) if it's ok to ask? God bless, Proverbs 31
Cy Richards (5 years ago)
Nice. Swoon. Love your beautiful (and funny) friends. Double swoon
Ralphe-co-nz (5 years ago)
this is funny! :P thanks!
Neil Cole (5 years ago)
"Like a toothbrush guy" = brilliant
Rasheed Barnes (5 years ago)
Wow, that Danni is beautiful. Funny video, man.
edshotsdotcodotuk (5 years ago)
so many possible Ed show titles and quotes
Simon Feilder (5 years ago)
You're so two thousand and late. Like this reference.
Simon Feilder (5 years ago)
Hahahahaha "thanks" ;p
Tina Edwards (5 years ago)
Rhys James (5 years ago)
Lovely work.
Marek Larwood (5 years ago)
I thought you were more a Grindr type guy.
Zac Fox (5 years ago)
great stuff!
Rob PWS (5 years ago)
"Hmmm .... OK" ... Love it!
Simon Feilder (5 years ago)
What happens when an idiot tries to get on a dating site for BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE...? This probably...
amandus westin (2 years ago)
Lol, interesting thing if some really attractive people gets thrown out of there because of jealousy. That's the thought I would comfort myself with it turned out I wasn't allegeable xD But then, who cares anyway? It's probably just some wacky nazi eugenics project in disguise of a dating site... Awesome videos btw! 
Simon Feilder (2 years ago)
+amandus westin I am now married to many of them ;)
amandus westin (2 years ago)
+Simon Feilder Tell me you rated every single person as super ugly on that page!
Thurman Ulrich (3 years ago)
+Simon Feilder Sorry, I meant the women the street who thought you were okay. 
Simon Feilder (3 years ago)
You *will* be noticed by the good ones, not the punks on that site ;)
JJ Scorp (5 years ago)
5:15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gwilum Argos (5 years ago)
very good,...."free kick" tattoo !

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