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Create Your Own Online Library Catalog

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Use Google Drive & Google Sites to create a searchable library catalog
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Rajib Raj (13 days ago)
Slimen Mihoubi (3 months ago)
hello sir .. i have this problem, i have an excel local catalog but my library is been growing up so i need a more creative option than excel. can u help
TRENDING 4U (4 months ago)
This is awesome bro!
Zoom! Banners (5 months ago)
This is great! We found this a great way to store our product lists & pricing. Thanks for the great tutorial!
Nancy Gerst (6 months ago)
Thank you for this tutorial!
lucca dyck (7 months ago)
Hi Seth, your tutorial is very informative and what our little school council library needs. Is there any chance we can chat together because I believe you can help with our needs, should your time permit. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reach out to me personally at your very earliest convenience. We hope to launch early May 2018. Thank you very much!!:)
brenna johnson (11 months ago)
The link to my spreadsheet is invalid when i copy it into awesome tables
Undying D (1 year ago)
Thank You! Greate thing! But I have one question. Can I make books in my library dowloadable from the catalog (to share them with others)? And How can I make it?
Undying D (1 year ago)
I tryed to put a link to the books from my google drive store into the spreadsheet and it works, but I want it to be looking like a download icon instead of a huge link.
Undying D (1 year ago)
Can you connect me on email please?
brendon2323 Wulfric (2 years ago)
This is fantastic! Is there a way to add a column for pictures of the book covers?
Dragos Apostu (2 years ago)
Is there any option to download the HTML to use it offline? Thank you!
Leo Saumure (2 years ago)
I have been looking for information to help us improve our resources section on the intranet we crated through Google Sites. Thanks for putting this video together!
Kariim Parmar (2 years ago)
Excellent info learnt something new i want to create my store of pdf files of various category so that everyone can download it can u help me do that
SHIVAKUMARA R S (3 years ago)
usefull informatin
SPS Chauhan (3 years ago)
Excellent Information
DJKJSeph (3 years ago)
Thanks. Great info.

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