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Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning naked skinny dipping scene

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from Very Good Girls
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Text Comments (199)
Black Panther (1 day ago)
Dakota fanning is my second cousin
Abdul Aziz Salilaguia (19 days ago)
Movie title pls?
Dominique Tamer (20 days ago)
One day somebody should explain to me, for swimming or sunbathing, what can be the utility of a swimsuit, which pleasure it could bring.
devendra purohit (20 days ago)
Elizabeth Olsen I want to do sex with you
Eddy Pearson (1 month ago)
Dakota Fanning has a nice sexy heart shaped Butt on her
CinemaSans (1 month ago)
Elizabeth is much sexier!
Vijay John (2 months ago)
Dominique Tamer (2 months ago)
One day, somebody should try to explain to me what we should wear swimsuits, because I've never seen any utility. Which pleasure could it bring to us?
patchs videos cookies (2 months ago)
Why are you puting this on youtube im only 9 years old but who cares
por quê eu (2 months ago)
Hehe sou br cuuuuu
Paul baula Pait (3 months ago)
What is the title of this movie?
[SF]Striker Demon (3 months ago)
Fap fap fap fap
Mohd Sahir (4 months ago)
Mohd Sahir (4 months ago)
What movie
One was a vampire the other one a witch!!!!!!!!!!! They have this supernatural look to them!
Indonesian mapper (4 months ago)
0:52 nice butt you got there
Jaehyun Park (4 months ago)
Berserker Predator (5 months ago)
Holy...Elizabeth Olsen is so hot. I would name her Scarlet Bitch.🤣
Mahde 01 (5 months ago)
What is name of film
mazlin tumin (5 months ago)
Harsh jaiswal (6 months ago)
Movie name???
Mortimer (5 months ago)
"Very Good Girls"
MarchMelon (6 months ago)
Booooooring and shit
Bill Nye (6 months ago)
*post infinity war stress disorder*
Nico Menetto (6 months ago)
Naked woman are my life
Khairul Islam (7 months ago)
Deiver Maestre (8 months ago)
yo tengi 12 años
SnSp Sapkota (8 months ago)
md yousuf (8 months ago)
movie name??
hang dieu (8 months ago)
SUHEL RANA (8 months ago)
please, suggest some adult movie where sex is available.
cami cami (9 months ago)
Zulhi Barca (9 months ago)
Ap jdul filmx??
cereal4u (10 months ago)
Why is she covering his tits?? Let them free babe
GoodBoi (10 months ago)
Scarlet bitch
Julia Ryakhovskiy (10 months ago)
Plz Cme (10 months ago)
No, if they are skinny dipping completely naked in front of all those innocent people, they aren't very good girls.
SucedidoX Móvils (10 months ago)
Elizabeth Olsen is very beautiful 😍😍😍
Timothy Mosby (10 months ago)
I just wish I could smash
Timothy Mosby (10 months ago)
Damn she got some boobs
Sapna nair (11 months ago)
Jason Walsh (11 months ago)
Dakota fanning has a nice bum
Hacker * (11 months ago)
Vision watch will die😂😂
bla bla bla what a clown (11 months ago)
i love youtube i mean it
Justin Byers (11 months ago)
1 million views
LIQUID SNAKE (1 year ago)
Hope I find them in my room
Sandeep Kumar (1 year ago)
Guys is sho hot
JJ Anna (1 year ago)
💖💖Dakota Fanning💖💖
DerCruiser HD (1 year ago)
Jessica Breeden (1 year ago)
Kurt Baumann (1 year ago)
Was that them or their body doubles?
Roblox Minecraft life (1 year ago)
Ya hot!!
Roblox Minecraft life (1 year ago)
Ya of!!!hot!!!
JJ Anna (1 year ago)
Dakota Fanning is white as a ghost!!!
MrMega (1 year ago)
Decides to skinny dip, complains that she can’t swim
Ashli B (1 year ago)
She's so pale
dama satria (1 year ago)
this is film that,,,??
Baz The Storyteller (1 year ago)
It would be great if their clothes got stolen and they run around the beach naked with very small objects obscuring them.
Kieran Stark (1 year ago)
And then Gerri and Lilly Berger make out while skinny dipping.
mariano camejo (1 year ago)
Mmm dakota is sexy
Thomas Jones (1 year ago)
BODY DOUBLES BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤😥😥😤
Boaty Casino (1 year ago)
Hey can anyone tell me if she is relAted to mary n ashley .n Dakota is bangin all grownn up...
Boaty Casino (1 year ago)
Bryce Walton's Photography .thank u Bryce
Boaty Casino yes Elizabeth Olsen is marykate and Ashley younger sister
Joshua Miller (1 year ago)
What movie is this
CLASSIC (1 year ago)
It's actually their stand in body doubles.
diddymuck (1 year ago)
wasn't dakota fanning a little girls just a few years ago? think War of the Worlds.
MrArnoNymus (3 months ago)
Most young women were little girls some years ago :) But you're right about War of the Worlds - which was 2005. And I seem to remember her somehow doing a better acting job than Tom Cruise back then...
nicolas alfonzo (1 year ago)
Como se llama la pelicula?
CosmicUndeadElf (2 years ago)
Play it from 0:51 at 0.25 speed
Baz The Storyteller (2 years ago)
0.51, Dakota's fanny.
Camila Brait (2 years ago)
dlç ela
Scott F. (2 years ago)
Neither were actually nude. They wore flesh-colored bikinis that were then digitally painted over in post-production. The same technique was used for Jessica Alba's "nude scene" in the film Machete. It was all special effects.
Rystem Halil (3 months ago)
MrArnoNymus Not random people just extras i dont think studio will waste money and extend production time without a reason if the actor is not over religious or something
Thanos Eggplant (3 months ago)
She was naked in oldboy 2013 tho...
MrArnoNymus (3 months ago)
+Rystem Halil I mean, when it looks like they are naked on screen and everybody will believe they actually were, you could think they might have just really done it and it wouldn't make any difference. But then again, think about the situation: It's not a closed set, there are all these random people or extras on the beach; so you might understand why it would have been very uncomfortable for them to really walk around naked. (Also think about the possibility of Paparazzi cameras that might produce more unflattering or at least unwelcomed nude-in-public photos, which they have no control over.)
Mark Galan (4 months ago)
Scott F. Liz could actually be naked though
rebal180 (2 years ago)
If you can't take a compliment then don't streak in public.
Henrique Almeida (2 years ago)
Dakota is a ghost...
CosmicUndeadElf (2 years ago)
Her pale skin is nice though
people like her can't tan
Yo Elizabeth Olsen is so god damn attractive
HolasoyYamcha 777 (2 years ago)
hate the music
Orian Dorais (2 years ago)
Is it just me, or the three guys looked like relax rapists.
rblxkid 136 (11 months ago)
Orian Dorais ikr
Rendzi (1 year ago)
CosmicUndeadElf (2 years ago)
No they just look like desperate douchebags
Raj K (2 years ago)
Yeah, just you
Jerry Jackson (2 years ago)
Orian Dorais just you
To all women, Do not go in the ocean if your on your period,,,,,,,sharks love......blood
TheGreen Tortoise (2 years ago)
Elizabeth and Dakota better have been paid a lot for this
Vyarher. (2 years ago)
jajajajajaj genial!
Hailey Hedland (2 years ago)
Dakota Fanning was hotter when she was prepubescent.
DressedInBlack (2 years ago)
I only came here for the commets
EnosEverything (2 years ago)
What about the Asteroids !!??... isn't space wonderful  !!?
Davidrozone (2 years ago)
fap time!
Mohd Khir Hamim Ahmad (2 years ago)
Dakota mind: ahh whatever im naked and I dont care Elizabeth:you think you eyes close no one can see you
Yamandeep Gautam (8 months ago)
Mohd Khir Hamim Ahmad eyhidncuc
Mohd Badrul Ihsam (2 years ago)
이찬희 (2 years ago)
Why skinny dipping
i loe youu elizabeth olsen
xd_ crashie (2 years ago)
Jo el Caamaleón (2 years ago)
wow dakota's ass is too withe for me haha, i prefer elisabeth's delicious ass
Throne PH (2 years ago)
i love elizabeth olsen so much
Mr.Jeypi (2 years ago)
I wanna see Elizabeth naked
Frank Sadat (9 months ago)
LyleVSXyle Fuck, Nick Fury is in that too! Who ISN'T in the Marvel Universe?
Frank Sadat (9 months ago)
LyleVSXyle Damn, she got pounded TWICE by Thanos!
it's adam (11 months ago)
Mr.Jeypi y
Jayash Pandey (2 years ago)
Evan Faraday its Oldboy
Avery Merrick (2 years ago)
hksB sdjk;kfj (2 years ago)
these girls are sexy hot
Jeremy Gordon (2 years ago)
I remember when people were wondering when the Olsen twins were 18 because men thought they were hot, now they look like coke addicts, while Elizabeth is hot and is an Avenger.
ty nu (3 years ago)
Dakota White As A Ghost No Thanx
CosmicUndeadElf (2 years ago)
I like pals skinned girls, so yes please
Evan Rhodes (3 years ago)
damn it, it's a body double...
Eddy Pearson (1 year ago)
Dakota Fanning does have a Sexy A$$
theweaselist (1 year ago)
yes it is....
Rob Millington (2 years ago)
no its not...
lightheart5 (2 years ago)
How do you know?
I dunno Dakota looked to have a great butt.
ArtFartzy (2 years ago)
Not a body double
Terry MARICE Williams (2 years ago)
+Kelsey Bird yeah lol
Kelsey Bird (2 years ago)
Actually according to the producers and Dakota Fanning that's actually her ass
Shuaib Chaudry (3 years ago)
That's actually a body double but you can imagine it's Dakota and enjoy yourself 😉
EnosEverything (3 years ago)
+Ricky Bachman ....Most likely a body double so  it's an anonymous butt.
Irene Dover (3 years ago)
Very lame.
movie name?
Ian Turner (2 years ago)
Very Good Girls (2013)
simpsons channelx (3 years ago)
Dave Stang (3 years ago)
Neither of these women are "hot".You people are willfully blind. I see hotter women every day at the beach. Boring scene.
Fuck you
Evil Genius No, that is wrong.
Dave Stang If you think Elizabeth Olsen isn't attractive, which is wrong either way, your opinion is retarded.
Wanda Maximoff (3 years ago)
+Dave Stang perhaps you're saying that you did not see in The Avengers
Cole Nalle (3 years ago)
Oh Yeah...... Dakota Fanning is so sexy and pretty gorgeous also because she's my favorite Artist!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Curtis Davis (1 year ago)
Cole Nalle Don't You Mean Actress, Dude?
Ian Turner (2 years ago)
I can't believe it's the same Dakota from War Of The Worlds and Charlotte's Web. Wow she's aged incredibly well.
z (3 years ago)
igual se le nota en calzon a dokata por mas que que lo opaquen .. notenlo

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