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Beautiful People Problems

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Visit Zane's blog/site: http://www.cazejefitness.com Visit Zane's channel: http://www.youtube.com/thezanomac Special appearance by Andrew Poon: http://www.youtube.com/user/AndyMungoSings Sometimes I wonder, if everyone in the world was blind then would anyone care how anyone looked? I mean, even if we can't see we can still make out what a person looks like right? You know, like how blind people use their sense of touch to "see". So instead of seeing how attractive someone is we would be feeling how attractive someone is. And since our sense of touch is usually most acute with features that are large or glaring, then I could see those people with the biggest features (ie, biggest noses, lips, cheeks, chins, etc) being deemed as the most attractive. And imagine a supermodel runway walk. Instead of people lined up to watch the supermodel walk the runway, people would line up with their hands stretched out and the supermodel would pass by and every person would brush their palms and fingers across their face which would probably give supermodels pimples/acne. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, maybe our definition of what is beautiful is wrong or is only based on the limited perception offered by our eyes. Start "seeing" with your hands and your interpretation of beauty can easily change quite a bit. Start "seeing" with your heart, and love will always find its way back. The open hearts collection by Kay Jewelers, every kiss begins with Kay. *ding*
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joel serrahn (8 days ago)
Neil Rivera (17 days ago)
You're funny and accurate 😂
fthis1234567 (2 months ago)
wtf offcourse lol...but also these days many people look good. I mean it's fair looks are subjective nowadays because most people look good.
franki3Ru550 (3 months ago)
how about if he was shorter with the same face and body? will he still be called most beautiful and pleasing to the eye?
ShitReturdedBro (3 months ago)
I'm a very attractive male. People gossip about me. Almost nobody likes me, including girls. I never had a girlfriend. Furthermore i really question if my looks are a curse from some kind of demon (no joke). i don't like being pretty. Btw, im not arrogant or a douche. Im a very soft, friendly guy.
Raymond J Blaze (4 months ago)
Listen everyone is beautiful.
Agustin Morales3 (4 months ago)
Nice vid.
Buse-IRA (5 months ago)
Ugh, if only I was good looking. T_T LOL
Lola Femme fatale (5 months ago)
Because people hate us
Lola Femme fatale (5 months ago)
Kellie Chasity (7 months ago)
Nice haha
Thats phisically painfully me. The only difference between me and this guy is that im actually bellow average looking, im 18 and 5'7 tall (bellow average height) and when i see a handsome dude, instead of thinking how big of a douchebag he is, i am thinking to myself *wow, he is a god*
G Weezy (8 months ago)
Yeah, hot people get to use fishing hooks... the rest of us have to use nets..
MrFatbibi (9 months ago)
This question can become a contradiction in its answer.. People now want to look like someone from the kardashians, Donald Duck lips, a bakery worth of flour on their face and the rest of that strestched leather skin look, but how did that become beauty? Beauty changes with the times but it seems faux beauty is the new black. Gone is natural beauty or the classic look. Pucker yr lips like a stunned mullet and you become “Instagram famous”. Hahaha
ModestDavid (10 months ago)
00:36 OMG!
angielovesyouforever (11 months ago)
Attractive male here being attractive there is ups and downs the ups are good but the downs are so annoying I literally get hate everyday by someone for no reason
Nancy Schmuts (11 months ago)
Well a year ago i was hideous, i had an afro and everything, but now I'm like really hot, (i sound like such a tool) and i find that life is really easier when you're good-looking, i just have so much more confidence.
robert rainford (11 months ago)
In a way the stereotype is very true if a really good looking person is competing for the same job as a average person more than likely the good looking guy our girl will get the job. When it comes to dating the good looking guy our girl will find it much easer to get a date and most often the fact they find it easier means they usually will whore around which I personally find disgusting and annoying. Lastly the stereotype type is more often true because when they loose those good looks a lot of the time they struggle because they are no longer being given special treatment.
garygroundwork (1 year ago)
what the fuck is this shit
Malachi Douglas (1 year ago)
He is so hilarious. I laughed throughout the whole vid
a Human just Being (1 year ago)
i get judged all the time bc im very handsome and charismatic...my 4 girlfriends and 3 wives fight all the time!
Use to be ugly, now Im decent looking. I would say both have its 👍& 👎. Just believe you're sexy and have faith in your Mojo 😜.
Julie Zimmerman (1 year ago)
Attractive people have it easier and harder than average looking people in certain respects. It’s a different set of perks and frustrations.
Naeloniom 86 (1 year ago)
Well for the first questions the answer easier
Yuuko Song (1 year ago)
Everyone thinks I'm mean because I have resting bitch face:(
owibiu smomy (1 year ago)
Jamdude13 (1 year ago)
you raise a good point bro.. few years back I worked at a bar as a cook.. one day they hired a new bartender, the dude was captain handsome, he was a model for department store catalogs and acted in commercials. my first reaction when I met him was oh geez check out this pretty boy Douche bag! then after getting to know him..man I couldn't have been more wrong. dude was one of the coolest friendliest guys you could ever meet
Marie Ast (1 year ago)
PenileFacial Surgery (1 year ago)
NONE. They have no problems.
Just My Opinion (1 year ago)
I'll use my 17 yr old cousin for example who is is gorgeously beautiful with a nice body and good personality. She is a EXTREMELY nice person for her age but the problem is that ppl are always fucking with her for being beautiful to the point where she got so depressed and self conscious about her looks that she thought she was hideous. Again, she's a nice ass person but being picked on all the time forced her into solitude that she rarely went out. When we finally got her to come to a family get together for a Holiday she didn't wanna take any family photos with the rest of us. I had to give her a reality check and said "look around at our family, ugliness doesn't run in our blood". Of course she still felt down for a while but now she's 17 and I can see how she's more confident now by how she dresses and her personality is even shows some changes. My point was that no one talks about is but some good looking ppl get treated like shit just for being pretty/ handsome. And if ur attractive and nice at the same time then that's a recipe for disaster. Nothing but hate everywhere but no one talks about the ugly truth of being attractive. I can relate, back in middle school an early high school the "tough guys" would give my a hard time cause they assumed the girls wanted me and I was only the shy guy that stayed to myself, I wasn't even cocky but I guess even the Jocks can be jealous too. I never really did have male friends. I use to try and be cool with them but they didn't want me around. Even some females didn't like me and would purposely ignore me cause they thought I had the "big head" just for being confident. I've even had teachers pick on me at times and embarrass me in front of class, or just treat me differently from the other students for something small and I was never really a bad kid. Most teachers did like me A lot tho. Now even at work I have to worry constant harrasment from ppl "usually guys" who don't like me for no reason at all. I feel paranoid and unsafe around ppl sometimes cause I know someone is always watching me an ready to try and embarrass me whenever I'm getting positive attention. Thb most guys always hated me.
pam emarald (1 year ago)
completely and totally! my story, you literally wrote it down for me. unfortunately I didn't have any help when I was dealing with it but through the years I just got the hang of it. Thank u for posting this
i will never know what beautiful people problems are.. neither this guy
Zoozy G (1 year ago)
Why is this In my recommended ?! I FUCKING LOVE ME SELF
Rick Jean (1 year ago)
OK I'm very handsome and Modest yet it still doesn't help me close deal with girls. It make attract or peak attention it doesn't auto make u win her. More social mechanics when dealing with women , I've seen hideous fiends with bombshells and will look over even though handsome it's all in gane
Catty Girl (2 years ago)
Haha you are absolutely hilarious
22 22 (2 years ago)
prettyboy who are nice life will be hard for you .
Heavy MetalStorm (2 years ago)
I don't agree. I work with a lot of entitled people who aren't in such good shape and pretty average looking. They seem to be the most judgmental. Most beautiful people I know don't give two shits about what other people do. I don't know but I like your personality in your videos I'm going to subscribe to you.
Purple Rose (10 days ago)
From my perspective both extremes of the spectrum are nice, because the have the same problem for different reasons : people staying away from them due to their looks. Meanwhile average people are the majority and are simply doing what average humans do. Criticize harshly.
80/20 rule (5 months ago)
shut up bitch
secret garden (1 year ago)
Heavy MetalStorm agree! In fact most of them bashes so badly hahahhaa
Lord Beaky (1 year ago)
Heavy MetalStorm It's pretty funny because, Hollywood perceives good looking men and women as being entitled, snobbish, and bitchy but, in reality its the other way around where average looking people are the entitled ones and the good looking people just don't give a fuck and are nicer.
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
I'm guessing you work with the public in a place like a restaurant maybe?
Prewish jay (2 years ago)
ahahaa why ae there so little videos on this channel? dude ur awesome
hero john (2 years ago)
goal date married a beautiful taller girl have kids then I'm done with life :)
Vitalii (1 month ago)
Amd you know that beautiful girls ugly after 35 ? :-)
Basic Leebeauty (2 years ago)
how tall are you lmao a girl taller than you
MJ Stark (2 years ago)
so true
gmcmim1 (2 years ago)
I do think attractive folks do get more attention and get treated better. Do I think they have more distasteful personalities? No. How many folks don't look good and have very hideous personalities? I see plenty of them. Personality does not come with how you look because personalities and looks are two different things. Looks are how we appear to people. Personality is who we really are because it is our souls. That is unless you are faking your personality.
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
I honestly think it depends on how you're raised. Yes, Attractive people do get treated better, it's a well documented fact but the thing that determines personality is upbringing. I mean, take a super pretty girl who was born into a rich family. If the girl is heavily pampered, waited on hand and foot, and never had to do any kind of work in her life, she may grow up to be a pretty spoiled entitled brat. But if said pretty girl was born into a moderate family and they taught her values like treating people with respect, giving her some chores to do, and encouraged her to partake in activities, she may grow up to be a conventionally pretty but social and be thankful for what she has.
Martin Angelov (2 years ago)
Let's face it some folks have it easier than others
John terry (2 years ago)
The reason he is your friend is because of the way he looks?
Sebastian Brady (2 years ago)
+John terry you should review the video to see. and I don't really care how they met each other. They happen to be cool with each other so they became friends same goes for everyone.
John terry (2 years ago)
+Sebastian Michaelis why did he approach him initially?
Sebastian Brady (2 years ago)
no, just like he said that dude is one of the most down to earth people that he met that's why.
awesomerj03 (2 years ago)
AngeloFallsVA (2 years ago)
I would say im average looking, Just because of all the things i do doesn't make me a lower class person in the spectrum of attraction. It may mislead them but from the people im constantly getting told that im a pretty attractive guy and legit kept count of the girls i've dated, attracted, and had some action with. I have one thing to say, I was attractive but never was I a douche. Here's another shocker, I'm a short guy, meaning I'm 5'3. Size doesn't matter nor looks matter as much. The nerds and geeks of my school are getting action. My point is, Be yourself. I didn't noticed it until I was actually feeling as myself and scored most of the time.
Samuel Kim (2 years ago)
Marly Bonilla (2 years ago)
what I got from this video is that you can't judge a book by its cover. There are attractive people out there who are down to earth and there are also not so attractive people who can be very superficial and mean. Don't let beauty define who you are, you define your own beauty. I've had a hard time excepting my own physical flaws but I have come to understand that what really matters is what is inside that is the ultimate beauty. what's the point of having a really attractive partner if they are cruddy inside.
frankinsane and myrrh (2 years ago)
+Marly Bonilla haha yes, I do agree. :) thanks.
Marly Bonilla (2 years ago)
+frankinsane and myrrh from what I can tell, you also agree :-)
frankinsane and myrrh (2 years ago)
well said! you are all the more beautiful of a person for believing these things. :)
Sassymui8 (2 years ago)
It's cool to be born White. Rich asian girls love sucking white mans cock
orando15 (2 years ago)
The media portrays good looking men as douche like in romance or high school movies the girl is always dating the very popular guy who can get any girl but he's a total dick so she leaves him for......the guy who is average looking and nice *Media* :p
Juan D (3 years ago)
Beautiful =/= Attractive
Garrett Smith (3 years ago)
Hey, at 3:18 people say that stuff about me, but none of it is true! But for real when people assume any of those things about me I feel flattered because I assume they assume these things because they think i'm attractive. Moral of this, if you are average, there will always be people who think you are stunning, trust me.
AK H (3 years ago)
You are definitely above average
RyanPerson (3 years ago)
Average looking people dont really have it that bad. Its ugly people that have it hard
Incel Destiny (1 year ago)
PenileFacial Surgery true
PenileFacial Surgery (1 year ago)
Being Ugly is what causes Suicides and Hopeless.
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
"There can only be one!"
Kya Lucero (1 year ago)
RyanPerson I see what you mean, that happened to me. People treat me better the more conventional I look. In fact, I've witnessed it through actual levels. When I looked "ugly" I was ignored, condescended passive aggressively via conversation, or sometimes even laughed at (but not as an adult, hence why I asked). Looking plain, I was mainly ignored only. Looking slightly above average, people were a bit nosy towards me, curious about me when talking but not over the top. Then with a bit of makeup and my facial appearance "improving" in the last year and altered features (like eyebrows), people will stare, talk to me lots, compliment me so much, let me take authority when speaking etc. It's so weird. People are annoying as fuck because they're so fake.
Liberty Shake (3 years ago)
Sadly, attractive people do get treated better. :(
Andrea Bernhardt (2 months ago)
In some instances they get treated better but there are times they get treated like crap
Alessandro Del Nero (3 months ago)
There is no Problem to use there Advantages! Geez there's a lot of Disadvantages on being Good Looking, why can't they use there Advantages?
Angel Nafeesa (8 months ago)
I read a bunch of articles on good-looking people there are advantages and disadvantages.
Poul Bonde (9 months ago)
How would you know?
Josh G. (3 years ago)
I have an average face at best, but when I smile, I think I look more attractive. The best thing people can do is to smile each and every day.
MyNamed Name (9 months ago)
Josh G. I look like a hobo biting when I smile
Saint Raghu (11 months ago)
Lol right
Rachel Roosa (2 years ago)
Aww I love that.
Nathan Algren (3 years ago)
How you look is a reflection on who you are inside so no attractive people don't necessarily have worse personalities, its more likely that they have more favorable attributes. Many attractive people are shy and can be less outspoken so ugly-average looking people, because many of them are the complete opposite of that, out of their own insecuritytake the shyness of the attractive person as arrogance or being stuck-up and thus unfairly attribute those assumptions to the attractive person.
Edward Vazquez (3 years ago)
Hahah he probably thinks he's going to be a k-1 level striker just because of his good looks, man he's in for a ruuuuddddeeee awakening... This is coming from a mixed martial artist
SuperXrunner (3 years ago)
That's funny. However, even if it seems that pretty people has the world (I don't believe that). It's all about your perception in about life.
Lavaical (3 years ago)
+RyanPerson Looool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾
RyanPerson (3 years ago)
Wtf are you talking about?
Jennifer Min (3 years ago)
Nadia Ahmed (3 years ago)
Hot people definitely don't have it easier
Tropical8D (3 years ago)
Great video :) !
incredibleCANADIAN (3 years ago)
Yes, I was cute kid, ugly early teen, sexy now, (18). Girls can't keep their eyes off me.  Having experienced both sides, I can defiantly say everyone treats you nicer, if I bump into someone, they will apologize to me 100% of the time. I can make women horny by staring them down........its fucking awesome.  
anon ymous (2 years ago)
What do you look like
Río Obsidiana (3 years ago)
Hello, firstable, I want to say that it is my first time that I see a video from you and it was very good, you are kinda funny and the video is entertaining; and finally I am really surprised I understood everything you said, excepet when you talked very very quickly, I am from México and I am very happy of my listening because it improved a lot since I have been 2 months studying English in Las Vegas the last summer (I studied English two years in México before, but I felt I needed more direct contact with the language and the anglo culture, so I did it), so I think I will see more videos from you to keep practicing my ear, I hope I'll have the same result I had here. Greetings.
Samuel115s (3 years ago)
I do think that beautiful people have it easier than the rest of us cuz we live in a very superficial society where looks mean a lot. Just look at that Jeremy meeks situation, that guy is a fucking felon but women were drooling over him and some even tried to pay his bail money cuz he looks hot.
Abraham Palmer (22 days ago)
Samuel115s sad but true
gmcmim1 (2 years ago)
Bam. I agree with you.
sebastian Munoz (3 years ago)
+Mr. Troll I couldn't agree more dude.
Mr. Troll (3 years ago)
+nanjing1003 its reality you idiot, some boys envy me, (they use to)
incredibleCANADIAN (3 years ago)
+Mr. Troll fucking rights Mr. Troll...when I was younger I never realized that all the other guys were just mad jealous of how fucking cute I am. started working out...2 year later, girls don't leave me the fuck alone. 
when i was in elementary, i thought that im the ugliest things on earth too :'(
Luke Carter (4 years ago)
I don't think I'm attractive. When you aren't attractive, people just don't care about you, whether good or bad.
Abreham (1 year ago)
Luke Carter you are above average looking, take it easy
Luke Carter you look good to me in that profile pic. Don't lie to yourself. (NO HOMO)
Fenomenoe9 (2 years ago)
Luke Carter na man u look good no homo srs
Nathaniel Ramanda (3 years ago)
+Luke Carter i feel your pain. When i had lots of acne all over my face. People treat me like shit. (Intentionally or unintentionally). Whether us human are realizing it or not. We does treat others based on appearance. If only we're having our eyes shut all the time, it's possible to judge others in an objective way.
Luke Carter (3 years ago)
+Hassan Malek Perhaps I didn't. I said that because after having extreme acne for two years of high school, nobody really cared about me, until I lost it for the most part. This is my personal experience, and may not be applicable to everyone. Society is really shallow, unfortunately.
Pharaoh Vito (4 years ago)
this guy is sooo fucking funny I just met his channel
Lynx The Glorified (4 years ago)
Lmfao! *whispers* "I just want to be hot like them I don't care if I'm a jerk" 😂😂😂
G I (4 years ago)
Chaya Liba Guttman (4 years ago)
I'm just wondering how your significant other (assuming you have one) feels about this. I would be really insulted because it would mean that either you thought I was a horrible person person or not very pretty.
Ms Morrison (4 years ago)
Omg looking at you makes me wanna start dating Asian men =))
Bibi Mohamed (4 years ago)
Handsome men  is a cheater  with  a  bad heart...
Not FBI (11 months ago)
Bibi Mohamed still can't imagine you dating ugly people
Saint Raghu (11 months ago)
OMG why so much hate😂
Rahyn Starah (3 years ago)
Yeah. Most of them.
RollingEight (4 years ago)
maybe because you pick bad men
Toph (4 years ago)
But you're pretty good looking >o< To me at least. I agree that some of us tend to assume realllyyy good looking people are assholes. We shouldn't, but it happens. 
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
So true lol But I mean, at the high school I was at, a lot of them did have high senses of self so there is some truth to it lol
LordDeathspit (4 years ago)
I'm an average guy. Average height, average smarts, average athletic ability etc...And I have no issue with attractive people using their looks to achieve better things in life. If you have a gift use it. Telling an attractive person not to use their looks is like telling a 7ft guy he shouldn't play basketball or a guy with a 170 IQ not to study physics. So in short yes attractive people have it easier but that doesn't mean YOU can't make a good life for yourself.
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
Well maybe you shouldn't be a clumsy, man-stealing, unfunny succubus... .__. I'm totally kidding by the way but yeah, there is no denying that conventional attractive people have their own set off hangups that can suck like the feeling of living up to expectations and not failing which definitely can play on someone's self esteem as well.
Jeremiah List (1 year ago)
LordDeathspit you are mislead pal. I get compliments all the time about my looks. manly from men. women love to compliment me when they are drunk but that's it. on the rest of the time I am scrutinized for every mistake I make, people don't trust me around their woman, men and women alike are intimidated by me and I can't make the same jokes as someone em who is "average" because everything I do and say in society is being recorded under a microscope. no. better looking people don't have it easier. at least not in my case.
workoutfanatic787 (4 years ago)
in short yes.  I've been told that I'm attractive.  more attention from women, and better at making first impressions.  Like people will assume you are smart, successful, honest, etc.   Unattractive people have to make more effort, like exhuding alot of personal charm, humor, and wearing fancy clothes, expensive cars.  etc. but attractive people have a harder time of making friends with the same sex, likely because those people feel threatened in some way.  also, many attractive people have narcissitic tendencies.  I admit that I have some of that, like always checking themselves out in the mirror (lol) it balances out.  I like that I get more attention from women, but everybody ends up settling down to start a family, and I will too.  Not to mention there are alot of women who will go for $$ over looks. not to mention your looks will start to degrade at around 40 years.  at old age all you have left is how you lived your life.
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
The one about friends is something I hear about too often. If that really is the case, what is stopping these attractive people from befriending other attractive people?
Seb C (4 years ago)
no disrespect meant to your friend but he is very average looking you really jacked him up hes not all that at all.
frank is funny kwkaka
Dolan pls (4 years ago)
I deal with this all the time lol
LfunkeyA (4 years ago)
yes, they do have it easier. or, at the least, they can have it easier. however maslow's pyramid always kicks in and everyone finds a reason to whine about things.
Benny Corona (4 years ago)
Beauty is a social construction, it always has been. I'm sure many know that in the middle ages being overweight was a standard of beauty because it indicated wealth and power. The media's portrayal of beauty today is quite different, but it is important to note that it is still a social construction, meaning it is not actually beauty, people think it is.  If you try your best to fit contemporary social constructions of beauty it will definitely help you feel better about yourself which I think is a good thing, until you start expressing that externally aka talking about your beauty, telling other people beauty flaws, etc. It should be an intrinsic value and many do keep it that way. You can fit the social construction of beauty and also use that to help you be a better more confident person, or you can use it to be more confident but also detrimental to your personality. You can fail to fit the categories of beauty but still be a confident like-able person. Likewise, you can be a douche w/o fitting the categories of beauty. 
spnidel (4 years ago)
good luck
Benny Corona (4 years ago)
+CSPSpy What exactly do you mean by good gene? A good gene is extremely subjective.  Beauty is not objective. What one person thinks is beautiful, the next may not.. I'm sure you like everyone else has seen a person that everyone says "OMG SO HOT" but you don't find quite as attractive. You're talking about health and good genes as if they are byproducts of beauty, when in fact something like being healthy and physically fit is what produces the notion of beauty.  Beauty isn't a material existing object like computers, trees, animals, etc. Someone that becomes a model after years of being obese is perceived as beautiful because it is a social construction. That person had to do certain things (workout, eat well) to fit into the category of beauty. It didn't just exist as part of them, it isn't part of their biology. Beauty changes from time to time because social movements and mindsets change from time to time following trends.  I can't answer your hypothetical literally because that scenario hasn't happened, but if the the popular media and mainstream thinking suggested that that look was attractive, in, the trend, beautiful - then most people would probably find that attractive.. but that would also happen over time. Trends, ways of thinking, change over periods of time... they don't just happen on a whim like you say.  And btw, my last gf wasn't what most people would call beautiful, but she was to me.   
spnidel (4 years ago)
"beauty is a social construction" bahahahahaha, no beauty is an indicator of good genes, healthyness if beauty was a social construction then you'd totally date a fat, fedora-wearing neckbeard the moment a magazine cover said it was hot, right? answer: no, you fucking wouldn't
Cuzzy J (4 years ago)
Bro, you are hilarious.
noMixedteajp (4 years ago)
Yeah. Why? becouse pretty faces often means brains....brainy ppl often think, thinkers get depressed.
LfunkeyA (4 years ago)
+noMixedteajp people value pretty more than intelligent. and it makes sense on an instinctive level. most women would prefer a handsome, strong man with average intellect over a frail, "nerdy" man who is more intelligent. but really, pretty faces do not often mean 'brains'. you must be really lucky to have encountered those. 
noMixedteajp (4 years ago)
+LfunkeyA well, biologicaly, we tend to mate with the ones you  get the best genes with.
LfunkeyA (4 years ago)
pretty = taking attention for granted. i doubt all pretty people are brainy. many of the ones i have encountered aren't outstandingly smart.
ulgk (4 years ago)
Beautiful girls or the really attractive one will just play guys around; they may lack loyalty.
MrFatbibi (9 months ago)
U see. An episode of jerry springer lately? Cheating girls and guys on there aren’t quite mmm “ attractive”
Tina O. Alli (10 months ago)
You don't know that.. we all want love ❤️
talina winston (4 years ago)
Please, attractive people have no problems.
J purple ramen (1 month ago)
Unless you have been pretty before then it's very ignorant of you to say pretty people have no problems everyone at lest got a few problems even when there privileged in other parts no one can have there cake and eat it to its impossible and inhuman.
XxKhoisanxX Goddess (1 month ago)
talina winston your comment tells me exactly how you look without seeing a pic of you.. INSECURE & IGNORANT.. you’ll always be ugly if you have a ugly spirit
MyNamed Name (9 months ago)
Hannah Hashi I've seen the bitchiest pretty girls get a pass even with their so called "ugly hearts". Just a fact attractive people have it better
MyNamed Name (9 months ago)
Hannah Hashi first comes physical attraction then the other things follow. Stop trying to conceal things
Sunrise R (10 months ago)
talina winston Excuse me? You are so wrong there.
thmsdngsn (4 years ago)
If U start taking Propecia now U can save Ur hair: if Ur really so concerned 'bout looks.
Jona Wong (4 years ago)
How can he call himself average, he looks like a muscular Jet Li
Kai Decadence (1 year ago)
My guess is that it was maybe because in America, non-whites are kinda viewed in different light when it comes to attractiveness.
Hersheyquest (5 years ago)
Anyone know what shirt that is @ 3:34
CutiePieZapZap (5 years ago)
Yes. They do get it a little easier. It's proven through sociological studies. But remember everyone's definition of beautiful is different. & it's true. you do have to just give them a chance. I've been on both ends of the spectrum so I've got a grip on the dynamics and your right. you just have to give people a chance. don't presume or judge based completely on looks.
zou1122 (5 years ago)
Ugly People Problems (Part 2)
Fred Patterson (5 years ago)
They may be beautiful physically but a lot of them are of the beast inside. Be sure to visit this extraordinary site full of powerful insight based on the facts with the nature of reality. VERY INTERESTING STUFF. "TruthC0ntest"xCom & then click on THE PRESEN-T
MsSimplySaucy (5 years ago)
I totally get your message though.
MsSimplySaucy (5 years ago)
I think if everyone was blind, we would have no reason for runway shows. Just saying. Because like, who's gonna be there to appreciate the design of these clothes? Or would it by how the clothes feel? In that case, would people be groping models as they walk to get a "feel" for the material? Or even more alarming, who's making the clothes? How are blind people not losing their fingers to heavy machinery and scary sewing needles? HOW DO BLIND PEOPLE MAKE HEAVY MACHINERY?? O LAWD!!
aq1q (5 years ago)
put frank on simplepickup and he will become a god.
aq1q (5 years ago)
put frank on simplepickup and he will become a god.
Danger_Ace (5 years ago)
Wait I'm really late but, since when did Ice1cube come back?
legend killer (5 years ago)
where are all the gay haters
Kaan gregs (5 years ago)
naaa im the ugliest guy on the planet. just have not broken any records yet but plenty of mirrors.
Goldenomega10 (5 years ago)
Are u gonna make any new videos bro?
TriRunner Studios (5 years ago)
So a couple of days ago I went to CVS to get some coffee. I went up to the register and this girl who looks about the same age as me, asked me if I had a CVS card and I replied, "No I don't have one." She then scans the coffee and I look at the monitor to see how much it would be and I saw that she took off a dollar. As I gave her the money she looked at me weird, almost as if she was flirting.
SpringWaltz (5 years ago)
It's called the Halo Effect.
Brandon Tackett (5 years ago)
I think better looking people get treated better their whole lives, so after a while they just become happier nicer people. This is definitely NOT always true, but something I have indeed experienced. Also, if someone is really ugly, they tend to be bitter (understandably so) and they probably hate the world for their "bad luck."
Purpleprincess12354 (5 years ago)
KerrBox (5 years ago)
yeah i think that's true, if an average dude says or does something to try and flirt with a girl it could be considered creepy, but if a better looking dude did the same thing it wouldn't be creepy but now it's cute

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