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Anti-Product - Modern Day F Word

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(lyrics) FEMINISM. The modern day F-Word. Rejected and thrown aside. But who the fuck is doing the defining? This term was given by our MOTHERS and our SISTERS as a gift in which to name the injustices laid down by the patriarchy. A Language in which to call them on their shit. To recognize our gender oppression. To recognize repression of our strength and power. To question and fight against it. FEMINISM. The radical notion that women are people. And now they want us to believe that this language, this gift, is a burden bringing us down. That as a woman you're a "bitch" if you have fond your inner strength and fight for your liberation. "Bitch". Oh, you mean RADICAL. And what the fuck is wrong with being a radical anyway? Someone has to wake up to this blinded, droning society. ANGER is just an inherent reaction to the pain that we have suffered. And oh I forgot, there's no inequality anymore. It's the 90's now. "You've come a long way baby." Well, I'm not your baby and the fight is not over yet. I still can't walk alone at night without fear of being attacked. And the bruises of the power hungry fists have not left her face yet. Some say the label feminists confines women. It's the system that labels our gender as inferior. If you don't choose a label, believe me, they're going to choose one for you. So I would rather accept this label, this GIFT, given by our mothers and our sisters and run with it. Fly with it. Push it's boundaries and expand it's meaning so that it fits me, you, us.
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Pulchritudo humana (7 months ago)
seems like a few lines weren't posted in the description box? Awesome stuff, of course
mar turner (4 years ago)
echi sahar (6 years ago)
Holy shit ! love it

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